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here we cook On Sunday 22nd October Asociación Gastronómica del Uruguay carried out for the second consecutive time ‘Aquí se pesca, aquí se cocina´, a meeting in Punta del Este´s Port gazebo among artisanal fishermen from Punta del Este Port and cooks from Asociación. This activity is part of “Octubre Gourmet” (Gourmet October), organized by Destino Punta del Este and Corporación Gastronómica de Punta del Este, its aim is to promote Maldonado´s culinary values, elevate the status of Uruguayan cuisine, create a cultural identity and position Punta del Este as a gastronomic destination.


Those who came close to the port gazebo on Sunday 22nd midday, could taste a chupín de angelito type soup; dogfish empanada; breaded sea urchin with bread; and nigirs of sole with guayabo sauce and anchovy treated with anacahuita, rolls with butia sauce and roasted squash with beet. Every ticket cost $ 300 and included two glasses of wine, mineral or flavoured water or punch prepared at the moment, targeted to Maldonado´s Escuela Nº21, Juan Zorrilla de San Martin. The money collected will be used for renewing its dining room before starting classes next year. In 2016, the beneficiary school was number 5, Alejandro y Samuel Lafone, located in 23 street and Gorlero, which received recreational material from Asociación for its students. Since its first edition “Aquí se pesca, aquí se cocina” became one of the most important activities of Asociación Gastronómica del Uruguay, led by its commission in the East: María Elena Marfetán from Lo de Tere restaurant, Aurelien Bondoux from La Bourgogne, Guido Ojeda from Grand Hotel Punta del Este, Gastón Yelicich from Cuatro Mares, Adrián Orio from Macachín, and Nicolás Acosta. This new cultural nonprofit group is two years old and reunites more than 40 of the main actors in national gastronomy. Among its objectives: Promoting Uruguayan cuisine and defending Uruguay´s gastronomic heritage as an essential part of the country´s culture; investigating, rescuing and protecting the food system as an essential part of Uruguay´s culural heritage; giving value to the traditional or typical cuisine from different areas in

Uruguay. It also works to favor innovative expressions and trends, allowing cuisine´s growth and future development; and creating and organising ways to transfer knowledge and information about the extensive productive chain which is part of the conservation of local cuisine in Uruguayan cuisine. Among its members we find cooks, communicators, bartenders, scholars, teachers and more, using multidisciplinary strength to make gastronomy part of the national culture. In 2018, October´s date will be in the same place, targeted to a new institution. Besides, efforts are being made to take this activity to other departments in the country. The first activity outside Maldonado will be at the beginning of the next year in Montevideo and Rocha.

Punta del Este a a la carta 2018  
Punta del Este a a la carta 2018