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Balanced Scrorecard Consultancy by Corporateinsight

Process Mining Consultancy for Balanced Scorecard

Balanced scorecard is very useful for any process model development. That is why the enterprises often resort to the services of an expert agency for balanced scorecard consultancy. Deriving balance scorecard and preparing tools for it is also an area covered by process mining and the same is accomplished by using process mining.

Different Scenarios in Process Mining Consultancy

However, process mining consultancy is not only used for balanced scorecard though it is one of the most important objectives of process mining. There are different scenarios in respect of process mining. For example it could be discovery of ideal process model for deriving balanced scorecard in the process. In such case the data is reformatted to obtain the ideal process mining tool. These tools are more reliable as well as more effective in deriving balanced scorecard processes than interviewing the stakeholders where a large part of the same is dependent on the perceptions about the process among the stakeholders.