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Las Cositas Tapas Bar This project is a study of design and place attachment. The Third Place is a space, besides home and work, where a person feels a sense of ownership. The overlapping rhythms and energetic pulse of Diablo Rojo, by Rodrigo y Gabriela drive the design of this Spanish fusion tapas bar. The song can be broken down into three guitar elements; a constant percussive beat on the body of the guitar, and two intertwining lines of guitar flirting and switching between melody and harmony. In the space, major architectural elements are inspired by the concept image’s use of intersecting diagonal lines. The lines of the parti (pictured above) become the bar and major walls of the restaurant.

las cositas


Mojito stool in yellow.

Simple dining chairs in bold red leather.

Sleek Barcelona chair used in upstairs lounge.

designed by Zuo Modern

designed by Armen Living

designed by Mies van der Rohe


entry & furnishings

Stainless steel Barbarella coffee table with wood veneer top.

Classic black leather sofa.

designed by Blu Dot

designed by Mark Goetz

second floor lounge & furnishings


view from bar and entry


second floor lounge The second floor lounge provides a quiet place with views of the restaurant below. The lounge features furniture that may be rearranged for accommodation of various group sizes.

This creates a multifunctional space that may be used for private parties or open to the public.

first floor, 2,500 square feet

floor plan


Restaurant Design  

Junior year: Fall 2008

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