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December 2016

Established 1913

Report from the Commodore By Commodore Bill Sandke

It was November 2006 when I was first elected to our CYC board. My daughters were 6 and 9 and CYC leadership had just finished our land swap with the City of Coronado and Port to allow the completion of the linear park around Glorietta Bay. Our club, or so we thought, was poised to add 100 slips and a new 50% bigger clubhouse. Oh how things have changed! But, on closer inspection, the most important things about our club have in so many ways stayed exactly the same. We remain a friendly, unassuming yacht club well integrated in the overall Coronado Community and we set a Corinthian example through our yachting, social and community outreach activities. I am honored to be chosen as your Commodore and I hope you will partner with me for a fantastic year during which we will rekindle a few time honored traditions, keep our clubhouse project on course and embrace our bright Coronado Yacht Club future. Our charted course for 2017 includes some great sailing, fun cruising as well as some "old" and new social activities. First up was our first in a long while sit down New Years dinner party which I hope many of you enjoyed. And continuing the old and new theme, we added wigs to the popular New Year’s after party. I count not calling the Coronado Fire Department as my first victory! Still to come new activities include a scotch and cigar night and a land cruise for wine tasting in Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe. Additionally, our Old Timers event has been reimagined as a brunch served by our board and provided at no cost to our most senior members to honor their CYC tenure. Fred Haws will put his firm and steady hand on the sail fleet tiller and newcomer Curtis Milioti, a guy so cool he wears a cocktail jacket when sailing Dinosaur Sabots, will bring a fresh perspective to the Sail Fleet position. Dave Flint and Paul Dodson will continue in their familiar roles and am still interviewing for other "cabinet positions" so stay tuned as I fine tune our 2017 crew. Our clubhouse project remains our most important strategic focus and if you attended our November meeting your know our CYC team is firing on all cylinders. In fact, we are looking at three distinct phases of our club experience (current, temp and new) and all are getting deep-dive attention by our leadership in the team. More on those important topics in the coming months. Although significant challenges remain, our Coronado Port Commissioner, Admiral Gary Bonelli has me extremely fired up by his goal of a ceremonial ground breaking before the end of his 2017 term! As your 2017 Commodore, I have one request of you as members: take a look around at what a wonderful club we have. Long term members please introduce yourselves to the many new faces and appreciate them for joining our Coronado Yacht Club. New members please engage with clubs, committees and any of the myriad of activities going on at our active and vibrant club (trivia anyone?). And to those with friends interested in membership, share with them we would love to get to know them get their name on the wait list as soon as possible! Thanks for placing your confidence in me as your Commodore and I sincerely look forward to a great year for all of us at our Coronado Yacht Club.

P: (619) 435-1848 F: (619) 435-2480 VHF Radio Channel 69

1631 Strand Way Coronado, CA 92118

Bar: (619) 435-0572 Jr. Office: (619) 567-2625 Chaplain: (619) 261-5476 Security: (619) 933-1011

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Commodore Bill Sandke

In This Issue...

General Manager Lou Milioti Director of Facilities Fabian Arreola

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Office Manager/Membership Jane Lee

12/9 12/10

Interim Accounting Manager Mark Leopold


Accounting Assistant Sara Stark Receptionist Aleta Reese Jr. Sailing Director Jill Powell Head Sailing Coach Jon Rogers


OFFICE Mon., Tues., Thurs. Wednesday Friday Saturday Sunday


12/12 12/14 12/15 12/16 12/17 12/18 12/19 12/21 12/23 12/24 12/25 12/26 12/27 12/28 12/30 12/31

9 AM—5 PM 9 AM—5 PM 10 AM—7 PM 9 AM—5 PM 9 AM—5 PM Monday Closed

BAR HOURS Monday…………………………….MNF Tuesday…………………………Closed Wednesday……………….4 PM - 9 PM Thursday………………………...Closed Friday……………………..4 PM -10 PM Saturday………………….10 AM - 9 PM Sunday…………………...10 AM - 8 PM

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Vice Commodore Dean Eckenroth Rear Commodore Tom Lyons Treasurer Scott Grimes Secretary Chris DeNardi

DIRECTORS Jon Ryan Keith Fargo Harper Hatheway Robin MacCartee

FLAG OFFICERS Port Captain Dave Flint Fleet Captain Fred Hawes Chaplain Gary Boggs Judge Advocate Steve Berman

EDITORS Judy Longfellow, Megan Mayall


9:00 AM—5:30 PM

DINNER Wednesday & Friday

5:30 —8:30 PM

From the Crow’s Nest

Membership Status

By General Manager Lou Milioti

The Numbers Flag Jr. Flag 50% Jr. Flag 100% Social

606 20 8 16

Flag Member Total 650 Absent Flag 25% 12 Absent Flag 50% 3 Junior Paying 122 Jr. Non-Paying 37 Life Flag 3 Senior Flag 27 Deferred 54 Total 908 The revised membership limit as of 12/01/07 - 650

NEW MEMBERS Arie & Bonnie Van Vugt—Flag Bill Lyons, Wayne & Nancy Strickland Paul & Jennifer Komadina—Jr. Flag Maggie & Jason Pettit, Cerissa Kieffer Carolyn Kearns—Junior Jill Powell, Paige Shuman Isabella Loiselle—Junior James & Ramona Loiselle CHANGES Shane Chase Deferred to Flag Martin & Teresa Bastuba Social to Flag Shannon Herlihy Jr. Flag to Flag Phil Youngberg Junior to Flag Bill & Beth Delano Flag to Absent Flag RESIGNATIONS None APPLICANTS Vickie Burgess—Social to Flag Debbie Riddle, Cathy Brown Julie & Joe Hegener—Flag Wanda & Scott Aurich, Jan & Lennie Clements APPROVED, AWAITING VACANCY Richard Harnett—Social Jan Ford

In December the entertainment committee has some really great events planned for your enjoyment starting with the Family Holiday Party Dec 11th at 2:00pm. Bring the kids down for a visit from Santa, and enjoy Karaoke and a caricature artist. Next up is the Navy vs. Army viewing party on Saturday Dec 10th in the lounge. Enjoy CYC specials on Grog, and shot specials with touchdowns. Kick-off is 12:00p our time. Come down to the club to catch all the fun. Don’t forget to participate in the traditional New Year’s Day blessing of the Fleet on January 1st. After Chaplain Gary Bogg’s blesses your boat Chef Benito will be preparing a great snack for those that participate. RSVP’s are required by December 27th for the luncheon. Our marina electrical project continues to move forward on time and within budget. B dock is nearly completed with pedestals, electrical conduit, new wiring and new water piping. Our dedicated marina transformer will be installed by SDG&E the middle of December in the gravel lot by the dry boat storage. Once the transformer is installed we will be “Hot” with the new power and metering capability on E,C,D and B docks. We will then work on AA thru AD dock going “Hot” as soon as each dock segment is complete. Although we will have metering capability and monitoring consumption of water and electricity on each slip we will not be charging each slip holder at this time. This may change in the future but only with proper notification of membership and application of our exiting bylaws, constitution and slip rules. As we can establish an actual electrical and water consumption of the marina, I will be working with the Port of San Diego to assure that we can deduct the marina and water consumption as a “Utility Pass thru” from our rent. If we are successful in being able to have the marina utilities excluded from our monthly Port Rent we have the potential of saving the club thousands of dollars in port rent fee’s. Our first month of water sub metering showed that the marina used just over half of the water consumed on the leasehold for the month of October 2016. If the same holds true with our electrical consumption we could potentially save ten thousand dollars a year on our rent. As many of you are aware we are always looking at ways to maximize your enjoyment of the club as well as minimize the expenses associated with operating the club. Did you know that the mailing of the Annual Meeting Call with motions & resumes cost us $3,430.00 in postage, printing and labor costs? I will be working with Constitution and bylaws committee and 2017 Board of Directors to help find ways to bring our bylaw “Annual & Semi Annual Meeting notification requirements” into the digital age and put the saved monies to better use around the club for your enjoyment. I hope that you and your families enjoy the upcoming holiday season, and on behalf of the entire staff, I wish to thank all of the membership for your thoughtfulness with the employee holiday gift that the staff has received due to your generosity. As always, if there is anything that I or our staff can do to enhance your membership experience please don’t hesitate to let me know. Mele Kalikimaka, Manager Lou Page 3


Dollar$ and ents By Vice Commodore Dean Eckenroth Today’s Paraprosdokian is: There’s a bunch of different crunches that affect the abs … my favorite is Nestle. Thanks to our outgoing Commodore Penny Boggs for her wonderful spirit and dedication to Coronado Yacht Club, not just this past year as our Commodore, but for all her time spent on the Board. You are appreciated. And, congratulations to our recently elected CYC Board including Commodore Bill Sandke, Rear Commodore Tom Lyons, Treasurer Scott Grimes, Secretary Chris DeNardi, returning Directors Keith Fargo and Jon Ryan and new Directors Harper Hatheway and Robin MaCartee. I look forward to working with everyone in continuing the excellent works and improved management that has been part of the focus and desire of these past several years. As incoming Vice Commodore, I assume important tasks as Finance Committee Chair. This past year Bill Sandke and his team managed a tremendous effort at re-costing & solidifying our controls for better operational performance. Kudos to them. This coming year the Finance Committee must focus on directing new accounting software to perform seamlessly in support of our operations; and use this new system to supply information needed by the club to succinctly produce financials that are simpler, more accurate and accurately reflect our Club. In addition, Finance must interact with Strategic Planning and other committees as we move towards considering costs of a temporary facility, then financing a new clubhouse. This committee will also pave the way for at least two budgets going forward. Besides the necessity to continue current operations, a different budgetary process is necessary to structure the Temporary facility. This will require diligence, and likely a slew of workshops and other networking methods. In the coming months we will develop goals & strategies as a team to support the effort required to produce the best results. We look forward to the challenge. Respectfully submitted, Dean Eckenroth Vice Commodore

Behind the Burgee By Receptionist Rachel Hall

As many of you already know, my last day with the Club was on November 21st. For those of you who didn’t, this is why you haven’t seen my smiling face at the front desk! (I miss you all already!) As I woke up this morning, heading to work at CYC for the last time, I thought it would be fitting to do one last “Behind the Burgee,” both as a chance to say a final “see ya”, and also to highlight one last topic: The Corinthian Spirit: a law greater than ourselves that maintains the underlying foundation for sailboat racing as well as the way in which competitors choose to live their lives. You, the membership; the foundation for this great Club; exude Corinthian Spirit, and I was proud to come to work, and sincerely enjoyed doing do. I can say that I not only was able to see the Corinthian Spirit in action, but I take it with me on my journey. Special thanks to Port Captain Dave Flint, I have actually been learning how to sail, and plan to enroll in classes in 2017. I hope to see you on the other side of the desk sometime, as I plan to join in 2017 Beer Cans, & of course check in with CYC’s #1 member Ann! Find me on Facebook, I’d love to keep in touch. A special Eckenroth Punography Tribute: I keep trying to learn the ropes of sailing, but all I keep finding are lines. Page 4

From the Stern

By Rear Commodore Tom Lyons The Membership Committee, V/C Dean Eckenroth, and Office Manager Jane Lee have done a fantastic job this past year while literally interviewing a boatload of applicants. The committee has been incredibly active, creating a Membership FAQ Brochure, slip information sheet and Membership Manual, and reviewing significant membership issues while adding a substantial number of new Flag members, prompting the committee to establish wait lists. It is a testament to the quality and value that is the Coronado Yacht Club (CYC). I hope that, as your new Rear Commodore, I can continue this fine effort. We continue to increase membership. The November Member Summary reflects 606 Flag, 27 Junior Flag and 17 Social members, totaling 650. We have reached our Membership limit of 650! We have more applications in our pipeline, and we will have to establish wait lists. Additionally, Social to Flag conversion continues to shine as more new Flag members have come from Social members wanting to Flag up. Again, the member experience at CYC is very positive. The committee will continue to look for ways to streamline the application process, and find ways to improve the CYC member experience. We look forward to an exciting and fruitful year. New members approved by the Board in November include: FLAG: Arie & Bonnie Van Vugt, Martin Bastuba, Shannon Herlihy, Phil Youngberg, and Paul Komadina. SOCIAL: Richard Hamett. DEFERRED: None. Respectfully submitted,

Tom Lyons

Rear Commodore

Port Captain’s Report By Port Captain Dave Flint


Slip numbers starting with an X are dry slips 30’ Clark/Kathy Nicols Wait 21’ Tom/Charlotte Rudowicz Wait 25’ Ron Sosnowski Wait #64 Jay Poe Wait #71 Eaton/Sanchioli Wait

Winter is approaching and for our Wet Slip holders it is time to think of upcoming winter storms. If you have a boat in a Wet Slip please make the time to check your dock lines for signs of wear, or if the lines are older and have been on your boat for more years than you care to remember, think seriously about new lines. Make sure your canvas is not loose and subject to tearing in strong winds. If you have a sailboat be sure your sail covers are secure and your roller furling will not let loose in high winds. Be a good neighbor and check their boats as well, they will appreciate you seeing something they might have missed in getting all of us ready for winter in our marina.

Coronado Yacht Club’s


SAVE THE DATE! January 21 , 2017 Watch for e-mail blasts and Club flyers with more info! Page 5

Results from the 2016 Annual Meeting Motion 1 from Constitution and Bylaws Committee to restate and amend the Coronado Yacht Club Bylaws by (1) combining its provisions with the entire Constitution, with the exception of Article 12 of the Constitution which contains provisions that would become redundant in the proposed new single document format, (2) eliminating duplication, (3) amending language and reformatting to be more readable and understandable, and (4) amending to comply with current anti-discrimination law.


Motion 2 from Finance Committee to allocate the costs of one FTE (full time equivalent) dock worker, not to exceed $50,000.00 from the Slip Replacement Fund, when the dock worker is assigned to approved slip replacement/slip refurbishment projects for FY 2017.


Motion 3 from Finance Committee to allocate an amount not to exceed $50,000 from the Slip Replacement Fund, for approved slip replacement/slip refurbishment projects for FY


Motion 4 from Finance Committee to allocate the costs of one FTE (full time equivalent) dock worker, not to exceed $50,000.00 from the Slip Replacement Fund, when the dock worker is assigned to the Marina Electrical upgrade project.


Motion 5 from Finance Committee to change the Slip Replacement Fund allocations by amending CYC Bylaw Chapter XII. Paragraph B (or if Motion No. 1 passes, the Amended and Restated Bylaws, Article IX.B.2) as follows, effective December 1st, 2016. If Motion No. 1 is passed, the subparagraph letter reference “b” and the words “Coronado Yacht” that appear in the proposed amendment language would not appear in amended Bylaw.


Motion amended to include decreasing wet and dry slip rental rates by $.10, changing wet slip rates from $6.25/ft. to $6.15/ft. and dry slip rates from $3.39/ft. to $3.29/ft. Amendment passes by hand vote, majority 2/3 voting aye. Motion 6 from Flag member Chris Campion to amend Coronado Yacht Club Bylaws, Chapter 1. Membership, Section 1. F. SENIOR FLAG Membership (or if Motion No. 1 passes, the Amended and Restated Bylaws, Article III. C. 7.)


Motion 7 from Flag member Susan Schelkun to amend Slip Rules 1. F. under “Yacht Standards and the Boat Survey Committee”.


2017 Board of Directors Commodore Bill Sandke Vice Commodore Dean Eckenroth Rear Commodore Tom Lyons Treasurer Scott Grimes Secretary Chris DeNardi Director Jon Ryan Director Keith Fargo Director Harper Hatheway Director Robin MacCartee Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Race Committee & Sail Fleet By Race Committee Chair Glenn Welch & Sail Fleet Captain Sue Welch

Jonah gathers tales of sea, fact and rumor

Beer Cans are added as part of the mix as several boats became need of a fix discarding the truth because its all in humor what happened is the subject of much discourse Bow on, give way, a tack of stand on as guilt a mantle not better to don with angst and pain causing deserved remorse In 2015 we chose a sailor of drink because he had to be saved from the sink And we awarded last year’s Jonah buckle after finishing a grin, laugh and chuckle.

Z Force and Kelmara collided that’s correct unfortunate choice was among the select no injuries save pride and insurance would defray both friends to this day and likely to stay

We have awarded Commodore Mark because of his boat being placed in park and nicely remembered Commodore Mike for letting his dinghy take a hike

Six boats entered the Kitty Muhl hoping not to damage a hull The day immediately developed a snag as one boat added both marks to its bag

And who could forget or be snarky o’r the one now called Sparky, As down he went to the bottom of the bay cord in hand, nothing to say.

In pre start Elusive snagged the pin and started on hell of a racing din They also gathered the diver in tow objectively making the race start slow

This year the tales were aplenty and easy to gin as sailors galore showered skills worthy of grin Tossing aside obvious rules that were known as race upon race produced many a groan

1, 2, 3 then 4 started the day by guess desperately wanting to clear this mess bad enough when you snag just one better still grabbing two before done

The Longstreth is the first on our list as two sailors the ground was not missed seems sailing is a skill of the realm as one then two managed the helm

Runabout John repaired both marks without causing a fire or sparks Racers returned to restart and glower to the embarrassment of Sue in the tower

Don’t know which one was the leader that day in running aground in the bay was it Jabberwok with Ace of the race or Melokia driven by Sparky in chase

It was August and the seas were mighty as Wayne’s World left port and took a righty 2 Harbors a destination be as the skipper headed out to sea

It does not matter who was then in first as both were embarrassed showing their worst DNF comes to mind reliving the course swallow hard, get back to that horse

Things were looking good, that was the buzz as single-handed the intrepid skipper was The engine sputtered, starving of fuel the sound of its pain so evil and cruel

Flying Tigers mid winter was February’s game As Frank’s mark became part of our fame it was set to shallow we found as 33 promptly ran aground

No worries as this sailor was rare as he reached inside looking for spare But soon realized recoiling in shock the jerry can of fuel was left on the dock

But wait the race was not done as 118 damaged a pin as part of the fun Was Gaylord’s trip from Scotland to blame an excuse easily labeled entirely lame

Oh the sight it must have been of Wayne’s World coming in Towed by his dinghy eyes fixed ahead But the Club was left feeling a bit red

Sleep was a remedy of wide lament as better done before the event because when driving pin boat for the club it is always much better not to flub

This is a not a reputation to be shone when sailing without fuel all alone and recognition by Jonah... because of this pain is dutifully levied... on Fireman Wayne Photos by Stacy Childers Page 9

From the Jr. Clubhouse By Jr. Sailing Director Jill Powell CONGRATULATIONS... Oliver Middleton, Preston Miller, Sean Campbell and Riley Petersen for their performance at the SDAYC “LUFF-IN” Regatta at SDYC in October. At times very windy and challenging! C2 fleeter Riley Petersen, C3’s Conner Mattick, Gavin Jensen, Preston Miller, Sean Campbell, Tommy Rudowicz and B Fleet Schuyler Capita for their performance at the Jr. Commodore Sabot Regatta at MBYC the first weekend of November. Every sailor improved their placing on Sunday. Great resilience demonstrated by our Sabot Squad! the CHS Sailing Team (CHSST) for their performances at the Sea Otter Regatta in Monterey and the Anteater in Newport Beach. Both very different venues and great practice for the Rose Bowl coming up in Long Beach. THANK YOU… the Petersen Family for hosting Kate Danielson during the Jr Commodore Regatta as part of the SDAYC/St. Petersburg, FL. “Exchange” program. Kate sailed a Sabot for the first time and did quite well in the C1 fleet. Riley Petersen will travel to St. Petersburg in February to stay with Kate’s family and race an Optimist Dinghy. SAVE THE DATE... Dec. 4th - Holiday Regatta --- Dec. 10th -11th Perry Regatta at CYC (420) --- Jan. 5th junior trophy dinner Jan. 7th and 8th Rose Bowl regatta at ABYC (high school sailing) --- Jan. 14th SCYYRA meeting at SDYC Jan. 15th and 16th Team racing at SDYC (high school sailing) --- Jan 21st and 22nd Sabot Jr. Invitational ABYC (sabots) Jan. 28th and 29th Perry FUNDRAISING: Feb. 7th fundraiser dinner --- March 4th CASINO NIGHT

Page 10

Cruiser Navigation Fleet by Dave Weimer

Our final 2016 cruiser navigation contest was held on Saturday, November 12, under benign weather conditions. The winds were calm at the beginning yielding to a gentle 10 kt. breeze shifting to the northwest as the morning progressed. Because of the persistent offshore flow, the skies were clear with increasing clouds from the south bringing some unwelcome humidity to our area. The unusually large “super moon” set earlier, but the resulting high tides at 7 AM promised to yield a strong ebb current for our final contest of the year. The navigation course venue contained a mixture of both the north and south bay waters. Our contest began at red channel buoy “16” near the Shelter Island channel entrance and led north towards Harbor Island for the first scored “Mark,” aligned with the western measured mile markers. The course then led east toward the city front, and then south toward the carrier base for the second “Mark” aligned with the Midway Pier. Continuing south, the course passed under the Coronado Bay Bridge for the third “Mark” and continued south to a Lat/Long coordinate just north of red channel buoy “28” for the next “Mark.” We then executed a “timed run on the “flats” toward the Silver Strand diamond marker, and then travelled east to red channel buoy “30.” From there the course led north once again, containing scored timed “Marks” near channel buoy “28” and across from the cruise ship terminal on the city front. The final legs pointed toward the west with the “Finish” aligned with the Harbor Island western measured mile markers. It was anticipated that the expected strong ebb current would be a major challenge for our navigators. And we were not disappointed. Cruising to the starting buoy, we recorded currents at least 0.3 Kts greater than predicted. Thus, when we all started, we fought against the currents with increased throttle settings. And we were still slow to channel buoy “24.” After that, the current just “died,” leaving our adjustments working against our predicted scores. Final results showed the south bay was behaving as predicted, but the currents in the north bay and the channel were off the charts! When the results of the competition were announced following lunch at San Diego Yacht Club, all 10 contestants had scores over one percent error. Your scribe managed to take second place with a 1.33 percent error. Others of our team were not as fortunate and finished a little further back. Thus completes a great year of competition on the water, with many memories of our “wins” as well as the teaching moments when we failed to meet our predicted expectations. We now look forward to the 2017 program of competition and success in navigating twelve more challenging courses. We continue to encourage both established and new members of Coronado Yacht Club to consider participating in our monthly cruiser navigation events. Make plans now to join our cadre of CYC contestants during one of the contests in coming up in 2017. You have plenty of time to prepare, and we’ll help you with all the details. We meet every Saturday prior to our on the water contest at 10 AM in the Club bar area. Come by and join us to get involved. Contact Magnus Karlsson, Jeff Calabrese, or myself, and we will help you get prepared to join us in our fun and educational sport. I’m always looking for another hand on deck to help me navigate and enjoy the competition. Please do not hesitate to call me (858-485-7545) or email to learn more about participating and representing Coronado YC in the 2017 San Diego Cruiser Navigation Contest schedule. December is our cruiser navigation “bye” month giving us an opportunity to assess our successes and failures over the past year, and tune our boats for the coming contest year. Accordingly, there will not be a Whisker Pole cruiser navigation report for December. We’ll resume our reports next year. To all Club members from “Just Deserts” in slip AA13; be safe on the waters and on the highways, and best wishes for a happy holiday season and a prosperous and healthy new year! Page 11

Page 12

Page 13

Rod & Reel

By Rod & Reel Chair Paul Dodson Rod and Reel concluded the year with its November 1 st meeting, at which time numerous anglers were recognized for their activities in 2016. CYC Junior Dominic DeNardi landed an 18lb Dorado and won the 19th Annual Southbay Combined Fishing Tournament for our Club. RoseAnn Krock was the only CYC woman to register a fish this past year and she was recognized for her 1st place standing in the Southbay Combined Fishing Tournament with a 5.6lb Bonita in the ladies category. In the Men’s Category, 1st place went to Michael Copp with a 14.2lb Yellowtail; 2nd place to Russell Nevitt with a 13.0lb Yellowtail; and 3rd place to Dave Krock with a 6.0lb Bonita. Probably the most interesting part of this tournament was that the vessel “Big Iron IV,” with Harry, Chris & Dominic DeNardi, all caught only Dorado; the vessel “Nexterday,” with Russell Nevitt, Michael Copp & Mason Copp, caught only Yellowtail; and the vessel “Blue Pearl” with Dave & RoseAnn Krock and Tom & Mary Christiansen, caught only Bonita. What are the chances of three separate vessels driving around the Pacific Ocean all day and each catching only a single specie of fish all day? As for the 17th Annual Bay Fishing Challenge, Flag Member Al Thomas (pictured left) and his fishing partner Rick Evans represented CYC and won this tournament for CYC in their vessel “R-Boat.” Other noted events of the past year were the fact(s) that Al Thomas caught the largest fish in the following species: 24lb Halibut, 8lb. White Sea Bass, 5lb Corvina, 4.3lb Sheephead, 3lb Calico Bass, 2lb Spotted Bay Bass, 2lb Sand Bass and 1 3/4lb Sculpin. Over the last 12 months, Social Member Dave Campbell registered the largest fish for 3 months as follows: November 13.05lb Yellowtail, December 18.30lb Yellowtail and Just 18.6lb Yellowfin Tuna. It should also be noted that David’s son Michael Campbell registered a 14.6lb Yellowtail for the largest fish caught for the month of April. As always, a special thanks goes to our CYC weigh master Joe Boucher and his time and effort. Our Rod and Reel deeded trophies were presented as follows: Special All Tackle Tournament Trophy went to Michael Campbell for his 13.05lb Yellow; White Sea Bass Light Tackle Perpetual Trophy to Al Thomas for his 8lb Sea Bass The Brad Eller Jr. Perpetual Trophy to Al Thomas for his 24lb Halibut. The Largest Speared Fish went to Scott Darnell for his 216lb Bluefin Tuna and The Largest Fish Taken by Hand to Mark Jennings for this 3.75lb lobster. The Richard Lowe Memorial Trophy is chosen by the appointed tackle & weighing committee. The 2016 recipient is a very dedicated angler and devoted attendee at all Rod and Reel meetings and events. He has won numerous CYC fishing tournaments and is the only CYC angler-to-date to have his name placed on the Southbay Combined Fishing Trophy 2 times, 2010 for a 21.9lb Yellowfin Tuna and 2016 for a 18lb Dorado. A very special congratulations to Dominic DeNardi (pictured right with Paul Dodson). Our last order of business was to elect our 2017 Rod and Reel Chairman into his 23rd year of CYC Chairmanship. Things are good, and thanks for your support and dedication to Rod and Reel.

Thank you to Paul Dodson for his accepting the role as Rod and Reel Chairman for his 23rd year! Page 14

Waves and Words By Chaplain Gary Boggs

Many years ago the Steve Miller Band sang: “Time keeps on slippin’ into the future.” How true! We find ourselves at the end of another year and in our minds it doesn’t seem possible, yet 2016 is almost gone. Yes, it’s been quite a year, from a record setting number of vessels on New Year’s Day, for the annual “Blessing of the Fleet” to the election and installation of new officers at the annual meeting in November, and all things in-between, it’s been quite a ride. I’d like to thank everyone who has stood in support of our Commodore and the 2016 Board of Directors this past year! It’s a tough job and takes many hours of volunteered time. As we wind down the year it’s time to wish everyone the joy, peace, and blessings of Christmas and the Holiday season. In a time where we have so much division and strife in our land and the world, the message of God intervening in the affairs of man with pure love is easily lost. The message is simple and it’s the same today as it was more than twenty-seven hundred years ago when the Old Testament prophet Isaiah wrote: “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His Name Immanuel.” Then in the New Testament gospel of Luke we see the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy: “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord…..Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, goodwill toward men!” (Luke2:10,11,14). It’s a good time to get back to basics! I hope the season brings you and yours a sense of peace and joy that passes all our human understanding. It only comes from one place! Please be kind to one another, take care of one another, and love one another. May you have fair winds and following seas as we ride the tide into 2017. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a fruitful New Year, Chaplain….out!

Birdwatching in Coronado Learning the Local birds that frequent the area

By Flag Member Jeff Calabrese

Redhead: (left) This medium diving duck looks very similar to the Lesser Scaup except for the head. The male has a red (rufous brown) head, gray back and sides and a black upper back, breast, rump and tail. It has a blue gray bill and yellow eyes. The female is mostly brown all over. They breed in the northern prairies of the US and Canada and fly south for the winter. They often winter on saltwater and are seen occasionally in the CYC marina. They forage by diving and feed on tubers of pondweeds, wild celery, water lilies, wild rice, mollusks, aquatic insects and small fish. They fly in distinct "vee" formations. Mallard: (right) Classified as a medium sized "dabbling" duck, there was a time when it seemed like Coronado was being overrun with them or variants of them that interbred with domestic ducks. Don't see that many any more and over the past few years they have been the exception rather than the norm at CYC. Very colorful, the male has a gray body and chestnut brown breast. Head is green and neck ring is white. Bill is yellow green. Wing speculum is white bordered metallic blue. The tail is dark with white edges and two curled black feathers. The webbed feet and legs are orange. The female is mostly brown. "Dabbling" in duck speak refers to they way they feed on submerged vegetation with rapid side to side movements of the bill. Their diet includes insects, mollusks and crustaceans. They often forage for food in fields.

December 9th, 2016 4pm to 7pm

Ship’s Store Holiday special! Free gift wrap on all new items! Come by to shop our new inventory, enjoy dinner and then stay for music from In Mid Life Crisis from 7pm to 10pm! Page 15

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ADULT SAILING PROGRAM CYC Members are encouraged to take advantage of the Adult Sailing Program, offering access to CYC’s Cal20 & J24. To use boats without a coach one must: 1. Pass a check-out sail. 2. Sign all necessary waivers and agreements. 3. Pay $100 initiation free, $50 check-out fee and allow a charge of $10 per month to their CYC account. Once a member passes check-out sail, their name is added to the “Qualified List” maintained by the office. It’s hoped each member involved with Adult Sailing volunteers or makes a small donation to help defray the cost of maintaining our fleet of easy-to-access, safe and fun sailboats!



Lessons available year round, 7 days/week, 10 AM-8 PM* Open to CYC membership and sponsored guests Rates: $50/hr. with a 2hr min. (total up to 4 people/lesson). The goal of Sailing lessons are to: 1.) Develop the skills required to pass “Check out” sail 2.) Improve the sailing skills of members and their guests 3.) Encourage more people involved in CYC Beer Can Series & Club Races and interest in CYC Membership.

For registration or to find out more info : or 619-435-0522 *depends on time of sunset


1116 First Street Coronado, CA 92118 Page 17

CLASSIFIEDS/FOR SALE FOR SALE - 8 HP 2-STROKE NISSAN OUTBOARD MOTOR W/ tank, runs great. $250.00 Call Dave at 619-997-3575 2002 MONACO DIPLOMAT MOTORHOME, 40' 330 Cummins, Only 44K miles. Excellent condition and tires loaded. 50 amp hookup or dry camping. Outstanding liveaboard. Original owner, illness must sell. $40K. Call Dick at (619)435-2752. YAMAHA GENERATOR FOR SALE EF1000 iSC minimal use, sold sailboat, reduced price $600.00. Jerry 619-437-8456

Frostbite Cruise

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December 2016 Sun




Thu 1

4 9A Weekend Menu

5 5:30P MNF

Holiday Regatta 11 12 9A Weekend Menu 5:30P Finance Mtg 2P Family Christmas 5:30P MNF Party 5P BOD Appreciation

Fri 2 5:30P Dinner

Sat 3 9A Weekend Menu 6P Change of Command


7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance 5:30P Dinner

8 9 6P Membership 5:30P Dinner Meeting 7P Band in Bar 6P SDAYC @ CCYC

10 Longstreth Series 9A Weekend Menu 12P Army vs. Navy


14 5:30P Dinner

15 7P Board Meeting

16 5:30P Dinner

17 9AM Weekend Menu

Perry Regatta

Perry Regatta 18 9A Weekend Menu

19 5:30P MNF


21 5:30P Dinner 7P Trivia Night


23 5:30P Dinner

24 Christmas Eve No Galley Service

25 Christmas Day Office Closed No Galley Service

26 Office Closed


28 5:30P Dinner


30 5:30P Dinner

31 New Year’s Eve 9A Weekend Menu 12P Bornsen’s New Year’s Day Race 6:30P New Year’s Eve Dinner Party 9:30P New Year’s Eve Dessert Party

7P CMF Meeting

January 2017 Sun



1 10A Boat Blessing No Weekend Menu


8 9A Weekend Menu

9 10 5:30P Finance Mtg

15 9A Weekend Menu


22 9A Weekend Menu

29 9A Weekend Menu


3 4 5P CHSST Meeting 5:30P Dinner




5 6 6P Jr. Trophy Dinner 5:30P Dinner 6P Membership Mtg

7 9A Weekend Menu 6P Longstreth Series 3/3

11 5:30P Dinner 6:30P Paint Night

12 7P Board Meeting

13 5:30P Dinner

14 9A Weekend Menu

17 5P Jr Fundraiser Dinner

18 5:30p Dinner 7p Trivia Night


20 5:30P Dinner

21 9A Weekend Menu 10 Old Timer’s Brunch


24 7P CMF Meeting

25 5:30P Dinner


27 5:30P Dinner

28 9A Weekend Menu



All events are subject to change. Please refer to our website at for the most up to date information.

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Presorted Standard U. S. Postage PAID San Diego, Calif. Permit No. 1865

1631 Strand Way Coronado, CA 92118

New Year’ s Eve Dinner Party $45.00 inclusive, *includes Dessert Party

6:30pm: Welcome Glass of Champagne & tray passed hors d'oeuvres 7:30pm: Dinner


Waldorf Salad - Steak and Shrimp - Potatoes Au Gratin Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta - Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream Champagne Toast at Midnight* (*EST time/ 9pm PST)

Dessert Party $15.00, inclusive 9:30pm to 12:30pm Menu :

Charcuterie Platter - Chocolate Fondue with Assorted Fruits & Goodies to Dip - Assorted Fresh Made Desserts - Champagne Toast at Midnight

Enjoy live music from The Manic Brothers Celebrate in style! Come dressed in Cocktail Attire while wearing with your favorite wig (wigs optional, but encouraged!) Dinner guest are invited to stay for the Dessert Party, included in the $45 price. Dessert party alone is $15. Page 20

December 2016  

Whisker Pole

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