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A Reading Guide for the Book of Acts

Read the Bible

Why is it important to read the Bible? It is God’s word to us. As we read it, we learn about who He is, who we are, His incredible love for us, what we find in Him, and the incredible life He calls us to live. This book will change your life; the only thing required is that you make time to actually read it.

5 Days a Week

If you follow this plan, you will read through the book of Acts in two months. Set aside some time to discover the “Core” of what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Why so many “Practices”?

Would you be satisfied if you always got the same thing for dinner? No way. You feel like eating different food on different nights. We are all wired uniquely, so different practices help different people connect to God, not to mention that variety keeps things fresh. Also, in different times in our lives, different practices increase our connection with Jesus. In turn, we grow in Him. He is the living water that causes us to grow from a seed to a plant that bears fruit...that basically means he adds awesome-sauce to our lives.

Practices to exercise Pray = Listen and talk to God. Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield

Praise = “God, you are _______. God you have ________.” (Tell Him how awesome He is.) Repent = “God, please forgive me for __________.” Ask = Ask God to meet your needs and the needs of others. Yield = Trust that God sees the whole picture and knows what’s best

Confession = “Oops, I blew it. Will you forgive me?” 1. Invite Jesus to reveal any sin in your life. 2. Consider how this sin has affected you and others. Spend time on this. Write it down. 3. Ask Jesus (and those you have hurt) to forgive you.

Prayer Walk = Separate yourself from distractions and other people and just talk and listen to God as you walk on a trail or around your neighborhood. (Length of time is flexible - at least 5 minutes.)

Breath Prayer = A one sentence prayer that you repeat to yourself. (i.e. “Jesus give me peace,” “Jesus you are my strength,” or, “Jesus open my eyes to your presence.”)

Pray in Community = Pray with another person or other people.

Journal = Write on a piece of paper. Silence = Stop talking, doing, and playing and just be. (You must unplug for this one.)

Gratitude = Saying thank you is very polite and shockingly powerful. Make a list of everything that you are thankful for in your life. Fill a minimum one 8½ x 11 piece of paper. Just get started and you will realize that it’s easy!

Serve = Put others before yourself. This includes encouraging others.

The Book of Acts Full Reading Plan Week 1 M Tu W Th F Sa Su

Acts 1 Acts 2 Acts 3 Acts 4 Acts 5 Acts 6 Acts 7

Week 2 M Tu W Th F Sa Su

Acts 8 Acts 9 Acts 10 Acts 11 Acts 12 Acts 13 Acts 14

Week 3 M Tu W Th F Sa Su

Acts 15 Acts 16 Acts 17 Acts 18 Acts 19 Acts 20 Acts 21

Week 4 M Tu W Th F Sa Su

Acts 22 Acts 23 Acts 24 Acts 25 Acts 26 Acts 27 Acts 28

Pray P.R.A.Y. Journal Silence Gratitude Serve

Pray Confession Journal Silence Gratitude Serve

Pray Prayer Walk Journal Silence Gratitude Serve

Pray Breath Prayer Journal Silence Gratitude Serve

Abbreviated Plan: Week 1

M Acts 1 Pray W Acts 3 Silence


F Acts 5 Serve

Week 2

M Acts 8 Pray W Acts 10 Silence


F Acts 12 Serve

Week 3

M Acts 15 Pray W Acts 17 Silence

Prayer Walk

F Acts 19 Serve

Week 4

M Acts 22 Pray W Acts 24 Silence F Acts 26 Serve

Breath Prayer

Core: Acts Reading Plan  

Read through the book of Acts in a month.