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Look your best and feel great with an improved smile today!

ioTemps® provisionals allow you and your dentist to preview the shape and color of your final crowns or bridge before they are even made. After your first restorative appointment, you will leave the office looking better than ever. They are so natural looking, no one will know that your BioTemps are just “temporaries.” Just imagine, you can have the smile you have always wanted on your very next appointment! The results are immediate and completely natural looking. In addition to great looks, BioTemps also feel like natural teeth in your mouth! If your smile makes you look unattractive and unhealthy, tell your dentist that you are ready to “test drive” a new smile with BioTemps.

This 21-year-old male patient would cover his smile with his hand to hide his teeth. This patient has suffered with GERD and has been treated by a physician. Once under control, treatment could proceed and BioTemps were placed on the upper arch. The patient was visibly moved at seeing his new smile, and the final ceramic restorations matched the size and shape of the BioTemps.

This 45-year-old male patient had a severe parafunctional habit for all of his adult life. Because of his edge-to-edge bite, he had lost several millimeters of vertical dimension over the decades. Full upper and lower BioTemps were placed to restore vertical dimension and establish proper overjet and overbite.

足足足 This 28-year-old male patient had multiple failing composites with recurrent decay and moderate periodontitis. He was also embarrassed to smile. After completing his periodontal program, full-arch upper BioTemps were placed. The gingival embrasures were intentionally left open so the patient could easily floss. Actual cases shown.

One of the first things people notice is your smile. An attractive smile can benefit your life both socially and professionally.

Your dentist is among a select group of conscientious dental professionals who offer BioTemps. While they do cost a little more than conventional temporaries, you will find them absolutely worth it.

BioTemps is a registered trademark of Glidewell Laboratories. 01-1026-0309


TEMPORARY CROWNS & BRIDGES Look your best and feel great with an improved smile today! Just imagine, you can have the smile you have alw...

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