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Joe corso books I grew up in Queens, New York and I now reside in sunny South Florida with my wife Giovanna. I've written 15 complete books and 9 short stories. My next book may be a sequel to the Lone Jack Kid which won FINALIST in the 2013 Readers Favorite book contest in the WESTERN category. The Starlight Club won the SILVER in the 2012 elite TRUE CRIME category, and won HONORABLE MENTION in the 2013 Readers Favorite book contest. My short story FIRE: Box 598 won the BRONZE in the 2013 Readers Favorite contest, in the HISTORICAL NON-FICTION category. My books include five And The King", "The Revenge Engine 24 Fire Stories 1, 2 & Favorite. The Starlight Club Category and honorable

Starlight Club books, five Time Portal series of books, "The Old Man of John W", "The Adventures of The Lone Jack Kid, Lafitte's Treasure, 3". And 9 short stories (1 story won bronze in the 2013 Readers was awarded Silver in the 2012 eLit book contest in the True Crime mention in the 2013 Readers Favorite contest.

That's me in the grey sport Favorite book contest. sunny South Florida with my

coat holding three of my books that won awards in the 2013 Readers Although I grew up in New York City which I still love, I now reside in wife Giovanna.

How many of the characters from the book are real, and which ones did you actually meet - I met them all. Let’s start with Big Red. I knew him for years and while I never socialized with him, I knew that he liked and trusted me. Trenchie came out of prison and was pretty much as I described him, Jimmy the Hat was a Gallo guy who I met once but I liked the name and made him a central character in the book. Tarzan, Moose, Ralph, Gibby, Creighton, Frankie the Cop and Yip were all real characters and so was Porky. The Gallo brothers were charismatic, especially crazy Joey who was fearless, but aside from that he was a pretty scary guy. Slats who drove the oil truck was real, and Tex and his racket was true, as was the trial in Mineola, NY. The story of Rags happened many years later and was told to me by a friend from the neighborhood and I thought it would be a good fit, so I included it in my book. How do you decide which parts of your story to fictionalize, and which parts to keep real - I used the Gallo/Profaci gang war which took place during the late 50’s and early 60’s and I wove my story into it. The truck hi-jacking happened, the horse bets on Wednesdays were real, the part about the Cadillac was real, the fight at the Latin wedding in the beginning of the book never happened but the conversation between the two mobsters and the Latino was spoken word for word. Are any of the mobsters in your story still alive, and what would they think of what you have written about them - I gave that question a lot of thought. I know that one of them is alive and that’s why I didn’t use his last name in the book. Albert Kid Blast is still alive but Larry and Joey are dead. I don’t know about the others but there were a few of them that I would like to think are still alive, like Big Red and Tarzan but I don’t think so. I’m 78 as I write this and they were 15 – 20 years older than me. I didn’t treat them badly in my book but the question you asked concerned me and I had to do a lot of soul

searching before I started to write the book. There’s a rule that should be followed and that is – don’t write about someone unless he’s dead. I may have broken that rule. Is there (or was there) actually a Starlight Club - There was a Starlight Club. The Corona Gentleman’s Club (in the book) was actually a social club, an after hour joint which was named the Starlight Club and I loved that name. The books Starlight Club was a real bar at the address mentioned in the book and it was exactly as I described it, except of course it never had the notoriety or fame of the books Starlight Club. A relative of mine owned it and the place was very unique inasmuch as it was exactly as I described it in the book, complete with the one lane bowling alley in the cellar and – it had a ballroom that held 300+ people. Whenever a wedding or special function was scheduled, since the establishment didn’t have a cabaret license an envelope was passed to the Captain of the local precinct and the envelope acted as the license. The 4 pillars mentioned in the book was a product of my imagination. Did you really borrow money from Big Red to get your wife out of the hospital when your third child was born (as told in the story) - My check arrived the following week? He was busy talking to someone. I waited until he was free then I told him that I had his money. “Already?” He said. “Yeah, my check came in. I paid him the $350.00 and when I asked him what the vig (interest) was. He looked at me and said. “This ain’t business, you’re a friend and I don’t charge friends interest.” I felt good and bad at the same time. Good because he showed me respect and considered me a friend and bad because I knew that interest on loans was how he made his living. 25 years later I told my wife about it otherwise she would never have known.

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My books include four Starlight Club books, five Time Portal novels, "The Old Man And The King", "The Revenge of John W", "The Adventures of...

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