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What Is Shelf Company ? A shelf corporation, shelf company, or aged corporation, is a company or corporation that has had no activity. It was created and left with no activity - metaphorically put on the "shelf" to "age". The company can then be sold to a person or group of persons who wish to start a company without going through all the procedures of creating a new one.

Benefits Of Buying Shelf Company ?

Start your business and print your name card right away Sign contract or agreement immediately Skip the whole company registration process (12 days) Rest assured to think of new company name (just choose the most suitable name) All statutory documents are ready All company information already reflected in SSM system Can apply to open bank account

Available Jurisdiction For Shelf Company Australia / New Zealand Pacific Islands Asia North America Central America Caribbean United Kingdom Europe Middle East Africa

What Is Offshore Bank Account Opening ?

ďƒ˜The term refers to one opening a bank account in an offshore bank. ďƒ˜It does not necessarily mean a bank located in a tax haven country, just a bank located in a country offshore or foreign to your country

Available Offshore Bank Account Opening

Belize Hong Kong Hungary Latvia Panama Singapore Switzerland Vanuatu

How To Search Available Offshore Shelf Company?

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Readymade Shelf Company – Pre Registered International Companies  

Readymade Shelf Company offers pre-registered international companies, shelf company including services like bank accounts, nominee director...

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