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Dare to Compare! Take a closer look at the Sundstrรถm system of respiratory protection. Compare the User Friendliness, Protective Effect and Actual Cost with other systems and you will come to the conclusion that Sundstrรถm is the smartest choice.

Comfort Sundström masks have the lowest possible breathing resistance, which ensures the highest comfort during both exhalation and inhalation. This is possible due to the fact that our respirators have twin exhalation valves and large filter areas.

Sundström respirators are made of skin-friendly silicone, which gives our users a comfortable mask with excellent fit against the face.

Cost The materials in Sundström’s masks is very durable. If the respirator is maintained accurately it will last very long – as your money will. The masks are made of few parts, which makes maintenance both cheap and simple.

Compare the area of the Sundström particle filter with the areas of other filters and you will understand why SR 510 P3, even though it is classed in the highest particle filter class, will last much longer before it has to be changed. A large filter area gives more comfort and longer usage time. To use pre-filters, which collects larger particles, helps to save the main filter. This means that the service life is prolonged up to ten times. The equal amount of money is saved. When using a combined gas – and particle filter, e.g. when spray painting, only the gas filter need be changed when it has become saturated. Retain the particle filter and snap it onto the new gas filter.


The SundstrĂśm ďŹ lter range is well planned and clearly arranged, and are used both to half masks and full-face masks. In addition, the masks can also be combined with a number of air fed products, protective hoods and other accessories.

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Buy a respirator and get a system.

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