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Big Math and fries By: Emily Graves, Morgan Smith,

Chance Kelley, Hunter Hatch

Our Menu Breakfast: Hotcakes sausage syrup

Our Menu

Lunch: Big n Tasty Med. French Fries Med. Sprite

!Our menu! Dinner: Honey Mustard Grilled chicken wrap Small. Fries Med. Sprite

%Percentages% • Fat:35% • Carbohydrates:69% • Protein:37%

Questions Where you able to keep the precent of calories from fat under 30% of the total calories. No but we were close. Did you manage to stay within the zone diet? No but we had 35-69-37


Fat precent- 35% Carbohydrates- 69% Protein- 37%

Big Math and Fries By: Carol, Zach, and Jacob

The Zone Diet The Zone Diet specifies that a person should eat foods in the ratio of 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. Can a person eat just McDonald’s menu on the Zone Diet?


bacon egg and cheese biscuit: calories-420, fat-49%, carbs-35%, protein-14%

Lunch Cheeseburger- fat 36%, carbs 35%, protein 14% Medium Fries- fat 45%, carbs 50%, protein 4% Medium Coke- fat 0%, carbs 100%, protein 0%

Dinner Double Cheeseburger- Fat-47%, Carbs31%, Protein-23% Medium Fries- Fat- 45%, Carbs-51%, Protein-4% Large Diet Coke- Fat-0%, Carbs-0%, Protein-0%

Big Math and Fries BY: Taylor Singleton Ryan Courtright and Jason Marcum

Zone Diet

All of us were above on fat and carbohydrates but we were low on protein.

Zone Diet Were you able to keep the percent of the calories from fat under 30% of the total calories? No we were not able too we ranged from 33% to 43% calories.

Breakfast For breakfast Ryan had 790 calories. He had a sausage and biscuit with a sprite and hash-brown. He had 87% fat calories, 68% carb calories, and 10% protein calories.

Lunch Jason had 1080 calories for lunch. He had a double quarter pounder with cheese small fry and a small dr pepper He had 72% fat calories, 63% carb calories, and 25% protein calories.

Dinner For dinner Taylor had 1591 calories. She had a Double cheeseburger, large fries, and a chocolate milkshake. She had 69% Fat calories, 75% carb calories, and 24% protein calories.

Big Math and Fries By: Sarah, Cole, and Colin

The Zone Diet ! ! !

The Zone Diet is 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbohydrates. It needs to be around 2000 calories. 2000 calories is the average amount you should have every day.


Biscuit and Gravy 430 cal./52% Milk 100 cal./23%


10 piece chicken nugget 460 cal./57% HI-C 160 cal./0%


Double Quarter Pounder 51% fat Dr. Pepper 210 cal./0%

Total Calories

1850 calories was our total

Big Math and Fries - Haywood L21  

Students create a daily diet based on teh Zone Diet.

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