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March 2008

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Colorcoat HPS200速 Ultra The ultimate pre-finished steel guaranteed for 40 years


Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra

Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra

What makes Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra the market leader? The latest generation product for roof and wall cladding, Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra offers an exciting new colour range and dramatically improved colour and gloss performance, all supported by a significantly extended Confidex® Guarantee to 40 years.


Product benefits:



• Product benefits Colours for life


• New colour collection Unique Scintilla® emboss


Enhanced colour and gloss


Ultimate durability


Proven performance


Peace of mind


Comparing guarantees




• Eco-designed

Corus is once again leading the market and extending the boundaries of prefinished steel. We understand key factors such as pigmentation, colour stability, weathering and gloss retention and their impact on durability and aesthetics. All this expertise is contained in today’s Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra. The result of revolutionary coating technology, it combines outstanding performance and unrivalled reliability with impressive sustainability credentials.

• Comes with the Confidex® Guarantee as standard, now extended to provide up to 40 years risk free cover. • Exciting new colour range developed in consultation with architects and colour experts to offer the widest colour choice and support good design. • Maintenance free for up to 40 years with no requirement for annual inspections, saving time and money. • Incorporates the most advanced coating technology, to provide twice the colour and gloss retention of standard plastisol products. • Eco-designed to remove environmentally harmful elements and deliver the lowest impact without reducing the performance. • 100% recyclable, a true cradle to cradle product which supports sustainable design. • Full manufacturing and end user traceability, born and bred in the UK. This achieves a lower carbon footprint.

Confidex Sustain


• Available with Confidex Sustain® to both guarantee the external cladding and provide the world’s first CarbonNeutral building envelope.

Colorcoat® support


• All colours are available on short production lead times.

What is pre-finished steel?


• Where does Colorcoat fit in the supply chain?


Product development





• Provides peace of mind that you are getting the ultimate in durability and guaranteed performance for your cladding system with the lowest environmental impact.


Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra

Colours for life The choice of pre-finished steel product is fundamental to both the visual appearance and long-term performance of the building envelope. Colour choice, availability, colour retention and durability are important factors when considering the aesthetic aspects of a specification.

New colour collection From the first generation plastisol product manufactured under the Colorcoat® name in 1965, through to the current generation of Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra, Corus has incorporated the very latest technology to deliver on aesthetics. As part of developing Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra, Corus has worked with a group of architects and colour specialists to consider the optimum colour palette from a designer’s perspective. The group expressed a desire for more colours that connect with the natural environment and work effectively in a range of different contexts. The colours selected reflect the theme of nature and provide a mix of subtle tones and stronger shades, which work well on their own or together.

Colorcoat® colour workshop


The collection is made up of 40 colours, of which 17 are brand new and 2 are available in matt as well as standard gloss. The colours are grouped under Signature, Classic, Matt and Metallic shades. Signatures A range of natural and subtle tones in blues, greens, greys and earthy shades. These work well individually and extend the potential for blending and toning colours on a building, and with the environment. Classics A selection of popular strong colours that work well with the Signature colours as accent colours, or on their own for a more dramatic effect.


Metallics Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra is available in two popular metallic shades Sirius and Orion. The advanced paint formulation and unique Scintilla® emboss combine well to provide a real depth of metallic effect and distinctive sparkle delivered in a durable and robust product. Matts The new coating technology means Corus is the first steel company to market to offer a matt option in selected shades. These come with a gloss level of <15%, compared with the more typical 20-40% gloss levels of the main colours. Matt Terracotta and Matt Anthracite have been introduced to replicate more traditional materials such as slate and terracotta tiles and provide a cost effective and durable alternative.

Any colour In addition to our new colour collection, our service Repertoire® can supply Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra in almost any colour all backed up by the market leading Confidex® Guarantee. Repertoire® can match almost any shade from physical sample swatches, commonly used references such as RAL, NCS and British Standard, through to the more unusual standards. Metal hand samples Metal hand samples are available for all colours. These provide a truer representation of colour and are available from the Colorcoat Connection® helpline: +44 (0) 1244 892434 or visit:


Colour availability Corus has made all Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra colours available on short production lead times. You can now ring the Colorcoat Connection® helpline to check the quickest colour availability for a given project. A unique registration number will be allocated to you and this can be quoted through the supply chain as a guide to availability. This new service demonstrates our commitment to provide the colour you require in the quoted timescale at point of order (of the pre-finished steel) and provides you with confidence and reassurance in your colour selection.



The unique Scintilla® emboss

Enhanced colour and gloss retention

Corus first launched Colorcoat HPS200® with the Scintilla® emboss in 1998 as a unique mark.

The most destructive light to materials whether human skin, plastics or organic coatings is ultraviolet (UV) light.

Emboss design The Scintilla® emboss is designed to ensure authenticity and provide a more modern alternative to the leathergrain emboss which is still used by many other pre-finished steel manufacturers. Whilst providing a clear mark of authenticity, the Scintilla® emboss is subtle enough to appear smooth from a distance.

Emboss benefits As well as benefits in terms of visual effect, the 40-60 micron depth of the Scintilla® emboss means it is less likely to trap and retain dirt than the deeper 100 –150 micron leathergrain emboss. The deeper leathergrain emboss means that the 200 micron protection can be reduced to only 50 microns, making these products more susceptible to long-term coating failure.

Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra 40-60 micron Scintilla® emboss


This light is directly absorbed at the atomic and molecular level within materials, leading to the breaking of chemical bonds. For organic coatings this can mean eventual loss of gloss, fading, chalking, leading to brittleness and ultimately loss of coating adhesion. Corus has used its extensive knowledge and experience to develop Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra to resist the effects of sunlight. A major step change in

topcoat technology and pigmentation, mean that new Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra can dramatically exceed the typical performance of standard plastisols in terms of colour and gloss retention.

amount (i.e. it provides twice the level of colour and gloss retention) with negligible loss of gloss across the colour range and so easily exceeds the highest standard.

Although many products claim to meet the Euronorm EN10169-2 performance category Ruv4, requiring a colour change of ∆E <2 or gloss retention >80%, Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra generally changes colour by less than half that

This means a building will retain its true colour and gloss level for a much longer period of time when clad with Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra.

Colour change (∆E)

Gloss retention (%)

Leathergrain plastisol 100–150 micron emboss


Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra

Ultimate durability A building is subject to many external factors that can affect the performance of the materials it is clad in and ultimately the life span of the building itself.

For pre-finished steel these include water, oxygen, salts, chemicals, pollutants and abrasives. With over 40 years experience, Corus has a detailed understanding of how these factors impact on different elements of a prefinished steel product and we have used this knowledge to develop Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra as the most durable pre-finished steel product on the market. What makes it so durable? The durability of Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra is derived from its metallic coated substrate, high performing pretreatment, primer and topcoat. Each of these individual elements have been developed by us to offer the very best performance and work together to provide a step change in Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra. They are supported by comprehensive testing and real world data, validating and backing up the claims we make about the product.

Galvalloy® substrate The steel for Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra is made in South Wales and transported by rail to Shotton in North Wales for further processing. Once in Shotton a metallic coating is applied to the steel substrate which provides the first element of corrosion protection. Most pre-finished steel products use a 99% zinc metallic coating which provides good corrosion resistance but can leave cut edges vulnerable to peeling and premature paint delamination. Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra like its predecessor Colorcoat HPS200®, uses a unique Corus Galvalloy® metallic substrate with a special mix of 95% zinc and 5% aluminium. This provides unrivalled corrosion protection, even at cut edges.

Pre-treatment, primer and topcoats In order to bond an organic paint coating to the metallic surface of the substrate, a thin layer of pre-treatment is used to modify the chemical nature of the surface and provide a ‘key’ for the paint. A primer is then applied to give additional corrosion protection and optimal adhesion to the substrate. Specific primer formulations are used for different colours to deliver optimum durability. Finally a topcoat is applied to provide colour, opacity and other visual effects as well as additional corrosion protection. Corus has worked closely with the leading paint companies to develop the most environmentally advanced and unique pre-treatment, primer and topcoat formulations. The latest formulation being introduced with Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra, delivers twice the colour and gloss retention of standard plastisols, preventing fading, chalking, brittleness and loss of coating adhesion for up to 40 years.

“80% of the roofs I see using leathergrain products have experienced cut edge failure within 10 years” Barry Jackson, roofing and cladding consultant. Colorcoat HPS200® with Galvalloy® roof after 7 years.


Standard plastisol on hot dip galvanised steel substrate roof after 7 years.


Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra

Proven performance To ensure the durability of Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra, Corus uses a combination of laboratory testing and real world experience.

Laboratory testing In addition to natural weathering, we use a wide range of accelerated tests to assess improved product performance. The tests show the standard plastisol product has suffered significant loss of colour and gloss and the coating has begun to break down, evidenced by the flaking of the paint surface after 2000 hours. Unlike Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra, which shows a dramatically improved performance with no loss of colour and gloss and no breakdown of the coating despite being exposed for 50% longer i.e. 3000 hours.

The advantages of laboratory testing are that any new developments can be quickly assessed in accelerated conditions. This has been especially important for Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra and its predecessors, which have always been product leaders. Real world experience There is though no substitute for the vigorous demands of the real world, so we have a long-term test programme at weathering sites around the world. These exposure sites are chosen to cover a full range of conditions from equatorial and tropical to temperate climates and rural, urban and coastal environments and provide valuable data. Additionally, with over 40 years experience and track record, the success of the predecessors to Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra is visible on thousands of buildings worldwide. Euronorm 10169-2 outlines requirements for the corrosion resistance of prefinished steels. The most onerous category, RC5, requires products to resist blistering, coating damage and edge delamination <2mm when exposed to aggressive industrial and marine environments. The unique Galvalloy® metallic substrate and step change in paint formulation that we have developed for Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra mean that it can easily meet this very high standard.


Corus weathering site, Arizona (desert).

Corus weathering site, Bohus Malmon (coastal).

Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra

Standard leathergrain plastisol

Exposure: 3000 hours

Exposure: 2000 hours

Results from accelerated weathering tests (UV-B) carried out in accordance with EN 13523-10.

External validation of product performance British Board of Agrément Certificate The BBA agrément certificate provides independent information on the performance of building products, containing data on durability, installation and compliance with building regulations. Certificate 91/2717, re-issued 21st December 2005 following the last enhancements to Colorcoat HPS200® confirms that:

“Colorcoat HPS200® coating and metal treatment will protect the steel substrate against corrosion for a period in excess of 40 years in normal industrial, urban, suburban and rural environments.” This exceeds competitor plastisol products which have a 25 year statement and do not cover as many colours.


Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra

Confidex® Guarantee The peace of mind offered through guarantees is an important factor influencing the choice of what material to use for a building project. Corus has made dramatic improvements in the paint formulation used by Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra and this has enabled us to significantly extend the Confidex® Guarantee cover to 40 years.

The first and best guarantee Corus was the first steel company to offer a guarantee for a pre-finished steel product in 1990 and the Confidex® Guarantee has remained best in class for over 15 years. Unlike other guarantees which tend to copy its headline statements, the real Confidex® Guarantee is the result of the many years experience we have in coating technology and product development. As we have gained more experience and understanding of the factors that affect the long-term performance of our products and translated these into product developments, so we have also reviewed and extended the scope of the Confidex® Guarantee.

Key features The Confidex® Guarantee is clear and simple and unlike many other guarantees, offers full remedial action in the unlikely event of coating failure. Key features include: • Extended guarantee cover to 40 years. • No requirement for any inspections or maintenance during the guarantee period.

Confidex Guarantee cover The length of the Confidex® Guarantee for Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra is determined by colour choice, location of the project i.e. inland or coastal and whether it is for a roof or wall elevation. ®

The diagram below makes it quick and easy to see what level of cover is available.

• Cut edges covered for the entirety of the guarantee period up to 40 years. • Uses simple colour performance bands without reductions for orientation.

• Is offered directly to the building owner and provides a contractual relationship between Corus and the building owner.

• Is fully transferable should building ownership change. • Helps reduce the level of risk for each part of the supply chain.

legal involvement and the associated costs. In the ‘worst case’ scenario elements of the contractual chain may no longer be in existence making a complaint difficult or even impossible to pursue without the direct link to Corus.

In addition, Corus has a proven track record over 40 years for product innovation and an enormous amount of knowledge about how pre-finished steel performs in different situations. All of this provides us with the confidence to offer Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra as inspection and maintenance free for up to 40 years. This means no annual inspections are required to maintain the validity of the Confidex® Guarantee.

• Does not distinguish between different roof pitches and provides cover for roof pitches down to 1º.

• Has a quick and simple registration form.

Inspection and maintenance free The combination of the Galvalloy® metallic substrate and a unique thick-film coating formulation means Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra can resist possible damage and the worst of the elements.

The benefits of a Confidex® registered building Registering the Confidex® Guarantee provides a direct link to Corus. In the unlikely event of a coating failure, we can be contacted directly and independently of the contractual supply chain. Not only does this save time and money but can also avoid unnecessary

Signature colours

Classics & matts


Notes 1. F  igures under the coastal heading are buildings within 1km of any coast. 2. F  ull terms and conditions of the Confidex® Guarantee are on the reverse of the application form, which is available from Corus. NB. The Confidex® Guarantee periods on the diagram above are applicable to UK and Ireland only.



Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra

Comparing guarantees Guarantees are not just about the headline durability statement. Not all guarantees provide the same level of cover and it is important to understand what is and is not included so that proper comparisons can be made.

“The guarantee from Corus is perfect. Any client who puts a building up wants it to last as long as possible.” Paul Wahba Architect, Michael Sparks Associates.


Confidex® Guarantee

Other guarantees

Cut edges

Cut edges covered for up to 40 years.

Length of time can vary but maximum offered is 30 years.

Rectification costs

Full remedial action so all rectification costs covered.

Some limit the value of the claim to the invoice value of the steel which could be lower than the rectification costs.

Maintenance and inspection free

No annual inspections or maintenance are required for the duration of the guarantee to maintain its validity.

Some claim to be maintenance free but require regular inspection logs to be kept.

Non standard colours

Colours specified through Repertoire® are covered by the Confidex® Guarantee.

Do not generally provide any guarantee for non standard colours.

Guarantee transfer

Can easily be transferred should building ownership change.

Some suggest transferring ownership is possible but at the discretion of the supplier i.e. the transfer is not assured.

In the event of a coating failure

Building owner contacts Corus directly to address claim.

Some require the building owner to contact the supply chain with the cladding manufacturer ultimately making contact with the steel supplier to pursue claim.

Roof pitches

Covers roof pitches down to 1°.

Higher roof pitches drain more easily and not all guarantees cover pitches below 6°.

Processing of pre-finished steel

Corus requires the product to have been used and the guarantee registered within 18 months of manufacture.

Some guarantees require the product to have been used within 4 weeks of manufacture.



Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra

Sustainability The sustainability of a building in terms of its material usage, construction, occupation and end of life is becoming an ever more important consideration. This is driven by the need to provide a better quality of life for people and protect the needs of future generations.

Eco-designed Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra is manufactured in the UK and Corus has undertaken a detailed study to assess the product’s environmental impact at every stage from cradle to cradle. We first published a life cycle analysis and costing study in 2002 and this has subsequently been refined and extended to include the cladding systems our Colorcoat® supply chain partners manufacture using Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra and Colorcoat Prisma®. Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra is fully traceable throughout its life, providing reassurance about its origins, authenticity and quality.


Manufacture Designed to exceed future legislative requirements and reduce its environmental impact, Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra provides a long-term sustainable building envelope solution. All traces of heavy metals and unnecessary fire retardants have been removed from the topcoat and undesirable organotin stabilisers and phthalate plasticisers replaced with higher performing alternatives. Corus was the first steel company to find alternatives to these potentially harmful additives and voluntarily remove them. The steel used in Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra is made using a mix of 25% recycled steel scrap and iron ore. Corus uses the latest and most efficient technology to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. Solvents from the coatings are incinerated, preventing the emission of any volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. In turn, the heat from this incineration process is used to preheat air to the ovens, reducing consumption of natural gas to a bare minimum. The local manufacture of the steel, shipment by rail and further processing at Shotton, all ensure that the steel miles for Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra are lower than those of imported products. ®

Operational Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra uses a unique metallic substrate and coating formulation to provide the very best in terms of durability, guaranteed for up to 40 years. A key part of sustainable design is specifying products that can offer long-term performance with minimal/no maintenance and the unique Confidex® Guarantee provides cover even at cut edges for up to 40 years without the need for any inspections or maintenance. Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra has gone a step beyond just providing a very durable covering for the building by passing stringent testing to BS6920 ‘Suitability of non-metallic products for use in contact with water intended for human consumption’. This means the product can have an additional use as part of a rainwater collection system, with no concern about product leaching, the only pre-finished steel product to have achieved this. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have also researched more effective ways for Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra to be used during its operational phase. 50% of UK energy consumption is used during this phase of a building’s life and there are opportunities to enhance its thermal performance and reduce energy costs, using cladding systems manufactured with Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra.

The Corus Colorcoat® Centre for the Building Envelope based at Oxford Brookes University, has developed one of the world’s most advanced testing facilities for assessing the air-tightness of building details. These facilities have tested air leakage rates for different joint configurations and provided best practice in terms of detailing for the building envelope. This advice is published in the Colorcoat® Technical Paper ‘Creating an air-tight building envelope’ available to download at: or in hard copy through the Colorcoat Connection® helpline: +44 (0) 1244 892434.

End of life Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra can last indefinitely once the Confidex® Guarantee has expired after 40 years, using appropriate maintenance and remedial action such as over-painting. Once the building envelope has come to the end of its useful life, Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra can easily be recycled without additional burden to the environment. Its use as steel scrap does not compromise the quality of new steel and it can be recycled again and again without any degradation in terms of properties or performance. This makes Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra a cradle to cradle product i.e. at the end of its life it is returned to new use or function rather than being disposed of as waste. There is a well established steel scrap infrastructure that recovers the steel from demolition sites or shredding facilities and sends it back to the steel plant for recycling. Corus has published ‘End of life options for pre-finished steel buildings’ and this is available to download at: or in hard copy through the Colorcoat Connection® helpline.


Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra

Confidex Sustain® As part of the Corus commitment to sustainability, we have worked with our supply chain to offer the first CarbonNeutral building envelope in the world, measuring and offsetting its impact from cradle to cradle.

Key benefits: • Assesses the environmental impact of the pre-finished steel cladding system throughout its life from cradle to cradle. • Covers the whole pre-finished steel cladding system, including fixings and insulation, not just one element. This means for every 1kg of CO2 emitted by the pre-finished steel, cladding, fixings and insulation, we will offset 1kg in climate friendly projects overseas. These have a social as well as environmental benefit and will see us investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in various locations worldwide. An enhancement of the Confidex® Guarantee, Confidex Sustain® is available when Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra and/or Colorcoat Prisma® are specified as part of a Colorcoat® assessed cladding system. Confidex Sustain® covers the whole cladding system, from the pre-finished steel used for the inner and outer sheets, to the fixings, insulation and spacer system.

• Tangibly demonstrates construction supply chain’s commitment to sustainability. • Provides reassurance and peace of mind that the most sustainable pre-finished steel products and cladding systems have been specified. • Offered by Corus who has an excellent reputation for developing well researched, robust and credible product and service offerings. • Climate friendly projects sourced through The CarbonNeutral Company, the leading brand mark and quality standard for action on climate change.

Supporting Confidex Sustain® To support Confidex Sustain®, we have developed a range of Environmental Product Declarations covering Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra and Colorcoat Prisma® and the cladding systems they become a part of. Each Environmental Product Declaration provides a summary of the environmental impacts of the pre-finished steel, cladding system, insulation and fixings throughout their life. We use this information to accurately identify how much gas that contributes to global warming has been emitted at each stage of the process from manufacture and installation through to use and end of life.

Confidex Sustain® offers the first CarbonNeutral building envelope in the world.

This is then used to calculate project specific impacts and the amount of CO2 that needs to be balanced and offset by Corus in climate friendly projects to deliver a CarbonNeutral building envelope.

For details of what Colorcoat® assessed cladding systems are available with Confidex Sustain® please visit:



Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra

Colorcoat® support The Colorcoat® brand is recognised as the exclusive mark of quality and metal expertise. Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra is supported by a range of services, technical advice and guidance.

Colorcoat Connection helpline A dedicated helpline offering immediate advice and guidance on a wide range of construction issues such as meeting building regulations and where to source complementary products. ®

Metal hand samples are available in all colours and can be ordered either through the Colorcoat Connection® helpline or visit: Colorcoat Business Development Team This team has extensive experience advising architects, contractors and clients in the design, specification and construction of metal envelopes. Covering England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, the team can offer support and guidance on selecting the most appropriate Colorcoat® products, technical advice on colours, guidance on Part L and sustainability issues, RIBA approved CPD seminars and much, much more. They are available to meet and discuss individual project requirements.

Colorcoat® Centre for the Building Envelope Working with the largest architectural school in the UK, Corus has established the Colorcoat® Centre for the Building Envelope at Oxford Brookes University to support research and innovation in the use of pre-finished steel in the building envelope. The centre helps us provide increased support for our customers in developing new cladding systems and conduct research to promote the use of pre-finished steel roof and wall cladding systems in the buildings of the future.

Colorcoat® supply chain Over 40 years Corus has developed close strategic relationships with a number of market leading roof and wall cladding system manufacturers. Specifying a Colorcoat® product through one of these partners ensures access to the very best technical guidance, quick availability and highest levels of quality and service.



Colorcoat® Specification Wizard Corus has developed a quick and easy on-line tool allowing you to create an optimum specification for the prefinished steel and cladding system in just a few clicks. As the specification is being created, information is available to answer any queries about the most appropriate product and colour choice for the application and environment. The completed specification can be downloaded and printed off or saved and stored for future reference.

Panels and Profiles

Repertoire® on-line To help colour and profile selection, Repertoire® on-line is a visualisation tool which allows the effect of different colours and profiles to be viewed in a 3D environment. Photo realistic building types have been created onto which a variety of profiles can be applied to roof and walls in virtually any colour. The building can be zoomed in at and viewed from virtually any angle and snap shots taken which can be saved or emailed as links to others. Once a colour scheme has been chosen, physical hand samples can be ordered online or via the Colorcoat Connection® helpline. The final choice of approved colours is given a unique reference code to help simplify the specification process.

Colorcoat® Building Manual This award winning manual provides a definitive guide to designing, specifying and constructing the metal envelope. Developed in consultation with construction professionals, the Colorcoat® Building Manual incorporates over 40 years of Colorcoat® expertise. To order a complementary copy, please contact the Colorcoat Connection® helpline: +44 (0) 1244 892434. Colorcoat® Technical Papers Working closely with Oxford Brookes University and the Steel Construction Institute, Corus has produced a number of RIBA approved Technical Papers. These address key construction issues such as the creation of an air-tight building envelope and end of life options for pre-finished steel cladding systems. For full details of the Colorcoat® Technical Papers available please visit:


Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra

What is pre-finished steel?

The product of sustained evolution

Enormously versatile, pre-finished steel offers the building designer a material that is high quality, cost effective, robust and visually attractive. First manufactured over 40 years ago, it has become the de facto material for many building envelope applications.

Corus has a well deserved reputation for always being first to market with new innovations. Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra is the result of over 40 years experience by us in the development and manufacture of pre-finished steel.

Pre-finished steel is made up of a number of paint layers and treatments applied to the steel in an automated and carefully controlled manufacturing process. Each layer has a particular function and the performance of a pre-finished steel product is greatly influenced by them. Once the prefinished steel is manufactured in coil form, it can be further processed into finished cladding systems such as composite panels, roof sheeting and façades.

Where does Corus Colorcoat® fit in the supply chain? Corus (as British Steel) was the first steel company in Europe to manufacture pre-finished steel, over 40 years ago. Although essentially an ingredient of the cladding system, the pre-finished steel plays a major role in the aesthetics and durability of the building envelope and as such needs careful consideration to ensure the right product is chosen. Corus pre-finished steel products are sold under the Colorcoat® brand, which for over 40 years has provided a mark of quality and metal envelope expertise. They are supplied through a small number of market leading cladding system manufacturers, able to provide the very highest quality and service.


Topcoat Primer Pre-treatment Metallic coating Substrate Metallic coating Pre-treatment Primer

2000s • Launch of Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra, providing ultimate guaranteed performance up to 40 years and a step change in colour and gloss retention. New colour palette designed in consultation with architects. • Launch of Confidex Sustain® to offer the world’s first CarbonNeutral building envelope. • Product offered as inspection and maintenance free. • 2 metallic colours introduced. • Confidex® Guarantee cover increased to 30 years for roof and walls. • First life cycle analysis completed and published. • Launch of Repertoire®, making an infinite range of colours available, all covered by the Confidex® Guarantee.

Backing coat

1990s • Launch of Colorcoat HPS200® with unique Scintilla® emboss. Galvalloy® substrate means cut edges now covered for duration of Confidex® Guarantee. Colour and gloss retention improved and undesirable tin and phthalates removed from top-coat. Confidex® simplified to 2 colour bands. • Colour palette increased to 28 shades. • Launch of Confidex® Guarantee, providing cover up to 30 years for walls and 26 years for roofs with 6 colour bands. This was subsequently reduced to 4 colour bands.

1980s • Launch of Colorcoat HP200® with unique coating formulation and increased corrosion resistance. • Performance level increased to 20 years. • Colour palette increased to 17 shades. • Cadmium and lead removed from the top-coat.

1970s • Mark2 Colorcoat® plastisol product developed with improved colour and gloss retention. • Mark1 bespoke Colorcoat® plastisol product developed.

1960s • Colorcoat® brand launched with leathergrain plastisol product available in 12 colours. • First company in Europe to develop and manufacture a 200 micron plastisol.


Trademarks of Corus Colorcoat, Colorcoat Connection, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra, Confidex, Confidex Sustain, Galvalloy, HP200, HPS200, Orion, Prisma, Repertoire, Scintilla and Sirius are trademarks of Corus. CarbonNeutral is a registered trademark of The CarbonNeutral Company. Care has been taken to ensure that the contents of this publication are accurate, but Corus Group Limited and its subsidiary companies do not accept responsibility for errors or for information that is found to be misleading. Suggestions for, or descriptions of, the end use or application of products or methods of working are for information only and Corus Group Limited and its subsidiaries accept no liability in respect thereof. Before using products supplied or manufactured by Corus Group Limited and its subsidiaries the customer should satisfy themselves of their suitability. This publication was printed by a Corus approved supplier that complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditation. Paper used is Regency Satin, which is manufactured from ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) pulp sourced from certified or well managed forests and plantations. Inks used are vegetable based. Copyright 2008 Corus. Language English 0308

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