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South Glengarry Council hears 5G concerns LANCASTER, Ontario – The Township of South Glengarry Council heard concerns around implementing 5G wireless internet in municipality in a presentation from Kathleen Szirtes at their meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 6. A social worker working in counselling offices in Ottawa and Cornwall, Szirtes hopes to open a practice in Lancaster, but is concerned about plans to improve rural internet through the implementation of 5G networks and wireless internet towers.

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Sarah Beaudette Ask the statisticians that say there is little evidence that these are harmful if they would like one of these towers of doom in their backyard, a la Erin Brockovich with the glass of water Jamie Gibeau Lol you get more radiation from your cellphone to your ear. If you use a microwave alot you get way more radiation from that then you do a cellphone.  Bunch of babies

“We understand that exposure of cell technology increases the risk of childhood cancer and cancer in adults,” stated Szirtes at the meeting. Szirtes claimed that cell phones, which emit non-ionizing radiation, and cell phone towers reduce fertility, decrease productivity and harm livestock and farm crops. According to Health Canada however, there is currently limited evidence of a connection between cell phone usage and cancer. Kylie T I welcome the tower in Lancaster as that currently my cell barely works depending on where I am at my grandma’s campsite Jordan Patrick Everyone laughs but dont understand the down fall of having on close to you and your home. Keep them away Andromus Baird the science that is being used to say that 5g isn›t harmful is 25 years old/ OUT DATED AND OBSOLETE!!

Request made to name parkette after former City Councillor CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall’s Heart of the City has made a request to the City of Cornwall Clerk’s department to rename the parkette on Pitt St. after former city councillor Denis Carr. Carr had served on Council for many years, finishing his last term in December of 2018. He has also been involved in the community as the former President of the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce and as a former head of the Heart of the City. “The request speaks of Mr. Carr’s dedication

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Ashley March So it›ll be a Carr Park? Steven McIntyre They should name a street after dave ezard or dale Hawerchuk Karen Torrie-Racine What is wrong with the people who are so negative on this feed??? Denis Carr has literally dedicated his adult life to the betterment of the City of Cornwall in one way or another!! To the people who are being so negative I ask ‘What have you done to improve this city?’ ‘What have you done to make a difference in any way’ When you can

to the rehabilitation of Cornwall’s downtown by way of his time with Heart of the City, which has resulted in many façade improvements in the downtown,” a statement on the City’s website reads. “Mr. Carr was a member of the Downtown Business Improvement Area Board and advocated as a member of City Council (he is the longest serving member in terms of total years in office). He is a Past-President of the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce and participated in a number of other volunteer Boards.” answer those questions I’ll actually take you seriously!! Bonnie Rose It been Pitt Street all my life...So weather you change the name..l will always call it Pitt Street...So why spent the money where its more needed? Allison St Louis Folks, they’re not talking about renaming Pitt STREET. The proposal is for the Pitt St parkette.  “The parkette on Pitt St. is located between Dreamland and Jas-Mar Paints on the stretch of Pitt St. between Second and Third streets.”

Glen Walter, Lancaster water increases on hold LANCASTER, Ontario – The council of the Township of South Glengarry has voted to put the proposed water rate increases in Glen Walter and South Glengarry on hold until further review has been made. The vote was made at the township council meeting held on Tuesday, Aug. 6. The water rates for Glen Walter and

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Amanda Bornais Good!!! It jumped up too high too quickly already!!! There were 2 increases last year and their reasoning was that had they did gradual increases over the last 10 years ghen we would be at where we are now. Then they should have done the gradual increases!!! My bi monthly water bill is only ever the minimum and it›s almost 200 bi

Lancaster jumped from $804 per year in 2016 to 2018 to $1,105 in Lancaster for 2018-2019 and $1,078 for Glen Walter for that time period. Those rates were scheduled to jump again to $1,265 and $1,352 respectively for the year 2019 to 2020 starting on Sept. 1, 2019. monthly it›s ridiculous Heather Prowse Absolutely crazy for 1 person! Ian Macdonald Pay 1,000 a year, live alone, never complained as the city was supposed to go on meters. Guess that was another promise never kept.

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The beach and a bus Nick Seebruch

A couple of weeks ago, Cornwall’s Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) reviewed the final draft of the new Waterfront Master Plan. The top priority item for Cornwall’s waterfront is more recreational beach areas. You know where there are some great public beaches? In South Stormont and in South Glengarry. I believe at the PAC meeting it was lay member Ron Syminton who suggested that Cornwall Transit should organize a bus over the summer to go to one of the beaches in South Stormont. I think this is a great idea and is a great revenue opportunity for the municipality that enacts it first. Cornwall already has its own buses and I think that this opportunity is one for Cornwall to lose. There is no reason that I can think of why either South Glengarry, South Stormont or the United Counties of SD&G Tourism department could organize their own buses to pick up residents in Cornwall and bring them to one of their beaches. Residents of Cornwall already frequent the beaches in our neighbouring municipalities, which is evidence of the great economic draw they are for South Glengarry and Stormont. Those beaches will become an even greater economic driver if there are literally bus loads of people going to them over the summer. How I think this could work, is Cornwall could run a route to one of the beaches in South Stormont or South Glengarry based on demand. Maybe the bus would start out only being once a week, then grow with demand; or maybe start on Saturday or Sunday at first. Tickets could be sold on a per-ride basis, or maybe a season pass? I think the fares would likely need to be higher than the standard

Cornwall Transit fare, if not because of the demand, then simply because it would be a longer ride than the normal bus route. Now another question that would need to be addressed, is which beach? South Glengarry has two great beaches in Charlottenburgh Park and Glengarry Park. South Stormont has Milles Roches Beach, Woodland Beach, Farran Park Beach and Lakeview Park Beach. Given the economic potential of having beach goers from Cornwall bused into their municipality, I think that South Glengarry and South Stormont should have the chance to bid on being the beneficiary of the potential bus route. Whichever municipality gets the chance to host a summer beach bus route will have to consider options on how to increase profitability of their beach. They could have pop-up vendors to cater to the beach goers, paddle boat rides, wakeboard rentals and more. Ultimately, I think the City of Cornwall should be the ones who initiate this bus-tobeach connection. Like I said, the Townships or the United Counties of SD&G could do this on their own and cut the City of Cornwall out. I think that having a bus commute to a local beach in a neighbouring municipality could be a great way to meet the clear demand for more beach access in Cornwall. If Cornwall does choose to develop a beach of it’s own along the city’s waterfront, this might be a good carry over measure to give Cornwall residents access to a beach while one is developed in their own town. This would also show City administration if there is adequate support for a beach in Cornwall. What do you think readers, of creating a summer bus routes to nearby beaches? Email me a Letter to the Editor at

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