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Rainbows in the Wind & August DCM


Freshman BBQ and New Website


September Calendar


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As summer nears its end and all of us must leave the joys, excitements, adventures, and relaxing vacations of the hot weather for the next time. I truly cherished every second of my vacation as each one of you probably did as well. Just being able to sit down without the stresses of school made my summer unforgettable and undeniably amazing. But even though everyone’s summer fun must unfortunately come to a close, I sincerely hope that every single one of you had a summer as meaningful as mine. But as I said all that must come to an end, the prospect of a new school year awaits us all. But it’s not all bad - not in the slightest. Because one thing I’m completely stoked about is the chance to extend my Kiwanis friendships, to expand our Coronado Key Club family to the incoming new members, and to begin anew the Key Club year! There are countless events that many of us are anxiously awaiting- RTC, Fall Rally, DCON, ICON, Concave, among others. There’s so much this upcoming term has waiting for each and every one of us. So as we wait on the edge of our seats, get ready to jump in to yet another promising school year!



The first Key Club was made in

Sacramento, California at Sacramento High School in May


Did YOU know?



July-August -A Look \ Back Rainbows in the Wind When: July 24th Time: 5:00 PM-9:00 PM Where: Town Square

On August 15th I, along with my president and secretary, attended the always exciting August DCM. Since I didn’t get to go to the July DCM, this was my chance to get updated on the doings of all the clubs in area, even from clubs in other divisions since this was a joint DCM. It was great! Besides learning more about the inner workings of the division as a whole, I was able to reunite with old friends. Since some schools are very far, I don’t get to mingle with many key clubbers out of my division, and this DCM gave me the chance to do just that! I met up with other bulletin editors that I met a couple months ago at DCM, and overall, the DCM was yet another fun key club experience. Plus, my fellow officer, Sabrina Fairfoot, won Officer of the Month and I was very proud of her!

-Matt Villanueva,


Coronado KC B.E.

On Wednesday, July 24th, there was an event called Rainbows in the Wind at Town Square in the late afternoon. The event was to help families with children with life-limiting diseases, and it was a nice way to make good use of my time during the summer. The event included a DJ playing music, activities and games, dance performances, characters from movies, and raffles. I worked with Linh Truong at one of the games, which required the player to roll three marbles in a hole in order to receive a prize. The children at the event loved playing it! I also enjoyed bonding with Linh and running into my other friends. Overall, I had a fun time at the event, and most of all, it was for a great cause!

-Sabrina Fairfoot, Coronado KC Secretary A

August DCM When: August 15th Time: 7:00 PM- 8:30 PM Where: Desert Breeze Park

August -A Look Forward

Freshmen BBQ When: August 22nd


Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Where: Coronado H.S.

Don’t miss out on all the fun!  Learn about all of the school’s amazing clubs and activities!  Get acquainted with the school  Meet up with old friends  Make new friends  Enjoy delicious food at the barbecue!  Witness your first high school experience!

Check out the new website at Have you checked out

Coronado Key Club’s official website yet? If not, you should! Updated frequently by me, the Bulletin Editor, it provides members more resources pertaining to events, club updates, Key Club in general, as well as another way to contact the board! Have a question? Ask it in the Chat Box! Or have a look at my newsletters and the Member of the Month. This website is made for YOU!

Created by


past president


Mari Pascual!



September -A Look Forward Sun














Pet Smart Setup (pending)

Iron Man Marathon



First Meeting 8





Pet Smart Setup (pending) 15












Wild Fest

Wild Fest


28 Green Apple Day of Service

Wild Fest 29


First Official Key Club Meeting

Nevada Wild Fest

WHEN: Tuesday, September 3rd

WHEN: Friday, Sept. 20 th – Sunday, Sept. 22nd

WHERE: Coronado High School (Room200)

WHERE: Rio Hotel & Casino

Please attend this very important meeting to see what Key Club is all about! Feel free to come and learn about the kinds of service and fun we have here! It starts right after school, so make sure to grab a seat!

Iron Man Marathon WHEN: Saturday, September 7th WHERE: Multigenerational Center Gym Coronado will be volunteering at the Multigen Gym and we will assist with the check in process, ensure all bags are labeled correctly, and help athletes arrange their gear in the proper locations.

On September 20-22nd, Coronado will be participating on the annual Wild Fest at the Rio Hotel & Casino, where we will collect tickets, support the stage crew, and in other various areas.

Green Apple Day of Service WHEN: Saturday, September. 28th WHERE: TBD Coronado Key Club will be participating on Green Apple Day of Service this September 28 th, and be part of activities to keep our community cleaner.


What Does the Board Think? -Board Submissions How did you spend your summer? What made it memorable? What was and what wasn’t exciting during your 3 month break? I spent my summer mostly with my family. It has been a relaxing vacation with my mother's side of the family, as well as a very memorable one. I also helped a friend out, by giving him a place to live, we spent a lot of time together, playing games hanging out and learning more about each other. I also trained my dog a bit, despite him being slightly stubborn; it was a great experience that expanded my patience. I'm looking forward to this school year, I'm ready to work with Key Club members and I can't wait to make our community a better one!

-Sergio Linares, President Summer is soon coming to an end with the new school year right around the corner. This summer is going especially fast for me because I went on a trip to China for three weeks. I got to travel to many different locations to experience each places' environment and their own specialty food. I also had an adventure hiking four different mountains and a cave. The view was, of course, breath-taking; pictures can't capture its essence. Besides the weather in the mountains, the weather was absolutely horrible considering it was hot and humid. If I ever go back in the future, I might have to consider to go during another season. Besides that, this trip was unforgettable experience. I got to have fun while learning some important life lessons seeing how fortunate I am compared to life over there.

-Brenda Tran, Vice President I spent most of my summer relaxing. I slept for most days and stayed in bed, but I enjoyed being lazy! I also went to California for two weeks. I visited my relatives and went out with them every day. We ate a lot of food, like Filipino food, boba, pho, and hamburgers. I probably gained 5 pounds when I came back home! Those two weeks were amazing since I really missed being back in my home state. Besides being in California, I attended a One Direction concert and a Jonas Brothers concert. The concerts were great ways to bond with my sister. I wish I spent more time with friends this summer, but with many of them being out of town, it was difficult to plan. I also wish that I participated in more service events for Key Club. Overall, this summer was one that I will never forget. I wish it didn't pass by so quickly!

-Sabrina Fairfoot, Secretary A Throughout this summer I have done both exiting and unenthusiastic things. All of which range from going out to the strip with family to completing summer school in the comfort of my own home. The most memorable thing I've done over the summer would be my daily jog around the neighborhood before the sun sets because it gave me time to think and be relaxed after a long day of doing summer school homework. However, that wasn't as exciting as going out to the strip and visiting all the tourist attractions I don't normally visit here since I'm a local. The least exciting and most stressful part of my summer was completing my summer school course and semester exams because it was lots of studying for classes where I never see my teacher, but the overall summer experience was amazing.

-Kayla Arceo, VP of Sec. A This summer, I traveled! I started off in Tennessee, playing in and around the lake while staying at a beautiful lake house--where the back yard was a forest. My family and I next flew to Philadelphia for a 95th birthday and for some authentic Philly Cheesesteaks. Flew back to Vegas for my first birthday party since I was 4, and I spent it with the friends I love most. The remainder of my summer was spent in California with great food, and a loving family. This was one of my best summers yet!

Jocelyn To, Treasurer


What Does the Board Think? -Board Submissions My summer was without a doubt the best summer I’ve had in a long time, maybe even the best summer of my life. I made sure to make the most out of this summer vacation, to make lasting memories, to go on new adventures, and still be able to relax and destress myself because I understood that when the school year starts I wouldn’t have the chance to do any of that again until next summer. There was absolutely nothing boring or unexciting about my summer vacation: going on a Caribbean cruise, relaxing at the Disneyworld resort in Florida, watching all of the movies and reading all the books I’ve missed from the past year, catching up on TV shows like Teen Wolf and Suits, working out at the gym, and lastly, being able to sit down, eat whatever I want, and just relax.

-Matt Villanueva, Bulletin Editor I spent a majority of my summer in my hometown of Seattle, Washington. Reconnecting with old family I haven't seen in a long time made 2013 a memorable summer. The highlights of my Seattle trip were going to the Gum Wall, watching a Mariners and Sounders game, midnight bowling, riding the Great Wheel, seeing the troll under the bridge, visiting Canada, going to the beaches, and having bonfires. Then there's the food highlights of trying Vietnamese food, Indian food, Mod's pizza, Shake n' Go burgers, Sushi Land, Menchie's fro-yo, and Bite of Seattle for the first time. The before and after of my trips wasn't as exciting because I pretty much just slept, ate, and watched movies all day. -Abbygail

Feliciano, SAA

I spent most of my summer hanging out with my family & sadly, US government homework. Wanting to have a shortened schedule, I decided to take Adult Education, so I wouldn't have to take US Government during the school year. I didn't realize that it would take so much time! But lucky for me, I had family members that kept me company as I did my work. Although my pace was a little slower, I still got things done. Once I conquered government with an A, my parents rewarded me with a trip to Cancun. I believe that Cancun was the most memorable event this summer. I enjoyed the sparkling, aquamarine water and the fine, white sand. I also learned some history as I visited Chichen Itza! This summer was so memorable and I don't think I'd have it any other way. As great as this summer was, I am really looking forward to the new school year with everyone!

-Anne B. Reyes, Senior Rep

The thing that made my summer memorable and full of excitement was the arrival of one of my closest cousins from the Philippines. Most of the days we spent summer touring them to Las Vegas Strip and trying different kinds of foods there. I couldn't wait for her to go to CHS with me and join Key Club as well! I've also been spending my summer attending Volleyball Intramural not only because I love it, but I also like to learn more and gain skills. I'm also waiting for this month because we will go to California and end our summer there.

-Alyssa Lorenzo, Sophomore Rep

Do YOU want to be featured in the next issue of the Cougar Claw? Of course you do! Well here’s how: -Be member of the month (more info on website) -Write a 5 sentence article about an event, and send it to my email (extra hour opportunity too!) 6

-Take 4 photos of an event and then send them to my email, (extra hour opportunity too!)




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Coronado Key Club's August Newsletter

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