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A New Perspective for the Workplace.

What we propose: Work smarter without working longer. People can only work as eectively as their workspace allows. Research shows that the key to a high performance environment includes: Increasing your ratio of good ideas to bad ideas | Making work feel more like play | Shutting out interruptions without shutting a door | Making work more visible | Working in inspiring spaces and supporting diverse work styles | Letting brilliant ideas meet each other and multiply. It’s all possible with solutions from Corporate Interiors.




Our system solutions are built to be intuitive; they follow your every move and grow as you grow. Half of all workers report that needing access to others is the biggest hurdle they must work around in their environment. We can help solve this by viewing the workplace as a kind of village, with a range of spaces to support the dierent activities within the community. Because we view architecture, furniture, technology and most importantly — people — within a workspace as a holistic system, we can help you create living, breathing, evolving communities that support humans in all their tasks.

We personalize your plans and customize your solutions.



We encourage intelligence over brawn.

The elements of success start from where you sit. By oering seating products that incorporate smart technologies it is possible for innovation to lead one to inspiration. In cooperation with Steelcase, we are proud to oer an expansive portfolio of seating products that will ensure the ultimate seating experience: | Patented innovations | User-centered research and design | Quality exceeding industry standards | Ergonomic discoveries so advanced they are licensed for the airline and auto industries | Proven health and productivity benefits | Environmental leadership and responsibility through life-cycle assessment.





At Corporate Interiors we are compelled to maximize your resources and eliminate waste. By offering storage solutions that complement and support the way people work, we are able to optimize floor space while increasing transparency. People are unique. They work in different ways that require a variety of storage solutions. Whether you are a “filer” or a “piler” we have the storage portfolio that will accommodate your needs.

We examine the obstacles and then strategically put them in their place.



We will move walls if they get in the way of progress. Pathways® Architectural Portfolio integrates architecture, furniture and technology with an innovative construction process to create a better building and a more effective workplace. A workplace that features a modular infrastructure, technologically advanced building systems and designed-in flexibility. Our portfolio features movable walls, access floors, modular power and cabling, sound masking and more.

We aren’t afraid to break boundaries or open doors.





We all leave an impression. Ours is marked by a unique footprint.

There is nothing quite like wood. No two pieces are exactly alike and each has its own characteristics.



We do more with less.

We oer the best in aordability without sacrificing design, performance or quality. An extensive portfolio of products representing a range of styles, options and materials are all readily available within your price range.





We create functional settings for the healthcare environment.

We are driven to enhancing the overall experience of the healthcare process for patients, caregivers and medical professionals.



We have a higher standard for education.

Imagine a classroom that improves the transfer of knowledge, dramatically enhances collaboration and engages multiple learning styles. That is our goal at Corporate Interiors. Classrooms today must support frequent collaboration and communication, easy transfer of information between individuals and groups, eective display of content and constant reconfiguration to accommodate dierent ways of working.





We cut through the red tape and get right to the bottom line.

We understand your workplace issues. More than ever, today’s government agencies need environments that can help enhance communication, improve work process, encourage learning, foster innovation and expedite decision making. When all essential elements of a workspace work in harmony, employees can work more productively. Because our comprehensive product portfolio includes interior architecture, furniture and technology by Steelcase, we can provide you with a seamlessly integrated solution — one that supports the fluid nature of work and productivity, a solution that can strengthen the overall performance of your workspace and your people.


RENEWED ENVIRONMENTS As a unique division of Corporate Interiors, we operate with three distinct personalities: | As a refurbisher of office furniture spanning from open-plan workstations to private offices | As a remanufacturer of pre-owned furniture components | As a manufacturer of quality office furniture and workplace solutions. These three “personalities” are all geared to save companies money that can be redirected into other critical areas, such as technology, research and intellectual capital.

Good for the Earth.




We believe that testing the unknown means expecting the unexpected.

The products we provide easily adapt and transform in today’s evolving workplaces. We strive to continually support the changing tasks and roles people face each day with innovative products.

Products that help you solve

your challenges: | Reducing real estate costs | Supporting collaborative work environments | Attracting and retaining talent and building your brand and culture. 22




We are CI. Our people, our products, our services.

Our Mission: | To be a team of knowledgeable individuals whose focus is the client | To understand their current reality, challenges and direction in order to align our resources and energies in such a manner as to ensure smart environments are created in which they can prosper | To continuously provide a corporate culture in which our associates thrive both intellectually and motivationally.

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Corporate Interiors Brochure  

Work smarter without working longer. People can only work as effectively as their workspace allows.

Corporate Interiors Brochure  

Work smarter without working longer. People can only work as effectively as their workspace allows.