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▼ GRAPHICS NOTEBOOK NAME For this assignment you will be assembling a graphics notebook—an electronic version, a video, a blog or some other digital method. The notebook will include examples of the items below found in newspapers, magazines and the web. ▼ Clearly and neatly label IN ORDER each item with the number and the name. ▼ You must have at least three (3) examples from different sources for each number listed below unless otherwise noted. ▼ This page needs to be turned in at the same time the project is due. ▼ You must use at least six (6) different publications, two of each (newspapers, magazines, websites). ▼ You need to design a cover that includes your name. ▼ Your notebook will be graded on the criteria listed below. This is worth seven (7) percent of your grade. NOTE: Include a list of all of your sources right after the cover sheet of your graphics note. 1. bylines

19. standing heads

2. credit lines

20. column logo

3. rules and boxes

21. liftout quote

4. headlines

22. refers

5. display heads

23. teasers

6. decks

24. jump lines

7. subheads

25. screens

8. story with no art/horizontal (1 example)

26. reverses

9. story with no art/vertical (1 example)

27. initial/drop cap

10. story with no art/square (1 example)

28. wraparound (runaround)

11. story with one horizontal photo (1 example)

29. photo cutouts

12. story with one vertical photo (1 example)

30. fact boxes

13. story with one dominant vertical, small horizontal (1 example)

31. graphics package (1 example)

14. story with one dominant horizontal, small vertical (1 example)

32. tables

15. story with two verticals (1 example)

33. charts and graphs

16. story with two horizontals (1 example)

34. maps

17. story with mug (1 example) 18. flag (nameplate)

Grading criteria

varied sources of examples

items correctly labeled (item name and number)

creative design of product

professional presentation

Graphics Notebook Jrn 336  

Jrn 336 Graphics Notebook MSU