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Official Steuben County 2011 Travel Guide

Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

W elcome! C

orning & the Finger Lakes is about having fun and making the most of life right now. It’s about the people as much as it’s about the place—and the place is pretty remarkable—famous people who’ve played a part in shaping the world and those behind-the-scenes people you might not ever even know are there, but who make the experiences here so unforgettable.

Those genuine connections and unheralded efforts to make your stay here exceptional make all the difference. After all, Corning & the Finger Lakes is also about you. We’re sure that once you’ve seen some of the wonderful faces and places that are Corning & the Finger Lakes, you’ll feel like you belong here, too. 

W elcome

to Corning & the Finger Lakes, where Hot Glass, Cool Lakes, and Superb Wine are just the beginning!

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Contents Photo courtesy of Steve Ainsworth.

Photo courtesy of Steve Ainsworth.

Hot Glass! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Cool Lakes! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Superb Wines! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Excellent Dining! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Arts & Culture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 History & Heritage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Hands-On Fun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Exciting Shopping! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Women Only Weekends! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Experience Trails . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Farms & Farm Markets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Family Fun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Geocaching & Letterboxing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 River Adventures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 The Great Outdoors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Unrivaled Hunting! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Spectacular Fall Foliage! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Camping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Winter Escapes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Hotels & Motels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Bed & Breakfasts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Groups, Meetings & Reunions . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Must-See Attractions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Area Maps & Events. . . . . . . See fold-out section

I LOVE NEW YORK is a registered trademark and service mark of the New York State Department of Economic Development; used with permission.

Cover photos provided: background photo–Carter Saunders; Toshiyuki Shimada–Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes; Thomas Buechner–West End Gallery; boy tubing–Chris Brooks; Frederick Carder–Corning Incorporated Department of Archives & Records Management; Walter S. Taylor–Bully Hill Vineyards; curly-haired blonde girl and Hot Glass Show–The Corning Museum of Glass; bicycle rider—Glenn H. Curtiss Museum.

Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

H ot Glass!

W E ’ V E T U R N E D U P T H E H E AT O N F U N !


ust one visit to America’s Crystal City and your jaw will come unhinged as you rediscover just how amazing and how beautiful glass really is.

There’s a reason hundreds of thousands of people visit The Corning Museum of Glass each year. There’s

nothing like it on the planet! With the largest collection of glass art and artifacts in the world, not to mention an Innovation Center where you can bend light, bend glass, and bend your imagination, you’ll find delicate work and bold creations by master glassblowers, as well as scientific breakthroughs that have forever changed the world. In addition to live demonstrations of glassmaking, you’ll also get the unique chance to create your own work of art.

of other wonderful glass studios and galleries, like Steuben Glass, Hands-On Glass Studio, Vitrix Hot Glass Studio, and The Glass Menagerie. Not to

mention awesome glass events like GlassFest and 2300º. 

But what makes Corning even more special is that there are a number

Photo courtesy Steuben Glass LLC.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Photo courtesy Corning Incorporated Department of Archives & Records Management.

Although Steuben Glass has been made in Corning for over 100 years and is known for its brilliantly clear crystal, which has been given as gifts to celebrities and presidents, it originally gained fame and popularity for the remarkable colored glass pieces created by its co-founder Frederick Carder.


e’ve got what you’re looking for!

The Corning Museum of Glass 800.732.6845

Hands-On Glass Studio 607.962.3044

Vitrix Hot Glass Studio 607.936.8707


For a complete list of studios and galleries, visit All photos courtesy The Corning Museum of Glass, except where noted.

Photo courtesy Hands-On Glass Studio.

Coming to the world of glass art by chance, Rodi Rovner pioneered the hands-on glass experience in Corning, N.Y. by developing the first non-profit teaching program in the early ‘90’s. Having studied with the some of the founding fathers of the Studio Glass movement, she provides the opportunity for people of all ages to experience glassblowing at Hands-On Glass Studio.


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

Cool Lakes!



e’re known for our innovative ideas, unique opportunities and extraordinary events, but we can’t really take any credit for creating one of the most memorable draws to the area—Keuka Lake. Pristine, breathtaking, and flat-out fun, Keuka Lake is one of only a few Y-shaped lakes in the world. In addition to the highoctane excitement you might expect on a lake, you’ll also find award-winning wineries, incomparable views, great events, diverse shops, and amazing food. The charming village of Hammondsport, located at the southern tip of the lake, offers the very best of small-town Americana.  All images on this page courtesy Chris Brooks.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386


Photo courtesy Chris Brooks.

e’ve got what you’re looking for!

Depot Park, Village of Hammondsport 607.569.3700

Champlin Beach, State Rt. 54 607.569.3743

ACCOMMODATIONS WITH DIRECT LAKE ACCESS (see pages 37–42) Barger Landing Gone With the Wind B&B Hammondsport Motel Keuka Lake Motel BOAT RENTALS AND SERVICE Harbor Lights Marina 607.868.4848

Jake’s Boat Livery Boat launch, mini-mart, live bait, gas, kayak, row boat, and paddle boat rentals 607.868.4876

Keuka Watersports Boat/jet ski rental, boat/jet ski winter storage 607.569.2889

North Country Kayak & Canoe Delivery to people vacationing on the lake 607.868.7456

Reagan’s Canoe & Kayak Livery Canoe/kayak rentals or sales with delivery to cottages 607.243.9100

Village Shores Marina Full-service marina 607.329.3369

Summit to Stream Adventures Kayak rentals, kayak tours 607.535.2701

FISHING EXCURSIONS AND LAKE CRUISES Bobber’s Fishing Excursions Fishing charters on Keuka Lake for adults and children 607.569.2791

Ketchum Fish Charters Fishing for trout on Keuka Lake 607.868.3333

Keuka Bigfoot Charters Fishing charters on Keuka Lake 607.569.2988

Keuka Lake Children’s Adventures Children’s fishing charters 315.730.8333

Fishing the Finger Lakes Guide Service Bass fishing charters


LAKESIDE DINING Boat slips available Lakeside Restaurant 607.868.3636

CurtissAmerica, courtesy Jake Cornelius.

Glenn Curtiss may have started out racing bikes, but he went on to transform aviation by combining the elements of air and water and creating the first flying boat. The annual Seaplane Homecoming is a tribute to this remarkable man.

Snug Harbor Restaurant & Inn 607.868.SNUG

The Switzerland Inn 607.292.6927


Waterfront Restaurant

 Polar Bear Plunge




 Wine Country Classic Boat Show

NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation—Region 8

 Reeling for Relief Fishing Tournament



F amily & Fun!

Keuka Lake Association 866.369.3781

 Seaplane Homecoming

For more information on Keuka Lake and Hammondsport, visit: Steuben County Conference Hammondsport Chamber & Visitors Bureau of Commerce 866.946.3386


Background photo courtesy Nicole Young.


Courtesy of Glenn H. Curtiss Museum.


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

S uperb Wines!

S U R E W E H AV E P L E N T Y O F A W A R D S , B U T W H AT M AT T E R S M O S T I S Y O U R E X P E R I E N C E !


here’s a reason Budget Travel readers recently chose the Finger Lakes as “the world’s most beautiful wine region” over France’s Loire Valley, Italy’s Piedmont, and Napa, among others. The combination of rolling hills, fertile farmland, ripe vineyards, and picturesque lakes makes the area a feast, not just for the eyes, but for all the senses. Of course, in addition to those breathtaking views, you’ll also find exceptional wine! 

F or all the senses!

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Photo courtesy Nicole Young.

The Finger Lakes was chosen by Shermans Travel as a Top Ten Value Travel Destination for 2011…the most affordable wine country destination in the world!

Bully Hill Vineyards was founded by a Renaissance man, so it’s no wonder the winery is one of the most eclectic in the Finger Lakes, with its pop art museum, cooper’s museum, two gift shops, excellent restaurant, wine shop, and tastings that embody Walter Taylor’s philosophy of “wine with laughter!”

With an old estate winery feel, and an over 400-year-old family recipe for champagne straight from the Loire Valley, where owner Patrice DeMay was born into a family of winemakers, Château Renaissance Wine Cellars offers an intimate winery

experience. One you won’t want to miss. Long associated with the New York wine revolution,

Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars has been

rated the “#1 Winery in the Northeast” by Wine Report five years in a row and has been New York State’s most award-winning winery for over 40 years. Of course, the best part about a visit to Dr. Frank’s is the wine! Heron Hill Winery, named one of the 10 most spectacular tasting rooms in the world by Travel & Leisure Magazine, has live music every weekend from Memorial Day through October, a quaint

café, scenic views, and awardwinning wines. Wonderful for destination weddings or fun days wine tasting with friends. Keuka Lake’s youngest boutique winery, Keuka Lake Vineyards, has become well regarded for its unique dry European-style wines made from hybrid grapes like Vignoles. Recently, the winery’s Semi-Dry Riesling was awarded Double Gold at the New York Wine and Food Classic and was also chosen as Best Riesling and Best White Wine of the competition. Pleasant Valley Wine Company & Great Western Winery offers

visitors a glimpse of the rich history of one of the oldest wineries in the Finger Lakes and the First Bonded Winery in the U.S., with a wonderful guided tour of eight historic buildings, sherry and champagne caves, plus delightful tastings.

Ravines Wine Cellars, a small

boutique winery on the eastern slopes around Keuka Lake, specializes in dry, food-friendly, elegant wines made in the traditional French style. Trained in Montpelier and apprenticed in Bordeaux, France, ownerwinemaker Morten Hallgren has been turning heads and drawing rave reviews since opening the winery in 2003.

Courtesy Dr. Konstantin Frank’s Vinifera Wine Cellars.

Here’s just a little about the wineries in Hammondsport, which have been winning awards around the world for over 140 years:

Dr. Konstantin Frank was more than a grower of grapes. He was a pure scientist who wanted to spread the word by educating and consulting other growers about growing Vinifera grapes in the U.S. It was Dr. Frank’s dream “to assemble the world’s greatest wine grapes” and at one time he was growing 60 different grape varieties from all over the world, including Rkatsiteli which is still grown at the vineyard and is believed to be the oldest grape variety, dating back about 4,000 years. When you stop by Keuka Lake Vineyards, chances are you’ll see an unassuming man emerging from or going into the vineyards—a man who exudes a deep respect for grape growing and for a farmer’s ability to produce wonderful crops. Mel Goldman is a farmer now, but he spent years helping other countries with agricultural development. Mel applies that expertise to his winery and believes in keeping things simple while making the best wines—vintages that allow “the grapes to express themselves.”


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

“The Finger Lakes can stake a claim as the country’s best region for Riesling. The most familiar names, Dr. Konstantin Frank . . . have been joined by others such as . . . Heron Hill [and] Keuka Lake Vineyards . . . which are among my favorites.”



nn aH art. com.

S uperb Wines!

Pho w.D to courtesy of ww


e’ve got what you’re looking for! Keuka Lake Vineyards

Bully Hill Vineyards 607.868.3610


Château Renaissance Wine Cellars

Pleasant Valley Wine Company and Great Western Winery

607.569.3609 or 866.426.7543


Dr. Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars

Ravines Wine Cellars

607.868.4884 or 800.320.0735

Heron Hill Winery


For more Keuka Lake wineries, visit


—Dave McIntyre, The Washington Post

 WINE TOUR COMPANIES Finger Lakes Tours

Summit to Stream Adventures



Finger Lakes Winery Tours

Finger Lakes Limousine and Coach


Quality Wine Tours

315.789.7272 or 888.252.1768


 SPECIAL WINE EVENTS JANUARY  Wine on Ice FEBRUARY  Truffles and Tastes APRIL  Artisanal Cheese & Wine Weekend MAY  Keuka in Bloom

JUNE  Barbecue at the Wineries: Part 1  Barbecue at the Wineries: Part 2 JULY  Finger Lakes Wine Festival SEPTEMBER  Harvest Tour of Food and Wine NOVEMBER  Keuka Holidays: Part 1  Keuka Holidays: Part 2

E xcellent Dining!

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LO CA L I N G R ED I EN TS, TA L EN T ED C H EFS, D I V ER S E AT M O S PH ER ES, E XC EP T I O N A L FO O D Photo by Chris Kendall, courtesy of UBI.

“...using local products and networking with neighbors strengthens the neighborhood.” —Chef Craig Wilson Union Block Italian Bistro

Courtesy of

Talented Chefs

Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

E xcellent Dining!



Y Photo by Chris Kendall, courtesy of UBI.

Photo by Chris Kendall, courtesy of UBI.

Courtesy of Courtesy of Black Sheep Inn.

ou don’t always get the chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy a great meal. So when you do finally take some time for yourself, it’s important to know you can do just that. We’re already known for our superb wines, stunning scenery, and incredible art, but more and more people are discovering that we also have extraordinary places to eat. Put all those ingredients together and you’ve got an experience you won’t want to end. In Corning & the Finger Lakes, you’ll find a variety of dining styles and ethnic cuisines, as well as chefs who believe in the importance of creating seasonal dishes with ingredients from local farmers and wineries, not because it’s trendy, but because “using local products and networking with neighbors strengthens the neighborhood.” Whether you’re looking for something laid-back or upscale, whether you’re craving gourmet breakfasts, hearty lunches, succulent dinners, or mouthwatering desserts, you’ll find all the right ingredients right here in Corning & the Finger Lakes. 

Photo by Chris Kendall,

court esy

of U B


Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Courtesy of Black Sheep Inn.

Recipe Corner Chicken-Walnut Paté

Game Hens en Casserole (Serves 6)

This spread is a favorite hors d’oeuvre. Serve it with crackers or slices of baguette, cut at an angle, lightly toasted and (perhaps) rubbed with a cut clove of garlic for even more flavor. Add 2 tablespoons finely minced roasted red pepper to give it a bit of color for the holidays. It also makes a great sandwich filling topped with ripe tomato slices and crisp lettuce. Feel free to substitute cooked turkey for the chicken, or pecans for the walnuts.

Game hens make an elegant main course for a festive dinner. They can be browned ahead and then finished in the oven during a pre-dinner social hour. You can use peeled, fresh pearl onions, but frozen do save time.

1/2 cup walnuts or pecans 1 cup diced cooked chicken or turkey 3 ounces lower-fat Neufchâtel (or regular) cream cheese 1 garlic clove, minced 3 tablespoons mayonnaise (low fat is fine) 2 teaspoons fresh dill (or 1 teaspoon dried) Salt to taste For serving: Watercress or Boston lettuce 1 tablespoon chopped Italian parsley Crackers or toasted baguette Toast the nuts in a single layer in a 325ºF oven or toaster oven just until they turn one shade darker—about 7 minutes. Let them cool and then process them in a blender or food processor, by pulsing it on and off until the nuts are chopped fine. Add the chicken, cream cheese, and garlic. Blend until smooth. Add the mayonnaise, dill, and salt and blend again. Form into a ball and arrange on watercress or lettuce leaves. Sprinkle with chopped parsley. Serve with crackers or baguette slices.

Use a 5- to 6-qt. oval or round enameled cast-iron pan with cover for these. Note: if desired, and while the hens are cooking, roast some baby Yukon gold or red potatoes, cut in half and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. Serve the potatoes with the hens and alongside the other vegetables. Roasted fingerling potatoes also work well. 6 game hens, about 1 pound each, rinsed inside and out

2 bay leaves, preferably Turkish

Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves, coarsely chopped (or 1-1/2 teaspoon dried thyme leaves)

3 tablespoons vegetable, canola, or corn oil

6 medium carrots, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch rounds

16 small white onions from a 16-oz. bag of frozen pearl onions

3/4 cup dry white Finger Lakes wine or vermouth

1-1/2 pounds of fresh mushrooms, trimmed, wiped with a damp towel, and thinly sliced (you might want to toss in some stemmed and sliced shitake or other mushroom varieties)

3/4 cup chicken broth 1/3 cup finely chopped fresh parsley, preferably flat-leaf Italian Roasted potatoes for serving (see note above)

Dry the rinsed hens with paper towel and sprinkle them with salt and pepper inside and out. Truss with cooking string. Heat the oil over medium-high heat and brown the hens, 3 at a time, all over their surface. Remove browned hens to a platter. Add the onions and stir. Cook until they are limp. Add back all of the browned hens. Stir in the mushrooms, bay leaves, and thyme. Stir to blend. Cover and cook 5 minutes. Uncover and add the carrots, wine, and broth. Bring to a boil, then cover, reduce heat and simmer 25 to 30 minutes. Remove the bay leaves. Serve each hen on a warm plate surrounded with some of the vegetables. Sprinkle the parsley over each serving.

Recipes courtesy of Neal O’Donnell, food writer, founder, and director of the 171 Cedar Street Culinary Arts Program.

For a complete list of restaurants, as well as information about our wonderful chefs and restaurants that use local ingredients, visit:


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

A rts & Culture THE BEAUT Y OF A THING

Conductor Toshiyuki Shimada.


t’s that moment, when you encounter the beauty of a thing, where you’ll find art. The way a sculpture or a painting takes you somewhere you’ve never been, the way music finds its way beneath your skin, the way dance is like a smile expressed by the whole body, or the way an actor transforms into a character you can’t get out of your mind. Each time you encounter the arts you become part of whatever it is you’re enjoying and it becomes part of you. It changes you. Not just for that moment, but forever. 

Hart Exhibit, courtesy of West End Gallery.

A rt changes you...forever Martin Poole, Sheets.

Courtesy Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Images courtesy The Rockwell Museum of Western Art.

The Town Pants at 2300º.

Courtesy of Bob Oswald.


e’ve got what you’re looking for!



The Corning Museum of Glass

Keuka Lake Players

Rockwell Museum of Western Art


Corning Civic Music

West End Gallery

Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes

The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes

The late Thomas Buechner, whose work has been shown around the world and whose paintings have been acquired by museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American Art, is just one of several acclaimed local artists to exhibit regularly at West End Gallery in Corning.

Corning Area Community Concert Band

Lime Berry

Background image courtesy The Corning Museum of Glass.

Courtesy of West End Gallery.

Exhibit A

Hornell Wind Ensemble

Houghton Gallery

Valley Folk

Somers Art & Frame


Corning Community College Atrium & Corridor Galleries

171 Cedar Arts Center

For a complete list of galleries and studios, and a calendar of events and exhibits, visit

Courtesy of The Corning Museum of Glass.

When you watch Eric Meek shape glass, you forget just how difficult it is. Then he produces something brilliant and you have to shake your head in wonder. Watch Eric work his magic at The Hot Glass Show at The Corning Museum of Glass and on Celebrity Cruise ships.


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

H istory & Heritage A

n adventurous spirit is one of those things you either have or you don’t. For the past two centuries, Corning & the Finger Lakes has been associated with people who’ve had that ache for adventure in their bones. At one time, Western New York was as far as people had gone, and places like Hammondsport, Corning, and Bath were smack dab in the thick of things. Bath was actually intended to become the “new metropolis” before the Erie Canal came along and rerouted commerce. You’ll still find the grand avenues and boulevards and the grassy squares from its original design.

A hundred years ago, this area was a workshop for the great inventors like Glenn Curtiss, who helped aviation get off the ground when most people were just getting used to cars. Curtiss’s inventiveness even inspired a popular children’s book series at the time. Men like Walter Taylor and Dr. Konstantin Frank brought new ideas that not only shook up the way things were being done locally, but also, in the case of Dr. Frank, innovations that played a part in revolutionizing the wine industry in the northeast. Corning Incorporated has a long history of leading the way when it

comes to breakthrough technology, having created everything from the first light bulbs for Edison to space shuttle windows, to fiber optic cable to LCD screens, and even its latest achievement, Gorilla® Glass, which was actually invented about 50 years ago. Learn about all the remarkable people who’ve left their mark on the area and beyond by visiting wonderful museums and historic sites, many unique festivals, and annual events like Whingblinger and the Seaplane Homecoming. Celebrate the rich history of Corning & the Finger Lakes! 

Just twenty-six miles from the street where Corning has stopped time, Hammondsport’s Curtiss Museum commemorates the man who propelled New York, and the nation, into the speed-hungry, aviation-mad twentieth century.” —Christine Gibson, American Heritage Magazine

Celebrate the rich history Erie Depot.

Bath National Cemetery.

Courtesy of the Benjamin Patterson Inn.

Courtesy of Corning’s Gaffer District.


Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386


Courtesy of Corning’s Gaffer District.

dedicated to M useums preserving local history Erie Depot Museum

Middletown Historical Society Museum

Courtesy of Library of Congress.


Blanche Stuart Scott

Courtesy of Bully Hill Vineyards.

In 1836, Narcissa Prentiss Whitman of Prattsburgh became one of the first non-native women to cross the Rocky Mountains. Nearly 75 years later, Blanche Stuart Scott came to Hammondsport to learn how to fly and became the first woman in the country to pilot and to solo in an airplane.


Benjamin Patterson Inn Museum 607.937.5281

Pleasant Valley Wine Company 607.569.6111

Painted Post–Erwin Museum 607.962.0249 museum_depot.shtml

The New York State Wine Museum of Greyton H. Taylor 607.868.4814

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum 607.569.2160

Narcissa Prentiss House 607.522.4537

Bath VA Medical Center 607.664.4000


Bath National Cemetery

Podcast 2 the Past





 Curtiss Classic Motorcycle Rally

 Whingblinger

 Leaf Peeping Cemetery Tour

 Seaplane Homecoming

Walter S. Taylor

Walter S. Taylor might be remembered as much for his pluck and eccentric personality as for his wine. He believed Finger Lakes wines should be made with Finger Lakes grapes long before that was an accepted practice. He established the first winery museum in the country and his pop art adorns many of the labels.

Visit established and forgotten cemeteries where you’ll discover the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers and hear several interesting stories.

Courtesy of Jake Cornelius.

Courtesy of Glenn H. Curtiss Museum. Courtesy of Bob Oswald.

For more information on museums dedicated to preserving local history, or a list of events, check

Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

H ands-On Fun

B R I N G I N G D O - I T-Y O U R S E L F T O A W H O L E N E W L E V E L


f you could learn how to do anything, what would it be?

Bake, cook, plant, harvest, sculpt, navigate, fly-fish, quilt, blow glass, discover the West. Discover yourself. These are just some of the take-hold do-it-yourself activities you can do in Corning & the Finger Lakes. Homemade and Delicious

Stay on a real working farm and learn the art of baking homemade bread and sweet rolls, making strawberry or grape jam, and mixing your own herbal tea. For groups of four to eight guests at Button’s Creekside Farm Bed & Breakfast.

Basic Massage Workshop. During this four-hour workshop designed for couples, learn techniques to release muscle tension in the back and neck. Limited availability. Call 607.936.0578 for more information or reservations. ART CLASSES



Healing Spirits Herb Farm and Education Center

Culinary Classes at 171 Cedar Arts Center

Enjoy a Saturday morning culinary class conducted by top area guest chefs. The classes vary, so you’re sure to find a favorite cuisine you’d like to explore. Learn the secrets of preparation and sample the delicious results. Classes run from January to April.

Halcyon Place

Summer Herb Series & Afternoon Teas are educational experiences and culinary adventures on Wednesday afternoons, July–August. Sessions include lectures/demonstrations, cooking tips, and recipes. Additional topics include herb identification, as well as growing and harvesting suggestions. Enjoy punch and a variety of savory dishes, sweets, and hot teas all made from herbs. Check website in April for calendar of herbal topics.

Steuben Professional Massage Associates

 Herb Farm School. Learn the practical ins and outs of planting, weeding, harvesting, and drying medicinal herbs. Five-day workshop.  Self and Spirit. Learn meditations and guided imagery to nourish the connection to your spirit. Unplug from the high-tech, material intensity of our lives and give your spirit an opportunity to breathe and dance. Five-day workshop.  Basic Herbal Intensive. Learn to use herbs to make salves, tinctures, beverage tea blends, face creams, and more. One-day class.  Herbs to Enhance Body Therapies. Take a look at the body’s major systems and discuss nourishing herbs for each. One-day class.

Photo courtesy The Corning Museum of Glass.

In less than an hour, you can make a glass picture frame, holiday ornament, paperweight, and more. The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass

Learn beginning glassblowing, flameworking, and more. Weekend workshops and one-day workshops are also available. No previous experience necessary.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Photo courtesy Rudy Maxa.

Hands-On Glass Studio


Whether you’re two or 102, if you can blow up a balloon, you can experience the wonders of glassblowing. Make a glass pumpkin, paperweight, or ornament.

Ranger Outfitters

The Crafting Cottage

Workshops on stamping, cardmaking, and scrapbooking. Evening classes available, plus special “Sundays in the Studio” series on scrapbooking and cardmaking. Bring your crafting friends for a crafting retreat! See the website for calendar.

Learn outdoor skills such as land navigation with a compass, as well as by using elevation and relief, and terrain association; reading a topographical map; and the how-to’s of planning an adventure.

Earth Paint and Fire Studio

Choose from 400 different pottery pieces including vases, mugs, plates, wine chillers, banks, outlet covers, picture frames, animal figurines, seasonal items, and more. The pottery and the paint are provided. You supply the creativity. Of course, if you have trouble with that, they have idea books to help.

Sommerville Pottery

Individual and small group instruction on the potter’s wheel or basic hand building.


Conhocton River Fly Shop

Interested in fly-fishing? Licensed fishing guide offers instruction in flyfishing on the Conhocton River. Also available are boat charter trips for fly or light tackle fishing on Keuka, Waneta, and Lamoka Lakes.

HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES Lake Country Patchwork

Rocky Hill Pottery

Lessons cover basic techniques of throwing clay on an electric wheel, which involves taking clay through three stages: greenware, bisqueware, and stoneware; includes glazing and two kiln firings. Open studio time offered. Workshop classes on Horsehair and Raku also offered. E-mail:

Make pillowcases, decorative pillows, table runners, or placemats at evening or Saturday classes, or come to several classes for larger projects. Special workshops for those coming from a distance are a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends.

For more information about Hands-On Fun, visit

Rockwell Museum of Western Art

Pick up an ArtPack and follow the trail to discover the Wild West through fun themes like cowboy, horse, Native American, and wilderness!

Studio at the Octagon

Wonderful new space, exciting new experiences: cooking classes with an emphasis on local, organic, and seasonal, as well as “sourcing” where you live; pottery, jewelry/beadwork, papermaking and other workshops; crafters gatherings, fiber festivals/workshops, yoga and spa retreats, and more.

Schedule a class today!


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

E xciting Shopping!

I T ’ S N O T J U S T A B O U T T H E S T U F F. I T ’ S A B O U T T H E E X P E R I E N C E !

Hammondsport was wonderful. I bought so many cute things and I could have bought so much more…we ran out of time, so we plan on going earlier next year, and bringing more money to spend at all the cute little shops. It really is a quaint little place to spend the day.” —Terri Wilson, Burt, NY


hopping is often as much about getting out of the house for awhile as it is about finding a great deal. Sometimes it’s about making some alone time and sometimes it’s about getting together with friends. Sometimes it’s about buying what you need and other times it’s about the mystery and surprise of not knowing what you’ll find. Sometimes it’s about going to one specific shop for one particular item and other times it’s simply about losing yourself in the sights and smells and sounds of a new place, discovering a little about the people who call it home, about the cultures represented there, and sometimes even a little about yourself. It’s often as much about the interactions you have as the stuff you buy. But mostly it’s about having fun. In Corning & the Finger Lakes, you’ll find many wonderful ways to do all those things. 

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. . . some of the best shopping to be found, with a sprawling array of shops dealing in glass, crystal, and jewelry.” —Frommer’s on The GlassMarket at The Corning Museum of Glass

For a list of unique shops, visit

Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

W omen Only Weekends!

Y O U R T O U G H E S T D E C I S I O N : W H I C H S P A , W I N E R Y, M U S E U M , O R S H O P D O W E S TA R T W I T H ?


etween work, the house, the kids, and the endless list of things to do, life is already an adventure. Sometimes you just need to get away, to slow down and catch your breath, to reconnect, not just with your closest friends but with yourself, to recharge that always onthe-go battery, to simply enjoy. ď Ž

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Photo courtesy of Rudy Maxa.

Today, women from all walks of life either come to Corning & the Finger Lakes looking for relaxation and good times or they already live here and help create it. Women like Roxanne Mourhess and Pam Weachock, who’ve translated dynamic spirits and fun personalities into thriving businesses that offer visitors unique shopping experiences.

Pam Weachock

For great ideas, visit or let our Getaway Godmother customize the perfect escape just for you at


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011


Bass photo courtesy of Holly Julien.

I nstead of spending your time looking

for the thing you want to do, we think you should spend that time doing it! That’s why we’ve put some of your favorite things together—to make them easier for you to find and to give you the chance to enjoy what you love most.

Tiff any Trea sures , cour

s. las of G tesy The Corning Museum

Check out some of the experience trails that you’ll find in Corning & the Finger Lakes. Or call our Getaway Godmother (1.866.946.3386) for help putting together your own customized experience trail.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Courtesy of Bennett’s Clay Fish.


e’ve got what you’re looking for!



Bennett’s Clay Fish


Goff Creek Pottery


Rocky Hill Pottery 607.765.8176

2 Crocked Pots


AVIATION TRAIL Glenn H. Curtiss Museum 607.569.2160

Wings of Eagles Discovery Center 607.483.0349

National Soaring Museum 607.734.3128

Costa’s Flying Service 607.962.0053


A self-guided adventure in the fire arts treasures of yesterday and today.

Tiffany Window courtesy The Corning Museum of Glass.

See pages 12–13 for more information about the Arts. ANTIQUES TRAIL

For information about the wonderful antique shops in each community, visit

BEER TRAIL Finger Lakes Beer Company LLC 607.569.3311

Keuka Brewing Company


Courtesy Glenn H. Curtiss Museum.

Market Street Brewing Company 607.936.2337


Experience the sweet pleasures of the Gaffer District’s Chocolate Trail in historic downtown Corning. 607.937.6292 trails_chocolate.php

Raku firing courtesy Bennett’s Clay Fish.

Chocolate courtesy Beyond Baskets.

For information about Corning’s Antiques & Collectibles, Edible Excursions, and Chocolate Trails, visit

And be sure to check out to find out more about the many additional sites you’ll find to complement the experience trails scattered throughout the area.


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011



ot so long ago, there were 300 dairy farms in the Bath area alone. Given its size— Steuben County is larger than Rhode Island, Washington D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands combined—agriculture has long been a staple of the local economy.

Photo courtesy of Rudy Maxa.

But farming is more than just what to do with a lot of space. It has to do with a love of the land and of sinking one’s hands down into the soil and of being connected to the world. It has to do with creating life in even the most challenging of circumstances. Farming has to do with an endless amount of hard work and very little glory. It is something you do because it’s in your blood and very often it’s something you do because it has been in your family for generations. 

Fresh & Local

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386


e’ve got what you’re looking for!

Blueberry Hill Farm

Painted Post Alpacas

549 O’Connor Rd., Hornell 14843 607.324.5321

10134 Thompson Rd., Painted Post 14870 607.962.8779

Bonny Hill Apiaries 6316 Bonny Hill Rd., Bath 14810 607.776.3577

Close-Knit Alpacas 4526 Olmstead Rd., Woodhull 14898 877.CLS.KNIT (877.257.5648)

E.H. Lain Cider Mill 6226 Lain Rd., Canisteo 14823 607.324.1349 Watch apples pressed into cider

Golden Age Cheese Co. 1577 Mill St., Woodhull 14898 607.458.5365

Hager’s Maple Products 8298 Oak Hill Rd., Arkport 14807 607.295.7951 Maple syrup and maple cream

Hargrave Farm 3759 State Rt. 21, Wayland 14572 585.534.5382 Homegrown fruits and vegetables

Healing Spirits Herb Farm & Education Center 61247 State Rt. 415, Avoca 14809 607.566.2701

Victory Hill Farm 2640 Miller Rd., Addison 14801 607.359.3471

Young Hill Ostrich & Emu Farm 9489 Lattimer Hill Rd., Arkport 14807 607.295.7659

WEEKLY FARMERS’ MARKETS Addison Farmers’ Market Bliss Park, Addison 14801 607.359.2100 May–Oct: Sat. 8–4

Bath Farmers’ Market Pulteney Square, Bath 14810 607.776.7122 May–Oct: Wed. 9–3, Sat. 9–12

Corning Farmers’ Market Riverfront Park, Corning 14830 607.962.8997 June–Oct: Thurs. 9–3

Hammondsport Farmers’ Market Liberty Park, Hammondsport 14840 607.545.6046 May–Oct: Wed. and Sat. 9–5

Hornell Farmers’ Market Center St., Hornell 14843 607.324.9786 April–Oct: Fri. 10–3

Heavenly Sunset Farms Heron Hill’s grape grower and owner, John Ingle, often says that Heron Hill has “boot prints in its vineyards, not tire tracks.” People, not machines, maintain the vines at Heron Hill. This personal approach and commitment to quality is evident throughout every aspect of making, serving, and selling Heron Hill’s wines.


1134 County Rt. 99, Woodhull 14898 607.458.5499 HeavenlySunsetFarm.asp

Jenkins Farm Market & Deli 8637 State Rt. 36 North, Arkport 14807 607.295.7726

Lime Berry 64 Shethar St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.3300

STAY ON A FARM Button’s Creekside Farm B&B 9705 County Rt. 9, Cohocton 14826 607.566.2406

Farmer Phil’s Cabins 7678 County Rt. 55, Howard 14843 607.324.4024

Steuben County Travel Guide 2011



Courtesy of Chris Brooks.

s the kids get older, the days get busier, the hours shorter. You don’t always get that much time together, so make the most of your family time right here in Corning & the Finger Lakes. Our museums offer awesome interactive experiences for kids and grandparents alike, and some offer free admission to anyone 19 and under. With an assortment of hands-on activities, from blowing glass to staying overnight on a farm and helping feed the animals, you’ll find more ways to have fun. There are outdoor trails for family hikes or biking excursions that provide unmatched views of the area. In the clear warm water of Keuka Lake you can swim, sail, kayak, fish, ski, tube, wakeboard, snorkel, splash, laugh, float, or simply soak up the sun and recharge. There are streams and rivers and waterfalls and an assortment of wildlife to be seen and maybe even photographed. There are also exotic animals like alpacas just waiting for a friendly hand to feed them. You can even take glider rides less than 20 minutes away. 

Courtesy of Chris Brooks.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Photo courtesy Karen Mellott.

Courtesy of Chris Brooks.


e’ve got what you’re looking for!

 Splash in a natural pool fed by a

waterfall at Stony Brook State Park

 See alpacas at Heavenly

Sunset Farm, Close-Knit Alpacas, or Painted Post Alpacas

 See thousands of fish at the

New York State Fish Hatchery

 Journey to the stars at the

Corning Community College Planetarium  Play Putt-Putt at The

Fun Park or Park Avenue Sports Center

 Take to the ice at Corning’s

Nasser Civic Center Ice Rink

Finger Lakes Guide Service

 Have a water fight in bumper boats

at The Fun Park Fire Studio

Button’s Creekside Farm B&B

 Play Trading Post and discover the

Old West at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art

 Make a glass souvenir at

The Corning Museum of Glass or Hands-On Glass Studio

 Work on your skateboard tricks at

Denison Park or Shawmut Park

 Climb a rock wall at

The Fun Park

 Hone your baseball, soccer, and other

sports skills at Sandlot Sports Academy

 Pretend you’re a pilot at the

 Follow Native American trails with

 Paint pottery at Earth

 Get up close to farm animals at

Paint &

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum

 Spend the night in a real train caboose

at the Caboose Motel

 Catch a fish, flip, dive, swim, make

waves at Keuka Lake

 Drive golf balls or crack home runs in

the batting cages at Park Avenue Sports Center


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

Geocaching & Letterboxing 2 1S T- C E N T U R Y T R E A S U R E H U N T I N G


ou don’t need to be an archeologist in search of a lost city to enjoy geocaching or letterboxing. Treasure hunting instills us with the curiosity, exuberance, and joy of a youthful spirit. Geocaching requires you to solve a clue or puzzle, then use technology

such as a GPS device to explore unfamiliar areas and uncover hidden treasures. Letterboxing combines map reading and artistic creativity. Not only do you set off on a quest to discover hidden caches, you also leave behind proof that you did so by stamping a log book with your own unique stamp.

You can enjoy these fun activities by yourself, but they also offer interesting settings and experiences you can share with the people who mean the most. Geocaching and letterboxing are great ways to make connections with family and friends, and with people all over the world. ď Ž

For more information about Geocaching and Letterboxing in Corning & the Finger Lakes: Sojourn Geocache Trail



Steuben County Conference & Visitors Bureau 866.946.3386

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

R iver Adventures IT’S TIME TO GE T YOUR FEE T WE T


id you know you can travel from Corning & the Finger Lakes all the way to the Chesapeake Bay by water? That’s one of the reasons the area was a hub for commerce a century ago. Today, it’s the perfect place for recreation and adventure. Whether you enjoy the peacefulness of being carried away on the current or the challenge of paddling upstream, the serenity of being removed from the rest of the world for awhile or the test of fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or geocaching, the Canisteo, Conhocton,

Chemung, and Tioga Rivers offer all that in addition to views that will remind you just why you love the outdoors. River adventures mean the chance to get up close and personal with nature, to see wildlife like ospreys and eagles, herons and cranes, red and brown foxes, black bears, whitetail deer, coyotes, porcupines, beavers, and an assortment of fish from bass to trout to walleye to muskie. So bring your fishing rod and your camera and explore. 

North Country Kayak & Canoe 607.868.7456

Summit to Stream Adventures 607.535.2701

Wilson Rental Center 607.962.8611

Yankee Canoe Company 607.522.6400

GUIDE SERVICES Conhocton River Fly Shop Guided river fly-fishing 607.776.4968

Ranger Outfitters Hiking, paddling, camping, and fishing 607.346.3685

w Os ob


B of esy urt Co

W e’ve got what you’re looking for!

ald .

Summit to Stream Adventures Hiking, paddling, and fishing 607.535.2701

Fishing the Finger Lakes Guide Service Fishing 607.857.6269

ADDITIONAL RIVER ADVENTURE PLANNING RESOURCES Steuben County Conference & Visitors Bureau 866.946.3386

Friends of the Chemung River Watershed, Inc. 607.846.2242

Courtesy of Summit to Stream.


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

T he Great Outdoors



e spend most of our time indoors—in houses, schools, offices, cars. No wonder those moments we spend in the great outdoors are so special. No wonder they provide us a sense of freedom and adventure. No wonder they allow us to reconnect, not only with the world around us, but also with ourselves as we step away from jampacked lives that have us heading in a hundred different directions at the same time.

Photo courtesy of Michael J. Murdoch.

With over 900 miles of footpaths, the Finger Lakes Trail stretches across the state and offers hikers a combination of rural beauty and exercise. But you can also take in the panoramic views peddling one of the bicycle trails or paddling one of the four rivers in Corning & the Finger Lakes. Bring your clubs and enjoy our scenic golf courses or spend the night camping out under the stars near waterfalls and flowing streams and enjoy a sense of stillness you can only find in the great outdoors. ď Ž


Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Photo courtesy of Tour de Keuka.

Photo courtesy of Bob MacMillan.

Photo courtesy of Bob Oswald.

W e’ve got what you’re looking for! HIKING TRAILS


Finger Lakes Trail Conference

Wheels Unlimited





Circle “C” Stables

Pinnacle State Park 607.359.2767 www.NYSparks.State.NY.US/Parks/4/ details.aspx

Stony Brook State Park 585.335.8111


Donameer Farm 607.569.2115

The Equine Inn 607.346.3611

www.NYSparks.State.NY.US/Parks/118/ details.aspx

Birdseye Hollow County Park 607.664.2479

Spencer Crest Nature Center 607.962.9012

ATV TRAILS Demon Run ATV 607.566.2886



Find out more about The Great Outdoors in Corning & the Finger Lakes by visiting

“As we keep building, there continues to be a wonderful landscape to explore one footstep at a time rather than from your car window at 65 mph.” — Pat Monahan commenting on the Crystal Hills Trail in NY


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

U nrivaled Hunting! NE W YORK’S #1 DEER COUNT Y


ith about 30,000 acres of state forests and 4,000 acres of privately-owned land, it’s no wonder Steuben County has been called “the perennial chart-topper” when it comes to deer taken, by New York Game & Fish Magazine. In addition to white-tailed deer and black bear, you’ll also find an abundance of wild turkey and other small game. Photo courtesy Edge of Time Trading Post.

But hunting isn’t just about the challenge, it isn’t just about the trophies, it’s also about preserving natural resources and helping those in need. The Venison Donation Program is one way hunters are contributing to their local communities. 

Photo courtesy Wine Country Outfitters.

W e’ve got what you’re looking for! LICENSED HUNTING GUIDES Summit to Stream Adventures 607.535.2701

Ranger Outfitters 607.346.3865

Wine Country Outfitters

Wildlife Outdoor Enterprises and Little Niagara Lodge 607.562.7414

Features private grass airstrip

HUNTING GUIDELINES AND SEASON DATES NYS Department of Environmental Conservation





ABC Ranch


Steuben County Venison Donation Processors

Farmer Phil’s Cabins processorlist.htm#steuben


Photo courtesy Summit to Stream.

Photo courtesy Wildlife Outdoor Enterprises.

Venison Donation Coalition

For more information on hunting guides, getaway packages, public lands, hunting seasons, and maps, visit

Photo courtesy Wine Country Outfitters.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

S pectacular Fall Foliage!




aybe it’s that connection to nature, maybe it’s because being here and seeing it yourself is like stepping into some panoramic masterpiece, but there’s something magical about experiencing fall foliage in Corning & the Finger Lakes. Part of it has to do with the glacially-formed valleys and lakes, and how the rolling tree-covered hills, fertile farmland, and lush vineyards all play off each other. And part of it has to do with the fact that there are just so many different kinds of trees that the hillsides blaze in such a variety of fiery color. 

“New York’s Finger Lakes region is perfect for fall foliage hedonists—it’s the ultimate autumn experience. The vineyards are tinted in shades of tangerine, saffron, and amethyst, the deep blue lakes are cradled between outrageously colorful hills, waterfalls pour down rocky crevices, and there are terrific restaurants and wonderful little inns.” —Fodor’s

Background photo courtesy Donna Rose.

Visit to find out more about fall foliage events, like the annual Cohocton Fall Foliage Festival and the Wineglass Marathon.

Photo courtesy Tom Snyder. Photo courtesy Phillip Menard.

Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

C amping

C A M P F I R E S , G H O S T S T O R I E S , A N D A L L T H O S E S TA R S

Background photo courtesy Ryan Moses.


and horseshoe pits; swimming pools, ponds, and small lakes for fishing, swimming, and paddling; a disc golf course; a wellness center and health spa; and so much more. 

Courtesy Ryan Moses.

n Corning & the Finger Lakes you’ll find a variety of campgrounds that offer everything from the simple space to pitch a tent to full hookups to log cabins. We don’t skimp on amenities—hiking trails

Bud Valley Campground 10378 Pressler Rd., Prattsburgh 14873




Camp Bell Campground 8700 State Rt. 415, Campbell 14821

800.587.3301 or 607.527.3301




Campers Haven 6832 County Rt. 15, Bath 14810





Cardinal Campground 7323 Dee Rd., Campbell 14821

607.527.8152 CardinalCampground/


Donameer Farm 7417 Velie Rd., Hammondsport 14840



Camping Season


Planned Activities


Laundry Facilities


5/1 to 10/20


     

5/1 to 10/17

 


     

4/22 to 10/15


  


     

5/1 to 9/30



 


  



    

Pets Allowed

 

  

Hiking Trails

  


Camp Store

4/30 to 10/16


     

Flush Toilets




Full Hookups

Babcock Hollow Campground 5932 Babcock Hollow Rd., Bath 14810


Amps Available

Number of Sites

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

5/27 to 10/10

     

4/16 to 10/30

  

 

5/1 to 10/31

4/15 to 10/15

  

4/15 to 10/15

Vacation with your horse! Stalls and paddocks available. Ferenbaugh Campground & Recreational Center 4248 State Rt. 414, Corning 14830





Hickory Hill Family Camping Resort 7531 County Rt. 13, Bath 14810

800.760.0947 or 607.776.4345





 


 


Wellness Center and Health Spa on site. Kanakadea Park Pennsylvania Hill Rd., County Rt. 66, Hornell 14843



Lake Demmon Recreation Area 9139 East Shore Rd., Bath 14810 Limited off-season camping available.




Lakeview Campsites 14916 State R. 54, Dundee 14837 Overlooking the east side of Keuka Lake.



Stony Brook State Park 10820 State Rt. 36 South, Dansville 14437

800.456.CAMP or 585.335.8111 commonpage.jsp?goto=/usa/ny/ ston/newindex.html

Sun Valley Campsites 10740 Poags Hole Rd., Arkport 14807 Scenic waterfalls.


Sunflower Acres Family Campground 1488 Sunflower Blvd., Addison 14801


Tumble Hill Campground 10551 Atlanta Back Rd., Cohocton 14826


Twin Rivers CB Club Campground 7910 County Rt. 5, Addison 14801

607.359.2547 or 607.962.4564


  



 




 











Farmer Phil’s Cabins 7678 County Rt. 55 Howard 14843 607.324.4024


 

 

5/1 to 10/1

5/6 to 10/10

  


     

4/29 to 10/15

  


     

5/1 to 10/15

  


 


  

5/1 to 10/31

 

5/1 to 10/15

As seen on the TODAY SHOW! Experience solitude in secluded log cabins on private land. Choose from an intimate one-room cabin to a spacious four-bedroom cabin. Kitchen in larger cabins. Woodburning stove. Private ponds. Hunting cabins, see page 32.

Steuben County Travel Guide 2011



id you know there are actually five seasons? In Corning & the Finger Lakes, the season for fun lasts all year. Sure, we’ve got just the right spots to snowmobile, ice fish, toboggan, cross-country ski, snowshoe, and ice skate in the winter, but winter also offers you a chance to experience world-class art without all the lines, to have an intimate wine tasting where you just might find the person you’ve been chatting with is the winery owner, and to learn new skills like glassblowing and culinary arts. 

Photo courtesy The Corning Museum of Glass.

Cool Winter Events DECEMBER 37th Annual Sparkle

FEBRUARY 8th Annual Cabin Fever

Christmas in the Park

MARCH Polar Bear Plunge

JANUARY Wine on Ice

For more information on all the cool things to see and do, visit

ass. f Gl mo u s eu ng M orni he C sy T urte to co Pho

H otels & Motels


Great Ge ta Package way s at

www.Co rningFin gerLake


Super 8 Motel–Bath 333 W. Morris St., Bath 14810 800.800.8000 or 607.776.2187 $–$$ Rooms: 50

Budget Inn 332 W. Morris St., Bath 14810 607.776.7536

Caboose Motel 60483 State Rt. 415, Avoca 14809 607.566.2216

Cohocton Valley Inn 33 Maple Ave., Cohocton 14826 585.384.5592




Rooms: 22

Rooms: 21

Rooms: 9

Days Inn–Bath 330 W. Morris St., Bath 14810 800.329.7466 or 607.776.7644 $–$$ Rooms: 104

Holland-American Country Inn 6632 State Rt. 415, Bath 14810 607.776.6057 $ Rooms: 15

Microtel Inn & Suites 370 W. Morris St., Bath 14810 800.771.7171 or 607.776.5333 $–$$ Rooms: 67

Old National Hotel 13 E. Steuben St., Bath 14810 607.776.4104 $ Rooms: 24

High-Speed Internet

Online Reservations

Whirlpool Suites

Fitness Center

Hot Tub



Pets Permitted

Indoor Pool

Outdoor Pool

Conference/ Meeting Rooms

Photo courtesy Nicole Young.

Handicap Accessible

Smoking Rooms

Room Rates $ . . . . . . up to $99 $$ . . . . $100–$180 $$$ . . . . . . . $181+

Great Ge ta Package way s at

Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

www.Co rningFin gerLake

America’s Best Value Inn Lodge on the Green 196 S. Hamilton St., Painted Post 14870 607.962.2456 $–$$ Rooms: 135

Fairfield Inn by Marriott–Corning 3 S. Buffalo St., Corning 14830 866.541.6500 or 607.937.9600 $–$$ Rooms: 62

Budget Inn 11375 LPGA Dr., Corning 14830 607.937.5686

Gatehouse Motel 11409 E. LPGA Dr., Corning 14830 607.936.4131



Rooms: 37

Corning Inn 255 S. Hamilton St., Painted Post 14870 607.962.7115 $–$$

Rooms: 61

Rooms: 20

Hampton Inn 9775 Victory Highway, Painted Post 14870 607.936.3344 $–$$ Rooms: 67

Comfort Inn 66 W. Pulteney St., Corning 14830 607.962.1515

Lando’s Hotel & Lounge 41 Bridge St., Corning 14830 6073.936.3612



Rooms: 62

Rooms: 30

Days Inn of Corning 23 Riverside Dr., Corning 14830 607.936.9370 or 800.329.7466 $–$$$ Rooms: 56

Radisson Hotel Corning 125 Denison Pkwy. East, Corning 14830 800.333.3333 or 607.962.5000 $–$$$ Rooms: 177

Econo Lodge Painted Post 200 Robert Dann Dr., Painted Post 14870 607.962.4444

Ramada Painted Post 304 S. Hamilton St., Painted Post 14870 607.962.5025



Rooms: 62

Erwin Motel 806 Addison Rd., Painted Post 14870 607.962.7411

Rooms: 105

Staybridge Suites 201 Townley Ave., Corning 14830 607.936.7800



Rooms: 25

Rooms: 115

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Hammondsport Motel 24 Water St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2600 $

Rooms: 17

Vinehurst Inn 7988 State Rt. 54, Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2300 $–$$

Rooms: 25

Keuka Lake Motel 14720 State Rt. 54, Keuka Village 14837 607.292.6622

Photo courtesy Nicole Young.


Rooms: 7

Comfort Inn 1 Canisteo Square, Hornell 14843 607.324.4300

Days lnn–Hornell Exit 34 South, I-86, Hornell 14843 800.329.7466 or 607.324.6222



Rooms: 62

Rooms: 48

Econo Lodge 7462 Seneca Rd. North, Hornell 14843 607.324.0800

Sunshine Motel 7433 Seneca Rd. North, Hornell 14843 607.324.4565



Rooms: 66

Handicap Accessible

High-Speed Internet

Online Reservations

Whirlpool Suites

Fitness Center

Hot Tub



Pets Permitted

Indoor Pool

Outdoor Pool

Conference/ Meeting Rooms

Rooms: 14

Smoking Rooms

Room Rates $ . . . . . . up to $99 $$ . . . . $100–$180 $$$ . . . . . . . $181+


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

B ed & Breakfasts AND COUNTRY INNS

Cohocton /Prattsburgh Area

Corning Area

Hammondsport /Keuka Lake Area

Hornell Area

Button’s Creekside Farm Bed & Breakfast 9705 County Rt. 9 Cohocton 14826 607.566.2406 Working sheep farm; full farmhouse breakfast; snowmobile trails; hunting, fishing; variety of farm chores/experiences.

Feather Tick ’nThyme Bed & Breakfast 7661 Tuttle Rd. Prattsburgh 14873 607.522.4113 You will find this exquisite 1890s Victorian Country B&B home in its own fertile valley on a quiet picturesque country road within minutes of several Finger Lakes attractions. Our Bed and Breakfast Inn is located in the heart of the NYS Finger Lakes Wine Country between Keuka Lake and Canandaigua Lake.

Halcyon Place Bed & Breakfast 11 Maple Lane Campbell 14821 607.583.4311 For those who love early homes, exceptional antiques, gorgeous gardens, and gourmet breakfasts. Peace, tranquility, and gracious hospitality. Noted for our herb gardens and herb and antique shop. Centrally located to Corning and the Wine Trails.

Taylor Farm Bed & Breakfast 6554 Cook School Rd. Prattsburgh 14873 607.522.5155 Modern, spacious, rural two-story farmhouse on 315 acres with forest, feed crops, and ponds. Relax, hike, snowshoe and fish. Businessman’s retreat, couples getaway, and family reunions. Hiking trails on premises. Home theater on site, rec room available.

Rosewood Inn 134 E. First St. Corning 14830 607.962.3253

Hillcrest Manor Bed & Breakfast 227 Cedar St. Corning 14830 607.936.4548 Classic 1890 Colonial Revival mansion, with elegant interiors filled with art and antiques. Truly elegant yet casual. Frommer’s gave it top rating. Walking distance to area attractions. Wireless Internet.

Inn at the Gaffer Grille 60 W. Market St. Corning 14840 607.962.4649 Seven guestrooms, private baths, airconditioned. Afternoon refreshments, formal breakfasts in our candle-lit Victorian dining room. Stroll to shops, restaurants, and museums.

Villa Bernese Bed & Breakfast 11881 Overlook Dr. Corning 14830 607.936.2633 The villa offers European elegance, luxury, and hospitality. It is situated in a tranquil wooded location overlooking the Chemung River Valley. Five minutes from downtown Corning. Newly built in 2009. Luxury accommodations in the heart of Historic Corning and the Finger Lakes region. Local museums, shopping, and wine trails. Fine dining downstairs. The area’s best kept hotel secret. Corporate rates available.

Barger Landing 1 William St. Hammondsport 14840 570.398.1218 Four bedrooms with 1.5 baths, two-story with deck overlooking the lake. Walking distance to Hammondsport Village.

Black Sheep Inn 8329 Pleasant Valley Rd. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.3767 877.274.6286 Toll-free Our five-room boutique inn is an historically listed octagonal house. The inn is located just outside the quaint village of Hammondsport, on the southern end of Keuka Lake. We offer indulgent organic breakfasts utilizing local and organic products.

Amity Rose Bed & Breakfast 8264 Main St. Hammondsport 14840 800.982.8818 607.569.3402 In the Village of Hammondsport, country bed & breakfast. Jacuzzis and queen beds. Amenities galore. Great breakfasts!

Blushing Rose Bed & Breakfast 11 William St. Hammondsport 14840 866.569.2687 Four rooms each with private bath. The facility is centrally located—1/2 block to Keuka Lake beach and boat launch in one direction and 1/2 block to downtown Hammondsport shopping and restaurants in the other direction.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Inq overn uire about ight p ackag es! Captain’s Cottage Bed & Chocolate 69 Shethar St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2157

Champagne House 122 Pulteney St. Hammondsport 14840 607.246.4063 Clean, comfortable, and quiet lodging in picturesque Hammondsport. Centrally located near Keuka Lake. Moments away from wineries, fine/casual dining, antiques, marina, park, and beach. The Corning Museum of Glass, the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, and Watkins Glen are close by.

Elm Croft Manor 8361 Pleasant Valley Rd. Hammondsport 14840 800.506.3071 607.569.3071 Beautiful Greek Revival mansion located in the heart of NYS Wine Country. Luxury accommodations and event location. Gourmet breakfast and in-house chef.

The Fine Thread Bed & Breakfast 38 Liberty St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2093 Relax in a peaceful village setting and a family-friendly atmosphere. Walking distance to the Village Square and Keuka Lake. Near wineries and museums.

Gone with the Wind on Keuka Lake 14905 State Rt. 54A Pulteney 14418 607.868.4603

Gulfstream House 20 William St. Hammondsport 14840 607.246.4063 Clean, comfortable, and quiet lodging in picturesque Hammondsport. Centrally located near Keuka Lake. Moments away from wineries, fine/casual dining, antiques, marina, park, and beach. The Corning Museum of Glass, the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, and Watkins Glen are close by.

J. S. Hubbs Bed & Breakfast 17 Shethar St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2440 Build in 1840. Queen beds. Full breakfast. Half-block from lake and Village Square. Family owned for over 125 years.

Lake & Vine Bed & Breakfast 61 Lake St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.3282 A newly remodeled Queen Anne-style home offering a warm, casual atmosphere. Open airy environment, second floor common sitting area, themed rooms, and gourmet breakfast. Located in the Village of Hammondsport. Western New York’s only Bed & Chocolate. Offering a suite (King bed) and room (Queen bed). Go to sleep with elegant chocolate on your pillow and wake up to chocolate biscotti and freshly brewed coffee. Convenient walking distance to Hammondsport Village Square and minutes from the Keuka Lake Wine Trail.

Historic stone Victorian country home based on Keuka Lake. Lakefront for swimming, fishing; wine-sipping in the gazebo; rest & refreshment; delectable breakfast; home baking. Only minutes from wineries and top-notch lakeside restaurants. Secluded Log Lodge on property.

The Park Inn Hotel 37 Shethar St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.9387 Country inn and restaurant located on Hammondsport’s Village Square. Two-room suites and full breakfasts. Walk to shops and Keuka Lake beach. Near wineries and museums.


Inq overn uire about ight p ackag es!

Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

B ed & Breakfasts AND COUNTRY INNS

Cohocton /Prattsburgh Area

The Parker House 61140 State Rt. 415 Avoca 14809 607.566.2369 Relax in a converted country church where the guest rooms are the former classrooms. Enjoy a family-style breakfast each morning of your stay. Gathering room available for special events. Near Finger Lakes Trail and a short walk to the Conhocton River.

Snug Harbor Inn & Restaurant 9068A Snug Harbor Dr. Hammondsport 14840 607.868.7684 The suite in this historic inn has a private balcony overlooking the lake with spectacular views—perfect for a romantic getaway. Boat slip available. Wineries minutes away. Gourmet restaurant open seasonally.

Corning Area

Hammondsport /Keuka Lake Area

Hornell Area

Pleasant Valley Inn and Restaurant 7979 State Rt. 54 Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2282 Chef-owned inn features gourmet dining in a relaxed victorian atmosphere. Candlelight dinner Thurs.–Sun. Four guest rooms with queensize beds and private baths. A continental breakfast is served overlooking the vineyards.

Shetland Meadows Bed & Breakfast 15096 State Rt. 54 Dundee 14837 607.292.6861 Overlooking beautiful Keuka Lake, our contemporary home offers a quiet and relaxing experience in the heart of New York’s Wine Country. Open May 1–Nov. 10.

Village Tavern Restaurant & Inn 30 Mechanic St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2528

18 Vine Inn & Carriage House AAA Diamond Restaurant, catering and lodging with private baths. Serving lunch and dinner. Over 130 beers, award-winning wine list, live music. Central to shops and wineries.

18 Vine St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.3039

Relax in an historic 1860s winemaker’s home. Screened veranda overlooking in-ground pool, manicured grounds, gardens. Short walk to shops, restaurants, pubs, gorge, hiking trails. Customized packages and wine tours available.

Photo courtesy Steve Ainsworth.

Victorian Reflections Bed and Breakfast 18 East Main St. Canisteo 14823 607.821.2986 Peaceful setting in small village offers rest and relaxation for our guests. We offer two rooms with queen beds and one room with a double bed. A roll away is also available. The two bathrooms are just steps from your room and comfy robes are provided for your convenience.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

G roups, Meetings & Reunions BRINGING PEOPLE TOGE THER


hen you bring your group to Corning & the Finger Lakes, you’ll be welcomed like an old friend. Corning & the Finger Lakes is an ideal destination for groups—from business meetings and conventions to family,

school, and military reunions and group tours. Enjoy our world-class attractions, hands-on experiences, award-winning wines, small town charm, and breathtaking scenery. 

Visit and click on the GROUPS tab for information and planning assistance.

Make plans to attend the Finger Lakes Wine Festival, July 15–17, 2011. Named to the American Bus Association’s Top 100 Events list for 2011!

 SAMPLE ITINERARIES PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES  Glenn H. Curtiss Museum  National Soaring Museum  Hornell’s Erie Depot Museum  Tioga Central Railroad A DAY IN TOWN  The Corning Museum of Glass  Rockwell Museum of Western Art  Gaffer District—Historic Market Street

 Patterson Inn Museum

For more sample itineraries and details on how we’ll roll out the red carpet for your groups, visit


For More Information 607.868.3610

607.569.3609 866.4.CORKIE

800.732.6845 607.937.5371 Visitor Center at Centerway Square 800.320.0735


607.569.2989 Visitor Center at 47 Shethar Street 607.962.3044


Bully Hill Vineyards G. H. Taylor Memorial Dr. Hammondsport, NY 14840

Château Renaissance Wine Cellars 7494 Fish Hatchery Rd Hammondsport, NY 14840

The Corning Museum of Glass I-86, Exit 46 One Museum Way Corning, NY 14830

Corning’s Gaffer District and Historic Market Street Corning, NY 14830

Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars 9749 Middle Rd. Hammondsport, NY 14840

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum 8419 State Rt. 54 Hammondsport, NY 14840

Hammondsport Village Square Hammondsport, NY 14840

Hands-On Glass Studio 124 Crystal Lane Corning, NY 14830

L O C AT I O N S , H O U R S , A N D M O R E

Flexible hours—Open year-round Call to arrange your creative experience. Priced by activity, starting at $15

Store and restaurant hours vary (stores generally open at 10 a.m.)

May–Oct: Mon–Sat 9–5; Sun 10–5 Nov–Apr: Mon–Sun 10–4 Adults $7.50; Families (two adults, two or more children) $20; Seniors (65+) $6.00; Students (7–18) $4.50

Open year-round: Mon–Sat 9–5; Sun 12–5 Complimentary tastings Fee for groups; reservations required

Store and restaurant hours vary (stores generally open at 10 a.m.) Free shuttle bus from The Corning Museum of Glass

Open daily 9–5 Extended hours Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day: open 9–8 Adult day pass: $14.00 Kids & Teens FREE (19 and under)

May–End of Oct: Mon–Sat 10–5; Sun 12–5 Nov–Apr: Mon–Sat 10–5; Sun 12–4 Jan–Apr: closed Tues. Wed. Wine cellar tastings Group reservations requested

Open year-round: Mon–Sat 9–5; Sun 10–5 Free tours Fee for groups of 12 or more for tasting; Reservations requested


M ust-See Attractions

Make your own glass ornament, pumpkin, or paperweight. All ages welcome! Order custom-made sun catchers to commemorate special occasions.

Variety of shops situated around a quaint village square—antiques, pottery, art, gift shops, Finger Lakes items, and restaurants. Short walk to lakefront.

Historical aircraft, antique motorcycles and cars, classic boats, aviatrix exhibit, winemaking history. Handicapped accessible.

New York’s most award-winning winery. Recently hailed as offering the “Best Wine-tasting Experience” in the region. Rated “#1 Winery in the Northeast” by Wine Report, 2005–2009.

Walkable downtown. ADA accessible, over 100 boutiques, antique stores, specialty shops, art galleries, glass studios, and restaurants.

Live hot glassmaking demonstrations, interactive exhibits, world’s largest collection of art glass. Make your own glass souvenir (fee). Handicapped accessible.

Located 1-1/2 miles south of the village of Hammondsport off Route 54. Wine tastings: bottle fermented. Champagnes, fruit wines, port, sherry and still wines hand-crafted in French traditional style.

Winery tours, wine tasting, NYS Wine Museum of Greyton H. Taylor, Walter Taylor Art Gallery, two gift shops, and restaurant overlooking scenic Keuka Lake.


Approximately 1/2 hour.

2 hours. Additional time for dining and special events.

1 1/2 to 2 hours.

2–3 hours. Additional time for dining and special events.

3–4 hours. Additional time for a “Make Your Own Glass” experience.

1 1/2 hours. Additional time for dining.

Minimum Time Allowance





Keuka Lake Vineyards 8882 County Rt. 76 Hammondsport, NY 14840

Patterson Inn Museum Corning Historical Society 59 W. Pulteney St. Corning, NY 14830

Pleasant Valley Wine Company and Great Western Winery Visitors Center 8260 Pleasant Valley Rd. Hammondsport, NY 14840

Ravines Wine Cellars 14630 State Rt. 54 Hammondsport, NY 14840

See fold-out section in the center for maps.

One of the largest collections of American Western and Native American art in the Eastern United States—the Best of the West in the East. Parking and all facilities available to people with disabilities. Combination tickets available with The Corning Museum of Glass.

Boutique winery overlooking Keuka Lake crafting dry, European-style wines. Featuring wine tastings with artisanal chocolates, farmstead cheeses and regional specialty foods: a delight for food & wine lovers.

Wine tastings, wine museum, gift shop, Theater in a Wine Tank. Tour of historic 1860s wine cellars is a definite must-see. Winery offers customized silk-screened champagne splits for special occasions. Named “Best Winery Tour in New York State” by AAA Car & Travel.

Early settlement history comes alive in restored inn (1796), log cabin (1855), and one-room schoolhouse (1878). Educational programs and group tours by appointment.

Located just 2 miles from Hammondsport. Enjoy the informality and friendliness of this small new vineyard producing dry elegant European-style wines, Rieslings, Vignoles, and Cabernet Franc.

Wine tastings, Blue Heron Café, gift shop. Live music, weekend concerts, culinary events. See online calendar for details. Other locations on Seneca and Canandaigua Lakes.

Organically grown medicinal herbs, unique healing retreats, and great educational programs.

1 1/2 hours.

1 1/2 hours.

1 hour.

45 minutes minimum. Additional time for dining.

Take some time to explore the area. Discover charming stores and local history—true Americana. Drive country roads where you’re apt to pass Amish farms offering fresh produce at roadside stands. Catch a glimpse of deer and other wildlife. Experience the most scenic views farthest from the Interstate.

Open daily 9–5 Extended hours Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day: open 9–8 Members FREE Kids & Teens FREE (19 and under) Not-yet Members $6.50

Open daily 10–5 December–March, weekends only Group reservations requested.

Jan–Mar: Tue–Sat 10–4 Apr–Dec: daily 10–5 Free tastings Tour $5 for adults and children over 10 Group reservations requested.

Open year-round: Mon–Fri 10–4 Additional hours by appointment. See web site for special events; Admission: Adults $4, Family $10

Open daily 10–5, June–Thanksgiving; open late Friday and Saturday; open Saturday year round; call/visit web site for winter/spring schedule. Group reservations requested.

Open year-round: Mon–Sat 10–5; Sun 12–5 Featured wine tasting $2; premium tasting $5. Group reservations required.

Open year-round Drop-ins welcome See web site for class schedule

Great Getaway Vacation Packages • • or toll-free 866.946.3386.

r Othe es” t Se s u “M



Heron Hill Winery 9301 County Rt. 76 Hammondsport, NY 14840

Rockwell Museum of Western Art 111 Cedar St. Corning, NY 14830


Healing Spirits Herb Farm 61247 State Rt. 415 Avoca, NY 14809


Steuben County Travel Guide 2011

C orning & Steuben County IT’S E ASY TO GE T HERE !


Approximate travel time from major cities to Corning, New York: Albany

3½ hrs.


6 hrs.




5 hrs.


3 hrs.

New York City

4½ hrs.

Niagara Falls

2½ hrs.


4 hrs.


5 hrs.


1½ hrs.


2 hrs.


2 hrs.


Washington, D.C.

5 hrs.




Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXX X

By Car

By Air

From the east and west: Follow NYS Route 17 / Interstate 86 From the north: Follow Interstate 390 south from Rochester or Interstate 81 south from Syracuse. From the south: Follow US Route 15 north from Harrisburg, PA

Elmira–Corning Regional Airport 15 minutes from Corning US Airways: 800.428.4322 Northwest Airline: 800.225.2525 Allegiant Air: 702.505.8888

By Bus New York Trailways: 800.776.7548 Shortline: 800.631.8405

Getting Around The Finger Lakes Region is a wonderfully scenic, rural area. The best way to get around is by car. The following rentals are available: Enterprise: 800.736.8222 Alamo: 877.603.0615 Avis: 800.331.1212 Hertz: 800.654.3131 National: 800.227.7368

Join us on Facebook and Twitter. • or toll-free 866.946.3386 This guide is published by the Steuben County Conference & Visitors Bureau. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy at the time of publication, details and rates may change. Listings and some photos are provided by individual facilities and not regulated by the SCCVB. The SCCVB is an equal opportunity provider. Complaints of discrimination should be sent to USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410. Printed in U.S.A.

Corning & the Finger Lakes Travel Guide 2011  

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine! Explore the beauty of Corning and the Finger Lakes in New York.

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