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That is the Polish way of fencing—and our young fencers are very good! We have returned from


many major Junior and Cadet competitions with a


treasure of precious medals. Now we will not have to carry the medals so far—they will stay in Poland! We want not only to be powerful in our sport but also to have a role as part of the administration of fencing. We want to help in the development of our sport all over the world. Our coaches are

By Marek Serafin*

respected everywhere and are readily invited to work and to help outside Poland. Polish members


olish fencing has a great tradition. It pro-

onships and the Olympic Games. It believes that

elected to positions of authority never disap-

duced the sabreur Jerzy Pawlowski, the

the tendency towards improvement and the run of


foilist Witold Woyda, who won two gold

successes will continue for a long time. Politically and economically, Poland still faces

medals at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich and of cource the “universal” fencer in Ryszard Parul-

The Olympic Games were not successful for the

changes. Our country is very different today from

ski. We had “the wonder children” produced by

Polish Fencers. But the next Olympic Games in

fifteen years ago. Sabreurs who fence each year

Maître Janos Kevey and today we also have “child

Athens 2004 will be Poland’s Games in fencing. If

at the World Cup “Wolodyjowski’s Sabre” in War-

wonders” because Polish fencing supports and

anybody does not believe this, please make a bet

saw can see it, as can those who fence in the

encourages young fencers.

with the President of the Polish Fencing Federa-

World Cup “Rector’s Cup” in Katowice. We are

tion, Adam Lisewski, not long ago elected for the

also the hosts for the Junior tournaments such as

Poland has fewer registered fencers than France or

next term of office. He is a man of action, ener-

Leszno for male and female foilists and in Warsaw

Italy – and certainly not as many fencing centres as

getic, resourceful and qualified to realise the high

for female épée.

Germany. Maybe it has less financial support for

ambitions of Polish fencing. Soon there will be the opportunity for you to visit

fencing than there is in other European countries. But, through the distinguished and competent

Gdansk, will be the host for the World Junior and

Poland on the occasion of the World Junior and

work of its coaches, it has maintained and recently

Cadet Championships in the near future. We invite

Cadet Championships in Gdansk. And you will see

improved its good position in the world. In the

all lovers of fencing to this event. We will greet you

the strength of the women and men foilists now

years 1997-2000 Polish fencers secured eighty-

with traditional Polish hospitality off the pistes—

training in Poland. ●

three medals in World and European Champi-

but on the pistes we will do our best to beat you.

* Journalist.

1997-2000 Senior list

of achievements

2000 Sydney Olympic Games – silver medal at team women’s foil ■ L’équipe polonaise de sabre masculin. De gauche à droite: ■ The Polish men’s sabre team. From left to right:

■ El Equipo polaco en sable masculino. De izquierda a derecha: Norbert Jaskot, Rafal Sznajder, Marcin Sobala and Krzysztof Grzegorek, entraîneur national/ national coach/ entrenador nacional.

1999 Seoul World Championships – silver medal at team women’s foil – silver medal at team men’s sabre – bronze medal at team men’s foil 1998 La Chaux-de-Fonds World Championships – gold medal at team men’s foil – Kielpikowsky Piotr, bronze medal at men’s foil – bronze medal at team women’s foil – bronze medal at team men’s sabre 1997 Cape Town World Championships – Robert Andrzejuk, bronze medal at men’s épée – Rafal Sznajder, bronze medal at men’s sabre In men’s épée, there have been no recent successes in senior’s competitions, however the juniors have beaten the world. At women’s sabre, Poland only trains the juniors. However Aleksandra Socha, bronze medal at 2000 South Bend World Championships and 1st of FIE Junior ranking, has won places on the final podium in Senior World Cup events (16th of the FIE ranking).


FIE Escrime # 35  

Fencing Escrime Magazine # 35

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