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CORPORATE TRAINING Topic: Make a difference to workplace mental health in 2017 The mental health of workers is a major issue facing business today! Our work environment is rapidly changing - people are working longer hours, contactable 24/7 via multiple forms of technology – as we integrate home and work lives. These factors and many more have contributed to a rise in mental health issues at work. Recent research has illuminated there are heavy costs for a mentally unhealthy workplace and many benefits of a mentally healthy workplace. For example: Mental health conditions costs Australian businesses approx. $11 billion a year (PwC) Whilst a mentally healthy workplace is a powerful magnet for attracting and retaining workers (Instinct and Reason)

So how do we create a mentally healthy workplace? It’s all about nurturing a positive work culture and providing a friendly and supportive environment that minimises workplace risks related to mental health; supports people with mental health conditions appropriately; and, prevents discrimination. Learn more in 2017 by undertaking a corporate training or education program that addresses mental health in the workplace!

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Make a difference to workplace mental health in 2017