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Milwaukee Youth Chorale Notes Week of September 27th, 2011 Good Morning Youth Chorale, Thank you for your work last night. As you can see the Vaughan Williams piece Just as the Tide is going to challenge us, as there are many small details we need to achieve in order for the piece to really work. In your preparation this week please work so that you are more independent when we begin our work Tuesday. So that you all can plan, I would like us to obviously be memorized on all our lit. for our November Concert and also be able to sing in mixed formation. In order for that to happen, every person needs to be able to be independent enough to be absolutely accurate with his or her pitch and rhythm on every piece. We have a few detail spots with regard to style and expression to keep working on in Banks and Baily, which will simply need more repetitions so we can solidify our level of detail. Again, thank you for your patience as we work in rehearsal and your commitment to the best product we can create. Don’t forget that you can use the reference recordings I have provided on my Shorewood site under the MYC tab. You may also You Tube some of the songs as some of them are available there too, especially Banks O’ Doon. Good luck preparing. MYC and MCC Facebook Pages Please remember to become a friend of MYC and MCC on Facebook, as we will be posting these notes and other important information there each week to keep you informed. Make – Up Rehearsals & Attendance We are still working on trying to arrange a couple make up rehearsals for you. Once I have those dates confirmed I will send them out to you. Remember that in order to perform in any concert you need to attend at least 75% of rehearsals. Thank you to those who have been letting me know of your absences. It really helps me plan. Rehearsal Plan – September 20 1. Bill Baily - Review - Focus on Details of style, dynamics, balance, blend and work toward memorization. 2. Just as the Tide - Continue to work on pitch and rhythmic accuracy on verses one and two. - Be able to sing through both verses without piano, in mixed formation with strong part independence. - Work the third section for pitch and rhythm. - Add the third verse to a cappella and mixed formation run though 2. Banks O’ Doon - Work from the back for more accuracy of pitch and rhythm throughout with special focus on ensemble and balance in times of dissonance. - Stronger independence and sensitivity to phrasing, text, dynamics and artistry

Have a great end to your week and weekend. I look forward to our progress on Tuesday. Mr. Clark

MYC Notes week of Sept. 27