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Coworking is a new solution for individuals and small businesses to rent a professional office from which to work or to which to invite clients and colleagues. The challenge was creating one of these quickly popularizing spaces within a Historical building in downtown Roanoke, VA. The project was sponsored by Haworth, Inc., so furniture specifications were required to be from this vendor with a focus on ergonomics and anthropometric data. With an acoustical focus drawn from the natural sounds associated with Roanoke’s agricultural history, this design sought to provide a space that drove productivity. The flexibility was incorporated to allow adaptability according to the needs of the building, but it was balanced by the repetition of geometric lines found in the arrangements. *Furniture picture above are respectively the Fern, Zody, and Very Chairs by Haworth, Inc., and were retrieved from their website,




The challenge for the 2016 IDEC Competition was to create a space for social change. With a partner, we were prompted to design an educational facility near Miami, FL for those preparing for service trips to the Amazon Rainforest. Including a classroom, office, and personal apartment, this project offered a variety of challenges. Derived from the environmental focus of the purpose of the space, Florida, and the Amazonian natives themselves, this space seeks to promote sustainability and resource efficiency. The geometry of the space speaks to the natural order found in the rainforest. As most natives are now permanently settled, the space communicates their lifestyle. However, some remain nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes, so the flexibility of the classroom especially serves to reflect this. Pedagogy and additional educational trends research were also used to inform the design.




The design challenge was to create a satellite office for a social media company in Washington, D.C. Considering current workplace research, there was an emphasis on collaborative spaces and unique experiences that enhanced interaction. Branding and company culture were also vital to the design process as well as adaptation for any future growth. Based on the idea of innovation and connectivity, Tilt aims to change the world through money sharing. This unique energy and branding is reflected through openness and collaboration. The space reads as an extension of the brand, complete with public and private spaces, including custom built pods for a more intimate break out area designed to bring people together.



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C. Chamberlin Portfolio Feb 2017  
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