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uality is what sets Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes apart. With small towns that have been called the “Coolest” and the “Most Fun” in America, world-class museums, and award-winning wineries, we’ve been getting it right for decades. And with an emerging brew scene, unique shops, breathtaking scenery, and many exciting ways you can create your own hands-on fun, there are so many opportunities to savor the very best of New York and master craft your personal experience. Welcome!

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Contents Why You’ll Love Us................................................... 2 Must-See Attractions................................................ 6 Hot Glass and Fire Arts.......................................... 10 Women Only.............................................................16 Superb Wine.............................................................18 Wine Connoisseurs.................................................24 Unbeatable Brews..................................................26 Craft Beer Lover......................................................30 Excellent Dining...................................................... 32 Foodies.....................................................................34 Arts and Culture......................................................36 Art Aficionados.......................................................38 Destination Weddings........................................... 40 Lovebirds.................................................................42 Hands-On Experiences...........................................44 Family Fun...............................................................46 History and Heritage..............................................48 History Buffs............................................................50 Map........................................................................... 52 The Great Outdoors................................................54 Outdoor Enthusiasts...............................................56 Pristine Lakes..........................................................58 Shutterbugs.............................................................62 River Adventures....................................................64 Unrivaled Hunting...................................................66 Farms and Farm Markets.......................................68 Agritourism.............................................................. 72 Five Seasons............................................................ 74 Extraordinary Events..............................................84 Camping...................................................................92 Hotels and Motels...................................................94 Bed and Breakfasts..............................................100 Vacation Rentals................................................... 105

Cover photo courtesy Stu Gallagher Inside cover photo courtesy Bob Magee

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Why You’ll Love Us S pend a little time in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes and you’ll understand why locals act like they have a special secret they can’t wait to share. Here’s what the people who have visited have to say about why you’ll love us.

GlassFest photo courtesy Alexandra Elise

Corning “Can I tell you something? Corning is one of the most adorable and quaint towns I have ever visited in the U.S.” —Brianne Cohen, SOMMspirations

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VISITORS SHOW US LOVE Hammondsport “At the base of Keuka Lake is my favorite of the Finger Lakes small towns, Hammondsport. Idyllic in every sense of the word, this village of 800 people boasts the most charming town square, veterans memorial and, like any good small town, both a tavern and ice cream shop. I love Hammondsport’s small town friendliness and easy access to the chillest of the Finger Lakes.” —Christina Saul, View From My Middle Seat

Photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

Fall Foliage “Among leaf scenes, New York’s is one of the best. . . . New York does have a pretty impressive fall array, especially upstate in the glacier-carved region known as the Finger Lakes.” —Amelia Mularz, IntelligentTravel,

Photo courtesy Joe Carroll

Village Tavern, Hammondsport

Heritage Village “At first glance, the tiny Heritage Village doesn’t seem like much, but I was blown away by how much there is going on. In fact, there was so much to do that I went twice in my four-day stay.” —Becky Pokora, The Girl and Globe

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Photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

Finger Lakes Wine “. . . these days, while Napa is all high-gloss and limousines, the Finger Lakes have something rarer and, some would argue, more valuable: a community of unpretentious winemakers. . . . Which might explain why Budget Travel readers picked it as the world’s most beautiful wine region—beating out heavyweights like France’s Loire Valley, Italy’s Piedmont, and, yes, Napa.” —Ryan Bradley, Budget Travel

Photo courtesy Finger Lakes Wine Country

Feels Like Home “If you are looking for a place with friendly locals, picturesque streets, and small-town charm, then plan a visit to Corning, New York.” —Linda Kazmerski, Tripping Blonde

Family Fun “The Finger Lakes region of New York offers an ideal combination of museums, outdoor activities, and yummy local food, wine and beer. For a family that enjoys hitting a museum in the morning and hiking in the afternoon—with lunch at a microbrewery in between—it’s the perfect destination.” —Eileen Gunn, Family Go!

Photo courtesy The Corning Museum of Glass

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Farm-to-Table “If you are in NYC, or close enough to it, you might actually believe you have no need to travel too far to taste the best of the best. But the truth is a lot of the best of what New Yorkers enjoy in their favorite city restaurants come from upstate, and when it comes to a farm-to-table experience, there is no better place to be.” —Carol Cain, Girl Gone Travel

Photo courtesy Bob Magee

Craft Beer “It’s true that upstate New York is better known as wine territory. But in recent years, the Finger Lakes have become the epicenter of New York’s craft-beer explosion.” —Don Russell, JoeSixpack Photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

Just a few reasons why you’ll love Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes  World’s Most Beautiful Wine Region (Budget Travel, 2010)  Finger Lakes named one of the Top 7 Beer Destinations in North America (Travel Channel, 2011)  Finger Lakes named one of America’s 10 Best Lake Vacations (Travel + Leisure, 2012)  America’s Coolest Small Town Hammondsport (Budget Travel, 2012)  Most Fun Small Town Corning (Rand McNally, 2013)

 The Finger Lakes has been recognized as a Great Value Destination (Shermans Travel) and a Top Lakeside Vacation (Yahoo! Travel)  Finger Lakes named Best Wine Travel Destination for 2015 (Wine Enthusiast Magazine)  We have two American Bus Association (ABA) Top 100 Events for 2016: GlassFest and Finger Lakes Wine Festival  New York State named world’s Wine Region of the Year (Wine Enthusiast Magazine)

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Must-See Attractions Only have an hour? CRAFT BEERS, CIDERS, SPIRITS Taste or buy, you’ll have time to savor the flavors in an hour. The Brewery of Broken Dreams Brick House Brewery Cider Creek Hard Cider Finger Lakes Beer Company Four Fights Distilling

Photo courtesy

Iron Flamingo Brewery Keuka Brewing Company LLC Krooked Tusker Distillery Market Street Brewing Company Railhead Brewing Company Steuben Brewing Company Urbana Hill Distillery See pages 26–31 for more information.

Photo courtesy The Cellar

CORNING Hands-On Glass Studio Make your own glass ornament, pumpkin, or paperweight. All ages welcome (p. 12). Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes Early settlement history comes alive in a restored inn (1796), a log cabin (1855), a one-room schoolhouse (1878), and a blacksmith shop (p. 49).

Photo courtesy Hands-On Glass

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WINE TASTING Whether you want to taste, tour, or simply buy, you’ll be able to take in a winery in an hour. Bully Hill Vineyards Château Renaissance Wine Cellars Deep Root Vineyard Domaine LeSeurre Winery Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars Photo courtesy Finger Lakes Wine Country

Heron Hill Winery Keuka Lake Vineyards Pleasant Valley Wine Company and Great Western Winery Visitors Center Point of the Bluff Vineyards Ravines Wine Cellars Savor Vineyard and Wines Wild Brute Winery See pages 18–25 for more information.

Point of the Bluff Vineyards

HORNELL Hornell Erie Depot Museum Check out the wide array of Erie train memorabilia and photographs housed in the historic Hornell Depot. You’ll only need 30–60 minutes (p. 49).


Hornell Erie Depot Museum

Healing Spirits Herb Farm Organically-grown medicinal herbs, unique healing retreats, and great educational programs. You’ll only need 20 minutes for a stop, but allow additional time for classes (p. 70).

If you’re looking to get away from it all for a few days try losing yourself in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. There’s so much to do . . .” Finger Lakes Boating Museum photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

—Cathy Chester, Huffington Post

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Two or three hours to visit? CORNING The Rockwell Museum Upstate New York’s only Smithsonian Affiliate, this hidden gem focuses on the story of the American experience through art (p. 37). “I was knocked out by the collection in the Rockwell Museum. I’m a huge fan of Western American art and the sight of so many great works by American artists in one place was quite a sensory overload.” —Marcy Gordon, Come for the Wine

Rockwell Museum photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

HAMMONDSPORT Finger Lakes Boating Museum Catch a glimpse of historic vessels or take part in restoration projects and classes (p. 49). “We both whispered, ‘Wow!’ when we entered the lobby. . . . The Finger Lakes Boating Museum is a great treasure.” —Don Knaus, Mountain Home

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum Explore historic aircraft, vintage motorcycles and cars, classic boats, aviation exhibits, winemaking history, restoration work, and more (p. 49).

CANISTEO Cider Creek Hard Cider The extra time it takes to handcraft exceptional all-natural hard cider comes through with every sip (p. 28). Cider Creek Hard Cider

“Cider Creek Hard Cider is well worth the drive out to Canisteo for a day in the countryside. . . . Cider Creek features a Saison Reserve, Cran Mango Saison with cranberries and mango, Hopricot with local apples and apricot puree, Blood Orange, and other seasonal flavors. They were all delicious and my only regret was not having a large cooler to bring some home with me.” —Tamara Gruber, We 3 Travel

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Spending a half-day? CORNING


Corning’s Gaffer District Stroll along brick sidewalks and explore this charming downtown. With over 100 boutiques, antique stores, specialty shops, art galleries, glass studios, and restaurants, there’s lots to discover in Corning’s Gaffer District. Minimum time 2–3 hours, but allow more for dining and special events.

Hammondsport Village Square Browse a variety of shops situated around a quaint village square—antiques, pottery, art, gift shops, Finger Lakes items, and restaurants. Spend at least 2 hours in the Village Square, but allow extra time to eat and walk to the lakefront (p. 60).

The Corning Museum of Glass Watch hot glassmaking demonstrations and explore interactive exhibits at the world’s largest glass museum. The new Contemporary Art + Design Wing puts glass in a new light and is the world’s largest space dedicated to contemporary glass art. Recommended time is 3–4 hours, but allow more time for a “Make Your Own Glass” experience (p. 12).

Top photo courtesy The Corning Museum of Glass

Photo courtesy Patrick Gaffney

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Hot Glass!

Experience the beauty and inspiration of America’s Crystal City


lass loves light. Visit the world’s largest museum devoted to glass art and artifacts and experience the magnificence of glass for yourself. With fascinating objects dating back over 35 centuries, massive, breathtaking installations in the Contemporary Art + Design Wing, and an innovation center where you’re encouraged to learn about the science and technology of glass, The Corning Museum of Glass is one of those special places that is even more awesome than you imagine. Watch master glassblowers create something beautiful before your eyes, then try your hand at shaping glass into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Uncover the many glassy treasures to be found in the unique boutiques, galleries, and studios on and near historic Market Street, and discover the stunning glass wonders found on the Tiffany and Treasures Trail.

Don’t miss the world’s first exhibition of Tiffany’s Glass Mosaics May 20, 2017–January 7, 2018

Photos this page courtesy The Corning Museum of Glass

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I have a new favorite museum, and it’s not a traditional one. The Corning Museum of Glass in the Finger Lakes region of New York is the largest display of glass art in the world, smacking you in the face with over 3,500 years of pieces you never thought possible from such a takenfor-granted material.” —Lillie Marshall, Around the World “L” Photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

Photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

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Some things just need to be experienced to be believed!

W  E’VE GOT WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! The Corning Museum of Glass 800.732.6845

Hands-On Glass Studio 607.962.3044

Glass Menagerie 607.962.6300

Vitrix Hot Glass Studio 607.936.8707

Top photo courtesy Glass Menagerie, background courtesy The Corning Museum of Glass

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 GLASS EVENTS 2017 May: GlassFest July–August: Little Gather September: Hot Glass! Cool Brew! October: Annual Seminar on Glass November–March and May: 2300° December: Holiday Open House

Playing with Fire Eric Goldschmidt has been working with glass for the past 20 years, but he started as a candlemaker. After witnessing glassblowing, however, he became intrigued by the process that led him to take classes from master glassblowers at The Corning Museum of Glass. Later, he had the opportunity to assist artists in Italy, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Glass presents a number of unique challenges as a molten material, but also as a substance that changes, that moves with temperature, expanding and contracting at different rates. “It’s a lot like trying to tame an animal,” Eric says. “Glass is alive and moving and you have to come to an agreement with it, learn its needs, its wants, and work around those to get what you want.” He enjoys competing with himself and with the material. “I want to know it all, to soak up every aspect of the material. The more you know,” he admits, “the more you realize you don’t know.” Watch Eric and other glass artists challenge themselves during the daily flameworking shows at The Corning Museum of Glass. Top three photos courtesy The Corning Museum of Glass

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Fire Arts W

hile The Corning Museum of Glass is spectacular, small glass studios like Vitrix, where you can catch gaffers creating specialty pieces while you shop, and Hands-on Glass, which pioneered Do-It-Yourself glassblowing here in Corning, mean there’s a lot more to love about glass and the fire arts in America’s Crystal City and beyond. Explore the local pottery trail and discover everything from fascinating garden sculptures to stunning Raku pieces; from

elegant jewelry to beautiful tableware. There are also a number of exciting hands-on workshops and classes—throw pottery, design your own stained glass piece, blow or shape glass. Follow the self-guided Tiffany & Treasures Trail and discover historic windows and buildings designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Enjoy the incredible collectible art of Steuben Glass. Visit shops and galleries sprinkled throughout the region’s charming historic main streets for unique pieces you can take home.

Photo courtesy Betelgeuse Pottery

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Photo courtesy Vitrix Hot Glass Studio | 15

So why clay? Like glassblowing, there’s the ability to reshape and start over if you need to. For someone with limited talent like me, that is a big selling point. However, a private lesson with John Keddy—a serious artist and an effective teacher—had me spinning successfully in no time.” —Becky Pokora, The Girl and Globe

John Keddy

Photo courtesy 171 Cedar Arts Center

Photo courtesy Stu Gallagher


Master Craft Your Experience

Women Only Weekends


t’s not about getting away, but about getting together. Might as well be someplace incredible! Radisson Hotel Corning makes it easy. Rolling out of that luxurious bed. On-site spa. A day of shopping, art, wine, food. Most difficult decision? Where to start.

Couldn’t resist adorable Poppleton Bakery and Café. So many creative choices. The Nutella & Banana crepes were ridiculous. Corning’s shopping district is charming. Brick sidewalks. Wonderful mix of clothing, collectibles, glass, antiques. Did we mention, chocolate?! The Corning Museum of Glass blew us away! Never thought of glass like this before. The art is amazing. And some of the pieces in the historic exhibits. I mean, how did they do that?! Making my own glass pendant was such fun. And don’t get me started on the museum shop. It’s huge! No wonder tickets are good for two days. Photos this page courtesy Stu Gallagher

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For Day Two, we headed to the lake and the wineries. After a short drive to Keuka Lake, we opted for some standup paddleboard action on water that was so calm and clear it was like standing on glass. Perfect way to get outdoors. Explored a few of the shops on Hammondsport’s Village Square before heading to Bully Hill for wine tasting and a delicious lunch. Laughed the entire time. Then we drove a little further to Point of the Bluff. While most of their wines were delectably dry, a few of us were all about the ice wines. Dessert in a bottle. After a relaxing dinner, we headed to Hickory Hill. We had decided on roughing it. You know, glamping. That’s right. A spacious log cabin and a little more pampering at the on-site spa the next morning before heading home. For Help Crafting Your Own Wonderful Women Only Weekend Experience, visit Top photo courtesy Liz Cleland, Western New Yorker

! W WO

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Superb Wine! W

e didn’t become a world-class wine destination by chance. This is where winemaking in the Finger Lakes started over 155 years ago. This is also where the Vinifera Revolution began, forever changing winemaking in the Eastern United States. And this is where the next generation continues to lead the way when it comes to making exceptional wines.

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You wouldn’t expect the genesis of European wine production in the Eastern United States to be so off-the-beaten-path.” —Malerie Yolen-Cohen, Huffington Post Bully Hill Vineyards is a winery that, from its very beginning, dared to be different. It’s a winery founded on the philosophy of “wine with laughter” that specializes in the art of having a good time. With its pop art museum, Cooper’s Museum, gift shop, and superb restaurant overlooking beautiful Keuka Lake, Bully Hill is one of the most eclectic wineries in the Finger Lakes—one that will leave you smiling.

Deep Root Vineyard strives to offer relaxed, comfortable tastings in a rustic setting. Winemaker Ben Hartman focuses on making small batches of limited edition wines that range from sweet dessert wines to dry reds, with Deep Root’s most popular wine being Moonflower, a semi-dry Traminette. Originally from New Jersey, Ben and his wife searched the country for just the right spot to start their winery and were drawn to the natural beauty of Keuka Lake.

Château Renaissance Wine Cellars is the place to be if you’re looking for a traditional approach to winemaking. Born into a family of winemakers in France’s Loire Valley and with an expertise steeped in methods that have produced quality wines for centuries in Europe, Château Renaissance owner/ winemaker Patrice DeMay is known for his fruit wines, ports, fruit sparkles, and the 400-year-old family recipe for making champagne that he brought with him to Keuka Lake.

All photos this spread courtesy Stu Gallagher

20 | Master Craft Your Experience

Domaine LeSeurre Winery offers a personal approach to winemaking. “We trust our taste buds only,” say winemakers Sebastien and Celine, “as we don’t want to be influenced by a number.” After growing up in the vineyards of Champagne and the South of France, and working on 16 vintages around the world, they have experienced diverse methods of winemaking and prefer to sample berries and do everything by taste. Try their wines and you’ll know why.

Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars has been leading the way for over 50 years, not just as New York State’s most award-winning winery since 1962, but as an influence on winemaking throughout the country. Despite its reputation for extraordinary wines, Dr. Frank’s continues to offer complimentary tastings that are both informative and intimate. See why Wine & Spirits named Dr. Frank’s one of the “Top 100 Wineries” in the world for 2016. Heron Hill Winery’s mission is simple: create a natural, pure product the owner can proudly share with family and friends. Yet, being 100-percent green and making awardwinning wines is no easy feat. Named one of eight eco-friendly East Coast wineries by Mother Nature Network, with a tasting room rated one of the 10 most spectacular in the world by Travel + Leisure, and a café offering great food and incredible views, Heron Hill gets it right.

Photos this page courtesy Stu Gallagher

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Keuka Lake Vineyards is proof positive that sometimes size does matter. But not the way you might think. Sometimes it’s the small, boutique winery turning heads as much for its down-to-earth personality as for the skills of the people working there. Stop by Keuka Lake Vineyards and taste unique, dry European-style wines in an intimate setting. Owner Mel Goldman specializes in premium Riesling and Vignoles and exceptional experimental hybrids that allow the grapes to express themselves.

Pleasant Valley Wine Company and Great Western Winery is one of the region’s oldest wineries and U.S. Bonded Winery No. 1. Its champagnes have been the most honored American champagnes in European competitions for over a century. Named “physically the most atmospheric winery in the whole of the region” by Frommer’s and called one of “five don’t-miss wineries” by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Pleasant Valley offers unique winery tours allowing you a wonderful glimpse of the past.

Photo courtesy Bob Magee

Photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

So Much to Savor Raised in Provence on an estate that has grown grapes for 800 years, it’s fair to say that Morten Hallgren is home in a vineyard. An aficionado before he became a winemaker, Morten received advanced degrees in Enology and Viticulture from one of the world’s top winemaking schools. One of the more daunting challenges to any winemaker is also one of Morten’s favorite parts. “Being able to see the big picture,” he says. “How the weather throughout the season affects the vines which, in turn, yield grapes with different flavors and aromas for me to work with each year.” Year after year he rises to that challenge, producing Photo courtesy Ravines Wine Cellars wines that have been named to Wine & Spirits “Top 100 Wines” multiple times. But Ravines Wine Cellars is a dream and passion shared by Morten’s wife, Lisa, who brings her own impressive skills as a “foodie-chef.” And it’s that marriage of elegant wine and food that comes through in everything they do. To learn more about Ravines visit

22 | Master Craft Your Experience

Photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

Savor Vineyards & Wines is a micro-farm winery whose name reflects its philosophy of slowing down—of taking it all in. Home winemakers for over 30 years, Bill and Suzanne Williams craft small batches of unique cold-climate wines, including their award-winning Maréchal Foch, as well as a Dry White Catawba, La Crescent, Esprit, and a seasonal Pear Wine. Stop by the handcrafted tasting barn to savor live music, beautiful valley views, and delicious wine.

Point of the Bluff Vineyards offers beautiful views and an intimate tasting experience. Winemaker Mike Countryman has been winning national and international awards for his wines for over two decades. Mike believes great wines are made in the vineyard, which is why he works as hard growing the grapes as he does turning them into something special. Mike specializes in crafting European-style wines, in particular ice wines and Rieslings. Ravines Wine Cellars doesn’t “try to be everything to everyone,” said New York Cork Report, “which, to be honest, is a refreshing change from so many of the Finger Lakes wineries.” Born and trained in France, Morten Hallgren has found his true calling, specializing in dry, food-friendly, elegant wines made in the traditional French style while his foodie wife, Lisa, offers exquisite wine-friendly food pairings and wonderful events featuring the work and products of artisans from throughout the region.

Photo courtesy Bob Magee

Wild Brute Winery is doing things a bit differently. After interning at Château Frank and graduating from Cornell’s viticulture program, Justin Recktenwald has taken his self-professed gypsy soul and fiery zeal for producing memorable wines back to the family farm in Arkport. Justin enjoys experimenting and doing wild ferments. Although he makes Riesling and Chardonnay, his primary focus is on creating a serious Finger Lakes red in the form of a wellreceived unfiltered Cabernet Franc.

. . . no American winegrowing region excites me about Riesling as much as the Finger Lakes of New York.” Wild Brute Winery

—Eric Asimov, New York Times

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Bully Hill Vineyards 607.868.3610

Keuka Lake Vineyards 607.868.4100

Château Renaissance Wine Cellars 607.569.3609 or 866.426.7543 ChateauRenaissance

Pleasant Valley Wine Company and Great Western Winery 607.569.6111

Deep Root Vineyard 315.651.2201 April 1–Dec 1: Daily 10–6 Winter: Call for tasting appointments Domaine LeSeurre Winery 607.292.3920 Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars 607.868.4884 or 800.320.0735

JANUARY Wine on Ice FEBRUARY Cheese and Wine Lovers Getaway MARCH Cabin Fever

Point of the Bluff Vineyards 585.259.7186 PointOfTheBluff


Ravines Wine Cellars 607.292.7007


Savor Vineyards & Wines 607.765.8601

Fire It Up! BBQ Weekend

Wild Brute Winery 607.382.5746

Heron Hill Winery 607.868.4241 or 800.441.4241

Tapas and Wine MAY Finger Lakes Wine Month Keuka in Bloom JUNE JULY Finger Lakes Wine Festival SEPTEMBER Harvest Celebration of Food and Wine NOVEMBER Keuka Holidays

 WINE TOUR COMPANIES Experience! The Finger Lakes 607.233.4818

Luxury Limos 607.382.7712

Finger Lakes Limousine and Coach 315.789.7272 or 888.252.1768

On Keuka Cruises & Vines Tours 607.742.0953

Finger Lakes Winery Tours 315.828.6289

Quality Wine Tours 877.424.7004 or 585.455.8294

Keuka Lake Limo 607.725.0616

Photo courtesy Bob Magee

With more than a hundred vintners, the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York is the prime wine region of the Eastern U.S.” —Joe Yogerst, Travel + Leisure


Master Craft Your Experience

Wine Connoisseurs


istoric tour at Pleasant Valley Wine Company rocks! Massive redwood tanks. Sherry caves carved into the hillside 150 years ago. Magnificent stone tasting rooms. Plus a taste of the smooth sherries, ports, and champagnes (that’s right— champagnes!) still being made here. Short drive to Dr. Frank’s. Have you seen these views? Steep slopes covered with vineyards and gorgeous Keuka Lake.

Last time, we enjoyed unusual wines like Rkatsiteli and Saperavi in addition to their famous Rieslings, but we couldn’t pass up the special tastings in the 1886 Reserve Room at Château Frank. We’re talking a fabulous sit-down experience with wonderfully imagined food pairings. Already delicious, when paired with food, the wines were simply amazing!

*1886 Reserve Room tastings at Château Frank, Heron Hill’s Tower Tastings, Bully Hill and Pleasant Valley tours are seasonal. Please check ahead.

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386


Next stop, Ravines Wine Cellars. With wines named to Wine & Spirits “Top 100” three times in five years, Ravines is a must for anyone who loves fine wines. Upgraded our tasting with chocolate and cheese pairings before enjoying a little nosh from their Ravinous Kitchen. Pressed Pork Belly Sandwich with Dry Riesling. Incredible! Day Two included a majestic winery. While Heron Hill’s vaulted tasting room is spectacular, we enjoyed panoramic views in a private Tower Tasting, featuring four excellent wines complimented by local and imported cheeses and an exclusive fifth wine from the Heron Hill library. Almost drove right past small, unassuming Keuka Lake Vineyards. Excellent dries, including a tasty Vignoles and a wonderful Leon Millot; two styles we didn’t find at most wineries. And the chocolate pairings were divine. Last stop, Hornell’s new wine bar, The Brute. Exceptional wines from throughout New York State. Tapas-style foods. More than the western gateway to the Finger Lakes—also a gateway to bliss. So many awesome wines, so little time! That’s why we keep coming back. Top photo courtesy Ravines Wine Cellars; bottom photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

26 | Master Craft Your Experience

Unbeatable Brews! S

cenic views, cool events, live music, food trucks, fun tasting rooms, so many creative styles, innovative collaborations, accessible brewers. We’ve got all that. But, in the end, it always comes down to great beer!

. . . if you find yourself visiting Finger Lakes wine country, enjoy the many fine wines produced in the area. But don’t ignore the many excellent cider, craft beer and spirits within the region.” —Wine Compass

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 27

 SMOOTH BREWS, CIDERS, AND SPIRITS Brewery of Broken Dreams For owners Doug and Shelly, making beer is a way of telling a story. Being a New York State Farm Brewery gives them the opportunity to experiment and be creative in designing new recipes with local ingredients. 607.224.4050 Brick House Brewery is Corning’s latest restaurant brewery. Open Wednesday through Saturday, BHB features Australian open-kettle beers brewed inhouse—like BHB Forever IPA, New Heffe Wheat, Copper Ale, and Small Batch Stout—tasty flatbreads, smoked BBQ and other delicious menu items, and live entertainment every weekend. 607.542.4030 Finger Lakes Beer Company LLC uses a seven-barrel system and 100% New York State hops. Each of their eight ales is produced on the premises, including the popular Copperline Ale and Vanilla Porter. Tours are offered. 607.569.3311 Iron Flamingo Brewery is the first microbrewery in Corning to produce and distribute beer to bars, restaurants, and retail outlets like Wegmans. Stop by the tasting room to sample the exciting new beers being created at Iron Flamingo. 607.936.4766

Keuka Brewing Company LLC was the first microbrewery on the Keuka Lake Wine Trail. Named New York State’s “Best Craft Brewery” at the 2014 TAP New York Craft Beer and Food Festival, visit Keuka Brewing and taste the difference. 607.868.4648 Market Street Brewing Company & Restaurant With a rotation of six fresh brews, the finest food and drink, as well as rooftop seating and a biergarten, “The Brewpub” is a prime example of the microbrew revolution. 607.936.2337 Railhead Brewing Company Aware of the brewing history of their hometown, Railhead owners were compelled to start their brewery dreams in Hornell. A brew pub, Railhead offers craft beer made on site, as well as delicious wood-oven pizzas. 607.324.3286 Steuben Brewing Company offers an assortment of excellent brews, wonderful views of Keuka Lake, a chance to buy beer shares, and to participate in selecting what brews are made. Best brown ale in NYS for 2016 at TAP NY. Steuben Brewing is taking microbrewing into the future. 607.279.8874

I was absolutely spoiled when it came to local beer selections at restaurants. There were so many different varieties of craft beer from dozens of microbreweries in the region.” —Lauren Yakiwchuk, Justin + Lauren

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 BEER EVENTS 2017 JANUARY Finger Lakes Beer Trail Passport Jan–April MAY Cider Creek Brew Fest Craft Beer Week JUNE Maple City Brew Festival JULY Heritage Village Craft Beverage Expo SEPTEMBER Crooked Creek Hops Farm Harvest Festival Hot Glass! Cool Brew! OCTOBER Haunted Hops & Spirits NOVEMBER Crystal City Brew Festival DECEMBER Holiday Hops Passport

Cider Creek Hard Cider specializes in crafting 100% handmade, farm-fresh hard cider, but also offers NYS wines, craft beers, liquors, and local farm products. Known for creating exceptional, innovative ciders, as well as unusual collaborations with regional breweries and wineries, Cider Creek is creating a place where people can get out to the country, kick back, and relax. 857.400.0872 Four Fights Distilling is Steuben County’s oldest distillery. With a passion for taking fresh grains from the earth and turning them into something delicious, Matthew Bowers is interested in crafting small batches of quality spirits. Enjoy Four Fights’ full-bodied, flavorful Crystal City Vodka, smooth Emperial Moonshine, tastefully infused Emperial Cinnamoon, and a Bourbon that offers rich grain flavors, strong oak and caramel tones, and an indulgent, buttery finish in their tasting room and in several local restaurants. Krooked Tusker Distillery’s logo of a playful elephant holding Keuka Lake is a symbol of Carlton and Anita Reeve’s whimsical nature, and of the Bhagavan concept of possessing everything, yet not using it for their own benefit, but for the benefit of others. While devoted to creating a serious, quality product, they are equally passionate about creating a fun experience—one that reflects their focused, yet whimsical personalities. Offering delicious Gin, Vodka, Moonshine.

Market Street Brewing Company

Urbana Hill Distilling is a field-to-flask farm distillery using 100% locally-grown ingredients, most of which are grown on their own 80-acre farm. After home brewing for over 20 years, the team running Urbana Hill became intrigued by the idea of taking the brewing process even further. They know people are looking for something better, which is why they strive to craft small batches of exceptional spirits.

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Normally I’m not a huge fan of Porters but this was really light and just amazing. My other favorite was the Summer Blues Wheat Ale. Again, not usually a wheat beer fan but this one was a perfect summer beer.” —Andrea Marlowe, Andrea on Vacation

A Self-Proclaimed “Mad Scientist” Ripe with Ideas

Photos courtesy Michael B Studios

Cider maker Kevin Collins proves just how incredible cider can be if you have the patience required for greatness. “Everything is done naturally, using oldworld methods, but with a new-world flair,” he says, meaning he puts a twist on his ciders by using many different types of yeast strains and through innovative collaborations with regional breweries and wineries. The process takes longer, but allows for more robust flavor profiles. With over six miles of Finger Lakes Trail on the 2,500-acre family farm, Kevin and his wife, Melanie, are creating more than exceptional ciders at Cider Creek. They’re creating a destination where people “can come drink our award-wining hard ciders, sit outside and listen to nature, have a picnic, listen to live music which we offer every Saturday and Sunday, go for a hike, or camp.” Learn more about Cider Creek Hard Cider and our other craft beverage producers at


Tasting Pas s

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Craft Beer Lover Craft Your Adventure Pass?



Present this pass for one complim entary tasting fligh t at Four Fights Distill ing

irst stop, Corning’s Oldest Distillery, Four Fights, for a Corning mule. Cinnamon FingerLakesB eerCountry.c om Moonshine? Lip-smacking good! Then we were off to The Brewpub for a delish Beer BQ Burger, sweet potato fries, and a smooth pint of D’artagnan Dark. Heard talk about the newest brewery in town, Brick House Brewery. Decided to check it out. There’s something about finishing off a day with a fresh brew in a place like this that feels like home away from home. Day Two means exploring the historic stein collection at The Corning Museum of Glass and sandblasting our own beer mugs, before stopping by Iron Flamingo to try the Mocha Coffee Porter and IPA. Wow! What beautiful scenery as we head to Hammondsport to taste award-winning brews around Keuka Lake.

“In New York, Good Times Flow for Craft Brewers” – Corrine Ramey, The Wall Street Journal

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Winding down the day on the back patio at Black Sheep Inn and Spa, enjoying a fire and a growler from Brewery of Broken Dreams, which is right next door. The behindthe-scenes tour we got was very cool, but the best part was the 11 different Stony B brews they make. And rook Sta te Park those are just two of the awesome perks that come with the Finger Lakes Beer Trail Getaway Package. Tomorrow we’ll start with an easy hike at Stony Brook State Park, exploring waterfalls and the gorge trail before devouring Railhead Brewing’s tasty woodfired pizzas and handcrafted beers. The evening will be full of live music, a little corn hole competition, and the scrumptious, creative ciders at Cider Creek. Learn about the awesome breweries, cideries, and distilleries on the Craft Your Adventure beverage trail at

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Excellent Dining Eat here. Now!” —Michael Wangbickler, Napa, CA


ith world-class wines and award-winning brews, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re also turning heads for our exceptional food.

Top photo courtesy Finger Lakes Wine Country

Photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

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This is some of the best BBQ I have ever had—no joke! Maybe, dare I say it, the best?” —Andrea Marlowe, Andrea on Vacation

Photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

Ticking All the Boxes for a Great Dining Experience Just ask the folks who live here and they’ll tell you, Marino’s Restaurant has long had a reputation for the area’s finest casual dining. When he took over operations of this local landmark in 2016, Joe Shepard vowed to maintain the level of excellence the restaurant is known for while also adding a few of his own touches, with the hope of one day taking the popular eatery to the next level. At Marino’s, details make all the difference from the elegant woodworking and interior design to the ingredients and proportion of popular menu items like the Tri-Pepper Calamari, Ranchero Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Francáise, Creole Pork & Pasta, Shrimp Scampi, Baby Back Ribs, and an assortment of delicious meals portioned for kids. To learn more about Marino’s and other dining options, visit


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id someone say, “Chocolate Trail?” That’s right. We kicked things off with the design your own chocolate experience at The Source, which included a flight of four oh-so-good hot chocolates. After temporarily satisfying our cacao cravings, we had to try Hand + Foot for lunch. Everything about this place, from the name to the menu selections, is different from anything else around. We’re talking the awesome kind of different! From the Hippie Be Good—a mouthwatering creation of goat cheese, elderberry jelly, smoked carrot, arugula, and seeded rye—to the aptly named “%*@! Me Pretzel” bread made with Jarlsberg swiss, alpine fondue, and bacon crumble. Sampled some tasty local craft beer at Iron Flamingo then had to try the first bourbon made in Corning. Oak. Caramel. Four Fights Distilling delivers! Off to The Cellar for dinner. We shared a half dozen incredible dishes—local grass-fed Beef Sliders, Potstickers, and Duck Fat French Fries (yes!). We’re still salivating.

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Day Two brought stunning views of Keuka Lake and more culinary deliciousness. Even the restaurants are getting in on the idea of offering samples of three or four incredible morsels. That’s right, Union Block Italian’s Antipasti Piatto is the ultimate foodie flight! So many awesome choices. We devoured delicious homemade meatballs, deviled eggs, bruschetta, and hummus. Here are just a few other sensational discoveries we made: Bully Hill’s Love My Goat Cheeseburger and decadent Peanut Butter Pie; Snug Harbor’s Chicken and Waffles and incredible homemade desserts; The Village Tavern’s Brie en Croute with its delicate puff pastry and fabulous raspberry sauce; Timber Stone Grill’s succulent Cranberry Tenderloin. Oh, we could go on, and on, and on.

“. . . the place incorporates the vintage charm of the neighborhood with killer global eclectic fare.” –Sara Ventiera, Zagat

Village Tavern

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Arts and Culture W

hen you mix small town charm with remarkable art, you have the makings for an unforgettable experience.

World-class museums, intimate studios and galleries, cool art-centered events, and fun opportunities to create a masterpiece with your own hands. Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes is an art-lovers dream.

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More Than Words, Music is Art We Feel “The experience of hearing an orchestra in a live performance can have a transformative effect on the listener,” says Marshall Hyde, Executive Director for the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes. Offering a range of musical performances from full orchestra and smaller chamber music concerts performed by professional artists, to youth orchestra concerts featuring the area’s best young musicians, OSFL has been performing in the Southern Tier the last 22 years, which is astonishing when you realize many larger cities are unable to support a musical cultural institution of this quality. “Music is perhaps the first art form humans experience,” adds Hyde, “in the voices of our parents humming and singing to us as babies. It is hard to imagine that there is a person anywhere in the world who hasn’t experienced art, and been moved by it.” To check the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes schedule of events, visit

W  E’VE GOT WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! ART CENTERS 171 Cedar Arts Center 607.936.4647 ART PROGRAMS Hammondsport Arts in the Alley 585.330.5064

Arts In Bloom GALLERIES Aroma Coffee Art Gallery 607.569.3047 The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes 607.962.1332 Corning Community College Atrium & Corridor Galleries 607.962.9222 The Corning Museum of Glass 800.732.6845 Exhibit A 607.259.1008 Houghton Gallery 607.936.4647

The Rockwell Museum 607.937.5386 West End Gallery 607.936.2011 MUSIC Corning Area Concert Band 607.776.5994 Corning Civic Music 800.531.3679

THEATER Centre Stage Community Theater Keuka Lake Players 607.368.7987 TRAILS Arts in Bloom April 23 and 24 Southern Trail Potters of Steuben 607.661.6617

Hornell Area Wind Ensemble Tiffany & Treasures Trail 607.324.3775 For information about the wonderful fire arts in each community, visit Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes 607.936.2873 Valley Folk 607.962.4461

With interactive exhibits, classes, demonstrations, historic pieces, scientific exhibits and some of the most detailed and creative art I’ve ever seen. . . .” —Wander the Map

Top photo courtesy OSFL. Elephant stained-glass photo taken at The Corning Museum of Glass.


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Art Aficionados


ad heard stories. The Corning Museum of Glass is the Grand Canyon of glass museums. That’s what brought us here. But we hadn’t expected this. From the smallest, most delicate pieces to colossal installations, the way these artists use glass is Glass f o m u se absolutely breathtaking. ning Mu The Cor The D.I.Y. workshop was a very cool bonus. Already know where I’m putting my glass flower on display back home. Imagine our surprise to find Biernstadt’s massive Mt. Whitney at The Rockwell Museum and not at The Met, or some other museum in New York City or DC. Remington and Russell sculptures. Works by Native American artists like Virgil Ortiz and Tammy Garcia. What an unexpected delight! Day Two we explored the annual art trail event called Arts in Bloom. In addition to exhibits in galleries, artists’ studios, and local Bottom photo courtesy The Rockwell Museum

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businesses, there were live demonstrations. So glad to learn many of the studios are open for visits all year long because we’ll definitely be back. Spent an hour throwing clay at Betelgeuse Pottery. The feeling of wet clay between fingers, of transforming a plain old glob of earth into a bowl was so much fun. Stopped by Steuben Brewing for their delicious Brown Ale and stumbled on Arts in B loom Coco’s food truck, plus live music on the patio. A few of the locals said this is just another weekend here. They also mentioned two cool art events we have to check out: Palettes of Keuka and GlassFest—a fourday fire arts festival. The next morning, on the way home, we swung by the Arnot Art Museum in Mark Twain’s old stomping grounds then stood in the study where he ng wrote about Huck Finn expecti “While I was fully t a and Tom Sawyer. time to have a great the museum, Blown away! That’s the only y that I’m surprised to sa e on way to describe it. g it ended up bein s m u se u of my favorite m .” of all time nna Kvidt, Je & h a ic M — Map Wander the

Photo courtesy West End Gallery

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Destination Weddings Make your special day unforgettable!

To start planning the perfect destination wedding, visit

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Sure it’s about the views. But still . . . a destination wedding sometimes needs to be more than just scenic. It has to be a place where guests of the bride and groom feel it’s worth making the journey. A place with activities and fun diversions. . . . Besides winery tours, there are opportunities to rent boats and get out on the lakes, visit breweries, enjoy rehearsal dinners at other venues and restaurants—or just kick back around a fire pit or laze in a hammock by the water.” —Marci Diehl, Democrat & Chronicle Inset photos courtesy Robyn Baty; photo opposite courtesy; background photo this page courtesy Finger Lakes Wine Country

 DESTINATION WEDDING VENUES Camp Elmbois Château Renaissance Wine Cellars Cider Creek Hard Cider Farmer Phil’s Cabins Garrett Chapel Glenn H. Curtiss Museum Heron Hill Winery Finger Lakes Boating Museum Steuben Brewing Company


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lushing Rose B&B was exactly what we needed. So close to the lake and the shops. Scrumptious breakfast. Warm conversations. Coffee on the front porch. Everything else just melted away. Rented a couple bikes from Keuka Lake Kayak and Bike and rode around town. Was like being a kid again!

Later, it was time to enjoy some libations. First stop, Keuka Brewing. We both liked the spicy Habanero Ale, but our favorites were the Double IPA and Loca Mocha Stout. Headed to the other side of the lake and Domaine LeSeurre. Unoaked Chardonnay. So smooth and clean. Scored bonus points with dinner at Pleasant Valley Inn. Upscale. Intimate. Butternut Squash and Ricotta Pasta. Braised Lamb. So good!

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Day Two was a different kind of adventure. Ever seen a glassblowing demo? Out of this world! The artist took a gob of molten glass and turned it into this wild wavy vase. Made it look so easy. Got a sweet video of my honey making a glass flower. I chose flameworking. Nothing says I love you like a sea slug. LOL! Explored downtown and split some Wheat Sticks & Honey and a BBQ Chicken Pizza at Atlas Brick Oven Pizza. Tangy good! Not sure what’s worse—or better, I suppose—that I let her talk me into a couple’s spa treatment or that it was drop-the-mic amazing! Now she won’t stop saying I told you so. Dinner at Three Birds. Pumpkin Ravioli. Grilled Maple Leaf Duck breast. Just wish I had more room in my stomach. Felt like we ended the day in our own private Swiss chalet tucked back in the woods at Villa Bernese. These small towns and beautiful landscapes sure are made for romantic moments. Couple kissing photos courtesy Robyn Baty; balloon photo courtesy Bob Magee

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Hands-On Experiences T here’s nothing like learning a new skill to become fully immersed in a place, or yourself.

Take a class or a workshop, learn a new skill from a master craftsman, and make unforgettable memories. Throw clay, blow glass, paint, cook, farm. . . there are so many ways to discover the magic of creating something with your own hands.

. . . the guidance of my glassmaking mentor made it possible for me to craft a gorgeous glass flower in just a few minutes. . . . Every time I look at them now in our dining room, I feel happy!” —Lillie Marshall, Around the World “L” Cider-making background photo courtesy Michael B. Studios Hands-on photos courtesy 171 Cedar Arts

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Tapping into the Essence of Plants When they aren’t traveling the world speaking at conferences, like the International Herb Symposium, or teaching people in Jamaica or the Dominican Republic about using essential oils instead of pesticides for organic banana production, agronomist and farmer Mathias Reisen and his wife, Andrea, share their expertise of edible and medicinal plants and herbs, as well as their vast supply of botanical products at Healing Spirits Herb Farm in Wallace. Certified organic for the past 25 years, Healing Spirits offers a number of workshops and handson experiences, teaching people to use items from their own kitchens—like onions, garlic, ginger—to improve health, as well as how to grow and recognize a number of plants that offer a wide range of health benefits. Other fun hands-on classes include making herbal teas, salves, or facial creams. To learn more about Healing Spirits Herb Farm and Education Center, visit

W  E’VE GOT WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! ART CLASSES Betelgeuse Pottery 607.346.6773 The Crafting Cottage 607.937.3103 F.L.A.V.O.R. Studio and Gallery 607.569.3767 FLavorStudioAndGallery Hands-On Glass Studio 607.962.3044 Rocky Hill Pottery 607.765.8176 CULINARY CLASSES 171 Cedar Arts Center 607.936.4647 Button’s Creekside Farm Bed & Breakfast 607.566.2406 Halcyon Place 607.583.4311

The Studio at The Corning Museum of Glass 607.438.5100 Sommerville Pottery 607.868.4409 Stained Glass Works and Antiques 570.447.3656 Wine and Design 607.738.6884 /locations/corning

HEALTH & WELLNESS CLASSES Healing Spirits Herb Farm and Education Center 607.566.2701 Steuben Professional Massage Associates 607.936.0578

OUTDOOR CLASSES Conhocton River Fly Shop 607.776.4968 Ranger Outfitters 607.542.3882 OTHER HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES The Rockwell Museum 607.937.5386 Wooly Minded 607.973.2885


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Family Fun


ids and glass sure sound like a recipe for disaster. Unless you’re talking about The Corning Museum of Glass. Cool interactive exhibits. Glass breaking demos. Glassblowing. We couldn’t get enough! And The Rockwell Museum has an awesome art hunt. The security guard even gave us a clue to find the last piece. Right under our noses. Kids 17 and under—FREE! Are you kidding?! At Hands-on Glass, we all made ornaments. Such fun watching the little ones get excited. Usually we avoid big events, but we’d heard good things about GlassFest so we gave it a shot. The whole downtown is closed off. A street full of vendors, magicians, live glassblowing demonstrations, potters throwing clay. The kids loved the music and the fireworks and the face painting and the food.

Top photo courtesy The Rockwell Museum; bottom left courtesy Strinni Studio; photo right courtesy Chris Brooks

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“The Finger Lakes region of New York offers an ideal combination of museums, outdoor activities, and yummy local food, wine, and beer. For a family that enjoys hitting a museum in the morning and hiking in the afternoon—with lunch at a microbrewery in between— it’s the perfect destination.” —Eileen Gunn, Family Go! Surprise highlight? Alpacas at Heavenly Sunset Farms! Might just be the cutest ugliest animals ever. No one wanted to leave. Spent the night at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort. Close to the Interstate, but still out of the way. Nice campfire and a beautiful big pond. Started the morning geocaching. Accessed scenic and architectural driving tours called Points of Inspiration right on the cell phone. Locate 20 of the 33 caches and earn a one-of-a-kind glass token. The kids love treasure hunting. Oh, who am I kidding? We all do. Checked into the Best Western Plus. A Curtiss Red Wing replica hanging in the lobby. A vintage trout boat. Spent the afternoon out on the water thanks to Keuka Water Sports. Rented a double-decker pontoon boat with a slide. Best vacation ever!

“The only thing more fun than watching glassblowing is trying it out first hand at the Make Your Own Glass Studio.”

—Angela Tiffin, Traveling Mom


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History and Heritage S mall towns? Sure. Innovators, trailblazers, pioneers who changed the world? Absolutely!

Glenn Curtiss went from being a boy racing bicycles to the “fastest man on earth” to the Father of Naval Aviation. He worked with renowned visionaries like Alexander Graham Bell, leading the way for flight to become a viable means of transportation. In addition to making lightbulbs for Thomas Edison, over the past century-and-a-half Corning Incorporated has invented everything from Pyrex, to fiber optics, to Gorilla Glass—found on nearly every smart phone—impacting lives around the world through glass.

Nestled in Hammondsport’s Pleasant Valley is the Finger Lakes’ oldest winery. Aptly named Pleasant Valley Wine Company, the first bonded winery in the country was also the first American winery to win an award in Europe for sparkling wine. Nearly 100 years later, Dr. Konstantin Frank revolutionized winemaking in the Northeast, proving that fine European-style wines could be made here, forever changing the wine industry in the Finger Lakes and beyond. Keuka Lake has been a haven for sport enthusiasts and travelers since the mid-1800s. While out west, at the gateway to the Finger Lakes, Hornell was a major hub for the Erie Railroad.

If you appreciate innovation, it all began in Keuka Lake’s Hammondsport.” —Christine Wei, Sherman’s Travel Photo courtesy Glenn H. Curtiss Museum | 49

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386

Remembering The Frontier Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes began with a purchase of one building, the Benjamin Patterson Inn, back in 1975 as an attempt by the local historical society to save and preserve the oldest building in Corning and, with it, part of the region’s history. The inn, which was built in 1796 and remains on its original site, also served as a tavern in its heyday and played an integral role in the development of New York State. Over the 42 years since purchasing the inn, the historical society has acquired other historic structures—like the one-room log cabin that housed a family of five, a one-room schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop—and gathered them together around the inn. Heritage Village offers a number of educational classes and programs, wonderful events throughout the year, as well as unique opportunities including blacksmith workshops and hearth cooking demonstrations. To learn more about this hidden gem, visit

 WE’VE GOT WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! Bath National Cemetery 607.664.4853

Pleasant Valley Wine Company 607.569.6111

Finger Lakes Boating Museum 607.569.2222

The Greyton H. Taylor Wine Museum 607.868.3610

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum 607.569.2160

Tiffany & Treasures Trail

Historical Museum at the Bath VA Medical Center 607.664.4000

A self-guided adventure in the fire arts treasures of yesterday and today. See pages 36–39 for more information about the arts.


Hornell Erie Depot Museum 607.324.7421

Costa Flying Service 607.962.0053

Middletown Historical Society Museum 607.359.5070 -Historical-Society.html

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum 607.569.2160

Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes 607.937.5281 Painted Post–Erwin Museum at the Depot 607.654.7981

National Soaring Museum 607.734.3128 Wings of Eagles Discovery Center 607.358.4247

“I love love love this museum.” —Julie Brooks,


Master Craft Your Experience

History Buffs


ouldn’t pass up the Curtiss Museum with that C-46 Commando outside. How come we never learned about this guy in school? Fastest man alive. First public flight in the country. Father of Naval Aviation. Loved seeing the P-40 currently being restored.

Explored historic buildings at Pleasant Valley Wine Company, U.S. Bonded Winery No. 1. Stopped next door at Finger Lakes Boating Bully Hill Vineyards Museum. Beautiful vintage boats. Even watched a canoe-building workshop. Couldn’t believe 44 commercial steamboats churned up and down Keuka Lake from 1835– 1907. Awesome tour at Bully Hill Vineyards. Forbidden from using his own name on his wines, Walter Taylor sure got creative. The colorful labels, the history of the winery—so cool! Last year, we saw extraordinary Tiffany windows and lamps at Corning Museum of Glass, but seeing work in its original setting takes you back to another time. Lucky for us, First Presbyterian Church in Bath allows tours The Corning Museum of G if you call ahead. la


Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386


Standing in one of the few sanctuary interiors completely designed by Tiffany, those beautiful windows and light fixtures. That was special. Just a few minutes away was the Bath National Cemetery. VA Hospital and museum. Gravesites dating back to the war of 1812. The stories this place holds. Day Two started in Hornell at the Erie Depot Museum. Diehard railroad fans will love all the train memorabilia. Swung by Christ Episcopal Church to view its Tiffany windows before enjoying scenic byways to Corning where we spent the rest of the day. First stop, Craft Beverage Expo at Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes. Awesome combo—history of brewing and local history. Old tavern. One-room log cabin. Great setting. Still had plenty of time to explore The Rockwell and Corning’s Gaffer District. Reenactments. Demonstrations. Historic museums. Restoration shops. Tours. Hands-on classes. So many ways to step back in time. Bully Hill and Bath National Cemetery photos courtesy Bob Magee Motorcyle photo courtesy Glenn H. Curtiss Museum


Finger Lakes Region



Canandaigua Lake

Hemlock Lake

Honeoye Lake Seneca Lake

Conesus Lake

Canadice Lake


Keuka Lake





Hammondsport BATH



C O U N T Y 99

To Harrisburg PA


Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 53 To Albany 590



Skaneateles Lake Owasco Lake


Otisco Lake

Cayuga Lake



Made Local Look for the Made In Corning & the Southern Finger Lakes logo throughout the region for the very best quality, locally-made products and services. For additional maps of our towns, visit




To New York City and Philadelphia


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The Great Outdoors A remarkable landscape sets us apart. And we know how to make the most of it. Paddle, hike, bike, camp, soar. Prepare to be wowed!

Water, water everywhere and in the Finger Lakes region waterfalls are as much of an attraction as the dozens of lakes.� —David Latt, New York Daily News

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 55

Winding Its Way Through the Heart of New York You wouldn’t think something nearly 1,000 miles long would be a secret, yet many people are only just now discovering the scenic footpaths that make up the Finger Lakes Trail. Open year-round and maintained by an extensive core of volunteers, the trail offers hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, trail running, nature appreciation, birding, geocaching, camping (where permitted), waterfalls, ravines, canyons, rivers, streams, cliffs, forests, and more. “While through-hiking can be easily accomplished,” says FLT Executive Director, Quinn Wright, “we have built the trail for the day-hiker to enjoy short hikes of a few miles to long hikes of perhaps 20 miles. To make things easier for hikers traveling away from home, the FLT has a group of ‘Trail Angels,’” adds Wright. “People who spot hikers for a day hike, sometimes house them overnight, take them to hotels, post offices, stores, restaurants.” Discover more about the Finger Lakes Trail at



Finger Lakes Trail Conference 585.658.9320

Circle “C” Stables 607.698.4373

New York State Parks Pinnacle State Park 607.359.2767 Stony Brook State Park 585.335.8111 Birdseye Hollow County Park 607.664.2460 Spencer Crest Nature Center 607.962.9012

Donameer Farm 352.238.6292 The Equine Inn 607.684.0639 Keuka Krest Stables 607.569.2501 TRAILS Demon Run ATV 607.566.2886 Ten Towns Snowmobile Club 607.458.5113

BIKE RENTALS Aroma Coffee Art Gallery 607.569.3047 Keuka Lake Kayak and Bike Rentals 607.368.3268

Wheels Unlimited 607.776.6609 Background photo courtesy Bob Magee

Finger Lakes Trail photo courtesy The Ascend Collective


Master Craft Your Experience

Outdoor Enthusiasts


ramatic gorge. Rough-hewn stone paths and stairways. Glorious waterfalls. Talk about eye candy! Stony Brook State Park sure got the day started right. Stopped at Jenkins Farm Market for a quick bite. Locals were talking about trout fishing on the Cohocton River. We had to investigate Cider Creek Hard Cider located on the Finger Lakes Trail. Since we’d already hiked, we focused on savoring the Saison Reserve and the sounds of a small stream from our seats on the big porch. Short drive to Keuka Lake where we rented kayaks. The lake was so calm. Crystal clear. Took a tour later that afternoon with On Keuka Water Taxi and stopped to swim in one of the coves. Can’t beat dinner by the water. Lakeside Restaurant’s Pig Wings and Gorgonzola Chicken were delish. So were views of the bluff. Spent the night just half-a-block from the lake at Gulfstream House.


Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386


Day Two and we’re talking gorgeous panoramic views from Mossy Bank State Park. So high! Wouldn’t have known the park was even there if we didn’t discover the Points of Inspiration driving trails. Then came our paddle on the Chemung River Palisades. Such a relaxing way to see the countryside. Spotted a bald eagle. Our guide from Southern Tier Kayak was great. We even stopped at one of the small islands for a little biology lesson. Mostly, though, we just took in all the natural beauty of the region. Great night at Marsh Creek Cabin. Bonfire. A few cans of cider from the day before. Just minutes from downtown Corning. Tomorrow we’ll take a refreshing morning hike at Spencer Crest and grab breakfast at Sorge’s in town before hitting the road. “Most of America’s lakes and rivers are beautiful any time of year, but some take on a special quality in certain seasons. In autumn, there’s the incredible Finger Lakes of upstate New York, where the fall foliage and harvest season are in full bloom.” –Darian Lusk, Weather Channel Paddleboard yoga and Heron photos courtesy Bob Magee

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Pristine Lakes B eing near water can be exhilarating, yet also calming and restorative. Getting out on the water, or in it, can be life changing. With its distinctive shape and panoramic landscape of steep hills dotted with vineyards, farmland, and forests, there are so many ways Keuka Lake can take your breath away. Don’t have your own boat? No problem. Take a tour or enjoy a

water taxi ride to excellent lakeside restaurants. Rent paddle boards, kayaks, Jet Skis, and pontoon boats. Experience the freedom of swimming in open water or enjoy the safety of lifeguarded swimming close to shore. Coming in 2017, Keuka Lake’s very own duck boat will offer narrated tours of local history and scenic excursions on the water—the perfect blend of past and present.

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 59

Breathing New Life into a Landmark Ron Leonard always dreamed of owning a place on Keuka Lake. When it came time to retire, he and his wife, Deb, were presented with the opportunity to buy a landmark accommodation nestled along the southern tip of the lake. They jumped at the chance. Originally built in 1963, Keuka Lakeside Inn has been woven into the history of the community for over 50 years. That’s why preserving the inn’s quaintness while breathing new life into the property through an extensive renovation process was so important. Recipient of the 2016 Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice award, Keuka Lakeside Inn is the only hotel-style accommodation with shoreline on the entire lake which means guests enjoy a blissful combination of being right there on the water, yet just one short block from the wonderful village square shops and restaurants. Learn more about award-winning Keuka Lakeside Inn at Background photo courtesy Joe Carroll

Everything here leads back to water.” —Rohan Kamicheril, United Hemispheres Magazine

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Southern Tier Kayak Tours LLC Guided tours for experienced or first-time kayakers 607.220.3642

Depot Park Village of Hammondsport

607.569.3700 Champlin Beach State Rt. 54 607.569.3743 BOAT RENTALS AND SERVICE Jake’s Boat Livery Boat launch, mini-mart, gas, paddleboard, boat rentals 607.868.4876 Keuka Lake Kayak and Bike Rentals 607.368.3268

Keuka Watersports Boat, Jet Ski, kayak, and paddleboard rentals and winter storage 607.569.2889 Keuka Water Taxi Point-to-point water taxi transportation on Keuka Lake, boat bellhop, lake tours, and charters North Country Kayak & Canoe Delivery to people vacationing on the lake 607.868.7456 Reagan’s Canoe & Kayak Livery Canoe/kayak rentals or sales with delivery to cottages 607.243.9100

Summit to Stream Adventures Kayak rentals and tours; fishing charters 607.535.2701 Yankee Canoe Company Canoe rentals 607.522.6400 FISHING EXCURSIONS AND LAKE CRUISES Bobber’s Fishing Excursions Fishing charters on Keuka Lake for adults and children 607.569.2791 Conhocton River Fly Shop Fly and light tackle boat fishing 607.776.4968 Ketchum Fish Charters Trout fishing on Keuka Lake 607.868.3333

LAKESIDE DINING Boat slips available Lakeside Restaurant 607.868.3636 Snug Harbor Restaurant 607.868.SNUG (7684) The Switzerland Inn 607.292.6927 Waterfront Restaurant 607.868.3455 NYS BOATING AND FISHING REGULATIONS NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Region 8 585.226.2466 Keuka Lake Association 866.369.3781

Keuka Bigfoot Charters Fishing charters on Keuka Lake 607.569.2988 Fishing the Finger Lakes Guide Service Bass fishing charters 607.857.6269 Photo courtesy Bob Magee

The region is one of the most beautiful in the country. The first time I looked across Keuka Lake from atop one of the steep banks above it, it took my breath away.” —Elizabeth Smith, Traveling Wine Chick

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 61

I found the water taxi boat tours to be practical and so much fun. . . . We even enjoyed a water taxi ride to dinner.” —Liz Cleland, Huffington Post

Sailing and canoeing photos courtesy Chris Brooks

Background photo courtesy Patrick Gaffney


Master Craft Your Experience

Shutterbugs Keuka Lake. Wow!


est vantage of the bluff and the lake’s unusual shape is from just above Bully Hill. Killer shots! Patchwork of farms and vineyards and steep slopes surrounding the water which looks so blue. Must be spectacular in the fall. Morning paddle on the lake. Cool angles for action shots. And the drone offered awesome aerial views. Explored an inlet near Champlin Beach. Heron, deer, a clan of painted turtles sunning themselves on a fallen tree. Evidence of beaver. Between vineyards and wildflowers, spent most of the afternoon making use of the macro. There are gullies all around the lake that only the locals seem to know. So glad we asked. Hidden woodland pools and streams. Took water taxi to dinner. With no city lights, the sky fills with such a deep darkness. Stars just pop.

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386


Spent the night at Moon Shadow B&B. Great views from the big porch. Watched the moon swing out over the water, doubling with its stunning reflection. Perfect for some time-lapse shots. Day Two started with a short drive and an easy hike at Stony Brook. Just something magical about waterfalls. Not supposed to be in the water, but easy access down to the water’s edge. Got some great captures. Then it was off to Corning’s Gaffer District. Such a wide array of architecture. So many wonderful angles and textures. Those curvy white walls of the Contemporary Art + Design region is Wing at The Corning “. . . the Finger Lakes of rich Museum of Glass, all that a pleasing patchwork color, all that light dancing. towns, farmland and small Like stepping into a forest me 19thwith a mix of handso brick of glass. ntury homes and redAlready storyboarding ideas for next trip. Top photo courtesy Wander the Map

ce d have downtowns that woul er.” inspired Edward Hopp

—William Scheller, Traveler National Geographic

64 | Master Craft Your Experience

River Adventures O

ur rivers, streams, and waterways connect more than small towns. They offer some of the best ways to get out and experience the remarkable natural beauty of the region. Paddle through the heart of the countryside with a guided kayak tour. Explore riverbanks and trails on a geocaching adventure. Love fly fishing, using spinners, spoons, or other bait and tackle? The fish are waiting—smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, brown trout, wild brook trout. Need we say more? | 65

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386

Everything Comes Back to the Water There are presently 14 boat launch sites located along the Chemung Basin River Trail, which covers nearly 80 miles locally and is the “entry point to the 64,000 square-mile Chesapeake Bay watershed.” In 2009, Jim Pfiffer, Executive Director of the Chemung River Friends, set out to make folks in the region aware of the remarkable natural resource they have at their disposal. He laughs when recalling how many times people asked him, “how long has this been here?” Pfiffer’s intention is to continue to find ways to weave the river into the future development of the region. Several local entrepreneurs offer a variety of recreational and educational experiences, including scenic paddles, hikes, and fishing. Birding, geocaching, and nature photography are just a few of the other ways people enjoy the river basin. To learn about the conservation efforts of the Chemung River Friends, launch-site locations, or recreational river activities, visit

 WE’VE GOT WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! CANOE/KAYAK RENTALS Kim’s Kayaks LLC 607.481.3925 North Country Kayak & Canoe 607.868.7456 Southern Tier Kayak Tours LLC 607.220.3642 Reagan’s Canoe & Kayak Livery 607.243.9100 Summit to Stream Adventures 607.535.2701 Yankee Canoe Company 607.522.6400 GUIDE SERVICES

Ranger Outfitters

Hiking, paddling, camping, and fishing


Summit to Stream Adventures Hiking, paddling, and fishing


ADDITIONAL RIVER ADVENTURE PLANNING RESOURCES Free Fishing Days February 18–19, June 24–25 Friends of the Chemung River Watershed Inc. 607.846.2242

Conhocton River Fly Shop Guided river fly-fishing

607.776.4968 Fishing the Finger Lakes Guide Service 607.857.6269

The views were fantastic in every direction with rolling green hills, rushing waters and blue skies.” —Micha and Jenna, Wander the Map

Top photo courtesy Wander the Map

For river adventure ideas, visit

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Unrivaled Hunting A ll that space and all those deer. Year after year, Steuben County is New York State’s #1 county for whitetail deer, offering some of the best hunting for big and small game to be found in the Finger Lakes region.

Learn more about Steuben County’s exceptional hunting opportunities at

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 67

A Haven for Hunters in the Heart of New York’s #1 Deer County A farmer and hunter long before he and his wife became innkeepers, Arlan and Carol Button have always opened up their home to others. That sense of hospitality led them to devote four bedrooms of their historic 10-bedroom farmhouse to overnight guests. With roughly 300 acres of land that includes a working sheep farm surrounded by forested hills, Button’s Creekside Bed & Breakfast offers seclusion, an authentic taste of farm life, and a special package for hunters. With the Hunter’s Package you get more than all that land—hunt the edges of corn fields, clover fields, deep oak woods, or old orchards along the creek—and a place to rest your head. You also get homecooked meals including a huge breakfast, soups and breads, and a hearty dinner. No wonder at least one hunter has been returning here for 18 years. To learn more about Button’s Creekside Bed & Breakfast, visit

 WE’VE GOT WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! LICENSED HUNTING GUIDES Summit to Stream Adventures 607.535.2701 PRIVATE HUNTING CABINS AND LAND LEASES ABC Ranch 607.765.0043 Amber Waves Farm B&B 607.522.7733 Button’s Creekside Farm B&B 607.566.2406 Farmer Phil’s Cabins 607.368.5741 Wildlife Outdoor Enterprises 607.562.7414 For more information on hunting guides, getaway packages, public lands, hunting seasons, and maps, visit Deer photos courtesy

HUNTING GUIDELINES AND SEASON DATES NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 8 585.226.5380 VENISON DONATION Steuben County Venison Donation Processors /processorlist.htm#steuben Venison Donation Coalition

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Farms and Farm Markets T

his is where food comes from—potatoes, corn, wheat, milk, cheese, micro-greens, apples, berries, fresh produce, meat. Learn about our farms, farm markets, and unique opportunities to get your hands dirty on a working farm at

With more than 120 wineries, breweries and distilleries spread across the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York, you’ll likely need more than a weekend to discover all that the area has to offer. . . . Plus a trip to this part of the state means you’ll get to experience the bounty of produce available from the many farms that neighbor each vineyard.” —Cameron Curtis, Food Network

Background photo courtesy Bob Magee

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 69

Farm Fresh and Home Grown: It’s In Our Roots With a wide range of local produce, meats, cheeses, and fruits, as well as handmade crafts, maple syrup, honey, a food truck, occasional wine tastings, and more, the Corning Farmers’ Market offers tourists and locals an opportunity to experience the very best local farm-fresh products. But it just might be the location that makes this such a popular market for vendors and visitors alike. Just a few steps away from the many shops and restaurants on historic Market Street, the Farmers’ Market has found a home in Riverfront Centennial Park, conveniently tucked between Centerway Square and nationally recognized Centerway Bridge. Make no mistake, though, if not for the quality of the products Photo courtesy Gaffer District found there, the market wouldn’t have thrived for over 20 years, becoming such a popular event throughout the summer and fall that people return again and again. To learn more about Corning Farmers Market, visit

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 WE’VE GOT WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! FARMS Blueberry Hill Farm 549 O’Connor Rd., Hornell 14843 607.324.5321 Bonny Hill Honey 6316 Bonny Hill Rd., Bath 14810 607.776.3577 The Cheese Shop at Bieber Farms 10613 S. Main St., Prattsburgh 14873 607.522.4350 Close-Knit Alpacas 4526 Olmstead Rd., Woodhull 14898 607.525.6656 Crooked Creek Hops Farm 6700 Holden Rd., Addison 14801 607.377.0393 Crooked Line Farm & Orchard 7780 Cold Springs Rd., Bath 14810 607.224.4011 E. H. Lain Cider Mill 6226 Lain Hill, Canisteo 14823 607.324.1349 Golden Age Cheese Co. 1577 Mill St., Woodhull 14898 607.458.5365 Hager’s Maple Products 8298 Oak Hill Rd., Arkport 14807 607.295.7951 Hargrave Farm 3759 State Rt. 21, Wayland 14572 585.534.5382 Healing Spirits Herb Farm & Education Center 61247 State Rt. 415, Avoca 14809 607.566.2701 Heaven Scent Farm 10469 State Rt. 371, Cohocton 14826 607.382.8442

Heavenly Sunset Farm 1134 County Rt. 99, Woodhull 14898 607.458.5499 Hillview Blueberry Farm 9990 Bean Station Rd., Prattsburgh 14873 607.522.7055 Jenkins Farm Market & Deli 8637 State Rt. 36 North, Arkport 14807 607.295.7722 K-Ran Alpacas 11579 Wisse Rd., Prattsburgh 14873 607.727.8153 Parkland Berry Farm 1641 Clendenning Rd., Painted Post 14870 607.368.3021 Parulski Farms 7428 County Rt. 113, Bath 14810 607.368.5223 Stewart’s Family Farm & CSA 6681 County Rt. 27, Howard 14843 585.966.9513 Stoney Acres Alpacas 4082 State Rt. 36, Canisteo 14823 607.698.2189 Stoney Acre’s Farm & Flea Market 7499 State Rt. 415 North, Bath 14810 607.622.5469

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 71

Sugar-Haven Farms 1582 County Rt. 60, Rexville 14877 607.356.3454 WEEKLY FARMERS’ MARKETS

Harvest and Artists Market 8383 Gallagher Rd., Pulteney 14874 June–Oct: Sat. 11–4 July–Aug: Fri. 11–4; Sat. 11–4

Addison Farmers’ Market Bliss Park, Addison 14801 607.359.2100 May–Oct: Sat. 8–4

Hornell Farmers’ Market Broadway Mall, Hornell 14843 607.324.9786 June–Sept Visit for dates and times

Bath Farmers’ Market Pulteney Square, Bath 14810 607.776.3577 May–Oct: Wed. 9–3; Sat. 9–2

Prattsburgh Farmers’ Market 1 Main St., Prattsburgh 14873 315.489.8312 July–Sept: Sat. 10–1

Corning Farmers’ Market Riverfront Park, Corning 14830 607.937.6292 June–Oct: Thurs. 9–3


Corning Winter Farmers’ Market Information Center, Corning 14830 607.962.8997 Nov–Mar: 1st & 3rd Sat. 11–3

Cornell Cooperative Extension 7438 County Rt. 113, Bath 14810 315.368.5223

Hammondsport Farmers’ Market Liberty Park, Hammondsport 14840 607.545.6046 May–Oct: Wed. and Sat. 9–5

Timber Stone Grill, located in Hammondsport village, uses locally sourced produce and proteins and serves Keuka brews. Not only is the food amazing but their setting is gorgeous.” —Charles McCool, McCool Travel


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irst discovered Château Renaissance at the Green Market in New York City’s Union Square. Such interesting limited production wines like lavender and rose petal, plus tasty fruit wines. Finally decided to visit their winery in the Finger Lakes for a farm-friendly getaway. Who knew Steuben County is over 900,000 acres in size, with over 400,000 of those acres being farmed? That’s a lot of crops, a lot of livestock. You can stay on working farms, even take part in some chores. So cool! We stayed at Black Sheep Inn and Spa. They’re totally immersed in farmto-table food, working with over 10 local farms. You can really taste the difference!

Just a short drive to the Bath Farmers’ Market located on the town square. Talk about perfect timing. Less than a mile away from the market, the Steuben County Fair was going on. Oldest continuously running fair in the country. Blue ribbon livestock. 4H horse show. Truck pull. Rodeo.

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386


Day Two. Knocked back award-winning brews at farm brewery Steuben Brewing. Had ourselves a little corn hole competition. Awesome views. They even offered wine from a local farm winery. Heard about Crooked Creek Hops Farm growing special crops so local brewers have access to the best hops. Locals were talking about an awesome weekend event taking place in September, with a hops competition, beer competition, live music, multiple tastings, glassblowing, and the world’s only brewing of “Glas Bier.” So coming back for that! One vendor from the farm market, Golden Age Cheese, has a restaurant in Corning called Cugini’s. Stopped on the way home for lunch. Chicken Parm sandwich. Freshbaked bread. All natural stretched mozzarella.

So good!

Crooked Creek Hops Farm

“Boasting a vibrant community of independent farmers raising livestock, operating dairies and growing an array of fruits, grains and vegetables, New York’s Finger Lakes can be proud that eating local has been the norm long before it was trendy. . . . Offering everything from pick-your-own blueberries to artisanal charcuterie and cheese. . . . A wonderful place to . . . truly embrace the farm-to-table experience.”

—Anna Lee C. Iijima, Wine Enthusiast

Breakfast photo opposite courtesy Black Sheep Inn and Spa Beer photo opposite courtesy of

74 | Master Craft Your Experience FIVE SEASONS OF ARTISTRY

Winter S

nowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling— there are a number of ways to enjoy the scenic outdoors during wintertime. And it might just be the best time to savor our awardwinning wines and brews, excellent culinary options, and world-class museums, as the lines are small, the experience even more intimate.

Cabin Fever photo courtesy Cagwin Photography

Ice sailing and snowmobiling photos courtesy Bob Magee

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 75

Cabin Fever photo courtesy Cagwin Photography

Party down when the weather turns cold and snow is forecast in the Finger Lakes. The small craft breweries, hard cider mills, and wineries of the region welcome winter with seasonal offerings.” —David Latt, New York Daily News

 WINTER EVENTS 2017 JANUARY Finger Lakes Beer Passport Jan–April Wine on Ice FEBRUARY Cheese and Wine Lovers Getaway Hammondsport Winter Stroll MARCH Cabin Fever DECEMBER Holiday Hops Passport

Photo courtesy Tineey: Diary of a Wanderlust

For ideas creating a magical winter escape, visit

76 | Master Craft Your Experience FIVE SEASONS OF ARTISTRY

Spring W

ith exciting events offering intimate behind-the-scenes glimpses into artists’ studios, live demonstrations of the fire arts, the chance to savor phenomenal wines and cool creative brews, plus the opportunity to take a class and create something with your own hands, more than just the flowers come alive each spring. Visit for more spring fun.

Photo courtesy Corning’s Gaffer District

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 77

Visitors can travel to the Finger Lakes year-round. . . . Summer and fall are peak seasons for wine country. Winter and spring are low tourist seasons, but the winetasting experience is more personal and less crowded, a great time to visit the Finger Lakes.” —Travel + Leisure

GlassFest photo courtesy Cagwin Photography

 SPRING EVENTS 2017 APRIL Tapas and Wine Weekend Arts in Bloom MAY Finger Lakes Craft Beer Week Finger Lakes Wine Month GlassFest Keuka in Bloom

Photo courtesy Wander the Map

78 | Master Craft Your Experience FIVE SEASONS OF ARTISTRY

Summer H

ike beside waterfalls, explore the heart of the countryside on the Finger Lakes Trail or paddle downstream. Camp beneath the stars, share stories around a campfire, transform Keuka Lake into your very own playground for waterskiing, Jet Skiing, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, sailing, or swimming. Summer is a time to let loose. It’s a time for picnics in the park, bike rides, and long walks. Summer is also a time for slowing down, for letting go of the daily routine and catching your breath. It’s a time when we find so many reasons to smile.

Photo courtesy Corning’s Gaffer District

Summer is a time when we find so many reasons to smile.

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 79

Photo courtesy Cagwin Photography

 SUMMER EVENTS 2017 JUNE Fire It Up! BBQ Weekend

In early July, I did something crazy: I linedup for Manhattan’s Holland Tunnel on a summer Friday afternoon . . . in order to visit America’s preeminent East Coast wine region—the Finger Lakes. A rural land of surprisingly fine wines . . . the region offers abundant scenery of rolling hills, shimmering lakes, and neat rows of vineyards stretching shore to sky.”

Music, Margaritas, and Sunsets on the Terrace (June–Aug) JULY Finger Lakes Wine Festival Fourth of July Keuka Lake Craft Show Taste of Summer AUGUST Curtiss Classic Motorcycle Weekend Monarch Festival Steuben County Fair Taste of Summer

—Lauren Mowery, Fodors

Visit for more summer fun

80 | Master Craft Your Experience FIVE SEASONS OF ARTISTRY

Autumn T

he gorgeous views become even more spectacular each fall, but there’s more to savor than all that color. Enjoy special events celebrating the bounty of the harvest, blow a glass pumpkin, experience for yourself the incomparable wonders of fall in the Finger Lakes.

Photo courtesy Keuka Wine Trail

Photo courtesy Corning’s Gaffer District

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 81

 AUTUMN EVENTS 2017 SEPTEMBER Harvest Celebration of Food and Wine Harvest Music Festival Seaplane Homecoming Whingblinger Heritage Fall Festival

I found myself traveling through the alluring vistas during fall time, when the green that normally dominates the view changes into an array of red, orange and yellow, as the trees shed their leaves. . . . The result is breathtaking.”


—Yaara Shalom, YNetNews Israel

Wineglass Marathon Finger Lakes Beer Festival Southern Tier Outdoor Show

Photo courtesy The Corning Museum of Glass

82 | Master Craft Your Experience FIVE SEASONS OF ARTISTRY

Holiday Sparkle W hether you’re shopping for just the right item or craving tradition with extraordinary events that bring back the spirit of days gone by, you’ll find the holidays are a magical time in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes.

Photo courtesy Corning’s Gaffer District

Photo courtesy Hornell Partners for Growth

Photo courtesy Bob Magee

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 83

Since 2008, the world-renowned museum . . . has been drawing thousands of visitors each winter to marvel at its sparkling tree. There’s no other holiday tree like it in the world, and no two of the tree’s ornaments, which are created by a team of resident glassmakers, are the same. The tree is so elaborate that it takes several days to install inside the museum’s glass-walled lobby. Once the final sphere has been hung, lights from within the tree illuminate it from the inside, making it glow like a giant, festive lightbulb.” —Jennifer Nalewicki, Smithsonian Magazine

Photo courtesy Corning’s Gaffer District

 HOLIDAY TRADITIONS NOVEMBER Parade of Lights Keuka Holidays DECEMBER 43rd Annual Sparkle Holiday Aglow Spirit of Christmas Christmas in the Park

Photo courtesy Corning’s Gaffer District

84 | Master Craft Your Experience

Extraordinary Events JANUARY 2300º (Jan–Mar, May, Nov, Dec) At 2300°, hot glass gets interesting—and so do things at The Corning Museum of Glass. This series of free, themed events features live glassmaking demonstrations by guest artists, live music, and great regional fare.

Urban Arts Crawl A self-guided, art-centric trail celebrating the unique art scene in historic downtown Corning held on the final Friday of each month (Jan–May, Sept–Dec). Includes stops at internationally acclaimed museums, community art centers, and independent galleries; artist talks, demonstrations, exhibition openings, public art projects, live music, and craft beverage tastings. Winter in Wine Country Exclusive unique experiences, events, and packages only available in winter. Runs January 1–February 28.

FEBRUARY Photo courtesy The Corning Museum of Glass

16th Annual Wine on Ice Taste regional wines and sample gourmet cheeses and fare from local restaurants. Shop for unique gifts and household treasures from many local craft businesses. 26th Annual Miniatures and Doll House Exhibit Dollhouses of all styles and ages, from Victorian to farm to modern, and many other special themes. Also included are model boats, machinery, cars, trucks, and antique toys. Finger Lakes Beer Passport The popular winter passport becomes a year-long ticket to savings and fun specials at dozens of breweries, brewpubs, and other beer-related locations throughout the Finger Lakes. Passports valid January 1—April 30.

Cheese & Wine Lovers Weekend Celebrate the Valentine’s season and Presidents’ Day weekend with the perfect pair—wine and cheese! Enjoy creative and savory food samples with a variety of spectacular local cheeses paired beautifully with the great wines of Keuka Lake. Perfect Valentine’s getaway.

Photo courtesy Finger Lakes Wine Country

Hammondsport Winter Stroll Enjoy your free commemorative wineglass, sip wines and beers from local wineries and craft breweries, stroll around charming Village Square, shop, and enter raffles for a chance on wonderful giveaways.

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386

Modernist Masters, Contemporary Icons: Highlights from the Old Jail Art Center Exhibition includes works by American greats like Grant Wood, Alexander Calder, Thomas Hart-Benton, Andy Warhol, Fritz Scholder, and John Marin—providing a new dialogue with The Rockwell’s modernist water colors, works on paper and sculpture. Runs February 3–April 23, 2017.

MARCH 14th Annual Cabin Fever Beat the winter blues on this special night of winetasting, craft beer sampling, terrific shopping, and dining promotions. Featuring more than 20 wineries and breweries from the Finger Lakes. Visitors age 21+ are invited to celebrate the winter tradition in historic downtown Corning. Chili & Chocolate Dine “Inn” or take out! Dinner includes: chili (several varieties to choose from), tossed salad, bread, beverage, chocolate desserts.

Photo courtesy Hornell Partners for Growth | 85

5K Run and Walk for the Shamrock This annual race is run on a 3.1-mile certified course that goes through the streets of Hornell. The event takes place on the Saturday of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

APRIL Curious and Curiouser: Surprising Finds from the Rakow Library From advertisements for glass eyes to patents for preserving the dead in glass; from glasshouse dollars to drawings by world-famous artists such as Thomas Benton, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dalí, Giorgio de Chirico, Eric Gill, Fernand Léger, Henri Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Grant Wood. These rarely seen wonders are some of the curious and surprising objects from The Rakow Research Library of The Corning Museum of Glass. Runs April 8, 2017 to February 17, 2019. Tapas and Wine Weekend Sample a variety of scrumptious appetizers. Each winery will prepare savory and sweet bites with suggested pairings. 5th Annual Arts in Bloom Celebrate the arts with a weekend of open houses and special performances throughout Steuben County. Explore studios and the work of artists specializing in paint, mixed media, pottery, photography, glass, wood, fiber, as well as those utilizing recycled or repurposed items.

Hornell’s St. Patrick’s Celebration Join the thousands who flock to Hornell for a day full of Irish fun at the “biggest St. Patrick’s Celebration in New York!” Parade, shuttle transportation to all local pubs and breweries between 2pm–2am.

Arts in Bloom painting courtesy West End Gallery

86 | Master Craft Your Experience

MAY Art Walk Visit local art destinations throughout Hornell during this fun, annual one-day event. Finger Lakes Craft Beer Week Each year, breweries and brewpubs throughout the region celebrate the delicious art of brewing craft beer with special events, like last year’s Cider Creek Brew Fest, which featured tastings by two dozen regional breweries, live music, food truck fare, and more. Finger Lakes Wine Month Throughout the month of May, enjoy promotions that include special Finger Lakes winetastings with some of the area’s leading winemakers, wine-inspired getaway packages, special offers, and shopping deals. Keuka in Bloom Treat yourself to the best of magnificent Keuka Lake at the height of springtime. Sample wonderful wines and enjoy herbinspired foods at each winery. Also receive one flower and one herb at each winery.

Photo courtesy Alexandra Elise Photography

GlassFest GlassFest is a four-day celebration of glass and the fire arts in the “Crystal City,” featuring live hot glass shows, artist demonstrations, neon sculptures at night, live music and entertainment, and shopping and dining. Year-after-year named one of the “Top 100 Events in North America” by the American Bus Association. Marie Watt: The Western Door Blankets play a central role in Marie Watt’s practice as sculptural material and conceptual foundation. Watt, who believes blankets provide access to social connections, historical traditions, and crosscultural meanings, will install a nearly 10' high sculpture composed of blankets collected from the residents of Corning and the Finger Lakes. Runs May 5, 2017–September 5, 2017. 4th Annual Wildflower Arts & Crafts Festival Hornell welcomes spring with this annual arts and crafts festival. Tiffany’s Glass Mosaics The first museum exhibition focused exclusively on Louis C. Tiffany’s use of mosaic will include monumental architectural installations, inkwells for desktops, fireplace surrounds, decorative panels, desk accessories, design drawings, lamps, and a special look at Tiffany’s innovative materials. Runs May 20, 2017 to January 7, 2018.

Photo courtesy Finger Lakes Wine Country

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386

JUNE Fire it Up! BBQ Weekend Taste delicious barbecue and grilled foods prepared with local sauces, rubs, and marinades. From Riesling to Cabernet Franc, discover how well cool-climate wines pair with mouth-watering barbecue and summer side dishes! Visit all seven wine trail wineries and be entered to win a grill. Civil War Reenactment The Battle of Lain’s Mill is an annual Civil War reenactment event hosted by the 21st Georgia Volunteer Infantry. Open to the public (June 4–5), it features two skirmishes depicting the Battle of McPherson’s Woods and Pickett’s Charge. There will also be an 1860s fashion show, medical demonstrations, musical concerts, a “School of the Soldier” for the younger spectators, artillery demonstrations, hands-on demonstrations of 1860s games, 1860 dance lessons, and more. | 87

Steuben County Dairy Festival The Steuben County Pomona Grange has hosted and sponsored the Steuben County Dairy Festival and Parade to honor America’s dairy industry and farming heritage since 1957. Parade, flea and craft market, and tractor pull. 607.776.4827 Thursdays in the Park Farmers’ Market Summer Concert Series takes place every Thursday from June through August. Includes music, bounce houses, and movies in the park at dusk.

JULY Craft Beverage Expo A wonderful blend of the past and the present. Experience local craft beverage tastings, workshops, home brew contest, as well as demonstrations of blacksmithing, hearth cooking, joinery, and more. With your ticket, receive a complimentary hand thrown pottery tasting cup. Food available for purchase. Fourth of July Arts and crafts, family-friendly activities, car show, live music, pony rides, bounce house, rock wall, food, beer, popular parade, and huge fireworks display.

Photo courtesy Jolynn Prunoskel

Maple City Brew Festival With food samplings, specialty vendors, craft beer tastings, and more. Music, Margaritas, and Sunsets on the Terrace (June–Aug) Each summer, The Rockwell Museum hosts this fun, three-part sunset series featuring live music on the balcony from some of the hottest musicians around, cocktails, dancing, and more.

51st Annual Keuka Lake Art Show Browse artwork and crafts made by Finger Lakes artists. Palettes of Keuka Art Tour Beginning July 1, nearly 50 palettes will go on display at locations surrounding Keuka Lake, remaining on display until early September. Take a map, available at each location and in the Hammondsport Visitor’s Center, and complete the puzzle inside to be entered into a prize drawing.

88 | Master Craft Your Experience


AUGUST 4th Annual Monarch Festival As a conservation wayward station for Monarch butterflies, Hornell celebrates the butterflies with a fun-filled family festival.

Photo courtesy Watkins Glen International

Finger Lakes Wine Festival Named an “Annual Event” by the American Bus Association as one of the top events in North America and “a perennial favorite, to be included with other legacy events like the Kentucky Derby and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.” The largest showcase of New York State wines, music, and culinary classes all in one beautiful location.

NASCAR at The Glen NASCAR’s biggest stars come to The Glen. From The Bog to the McDonald’s Family Grandstand, to camping or just one-day tickets, there is something for racing fans of every age.

NASCAR trophy photo courtesy Bob Magee

Crystal City Ferrari Show Visitors will be able to look at several Ferraris and rare sports cars as they are displayed along Historic Market Street.

Classic Boat Show photo courtesy Bob Magee

35th Annual Wine Country Classic Boat Show Enjoy a display of antique and classic wooden and fiberglass boats on Keuka Lake. Judged show and parade of boats, Saturday; chicken barbecue and regatta, Sunday. Tour de Keuka Benefit for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Four different rides through the Keuka Lake region: 100-mile Century Ride, 45-mile Early 45 Ride, Ride around Keuka, and 12-mile Family Excursion.

Curtiss Classic Motorcycle Weekend Gathering of motorcyclists, motorcycle vendors, and anyone interested in classic and vintage motorcycles. Visitors will see running antique engines and machinery, the museum’s popular wind wagon, and a wide variety of bikes, both classic and new. Routes available for different rides around Keuka Lake. Taste of Summer BBQ, beer, plus live blues and rock music.

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386

Twisted Branch Trail Run A supported, safe, and challenging pointto-point ultra-marathon event that showcases the Finger Lakes Trail System and the beautiful forested areas of upstate NY, beginning in Naples and finishing on the shores of Keuka Lake in Hammondsport. | 89

The Harmon and Harriet Kelley Collection of African American Art: Works on Paper Over 90 works by more than 50 AfricanAmerican artists from the late 1800s to the early years of this century. This special exhibition features work by such luminaries as Elizabeth Catlett, William H. Johnson, and Charles White. Runs Sept. 15–Dec. 31, 2017. Harvest Celebration of Food and Wine Come taste the exquisite wines of Keuka Lake and sample delicious dishes highlighting the region’s seasonal produce.

Twisted Branch Run photo courtesy The Ascend Collective

37th Annual Festival of Crafts Browse unique crafts and artwork made by more than 125 crafters during this annual craft show.

Harvest Music Festival Bring the whole family and enjoy outdoor activities and free music, including wellknown local groups and a nationally-renowned recording artist. Enjoy special shopping and dining promotions all weekend long.

198th Annual Steuben County Fair Oldest continuously-running county fair in the United States. Smoke on the Water BBQ Competition This event will feature a day full of great BBQ, live music, and vendors. Admission for this event is free to the public. Poags Hole Hill Climb One rider, one bike, one humongous hill. Being the fastest up the mountain is the ultimate goal. This annual event has been captivating fans for years. Come see why.

SEPTEMBER 4th Annual Harvest Festival Where beer, BBQ, and music come together. Family-friendly festival showcasing the New York State hops industry, with activities for all ages.

Steuben County Fair courtesy Bob Magee

Hot Glass! Cool Brew! Imagine brewing beer using a material as hot as volcanic lava! Event includes live glassblowing demonstrations, a chance to blow your own glass ornament, multiple craft beer tastings, live boil of the world’s only Glass Bier, and more.

Labor Day Bonfire with Joe Firecrow Live music by renowned Native American flute man, Joe Firecrow. Celebrate Labor Day and the harvest with this annual bonfire event.

90 | Master Craft Your Experience

SEPTEMBER (CONT’D) Seaplane Homecoming Visiting seaplanes will be on display at Depot Park throughout the day. Highlight of the event includes a parade of seaplanes around Keuka Lake. Admission is free to the public. Whingblinger Heritage Fall Festival Traditional demonstrations, music, food, Colonial reenactments, working blacksmith shop, country store, flea market, bake sale, and children’s activities.

36th Annual Wineglass Marathon One of the more popular and fastest-growing marathons in the Northeastern U.S., the Wineglass Marathon celebrates it’s 35th year. A full weekend of races, including the Half-Marathon and popular Corelle 5K, as well as concerts and other fun. Each year, runners travel from all over the U.S., Canada, and around the world to America’s “Crystal City.” The Marathon takes place on Sunday, October 1.

OCTOBER All Hallows Experience the Benjamin Patterson Inn— built in 1796—and the Heritage Village by candlelight. What awaits you in the darkness? Eerie tales, tricks and treats, spooky fun for young and old! Finger Lakes Boating Museum Anniversary Celebration Finger Lakes craft beer and winetasting, live music, boat auction, food, and more. Fun events for the entire family. Haunted Hops & Spirits Passport Kids shouldn’t have all the fun! During the month of October, brewers, distillers, and cider makers on the Craft Your Adventure craft beverage trail are offering an assortment of spooktacular treats and scary good savings. If you have a “possessed passport” you could win various prizes, including a limited-edition glass ghost from Hands-on Glass Studios or other craft beverage prizes. Haunted Hornell Over 6,000 square feet of horror at one of the area’s most advanced haunted houses. Have fun and be scared!

Wineglass Marathon photo courtesy Mark Bakley

Southern Tier Outdoor Show Exhibitors, demonstrations, wildlife shows, and professional seminars the whole family can enjoy. Featuring interactive activities such as bow hunting, retriever contest, youth fishing derby, and hunting simulator.

NOVEMBER Crystal City Brew Festival Over 25 breweries and more than 30 beers of various styles. Food vendors, samplings, and musical performances. Brewers attending will take the time to talk to you about their beers and what sets their creations apart from other representations of the styles. Keuka Holidays Each winery offers tastes of their finest wines, with complimentary small plates of hearty winter foods. Ticket holders receive a handmade grapevine wreath at their starting winery and collect an ornament at each participating winery visited.

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 91

22nd Annual Parade of Lights Gather for a sing-a-long followed by the lighting of the tree. Immediately after is an evening parade, where all participants are covered from tip to toe in lights!

DECEMBER 41st Annual Christmas in the Park Old-fashioned Christmas with music, food, Santa, storytelling, wagon rides, and vendors. 43rd Annual Sparkle Join us for the culmination of the Crystal City Christmas events season. Featuring

Sparkle courtesy Cagwin Photography

horse-and-carriage rides, shopping and dining promotions, outdoor entertainment, and activities for the whole family. Sparkle remains a holiday tradition cherished by generations. Gingerbread Invitational Fun, artful competition and exhibition featuring handcrafted gingerbread masterpieces by local artists. Vote for your favorite creation. Bring the whole family for a variety of gingerbread-themed art activities and treasure hunts throughout the museum. Kids 17 and under always free! Holiday Aglow Ring in the holiday season with horsedrawn carriage rides on Main Street, a tree lighting, holiday parade, and the opening of Santa Land. Get a start on your holiday shopping, too!

Holiday Aglow courtesy Bill Banaszewski

Holiday Open House Free admission, craft activities, live music, and special glassmaking experiences kick off the holiday season. Have breakfast or lunch with Santa (reservations required), make an ornament at The Studio, and have your picture taken with Santa in front of the giant ornament tree! Open House at Heritage Village Visit Santa at the Patterson Inn. Face painting, an Attic Treasures sale of holiday items, special handmade gift boutique, raffles, music, hearth cooking, blacksmith demonstrations, and a soup lunch. Children’s crafts in the Browntown Schoolhouse. Great photo ops, so bring your camera! Holiday Open House As part of the annual Sparkle celebration, enjoy free admission to The Rockwell Museum. Create art in the Family Exploration Studio, complete an Art Hunt, and participate in special holiday-themed gallery activities. Spirit of Christmas Join Santa and Mrs. Claus to celebrate the holiday season. Enjoy food, craft vendors, live music, and plenty of entertainment.

Every landscape, every picture, seems bound for postcard-dom.” –Brendan O’Meara, Mountain Home

92 | Master Craft Your Experience

Camping I want to wake up to a view like this everyday. Am loving our time here.” —Carol Cain, Girl Gone Travel | 93

Numbe r of

Sites Full Hoo kups Cabins/ Rentals Numbe r of Pull -Throug hs Online R eservati on Syst Swimm em ing Fishing Hiking T rail Camp S s tore Laundry Facilitie s

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386

Camping Season

Babcock Hollow Campground 5932 County Rt. 11, Bath 14810


Bud Valley Campground 10378 Pressler Rd., Prattsburgh 14873


100 60

Camp Bell Campground 8700 State Rt. 415, Campbell 14821

800.587.3301 or 607.527.3301



Camp Elmbois 8464 County Rt. 77 Hammondsport, 14840






Campers Haven 6832 County Rt. 15, Bath 14810


140 80



Cardinal Campground 7323 Dee Rd., Campbell 14821





0   

Donameer Farm 7417 Velie Rd., Hammondsport 14840 Vacation with your horse! Stalls and paddocks available.






Ferenbaugh Campground & Recreational Center 4248 State Rt. 414, Corning 14830


149 33



Hickory Hill Family Camping Resort 7531 County Rt. 13, Bath 14810

800.760.0947 or 607.776.4345

246 184 C/R 68  

Kanakadea Park Pennsylvania Hill Rd., County Rt. 66, Hornell 14843





Lake Demmon Recreation Area 9139 East Shore Rd., Bath 14810






Lakeview Campsites 14994 State Rt. 54, Dundee 14837





Farmer Phil’s Cabins 7678 County Rt. 55, Hornell 14843


Stony Brook State Park 10820 State Rt. 36 South, Dansville 14437

800.456.CAMP (2267) or 585.335.5530


Sun Valley Campsites 10740 Poags Hole Rd., Arkport 14807


Sunflower Acres Family Campground 1488 Sunflower Blvd., Addison 14801


Wellness Center and Health Spa on site.

105 68 C/R 22       5/1 to 10/15 R


     5/1 to 10/15

C/R 16  

 5/1 to 10/30

 

     4/8 to 10/13   4/28 to 10/01 5/31 to 10/31

 

     4/13 to 11/1    5/1 to 10/31 4/15 to 10/15

 

  4/13 to 10/13

 

5/1 to 10/1

C/R 0

   5/1 to 10/16

5/1 to 12/13

 


0  

301 270



     4/29 to 10/16




 

585.384.5248 Tumble Hill Campground 10551 Atlanta Back Rd., Cohocton 14826





    5/1 to 10/31

Twin Rivers CB Club Campground 7910 County Rt. 5, Addison 14801




5/1 to 10/15


 

4/28 to 10/8

  5/1 to 10/12

94 | Master Craft Your Experience

Hotels and Motels BATH AREA

Room Rates $�������� up to $99 $$������ $100–$180 $$$��������� $181+

Boat Launch

Conference/ Meeting Rooms

Handicap Accessible


Fitness Center

Hot Tub

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 95

Budget Inn 332 W. Morris St., Bath 14810 607.776.7536


Rooms: 19


Rooms: 67

Caboose Motel 60483 State Rt. 415, Avoca 14809 607.566.2216


Old National Hotel 13 E. Steuben St., Bath 14810 607.776.4104


Rooms: 24

Rooms: 22

Cohocton Valley Inn 33 Maple Ave., Cohocton 14826 585.384.5592


Rooms: 9

Days Inn–Bath 330 W. Morris St., Bath 14810 800.329.7466 or 607.776.7644

Microtel Inn & Suites 370 W. Morris St., Bath 14810 800.771.7171 or 607.776.5333

Super 8 Motel–Bath 333 W. Morris St., Bath 14810 800.800.8000 or 607.776.2187


Rooms: 45


Rooms: 104

Bath National Cemetery photo courtesy Bob Magee

Indoor Pool

Outdoor Pool


Online Reservations

Pets Permitted

Whirlpool Suites


96 | Master Craft Your Experience


America’s Best Value Inn Lodge on the Green 196 S. Hamilton St., Painted Post 14870 607.962.2456


Comfort Inn 66 W. Pulteney St., Corning 14830 607.962.1515


Rooms: 135

Rooms: 62

Budget Inn $–$$ 11385 LPGA Dr., Corning 14830 607.937.5686

Corning Inn $–$$ 255 S. Hamilton St., Painted Post 14870 607.937.5383

Rooms: 39

Rooms: 61

Room Rates $�������� up to $99 $$������ $100–$180 $$$��������� $181+

Boat Launch

Conference/ Meeting Rooms

Handicap Accessible


Fitness Center

Hot Tub

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 97

Econo Lodge–Painted Post $–$$ 200 Robert Dann Dr., Painted Post 14870 607.962.4444

Holiday Inn Express $$ 9775 Victory Highway, Painted Post 14870 607.936.3344

Rooms: 62

Rooms: 67

Erwin Motel 806 Addison Rd., Painted Post 14870 607.962.7411


Lando’s Hotel & Lounge 41 Bridge St., Corning 14830 607.936.3612


Rooms: 30

Rooms: 25

Fairfield Inn by Marriott–Corning 3 S. Buffalo St., Corning 14830 607.937.9600


Radisson Hotel Corning $$–$$$ 125 Denison Pkwy. East, Corning 14830 800.333.3333 or 607.962.5000 Rooms: 177

Rooms: 62

Gatehouse Motel 11409 LPGA Dr., Corning 14830 607.936.4131


Ramada Painted Post 304 S. Hamilton St., Painted Post 14870 607.962.5021 or 800.272.6232


Rooms: 105

Rooms: 20

Hampton Inn 248 Town Center Rd., Corning 14830 607.936.5020


Staybridge Suites 201 Townley Ave., Corning 14830 607.936.7800


Rooms: 115

Rooms: 98

Indoor Pool

Outdoor Pool


Online Reservations

Pets Permitted

Whirlpool Suites


98 | Master Craft Your Experience


Photo courtesy Stu Gallagher

Best Western Plus 8440 State Rt. 54 Hammondsport 14840


Rooms: 61

Rooms: 17

Keuka Lake Motel 14720 State Rt. 54, Keuka Village 14837 607.292.6622



*Seasonal Apr–Oct

Vinehurst Inn $$ 7988 State Rt. 54, Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2300 Rooms: 25

Rooms: 7

Room Rates $�������� up to $99 $$������ $100–$180 $$$��������� $181+

Keuka Lakeside Inn 24 Water St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2600

*Seasonal Apr–Nov

Boat Launch

Conference/ Meeting Rooms

Handicap Accessible


Fitness Center

Hot Tub

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 99


Cider Creek Hard Cider photo courtesy Michael B. Studios

Best Western Maple City Inn 1 Canisteo Square, Hornell 14843 607.324.4300


Econo Lodge 7462 Seneca Rd. North, Hornell 14843 607.324.0800


Rooms: 62

Rooms: 66

Days lnn–Hornell 1157 County Rt. 66, Hornell 14843 800.329.7466 or 607.324.6222


Rooms: 48

Sunshine Motel 7433 Seneca Rd. North, Hornell 14843 607.324.4565 Rooms: 14

Indoor Pool

Outdoor Pool


Online Reservations

Pets Permitted

Whirlpool Suites



100 | Master Craft Your Experience

Bed and Breakfasts and Country Inns Cohocton/ Prattsburgh Area

Hammondsport / Keuka Lake Area

Online Reservations

Corning Area

Hornell Area


Amber Waves Farm Bed & Breakfast 8266 County Rt. 74, Prattsburgh 14873 607.522.7733



1850s 20-room farmhouse nestled in the peaceful Cohocton Valley. Experience farm life firsthand, snuggle a newborn lamb, feed sheep, or just relax on our sprawling front porch and enjoy the view of rolling hills. For winter fun, take advantage of the tubing hill and warming hut. Wake up to the delicious aroma of a full country breakfast.

Feather Tick ’n Thyme Bed & Breakfast 7661 Tuttle Rd., Prattsburgh 14873 607.522.4113

Halcyon Place Bed & Breakfast 11 Maple Lane, Campbell 14821 607.583.4311

$$–$$$ $$–$$$

Circa 1840 Greek Revival home ideally located between Corning and Hammondsport. Surrounded by beautiful vistas and decorated with period antiques. Offering private baths, air conditioning, queen beds, extensive herb gardens, and peace and tranquility for the discerning traveler. Gourmet breakfasts. Herb and antique shop. Open all year.

Enjoy the tranquility of 347 acres of farm property. Feed a bale of grain to the Black Angus herd on our working farm or relax on our twostory wraparound porches. Hiking trails, fishing ponds. Minutes from Keuka Lake wineries, shops, and restaurants.

Button’s Creekside Farm Bed & Breakfast 9705 County Rt. 9, Cohocton 14826 607.566.2406

$ ........... $79–110 $$ ........... $111–159 $$$ ........$160–200 $$$$ ............... $201+


1890s Victorian home on 220 acres in our own fertile valley between lakes Canandaigua and Keuka. Minutes from most area attractions and wineries. Perfect venue for weddings or any milestone celebration. Game room, TV, and an exercise room in a three-story barn. Hot air balloon rides launched from property. Heron’s Roost Gift Shop on premises.

Taylor Farm Bed & Breakfast $$$–$$$$ 6554 Cook School Rd., Prattsburgh 14873 607.522.5155 Modern, spacious, rural two-story farmhouse on 315 acres, with forest, food crops, and ponds. Relax, hike, snowshoe, and fish. Businessman’s retreat, couples’ getaway, and perfect for family reunions. Camping areas available. Hiking trails on premises. Home theater on site, rec room available.

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 101

Photo courtesy The Rockwell Museum

Inn at the Gaffer Grille $$–$$$ 60 W. Market St., Corning 14840 607.962.4649 The Inn at the Gaffer Grille offers an accommodating stay on historic Market Street in Corning’s Gaffer District.

I made Corning my home base for the rest of my visit and found the charming, Victorian-style Rosewood B&B. Located in downtown Corning, Rosewood is within easy walking distance to the center of town. . . .” —Allison Levine, Wine Tourist Magazine

Rosewood Inn 134 E. First St., Corning 14830 607.962.3253


Seven guest rooms, private baths, air conditioned. Afternoon refreshments, wonderful breakfasts in our candlelit Victorian dining room. Stroll to shops, restaurants, and museums. Private parking.

Villa Bernese Bed & Breakfast 11881 Overlook Dr., Corning 14830 607.936.2633


The Villa offers European elegance, luxury, and hospitality. It is situated in a tranquil wooded location overlooking the Chemung River Valley. Five minutes from downtown Corning.

102 | Master Craft Your Experience

Bed and Breakfasts and Country Inns Cohocton/ Prattsburgh Area

Hammondsport / Keuka Lake Area

Online Reservations

Corning Area

Hornell Area


Amity Rose 8264 Main Street Extension Hammondsport 14840 607.569.3402


With four spacious bedrooms, including two with Jacuzzi tubs, WiFi and TVs in each room, outdoor patio seating, a grill, fire pit, and full sit-down breakfasts, Amity Rose is a sanctuary where you can get away from your daily routine while enjoying the relaxed pace and comfortable atmosphere of small-town living.

$ ........... $79–110 $$ ........... $111–159 $$$ ........$160–200 $$$$ ............... $201+

Black Sheep Inn 8329 Pleasant Valley Rd., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.3767 or 877.274.6286


The Black Sheep Inn is a five-room boutique inn, offering indulgent organic breakfasts utilizing local and organic products. This historic octagonal house, restored with style, grace, and charm, is located just outside the quaint village of Hammondsport on the southern end of Keuka Lake. Enjoy our on-site spa facilities, too.

On Keuka Water Taxi courtesy Liz Cleland, Western New Yorker

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386

Blushing Rose Bed & Breakfast 11 William St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2687 | 103


“Providing the Gift of Hospitality.” Experience true tranquility, comfort, and refreshment in our quaint lakeside village home located a half a block from the lake and the village square. Enjoy fresh-baked goods and full breakfast daily, spacious guest rooms with private baths, free WiFi, AC, off street parking and more. Recognized with Trip Advisor’s 2015 Service Excellence Award and 2016 Best of Trip Advisor Rating. HC Myrtle House 7663 County Rt. 13, Bath 14810 607.542.6912


The Finger Lakes are this choose-your-ownadventure region. Part Middle Earth, part Napa Valley.” —Brendan O’Meara, Mountain Home

J. S. Hubbs Bed & Breakfast 17 Shethar St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2440


Bath’s first bed and breakfast, this historic farmhouse offers guests proximity and tranquility. Just minutes from breathtaking Keuka Lake, award-winning wineries and breweries, quaint shops, outdoor trails, and historic sites, HC Myrtle House provides travelers a quiet place to pause and reflect on life, to recharge, and to enjoy the area.

Victorian home sits on 1/2-acre lot in the Village of Hammondsport. Half block from the lake and Village Square. Built in 1840 and family-owned since 1894. Complete with antiques. Queen beds, private baths, full breakfast. Outside seating for sunbathing and barbecue. Close to wineries.

The Fine Thread Bed & Breakfast $ 38 Liberty St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2093 Relax in a peaceful village setting and a familyfriendly atmosphere. Close to Village Square. Easy access to Keuka Lake and wineries. Close to Curtiss Museum. Not far from Corning.

Lake & Vine Bed & Breakfast 61 Lake St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.3282

Gone with the Wind on Keuka Lake 14905 State Rt. 54A, Pulteney 14874 607.868.4603


Historic stone Victorian lakeside inn on Keuka Lake. Lakefront for swimming and fishing, wine sipping in the gazebo, rest and refreshment, scrumptious breakfasts, home baking. Top-notch restaurants within minutes, verandas, lawns, and the clear, fresh Keuka Lake waters. Come to stay; toss your troubles to the wind.


Newly-remodeled 1868 Queen Anne home, located in historic Hammondsport. The home features period high ceilings, hardwood floors, split staircase to second floor common sitting area that leads to four regionally-themed rooms. Many areas to relax and enjoy the evening, living room with fireplace, library, and veranda.

Moon Shadow Bed & Breakfast $$–$$$ 10249 Gibson Rd., Hammondsport 14840 607.794.2398 Enjoy a glass of wine on the large front porch, take in stunning views of Keuka Lake, explore the art studio next door, indulge your senses with the wonderful scents of homemade breads and other treats, kick off your shoes, and feel at ease in this simple, yet artful, B&B.

104 | Master Craft Your Experience

Bed and Breakfasts and Country Inns Cohocton/ Prattsburgh Area

Hammondsport / Keuka Lake Area

Online Reservations

Corning Area

Hornell Area


Pleasant Valley Inn and Restaurant 7979 State Rt. 54, Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2282


$ ........... $79–110 $$ ........... $111–159 $$$ ........$160–200 $$$$ ............... $201+

Village Tavern Restaurant & Inn 30 Mechanic St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2528


Chef-owned country inn, circa 1848. Four queen guest rooms with private baths. Candlelight dinner Thursday through Sunday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Open May through October.

AAA Diamond Restaurant, catering, and lodging with private baths. Serving lunch and dinner. Over 130 beers, award-winning wine list, live music. Central to shops and wineries.

The Park Inn Hotel 37 Shethar St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.9387

18 Vine Inn & Carriage House 18 Vine St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.3039


Authentic country inn and restaurant since 1861. Five two-room suites with private baths. Restaurant and tavern on premises. Full complimentary breakfast.


Historic 1860’s home built by first champagne producer at Great Western, U.S. Bonded Winery No. 1. Frequented by Henry Ford and other dignitaries. Unique trees, beautiful gardens, and in-ground pool greet your arrival to five cozy rooms! Serene, charming B&B just three short blocks from the Village Square and beautiful Keuka Lake, specializing in craft beer and wine tours.

Call Toll-Free 1.866.946.3386 | 105

Vacation Rentals

Photo courtesy Bob Magee

Champagne House 122 Pulteney St., Hammondsport 14840 607.654.3917


1860s Coachman’s Quarters 18 Vine St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.3039


Clean, comfortable, and quiet lodging in picturesque Hammondsport. Walking distance to Keuka Lake and Village Square. Moments away from wineries, fine/casual dining, antiques, marina, park, and beach. The Corning Museum of Glass, Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, and Watkins Glen close by.

The perfect getaway for every celebration from a romantic weekend to an escape that lasts all season. Just a short stroll from the Village Square and beautiful Keuka Lake, the Coachman’s original cottage offers you your own private space, inground pool and landscaped grounds in the heart of “America’s Coolest Small Town.” Specializing in craft beer/wine tours.

Gulfstream House 20 William St., Hammondsport 14840 607.654.3917

Marsh Creek Cabin 980 Marsh Rd., Corning 14830 607.857.1185


Clean, comfortable, and quiet lodging in picturesque Hammondsport. Walking distance to Keuka Lake and Village Square. Moments away from wineries, fine/casual dining, antiques, marina, park, and beach. The Corning Museum of Glass, Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, and Watkins Glen close by.


Experience the serenity of country living just minutes from the fun and excitement of Corning’s Gaffer District. Tucked among the trees on over 70 acres of land, Marsh Creek Cabin offers two newly-furnished bedrooms, handcrafted decor, an outdoor grill and fire pit, washer and dryer, fully-stocked kitchenware, and an abundance of peace and quiet.

C RNING and ≤e sou≤ern

FINGER LAKES IT’S EASY TO GET HERE! Approximate travel time from major cities to Corning, New York:

By Car

By Air

Getting Around

From the east and west: Follow NYS Route 17/ Interstate 86

Elmira–Corning Regional Airport (15 minutes from Corning)

The Finger Lakes region is a wonderfully scenic, rural area. The best way to get around is by car. The following rentals are available:

From the north: Follow Interstate 390 South from Rochester or Interstate 81 South from Syracuse From the south: Follow Interstate 99 from Williamsport, PA; 220N to I-99 from Pittsburgh; 476N to 81N from Philadelphia

By Bus New York Trailways: 800.776.7548 Shortline: 800.631.8405

Delta Airlines: 800.225.2525 Allegiant Air: 702.505.8888

Corning Transportation Center 85 Denison Parkway East Corning, NY 14830 607.936.6223

Enterprise: 800.261.7331 Avis: 800.331.1212 Hertz: 800.654.3131 National: 800.227.7368 • Toll-free 866.946.3386 This guide is published by the Steuben County Conference & Visitors Bureau. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy at the time of publication, details and rates may change. Listings and some photos are provided by individual facilities and not regulated by the SCCVB. The 2017 Steuben County Experience Guide has been produced using environmentally-conscious production methods. Vanguard Printing LLC, located in the Finger Lakes region, is FSC certified and a member of the Rain Forest Alliance.

Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes - 2017 Experience Guide  

Master Craft Your Experience

Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes - 2017 Experience Guide  

Master Craft Your Experience