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Coronado High School Key Club’s Official Newsletter Part of the CALICALI-NEVNEV-HA, Region 5, Division 28 South Family


VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 4 Table of Contents

Dear Key Clubbers,

Page 1: A Letter from the Bulletin Editor

Hello Everyone! Time surely does go by pretty fast, huh? We’ve already almost completed a months worth full of school! That’s incredibly insane! But what’s even more insane is knowing how great our Key Club year is running so far! From all the way back to the Freshman BBQ, the First meeting, and already completing a couple of service events, we’ve accomplished a great amount with lots more to come! (The next issue will be filled!) The experience so far has been amazing! The opportunity to meet all the new people entering the world of Key Club. Being able to introduce ourselves personally and getting a great sense of inclusiveness throughout the club. Educating all the Key Clubbers about service and our “cheerful” ways. Now continuing on to the newsletters, in this months issue of “The Cougar Claw”, we will be discussing the Freshman BBQ, Member of the Months, the first Key Club meeting, Ironman 2012, Girl Scout World of Girls, a Special Thank You, and more information regarding service events! Hopefully as the year progresses, things grow to be even more amazing! I’m definitely anticipating the future issues! I hope you all enjoy this months issue!

Sincerely, Tiffanie Ignacio Coronado KC Bulletin Editor

Page 2: Freshman BBQ|MotM of August

Page 3: First Meeting | Ironman 2012

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KEY CLUB FACT OF THE MONTH: Districts There are 33 organized districts. Each district, normally defined by state or nation, tends to match a similar Kiwanis district and is led by a governor, who is elected by delegates at the annual district convention. CNH’s District Governor is Alyssa Yocom!

Girl Scout World of Girls Page 5: BTW — A Special Thank you Page 6: Calendar & Event Information

Page 7: Officer Contact Information

The Freshman BBQ

Location: Coronado High Schoo Schooll Date: Thursday; August 23, 2012 How was exposing Key Club during the Freshman BBQ?

“The Freshman BBQ held at Coronado High School, the Thursday before school started, pumped up the entire club. Though the heat made the day tedious, it was worth it. Seeing the freshman's sign up was enjoyable. Especially the ones that just came up and signed without hesitating! It was great to see how excited they were for our first meeting. Including the year filled with service events. I loved seeing all the new faces, and thought about how they're going to become the future of this club. Hopefully, they will grow to love the Key Club, and prosper with it.”

-Brenda Tran Junior Representative

“The Freshman Barbeque was on August 23 at Coronado High School.

I walked into the courtyard that day with a huge sense of déjà vu and dread of the incoming school year. I walked over to the Key Club table, and everyone set up a large poster board, various pamphlets and pictures, and a computer playing a video. We then stood there or walked around with a sign talking to incoming freshman about joining Key Club. The sun beat down, and I ended up drinking at least three bottles of water and eating a hotdog. I would walk up to people and say, “Are you interested in Key Club?’. A lot of times people would walk away quickly pretending that they didn’t hear me, but the occasional person would ask what Key Club is. Then I would say, “Key Club is a student led service organization that works at various events throughout the community such as the FAAN Walk and the Ironman Triathlon.” They would then usually end up signing up on the interest sheet. By the end of it, there were over 90 people signed up. I felt very tired but also accomplished by the end of it. -Rachel

Oshiro Sophomore Representative

Member of the Month for August Monica Vineda; Sophomore “We would like to nominate Monica Venida for member of the month for August! Monica has been trying so hard for her hours all year long. She has been participating in Key Club since her freshman year of high school and has tried to go to every Key Club meeting on Tuesdays! She has also attended RTC, and service events such as Ironman and the 98.5 Summer Block Party! Monica is one of the most dedicated members of Coronado Key Club. She has tried her hardest to get a position on the Coronado Key Club board. Monica has tried to get a position on board. She has tried for sophomore representative and vice president. Though she was unable to get either position, she is so dedicated to participate in the club. Monica is excited to rejoin key club this year. And possibly during the next term be Secretary A for Coronado Key Club! We cannot wait to see what holds in Monica Venida's Key Club career!”

-Mari Pascual Coronado KC President

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Coronado Key Club’s First Meeting Location: Coronado High Schoo Schooll Date: Tuesday; September 4, 2012 Time: 2:30 pm

How did Coronado KC’s first meeting go?

“The first Key Club Meeting was on September 4th at 2:30PM. I was fairly nervous due to the amount of people at the meeting. The board members and myself had worked very hard to make this meeting absolutely perfect. Room 200 was almost filled to the max, some were even on the floor due to the lack of seats. As we started the meeting, many new and old members were bursting with excitement. We had a few technical difficulties, but in the end we ran through the PowerPoint efficiently! Towards the end of the meeting many people were so pumped for Key Club! Some were even excited that they wanted to know more about being Freshman representative! I cannot wait to see what our new and old members will bring about this year! “

-Mari Pascual Coronado KC President

“The first key club meeting was great! Throughout the whole day, I was barely concentrated in my class. I was only looking forward to the first meeting. I was excited, because I knew that there would be a lot of members. During my freshman year, there were so many members that some of us had to sit on the floor! It was really nice to see so many eager and energetic faces at Key Club; some old members, and many new members. Teaching the new members about Key Club was also really fun, and I hope that they all some good information! I'm really looking forward to this new year and meeting new members! “

-Elaina Xie Coronado KC Vice President 2012 Ironman World Championships; Sunday, September 9th

“On Sunday, September 9th at the Multigenerational Center, Ironman World Championship of 2012 was held. Kicking off with Coronado KC’s first meeting last week, this was definitely a great starting event for all the new members this year! Though it was very hot out during this event, it was extremely satisfying being able to serve all of these incredible athletes! Since there were many of us who volunteered at this event, we were stationed as a Division at the bag section. The course of our day was spent retrieving the athletes desired numbered bag and then directing them off the bike section where they would retrieve their bikes. The beginning of the event was very easy and smooth, but as time kicked in, the amount of athletes came pouring in. Being able to talk to all of these amazing people and helping them was extremely satisfying. One of the most nicest people were met on this day. This would definitely be an event to remember with plenty more to come!”

-Tiffanie Ignacio Coronado KC Bulletin Editor

Girl Scout World of Girls 100th Birthday Bash

Location: Cashman Center Date: Saturday; September 15, 2012 How was your experience at the Girl Scout 100th Birthday Bash?

“At the Girl Scouts World of Girls 100


Birthday Bash, my experience wasn’t like any other experience. From the moment I walked into the building until the moment I walked out, I had felt a huge difference on my part. When I got there, I didn’t have much to say except that I got lost. As the day finished up at the Girl Scouts event, I realized I helped people—I helped someone else, specifically young girls; all they saw was some girl in a green shirt helped them make crafts. What I saw and still continue to see is that I did a favor to someone; it wasn’t extremely as important as other things in life, but I made a difference, not a huge difference, but a difference. Working with everyone in Key Club was an enjoyable, unforgettable, and amazing.

-Kayla Arceo Coronado KC Freshman Member

“Volunteering at the Girl Scout’s 100th Birthday Bash was six hours well spent. Just being able to give back and help out an organization that inspires so many, felt fulfilling. I was able to meet new people and learn about many different things. I admire the Girl Scouts and their never-ending ambition. This event was definitely worth waking up early for. “

-Lauren Tsang Coronado KC Senior Member

! ? r e s i a r d n u F Carwash Come support Coronado Key Club this Saturday in the Coronado Parking Lot by letting US wash YOUR car! ALL proceeds will be going to PTP (Pediatric Trauma Prevention)! For those of you who don’t know what PTP is: “Pediatric Trauma, or unintentional injury, remains the leading cause of death among children ages 14 and under in the United States. More children die from unintentional injuries than all other childhood diseases combined. In addition, injury results in the deaths of approximately fifteen children per day in our country. Many of these deaths can be prevented!”

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A Special Thank You.. August | September Events! End of the Summer Block Party & Belinda Carlisle Concert Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out on at the Pavillion! The End of the Summer Block Party took place on August 18th and the Belinda Carlisle Concert took place on September 6th! Each volunteer had the choice of being either a ticket-taker or an usher during the event. After their duties of helping their the guests, all volunteers were allowed to stay after and enjoy the show! Thank you once again for all the participants!

Coronado Key Club:

Candlelighters 5 K & 1 Mile Race; September 8, 2012

Thank you so much to all the members for turning in all of your RTC and Membership Dues, along with a completed application, on time! We truly appreciate everyone for doing so! Also thank you to all the members who have signed up for all the upcoming events and for those who found chaperones! It’s truly going to be a great year knowing that we have an amazing amount of people who are pretty active thus far! Thank you once again everyone! We love you all!

bs e W b lu

yC e K o nad


I would strongly like to thank all the volunteers who have attended this Service event! I know it started out pretty early in the morning, but it was strongly appreciated! Thank you once again Key Clubbers!


Want to know what Coronado

Key Club is up to? Why not stop by our website and see! I (Bulletin Editor – Tiffanie Ignacio) updates the website as much as possible to inform the members of any important announcements or service events! All monthly newsletters will be uploaded, a new member of the month, important applications, a chat box to leave a friendly note or question, etc. Along with board contacts! Be sure to check constantly for new updates!

Visit us at: Layout credit goes to:

Mari Pascual, Coronado KC’s President

September 2012 Keep Yourself Updated! Sun






Sat 1





















22 RTC Prep

Coronado DCM


Super Run Car Show






Seussical & RTC Prep

Car Wash Fundraiser & Viva Bike Vegas

29 Green Apple Day Of Service


Event Information to Remember: Coronado Division Council Meeting WHEN: Thursday, September 20th TIME: 5PM – 6PM WHERE: Room 200 HOURS GIVEN: 1 club hour Limited to 12 persons per school!

RTC Preps

Viva Bike Vegas WHEN: Saturday, September 22nd WHERE: Town Square (6605 Las Vegas Blvd S) SHIFTS: 5AM – 11AM & 11AM – 5PM Volunteers needed for the all day event!

Super Run Car Show WHEN: Sunday, September 23rd at 8AM – 11AM WHERE: Henderson Water Street (200 Water Street) HOURS GIVEN: 3 hours Volunteers needed to run exhibits!

WHERE: Sunridge Park (1010 Sandy Ridge Ave) WHEN: Friday, September 21st, 28th, &October 5 TIME: 3-5 PM HOURS GIVEN: 2 club hours Must attend two RTC Preps! October 11th at Coronado Seussical WHEN: Friday, September 28th at 8PM afterschool is mandatory!

Coronado Key Club Carwash Fundraiser WHERE: Coronado High School Parking Lot WHEN: Saturday, September 22nd SHIFTS: 10AM – 12PM, 11AM – 1PM, &12PM – 2PM HOURS GIVEN: 3 club hours

WHERE: Henderson Pavilion(200 South Green Valley Parkway) HOURS GIVEN: 3 outside hours

Volunteers needed to be usher or be ticket takers!

Green Apple Day of Service WHERE: Sunridge Park (1010 Sandy Ridge Ave) WHEN: Saturday, September 29th TIME: 3PM – 7PM HOURS GIVEN: 3 club hours Promote a Greener Environment and enjoy a social afterwards!

Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

Be sure to contact us through our desired emails and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!













ATTENTION KEY CLUBBERS!! Remember to always send in articles and visuals to Tiffanie Ignacio at! You’ll be able to receive an easy, extra hour after a day of service! Just write 5-6 sentences describing your experience and you’ll be featured in next months issue of the Cougar Claw!

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The Cougar Claw Vol. 4 Issue 4  

Coronado Key Club's September Newsletter

The Cougar Claw Vol. 4 Issue 4  

Coronado Key Club's September Newsletter