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Volume 62 Issue 2 November 2010

FCCLA Can Food Hunt Roberts Is A Shining Star Abby Starling

Casey Harrison

Senior Co-Editor

Staff Writer

FCCLA surrounding all of the cans they collected. Out of the twelve months in the year, November is a particularly special month. Not only is it the beginning of the wonderful fall season, it is the month of sharing with others, caring for friends and giving back to those in need. The most special day in November is Thanksgiving. It is a day where families from all over gather, have a huge feast and reminisce about all of the things that they are thankful for. For some of these families, the only way they are able to provide the Thanksgiving food is by the generous food donations that are provided through their local food pantry. Without the selfless and giving hearts of Corsicana High School’s FCCLA members, donations of that sort would not be possible. Every year, FCCLA puts on a can food scavenger hunt for their November service project. FCCLA advisor, Shelby Curl, explained that for the scavenger hunt, the participants get into different teams and have a parent drive them around the community to various places so they can collect as may cans as possible in the one and a half hour time frame that they are given. When the time is up, the students arrive back to the school, all of the cans are

counted, and the winning team is announced. Curl explained that the can food scavenger hunt is a fun and exciting way to collect the cans, and the students get a lot out of it. “The students like the competition aspect of the scavenger hunt. Once all of the cans are counted up, they are always surprised at how many they actually collected,” Curl said. “Not only is this fun for them, it is a very rewarding experience. They are grateful to have the opportunity to help out others in a time of need.” Every year, they have had a huge turnout in the amount of cans collected. After the cans are collected, they are taken to the local food pantry and distributed to all of the Navarro County families in need. “We collected around 600 cans this year, which is about double the amount of cans we collected last year and the years before that,” Curl said. “After we count all of the cans, we load them up and deliver them to the local food pantry for all of the families. It is a great experience.” Year after year, the can food scavenger hunt has proven to be a huge success, and it continues to enable the students to give the priceless gift of giving.

While participating in FCA, her youth group, and being the president of the CHS drama department, junior Julianna Roberts still finds time to do what she loves, which is acting. Julianna will be taking on the role of the housekeeper, Frau Schmidt, in the upcoming musical “The Sound of Music.” “This role expands my horizons,” Julianna said. “I’ve never had a role like this.” Being a huge fan of the musical, Julianna hopes the CHS production will be a success and will inspire others to join the theatre department. “I want the whole auditorium to be sold out,” Roberts said. “I want other students to get a lot out of it and want to join the theatre department.” Julianna has had many inspiring people help her get to where she is today, such as teachers, friends, and family. “I love Mrs. Otten. She has a great personality, and I listen when she speaks,” Julianna said. “I am also inspired by Ms. Dodds. She gave me opportunities to act when I was in 7th grade, and I was new to acting.”

Not only does Roberts act, but she also has a great talent for singing. She recently auditioned for season 10 of American Idol, this August. Though she only made it through the first two stages she says the experience was worth it. “I had a lot of fun,” Julianna said. “You can have a good experience even if you don’t do as well as you thought you would.” Julianna plans to take her singing/acting career past high school and into college. She plans on attending Colombia University in Chicago or Baylor University in Waco, but she does not want to stop there. She hopes her education will carry her to Broadway. “Broadway is my dream,” Julianna said. Roberts is very excited to be a part of the upcoming musical in January. She loves interacting with the large cast and knows it will be fun no matter what. “I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter if you have a big or small role,” Julianna said. “The opportunities you experience are irreplaceable.”

Roberts posing with The Sound of Music record.


Act Of Random Kindness Abby Starling Senior Co-Editor

Jonathan Lopez proudly wearing his uniform.

Th e weather may be getting colder outside, but the warm and giving spirit of freshman Jonathan Lopez has been recognized this month by the JBJ Staff through his act of random kindness. Jonathans’ kind and optimistic personality has been acknowledged by many students and faculty at CHS. This particular month, Msgt. Roger Hardie has specifically recognized Jonathan as a kind, well-mannered and selfless individual. “This gentlemen’s attitude towards education and service has made him an admirable student and person,” Hardie said. Throughout the school year, Jonathan has progressively become more involved in various activities on campus. “His active participation in R.O.T.C has given him a sense of personal confidence that allows him to flourish in anything he sets his mind to,” Hardie said. “He is a very determined and motivated individual.” Along with other accomplishments, Jonathan is part of a support group for the drill team which has not only strengthened his leadership skills, but has let his team know

that he is there for them. “For being a freshman, Jonathan has done really well with the mature setting of R.O.T.C,” Hardie said. “He’s very respectful of his officers.” Jonathans’ preparedness and positive attitude is specifically recognized in the R.O.T.C program. “Jonathan has shown his true leadership qualities,” Hardie said. “Because of his good grades and overall admirable character, Jonathan is progressing very well as a student and leader.” Jonathan is also acknowledged for continuously lending a helping hand. “Every day during C lunch, Jonathan has come to me to see if I needed help with any of the many things we do in R.O.T.C,” Hardie said. “It’s always admirable when people put others before themselves, and Jonathans’ humble personality is graciously appreciated. A simple act of kindness can dramatically brighten someone’s day, and Jonathans’ selfless deeds have certainly lightened my mood.” This fall season, the JBJ staff encourages everyone to spread as much joy and kindness as possible, for the greatest gifts cannot be bought: peace, love and happiness.

CHS since her freshman year, but when she was younger she also helped out her dad while he was coaching. “I have fun, and training is what I want to do,” Woodall said. Doc has 18 student trainers to educate about sports medicine throughout the school year. One of these student trainers is senior Cameron Butler. Cameron has been training for two years and enjoys having Doc as a mentor.

“He is a good teacher, and he makes it simple,” Butler said. “I joined the training program to learn the physical therapy aspect of it and to be around the football atmosphere.” Being a trainer for 31 years, Doc has taught many students the basics of being an athletic trainer and how to help others when they are in need.

Student Trainers: A Football Player’s Right Hand Man

Casey Harrison Staff Writer

At some point during our high school years, most athletes have been hurt while playing or practicing and are in need of help. First to arrive on the scene is the CHS trainers. Those who attend Friday night football games have certainly seen at least once, where a team member is injured and a group of trainers run to the rescue. One of these people is Bernie Camarillo, or also known to the student body as “Doc.”

Doc, who is responsible for about 560 athletes a day, attended Lamar University in Beaumont where he took sports medicine, anatomy, and emergency care classes to learn all the techniques for being a trainer and also to teach students how to be trainers. “He is always there to help and is willing to teach something new,” senior trainer Betsy Woodall said. Betsy has been training at

“Anyone who is responsible,” Doc said, “and is willing and dedicated to helping others can be a trainer.”


Aaron RaneyNHS President How does it feel to be a leader in your sport or organization? Extremely honored. NHS is an outstanding and prestigious organization and I’m proud to be a part of it. What are the responsibilities that come with being a leader? A leader must always do what is right. In general, leaders set the example for everyone to follow. As president of NHS, I run the meetings and our banquet, as well as organize anything we do as a group. What do you hope to accomplish within your team this year? NHS has always been successful in giving back to the community through group projects or fundraising. I hope to be able to continue that success this year. Who/what motivates you to accomplish your goals? My parents are a huge motivation in everything I do. They push me to always finish something I start and to never quit. Mrs. Talley is also a motivator in NHS, as she always pushes me to take care of my business! What kind of lasting impression do you want to leave on your younger classmates? Of course I want my peers to have a fond memory of me. Someone who they could trust and look up to. I also want them to learn from my mistakes, so that they can become stronger leaders themselves.

Shae HarpSTUCO President How does it feel to be a leader in your sport or organization? Being a leader provides me the opportunity to achieve great things. It also has taught me to be dedicated to my school and accomplish the tasks at hand. What are the responsibilities that come with being a leader? Support and service. True leadership is being aware of my abilities and the impact I have on others. What do you hope to accomplish within your team this year? Creating and inspiring vision. I hope to guide, lead, and inspire students to want to be a p art of accomplishing exciting new things. Who/what motivates you to accomplish your goals? My family, the school faculty, and my fellow peers provided the motivation. I have always been raised to do my best. I want to be accountable and not veer from my inner values, as well as portray honest dealings inspiring others to do the same. What kind of lasting impression do you want to leave on your younger classmates? Good vision and foresight of new trends and opportunities for students to have had a successful school year.

Sam AltamiraBoys Cross Country

Kailea HullGirls Cross Country

How does it feel to be a leader in your sport or organization? It feels great. What are the responsibilities that come with being a leader? Setting a good example. What do you hope to accomplish within your team this year? Prepare for next year and get others involved in cross country. Who/what motivates you to accomplish your goals? Steve Prefontaine, who was America’s greatest distance runner. What kind of lasting impression do you want to leave on your younger teammates? Always try to improve.

How does it feel to be a leader in your sport or organization? Being a leader is a position of responsibility, and being a leader fills me with pride for my team. What are the responsibilities that come with being a leader? Being on time, always having a good strong attitude and keeping others on task are some responsibilities of being a leader. What do you hope to accomplish within your team this year? What I hope to accomplish is to unite individuals into a family that sticks together and works hard to achieve their goals. Who/what motivates you to accomplish your goals? God is who I run for and His will and His plan that I live through. I wouldn’t be where I was without God on my side. What kind of lasting impression do you want to leave on your younger teammates? I want to leave my teammates with a good strong attitude to achieve their goals no matter if all the odds are against them. I also want to leave them a good path to follow, so I know I must succeed.

Devin ZalaceBoys Basketball How does it feel to be a leader in your sport or organization? I am honored to be a senior leader this year. But I am only one of many possible leaders on the team. What are the responsibilities that come with being a leader? Eliminating all negative energy and demeanor from every facet of our game and to encourage hard work and intensity. What do you hope to accomplish within your team this year? To build a family- like relationship with our team and shock people by surpassing their expectations of us. Who/what motivates you to accomplish your goals? I want to WIN! I want to leave this school with a winning record and set a precedent for seasons to come. What kind of lasting impression do you want to leave on your younger teammates? To always work hard and never doubt yourself. A positive attitude and work ethic is the foundation for success.

Raven WattsGirls Basketball How does it feel to be a leader in your sport or organization? It feels AMAZING that people look up to me and see me as a role model. What are the responsibilities that come with being a leader? You have to make sure you come ready to work and with a positive attitude. Encouraging your teammates is most important. What do you hope to accomplish within your team this year? The main goal is playoffs! But also to show character not only on the court but off the court as well. Who/what motivates you to accomplish your goals? Coach Prevost and my mother. They teach me I can do anything if I set my mind to it. What kind of lasting impression do you want to leave on your younger teammates? 1. Positive attitudes make a big difference 2. Work as a team (remain a basketball family) 3. Have fun!

4 4

Mrs. Huffman

1. What was your most A. I don’t care. embarrassing moment? B. I don’t like your sisters. I A. Leaning back in an have 5 of them! inflatable pool and “spilling” C. I just told them straight up. out head first. I’m not a good liar. B. Too many to share. I was D. A girl once told me that called Gary Coleman at a she completely forgot that we basketball game!! had even talked about going C. I would never tell, it’s that out. I think she was scared of embarrassing. falling in love, or D. My first day of high school commitment, or something. as a freshman. I was watching a senior girl cross the parking 4. What is your favorite lot and I stepped off of a curb midnight snack? and fell into a truck. It was A. Nachos. between classes, so everyone B. Gummy Bears! I’m saw it. The worst part was that addicted to them. I bit my tongue so bad I C. Any dark chocolate couldn’t talk for the day. D. Cold Pizza, mashed

2. Who was the craziest teacher you’ve ever had, and why were they crazy? A. Anglo Spanish teacher who would let the “Native speakers” fluster him. B. Coach Owens, my history teacher at HallDaisetta high. C. My 4th grade teacher was crazy bad. I think she was bipolar. D. Mr. Bonzell- he played his guitar and showed slides of his college days during our U.S History class. When I played “When Doves Cry” by Prince at school, everyone in the parking lot could hear it. 3. What was the most outrageous explanation you’ve given or been given to avoid going on a date?

potatoes with gravy or cold pizza with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Mr. Dodds

at Tiger Stadium.

D. Flying, but not very high because of the whole fear of heights thing. 7. What was your first car? A. 74 Mustang II B. 1985 Pontiac Grand Am. C. Chevy pickup D. A maroon 4 wheeler drive Ford step side pickup with a roll bar, lights and a stereo out of an 82 Cadillac. 8. If you were given the chance to travel to the past or future when and where would you go? A. Native America, before Columbus arrival in 1492. B. Back to junior college. Playing JC basketball was the BEST. C. The “Roaring 20’s” in New York City. I’ve always lived in the country and that time would be perfect for getting the big city experience.

5. What did you want to be when you were 12 years old? A. A lawyer. B. Successful sportscaster C. An archaeologist D. An astronaut, but my dad told me that they didn’t let people who wore “Husky” D. I would go back to the 80’s when I had the best hair jeans be an astronaut. in school. The music was 6.Do you have any good too. phobias? If so, what? 9. What superpower A. Crowds, and getting lost would you like to have

in them. B. Yes- Late people C. Deep water, something might be down there. D. Since having kids, I am deathly afraid of heights, I get dizzy in the press box

and why?

A. Instant recall; a clear mind. B. The power to change people’s attitude. Positive people are great people. C. Super healing powers D. Flying

10. If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be? A. Queen Esther, who became queen for such a time as this; because she was royalty, she was in a position to save her people. B. Jesus Christ, if you knew personally what he went through you would serve him without ANY hesitation. C. Sandra Bullock- She is beautiful, intelligent and funny. D. The guy at the Blue Bell factory who spends his day making cookie cones and drinking Mountain Dew, or Lil Wayne because people already say “I’m hood.”


Coleman And Toledo Take The Homecoming Crown T’Rayus Johnson

Staff Writer We will probably all remember who wins the Homecoming King and Queen. It does not matter if you voted, participated in the homecoming week celebrations or were at the homecoming game. In recent years, the Homecoming Court nominations and winners have reflected the school’s diverse make up, and this year is no different. A lot of good things can be said about a school that is able to do this. This year’s Homecoming King and Queen are Osman Toledo and Tambra Coleman. Tambra’s first reaction to hearing her name called was pure shock, while Osman had a more delayed reaction. “I didn’t really react,” Osman said. “I just heard everybody screaming my name and congratulating me.” Both are involved in sports and are known around campus as athletic students. Tambra is a Sr. Lieutenant Calico as well a member of the basketball team. Osman concentrates on the

sport he loves, which is soccer. Both are committed to academics as well, shown through their membership in AVID. Tambra is also involved in the “I’m Going to College Project.” Coleman and Toledo are

obviously well known around campus and both attribute their victory to their likeable personalities. “I would describe my personality as fun and outgoing,” Coleman said. “I can be shy at times though. Overall I think I am

a really cool person to be around.” Toledo posses similar traits with Coleman while still highlighting some opposites. “I’m fun, loud, outgoing, and I just like to be a clown sometimes.” After high school, Toledo and Coleman both plan on attending college, but have very different plans. Coleman is not sure what college to attend just yet, while Toledo already has a specific plan. “I want to go to Navarro for two years and then work for awhile,” Toledo said. “After that, I want to go to San Marcos to attend school and train to become a commercial diver.” Of course no Homecoming night would have been complete without celebrations after the game. Both Toledo and Coleman described hanging out with a group of friends and family afterwards. In the words of King Osman, “Party at my house!”

Despite Playoff Bummer, Tiger Football Had A Good Season Joe West Staff Writer

With a 6-game winning streak, a co-district championship, and a huge head of steam going into the playoffs, what could go wrong? 16 penalties, 4 interceptions, and 504 of Josiah Monroe’s passing yards later, the Tigers were left stunned on Panther field in Waco wondering just what went wrong. Could it have been the bi week that perhaps doused the Tiger ’s fire? Were they unprepared for the “Mosiah” of Bastrop, Josiah Monroe? I suppose it was just a bad night for the Tigers. All good things must come to an end right? Not necessarily. The Tiger team was prepared for a state run, and had the tools to make it happen; two

year quarterback Cameron Cutrer, a high powered offense, a stout offensive line, and a potent defense that had held teams to a mere 74 points in its last 6 games. It’s amazing how one game can ruin such a great season, but it did. Football is a game of inches, and the Tigers were a mere inch away from a 15-4A district championship at the West Mesquite 1 yard line, 10 weeks ago. That win would have postponed the match up with Bastrop, which may have continued the Tiger’s season. A man once said, “The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past.” So let’s forget what happened in Waco, and look at some of the highlights. A 44-10 dismantling of the then undefeated Mesquite Poteet. Or arguably the biggest accomplishment this year might be handily beating Waxahachie and Ennis. That’s something the Tigers hadn’t done in quite awhile. Dominic Kelly’s 4th and 3

stop against Waxahachie, the Flea 3 starters next year, including the Flicker from Cutrer to Thomas district’s top running back McDonald against Ennis, Martin Cameron Washington, and the Davis’ leap frog interception district’s top receiver Christian against Bastrop, all the fake punts, Hines. Dominic “The Bull” Kelly all the pick 6’s, all the sacks, those will come back with a vengeance, are the things to remember this along with the ball-hawking freshman Devontay Bell. season by. There is no reason why That being said, it is time to move on and look towards next the Tiger’s won’t be able to repeat next year with a winning season. The Tiger’s are returning season. 1


Hanukkah Word Search


The student that was chosen for the November issue of The Student Showcase is senior, LaTasha Wilson. She is an aspiring fashion designer, and this sketch, or croquis, is one of her earliest works. The dress featured is a very elegant, yet simple, off-the-shoulder evening gown. How long have you wanted to be a designer? “Since I was a freshman. I really like colors, and I like to express myself and make people happy. People are happy when they look good.” When did you sketch this? “I made this sophomore year.” Who are your favorite designers and models? “My favorite designers are Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, and Prina Tornai. My favorite models are Tyra Banks and Rachel Bilson, although Rachel is more of an actress.” Where would you most like to show off your designs? “New York City and Japan!” What is your inspiration for this drawing? “I love very simple and cute designs, so I made sure to stay with that style.”

TCU, UT Austin, University of Houston, and Texas A&M; most of us know these as a list of some of the top schools in Texas. For junior Hunter Melton, they represent a few of the schools that are interested in having him play college baseball for them. Melton is the ace pitcher for the Corsicana High School baseball team. He has verbally committed to Texas A&M, where he was offered a sixty percent scholarship. According to Melton, taking a little advice from his coach was a great decision. “I took my coach’s advice and went to visit Texas A&M,” Melton said. “His son had gone there for camp and thought that it might be a good fit for me.” The A&M coaches first made the offer sometime around the end of September, and Melton took a week to think it over and discuss it with his friends and family before making a verbal agreement one week later. “First the coaches came

and scouted me, they then invited me down to College Station for a visit,” Melton said. “The coaches then got together and made the decision to make me an offer while I was there.” Not only does Melton play on the team at CHS, but he is also a member of a fall ball team, the Centex Buzz. They play every Saturday against different local teams and have even been to Florida to a major league scouting week. Melton had acquired many injuries through baseball over the years. He explains that when he chose to play baseball, he made a full time commitment to the sport. “I’ve broken my elbow and pinkie finger, but it hasn’t affected me at all,” Melton said. “I’ve played many different sports, but I quit all of them to concentrate on baseball because it is my passion.” For Melton, this is just the first step in his plan to play in the

MLB, and also the first step in achieving his life-long dream. “I first started playing baseball when I was four years old,” Melton said, “and have loved it ever since.” A few of the people that Melton would like to thank are his parents and Coaches Nolan and Kilgo. “My favorite player is Josh Hamilton and my favorite team is the Texas Rangers. I would really like to play for them one day,” Hunter said. “Go Rangers!”


CHS Takes A New Course Kasprzyk: Veteran Of War Abby Starling

Katelyn Moody

Senior Co-Editor

Junior Co-Editor

Corsicana High School is offering brand new elective courses that widen the students’ variety of choices, while also challenging them to try something new. Whether it be Anatomy and Physiology, Law Enforcement II, Veterinary Medical Applications or Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness, the courses are interesting to take as well as very beneficial to the students that elect to take them. Anatomy and Physiology is unique because it is not a typical science course that you would take in high school. Instead of taking your second year of chemistry, biology or physics, you can take Anatomy and Physiology as your fourth science credit. Law Enforcement II is a great course to take if you are interested in pursuing a career in law. A really cool thing about this course is that you are able to get a 911 certification which is required if you want to be a 911 operator. Veterinary Medical Applications is the perfect course for you if you are interested in becoming a Veterinarian. This course is really interesting and it can give you a head start for your future career. The featured new course, Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness, is already an extremely popular course. In fact, because so many

students signed up for the course, they had to hire 3 different teachers to teach it. One of the teachers, Jeannette Mills, gave an overall description of the course. “This is a laboratory course that allows students to use nutrition principles to help them make informed choices that promote wellness as well as pursue careers related to the FCS field,” Mills said. “Also, students are encouraged to participate in extended learning experiences through FCCLA.” Mills thoroughly enjoys teaching her students about food safety, nutrition, life style changes and the many other aspects of the course. She explains how her students love the course just as much as she does. “My favorite aspect of the course is teaching students about food safety,” Mills said. “Also, the students love the lab aspects of the course, which is a great thing.” Mills expressed how she thinks this course is helpful to the students, and she can’t wait to see how the students interpret, take in and apply this new and fresh information to their lives. “I absolutely think this program is beneficial to the students in every way,” Mills said. “Students learn real world knowledge and nutrition concepts that they can apply to their everyday lives.”

If you walk into room A201, you will find a classroom filled with formulas, calculations, lab utensils and the physics teacher, David Kasprzyk. He may seem as just a normal physics teacher, but actually he is one of our very own veterans. At the age of 27, Kasprzyk decided to join our nation’s armed forces. “I’ve always thought I wanted to do it, but I kept talking myself out of it,” Kasperzyk said. “Finally at 27, I joined.” On December 7th 2003, Kasprzyk got his first call for deployment. On March 12th 2004, his unit shipped overseas. The thought of sharing a new society with the enemy was a little tense for Kasprzyk. “There were always nervous times for me,” Kasprzyk said. “Someone is actually trying to hurt you now. It’s not a game anymore.” Kasprzyk’s unit was stationed in a small town just north of Baghdad called Altaji. Iraqi culture was a major change from Kasprzyk’s American lifestyle. “The food was different a n d

walk down streets holding hands, but it just meant they were friends.” American soldiers had much interaction with the Iraqis. “Most were friendly, but there were still some who were resentful of us,” Kasprzyk said. “We had to learn a little of the language, but we mostly used please and thank you. While being stationed in Iraq, Kasprzyk served as an engineer. “We built stuff, expanded airfields, made rail-road crossings for tanks, and remodeled barracks,” Kasprzyk said. Even though Kasprzyk was not in the fighting infantry, he stilled witnessed some threats. “We had mortar round shot at us constantly near our base,” Kasprzyk said. “One even landed right by the barrack were I was at.” Kasprzyk returned safe and sound to the U.S. and his family on March 10th 2005. CHS is proud of our veterans and is thankful that we have brave teachers such as Kasprzyk who are willing to protect our country so we can live peacefully every day.



Tired of always being broke? Tired of always asking your mom and dad for money? If you’re looking for a job, here are some popular jobs that are perfect for us teens to work and some comments from former or present employees of that job. Lifeguarding Junior Haley Brown tells us about her job as a lifeguard at the YMCA. “I make sure people are safe in the pool. I help teach children how to swim, and I like it because I’m around kids.” Haley works during the summer on weekday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. During the school year she only works one day a week from 6:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. The summer jobs for lifeguarding are also open for employees at Jester Park and the country club. Certification is needed to become a lifeguard, which you can receive through course sessions that can usually be given at the YMCA.

Grocery Store Employee Junior Jake VanZandt works at Brookshires grocery store and comments on his job. “I sack groceries, make sure the store looks good, and do any other chores the manager asks. I enjoy my job because of the other employees there, most are my friends, and all the down time we get when we are not working.” Jake gets paid minimum wage, and works from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on the weekdays, and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends. Many other CHS students work at Brookshires along with Jake.

Boutique/Clothing Store Employees Cassidy’s Boutique employee junior Meg Funderburk loves her job. “I’m a cashier, and I help people pick out clothes at the boutique. I love that it’s easy and I can have fun no matter what. Plus, all the clothes are cute.” Meg is paid minimum wage and works Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., and on Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Corsicana Cinergy Cinemas Junior Donovhan Calvillo works at Corsicana’s newest and most popular attraction, Cinergy Cinemas. “I basically just run food to the theater and work the go-carts. I really like all the benefits I get like free admission to any movie, any time.” Donovhan is paid minimum wage and works from 5 p.m. till close on weekends, and two days during the week.

Hostess at Cotton Patch Cotton Patch hostess junior Miranda Morris tells us about her job. “I seat people, take orders and make sure stuff is clean. I like that other people work there. It’s a good atmosphere for a teenager’s first job.” Miranda is paid $7.50 an hour and works 6-9 hours a week.

Other popular jobs include Chilis, Bush’s Chicken, Taco Shop, Bill’s Fried Chicken, Custom T’s, T&Company, Children’s Shop, and Collin Street Bakery. If you decide to become an employee, please keep in mind that you have committed yourself to an employer and you now have to be responsible for your job. Having a job as a teenager is helpful in developing a good work ethic for your future career.



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