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Meditation and Relaxation When we talk about Meditation what is the first thought that comes to our mind? Yes it is Relaxation or rather call it as a chosen or a conscious relaxation. Meditation is a very effective mode of relaxation. It is awareness. Whatever one dose with awareness is meditation. For eg : "Watching our breath or heart beat" or listening to the sounds of the nature like ocean waves, chirping of birds, rainfall is meditation. As long as our mind is able to do these activities without any distraction, it is effective meditation. Meditation means 'a termination of the thought process'. The essence of meditation is to mute our thoughts by completely focusing the mind on just one thing. It is an active process which seeks to exclude outside thoughts by concentrating all mental faculties on the subject of meditation. The idea of Meditation is to focus our thoughts on one relaxing thing for a sustained period of time. By doing this we are resting our mind by diverting it from thinking about the issues that are causing stress.

Meditation helps our body to relax, recuperate and energize. It helps to detoxify the toxins that may have built up through mental or physical stress or activity. It relaxes the

Mehmet Gedik Primary School muscles, reduces blood pressure, slows breathing, gives the body time to eliminate lactic acid and other waste products, It reduces irritability, stress headaches, insomnia, anxiety and also eliminates stressful thoughts instead one gains clarity of thoughts, it also improves ones focus and concentration abilities. It helps one to enjoy sound sleep & good health. To conclude would say that Meditation not only helps us to relax, enjoy vibrant health, sound sleep and be stress free but it also helps us to enhance our persona by becoming a more positive & confident person. The end result is peace, serenity, calmness, eventually opening ourselves to new insights.

Relaxation Meditation Nature Sounds There are different methods of relaxing. One of them is Focusing on sounds & visuals. The following video is a wonderful compilation of exotic visuals and relaxing, soothing music and nature sounds which have been carefully chosen for their ability to aid sleep, reduce stress, and provide a relaxing atmosphere for activities such as meditation, homework, dance, choreography, etc.

Mehmet Gedik Primary School

Hamman Turkish Bath - The Art of Relaxation A Hamman (Turkish Bath) is a soft an relaxing heat, unlike the intensity of a sauna and a celebration of the ritual of cleansing and relaxation.

Hammans are situated all over the country. Hamman means "to heat" and draws on the benefits of steam and sweat which carries toxins from the bodies, and opens up the pores and the mind. Many years ago, if a man entered a woman's Hamman or Woman entered a man's, the punishment was death. Today the section are often situated next to one another but are still segregated.

The history of the turkish bath extends from the Turks arrival in Anatolia, bringing with them their own bathing traditions which merged with that of the Romans and Byzantines. It soon became a way of life, a place where people of all ranks could mingle freely. Important personal moment are celebrated in the bath, a new born babies 40th day on earth, and brides bathing before their marriage. The

Mehmet Gedik Primary School bride sits in the bath in her bridal veil as unmarried girls toss coins into the pool in the hope of commanding a suitable husband for themselves.

There are five stages during the hammam: 1. Seasoning of the body with heat 2. Vigorous massage 3. Peeling off the outer layers of the skin and removing body hair (tozu). Removing off unnecessary hairs, armpit and pubic is a hygiene measure in hot countries. 4. Soaping 5. Relaxation.

Relaxation in Turkey  

Thus is a presentation about ways of relaxation in Turkey