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Sustainability, simplified

Adding Value Through Sustainability reporting Webinar, Thursday 6 September 2012


Ian Buckland Sustainability Reporting lead at; Corporate Citizenship, London

Sustainability, simplified


Mark Twain’s view on CR Reporting

The report of CR Reporting’s death are greatly exaggerated

Sustainability, simplified


Facts and figures 

Over 6,000 corporate responsibility reports produced globally per year

About 950 new reporters every year

95% 250 largest global companies report on their CR activities.

Mandatory reporting is here in many countries and through stock listing requirements although precise requirements vary. For instance, S. Africa, France, Denmark, India, Sweden, Malaysia and Netherlands.

EU expected to introduce mandatory reporting in 2014

Sustainability, simplified


Well established with national differences Europe 71%

Asia Pacific 49% Americas 69%

Middle East and Africa region 61%

Sustainability, simplified


Participants in project

Sustainability, simplified


Four Wave Model of Reporting Development

Sustainability, simplified


Why Report?

Sustainability, simplified


Who is your audience?

40% 37%

CC research 2012

Sustainability, simplified


Preference for GRI or UNGC The materiality and outreach aspects of GRI provide an excellent tool for companies to also include challenging issues raised by stakeholders into corporate reporting. Puma

If GRI becomes a burden without being sufficiently high value to the reporting organisation then its credibility and that of sustainability reporting as a whole is affected. Orkla

Sustainability, simplified


Which Format? • • • •

76% web-based 50% hard copy 43% annual report section 16% integrated report

One to one and small groups Intranet pages Social media

Sustainability, simplified

Respondent use %

highly effective %

73 88 64

44 22 18


The road to integrated reporting >60%

Sustainability, simplified


Whatever the format

Sustainability, simplified


The challenge

Sustainability, simplified


But how can I make reporting work even harder?

Sustainability, simplified


Value flows in the reporting process

Sustainability, simplified


Value Added Balance

Sustainability, simplified


A cyclical process

Sustainability, simplified


5 Steps to Value Added Reporting, 1 Recognise the importance of reporting input processes. 1. Content owners managers are an important audience. 2. Understanding what they need? How can reporting: I. help them to create and deliver their programmes? II. further their communication objectives and ‘internal brand’? 3. Use materiality approach to assess content ‘winners and losers’.

Sustainability, simplified


5 Steps to Value Added Reporting, 2 Develop a robust reporting process based on value analysis at each stage. 1. Costs and benefits 2. Map these to onto the Value Added Balance to identify the overall value added by your reporting activity. 3. Qualitative approaches can be equally valuable. 4. Define where value is leaking from your processes. 5. Plan a strategy to actively manage value.

Sustainability, simplified


5 Steps to Value Added Reporting, 3 Leverage other functions to create a delegated, co-ordinated reporting system. 1. Creating a ‘movement’ for reporting internally 2. Hitchhike onto existing company processes such as legal, finance, HR etc 3. Plan for flexibility and open access. Rigidity can tie down resources 4. A delegated process leads to an exercise in quality and messaging control

Sustainability, simplified


5 Steps to Value Added Reporting, 4 Be punchy, targeted and highly engaging - these are vital characteristics with more devolved communications. 1. Audience preferences should drive the media. Research here pays dividends. 2. Different media have different resource requirements. 3. New media extend the reach of reporting but may not always be highly effective.

Sustainability, simplified


5 Steps to Value Added Reporting, 5 Ensure this cycle’s outputs flow into information gathering for the next reporting cycle. 1. Build on previous processes year-on-year. 2. Templates can speed up decision making processes. 3. Treating content owners as a final audience can work to prepare the ground work for the next season’s process. 4. Make sure the reporting impacts are captured as they happen (even if your output is only annual). 5. Reviewing objective, KPIs, metrics and stories. Sustainability, simplified


Value reporting toolbox

Sustainability, simplified


Corporate Citizenship’s Reporting Research 2012

Download the full report at

Sustainability, simplified


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Corporate Citizenship Reporting webinar  
Corporate Citizenship Reporting webinar  

Corporate Citizenship Reporting webinar