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Hammondsport Named “America’s Coolest Small Town”

Corning & The Finger Lakes

Finding the Fun and Cultivating the Cool One of the “Most Fun” Small Towns in America Arts and Culture, Exciting Shopping, Unbeatable Brews, and so much more! Fold-Out Steuben County Map

Fun FIND How cool is that? Official Steuben County 2013 Travel Guide

Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!



Looking to have some good, old-fashioned fun? A trip to Corning & the Finger Lakes is just what you need! There’s just something about this area. You feel the excitement deep within your bones the moment you arrive. You know you’re in for a good time. Corning & the Finger Lakes is one of those places that has that indescribable something. Yes, the scenic beauty is unparalleled. The wine is fantastic and the hands-on experiences you’ll have here simply don’t get any better.

But anyone who has visited here knows there’s more to the story. They can sense it—this all-encompassing, undeniable cool factor that permeates the region. This place is just plain fun. Here, we’re all about making the most of life right now. That’s why we offer exceptional experiences and affordability at its finest. We’re sure that once you’ve discovered all the fun to be had here in Corning & the Finger Lakes, you’ll want to soak up some more.

Welcome to Corning &

the Finger Lakes, where Hot Glass, Cool Lakes, and Superb Wine are just the beginning!

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Contents Hot Glass! .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Cool Lakes!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Superb Wine!.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Unbeatable Brews!.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Excellent Dining!.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Arts and Culture.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 History and Heritage.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Hands-On Fun!.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Exciting Shopping!.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Cultivating the Cool. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Finding the Fun. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Women Only Weekends!.. . . . . . . . . . 24 Family Fun!.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Farms and Farm Markets.. . . . . . . . . . 28 The Great Outdoors.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 River Adventures. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Unrivaled Hunting.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Spectacular Fall Foliage!.. . . . . . . . . . . 34 Winter Escapes!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Camping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

In 2012, Hammondsport was named “America’s Coolest Small Town” by readers of Budget Travel magazine, and Corning was chosen as one of the “Most Fun” small towns in America in the Rand McNally and USA TODAY “Best of the Road” contest.

Hotels and Motels.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Bed and Breakfasts .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Must-See Attractions.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Area Maps & Events Shopping and Dining Guide See center section I LOVE NEW YORK is a registered trademark and service mark of the New York State Department of Economic Development; used with permission.

Cover photo courtesy of Carter N. Saunders Photo left, by Steve Knapp.



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Hot Glass! T HE HO T S P O T IN T OWN


t’s hard to imagine that something as commonplace as glass can be so much fun. But that’s probably just because you haven’t experienced it at 2300º! Sure, you drink out of it every morning but you’ve never felt the heat radiating off of it as you shape your glass flower. You’ve never stood in front of a towering sculpture, made from hundreds of blown glass segments. You’ve never looked at a picture and realized it was made of thousands of tiny shards of glass.

Chances are, you’ve never really given glass a second thought. You’ve never realized that every time you make a phone call, you’re using fiber optic technology developed in Corning. You don’t stop to consider that when you tap the screen on your iPad, you’ve got cutting-edge glass innovation at your fingertips. Here in America’s Crystal City, you can’t help but gain a deep appreciation for glass. Whether you’re browsing the

more than 45,000-object collection at The Corning Museum of Glass, perusing the unique pieces for sale at Vitrix Hot Glass Studio, or blowing an ornament at Hands-On Glass Studio, you’ll be astounded by the beauty and versatility of glass. Glass gets even hotter with special celebrations like GlassFest and 2300º!  All photos courtesy of The Corning Museum of Glass, except where noted.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

e’ve got what you’re looking for! The Corning Museum of Glass 800.732.6845 Glass EVENTS Glass Menagerie January–May and October–December: 607.962.6300 Family Exploration Series May: GlassFest Hands-On Glass Studio September: Steuben Symposium 607.962.3044 November–March and May: 2300° Vitrix Hot Glass Studio 607.936.8707

July–August: Little Gather December: Holiday Open House

Fun is bringing

the experience of glass to other people who haven’t had that experience. Glass to me is magic.” –Kurt, Make Your Own Glass Studio

Photo C our tes y

find n s-O nd a H


There aren’t too many places that would feel comfortable letting a visitor get up close and personal with something that’s hotter than volcanic lava. But here in Corning, we encourage it! We know that having you create your own masterpiece to cherish is the best way to show you how awesome glass can be. HandsOn Glass Studio was the epicenter for the make-your-own-glass revolution in Corning. Owner Rodi Rovner knew she wanted everyone to experience the wonder of glassmaking and she took it upon herself to make it happen. Children as young as two can blow an ornament at Hands-On Glass.

How cool is that? The world’s largest glass museum is getting bigger! The Corning Museum of Glass is currently undergoing a $64-million expansion, scheduled for completion in 2014. The entire museum will remain open throughout the process.

For a complete list of studios and galleries, visit



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Cool Lakes! C ’ M ON . J U M P IN !


ne of the most fun aspects of Corning & the Finger Lakes is exploring the wonders of the wet and wild. Keuka Lake is a Y-shaped beauty nestled in the heart of the Finger Lakes, sparkling with opportunities for adventure. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold for sure, but it’s the fun you’ll experience on the lake that will leave you craving more. Perhaps the best thing about water is that there are so many ways to enjoy it. Whether it’s the thrill of skimming the waters on a Jet Ski from Keuka Watersports, or the peace that comes with a sunset sail, your time on Keuka Lake will be hard to forget. It’s hard to enjoy Keuka Lake without sensing that cool factor that’s so deeply infused in the area. Located on the

southern tip of the lake is Hammondsport, recently voted “America’s Coolest Small Town” by readers of Budget Travel magazine. It is perhaps this special surrounding area that adds so much to the lakeside experience. Maybe that’s why Travel & Leisure included the Finger Lakes in its list of America’s best lakeside vacations. When you visit Keuka Lake, you get the whole package deal. You’ve got great fun on the water, paired perfectly with award-winning wineries, incredible vistas, great events, amazing food, and diverse shops. 

Photo courtesy of Jim Ecker.

“Keuka Lake provides the boating culture and scenic backdrop for the area— it truly is beautiful....” —Will McGough,

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386


e’ve got what you’re looking for! Conhocton River Fly Shop

(see pages 38–43)

 Barger Landing Gone with the Wind B&B Keuka Lakeside Inn Keuka Lake Motel BOAT RENTALS AND SERVICE Jake’s Boat Livery

Boat launch, mini-mart, live bait, gas, kayak, row boat, and paddle boat rentals 607.868.4876

Fishing the Finger Lakes Guide Service Bass fishing charters 607.857.6269 LAKESIDE DINING

Keuka Watersports

Boat slips available

Boat/Jet Ski rentals and winter storage 607.569.2889

Lakeside Restaurant 607.868.3636

North Country Kayak & Canoe

Snug Harbor Restaurant 607.868.SNUG (7684)

Delivery to people vacationing on the lake 607.868.7456

Reagan’s Canoe & Kayak Livery

Canoe/kayak rentals or sales with delivery to cottages 607.243.9100

Southern Tier Kayak Tours LLC 607.220.3642 Background photos courtesy of Bill Banaszewski.

Keuka Bigfoot Charters Fishing charters on Keuka Lake 607.569.2988

Summit to Stream Adventures

Kayak rentals and tours, fishing charters 607.535.2701

Yankee Canoe Company

Canoe rentals




B of

il l B

an a sz e wski .



Ketchum Fish Charters Trout fishing on Keuka Lake 607.868.3333


Champlin Beach, State Rt. 54 607.569.3743

Fly and light tackle boat fishing



Depot Park, Village of Hammondsport 607.569.3700

Beat the heat of the afternoon by renting a Jet Ski from Keuka Watersports. Breeze around beautiful Keuka Lake at speeds topping 45 miles an hour—if you’re feeling adventurous. There’s nothing quite like gliding down the lake, feeling the spray as your Jet Ski meets the waves. On the distant hillside, you’ll spot rolling vineyards and manicured farmlands peacefully sitting high above Keuka. It’s a unique perspective—seeing wine country from the water. It’s certainly nothing you’ll forget any time soon.

Pho t


The Switzerland Inn 607.292.6927 Waterfront Restaurant 607.868.3455 NYS BOATING AND FISHING REGULATIONS NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation—Region 8 585.226.2466 Keuka Lake Association 866.369.3781  EVENTS ON THE LAKE

Bobber’s Fishing Excursions Fishing charters on Keuka Lake for adults and children 607.569.2791

MARCH Polar Bear Plunge

(opposite) Fish catch photo courtesy of Summit to Stream. Tubing photo courtesy of Chris Brooks.

SEPTEMBER Seaplane Splash-In

JULY Wine Country Classic Boat Show

How cool is that? Did you know Keuka Lake is one of very few Y-shaped lakes in the world and may well be the only one that flows both north and south?

For more information on Keuka Lake and Hammondsport, visit: Hammondsport Chamber of Commerce 607.569.2989 Steuben County Conference & Visitors Bureau 866.946.3386



Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Superb Wine! U N P RE T EN T IO U S , L A U GH - O U T - L O U D F U N


Travel) and a top value destination in 2011 (Shermans Travel), making the Finger Lakes the most affordable wine region as well. But we know that’s not necessarily what motivates you to visit. You’re looking to drink excellent wine and have fun with the people who matter most and, on that, we can certainly deliver. After all, the Riesling you’re sipping was perfected in “America’s Coolest Small Town”! 

Photo below and (r) courtesy of Bonnie Gustin Photography.

here’s no denying it. Wine is just plain fun. Sure, in some places wine tasting can be viewed as a snobbish activity, but here in Corning & the Finger Lakes, that’s not the way we do things. As the secondlargest wine producing region in the country, we take great pride in the award-winning wines made here. We have hundreds of accolades to our Finger Lakes name, including world’s most beautiful wine region (Budget

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386


Each of the wineries located in “America’s Coolest Small Town” has a cool factor all its own. Discover why Hammondsport wineries have been winning awards for more than 140 years. Bully Hill Vineyards is one of those

café or the methods of maintaining the vineyards, everything is fresh and 100-percent green. Heron Hill was named as one of eight ecofriendly East Coast wineries by Mother Nature Network. Its tasting room has been rated one of the 10 most spectacular in the world by Travel & Leisure magazine.

places that makes the words “wine” and “fun” synonymous. People can’t help but take Walter Taylor’s philosophy of “wine with laughter” to heart when they enter the tasting room. As one of the most eclectic wineries in the Finger Lakes, Bully Hill also features a pop art museum, a cooper’s museum, two gift shops, and a superb restaurant overlooking beautiful Keuka Lake.

Keuka Lake Vineyards has quickly

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Gustin Photography.

community. Rehabilitation of the site has been ongoing and new plantings are scheduled. As a microproduction farm winery, Deep Root proudly offers wines that focus on sustainability and quality production without forgetting how to have fun!

gained recognition for its unique dry European-style wines. Owner Mel Goldman specializes in premium Riesling and Vignoles, and allows “the grapes to express themselves.” The winery’s dry, elegant wines are meant for entertainment with good company and fine food.

Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars has been rated “#1 Winery

brings French flair to the Finger Lakes. Owner Patrice DeMay was born into a family of winemakers in the Loire Valley, and brought a 400-year-old family recipe for champagne with him to Keuka Lake. Château Renaissance also offers wines, port, sherry, and fruit wines and fruit sparkles.

in the Northeast” by Wine Report for six years. Dr. Frank founded the winery in 1962, a decade after immigrating from Ukraine, and proved that European vines called Vitis Vinifera could be grown in the United States. In 2012, Dr. Frank’s was named “Winery of the Year,” at the New York Wine & Food Classic Competition, and its 2011 Semi-Dry Riesling won the “Governor’s Cup,” recognizing “Best of Show.”

Deep Root Vineyard was established

Heron Hill Winery prides itself on

Château Renaissance Wine Cellars

as a native vineyard, however, its roots extend far back into the

being a friend to the environment. Whether it’s the food served in the

Lime Berry Winery has a cool

and casual approach that’s taking root. Enjoy a relaxing tasting in an 1800s one-room schoolhouse. Make sure to also visit Lime Berry Gallery, located in the Village of Hammondsport.


Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Superb Wine!(cont’d) Pleasant Valley Wine Company and Great Western Winery was named

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Gustin.

Photo courtesy of Bob McGee.

“physically the most atmospheric winery in the whole of the region” by Frommer’s. Its champagnes have been the most-honored American champagnes in European competitions for over a century. As one of the region’s oldest wineries and the First Bonded Winery in the United States, Pleasant Valley was called one of “five don’t-miss wineries” by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ravines Wine Cellars doesn’t “try to

be everything to everyone, which, to be honest, is a refreshing change from so many of the Finger Lakes wineries” said New York Cork Report of owner Morten Hallgren. Trained in France, Hallgren specializes in dry, food-friendly, elegant wines made in the traditional French style. “On paper he knows what he’s doing,” according to Anything Wine, “and his knowledge and passion definitely translate to the glass.”

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Gustin Photography.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

e’ve got what you’re looking for!  WINERIES


Bully Hill Vineyards

Finger Lakes Tours

Château Renaissance Wine Cellars

Finger Lakes Winery Tours


607.569.3609 or 866.426.7543

Deep Root Vineyard

Photo courtesy of Dr. Frank.

315.651.3001 April 1–Dec 1: Daily 10–6 Winter: Call for tasting appointments

607.792.3773 315.828.6289

Quality Wine Tours

877.424.7004 or 585.455.8294

find Wine with laughter. Sounds like the perfect pairing, doesn’t it? That’s what Bully Hill Vineyards believes. If it’s a rip-roarin’ tasting experience you seek, Bully Hill is where you’ll find it. With excellent yet affordable wines like Sweet Walter White and Love My Goat Red, Bully Hill is about as unpretentious as they get. Come prepared to actively participate in your wine tasting.

Finger Lakes Limousine and Coach

315.789.7272 or 888.252.1768


607.868.4884 or 800.320.0735

Heron Hill Winery

607.868.4241 or 800.441.4241

FEBRUARY Cheese and Wine Lovers Weekend MARCH Viva Italia!

Keuka Lake Vineyards

MAY Keuka in Bloom

Lime Berry Winery

JUNE Barbecue at the Wineries: Part 1


607.569.3300 June–Oct: Fri., Sat., and Sun. 10–5 Nov–May: Call for tasting appointments

Barbecue at the Wineries: Part 2

Pleasant Valley Wine Company and Great Western Winery

JULY Finger Lakes Wine Festival

Ravines Wine Cellars

SEPTEMBER Harvest Celebration of Food and Wine

607.569.6111 607.292.7007

NOVEMBER Keuka Holidays: Part 1 Keuka Holidays: Part 2 Unless otherwise noted, hours of operation are on pages 44–45.

How cool is that? Bully Hill Vineyards was the first winery in the world to put handpainted labels on wine bottles. Even today, its bottles still proudly display the artwork of its founder, Walter Taylor. Photo courtesy of Bully Hill.

Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars

JANUARY Wine on Ice



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Unbeatable Brews! more than a wine region


he Finger Lakes is known for its wines. However, microbreweries are beginning to take hold, ensuring the Finger Lakes has something to suit everyone’s palate.

Discover the growing number of microbreweries in Hammondsport and Corning! Keuka Brewing Co. LLC opened to the public in the fall

of 2008. As the first microbrewery on Keuka Lake, it has introduced top-grade hand-crafted beers to the Finger Lakes Region. Some of these include White Cap Wazz-berry, Briglin Road Red, and Bluff Point Brown. For more information, call 607.868.4648 or visit Finger Lakes Beer Company LLC opened just two years after Keuka Brewing

Co., featuring a tasting room where visitors can sample four types of beer, from a spiced ale to a stout. Using a seven-barrel system, 210-gallon batches of beer (or 14 half-kegs) are produced on the premises. Tours of the brewing rooms are offered. To reach Finger Lakes Beer Company, call 607.569.3311 or visit Market Street Brewing Company opened on Corning’s historic Market Street in June 1997. Known as “The Brewpub,” it is a prime example of the microbrew revolution. With six fresh beers brewed on premises, the Brewpub offers the finest food and drink, as well as rooftop seating and a biergarten. For more information, call 607.936.2337 or visit

Check out all these microbreweries along the Beer Trail in Corning & the Finger Lakes!

 BEER EVENTS SEPTEMBER Twin Tiers Tap In OCTOBER Crystal City Brew Festival

Photo courtesy of Stu Gallagher.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Excellent Dining!

m a n h a tt a n - q u a l i ty f o o d f o r n o n - m a n h a tt a n p r i c e s


n the craziness of the everyday, you’re much more likely to scarf down a meal covered in cellophane and heated in a microwave than you are to sit down and savor a great homemade meal, let alone one that’s homegrown, too. However, here in Corning & the Finger Lakes, time slows down just a bit and the urge to linger over dinner with a glass of wine takes precedence over your hectic schedule. Here, you can choose to be picky. Just bring your appetite and let our talented chefs do the rest. From casual mom-and-pop diners to elegant Italian bistros, to places with “Manhattanquality food for non-Manhattan

prices,” (Best of the Road) there’s something to suit absolutely every taste bud. Here, you’ll find people who care about the food they serve. Area chefs know the value of buying local products from their neighbors. They believe you deserve to have the finest products available in the Finger Lakes Region—a philosophy that has extended far beyond the wine industry.

region to make a two-course à la carte lunch menu as well as a threecourse prix fixe dinner menu using 100-percent local food and wine. Whether it’s laid-back or fine dining you seek, you’ll find it in Corning & the Finger Lakes. And with it, you’ll experience superb locally-grown food, paired with an award-winning local wine, and breathtaking scenery. Surely you’ll want to linger a little longer. 

If you want to taste the very best of the local bounty, you’ll love experiencing Finger Lakes Wine Country Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week challenges

chefs at restaurants throughout the

“We’d definitely make another trip there—every single bite of food was delicious.” —TripAdvisor review about Market Street Brewing Company

Photos courtesy of Black Sheep Inn and Market Street Brewing Company.


Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Excellent Dining! (cont’d) “Anybody can write a description of food. The question is, can they make it all taste just as good is it sounds? At The Cellar… absolutely. Modern, creative and unpretentious…. The menu is fascinating and inventive, stressing their use of predominantly local ingredients.” —Anna Haas, Best of the Road

Truffle courtesy of Beyond Baskets.


Photos courtesy of Black Sheep Inn, Bully Hill Restaurant, and Union Block Italian Bistro.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386


Recipe Corner

Roasted Parsnip and Pear Soup Serves 4

Prep. time: 1 hr. 20 min.

This autumn-themed soup gets its flavor from the caramelization of the parsnips and pears during the roasting process. The sweetness is rounded out with local maple syrup and the flavors are popped with earthy cumin and a touch of cayenne to finish. While the prep time may seem long, most of the magic happens in the oven, leaving you free to enjoy the crisp autumn air in anticipation. 1-1/2 pounds parsnips, peeled and coarsely chopped 4 tablespoons olive oil 3/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 3 medium pears, peeled and chopped 1 medium onion, chopped

Imagine waking up in the morning and instead of pouring yourself a bowl of cereal or buttering a slice of toast, you sit down to a delicious sticky bun. At Chat-A-Whyle in Bath, they aim to serve only the best, most memorable sticky buns. “It was 29 years ago…and I still remember them,” said a reviewer on MerchantCircle. “I now live in Rhode Island and have never eaten another sticky bun like theirs. They’re the best!”

2 celery ribs, chopped 3 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped 5 cups vegetable stock 1/4 cup local maple syrup 1 bay leaf 1 tablespoon minced fresh thyme Pinch of cayenne pepper Pinch of cumin

Preheat oven to 400°F Toss parsnips in a bowl with 2 tablespoons of the olive oil, nutmeg, salt, and pepper to coat. Arrange the parsnips in one layer on a sheet tray and bake for 20 minutes. Add the pears to the tray and continue to bake for 15 more minutes or until parsnips are golden brown on the edges and tender. Place the remaining olive oil in the bottom of a stockpot and add the onions, garlic, and celery. Sweat the vegetables about two minutes, and then add the vegetable stock, maple syrup, and bay leaf. Bring to a simmer. Add the roasted parsnips and pears to the simmering stock. Be sure to use a rubber spatula and get any extra juice or pulp left on the tray into the pot. Simmer another 20 minutes. Remove the bay leaf. Puree the remaining ingredients in batches in a blender. Once smooth, return the soup to the pot, stir in the fresh thyme and finish with the cumin and cayenne pepper. This recipe is completely vegan and gluten free.

Recipe courtesy of The Cellar, a restaurant participating in Finger Lakes Wine Country Restaurant Week.

For downtown dining, see the dining guide insert. For a complete list of restaurants, as well as information about our wonderful chefs and restaurants that use local ingredients, visit

How cool is that? “Boring old Tuesdays” become Rock & Rib Biker Night at Club 57 Restaurant & Lounge in Hornell. Celebrate “Two Wheel Tuesdays” from May to October. Motorcycle enthusiasts meet at Club 57 and take a ride together, then come back for specials, including $2 bottles of select beers and get a bucket of Rolling Rocks for $7.



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Arts and Culture

Images left, courtesy of West End Gallery.



ooking for a little inspiration? Corning & the Finger Lakes is where you’ll find it. Art is more than paintings on a wall or sculptures in a park. It’s a feeling. It’s expression. And in Corning & the Finger Lakes, it’s a way of life. Anyone who has spent time here can easily understand why Corning is continuously voted one of the “Top 25 Small-City Arts Destinations in the U.S.” by readers of AmericanStyle magazine. That seems reasonable when you consider it’s home to the world-renowned Corning Museum of Glass. But there’s more to it than that. Here, we also have the Rockwell Museum of Western Art, which offers the “Best of the West” east of the Mississippi River. We have 171 Cedar Arts Center, where people can develop their creativity and watch it blossom through dance, music, and visual arts. We have groups like the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes, featuring music from artists around the globe. Here, the beauty of arts and culture is in the discovery of it. It’s the feeling you get when you round a corner in The Corning Museum of Glass and are met with a blooming, floor-to-ceiling window designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. It’s the moment you realize you’re standing in a museum in Upstate New York and the Wild West is coming to life all around you. It’s stumbling upon a tiny art gallery and engaging with the owner to discover the fascinating stories behind the work of talented local artists. Yes, here in Corning & the Finger Lakes, it’s easy to lose yourself in our art—and when you do, you’ll find the greatest moments of inspiration. 

Tiffany window, Tiffany vase, and paperweight courtesy of The Corning Museum of Glass.

Les Lewis sculpture courtesy of 171 Cedar Arts Center. Appeal to the Great Spirit and Tarpley vase courtesy of Rockwell Museum of Western Art.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

find Photo courtesy of Lime Berry.

e’ve got what you’re looking for! Art Centers 171 Cedar Arts Center

Music Corning Area Concert Band

Art PROGRAMS Hammondsport Arts in the Alley Palettes of Keuka

Corning Civic Music


607.776.5994 800.531.3679


Galleries Aroma Coffee Art Gallery 607.569.3047

The ARTS of the Southern Finger Lakes 607.962.5871

Corning Community College Atrium & Corridor Galleries 607.962.9222 or 800.358.7171

The Corning Museum of Glass

Hornell Area Wind Ensemble 607.324.3775

Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes 607.936.2873

Valley Folk


Theater Centre Stage Community Theater

Keuka Lake Players



Exhibit A


Trails Southern Trail Potters of Steuben

Houghton Gallery



Lime Berry


Tiffany & Treasures Trail

For information about the wonderful fire arts in each community, visit

You know that saying, “don’t play with fire?” Well, here in Corning & the Finger Lakes, it’s our element of choice and instead of getting burned, we create great beauty. When you follow our self-guided Tiffany & Treasures Trail, you’ll discover the very best of the fire arts of yesterday and today. The trail will lead you to astounding museums, working potter’s studios, and the best places to shop for glass. You’ll even discover buildings designed completely by Louis Comfort Tiffany. With 18 inspiring stops along the Tiffany & Treasures Trail, you can explore it all at once or in many visits.

How cool is that? Every summer, the Palettes of Keuka art tour features the designs of more than 40 artists on giant palettes that are displayed throughout Hammondsport. Find them all and complete a puzzle in the maps available at each palette location and turn it into the Visitors Center for a chance to win a prize.

Rockwell Museum of Western Art


Spencer Hill Gallery


West End Gallery


Photo courtesy of The Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes.

For a complete list of galleries and studios, and a calendar of events and exhibits, visit

Palettes of Keuka—Moretti.



Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

History and Heritage HIS T OR Y C AN B E C OO L


n adventurous spirit is one of those things you either have or you don’t. In a way, it’s like a cool factor. It’s not something that can easily be created—it just is. Hammondsport has a long history of cool, adventurous people, which today contributes to its vibrant history. Take Glenn H. Curtiss for example. His undeniable need for speed propelled him to earn the title “Fastest Man on Earth” for four years of his life, and also to create aviation technology unlike anything the world had ever seen. In fact, it was Curtiss who first introduced aviation to the public. On July 4, 1908, Curtiss flew his aircraft named the “June Bug” one mile in Pleasant Valley, marking the first officially-recognized, preannounced and publicly-observed flight in America. Each fall, seaplane pilots

gather along the shores of Keuka Lake, where Curtiss used to fly his aircrafts, to honor the man who started it all. Visit the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum and hear the story of how Hammondsport got its wings. Men like Walter Taylor and Dr. Konstantin Frank also brought new ideas that not only shook up the way things were being done locally, but also, in the case of Dr. Frank, innovations that played a part in revolutionizing the wine industry in the Northeast. Today, Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars is the most decorated New York State winery, even winning the Governor’s Cup and “Winery of the Year” at the 2012 New York Wine & Food Classic. Corning isn’t without its own significant contributions to history. Actually, Corning’s history is a dazzling one, centered around the vibrant glass industry that sprang up there in the

mid-1800s. An area that once was filled with lush farmlands quickly became known as the “Crystal City” thanks to the many cut glass shops that opened there. Today, it is home to the world’s largest glass museum, The Corning Museum of Glass. Visitors love browsing the 3,500 years of history, then watching glass come to life at the Hot Glass Show, and even making their own glass souvenir. Come discover how history can be cool. Ours certainly is, and we know you’ll enjoy discovering all the wonderful people, places, and events that call Corning & the Finger Lakes home.  Photo courtesy of Glenn H. Curtiss Museum.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386


M useums dedicated to

preserving local history

Bath National Cemetery


Bath VA Medical Center 607.664.4000

Erie Depot Museum


Glenn H. Curtiss Museum 607.569.2160

Middletown Historical Society Museum


Patterson Inn Museum 607.937.5281

Painted Post–Erwin Museum at the Depot 607.962.0249 museum_depot.shtml

The New York State Wine Museum of Greyton H. Taylor


Located near Hornell is the Canisteo Living Sign, which was created with 260 Scotch pine trees. The trees were planted to spell out the letters of the town’s name. The sign measures 300 feet by 90 feet and has been used as a visual flight reference by pilots since its creation.

Tiffany & Treasures Trail

A self-guided adventure in the fire arts treasures of yesterday and today. See pages 14–15 for more information about the arts.

Aviation Trail Costa Flying Service 607.962.0053

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum 607.569.2160

National Soaring Museum 607.734.3128

Wings of Eagles Discovery Center 607.358.4247

Photo courtesy of Shelly McDaniels.

How cool is that? Corning’s “Little Joe” Tower was once used for the production of thermometer tubing. By using the “vertical draw” process, hot glass was pulled up the 196 feet by cable, creating a continuous tube. It was then cooled and cut to length. Thermometer tubing is done today using the “horizontal draw” method, and “Little Joe” is a fixture in Corning’s skyline.

Pleasant Valley Wine Company 607.569.6111

 HISTORY AND HERITAGE EVENTS AUGUST Curtiss Classic Motorcycle Day SEPTEMBER Whingblinger Seaplane Splash-In

OCTOBER Leaf Peeping Cemetery Tour Visit established and forgotten cemeteries where you’ll discover the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers and hear several interesting stories.

For more information on museums dedicated to preserving local history, or a list of events, check

Photo courtesy of S. Mokan.



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Hands-On Fun! GE T IN ON T HE A C T ION


ere in Corning & the Finger Lakes, the fun is found when you get in on the action. Perhaps that’s why Corning was recently voted one of the “Most Fun” small towns in America by Rand McNally and USA TODAY. This is not one of those places you can experience by sitting on the sidelines. You need to blow your own glass ornament at Hands-On Glass Studio. You should certainly roll up your sleeves and try your hand at the potter’s wheel at Sommerville Pottery. Learn to make a gourmet meal when you take a culinary class at 171 Cedar Arts Center, under the instruction of one of our local chefs. Pick up a few techniques to de-stress when you learn to release muscle tension during a class at Steuben Professional Massage Associates. Follow a licensed guide into the Conhocton River to discover the art of fly fishing with Conhocton River Fly Shop. It’s hard to spend time here and not develop an appreciation for our art scene, so clearly infused in the region; but it’s when you interact with it that you learn what fun really means! 

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Bass photo courtesy of Holly Julien.

e’ve got what you’re looking for! ART CLASSES


The Crafting Cottage

Conhocton River Fly Shop

Hands-On Glass Studio

Ranger Outfitters

Rocky Hill Pottery


607.937.3103 607.962.3044 607.765.8176

607.776.4968 607.542.3882

Lake Country Patchwork

The Studio at The Corning Museum of Glass 607.438.5100


Rockwell Museum of Western Art

Sommerville Pottery


CULINARY CLASSES 171 Cedar Arts Center


find When you visit Soulshine Studio Bead Shop, the goal is to do just that: let your soul shine through your artwork. At least, that’s owner Ann Recotta’s hope. What started as a single beginner’s class in 2003 became a thriving business when Ann opened her door in April 2011. In her Market Street store, you can find Ann’s jewelry for sale, but you can also create anything from a pre-packaged jewelry kit to intricate accessories. Even talk to her about a project you want to do and she’ll help you design it. Soulshine Studio is certainly “the place to bead!”

Soulshine Studio Bead Shop 607.936.3159


Buttons Creekside Farm B&B Homemade and delicious 607.566.2406

How cool is that?

Halcyon Place Summer Herb Series and Afternoon Teas


HEALTH & WELLNESS CLASSES Healing Spirits Herb Farm and Education Center Herb Farm School, Basic Herbal Intensive Herbs to Enhance Body Therapies 607.566.2701

Steuben Professional Massage Associates Basic massage workshop 607.936.0578

Photo courtesy of Summit to Stream.

For more information about Hands-On Fun, visit

Did you know that The Studio at The Corning Museum of Glass offers more than just 45-minute hands-on experiences? If you’re interested in learning more about glass, you can take a day or even a weekendlong class on glassblowing or flameworking.


Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Exciting Shopping! A T REAS U RE T RO V E O F F U N F IN D S

. . . some of the best shopping to be found, with a sprawling array of shops dealing in glass, crystal, and jewelry.”

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Gustin Photography.

—Frommer’s on The GlassMarket at The Corning Museum of Glass

Background photo courtesy of Frank Borkowski.


Photo courtesy of Bonnie Gustin Photography.

For a list of unique shops, visit

Photo courtesy of Mary St. George.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386



ust think of Corning & the Finger Lakes as one giant treasure chest. You know that excitement that builds when you realize you’re about to discover something amazing? That’s the feeling you get when you first step onto the brick sidewalks of Market Street in the heart of Corning’s Gaffer District. Not only is it a fabulous shopping area, it’s also alive with the pulse of a vibrant history. Just taking a stroll down the street and glancing in all the storefronts will reveal treasures of days gone by. You’ll be amazed by what you find when you peruse the one-of-akind pieces in the antique shops and glass studios. Find a unique, yet very cool, gift for even the toughest person on your list when you shop the Village Square in Hammondsport. From Westerninspired art and turquoise jewelry to specialty chocolate and wine cozies, there’s something for everyone in “America’s Coolest Small Town.” Make sure to shop for some fun finds along the maple tree-lined streets of Hornell, offering affordability at its very finest.

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Gustin Photography.

Sometimes shopping is about getting what you need, and other times it’s about the mystery of not knowing what you’ll find. You can be sure that the shopping experience here in Corning & the Finger Lakes is unlike any other. With so many charming shops, unique boutiques, and inspiring art galleries, you’ll certainly be able to find a treasure or two you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

For downtown shopping, see the shopping guide insert.

If it’s a unique, hand-crafted gift you seek, look no further than Cross My Heart in Avoca. Owner Diane Rivers has created more than 3,000 intricate birdhouses out of recycled materials—and no two have ever been the same. Find Diane’s birdhouses for sale throughout the county. Other handmade items include spindle angels and wind chimes. Ginger’s Corner Gift Shop also moved into the Avoca area, offering unique country gifts and home décor, including stained glass lamps, heritage lace, and more.

How cool is that? The GlassMarket at The Corning Museum of Glass is one of the largest museum gift shops in the country, featuring eight exceptional boutiques. Filled with original works by more than 200 emerging and established artists, the GlassMarket’s selection of 15,000 items includes jewelry and accessories to holiday ornaments and collectables; in every price range.



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Cultivating the Cool

H a mm o n d s p o r t T a k e s “ Am e r i c a ’ s C o o l e s t Sm a ll T o w n ” T i tl e t o H e a r t


here was a simple requirement: the contest was searching for a small town with an edge and a heart. Sure, it could be argued that plenty of small towns across America fit that bill, but the people of Hammondsport knew it defined them. And they fought hard to make it official. Today, when a visitor rolls down the quiet, scenic streets that lead to Hammondsport, there’s this unspoken anticipation that builds. It piques your curiosity—why does this place feel so different? It all makes perfect sense once you see the banners welcoming you to “America’s Coolest Small Town.” There’s a distinct cool factor that encapsulates a town built around “Wings, Wine, and Water,” and you know you’re in for a good time. If There’s a Will… Located in an area already known for its many accolades, including “World’s Most Beautiful Wine Region,” and one of the “top value destinations,” it seemed only fitting that the Keuka Lake town of 725 residents earn a distinction it could call its own. Thus, Hammondsport residents rallied supporters to vote for their town in the annual Budget Travel

competition that searches for “America’s Coolest Small Town.” On January 31, 2012, the final day of competition, voting was so intense it caused the Budget Travel Web servers to crash, forcing magazine editors to do the “only fair thing” and declare a tie between the top two towns. Hammondsport shares its victory with Beaufort, NC, in the southern Outer Banks. A Cause for Celebration Hammondsport spent the year celebrating its big win, selecting an official logo and displaying it throughout the town. Officials even hosted a “Coolest Small Town” celebration for everyone who supported Hammondsport throughout the voting process. Summer brought with it a slew of travel writers, highlighting Hammondsport’s cool factor in various

Blogger Will McGough took the Coolest Road Trip to the four East Coast towns of Budget Travel’s “Top 10 Coolest Towns” list. He drove his decked-out car, featuring Hammondsport on the driver’s door.

publications. In September, Budget Travel focused an issue of its magazine around the Coolest Small Towns in America, putting Hammondsport on the national radar. Perhaps the most invaluable thing to come out of all this exposure was the fact that Hammondsport had the spotlight to tell the world what locals and past visitors already knew: it truly is the coolest place in America. Here’s what travel writer, Will McGough, of, said during a visit to Hammondsport last year: “Something about the people’s passion and excitement has really stuck with me, seeing them so proud of where they live. While big cities often draw residents solely because of industry and opportunity, it’s rare that someone ends up in a small town like Hammondsport for any other reason than love of the area. They all really want to be there, which makes me even more curious to find out why, both as a person and a travel writer.” 

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Finding the Fun

C o r n i n g G a i n s N a t i o n a l Att e n t i o n a s a “ M o s t F u n ” Sm a ll T o w n


hey say lightening never strikes in the same place twice. Last year, however, it most certainly did. Just months after Hammondsport was named “America’s Coolest Small Town,” Corning was chosen as one of the “Most Fun” small towns in America in the “Best of the Road” competition through Rand McNally and USA TODAY. Six towns were selected out of more than 700, and a team of travel writers visited each town to determine which was the most fun.

While team Fresh Traveler was in Corning, they experienced the very best that we have to offer. From making their own glass flower at The Corning Museum of Glass to taking a scenic flight over Corning & the Finger Lakes with Costa Flying Service, the team had enough fun to fill the eight blogs and two videos that they posted on the Rand McNally website. What’s better? The Travel Channel tagged along and filmed footage for a “Best of the Road” episode that aired to more than 100 million homes in late July.

For all the information you need to plan your trip to “America’s Coolest” and “Most Fun Small Towns,” visit

Photos courtesy of J. Davis.

Here’s what Fresh Traveler, Patricia Serrano, had to say about Corning’s fun factor: “A short five-hour drive from New York City reveals the town of Corning; the place to go for classy, sophisticated, yet unpretentious fun. It’s a family-oriented vacation spot in Upstate New York that’s filled with quirky creative people who are laid back enough to not take themselves too seriously.” 



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Women Only Weekends! “ WOW ” Y O U R GIR L F RIEN D S WI T H WINE C O U N T R Y


t’s easy to get caught up in the everyday tasks that our hectic lives demand. Between your job, the activities of your kids, and the endless piles of dirty dishes and laundry, it’s hard to find any time for yourself. That’s why it’s so important to take a few days to recharge your batteries and get away with your best girlfriends who need the same thing. You couldn’t choose a better place in which to relax than Corning & the Finger Lakes. Whether you’re looking to have a hands-on experience or just in need of a massage, you can

find it here. Make a glass bead at The Corning Museum of Glass and turn it into a beautiful necklace at Soulshine Studio Bead Shop. Take a workshop at the Healing Spirits Herb Farm and Education Center and learn to make

face creams, beverage tea blends, and even get the ins and outs of medicinal herbs. Rent a limo from one of our excellent wine tour companies and taste the bounty of the Finger Lakes wine region. Whatever you do, you’ll leave Corning & the Finger Lakes feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. You’ll also take with you memories that will last forever. 

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Gustin Photography.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

For great ideas, visit

or let our Getaway Godmother customize the perfect escape just for you at:


Picture yourself escaping completely. That’s exactly what you can do when you and a few of your closest girlfriends rent a cabin or lodge at Hickory Hill Family Camping Resort. And what’s better? There’s an on-site spa! Finger Lakes Wellness Center & Health Spa is one of those places that lets you unwind in every sense. Whether you partake in a Finger Lakes Massage or a Grape Seed Signature Session, you’ll feel revitalized and ready to take on the world. Plan to go in the fall and indulge in seasonal favorites like the Pumpkin Body Glow Scrub or Cranberry Bog Body Wrap.

How cool is that? Chocolate is certainly something very near and dear to every woman’s heart. That’s why we know you and several of your closest friends will love following the Chocolate Trail, discovering the very sweetest things Corning’s Gaffer District has to offer.



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Family Fun! U N P L U G AN D RE C ONNE C T


id you know that, on average, people between the ages of 8 and 18 spend about 11 hours a day “plugged-in?” In this day of smartphones, iPads, and Facebook, you’d think it would be easier than ever to stay connected. However, it seems the more connected we become with the world, the more disconnected we become from our families. In our fast-paced world, quality family time gets pushed to the back burner. That’s why it’s so important to take a little time out to remember what matters. Get back in touch with the people who mean the most.

What better place to escape to than Corning & the Finger Lakes? After all, Corning was selected as one of the “Most Fun” small towns in America in last year’s Best of the Road contest through Rand McNally and the USA TODAY. Here, we offer fun-filled activities the whole family can enjoy—and at a cost that won’t break the bank. Come visit The Corning Museum of Glass and the Rockwell Museum of Western Art, where kids and teens 19 and under are always free! Make your own glass project or take an ArtPack and explore the exciting Wild West.

There’s something about the great outdoors that has the power to bring people closer together. Get your adventure on with one of our Hike and Bike trails, or relax by taking a dip in sparkling Keuka Lake. Make friends with alpacas at Heavenly Sunset Farm, or even do something as simple as pick berries at Blueberry Hill Farm. Visit the Corning Community College Planetarium, then go camping and test your memory of the star patterns you’ll find in the Finger Lakes’ nighttime sky. Discover our version of family fun. You’ll be glad you did. 

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Photo courtesy of The Corning Museum of Glass.


Picture yourself standing on a miniature golf course. You’ve got your ball in position and you’re working to align it perfectly with the hole. Now turn out the lights. That’s right, when you visit Park Avenue Sports Center in Corning, you can test your skill with a round of Glow Golf, offered Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m.

e’ve got what you’re looking for!  See alpacas at Heavenly Sunset Farm

 Work on your skateboard tricks at

 See thousands of fish at the

 Go on a snowmobile adventure with

or Close-Knit Alpacas

Denison Park or Shawmut Park

New York State Fish Hatchery

Ten Towns Snowmobile Club

 Journey to the stars at the Corning

 Sled down slopes at Stony Brook

 Roller skate and ice skate at

 Have a water fight in bumper boats or

 Get up close to farm animals at

 Hone your baseball, soccer, and

Community College Planetarium

Corning’s Nasser Civic Center Rink Button’s Creekside Farm B&B

 Play Trading Post and discover the

Old West at Rockwell Museum of Western Art

 Pick berries at Parkland Berry,

Blueberry Hill Farm, or Hillview Blueberry Farm

 Make a glass souvenir at

The Corning Museum of Glass or Hands-On Glass Studio

State Park

climb a rock wall at The Fun Park

other sports skills at Sandlot Sports Academy

 Pretend you’re a pilot at the

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum

 Spend the night in a real train

caboose at the Caboose Motel

 Catch a fish, flip, dive, swim, and

make waves at Keuka Lake

 Play putt-putt, drive golf balls, or

crack home runs in the batting cages at Park Avenue Sports Center

Regular mini-golf is offered daily. You can also enjoy batting cages, a driving range, and “Water Wars.” Opponents go to opposing battle stations with buckets of water balloons and a launcher. Ready, aim, fire!

How cool is that? Looking for something special to do with your kids? Here in Corning & the Finger Lakes, we have many alpaca farms where you can get upclose and personal with a few fuzzyheaded friends. It’s a unique experience everyone in the family will enjoy and won’t soon forget!



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Farms and Farm Markets WE WERE F RESH AN D L O C A L L ONG B E F ORE I T WAS C OO L


griculture has long been the lifeblood of Steuben County. Not so long ago, there were 300 dairy farms in the Bath area alone. But farming is more than just what to do with a lot of space. It has to do with a love of the land and of sinking one’s hands down into the soil and feeling connected to the world. Our farmers understand that. In fact, they thrive on it and it’s evident in the bounty produced here. From acres of lush vineyards to farms of all kinds, Corning & the Finger

Photos courtesy of Bob McGee.

Lakes is ripe for the pickin’! If you want only the freshest in cheese and honey, we’ve got it for you. Want to taste some fresh cider or maple syrup? We make that here, too. There are even small shops where you can buy alpaca fiber. When you get a taste of the bounty of the Finger Lakes, you’ll understand why our farmers take so much pride in what they do. They know everything tastes better when it’s homegrown. 

STAY ON A FARM Button’s Creekside Farm B&B

9705 County Rt. 9, Cohocton 14826 607.566.2406

Farmer Phil’s Cabins

7678 County Rt. 55, Howard 14843 607.324.4024

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

e’ve got what you’re looking for! Blueberry Hill Farm

549 O’Connor Rd., Hornell 14843 607.324.5321

Bonny Hill Honey

6316 Bonny Hill Rd., Bath 14810 607.776.3577

The Cheese Shop at Bieber Farms 10613 S. Main St., Prattsburgh 14873 607.522.4350

Close-Knit Alpacas

4526 Olmstead Rd., Woodhull 14898 877.CLS.KNIT (877.257.5648)

E.H. Lain Cider Mill

6226 Lain Rd., Canisteo 14823 607.324.1349 Watch apples pressed into cider

Golden Age Cheese Co.

1577 Mill St., Woodhull 14898 607.458.5365

Hager’s Maple Products

8298 Oak Hill Rd., Arkport 14807 607.295.7951 Maple syrup and maple cream

Hargrave Farm

3759 State Rt. 21, Wayland 14572 585.534.5382 Homegrown fruits and vegetables

Healing Spirits Herb Farm & Education Center

61247 State Rt. 415, Avoca 14809 607.566.2701

Heavenly Sunset Farm

1134 County Rt. 99, Woodhull 14898 607.458.5499 HeavenlySunsetFarm.asp

Jenkins Farm Market & Deli

8637 State Rt. 36 North, Arkport 14807 607.295.7722

Lime Berry

64 Shethar St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.3300

Painted Post Alpacas

10134 Thompson Rd., Painted Post 14870 607.962.8779

Stoney Acres Alpacas

4082 State Rt. 36, Canisteo 14823 607.698.2189

Victory Hill Farm

2640 Miller Rd., Addison 14801 607.359.3471 Fresh fruits and vegetables

Young Hill Ostrich & Emu Farm

9489 Lattimer Hill Rd., Arkport 14807 607.295.7659

find There’s nothing quite like walking into a farmer’s market, seeing the ripe fruits and vegetables, and smelling the fresh-cut flowers. Jenkins Farm Market and Deli in Arkport is one of those places that really makes you stop and appreciate the bounty of our region. Jenkins’ history dates back to 1937, but has always been— and still remains—a family business. You can also find bulk foods, deli meats, and the famous Chicken and Ribs Bar-B-Que on Saturdays, May through October.

WEEKLY FARMERS’ MARKETS Addison Farmers’ Market Bliss Park, Addison 14801 607.359.2100 May–Oct: Sat. 8–4

Bath Farmers’ Market

Pulteney Square, Bath 14810 607.776.7122 May–Oct: Wed. 9–3, Sat. 9–12

Corning Farmers’ Market

Riverfront Park, Corning 14830 607.962.8997 June–Oct: Thurs. 9–3

Hammondsport Farmers’ Market Liberty Park, Hammondsport 14840 607.545.6046 May–Oct: Wed. and Sat. 9–5

Harvest and Artists Market

8383 Gallagher Rd., Pulteney 14874 607.382.9598 April–Nov: Fri. and Sat. 10–4:30; Sun. 11–2

Hornell Farmers’ Market Center St., Hornell 14843 607.324.9786 April–Oct: Fri. 10–3

Prattsburgh Farmers’ Market 2 Main St., Prattsburgh 14873 315.489.8312 July–Sept: Fri. 4–6:30

For more information about our many farms and farm markets, visit

How cool is that? Want to really experience our agriculture? Why not attend the Halcyon Place Herb Festival, held each May. Organizer Yvonne Allen says the festival “provides an opportunity to view gardens, purchase herb plants from a knowledgeable grower, hear terrific speakers, learn about herbs and their uses, and just have a great day outdoors.”



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

The Great Outdoors



here’s no place quite like the great outdoors that allows you to get away from it all. There’s just something about hiking a trail through quiet, scenic beauty—birds chirping, sun shining all around you—that gives you a profound sense of tranquility. There’s something about waking up with the sun and casting your line out, hoping for a great catch, that

Deer photo courtesy of Bob Oswald.

relaxes you. And there’s this amazing feeling of escape when you’re breezing down rural pathways on your bicycle, shrouded in the colors of autumn. It’s when you allow yourself to get lost in the wonder of the great outdoors—the babbling brook, the aromas of harvest time, the breathtaking views—that you truly find yourself. 

Bike photos courtesy of Bonnie GustinPhotography.

Photo c

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

o ur

te s

il Ph

yo f

nard. Me lip

e’ve got what you’re looking for! BIKE RENTALS Aroma Coffee Art Gallery 607.569.3047

Wheels Unlimited 607.776.6609

guide services STABLES Circle “C” Stables Donameer Farm



The Equine Inn

New York State Parks

Keuka Krest Stables


Birdseye Hollow County Park Pinnacle State Park




Spencer Crest Nature Center

Ten Towns Snowmobile Club



Imagine yourself immersed in the quiet tranquility and scenic beauty of Corning & the Finger Lakes. Now, picture yourself on a bicycle, sunlight on your face and a breeze at your back. When you embark on a special 70-mile ride, getting back to nature takes on a whole new meaning. On this guided bike tour, you’ll wind your way along twisting pathways through rolling hills draped in the colors of fall. You’ll pass by lush farmlands and babbling brooks. Stop at parks, scenic overlooks, and even worldclass wineries along the way. Soak up Corning & the Finger Lakes like never before. For more information, visit

see page 32


HIKING TRAILS Finger Lakes Trail Conference



How cool is that? Here in Corning & the Finger Lakes, we have more than a dozen Hike and Bike trails that outline the best of our outdoor adventure for you. For more information, visit


Stony Brook State Park


Find out more about the great outdoors in Corning & the Finger Lakes by visiting

For more than 65 Hike and Bike trails in the entire Finger Lakes Region, visit



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

River Adventures SOAK U P SO M E F U N

out on the river means a chance to experience nature at its wildest—and its very best. Don’t forget your fishing rod, your camera, and your sense of adventure. It’s time to go exploring! 

Photo courtesy of Summit to Stream.


ant to soak up a little excitement? It’s time to get your feet wet in Corning & the Finger Lakes! Whether you enjoy the peacefulness of being carried away on the current, the challenge of paddling upstream, or the serenity of being removed from the rest of the world for a while, you’ll love exploring the wonders of our waterways. There’s nothing like challenging yourself with a fly-fishing adventure or kayaking, canoeing, and geocaching on the Canisteo, Conhocton, Chemung, and Tioga Rivers to remind you just why you love the great outdoors. Get up close and personal with nature. From osprey and eagles to brown foxes and black bears, getting

find Summit to Stream Adventures offers outdoor enthusiasts a wide range of possibilities. Whether you want to fly-fish or rent a kayak, you can do it with Summit to Stream. Want to charter a boat for a great fishing trip? You can do that too! You can even go on an archery hunt or a hiking trip. Cast your line out and reel in a day of fun with Summit to Stream Adventures!

How cool is that? According to Mark Moskal of Summit to Stream Adventures, the biggest fish he’s ever caught was a 36-pound, 55-inch Muskie on Waneta Lake.

e’ve got what you’re looking for! CANOE/KAYAK RENTALS North Country Kayak & Canoe


Southern Tier Kayak Tours 607.220.3642

Ranger Outfitters

Hiking, paddling, camping, and fishing 607.542.3882

Summit to Stream Adventures

Summit to Stream Adventures

Hiking, paddling, and fishing 607.535.2701

Yankee Canoe Company


607.535.2701 607.522.6400

GUIDE SERVICES Conhocton River Fly Shop Guided river fly-fishing 607.776.4968

Free Fishing Days June 29–30

Friends of the Chemung River Watershed Inc. 607.846.2242

Fishing the Finger Lakes Guide Service


Photo courtesy of Summit to Stream.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Photo courtesy of Bill Banaszewski.

Unrivaled Hunting GI V E Y O U RSE L F T HE A D VAN TAGE


Steuben County has been called the “perennial chart-topper,” by New York Game & Fish magazine.

Hunting in New York State’s #1 deer county certainly doesn’t hurt. With nearly 30,000 acres of state forests and 4,000 acres of privately-owned land,

Here, there are more deer per square mile than any other county in New York State. When you stop to consider that Steuben County is larger than the state of Rhode Island, Washington D.C., and the Virgin Islands combined, that’s a whole lot of deer! Also find an abundance of wild turkey and other game birds, as well as black bear. 

very hunter knows it’s all about the harmony of skill, patience, and pure luck. It comes down to being in the right place at the right time. It’s as simple as that. But, there are things you can do to give yourself a slight advantage.

e’ve got what you’re looking for! LICENSED HUNTING GUIDES Ranger Outfitters


Summit to Stream Adventures

Photos courtesy of Charles




Farmer Phil’s Cabins 607.324.4024

Wildlife Outdoor Enterprises 607.562.7414



NYS Department of Environmental Conservation 585.226.2466

Steuben County has many hunterfriendly accommodations, including Button’s Creekside Farm B&B, where the owners will point out prime hunting locations and even provide you snacks and all meals!

How cool is that? There were 5,120 bucks taken in 2010, beating out every other county in the state.

VENISON DONATION Steuben County Venison Donation Processors processorlist.htm#steuben

For more information on hunting guides, getaway packages, public lands, hunting seasons, and maps, visit


Venison Donation Coalition


Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Spectacular Fall Foliage! S T E P IN T O A P ANORA M I C M AS T ER P IE C E


erhaps the only sight more beautiful than the rolling vineyards and pristine lakes of New York’s Finger Lakes Region is seeing it all draped in the colors of autumn. The hills dazzle in deep shades of red and orange, which seem to make the farmlands that much more green and the lakes still a deeper blue. Whether you’re driving alongside Keuka Lake or walking down a country road, you’ll be ensconced in rich, vibrant colors, sure to captivate you. Maybe it’s the way your heart beats a little faster when you witness something beautiful. Maybe it’s the feeling that you’ve stepped into some great panoramic masterpiece. Whatever it is, the beauty of fall in Corning & the Finger Lakes is sure to take your breath away. 

Maple leaf photo courtesy of

find Experience fall foliage like never before and take a scenic flight over Keuka and Seneca lakes with Costa Flying Service. Bring along your camera and capture the colors in a unique and spectacular way.

Photo courtesy of Kim Price Thompson.

How cool is that? Imagine witnessing fall foliage in the Finger Lakes from one of the most scenic routes in the world. When you drive Route 54A from Hammondsport to Branchport, you’ll do just that. Rated “one of the 15 most scenic highways in the world,” by British Airways High Life, Route 54A offers stunning views of Keuka Lake, the surrounding hills, and lush vineyards.


 Harvest Celebration of Food and Wine, Keuka Wine Trail  Seaplane Splash-In, Hammondsport  Harvest Music Festival, Corning  Wineglass Marathon Photo courtesy of Bonnie Gustin Photography.

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Winter Escapes! M ORE T I M E T O SA V OR T HE F L A V OR


hen the temperatures are below freezing, a trip to Upstate New York might not be high on your list of winter escapes, but that’s where you’d be missing out. If it’s not the sight of the snow sparkling as it descends to meet Keuka Lake that warms your heart, it’ll be the hot deals and adventures you can find here during our coldest season. Did you know you can experience the thrill of our outdoors even in the winter? Whether you want to snowmobile, ice fish, toboggan,

cross-country ski, snowshoe, or ice skate, you’ll be able to do it all right here in Corning & the Finger Lakes. Winter is also the perfect time to experience our world-class attractions without the lines and fast pace that come with the summer busy season. Stroll through quiet museum galleries, taking time to appreciate the artwork. Spend time savoring the flavors of our wines in tasting rooms overlooking snowy panoramas. 

find Got Cabin Fever? So do we! You’ve been cooped up in the house long enough. Bundle up and grab your wine glass. It’s time to get out and wine taste your way through Corning’s Gaffer District. Make your way from shop to shop, restaurant to restaurant, tasting the fruits of last year’s harvest in the Finger Lakes. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy of Jake Cornelius.

How cool is that? Did you know that all of our awardwinning wineries are open year round? Winter is perhaps the very best time to experience them. Enjoy an intimate wine tasting where you just might find out the person you’ve been chatting with is the wine maker.


FEBRUARY 10th Annual Cabin Fever

Christmas in the Park

MARCH Polar Bear Plunge

JANUARY Wine on Ice

Right: Glass ornament tree courtesy of The Corning Museum of Glass.

For more information on all the cool things to see and do, visit



Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Steuben County Travel Guide 2013




n Corning & the Finger Lakes, camping takes on a whole new meaning. Sure, you can take your tent out into the woods and escape it all, but you can also find all the luxuries of home and then some. Here, you can send your kids hiking, biking, swimming, and paddling while you

get pampered at a wellness center and health spa, right at your family’s camping resort. Find impressive disc golf courses offering a fun challenge for beginners and seasoned pros. Many of our campgrounds offer spaces to rent for family functions and can even accommodate weddings.

Whether you’re interested in “glamping” in a luxurious cabin, or roughing it out under the stars, you’ll find a camping experience to suit you in Corning & the Finger Lakes. 

mb er

Fu ll

Nu Babcock Hollow Campground 5932 County Rt. 11, Bath 14810







Bud Valley Campground 10378 Pressler Rd., Prattsburgh 14873







Camp Bell Campground 8700 State Rt. 415, Campbell 14821

800.587.3301 or 607.527.3301






Camp Elmbois 8464 County Rt. 77, Hammondsport, 14840







Campers Haven 6832 County Rt. 15, Bath 14810







Cardinal Campground 7323 Dee Rd., Campbell 14821

607.527.8217 CardinalCampground






Donameer Farm 7417 Velie Rd., Hammondsport 14840







       

5/1 to 10/15

      

5/1 to 10/15

 

      

  

       

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5/1 to 10/15 5/1 to 10/31 4/10 to 10/15 5/4 to 9/29

5/27 to 10/14

Vacation with your horse! Stalls and paddocks available. Ferenbaugh Campground & Recreational Center 4248 State Rt. 414, Corning 14830







Hickory Hill Family Camping Resort 7531 County Rt. 13, Bath 14810

800.760.0947 or 607.776.4345






Kanakadea Park Pennsylvania Hill Rd., County Rt. 66, Hornell 14843






Lake Demmon Recreation Area 9139 East Shore Rd., Bath 14810 Limited off-season camping available.







Lakeview Campsites 14916 State Rt. 54, Dundee 14837 Overlooking the east side of Keuka Lake.






Stony Brook State Park 10820 State Rt. 36 South, Dansville 14437

800.456.CAMP (2267) or 585.335.5530





Sun Valley Campsites 10740 Poags Hole Rd., Arkport 14807 Scenic waterfalls.







      

4/26 to 10/20

Sunflower Acres Family Campground 1488 Sunflower Blvd., Addison 14801






      

5/1 to 10/15

Tumble Hill Campground 10551 Atlanta Back Rd., Cohocton 14826





Twin Creeks Campground & Disc Golf 6009 Hubbard Rd., Addison 14801







     

Twin Rivers CB Club Campground 7910 County Rt. 5, Addison 14801






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        

    

4/15 to 11/1

5/1 to 10/31

Wellness center and health spa on site.


Farmer Phil’s Cabins 7678 County Rt. 55 Howard 14843 607.368.5741


of Sit es Ho ok up Ca s bin s/R en Nu tal mb s er of P ull Am -Th ps rou Av gh ail s ab le On lin eR ese Sw rva im tio mi ng nS Fis yst hin em g Hik ing Tr Ca mp ails Sto La re un dry Fa Pla cil nn itie ed s A Pe cti ts v i tie All s ow ed Ca mp ing Se aso n

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

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   

4/15 to 12/1

4/15 to 10/15

5/1 to 10/1

5/4 to 10/7

5/1 to 10/31 5/11 to 11/1 5/1 to 10/15

As seen on the TODAY show! Experience solitude in secluded log cabins on private land. Choose from an intimate one-room cabin to a spacious four-bedroom cabin. Kitchen in larger cabins. Woodburning stove. Private ponds. Hunting cabins, see page 33.


Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Hotels and Motels w h e r e t o s tay

Bath Area Budget Inn 332 W. Morris St., Bath 14810 607.776.7536 $–$$

Microtel Inn & Suites 370 W. Morris St., Bath 14810 800.771.7171 or 607.776.5333 $ Rooms: 67

Rooms: 21

Caboose Motel 60483 State Rt. 415, Avoca 14809 607.566.2216

Old National Hotel 13 E. Steuben St., Bath 14810 607.776.4104



Rooms: 22

Cohocton Valley Inn 33 Maple Ave., Cohocton 14826 585.384.5592 $

Rooms: 24

Super 8 Motel–Bath 333 W. Morris St., Bath 14810 800.800.8000 or 607.776.2187 $–$$ Rooms: 50

Rooms: 9

Background photo courtesy of Tom Snyder.

Days Inn–Bath 330 W. Morris St., Bath 14810 800.329.7466 or 607.776.7644 $–$$ Rooms: 104

Handicap Accessible Breakfast

Online Reservations Restaurant

Whirlpool Suites Pets Permitted

Fitness Center Indoor Pool

Hot Tub


Outdoor Pool

Conference/ Meeting Rooms

Room Rates $������ up to $99 $$���� $100–$180 $$$������� $181+

Great Get away Packages at CorningF ingerLake

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

corning & painted post America’s Best Value Inn Lodge on the Green 196 S. Hamilton St., Painted Post 14870 607.962.2456 $–$$ Rooms: 135

Fairfield Inn by Marriott–Corning 3 S. Buffalo St., Corning 14830 866.541.6500 or 607.937.9600 $$–$$$ Rooms: 62

Budget Inn 11385 LPGA Dr., Corning 14830 607.937.5686

Gate House Motel 11409 E. LPGA Dr., Corning 14830 607.936.4131



Rooms: 39

Comfort Inn 66 W. Pulteney St., Corning 14830 607.962.1515 $$

Rooms: 62

Rooms: 20

Hampton Inn 9775 Victory Highway, Painted Post 14870 607.936.3344 $$ Rooms: 67

Corning Inn 255 S. Hamilton St., Painted Post 14870 607.937.5383 $–$$ Rooms: 61

Lando’s Hotel & Lounge 41 Bridge St., Corning 14830 607.936.3612

Days Inn of Corning 23 Riverside Dr., Corning 14830 800.329.7466 or 607.936.9370 $–$$$ Rooms: 56

Radisson Hotel Corning 125 Denison Pkwy. East, Corning 14830 800.333.3333 or 607.962.5000 $$–$$$ Rooms: 177

Econo Lodge–Painted Post 200 Robert Dann Dr., Painted Post 14870 607.962.4444

Ramada Painted Post 304 S. Hamilton St., Painted Post 14870 800.272.6232 or 607.962.5021



Rooms: 62

Erwin Motel 806 Addison Rd., Painted Post 14870 607.962.7411


Rooms: 30

Rooms: 105

Staybridge Suites 201 Townley Ave., Corning 14830 607.936.7800



Rooms: 25

Rooms: 115



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Hotels and Motels (cont’d)

Great Geta way Packages at CorningF ingerLak

hammondsport area

Keuka Lake Motel 14720 State Rt. 54, Dundee 14837 607.292.6622 $

Rooms: 7

Keuka Lakeside Inn 24 Water St., Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2600 $–$$

Rooms: 17

Vinehurst Inn 7988 State Rt. 54, Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2300 $–$$ Rooms: 25

Background photo courtesy of Tom Snyder.

hornell Area Comfort Inn 1 Canisteo Square, Hornell 14843 607.324.4300

Econo Lodge 7462 Seneca Rd. North, Hornell 14843 607.324.0800



Rooms: 62

Rooms: 66

Days lnn–Hornell 1157 County Rt. 66, Hornell 14843 800.329.7466 or 607.324.6222

Sunshine Motel 7433 Seneca Rd. North, Hornell 14843 607.324.4565



Rooms: 48

Handicap Accessible

Online Reservations



Whirlpool Suites Pets Permitted

Fitness Center Indoor Pool

Hot Tub


Outdoor Pool

Rooms: 14

Conference/ Meeting Rooms

Room Rates $������ up to $99 $$���� $100–$180 $$$������� $181+

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Bed and Breakfasts and country inns Button’s Creekside Farm Bed & Breakfast 9705 County Rt. 9 Cohocton 14826 607.566.2406

Feather Tick ’n Thyme Bed & Breakfast 7661 Tuttle Rd. Prattsburgh 14873 607.522.4113

1850s 20-room farmhouse nestled in the peaceful Cohocton Valley. Experience farm life first-hand, snuggle a newborn lamb, feed sheep, or just relax on our sprawling front porch and enjoy the view of rolling hills. Wake up to the delicious aroma of a full country breakfast. Enjoy homemade pie in the evening. Enjoy winery trails, fishing, hunting. $

1890s Victorian home on 220 acres in our own fertile valley between lakes Canandaigua and Keuka. Minutes from most area attractions/ wineries. Walking trails/campsite. Perfect venue for weddings or any milestone celebration. Game room, TV, exercise room, in three-story barn. Hot air balloon rides launched from property. Heron’s Roost Gift Shop on premises. $–$$

Cohocton/Prattsburgh Area Corning Area Hammondsport /Keuka Lake Area Hornell Area $........... $79–110 $$ ........... $111–159 $$$ ........... $160–200 $$$$ ........... $201+

Halcyon Place Bed & Breakfast 5685 County Rt. 125 Savona 14879 607.583.4311

Taylor Farm Bed & Breakfast 6554 Cook School Rd. Prattsburgh 14873 607.522.5155

Hillcrest Manor Bed & Breakfast 227 Cedar St. Corning 14830 607.936.4548

Circa 1840 Greek Revival home ideally located between Corning and Hammondsport. Surrounded by beautiful vistas, decorated with period antiques. Offering private baths, AC, queen beds, Wi-Fi, extensive herb gardens, and peace and tranquility for the discerning traveler. Gourmet breakfasts. Herb and antique shop. Open all year. $$–$$$

Modern, spacious, rural two-story farmhouse on 315 acres with forest, food crops, and ponds. Relax, hike, snowshoe and fish. Businessman’s retreat, couples’ getaway, and perfect for family reunions. Camping areas available. Hiking trails on premises. Home theater on site, rec room available. $–$$, $$$$

True elegance! Historic 1890 Colonial Revival mansion filled with antiques, art glass, western paintings and bronzes. Beautiful interiors. Spacious bedrooms with private bath and air conditioning. Candle-lit breakfast served on fine china and Steuben crystal. Walk to downtown.

Inn at the Gaffer Grille 60 W. Market St. Corning 14840 607.962.4649

Rosewood Inn 134 E. First St. Corning 14830 607.962.3253 The Inn at the Gaffer Grille offers an accommodating stay on historic Market Street in the Gaffer District of Corning.

Villa Bernese Bed & Breakfast 11881 Overlook Dr. Corning 14830 607.936.2633

Seven guest rooms, private baths, airconditioned. Afternoon refreshments, wonderful breakfasts in our candle-lit Victorian dining room. Stroll to shops, restaurants, and museums. Free WiFi and private parking.

The villa offers European elegance, luxury, and hospitality. It is situated in a tranquil wooded location overlooking the Chemung River Valley. Five minutes from downtown Corning.


Amity Rose Bed & Breakfast 8264 Main St. Hammondsport 14840 800.982.8818 607.569.3402 A lovely large turn-of-the-century B&B home filled with antiques, designer wood floors, and copious breakfasts. We are also in the heart of Keuka Lake wine country. We have four good-sized rooms, all with queen beds and private baths; two with Jacuzzis, two with your own porch, and all have in-room sitting areas. Smoke-free air. $$



Barger Landing 1 William St. Hammondsport 14840 570.398.1218 Four bedrooms with 1.5 baths, two-story with deck overlooking the lake. Walking distance to Hammondsport Village.


Black Sheep Inn 8329 Pleasant Valley Rd. Hammondsport 14840 877.274.6286 607.569.3767 The Black Sheep Inn is a five-room boutique inn, offering indulgent organic breakfasts utilizing local and organic products. This historic octagonal house, restored with style, grace, and charm, is located just outside the quaint village of Hammondsport on the southern end of Keuka Lake. Enjoy our on-site spa facilities, too. $$–$$$



Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Bed and Breakfasts (cont’d) and country inns

Champagne House 122 Pulteney St. Hammondsport 14840 607.654.3917

Blushing Rose Bed & Breakfast 11 William St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2687

Clean, comfortable, and quiet lodging in picturesque Hammondsport. Walking distance to Keuka Lake and Village Square. Moments away from wineries, fine/casual dining, antiques, marina, park, and beach. The Corning Museum of Glass, Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, and Watkins Glen close by.

Four rooms, each with private bath. The facility is centrally located 1/2 block to Keuka Lake beach and boat launch in one direction and 1/2 block to downtown Hammondsport shopping and restaurants in the other direction. $$–$$$

The Fine Thread Bed & Breakfast 38 Liberty St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2093 Relax in a peaceful village setting and a familyfriendly atmosphere. Close to Village Square. Easy access to Keuka Lake and wineries. Close to Curtiss Museum. Not far from Corning.


Day Dreams Bed & Breakfast 13 Lake St. Hammondsport 14840 607.224.4032 Four rooms with private baths; 2 Kings and 2 Queens. Guest living room and sun porch for relaxing. Full breakfast served daily. One block from the Village Square and 1/2 block from Keuka Lake.



Gone with the Wind on Keuka Lake 14905 State Rt. 54A Branchport 14418 607.868.4603

Gulfstream House 20 William St. Hammondsport 14840 607.654.3917 Historic stone Victorian lakeside inn on Keuka Lake. Lakefront for swimming, fishing; wine sipping in the gazebo; rest and refreshment; scrumptuous breakfasts; home baking. Top-notch restaurants within minutes, Wi-Fi, verandas, lawns, and the clear, fresh Keuka Lake waters. Secluded Log Lodge on property. Come to stay; toss your troubles to the wind. $$–$$$

Clean, comfortable, and quiet lodging in picturesque Hammondsport. Walking distance to Keuka Lake and Village Square. Moments away from wineries, fine/casual dining, antiques, marina, park, and beach. The Corning Museum of Glass, Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, and Watkins Glen close by.

J. S. Hubbs Bed & Breakfast 17 Shethar St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2440

Lake & Vine Bed & Breakfast 61 Lake St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.3282

Victorian home sits on 1/2-acre lot in the village of Hammondsport. Half block from the lake and Village Square. Built in 1840 and family-owned since 1894. Complete with antiques. Queen beds, private baths, full breakfast. Outside seating for sunbathing and barbeque. Close to wineries. $$

Newly-remodeled 1868 Queen Anne home, located in historic Hammondsport. The home features period high ceilings, hardwood floors, split staircase to second floor common sitting area, leading to four regionally-themed rooms. Many areas to relax and enjoy the evening, living room with fireplace, library, and veranda. $$

The Parker House 61140 State Rt. 415 Avoca 14809 607.566.2369

Relax in a converted country church where the guest rooms are the former Sunday School rooms. Family-style breakfast in the former fellowship area. Gathering room available for special events, holiday parties, family reunions, etc. Easy access to Exit 1, Interstate 390.



The Park Inn Hotel 37 Shethar St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.9387

Authentic country inn and restaurant since 1861. Five two-room suites with private baths. Restaurant and tavern on premises. Full complimentary breakfasts.


Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386

Inquire abo Overnight P ut ackages! Pleasant Valley Inn and Restaurant 7979 State Rt. 54 Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2282 Chef-owned country inn, circa 1848. Four queen guest rooms with private baths. Candlelight dinner Thursday through Sunday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Open May through October.


Cohocton/Prattsburgh Area $........... $79–110 $$ ........... $111–159 $$$ ........... $160–200 $$$$ ........... $201+

Corning Area Hammondsport /Keuka Lake Area Hornell Area

Village Tavern Restaurant & Inn 30 Mechanic St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.2528

18 Vine Inn 18 Vine St. Hammondsport 14840 607.569.3039

AAA Diamond Restaurant, catering and lodging with private baths. Serving lunch and dinner. Over 130 beers, award-winning wine list, live music. Central to shops and wineries.

Historic 1860 home of winemaker Jules Mason in the village of Hammondsport, walking distance to Keuka Lake and the Village Square. Property includes beautiful gardens and a pool.


Victorian Reflections Bed and Breakfast 18 East Main St. Canisteo 14823 607.821.2986 Victorian Reflections offers a tranquil alternative to a hotel. Stone terrace and front porch for relaxation. TV/DVD, Wi-Fi, ceiling fans in all rooms; common areas with microwave and refrigerator, snacks, board games, books. Children over 5 allowed. Cat on premises. $



For More Information 607.868.3610

607.569.3609 866.4.CORKIE

800.732.6845 607.937.5371 Visitor Center at Centerway Square 800.320.0735

607.324.7421 museums.html


607.569.2989 Visitor Center at 47 Shethar Street


Bully Hill Vineyards 8843 G. H. Taylor Memorial Dr. Hammondsport, NY 14840

Château Renaissance Wine Cellars 7494 Fish Hatchery Rd Hammondsport, NY 14810

The Corning Museum of Glass I-86, Exit 46 One Museum Way Corning, NY 14830

Corning’s Gaffer District Corning, NY 14830

Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars 9749 Middle Rd. Hammondsport, NY 14840

Erie Depot Museum 111 Loder St Hornell, NY 14843

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum 8419 State Rt. 54 Hammondsport, NY 14840

Hammondsport Village Square Hammondsport, NY 14840

l o c at i o n s , h o u r s , a n d m o r e

Store and restaurant hours vary (stores generally open at 10 a.m.)

May–Oct: Mon–Sat 9–5; Sun 10–5 Nov–Apr: Mon–Sun 10–4 Adults $8.50; Families (two adults, two or more children) $25; Seniors (65+) $7; Students (7–18) $5.50

Variety of shops situated around a quaint village square—antiques, pottery, art, gift shops, Finger Lakes items, and restaurants. Short walk to lakefront.

Historic aircraft, antique motorcycles and cars, classic boats, aviatrix exhibit, winemaking history. Handicap accessible.

Housed in the historic Hornell Depot, the museum features an array of Erie train memorabilia/photographs. Also houses model train tracks from the Hornell Model Train Club.

New York State’s most award-winning winery since 1962. 2012 “Winery of the Year” and “Governor’s Cup Winner” (2012 NY Wine and Food Classic).

Walkable downtown. ADA accessible, over 100 boutiques, antique stores, specialty shops, art galleries, glass studios, and restaurants.

Live hot glassmaking demonstrations, interactive exhibits, world’s largest collection of art glass. Make your own glass souvenir (fee). Handicap accessible.

Located 1.5 miles south of the village of Hammondsport off Route 54. Wine tastings: bottle-fermented champagnes, fruit wines, port, sherry and still wines hand-crafted in French traditional style.

Winery tours, wine tasting, NYS Wine Museum of Greyton H. Taylor, Walter Taylor Art Gallery, two gift shops, and restaurant overlooking scenic Keuka Lake.


2 hours Additional time for dining and special events.

1.5–2 hours

30–60 minutes

45 minutes

2–3 hours Additional time for dining and special events.

3–4 hours Additional time for a “Make Your Own Glass” experience.

20 minutes

1.5 hours Additional time for dining.

Minimum Time Allowance

Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Open year-round: Wed–Fri 6-8; Sat 12:30–3 Closed major holidays Free admission

Open year-round: Mon–Sat 9–5; Sun 12–5 Complimentary tastings Fee for groups; reservations required

Store and restaurant hours vary (stores generally open at 10 a.m.) Free shuttle bus to/from The Corning Museum of Glass

Open daily 9–5 Extended hours Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day: open 9–8 Kids & Teens FREE (19 and under) Adult day pass: $15

Apr–Dec: Mon–Sat 10–5; Sun 12–5 Nov–Apr: Mon–Sat 10–5; Sun 12–4 Jan–Mar: closed Tues and Wed Wine cellar tastings Group reservations requested

Open year-round: Mon–Sat 10–5; Sun 10–6 Free tours Fee for groups of 12 or more for tasting; Reservations requested


Must-See Attractions

44 Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!






Heron Hill Winery 9301 County Rt. 76 Hammondsport, NY 14840

Keuka Lake Vineyards 8882 County Rt. 76 Hammondsport, NY 14840

Patterson Inn Museum Corning Historical Society 59 W. Pulteney St. Corning, NY 14830

Pleasant Valley Wine Company and Great Western Winery Visitors Center 8260 Pleasant Valley Rd. Hammondsport, NY 14840

Ravines Wine Cellars 14630 State Rt. 54 Hammondsport, NY 14840

See fold-out section in the center for maps.

1.5 hours

30 minutes Boutique winery overlooking Keuka Lake crafting dry, European-style wines. Featuring wine tastings with artisanal chocolates, farmstead cheeses, and regional specialty foods. A delight for food and wine lovers. One of the largest collections of American Western and Native American art in the Eastern United States—the Best of the West in the East. Parking and all facilities available to people with disabilities. Combination tickets available with The Corning Museum of Glass.

1.5 hours

1 hour

20 minutes

45 minutes Additional time for dining.

20 minutes Additional time for classes.

30 minutes

Wine tastings, wine museum, gift shop, Theater in a Wine Tank. Tour of historic 1860s wine cellars is a definite must-see. Winery offers customized silk-screened champagne splits for special occasions. Named “Best Winery Tour in New York State” by AAA Car & Travel.

Early settlement history comes alive in restored inn (1796), log cabin (1855), and one-room schoolhouse (1878). Educational programs and group tours by appointment.

Located just 2 miles from Hammondsport. Enjoy the informality and friendliness of this small new vineyard producing dry, elegant European-style wines, Rieslings, Vignoles, and Cabernet Franc.

Wine tastings, Blue Heron Café, gift shop. Live music, weekend concerts, culinary events. See online calendar for details. Other locations on Seneca and Canandaigua Lakes.

Organically grown medicinal herbs, unique healing retreats, and great educational programs.

Make your own glass ornament, pumpkin, or paperweight. All ages welcome! Order custom-made sun catchers to commemorate special occasions.

Take some time to explore the area. Discover charming stores and local history­—true Americana. Drive country roads where you’re apt to pass Amish farms offering fresh produce at roadside stands. Catch a glimpse of deer and other wildlife. Experience the most scenic views farthest from the Interstate. 

Open daily 9–5. Extended hours Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day: 9–8. Members FREE. Sun, Nov–Apr: FREE. Kids & Teens FREE (19 and under) Adults $8

Open daily 10–5 Dec–Mar, weekends only Group reservations requested

Jan–Mar: Tue–Sat 10–4 Apr–Dec: Daily 10–5 Free tastings Tour $5 for adults and children over 10 Group reservations requested

Open year-round: Mon–Fri 10–4 Additional hours by appointment. See website for special events; Admission: Adults $4, Family $10

Jan–Feb: Sat–Sun 10–5; Mar–May: Fri–Mon 10–5; Jun–Dec: Daily 10–5, Fri–Sat, open til 6. Open other times by appointment.

Open year-round: Mon–Sat 10–5; Sun 12–5 Featured wine tasting $3; premium tasting $5. Group reservations required.

Open year-round Drop-ins welcome Call for class schedule

Flexible hours—open year-round Call to arrange your creative experience. Priced by activity, starting at $15

Great Getaway Vacation Packages • • or toll-free 866.946.3386.

r Othe s” See t s u “M



Healing Spirits Herb Farm 61247 State Rt. 415 Avoca, NY 14809

Rockwell Museum of Western Art 111 Cedar St. Corning, NY 14830


Hands-On Glass Studio 124 Crystal Lane Corning, NY 14830

Call Toll-Free 866.946.3386 45


Steuben County Travel Guide 2013

Hot Glass! Cool Lakes! Superb Wine!

Corning and The Finger Lakes FINGER LAKES REGION

IT’s easy to get here!

Approximate travel time from major cities to Corning, New York: Albany

3½ hrs.


6 hrs.


2 hrs.


5 hrs.


3 hrs.

New York City

4½ hrs.

Niagara Falls

2½ hrs.


4 hrs.


5 hrs.


1½ hrs.


2 hrs.


2 hrs.


4½ hrs.

Washington, D.C.

5 hrs.


Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXX X

By Car

By Air

From the east and west: Follow NYS Route 17/ Interstate 86 From the north: Follow Interstate 390 south from Rochester or Interstate 81 south from Syracuse. From the south: Follow US Route 15/I-99 north from Harrisburg, PA

Elmira–Corning Regional Airport 15 minutes from Corning US Airways: 800.428.4322 Delta Airlines: 800.225.2525 Allegiant Air: 702.505.8888

By Bus

Getting Around The Finger Lakes Region is a wonderfully scenic, rural area. The best way to get around is by car. The following rentals are available: Enterprise: 800.736.8222 Avis: 800.331.1212 Hertz: 800.654.3131 National: 800.227.7368

New York Trailways: 800.776.7548 Shortline: 800.631.8405

Join us on Facebook and Twitter. • or toll-free 866.946.3386 This guide is published by the Steuben County Conference & Visitors Bureau. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy at the time of publication, details and rates may change. Listings and some photos are provided by individual facilities and not regulated by the SCCVB. Printed in New York’s Finger Lakes Region.

Corning & the Finger Lakes 2013 Travel Guide  
Corning & the Finger Lakes 2013 Travel Guide  

Finding the Fun and Cultivating the Cool in Corning and the Finger Lakes in New York State