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The manual to building an Employer Brand. As easy as 1,2,3...4

1. Research

2. Plan

3. Promote

4. Measure


The manual to building an Employer Brand. It is the hybrid of HR and Marketing with the main purpose of attracting and retaining talent. An employer brand is promoted by the employer and endorsed by its collaborators, becoming brand ambassadors.

“Just as a brand has attributes, a company has unique culture, values, and benefits that sets it off from their competitors.”

The win of the war for hiring the best talent does not always rely on the best bidder, employees analyze a series of benefits, not only monetary but professional and personal as well. A “top of mind” Employer Brand is on the lead for selecting the best talent from a pool of enthusiastic candidates that may even have your company as a career goal.


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1. Research Before you start talking about your talent start listening to your team! Ask employees about their favorite things of working on your company and how candidates see you. Also, audit your current materials and see what you are already doing good and what can be improved. Internal Audit

• Company culture • Compensation package • Company intranet • Training materials • Performance management • Employee exit follow-up

External Audit

• Employer presence • Recruitment channels • Recruitment advertising • Company and Career Pages on Web and Social Media • Employee online profiles

Questions to ask: 1. Who are you looking to attract? 2. What are your biggest challenges? 3. Where are your candidates seeing you? 4. How do you set appart from other employers?

A strong talent brand reduces cost per hire by up to 50% and lowers turnover rates by 28%. Eda Gultekin, What’s the Value of Your Employment Brand?


2. Plan Now that you have your research, put it to use! The good, the bad and the ugly. Check if your communication is being effective, what is important to your audiences and what is not. Competition Market Niches



Culture Leadership Competences

Communication Channels

Materials Intranet Evaluation

Brand Message Web Advertising P.R.

Communication Channels

Steps: 1. Craft your message. 2. Establish goals & key indicators. 3. Define your audience. 4. Select communication channels. Tools: • Employee compensation package. • Calendar of actions for your audiences. • Promotional and internal materials. • Control and evaluation tools. WWW.GLOBAL-RECRUITERS.COM

3. Promote The best way to implement an employer brand promotion is through a map divided per audiences and channels, determine the messages and materials that will be delivered to employees and candidates at the best time. Keep in mind what would be the easiest way for your target audience to find you: think like a candidate! A smart approach for an effective promotion is a well integrated social network, this allows an easy navigation for the user as well as a good way to measure your reach.

Pay special attention to: 1. Employee word of mouth. 2. Social media. 3. Mobilie compatibility. 4. Creating an experience. Pick your channels: • LinkedIn company page. • Facebook business page. • Job Portals. • Job Fairs. • Marketing materials, “work with us” videos...get creative!


4. Measure Here are some metrics to determine the success of your employer brand: • Employee retention increases. • Your offer acceptance rate goes up. • Your company is recognized as a great place to work. • You have a growing social media audience. • Your Talent Brand Index score rises.

Talent Brand Engagement Is the number of people who have proactively shown interest in your brand, measured by: Researching company and career pages Following your company Viewing jobs and applying


Linked members

Talent Brand Reach Is the number of people who are familiar with you as an employer. This is the pool of talent that you have the potential to influence, measured by: Viewing employee profiles Connecting with your employees

Ready to go! These indicators will help you monitor and track results. Giving you an insight of what works to communicate your employer brand easily and effectively. WWW.GLOBAL-RECRUITERS.COM

LinkedIn Talent Brand Index

51,277 366,263

= 14.0%

Talent Brand Index

Ready to sell! This guide will help you define a plan for your Employer Brand, but what will make it a successful one will be the strength of your brand message and how well you communicate it.

Sources: The Employer Brand Playbook - LinkedIn Build Your Employer Brand - Randstad WWW.GLOBAL-RECRUITERS.COM

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Elaborated by: Francisco Fimbres Marketing Coordinator, Corporate Recruiters WWW.GLOBAL-RECRUITERS.COM

The Manual to Building an Employer Brand  

This manual will guide you through the basics for building a...