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On Friday she presented as extremely low in mood. Annoyed, fed up and had enough of living as she does… there is seven of them in a two-bedroom house. She started by saying she wanted to be taken into foster care to escape home. I explained that her cramped environment would be regarded as insufficient reason for her being taken into care. She is currently looking for a new job. Her boyfriend has betrayed her so she has ditched him. Mum is off sick with depression. Her step-dad doesn’t seem to be working.

She blew up in Maths on Friday morning after being told to do some work. She was extremely upset about just about everything. We will be asking for support from the Primary Mental Health Worker in the first instance. Just a head’s up as to what’s been happening. She loves meeting with you, so keep doing what you are doing! Guidance teacher on a young person recently started on the Day1 program

Day1 has achieved a

I am delighted to announce that all the hard work undertaken by our new Co-ordinator, Hayley Gitsham, has paid off and Day1 is now able to offer two SQA accredited certificates as a part of our mentoring program. Seen as a logical part of the evolution of the core mentoring service, professional development award level 3 and employability, also award level 3, are now on offer to all young people who enrol onto the Day1 program. The board and all at Day1 look forward to celebrating with many young people as they succeed in attaining these awards. Just 3 months away from the launch of our social enterprise, Inverness Kart Raceway, we are completely focused on building a business that will both allow us to achieve financial sustainability and allow us to expand on the number of young people who will benefit from our service. Our brand new program “Let’s Get Driven” will complement our mentoring service, building on existing partnerships with schools in the region and will allow us to reach more young people who are failing to thrive. The aim is to provide employability training, work experience and employment through the operation of Inverness Kart Raceway. This year, Day1’s expertise has been recognised by the Scottish Government. We have been invited to participate as part of a working party, feeding into the design of the Scottish Government’s new national mentoring program for looked after children. Day1 was also invited to represent Scotland’s Big Lottery at an event in London to inform partners in the Reclaim Fund of the impact of the fund. Four young people and four mentors made the trip to London. Earlier in the year two young beneficiaries of the Day1 service met the Lord Lieutenant during an award-giving ceremony. The Queen’s Award for voluntary services was received on behalf of Day1 by the two youngsters at the construction site of Inverness Kart Raceway. Recognised as the MBE for the voluntary sector, Day1 is proud to be a recipient of this prestigious award. Finally, and of course not forgetting, another two cohorts of young people have had their lives transformed in the past 12 months, where confidence and hope through employment, training and further education has replaced feelings of frustration, hopelessness and dejection. Day1 continues to strive to provide a quality service to the needy young people in our region.

Corrin Henderson

Operations Director Day1

94 percent succ

rate when measured against our numb which is… young people who partic program gaining employment, ed training in a full-time capacity that wi achieve their potential. This measur the end of the 12 month progra especially impressive, given th probability of the young pe referred to Day1 becoming N

achieved a

nt success

st our number one outcome e who participate on the ployment, education or acity that will allow them to This measure is taken at onth program and is sive, given the high he young people 1 becoming NEET.

“This year I have turned my life around big-time. I hated school and used to skip classes all the time. I would hang out with my mates and get into trouble. I’ve seen where that can lead and Day1 came along at just the right time. I am now working full time in a job that I love. I have my Day1 mentor to thank for that.” Young person who recently completed the Day1 program

Day1 The Idea The Day1 mentoring program helps these young people (Day1ers) to become focused and encourages them to unlock their potential, regain self-confidence and ultimately help them find employment in an area they are passionate about.

The Day1 mentoring program helps these young people (Day1ers) to become more focused and encourages them to unlock their potential, regain self-confidence and ultimately find them employment in an area they are passionate about.

g program set up to Day1 is a youth mentorin g support system for youn provide a much needed . life in n tio ec dir ng to find people who are struggli

Day1 purposely seeks to work with young people in this age range because there is a risk that in this transitional phase of development, poor decision-making may have a lasting negative effect on employability.

Throughout the year-long mentoring program, Day1 helps to find work experience for these young people, thus improving their employability and giving them an insight into the world of work which prevents them from falling into the NEET category (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Since 2006, the charity has enrolled more than 270 young people, aged between 14 & 16.

Day1ers & Mentors Day1 is linked to 8 schools in the Highland area. Day1ers come from mixed backgrounds but all are in danger of becoming part of the NEET category. Many Day1ers have experienced hardship, whether it be bullying, close family bereavement or coming from an unsettled family environment. These experiences can leave many young people feeling isolated and adrift in life. The Day1 mentors provide a safety net for them and are always on hand to listen and offer advice. A Day1 mentor is a role model - must be dependable and be able to encourage a ‘can do’ attitude within a young person. Each mentor is provided with the Day1 training that equips them to focus on the principal outcome for their Day1er, namely sustainable employment. Sustainable employment comes as a result of many hours of contact between mentor and Day1er, where positive, realistic destinations are identified and pursued. Day1ers are encouraged to develop their CV and work on employability skills. The year spent with Day1 in itself is viewed as a very positive life-skills program by employers. By the end of the year the success of the program is measured against whether the Day1er has chosen to go into employment, further education or training. To date, 94% of the young people on the Day1 program have.

Number 1 Outcome

This ‘hard’ outcome is easily measureable and Day1will continue to build our reputation based upon our ability to help our young people to attain it. Attainment is recorded at the end of the 12 month program for each participant and also on an ongoing historic basis. We now have five years of records and we know exactly what each of our Day1ers is doing one, two, three and four years after they have completed the course. The results, we hope, speak for themselves with 94% of our Day1ers achieving our first intended outcome. In addition, the so-called ‘soft’ outcomes such as increasing self- esteem, building positive direction and respect for others etc. are built on the back of the focus on the main ‘hard’ outcome, i.e. getting into work. We believe that ‘work is good’ and that, in the process of securing, holding down and growing within a job, we can also ensure that each young person improves on all those ‘soft’ skills and attributes that are key for living a good life and creating a positive direction. Our progress against our ‘hard’ outcome is visible to all and, with some past Day1ers now starting to become mentors, our hope is that this cultural change that ‘work is good’ will settle ever more deeply into the lives of those in our community who need it most.

“To be in education or employment or training towards employment.”

Work Experience Partnership Program Day1 has sought to engage partner organisations who are prepared to sign up to providing work experience to our young people that are focused and add real value. The aim is to give each young person a true insight into the world of employment whilst being engaged in actual work. Day1’s Partnership Program relies on organisations that are able to put a work mentor in place for the duration of the experience (5 days) to make it more valuable in terms of learning the main spects of a working environment. The pilot of this program was undertaken at Aquascot Limited in Alness. The feedback from both the young people on the placement and the team at Aquascot has been invaluable. So far Day1 has signed up Aquascot, Lifescan, Macrae and Dick, Cairngorm Windows, Little Angels and Fairways and placements to all of these providers are offered to all our Day1ers. Day1 mentors are instructed to encourage their young people to participate in the program. As a part of the core service, the provision of placements on the Partnership Program are in addition to work experience placements that Day1ers request and put together with their mentors. The key to the success of a placement hinges on the positive mentor relationship between a responsible partner employee and the young person (Day1er). This is an opportunity to really inspire a young person. As mentoring is a goal-oriented process that supports informal learning and development, goals are developed around the young person’s interests, abilities and aspirations.

For many young people work experience through school is the only opportunity they have to get a taste of employment. Many businesses cannot afford the time to involve the young person completely.

Facts & Figures

Money raised to date: ÂŁ2.3m Mentors trained to date: 170 94% participants entering employment, education or training 13 Day1ers returned to Day1 to become Day1 volunteer mentors

8 schools in partnership with Day1 25 residential weekends since 2007 Work placements completed: 201









1. A unique social enterprise built on the back of an expert, award winning youth service. 2. Reaching out to young people to help them break free of their inherited cycle of poverty. 3. Expanding through an ambitious sustainable business model to secure our service for future generations. The target is to open Inverness Kart Raceway Autumn 2015, the building is up, 24 new go karts have been ordered and are in production and the reception/lounge/snack bar area is 70% completed. EXCERPT FROM OUR WEBSITE Another ‘first’ for Inverness... ‘Inverness Kart Raceway’, or IKR for short, is a purpose-built, fully modernised, indoor go-karting arena. Sporting the most up-to-date technology, our karts, track and timing systems are state of the art and we are preparing the way to give the next generation of Formula One drivers their chance to get on the starting-grid. Track times are there to be set, then beaten and beaten again! Situated at Fairways business park, only a few minutes drive from the city centre, IKR is within easy reach for anyone living, working or holidaying in the Highlands. With a fully indoors arena we can offer our facility in all weathers, at all times of the year and after dark too. IKR is a not-for-profit social enterprise company with 100% of the profits going to support disadvantaged young people get into work here in the Highlands.

WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP IN THE COMMUNITY... Day1 is looking to attract partners to our unique social enterprise and to increase our community exposure through social media. With over 3,500 likes on Facebook, there is clearly a groundswell of support and interest in our charity and social enterprise and we aim to build on that. CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP Consider joining an increasing number of local businesses who have already agreed to sponsor our social enterprise and be a part of this community asset. Bespoke sponsorship packages and various track-side advertising options will result in both commercial and social impacts benefits to each corporate partner. Details can be found on our website: VOLUNTEERING We believe the profile of Inverness Kart Raceway will help us continue to secure volunteers from the community both to allow us to fulfil our social covenant through IKR and to maintain and expand upon our existing core service level with Day1. PATRONAGE If Inverness Kart Raceway is to be the success we believe it deserves to be, every ÂŁ1 spent by you, our customers, directly benefits the young people of your community.

IKR is not just a go-karting centre, it is a ‘social enterprise’ too. What does that mean? Well, IKR is wholly owned by Day1. IKR and DAY1 are joined at the hip in helping to nurture and support young people into a life of sustainable and fulfilling work and, as DAY1’s social enterprise arm, IKR will act as a social enterprise on two fronts. First, all (100%) profits are used to fund the DAY1 mentoring service for disadvantaged young people. Setting up a business of our own at IKR gives us more control and more sustainability on managing our own funding needs. Second, the karting and associated activities will be used to engage young people (14 to 17) in a process of self improvement using our “Let’s Get Driven” program. Building on existing partnerships with schools in the region the new service - the ‘draw’ of Inverness Kart Raceway, as the coolest place to be in Inverness, alongside the respect shown to the Day1 mentoring program by young people… all will act as a catalyst for disengaged young people to engage in a structured process of selfimprovement. Our new Let’s Get Driven program will provide work experience and work-based mentoring support, paid work, a clear-headed and value-laden ‘way of being’ and a grounding in learning in daily work. We will encourage difficult to reach young people to engage in a process of self-improvement and build their suitability for work.


For more information please contact: Corrin Henderson on 0845 367 0651 or email

MentorNet Social Enterprise Press Release Mentoring charity joins forces with IT company in a refreshing approach to social enterprise, thus creating a product that supports similar charities. Award winning Scottish charity, Day1, has undertaken a joint venture with a commercial partner sfG Software, an IT company from Inverness. Day1 commissioned sfG Software to design a bespoke software package for the charity to help secure long-term funding for Day1. The product was launched in December 2011 and will be sold not only to other mentoring charities but also to organisations in the private and educational sectors that are involved in mentoring. The mentoring charity Day1 has tackled the problem of securing long-term funding from a new angle and has come up with a self-sufficient strategy. The result is a valuable software product which not only generates money but also strengthens the core functionality of the organisation, while also helping other charities to better serve their purpose. The benefits of this joint venture will demonstrate the possibilities for third sector organisations to make money in an entrepreneurial fashion. By utilising the experience and expertise of a commercial partner, Day1 can support other charities whilst, at the same time, providing for their own needs. The software package called MentorNet is an online forum for mentors which allows them to communicate with other mentors, record reports on their meetings with their mentee and allows for more efficient monitoring of the mentor’s progress by the organisation’s admin team. David Garvie, Director Joint venture partner sfG Software, had this to say, “MentorNet continues to get traction with universities in the UK, with Oxford Brookes University and the University of East London as the most recent customers. 2015 has also seen significant product development – just one of many new capabilities now allows administrators to create and manage questionnaires in order to help evaluate their mentoring schemes. Customer research conducted in 2015 has given very strong positive feedback on how MentorNet is able to support both face-to-face and e-mentoring schemes and has been highly complimentary about the level of support provided by sfG Software.”

Unique social enterprise venture for Highland charity



“I accepted the position of Day1 Coordinator in November 2014, leaving my role as office supervisor to welcome the many and varied challenges offered in employment in the Third Sector. I have been a mentor for Day1 since 2012 and knew that Day1’s ethos matched my own set of values and principles and that this move would be the start of something extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

Queen’s Award In August this year Day1 received The Queens Award for Voluntary Services from Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant Donald Cameron of Locheil. This, the highest national honour that can be bestowed to the third sector, is termed the MBE for volunteering groups. It recognises the outstanding contribution made to local communities by groups in the UK voluntarily devoting their time for the benefit of others.

The 4 young people I have mentored and the young people I have met in my new role continue to surprise me with how amazing they are; in that they take everything in their stride and 9 times out of 10 immediately buy into our program. Despite the hardships that the young people face, they still have their spark, their untapped potential and energy, and when guided in the right direction by one of our amazing volunteer mentors, that is when the magic happens. We have so many talented young people here in the Highlands, and being able to help then take the first steps in the right direction towards sustainable employment is an absolute privilege. Since I started my new role I have been working on securing SQA centre status for Day1, and I am happy to report we have been successful and will be able to offer our next group of Day1ers the option of completing a qualification alongside the valuable input from our volunteer mentors. Our volunteer mentors are prepared to give even more of their time to becoming trained SQA Assessors, and my job will be to ensure that they receive the best training. I am also working on gaining the Quality Award from the Scottish Mentoring Network, whilst continuing to support our mentors and Day1ers and recruiting new volunteers to join the Day1 team. I absolutely love being part of Day1 and I look forward to the new challenges that the future holds.

Hayley Gitsham

Reclaim fund In October, 4 Day1 young people and 4 Day1 mentors made the trip to London to speak to 80 delegates from the world of banking at the Institute of Directors on Pall Mall. Representing Scotland on behalf of the Big Lottery, the Day1 service was selected to demonstrate how effectively grants are being used to help those in need. As a recipient of the Big Lottery Young Start program, our mission was to communicate this to those banks who have signed up their dormant accounts to contribute £100’s of millions of pounds to the UK national Reclaim Fund. What better way

grant from the ‘Toyota funding a better tomorrow’ program, Sandy Mackenzie of Toyota Inverness said, “We are delighted to support Day1 with this exciting development and we are all looking forward to getting involved with the charity to support young people.’ The team at Macrae & Dick Toyota will also be involved with training the kart technicians and the Day1 mentoring scheme.”

than to let our young people speak for themselves directly. Diane Millward, the Operations Director for the Reclaim Fund, had this to say. “Your presentation was informative and inspiring and we have received many positive comments from our participants and other stakeholders as to how great it was to hear such incredible stories of how the dormant account scheme funds are being directed to such inspirational organisations. One of my favourite stakeholder’s comments from the day was, “If every penny is being put to such good use then we are all involved in something very worthwhile indeed. We would especially like to mention how impressed we were with the way in which Morgan, Charli, Chaz and Craig shared their experiences.” Partnerships Day1 and Inverness Kart Raceway have formed a brand new partnership with Toyota through the Macrae and Dick Toyota Inverness dealership. Gaining sponsorship for IKR and a generous

LaunchMe This year Day1 secured a place on Scotland’s first national accelerator programme for ambitious social ventures. Winning one of only 7 places as a part of the first cohort, this pioneering programme entitled LaunchMe is on a mission to find the most ambitious early stage social enterprises in the country. The program aim is to promote the use of social investment to allow social enterprise to scale up their business within the next 3 years. In November Day1, our social enterprise, Inverness Kart Raceway was the first of the cohort to secure an impact investment of £100,000, this being the upper limit of the program parameters.

“We have a young lad who is a bit of a poor soul who has been through a hell of a lot in his life including assault and neglect from his own parents (drink related issues). He has been in foster care but is now back with his Mum. He really needs a positive role model to look up to in life. To spend some time with someone who can show him a happier and more productive way to live. With a bit of nurturing he could yet develop a passion to hang his life on.” Guidance teacher referring a young person to Day1.

“Since getting my Day1 mentor, my life has turned around. I used to be miserable most of the time and was really worried about my future. I had no ideas about training and jobs and hadn’t given any thought to where I wanted my life to go. I knew I was making decisions that were getting me into trouble but I had nobody to turn to for support. I am now much clearer about what I want. I have a new parttime job and have a place on a full-time college course in automotive engineering. Day1 got me three weeks of work experience which was amazing and I have an interview with the placement provider to start as an apprentice. Thank you to Day1 and my Day1 mentor.” The same young person 9 months into the program.

“I know of no other charity in volunteers with a real appetit the life of a troubled young p will help them make sensible future regarding employmen so, in the way that Day1 does unique focused approach to and nurturing, through their should not only be rolled out but should also be made ava people.” Current Day1 Ment

her charity in the Highlands, where a real appetite to get involved in bled young person, in a way that make sensible choices about their employment, the means to do at Day1 does. In my opinion their approach to support, guidance hrough their mentoring program, be rolled out across the country be made available to all young Day1 Mentor

“The best thing about Day1 is that they don’t see you as a bad person who’s going nowhere: they see the good side of your potential. I would hate to imagine what would have happened to me without their help.” Former Day1er who is now a Day1 mentor

“Day1 has a refreshingly innovative and extremely professional approach to tackling the issues of the young people with whom they work, with the very clear objective of moving those young people towards employment. These young people should consider themselves very fortunate to be involved in such a supportive focused program and it is with great enthusiasm that I offer my own support and that of my staff for the efforts and successes of Day1. My hope is that Day1 will continue to work with young people from Dingwall Academy and that they will be increasingly able to enrol more young people; who would clearly benefit from their effective and considered program; onto the Day1 award.” Head Teacher of a school in partnership with Day1.


Out of every £1 we spent 91p went on our work with young people.

s In 2014/15 our work cost £7.51 per beneficiary per day.

£ £

We were the first social enterprise to secure an impact investor on the New Scottish National social entrepreneurs program, LaunchMe.

For every £1 spent on fund-raising we raised £31

Day1 Headline Financial Position For Year End March 2015

based on draft accounts Funds Generated Total expenses Net Income/Expenses

£67,972 £92,888 (£24,916)

Reserves at March 2014 Reserves at March 2015

Restricted £52,125 £20,250

Unrestricted £84,922 £91,881


Day1 is always recruiting volunteer mentors. Call Corrin Henderson on 0845 367 0651 for details.


Donations can be made by logging onto, and by clicking on the make a donation link.


For details of what Day1 is looking for regarding work experience placements email Corrin Henderson on:


For any further information about Day1 pleasecontact Co-ordinator Corrin Henderson on 0845 367 0651 or email or visit:

Thank you for your interest in Day1!

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Contact Us For any further information about Day1 please contact Co-ordinator Corrin Henderson on 0845 367 0651 or email or visit: Thank you for your interest in Day1!

Contact Us

For any further information about Day1 please contact Co-ordinator Corrin H or visit: Thank you for your interest in Day1!

Annual Review 2014-15 and plan for 2016

Day12015 annual report final  
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