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Max Ramirez

very high school has a rivalry, and it’s way more important than any other game because you get to show who is best,” said Max Ramirez, Senior Defensive Tackle for Coronado High School in the Westside Bowl. Did he witness any dirty plays that went on during rivalry games? “Yes, too many to count; like when I clipped Connor Potts…I was just being dirty and wanted to hurt him so bad,” Ramirez admitted. Does the rivalry start at the top? “Rivalry games are to show your pride for the Westside, but you also have to beat the (snot) out of the school with the blue roof,” said Coach Octavio Ledon, a Coronado football coach.


The UIL Debate Team

arquez Zarate and Josh Hirsh participated in the 2013 UIL competition. They both debated in favor of Coronado, the school that placed the highest in the competition. “There is no specific school to beat — it’s mostly an individual competition, but we all want to beat Franklin,” Hirsh admitted. With Franklin giving Coronado the most competition, Coronado still won the entire UIL meet for 1-5A. “The lead of Coronado was superior and unexpected,” Zarate said. The UIL Meet, which was held in late March, encompassed academic competitions from theatre, journalism, speech and debate, spelling, current events, math and more. The T-Birds won the meet by a score of 401 pointa. Franklin’s score was 274 points.

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hen Jonathan Montañez, Franklin senior basketball player, passed the ball to Mitchell Marcus, manager for Coronado’s basketball team, in the final seconds of the only high school game Mitchell had ever played, a heartwarming story that was replayed around the world was born. Due to the efforts of both Franklin and Coronado students, who began various social media campaigns to “get Mitchell on SC (Sports Center)”, the story was indeed told on ESPN, as well as several other national media outlets. “It’s amazing, probably one of the most heartwarming stories I’ve heard, and I’m extremely proud to have been a part of the start,” said Junior basketball player Kevin Boone. As the game was coming to an end, not a single player on the court could imagine what, according to Kevin Boone, Coach Peter Morales had predetermined. “Coach had already predetermined that he was going to play Mitchell in that game, no matter what the score was,” Boone said. Without Jonathan Montañez would all of this be possible? “Well, I think he did what any person would have done in his situation. It would have been wrong not to,” said Boone. What if Coach Morales had decided not to put Mitchell in the game? What would the outcome of the game have been? The game would have ended with a lot of resentment because of the score. But the entrance of Mitchell to the game made that disappear instantly and making everyone leave like a winner,” Boone said. Do players hope that this will change the rivalry attitude? “I hope nothing changes, because the rivalry game makes the sports games so much fun to be in and so intense,” Boone said. “It would be nice if this stopped some of the resentment between schools, but I don’t think this will happen.”

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Dropping the Rivalry for a Moment


20 21 rivalry  
20 21 rivalry