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spoke to Noel Fitzpatrick about his 06 Weexciting new tour Welcome to My World. Read our exclusive interview on page 6.



Find out how to get tickets for Tom Jones Live, coming to Coventry this summer.

Nadine Coyle chats to us about her new music and live tour, and how she’s finding being back in the studio.

Hello and welcome to your May edition of Cornfield Magazine. Spring has well and truly sprung – the daffodils are in full bloom, the birds are chirping, and the hours of daylight are getting longer. We’ve loved putting together our May issue! This month, we’ve investigated the marvellous music events coming to Brum, chatted to a few lovely celebrities, taken a look at the line up for the 2018 World Cup, and pulled together our favourite design trends and interior inspiration to freshen up your living spaces this spring. We’re sharing some great interviews with you in this issue, headed by the nation’s favourite ‘bionic genius’, Noel Fitzpatrick a.k.a. The Supervet. Our covers this month are graced by the pioneering Irish veterinary surgeon, who spoke to us about what to expect from his brand new tour Welcome to My World. Former Girls Aloud member, Nadine Coyle, reveals details about her new tour and EP, whilst the legendary Bill Bailey reflects upon why he decided to get personal with his new tour Larks in Transit. Happy reading!

From The Cornfield Team x

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Having arrived at the Malmaison Hotel in Birmingham after a long train journey, Noel Fitzpatrick, known best for his alias The Supervet, met me for a coffee and a chat. After greeting me with a friendly hug, Noel explained, “We were operating on an animal until God knows when this morning, so I just have to speak with the family.” The Supervet’s recognisable charming Irish drawl, paired with his warm nature, means anyone in his presence feels instantly at ease. The prospect of interviewing a world-class orthopaedic-neuro veterinary surgeon is, at first, quite a daunting prospect. After five minutes chatting with Noel, his trademark kindness and enthusiasm dispelled any of my initial worries. Noel needed very little prompting to talk about his exciting new tour Welcome to My World - this is a man extremely passionate about engaging with others in order to educate them on the potential of biomedical science. The pioneering new live show, hosted by Noel, will see the nation’s best-loved vet enlighten audiences with anecdotes of his early life in the Irish countryside, and demonstrate how these early formative years helped inspire his relentless ambition to explore the future of medicine.

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Exclusive interview with The Supervet

Noel Fitzpatrick by Evie Kissack

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick on Welcome to My World: “The show is the stories behind the stories, the secrets behind the inventions, and the inspiration as to why we should keep going on.” So, your debut live show Welcome to My World comes to arenas and theatres across the UK in autumn 2018! Yes! We are starting in the Midlands, in Nottingham. I am genuinely excited about coming to Birmingham because I’ve come here for 20 years plus for veterinary conferences. When I was a student walking through here, the streets of Birmingham, I felt pretty useless. I was starting out my veterinary career and I didn’t get accepted for any jobs. Nobody would give me an internship or residency… I wasn’t accepted into any training programmes to be a surgeon. I went instead to a general practice in the Irish countryside where cows would poo on my head…[Laughs] I’m definitely hoping we can put that into the show – wouldn’t that be brilliant to see in the middle of Birmingham Arena - a giant cow doing a poo on my head? I would LOVE that – I think the kids would too. [Laughs] It sounds like Welcome to My World will give audiences a truthful glimpse into your life and work? Well, the tour starts out with me as a child, as a ten year old. I lose a lamb in a field full of stars, (there’s a lot of stars in the sky in the show), and I wished

back then that I was more powerful, stronger and better…I felt a terrible sense of failure; that I was completely inadequate. So, I made up a hero called ‘Vet Man’ and imagined he would fix all the animals with magic bionic dust. I just thought this story was a good starting point. I’d like to take us through from those early moments to then me helping to build a vet school and becoming a professor. There’s a bit in there I’m hoping to put in similar to when Steve Austin says, “Better… stronger… faster” – that was how I felt I wanted to be. I want to bring the audience on a MacGyver-Steve AustinWolverine-Six Million Dollar Man-hybrid journey into the future. That’s the perfect pitch for the show! Where did the idea first come from to create this revealing and rather intimate live show? I got a lot of letters from kids that inspired me to want to write the show because it became apparent to me that the love of an animal brought a lot of human beings together that wouldn’t otherwise come together. The one thing that joins us all together on the television show is our love for animals. It’s that spirit and hope that unites everyone. Originally I wanted to call it the ‘Love and Hope Tour’, but I thought it sounded like Jon Bon Jovi wanted to go on tour.

[Laughs] True. Bit much. The producers said, “No you can’t call it that! How about Welcome to My World?” And I thought it was brilliant, because it has a lot of connotations. It includes the bad and the good. For example, the case I’m dealing with now on the phone is not going well, so I have to deal with the negative parts of the job too. The show is the stories behind the stories, the secrets behind the inventions, and the inspiration as to why we should keep going on. Of course The Supervet is such a hugely popular show, but it can, at times, be difficult to watch. Do you think the live show will give audiences insight into the emotionally ‘harder’ aspects of your job as well? Definitely. I wanted to do that on my own terms, which is sometimes not what you can do on the TV show. It can be hard to communicate what it feels like to fail, what it feels like to hold somebody’s hand as the operation is going wrong. I’ve just come from outside that door where I’m doing just that – I’m on the phone to a family trying to comfort them, and I genuinely feel in the weeks and months leading up to the operation, part of that family. The show isn’t really about the surgery – it’s not about me scrubbing up and going into theatre and doing my best – what the tour is really about is what it is that makes us human. Who in medicine (sic), veterinary or human, is standing up and saying it should be about love? Nobody. I fought for three years to get a paper published about the value of love in medicine, and no journal wanted to accept it. In January 2018 we published the first ever paper about the value of love in a professional medical environment. It’s a taboo word, ‘love’ – people are almost scared of it. It’s as if nobody wants to go near it because it can be misconstrued. But I genuinely believe if you don’t love your vocation as a vet you’re not as good as you could be. I think people that do love an animal are the best kind of people. I want audiences to sit beside me in those moments of crisis when I’m making those decisions about life and death. But, also I want them to rejoice with me and have a really good laugh. If I only get 10 people coming to the show, and can inspire them, then it’s worth it, isn’t it?

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I’m excited that we might be able to do something that’s never been done before. I want to see people, regardless of whether they’re 8-years old or 80, having a great time.

You are also heavily involved in your charity, The Humanimal Trust, aiming to overcome the artificial boundaries between human and animal medicine. Yes - that’s the central core of the show. People might think, “Hang on, I’ve seen a disc replacement on Noel’s show, but why can’t I have it as a human being? Why are some things Noel is doing more advanced than what is available for me?” Well, for 254 years, veterinary medicine has served human medicine, giving doctors the experiments they have needed to get drugs and implants. But now, for the first time in the history of mankind, it has become possible to study implants, cancer, and drugs with animals that have real diseases. These animals are better analogues for human disease than experimentally induced disease is. My objective is to reduce, refine and replace; the same as the animal research councils across the world. We can put an implant in a dog and watch the bone grow into it on a 160 Slice CT Scanner and do virtual histology! This wasn’t possible 10 years ago. We don’t need to kill the animal - we actually learn from treating a clinically affected animal. When society realises that, they will ask big questions. For example, I can tell you that dog bone cancer and child bone cancer are almost identical, which could help us to find a cure. In fact, if you took a cell from a child with bone cancer and a cell from a dog with bone cancer and put them together under the microscope, then gave that microscope to a both a human and veterinary pathologist, they wouldn’t be able to tell you if it came from a dog or a human. Isn’t that a remarkable fact? That’s fascinating. Plus 265 genes in that cell are identical between the dog and the human. So why would you not study them together? Why would you not make new implants and drugs together? In the current series of Supervet we are filming now, we are going to show audiences stuff that has never been seen

before in real life. People that come to the show are going to see the future of One Medicine and the integration of animal and human science through love. It’s not going to be a science lecture. I’m hoping to hold the attention of people, not by doing Michael Flatley’s Riverdance, but by showing audiences my rusty old Mazda 323 with the bottom falling out of it as I drive through the farmyards of Ireland. That’s where I started. It moves from me doing an operation on a kitchen table in a cottage in a farm where a guy lives with his cow, to a future of bionic regenerative medicine that we have only yet dreamt about. So the show will truly allow audiences to encounter your bionic interventions first hand? I’ve built a new hospital that we open next year, where we will rebuild body parts. We will be showing people this in the show, 25 years before it might happen! When you think about that, it’s pretty powerful stuff, because we’re going to actually show them the future. I’m excited because it’s a blank canvas and I want to see how the audience will respond to it. In my mind this is the summation of everything. I had a letter from a kid who came to DogFest - he wrote me a letter with £12.50 in coins for The Humanimal Trust and he said, “Dear Professor Noel, I came to the DogFest from Manchester and we were awake all night, and I queued in the rain but I couldn’t get to see you because of all the ladies who wanted to give you a hug,” [Laughter] “I washed cars all of the next week in Manchester to make this money for your charity, because I heard you talking about it,” and here’s the kicker line…this is the line that if anything would inspire me to do the tour, this is it – he said, “I know you love the ‘namimals’,” he spelt it with the extra ‘n’ [Laughs], “and I know that when you help the ‘namimals’ you help me.” And boom. An 11-year old child sold it. It wasn’t ‘I dream’ or ‘I think’ it was, “I know when you help the ‘namimals’ you help

me.” That’s the future. That’s the summary of the whole tour right there - it should be the tagline! It should be on all the posters. Incredible. That’s the line! You’re a pioneer in your field, you were in surgery this morning, now you’re preparing for the tour, filming for The Supervet and in press interviews…how do you like to spend any precious free time that you have? Rock concerts, all the way. Oh, really? Yeah, yeah! I went to see The Script recently – they were incredible. I go to as many rock concerts as I can. I went to see Imagine Dragons, and love the song ‘Believer’ - it’s about people that don’t completely believe, but in a particular moment they can’t help believing. I’ve used Muse songs in the show, The Script’s ‘Superheroes’, hopefully U2’s ‘One’ will make it in there…Led Zepplin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ certainly will! There’ll be a bit of Bowie, Oasis, Queen, Kasabian and Seal, and other music that’s influenced me. There are some great songs that have changed my life and have saved me from myself, really. When you listen to the lyrics of a song, for three minutes you are transposed to a different place. So I’m hoping to do that for two hours with Welcome to My World. I want to bring the feeling, when you’ve heard the best song you’ve ever heard, whatever your penchant for music is. I’m going to try to link the narrative throughout the show through music. It will be an auditory-visual-gustatory landscape! I’m excited that we might be able to do something that’s never been done before. I want to see people, regardless of whether they’re 8-years old or 80, having a great time and thinking, “I learned something, I was inspired, and that was more about me than it was about him”. Then, I’ve done my job.

Noel Fitzpatrick’s UK Tour Welcome to My World comes to Arena Birmingham 17 November. For tickets and venue enquiries:

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Birmingham Food Tours

A relaxed guided walk with gastronomical flavour. Taste Birmingham's culinary landscape and learn about the city's culture and heritage. Sample offerings from the very best of Birmingham's local independent restaurants, cafes and street food. Rhiannon Simpson, founder and host, is a passionate hunter of all things delicious, a dedicated menu reader and a Birmingham city dweller. Be lead (via your taste buds) through the city’s past and present food scene in this unique dining experience. Birmingham has a rich history and colourful multicultural make-up that reflects our ever-evolving foodscape. From fusion street food, to artisan patisserie and bustling market spaces, this tour invites you to enjoy it all. Upcoming Foodie Feasts: Classic Birmingham Food Tour – 19 May/16 June/14 July 2018 NEW Jewellery Quarter Tour – 12 May 2018 £40pp + booking fee Book online at For queries email, or call 07875236140 @birminghamfoodtour Look out for our exclusive Cornfield review in next month’s issue! Cornfield Magazine | 9

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10 | Cornfield Magazine

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Don Diego


Located between Harborne and Edgbaston, just a stone’s throw away from Birmingham city centre, you’ll find Don Diego Restaurante. The family-run establishment offers an intriguing menu that blends Spanish Mediterranean cuisine with familiar British flavours, producing a contemporary spin on old classics.

We wanted to check out the venue for ourselves, to see if the brothers and co-owners have truly mastered the hybrid mix of culinary influences. Upon arrival, our first impression of Don Diego was instantly positive. The interior, although simple, is pleasant and well thought-through. Comfortable seating arrangements and cosy surroundings enable guests to enjoy their food in a relaxed environment, with minimal fuss. The quirky wallpaper design gives the restaurant a unique, slightly eccentric feel, and is complimented perfectly by plush deep red chairs. Simplicity works for the brothers; the basic partnership between chef and front-of-house manager means customers are provided personal service from the get-go and made to feel at ease. Don Diego boasts the use of the freshest local produce and best seasonal products available. From our dining experience, we whole-heartedly support this claim. Well-presented dishes that pack a plethora of delicious flavours are served in a timely manner, often arranged in inventive (yet unpretentious) ensembles. We always agree that leaving a restaurant feeling satisfactorily full is a good sign. By the final course, we were regretfully so full that we were unable to try the tantalising selection of desserts after polishing off a starter and main course each. The wine list, although not revolutionary, holds a great collection of good wines selected to compliment both the lunch and dinner menus. If one thing’s for certain, the helpful owners of Don Diego would be more than happy to assist any customers looking for vino recommendations throughout the evening. Don Diego is a hidden gem, definitely worth a visit with friends and family (and especially to try their melt-in-the-mouth pork belly).

Must-haves: For Starters -Fishcakes accompanied by pea puree, shallots and horseradish roulade For Mains -

Duroc suckling pork belly with cider apple sauce, paired with a side of chunky chips

+44 (0) 121 448 6460 8 Chad Square, Hawthorne Road, Edgbaston, B15 3TQ

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20% off A-La Carte menu with this voucher during May Tel: 01564 732750 Loch Fyne Knowle, The Bank House, High Street, Knowle, B93 0JU T&Cs apply. Food only. Excluding Friday & Saturday after 6pm. Not available in conjunction with any other discounts offer or promotion. We reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.

Cornfield Magazine | 13

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14 | Cornfield Magazine

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Dentelle Aesthetic Skin Solutions Putting clients’ care at the heart of every treatment Dentelle is a centre of excellence in natural facial rejuvenation and non-surgical, natural aesthetic interventions. The Solihull-based, multi award-winning clinic is one of the select few in the Midlands accredited with Save Face. To guarantee the health and safety of all clients, Dr Clare Quinn, a registered dental professional, carries out all procedures at Dentelle. Experts in facial rejuvenation and skin care With over 20 years of experience working in dental practice, and having refined her gentle injectable techniques over the past 10 years within the field of aesthetics, Medical Director Dr Clare Quinn LDS RCS (Eng) is well known for achieving natural cosmetic injectable results. By attending regular training programmes, Clare continuously keeps up-to-date with the latest nonsurgical techniques, meaning her experience and expertise guarantees clients are in safe hands.

Dr Clare Quinn explains the importance of ensuring aesthetic treatments are undertaken by qualified medical practitioners: What are the benefits of using health care professionals for aesthetic procedures? In the current unregulated aesthetic market, for those looking for skin solutions, it can be difficult to know which clinics to trust! Cut-price nonsurgical treatments are being offered by hundreds of inadequately trained 'aesthetic practitioners' with limited medical experience across the country. As procedures such as skin smoothing injections and dermal fillers can carry an element of risk, it’s crucial to find a clinic that has the relevant accreditations and offers safe practice techniques, putting patients' safety first. If you find ‘bargain’ treatments, it might be at the cost of your appearance!

What is Save Face? Clinics accredited with Save Face exclusive kite marks ensure that the person treating clients has received the appropriate training, is registered with a statutory body and has regular training updates. The environment of Save Face clinics must comply with Health & Safety Legislation and have the necessary equipment to provide the treatments safely. Similarly, the products used for all treatments must be appropriately licensed, sourced from legitimate suppliers, as well as maintained and stored to a satisfactory standard.

What treatments do you recommend for clients looking to achieve radiant summer skin? For clients suffering with sun damage, it is important to choose appropriate skin care solutions to reduce the effect of over-exposure to UV light upon skin. Anti-ageing treatments, such as a combination of lightly placed muscle relaxing treatment and filler, can work towards restoring lost volume and lifting facial features to give natural, long-lasting results. This, in conjunction with effective facial treatments and home skin care, will help maintain lasting improvements in skin quality.

16 | Cornfield Magazine

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Is it ever too late to start the anti-ageing process? It’s never too late. Although you can’t wind back the clock, you can reduce the effects of skin damage, fine lines and wrinkles to significantly improve the appearance and feel of your skin. Popular treatments such as dermal fillers and peels can effectively alleviate my hyaluronic acid deficiency.

Combining expertise with passion, the team at Dentelle take the time to plan an effective course of therapies and treatments to suit the individual requirements of all clients. HydraFacial Fire and Ice Facial

The Safety in Beauty campaign has listed Dentelle as a Diamond Award Finalist for 2018. What does this recognition mean for the clinic?

Guinot Hydradermie

The awards are dedicated to paying special tribute to the many outstanding businesses, professionals, brands and service providers in the beauty and aesthetics industry. The campaign highlights the clinics in pursuit of the highest standards of safety in an industry where frustratingly there is a growing number of dangerous practices. We are delighted to have been chosen as finalists for this year’s awards.

Wrinkle Smoothing Injections

Environ Vitamin Facial Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lip Treatments IPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation Acne Treatments Manicures and Pedicures Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage

Get Your Summer Glow With safe and effective non-surgical treatments, skin can retain its youthful glow and radiance for longer. The range of minimally invasive procedures that Dentelle offers aim to combat the signs of ageing and enhance facial features in order to improve the psychological well being of clients. Skin health treatments can also address specific problems such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, scarring and sun damage. Increasingly becoming a part of everyday life, these treatments produce subtle and natural results, allowing you to simply be happy, healthy and more confident in your own skin.

Professional Makeup Artist (for glamour and bridal) Dermal Fillers (For lifting and improving facial contours) Profhilo Skin Refreshing

“Be happy, healthy and confident in your own skin!”

Call the clinic now to book a no obligation, confidential consultation or book your treatment now! Call: 01564 770770 - Email:

Exclusive Spring Offers


Combining Kim Kardashian’s favourite treatments!

Dentelle’s bespoke facial lifting treatment: Includes - Alumier Enzyme Resurfacing Treatment CACI non - surgical lift Dessee Pro LED Mask. Needle-free facial toning and resurfacing treatment with synergistic LED phototherapy for a smooth, plumped and lifted skin. Only £120

Quote ‘Cornfield May’ on booking and receive £20 towards any introductory facial

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Achieve Radiant

Summer Skin

with Alumier MD Science Meets Beauty 1. Bright and Clear Solution This brightening solution acts as a conditioning toner, refreshing skin and refining skin complexion.

2. Retinol Eye Gel Retinol Eye Gel is a vitamin-packed, pure and cutting-edge microencapsulated retinol gel, formulated especially for the delicate eye area.

3. Ultimate Boost Serum A lightweight serum to significantly boost skin hydration. Ultimate Boost Serum contains MATRIXYL™ Synthe'6™, a powerful peptide that strengthens and firms skin to improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Neck and Decollete Firming Cream Alumier MD’s Neck and Décolleté Firming Cream is a luxuriously smooth firming cream that helps to prevent and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring a more youthful appearance.

5. Retinol Resurfacing Serum Retinol Resurfacing Serum 0.5 is a pure potent, microencapsulated retinol serum that dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The lightweight serum improves texture and tone by strengthening skin and improving elasticity. Alumier MD products are available from Dentelle, a Save Face accredited clinic based in Dorridge. For skin consultations or advice, simply arrange an appointment with medical practitioner Dr Clare Quinn - an expert in recommending the perfect products for all skin types.

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Women’s Style




Wear 01 Tassels Pendant Earrings £12.99 Mango


Editor’s Picks 02

02 Whistles Supersoft Small Pouch £49.00 Whistles 03 Ebizaa Embellished Slip On Trainers £99.00 Dune 04 Gold Tusk Ring £38.00 NU & MII



05 Plume Elegance Bucket Bag £179.00 Lipault 06 Ivan Shirt £89.00 Les 100 Ciels 07 Movado Bold Watch £350.00 Movado 08 Courage T-Shirt £39.00 Label Lab, House of Fraser 09 Kate Tie Wrap Dress £99.00 Issa, House of Fraser


06 05 01

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Billy Ocean It’s all about giving some time where we can forget about the problems in our lives and just have fun. Set to headline ‘80s Live’ in June at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena, Billy Ocean talks to Cornfield’s Content Editor about his love for performing live, and his hopes for the future. Joined by special guest Alexander O’Neal, Howard Jones, Five Star, Roland Gift from the Fine Young Cannibals and The Blow Monkeys, Billy Ocean will perform some of his best-loved, classic tracks as part of the biggest 80s party night this summer. Born in Trinidad and raised in East London, Billy Ocean has enjoyed a remarkable career that spans over three decades. Following the success of his 1985 hit ‘When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going’ that reached number one in the UK; Ocean won a Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance in the phenomenal track ‘Caribbean Queen’. After producing a series of UK Top 10 hits and US number ones, the sensational recording artist secured his name as the most popular black British R&B musician of the 1980s. With several platinum albums to his name, Ocean is no stranger to creating outstanding tracks; something his Lifetime Achievement Award received at the 2010 MOBO Awards rightfully recognises.

You’re performing alongside other fabulous 80s music artists for ‘80’s Live’ in Coventry, June 2018. Are you looking forward to performing at the Ricoh Arena as part of the incredible line up?

The cover of the album is of you as a child. Why did you decide upon this specific picture to represent the album? That is a boy with dreams, which for me came true.

Yes! It’s going to be a great day with some great acts. The event will bring fantastic artists together in the Midlands, as homage to one of the most memorable decades of music. Do you ever feel nostalgic when performing hits from the 80s?

You’re also, of course, embarking upon a huge tour throughout the world this year, and you’re headlining a few major festivals. What is it about touring that you love?

Not nostalgic…it’s just great that songs we wrote back then are still giving so many people so much pleasure and fun!

It’s playing my songs to an audience that wants to party. It’s all about giving some time where we can forget about the problems in our lives and just have fun.

‘Here You Are: The Best Of Billy’ includes all of your classic tracks. Are there any songs from this wonderful collection that you particularly enjoy performing live?

You’ve enjoyed such an extensive and remarkable career in the music industry. Is there a particular moment/event/show that is a memorable highlight?

I love performing ‘No Woman No Cry’, because the audiences sing along from aged 10 to 80 years old!

Wow – that is a hard question! There are too many to pick just one.

You also covered songs that heavily influenced your own music. How did it feel to create an album on which careerdefining tracks were recorded alongside music that has inspired your career? It’s something I had wanted to do for years… the time just seemed right.

20 | Cornfield Magazine

London’s East End has changed so much over the years – do you still hold a connection to the area? Yes, definitely. I have family still there, and I visit quite often. Does your heart now belong to Grenada? I love Grenada, but also Barbados and of course home in the UK.

SOLIHULL 68pg MAY18_Layout 1 23/04/2018 15:01 Page 21

What changes have you seen in the industry since you first began? It’s still all about the song, but there seems to be more pressure on younger acts to have hits from the word go. You need time to develop your talent. I know you’re also a qualified tailor! Do you have any other hidden talents? I love gardening! Do you have any future ambitions or dreams? Is there something on your bucket list that you haven’t yet ticked off? I just want to carry on making people happy through my songs and performing at concerts. Grab tickets for 80s Live at the official Ricoh Arena website:

Cornfield Magazine | 21

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22 | Cornfield Magazine

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Leading Eye Clinic on Solihull Doorstep In the heart of Solihull is one of the foremost eye clinics in the UK bringing together leading consultants, first class facilities and after care that is second to none. Midland Eye provides treatment for a wide range of eye conditions including cataracts, laser eye surgery and clear lens extraction for vision correction. Clinic Manager Erica Bowen commented: “We are a ‘one-stop’ specialist clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of all eye conditions. In recent years we have seen a growth in demand for cosmetic eye surgery with procedures and treatments around the eye. One of the most popular is that of Blepharoplasty, a procedure to improve the appearance of the eyelids by removing fat, skin or muscle – or possibly all three – from the eyelids. “This procedure can correct drooping upper eyelids and puffy bags which make you look older and more tired than you feel, or affect your visual feed,” she said. Midland Eye was set-up by six founding partners including Professor Sunil Shah, a renowned Ophthalmic Consultant surgeon who has just been included in the Top 100 Power List compiled by ‘The Ophthalmologist’ magazine. An active researcher and innovator, he is the pioneer of LASEK laser eye surgery.

Erica Bowen commented: “We have some of the most sophisticated diagnostic and surgery equipment available anywhere in the world. This includes the LENSAR laser system – one of only four in the country – designed specifically for refractive cataract surgery. “Midland Eye also offers Intense Pulsed Light (IIPL) therapy, the latest treatment for Dry Eye. We are delighted that our Consultant Optometrist Nick Dash is the holder of the title ‘Dry Eye Practitioner of the Year’ 2017. “We aim to provide the highest levels of patient care and have just received an overall CQC ‘good’ rating which included an outstanding grading for the leadership, management and governance of the clinic, assuring the delivery of high-quality patient-centred care.”

Cornfield Magazine | 23

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We help you tackle the age-old question: fascinator or hat? As the nation eagerly awaits the royal wedding between Prince Harry and his fiancée Ms Markle, we take a look at some of the headpiece trends you can expect to see on the big day and advise you on how to capture this season’s most regal looks. Hats and fascinators can truly elevate outfits to new fashionable heights, reflect your personality, and have the added bonus of distinguishing your wedding garments from the rest. Selecting the perfect headpiece can be a challenging task. With thousands of options to choose from and styles to suit any taste, where should you begin? Firstly, acknowledge the kind of look you wish to achieve. Classic or contemporary? Daring or demure? Whatever your desires may be, there’s a headpiece out there for you. Top tip: find a hat shop offering personal shopper services and a large collection of hats to guarantee you enjoy a stress-free shopping experience.

Our favourite headpiece styles on trend for 2018: Showstoppers – Pull out all the stops with grand wide-rimmed hats and extravagant fascinators. Whether they’re loaded with feathers, or crafted in eccentric shapes dyed in bold colours, showstopping headpieces are certainly not for the faint hearted. We recommend you select more lavish headpieces to compliment simple, unadorned dresses, to draw the eye upwards and add extra height.

24 | Cornfield Magazine

Sculptural – Disc fascinators, up disc hats, underbrim headpieces…the list is endless. Laden with swirls, corsages and intriguing shapes, sculptural headpieces give a little extra flair to wedding apparel. If you love modern twists on classic fashion pieces, a sculptural hat or fascinator is the choice for you. Vintage – Pillbox fascinators and hats are a favourite amongst royal family members. Often adorned by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, pillbox styles are available with a variety of customisations, including feather quills, eye-covering veils and crin embellishments. Ooze vintage sophistication with your millinery, tight pressed curls and red lips. Petite – Remain eye-catching yet exude elegance with simple, classic styles. Headbands boasting delicate floral details are a popular favourite amongst ladies wishing to create a minimalistic headpiece look. Smaller fascinators are particularly well-suited to wedding guests wishing to wear their hair down, as they can be fixed to the side of the head, pinning hair off the face in an understated (but fabulous) way.

The Royal Wedding 2018: Our Favourite Facts The happy couple have urged guests and fans to donate to a charity of their choice, rather than spending money on wedding gifts. As per tradition, the renowned printers Barnard Westwood have created all invitations for the royal wedding. Featuring the Three-Feathered Badge of the Prince of Wales, the invitations have all been printed via a process known as die stamping on a machine from the 1930s. The lady responsible for printing the invitations, Lottie Small, is rumoured to affectionately refer to the machine as ‘Maude’. Harry and Meghan have gone against the royal trend to marry mid-week, and have instead opted to tie the knot on a Saturday. The wedding will take place 19 May 2018, so save the date in your diary! Renowned portrait photographer, Alexi Lubomirski will take the official wedding photographs at Windsor Castle, following the marriage at St George’s Chapel.

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H for Hats

in Wootton Wawen

Whether you’re looking for a fascinator for an upcoming wedding, or an eye-catching headpiece for Ladies Day, H for Hats in Wootton Wawen offers beautiful hats for all occasions. Hats can completely transform an outfit, and make you stand out for all the right reasons. Perhaps you prefer simple, elegant designs that evoke an effortless sense of style? Maybe you love to capture the attention of everyone in a room with show-stopping garments? Whatever your individual tastes and preferences might be, H for Hats will have something to suit your needs. The showroom stocks a large variety of gorgeous new hats, with coordinating handbags and accessories to complete any outfit – perfect for any special event. If you’re looking for a hat for a special occasion, but don’t have room to house new purchases in your wardrobe, the H for Hats ‘Hat Hire’ service could be the perfect option for you! Simply select the ideal hat to compliment your outfit, and leave the rest to our experienced stylist Georgina. A full styling consultation service is available for all clients; please call Georgina for an appointment. So, what are you waiting for? Visit H for Hats and feel fabulous for any occasion! For appointments please contact: 01564 792 785 H for Hats, Yew Tree Farm, Stratford Road, Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire B95 6BY Cornfield Magazine | 25

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26 | Cornfield Magazine

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Cornfield Magazine | 27

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We are Now Accepting



We believe that everyone should enjoy excellent oral health. Here at Paul Lowe Dentistry in Solihull we want you and your family to experience the remarkable benefits to health and well-being that first class dental care can deliver. We also want you to enjoy a welcoming environment which combines friendly, personal service with the professional expertise of a highly accomplished dental practice.

Our Practice is preventative-based around a team of friendly dentists and dental hygienists. As a Denplan-registered practice we offer a number of plans to enable individuals and families to budget for their dental care. For more information please call and talk to us!

What is a dental hygienist?

thoroughly cleaned and that the bacterial biofilm, which plays an important role in gum disease, is removed. They will also remove unsightly staining and the hard deposit (tartar), which cannot be brushed off. An appointment with your hygienist can therefore help to keep your gums healthy, teeth whiter and reduce the likelihood of decay and tooth infections, which, in turn, will help give you a confident smile. We offer the latest AirFlow system, a highly effective means of removing biofilm and the most stubborn staining.

Dental hygienists are highly skilled members of the dental team, having qualified from a university dental school. They not only treat gum disease but also play a key role in prevention by helping ensure that you can practise the most effective home-care routines.

Why are dental hygiene treatments important? Maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene as advised by a dental hygienist can reduce your risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay. Furthermore, there is increasing evidence of a link between periodontal (gum) disease and systemic illness such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes - another important reason for having a healthy mouth.

Why should patients see their hygienist? Seeing your dental hygienist regularly ensures your teeth and gums are

28 | Cornfield Magazine

How often should patients visit a hygienist? Your dentist and hygienist will recommend a time interval between visits according to your needs. Generally, this may be six months as part of a preventative regime or three monthly for those who are susceptible to gum disease.

Why not book an appointment to see a dental hygienist today?

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: e d i u G r Inside


A city full of life, with an indisputably chilled-out demeanour. From eccentric rooftop spots with attractive cityscape views – found at the trendy Naked for Satan - to classy riverside spots such as Arbory Bar (offering espresso martinis on tap!), Melbourne will not let you down for places to quench your thirst. A failsafe, tried and tested night out that won’t reap havoc on your wallet, has to be a visit to Chinatown. Try the magical combination of a stop at Shanghai Dumpling House on Tattersalls Lane for mouth-watering pockets of heaven (a.k.a. steamed pork dumplings), followed by drinks at Section 8 and a dance to the inevitably good live music being played at the venue. Visit Federation Square in the summer for outdoor film screenings, and be sure to check out the Queen Victoria Night Markets to sample a whole host of fresh, scrumptious food. St. Kilda, just a short tram ride out of the city centre, is the perfect place to see penguins on the beach at night-time. Tours of the beautiful Botanical Gardens run most of the year, and a Yarra River boat ride whilst the sun sets over the horizon is a beautiful way to spend your evening. What more could you want? Cornfield Magazine | 29

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– A uniquely Maldivian experience

Discover the real essence of the Maldives. Set in the quaint atoll of Ari, Maafushivaru is reached by 25 minute seaplane journey, giving you a bird’s eye view of the mysterious atoll formations. The island charms you with its dazzling turquoise lagoon and sandy beaches, knitted with lush flora, enough to give you a sense of calm and tranquillity. A stone’s throw away from the island is Lonubo, our very own deserted island, all set to give you and your beloved your own island for a night. This remarkable gem also offers superb diving and snorkelling experiences. 30 | Cornfield Magazine

With its small island charm, lush vegetation surrounded by the white beaches and a house reef that provides an enchanting snorkelling experience. The island is just over 500 metres in length and even has its own baby island, Lonubo, in the same Lagoon.

SOLIHULL 68pg MAY18_Layout 1 23/04/2018 15:01 Page 31

Choose from the choice of 3 distinct villas scattered around the island. Beach Villas are sited on the postcard perfect beaches and are furnished with lavish comforts. For those eager to wake up to the Indian Ocean, the Water Villas fulfils your desire. Families or friends travelling together may also elect for a Pool Villa, featuring two separate villas, sharing a private pool. All villas are brandished with contemporary design and architecture, and are supplied with VOYA natural and organic amenities. Jump into your own world as you laze away on the Fatboy Hammocks which are also conveniently scattered around the island. Summon the bon vivant inside you, as you dine and wine at our restaurants with its eclectic spread of dishes. The Cuisine Gallery extends an array of delectable fare in an ambient setting. Feast your way to the secrets of Asia at 135° East, as you experience Japanese culinary at its finest. Engage in a wine tasting session, and immerse yourself in the sphere of new world and old world wines at our Wine Chiller. Grab a cup of coffee or herbal tea at the Library Lounge in the morning with your favourite book, where you can also enjoy canapés during the high tea in the afternoon. Escape reality and create your own world on Lonubo, a desert island minutes away from Maafushivaru. Experience total isolation with your beloved as you celebrate a special occasion with a private dinner on the island, or ultimately book the island overnight whereby you can own your island, if only for a night. Maafushivaru, with its captivating beauty is often deemed a picturesque site for those wishing to renew their vows in the Maldives. Maafushivaru offers unique venues for a bespoke service, each venue adding a Maldivian flavour to the ceremony, making it an interesting affair for the bride and the groom. Lovers may also indulge in a romantic private dining experience, to wine and dine in seclusion under the stars. Rewind, and ignite your senses at The Spa. Our professional team of masseuses instils the best techniques to give you a sense of peace and wellbeing. Choose from a wide range of treatments, including skin, face and body care therapies from our signature Yonka products, an all-natural product range from Paris, France renowned for their rich background in aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Come evening, the Water Bar transforms into an exciting venue, hosting a range of diverse entertainment. Sip your favourite cocktail, as you listen to uplifting melodies by the acoustic duo. Dance away to the favourites on vinyl when our resident DJ blasts off groovy tracks. For a more authentic experience, the Maldivian night is one that should not be missed, as you witness exotic, raw culture of the Maldives, with boduberu (local drumming) and other awe-inspiring scenes on display. Laidback guests, have the chance to catch their favourite movie on the beach as well. The world below Maafushivaru can be best described as utterly sublime, with flourishing and vibrant marine life. It’s easy to spot a shark or two, and you might just bump into a gentle giant or a whale shark during one of the snorkelling expeditions organised by the island. Diving is quite spectacular around Maafushivaru as well, with a number of dive sites promising great big fish encounters, colourfully complete with coral gardens, in warm temperate waters that provide excellent visibility. Our Resident Marine Biologist delves into the underwater life, explaining interesting facts you might never have stumbled on before at the Water Bar weekly. Reserve your holiday at Maafushivaru now, and be prepared to create wonderful memories with your beloved, or your family.

Cornfield Magazine | 29

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32 | Cornfield Magazine

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Cornfield Magazine | 33

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34 | Cornfield Magazine

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Cornfield Magazine | 35

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36 | Cornfield Magazine

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Cornfield Magazine | 37

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As we come to the end of spring and prepare for the summer months, the perfect time falls upon us to refresh our interiors and prep our gardens for the warmer weather. Transform your spaces into chic, inspiring rooms that any interior designer would be proud of.

Revive Your Interiors SEASONAL TRENDS Add pinches of style to rooms this May using charming SS18 collections. It’s the finishing touches that give rooms their unique edge, so be inspired by our interior trends round up!

TEXTURE We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: varying textures makes all the difference. When creating features for interior design it’s virtually impossible to ignore the topic of textures. Fabrics, surfaces, flooring, panelling, you name it - intriguing textures are everywhere. Soft furnishings such as throws and cushions can add new dynamics within a space. Mixing soft textures with harder, industrial-looking pieces is very on-trend for 2018. Pair gold or copper tea light holders and sculptural vases with plush cushion covers and luxurious lining.

38 | Cornfield Magazine

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“Freshen up your


Cornfield Magazine | 39

SOLIHULL 68pg MAY18_Layout 1 23/04/2018 15:01 Page 40

PATTERN Adding gorgeous patterned fabrics to a room can really brighten up your space. Curtains with complimentary colours weaved into interesting patterns can add a burst of life into any room. Abstract patterns are particularly favourable for May, taking over the floral pattern tradition. Although some readers might be slightly dubious of adding patterns to their interiors as they can swiftly go out of style, many SS18 interior collections are offering timeless options for those who like to avoid redecorating too frequently.

COLOUR Adding a lick of paint to your interiors can brighten up rooms instantly. Try quirky ideas, such as painting fireplaces, floorboards, bathroom panelling or architraves in unexpected colours. For the daring amongst our readers, painting a pop of colour to surfaces can create eye-catching, bold focal points. For those wishing to retain muted tones, add soft pastels or complimentary warm hues to a space.

Fix Your House’s Flaws Have you been putting off retiling your roof for months? Have you found yourself ignoring your uneven driveway with patchy tarmac? May is the ideal time to fix the flaws in your home and garden that you’ve been avoiding for months! Although it might be tempting to adopt the ‘can do’ attitude and try to mend things around the home by yourself, when it comes to roofs and driveways it’s definitely the time to put down the DIY handbook and call in the professionals. Finding reliable local companies to efficiently take care of the ‘bigger jobs’ will guarantee flaws are professionally taken care of – ensuring the safety of you as a homeowner, and any other residents. Repaving your driveways to guarantee a smooth entrance to your home, or creating a practical car parking space is definitely worth the investment this month. No longer should you avoid the big potholes on your drive, or try to ignore the weeds growing down the side of your garden wall. Revamp the exterior of your house to reflect the lovely interior.

40 | Cornfield Magazine

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As our dreary winter months fizzle away, and spring begins to brighten up, the word sunshine can start to be uttered. Revitalise your garden now to prepare for the warmer months, when we can (finally) sit outside enjoying al fresco dining and glasses of vino. Gardening Tips for May This month, several jobs must be done outside! May is the month to get back into the regime of regularly mowing your lawn, as well as sowing and planting out bedding. For the vegetable garden – ensure potatoes are earthed up, and plant any crops still remaining. Weather permitting, runner and French beans can be planted, provided they have been raised under glass beforehand. Sow marrow, courgette and sweet corn towards the end of the month – these vegetables may also be planted in the greenhouse earlier in May. Seeds can be sown for particular crops under cloches – try broccoli, kale, radish, swede and cauliflower. For general maintenance – make sure you regularly get rid of weeds, either by hoeing or via weed killer. Trim any overgrown hedges, checking for hidden bird nests beforehand. Spring bulbs will now be in full bloom, so check that daffodils and other spring-flowering bulbs are not clustered together without any space. Lawns should be mowed weekly (if you have the time) and by weekly (if not). Alternatively, hire a gardener to trim your lawn for you if your schedule does not permit this time-consuming task! Remember to remove any foliage before mowing.

Cornfield Magazine | 41

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For plant protection – spring is the ideal time for certain garden pests to flourish. Pay particular attention to viburnum beetles and lily beetle grubs. Late frosts can also occur in May time, especially this year following bouts of cold weather. Take precautions to guard certain plants against frosts at night by placing garden fleeces or sacking over emerging crops. Be continuously wary of slugs and snails – humane traps are now widely available and are a fantastic alternative to poisons and chemicals. For garden ponds – pond plants can be planted in new baskets with fresh compost. Lift and divide plants that have become too overcrowded, trim back any overgrown roots and ensure the pond is not completely covered. Fish should only be added to new ponds after a lengthy period of around six weeks – speak to marine specialists for clarification and information about particular fish species. Garden maintenance can be a very time-consuming task. If you need a little help getting your garden spick and span for summer, why not call in the professionals?

Let your garden bloom

42 | Cornfield Magazine

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Cornfield Magazine | 43

SOLIHULL 68pg MAY18_Layout 1 23/04/2018 15:02 Page 44

44 | Cornfield Magazine

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Cornfield Magazine | 45

SOLIHULL 68pg MAY18_Layout 1 23/04/2018 15:02 Page 46

46 | Cornfield Magazine

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Stylish Outdoor Garden Furniture Repainting and Restoration

Wrought Iron and Wrought Aluminium Garden Furniture is a highly collectable and appreciating asset. The production of this beautiful product commenced in Wrought Iron way back in the late 1800’s and has continued up to the present day, mainly in Wrought Aluminium. Aluminium is much lighter in weight than Iron and therefore considerably easier to move around from one location to another. Aluminium also has the advantage of being completely rust proof.

What We Offer To bring your Garden Furniture up to top condition will involve the total cleansing of the pieces by shot blasting. Shot blasting is the perfect preparation process for recoating corroded and damaged metal surfaces. Following the shot blasting process, we will powder coat your furniture. Powder Coating has become universally popular when compared to traditional paint finishes. Powder coating is more environmentally friendly than traditional paint and provides a completely sealed hard surface that is totally resilient to moisture. When finished it looks spectacular and will last considerably longer than traditional paint and you may select your special colour from a large range. Call or email us and one of our Team will make an appointment with you to view your Garden Furniture and give you a Quotation.

Call us on 07802 475765 or Email us on: Over 30 years experience in professional shot blasting and high quality powder coating services

Cornfield Magazine | 47

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Nickelback Genting Arena 10 May

Tom Jones

Ragley Hall, Alcester 12 July Music legend Sir Tom Jones is taking his sensational live show to magnificent stately homes and historic UK locations this summer. Kicking off in Greenwich, the 'Tom Jones Stately House Tour' will be visiting six different venues, and heading to Alcester on Thursday, 12 July 2018.

Rock icons Nickelback will kick off their massive ‘Feed the Machine’ Tour in in Spring 2018. Joined by special guests, Seether, Nickelback will visit cities across the UK as part of their “biggest and boldest production yet”. The multi-platinum band have enjoyed more than 50 million unit sales, and boast the titles of ‘eleventh best-selling music act’ in the U.S. of the 21st century, and Billboard’s ‘Top Rock Group of the Decade’. Having received nine Grammy Award nominations, a World Music Award, twelve JUNO awards, Nickelback are undisputedly one of the greatest current rock bands. The tour is set to follow in the footsteps of Nickelback’s previous 12 consecutive sold-out world tours. Grab your tickets at

The concerts will be a celebration of a music career that spans six decades and will see Sir Tom perform headline shows at some of the nation’s most beautiful venues, including a show at Greenwich Music Time. This open-air concert is not one to be missed - so grab your tickets now to see the 'Sex Bomb' perform live! 'Help Yourself' to tickets to see the legendary Sir Tom Jones on the 'Green Green Grass' of the Ragley Hall Estate this summer from 'It's Not Unusual' for tickets to sell out fast... so, what are you waiting for?

Nadine Coyle

O2 Institute, Birmingham 11 May Having recently announced the release of her new EP, 'Go To Work', Nadine Coyle will be touring the UK throughout May! As one fifth of chart-mauling, award-winning, expectation-shattering girl band Girls Aloud, Nadine has already played her part in helping redefine pop. Fans should rejoice as this tour is set to be the ultimate party night out this spring, seeing Nadine perform legendary hits such as 'Sound Of The Underground', 'Love Machine', 'Biology', "Something New' and 'The Promise', alongside new Nadine stormers such as 'Go To Work' and 'Girls On Fire'. Check out

Bryan Adams Genting Arena 25 May

Multi-million selling recording artist Bryan Adams is back! The seven-date UK arena tour will support the new album from the renowned artist, Ultimate. Bryan Adams’ stage presence is famous throughout the world; known for his energy, stunning vocal talent and memorable performances, The Ultimate Tour is sure to showcase the very best of the showman. Find tickets at

Rita Ora

O2 Academy, Birmingham 16 May Rita Ora is back and alongside the release of her latest singles ‘Your Song’ and ‘Anywhere’, she’s also returning to the stage for an epic UK headline tour in May 2018. Get your tickets now and be one of the first to see her new material live. Visit

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O2 Academy, Birmingham 24 May

Don McLean

Symphony Hall, Birmingham 10 May

Shania Twain Arena Birmingham 24 September

With the release of her stunning new album ‘NOW’ and three decades into her storied career, Shania Twain has never sounded better. Shania is a fivetime GRAMMY Award-winner and the reigning Queen of Country Pop. With 90 million albums sold worldwide, Shania remains the top-selling female country artist of all time. Catch her live by grabbing tickets from

Following the release of ‘Botanical Gardens’ on March 23, Don embarks on a two-year World tour starting with 32 dates, April-June, in the UK and Ireland. Don McLean is one of America’s most enduring singer-songwriters and forever associated with his classic hits “American Pie”, “Vincent (Starry Starry Night)”, “Castles in the Air”, “And I Love You So” and “Crying”. Support from Jarrod Dickenson. Visit for tickets and info!

It's been three years since Peace were swelling up tents at festivals, turning guitar cynics into rock and roll dreamers with their indulgent mixture of romantic riffs, heart-shaped lyrics and dancing drum beats. After a blistering success with their 2015 follow-up LP 'Happy People' (their debut 'In Love' came out to rapturous hype in 2013), the band disappeared for two years, winding up at a farmhouse in the middle of a forest, miles away from civilisation. Now, they are back – as Peace 2.0; new label, new record and ready to reinvigorate their tribal young fan base. For tickets, check out

The Beat/Buzzcocks/The Selecter/Stiff Little Fingers NEC Lakeside 27 May

Fans of ska and original punk music will be sure not to miss this extravaganza! Legendary group The Beat, punk icons Buzzcocks, 2-tone boundarypushers The Selecter and Belfast’s own Stiff Little Fingers will join forces to create a once in a lifetime opportunity to see an ultimate line up combining original ska and punk. They’ll play three very special co-headline shows at the end of May, including one at the NEC Lakeside, to kick-start the summer with an energetic mix of iconic anthems. For tickets, visit

Slam Dunk Festival 2018 NEC Lakeside 28 May

Slam Dunk Festival is back! The festival is set to return for its biggest year to date with not one, but two major headline artists! Pop Punk titans Good Charlotte will be joining the previously announced emo-rock legendsJimmy Eat World. Their coheadline performance is set to be a defining moment for the festival as it marks the Slam Dunk Festival debut of both showstopping artists. For tickets and the full line up, go to


Genting Arena 21 September Kylie Minogue, currently on a high with her brand new track 'Dancing', will bring her extraordinary creativity as a live performer back to the stage this autumn when she plays a UK and Ireland tour. Kylie, who always raises the bar with her live performances, promises a brand new extravaganza for this production, which will be centred around her new album 'Golden', although of course her amazing back catalogue will be embraced. Buy the new album and tickets online at

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Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino Arctic Monkeys Released 11 May Revealing a trailer featuring grungy guitar, cinematic sounds and intriguing graphics, the Sheffield-born-and-bred band are set to release their sixth album on May 11. Finally, fans of the Yorkshire band are graced with the exciting news of the new album release, complete with the track list and teaser trailer. Although the trailer reveals very little about what to expect from the Arctic Monkey's new songs, if one thing is guaranteed, it will be worth the wait. The boys will tour in 2018 to support their new music, coming to Birmingham 15 September. With a list of obscure yet brilliant song names, we will all be sitting in anticipation for the album's release early next month. Pre-order the album at

Maker DEA: Dead Ends & Avenues Released 27 April The Kent four-piece recently released their 12-track debut long-player ‘DEA’ on Kidda Records. “It’s that kick-downthe-front-door sound that you’d want to hear on any great rock ’n’ roll album.” – Alessandro Marinelli (Vocals, Maker) Check out to grab your copy.

isaac gracie Isaac Gracie Released 26 April The self-titled album, released last month, features 11 tracks and includes the artist’s recent singles ‘Terrified’ and ‘The Death of You & I’. Displaying a maturity and sensibility that seem to extend beyond the musicians 22 years, the tracks hold a completely poetic quality, with stirring lyrics and emotional meaning. Read our exclusive interview with isaac gracie online at

50 | Cornfield Magazine

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INTERVIEW Exclusive:

Bill Bailey on Larks in Transit By Evie Kissack

With musical virtuosity, surreal tangents and trademark intelligence, Bill Bailey tackles politics, philosophy and the pursuit of happiness in his new tour, Larks in Transit. After gracing the world with his quick wit, loveable tomfoolery and sharp intellect for twenty-something years, Bill Bailey has undeniably reached the status of a comedic legend. The veteran comedian has enjoyed a highly successful career and accumulated an impressive professional portfolio, filled to the brim with a whole host of accreditations within the Arts. An experienced director, TV host and film and sitcom actor, as well as an avid charity supporter, it’s difficult to not be in awe of Bill’s indisputable assortment of talents (and intriguing hobbies). With several previous sell-out tours to his name, it’s fair to say Bill has also mastered live stage performances. Now bringing his brand new tour, Larks in Transit, across the UK, Bill speaks to Cornfield about his appreciation of the many experiences performing comedy has allowed him to enjoy, and what to expect from a show sharing the life of a seasoned comic. So – 41 new dates for the Larks in Transit tour, you don’t do things lightly! You’ve performed three shows already and have another live gig tonight in York I believe? How have they gone so far? Very well thanks! We are heading up to Newcastle tomorrow; it’s been great fun. After three decades in comedy, do you still enjoy performing back-to-back shows? Yeah I do. I think I appreciate it now more than ever before really, because stand up is a real expression of free speech and you can say and do whatever you want. I really value that now more than anything. Particularly after travelling around the world and seeing the constraints people are under artistically; the tradition we have in Britain of comedy and satire…to be part of that…it’s a real privilege. It’s great.

Larks in Transit is described as a “compendium of travellers tales and shenanigans” from 20 years as a travelling comedian. Will it really be personal? As it describes, it will be quite personal accounts really of where I’ve been. I’ve been around the world for the last 20-odd years performing comedy. But also, it shows where comedy has allowed me to go – the jobs and opportunities I’ve had, and perhaps wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t been doing comedy. I’ve presented wildlife documentaries and have met extraordinary people and gone to the farthest flung

parts of the earth…all of these things have been as a result of doing stand up around the world. It’s been my life’s work really, and a very life changing experience in many ways. It’s been a very rich experience and I’ve been very lucky in that regard. I’m fortunate to have had these experiences. And so, I’ve never really talked about the personal aspect of it and the impact it’s had on me because I’m quite a private person. I don’t tend to talk about myself. Instead I focus on other things, you know, topical stuff or satirical stuff, or just make up daft operas about insects taking over the world! [Laughs] Why suddenly have you felt you need to give the audience a more intimate narrative? I think what really encouraged me to be more personal, was a moment during my last tour, Limboland. In this tour, there was just one story I told about going on holiday with my family and seeing the Northern Lights and it all went a bit wrong. [Laughs] It kind of connected with the audience in a way that made me think, “Oh there is more to be said here.” There was almost an untapped bit of my life, which I haven’t really ever previously explored. So it’s a more private recollection, with more music than the last show, actually. There are a lot of instruments that I start playing and lots of audience involvement, and core elements of the shows I’ve done in the past, but more personal. Read the full interview with Bill online at Be sure to catch Larks in Transit at Arena Birmingham, 2 June 2018.

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Last night you talked albout leaving I said I can't let you go It's not just emotional feeling I need you boody and soul 1. Name the largest freshwater lake in the world? 2. Which is the only American state to begin with the letter 'p'? 3. Name the world's biggest island? 4. What is the capital city of Spain? 5. Who played Neo in The Matrix? 6. What colour jersey is worn by the winners of each stage of the Tour De France? 7. Name the three primary colours. 8. When did Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister? 9. In "Thunderbirds", what was Lady Penelope's chauffeur called? 10. What is sushi traditionally wrapped in? Answers on page 57

52 | Cornfield Magazine

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Cornfield Magazine | 53

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INTERVIEW Exclusive:

Nadine Coyle By Evie Kissack

Last month saw singer/songwriter Nadine Coyle announce the release of her new EP (via Virgin/EMI) and supporting UK tour, which will see the Derry-born artist perform the greatest hits of her former award-winning band, Girls Aloud. Cornfield spoke to Nadine about her new tracks and how she found being back in the studio (after fan-girling over a coincidental sighting of Claudia Schiffer mid-interview). How are you? Well I’m currently sat in a café in London and Claudia Schiffer is sitting across from me. Oh my god, really? Yeah! I walked in and thought, “No way, is that her?” Have you said hello? No I didn’t! [Laughs] I just smiled. [Laughs] How is your day going so far apart from obviously seeing Claudia? I’ve had a very, very nice day. A lovely morning. How about you? Great so far, thank you! So, your new 4track EP ‘Gossip’ is brilliant, I’ve been listening to it this morning. Oh thank you! How has working on the EP been? Have you enjoyed the studio time? I have loved being in the studio. We were recording in Brighton, and I hadn’t really spent much time before making the EP in this city, so it was lovely to walk around. There’s a gorgeous pier, and my family all came over, and it was one of those things where it was really busy and every weekend it was like, “Let’s go to Brighton!” so I have a new found love for Brighton. You’re coming to Birmingham this May. Are you looking forward to the tour? Yes really, really looking forward to it. I did a show in Birmingham at the end of January, at The Nightingale Club – it was so brilliant. I had one of the best nights. The gig was brilliant, and it was great to have the chance to speak to people afterwards. There were drag queens on stage with us - I absolutely loved it! We stayed over the night in Birmingham and had dinner the next day I had such a good time.

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The tracks on ‘Gossip’ definitely have your trademark sound. ‘Go To Work’ a great highenergy tune, as is ‘September Song’, which is a particular favourite of mine. What was the song-writing process like for the tracks? Thank you! There’s so many different songs and ways in which you can put songs together, and because I haven’t put any new music out in a long time it was important for me to create a bridge from what I’ve done in the past, to the music I’m creating now. So I wanted to work on lots of different songs that don’t sound too dissimilar to some of the past stuff, and then moving on and making the songs progress and give them a personal, artistic approach as time goes on. You’ll be performing some of Girls Aloud’s classic hits on the tour alongside new tracks. Girls Aloud was actually the first girl band I ever saw live! Aw, no way! Yes I will be performing some of the old tracks. That’s what it’s all about – the nod to the past and songs that sound so great that I love hearing on the huge speakers. It’s so great to have that element and be able to do that, and then being able to move on to the new tracks. There are just so many songs. I’m putting together the set list now and I’m like, oh my god how do I do this? I keep thinking, “Shall I do this one? Or this one?” and at one point the show had 23 songs, I thought I would end up on stage for two hours! But that’s a good problem to have. [Laughs] Read the full interview with Nadine online at To see her perform live, book your tickets for O2 Institute Birmingham on 11 May 2018!

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Meet The Team Based in the heart of Knowle, PSL is headed by the highly experienced probate solicitors, Richard Arney and Caroline Wilden.

Richard Arney Solicitor & TEP Richard founded the firm and is a Solicitor and fully qualified Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP). Richard has recently also qualified as a Notary and will soon to be offering Notary Public services. Client Testimonial: “Richard came to the house and met my parents. He explained how the power of an Attorney could help them. Richard was very patient and my parents felt reassured and secure with the information he gave them. Richard subsequently took all the stress out of obtaining the probate for my mother's estate. Richard has been extremely helpful and supportive through a potentially stressful time for the family. He always responded promptly to any queries we had. I can't think of anything Richard could have done better” – Suzanne, PSL Client

What We Do Established in 2010, PSL is the only specialist probate solicitors in Solihull. We are the experts in providing quality, professional advice for people, often at a difficult time. Our business is growing year on year, as our clients and other professionals continue to recommend us. At PSL customer service is a priority and we also offer fixed fee pricing. If you want to see if we can help you then please contact us for an initial consultation. For the convenience of the elderly and disabled, PSL can also offer home visits.

Caroline Wilden Solicitor & TEP Having initially qualified in law as a Barrister, Caroline has since converted to become a Solicitor and fully qualified Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP). Client Testimonial: “Following the death of my father, I had issues with the integrity of my brother in dealing with probate. After two years of very little progress and contradictory emails from him I decided to seek legal advice. Caroline listened patiently to my tale and gave me a clear understanding of how the probate process should work. She then communicated on my behalf directly with my brother and subsequently his Solicitor. Caroline was very determined to obtain a successful conclusion to the matter. She was excellent and I cannot praise her enough.” – Roy, PSL Client

Wills Probate Asset Protection Lasting Powers of Attorney Court of Protection Trusts Estate Administration Disagreements For more information or a no obligation chat please call us on: 01564 758055 1705 High Street, Knowle, Solihull, B93 0LN

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Quiz Answers. 1. Lake Superior 2. Pennsylvania 3. Greenland 4. Madrid 5. Keanu Reeves 6. Yellow 7. Red, yellow and blue 8. 1979 9. Parker 10. Edible seaweed

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Mowgli Street Food: Stories and recipes from the Mowgli Street Food restaurants By Nisha Katona Released 19 April 18

In 2014, barrister Nisha Katona had a nagging obsession to build a restaurant serving the kind of food Indians eat at home and on the street. The first Mowgli restaurant opened in Liverpool in late 2014, blowing away the critics and forming legions of fans. The simple dishes of a Mowgli menu are a million miles away from the curry stereotype. This unique collection of recipes and stories from the Mowgli Street Food restaurants brings you the best of their beloved menu, and much more. Try delicious snacks such as Fenugreek Kissed Fries or a Masala Wrap, and spice up your dinner with a whole host of delicious dahls. Discover how to recreate the iconic Angry Bird, the signature flavours of the House Lamb Curry, and of course, the secrets of the taste explosion that are Chat Bombs. And indulge in desserts, drinks and cocktails such as the Cardamom Custard Tart or a Sweet Delhi Diazepam.

Churchill’s Boomers By Ray Evans Released 28 September 17

Discover what it was like growing up in 1952 through the eyes of a nine-year-old. Ray recounts his childhood growing up in Birmingham, at a pivotal point of history: six years previously the National Health Service Act came into effect and changed the landscape of medical care forever. Another four years prior to that, the Education Act raised the minimum age of leaving education to fifteen. Weaving humour through factual anecdotes, Ray sketches the incidents that shaped his life, also bringing in post-WW2 references. Illustrated with full colour cartoons by Colin Fisher, Churchill’s Boomers will appeal to readers who can both remember that time and those that are interested in the period. Ray, who is now retired, has been involved with amateur theatre for over thirty years working as actor and director with theatres in Birmingham and Leamington. Ray has also written a number of plays, all of which have been performed on stage.

From the Mowgli Chip Butty to the iconic Yogurt Chat Bombs, Mother Butter Chicken to Calcutta Tangled Greens, this is the definitive collection of Mowgli's signature street food dishes to recreate at home.

Arnhem: The Battle for the Bridges, 1944 By Antony Beevor Released 17 May 18

The great airborne battle for the bridges in 1944 by Britain's Number One bestselling historian and author of the classic Stalingrad. On 17 September 1944, General Kurt Student, the founder of Nazi Germany's parachute forces, heard the growing roar of aero engines. He went out on to his balcony above the flat landscape of southern Holland to watch the vast air armada of Dakotas and gliders,carrying the British 1st Airborne and the American 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions. He gazed up in envy at the greatest demonstration of paratroop power ever seen. Operation Market Garden, the plan to end the war by capturing the bridges leading to the Lower Rhine and beyond, was a bold concept: the Americans thought it unusually bold for Field Marshal Montgomery. But the cost of

failure was horrendous, above all for the Dutch who risked everything to help. German reprisals were cruel and lasted until the end of the war. The British fascination for heroic failure has clouded the story of Arnhem in myths, not least that victory was possible when in fact the plan imposed by Montgomery and General 'Boy' Browning was doomed from the start. Antony Beevor, using many overlooked and new sources from Dutch, British, American, Polish and German archives, has reconstructed the terrible reality of this epic clash. Yet this book, written in Beevor's inimitable and gripping narrative style, is about much more than a single dramatic battle. It looks into the very heart of war.

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THE HAPPY PEAR Recipes for Happiness Delicious, easy veggie food to be at your best


aving started in 2004 as the owners of a small veg shop, David and Stephen Flynn realised their dream to travel the world, discovering and creating plantbased recipes. The foodie twins have built their brand over the course of 14 years, developing both shops and cafés, as well a farm, product range and roastery.

After building a successful business, The Happy Pear introduced ‘Happy Heart Courses’, delivered both online and in the classroom with the ultimate aim to help customers “Eat [their] way to health and happiness”. Taking to the exciting world of social media, Dave and Steve became part of the successful network ‘Jamie Oliver’s Foodtube’, creating a popular Youtube channel that swiftly became an online phenomenon. “The book is about so much more than food and nutrition – it’s about making you feel good. Eat this way and you’ll feel healthier, lose excess weight if you need to, sleep better and be more energetic.” – The Happy Pear Recipes for Happiness is filled with a selection of recipes specifically designed to do exactly as the title suggests: make you feel happier. In keeping with the current culture of fast-paced lifestyles, the boys have provided their readers with recipes perfect for busy family life – essentially easy, user-friendly meals that can be rustled up in 15 minutes with limited stress. Being fathers themselves, David and Stephen understand the challenges that come with trying to balance a business or demanding job, family life, hobbies, and everything else, meaning Recipes for Happiness is written with multi-taskers in mind!

The Happy Pear recognise the difficulty of cooking nutritious, healthy meals on a budget. The recipes found in Recipes for Happiness are created to be economical, making them accessible for all readers to cook tasty, nourishing cuisine. Intriguing meat-free and plant-based alternatives of popular favourites fill the Flynn brothers’ book, offering inspiring ways to eat healthier and feel happier as a result. Following in the footsteps of the entrepreneurs’ first cookbooks, The Happy Pear and The World of the Happy Pear (with both titles becoming Number One bestsellers), Recipes for Happiness promises to revolutionise the public’s interest in healthy vegetarian and vegan food. Recipes such as chickpea tikka masala, Thai golden curry, one-pot lasagne, cheatin’ nuggets and Greek summer stew grace the pages of the cookery book, accompanied with mouth-watering snapshots of the colourful, vibrant cuisine. You will without a doubt be desperate to join the plant-powered twins on their mission to adopt positive lifestyle changes and feel the benefits of eating well.

Cornfield Recommends: A super-tasty Mexican-style recipe perfect for weekend breakfast or brunch. Full of flavour, with great colours and textures, this recipe is guaranteed to satisfy the whole family. Cook in 10-15 minutes, making a guacamole and mushrooms with spinach from scratch.

Review by Evie Kissack

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EventsG uide

Welcome to our new Events page. As of May, we have expanded, adapted and improved. Our new distribution points, revised to reach a wider audience, means our Events section will include listings from a much wider area. Wednesday Night Football

Are you in year 9 at school, going into year 10 in Sept 2018? Do you want to play football for fun? 7pm to 8pm every Wednesday at South Bromsgrove School 3G pitch from 16th May. Call Paul on 07977 042 907 for more info

The Strolling Players present “An Evening on Broadway”, covering 100 years of musicals, on Saturday, 26th May at 7.30 pm. Venue: Knowle Village Hall, St. John’s Close, Knowle.Tickets : £8.00. Available from David Duggins 01564 772071.

Solihull Carnival Tudor Grange Park, B91 3LU 12.00pm to 5.00pm Celebrate the Carnival with the Solihull Lions! Entertainment includes Bob Wilson’s Funfair (on site from Thursday 7 June), a BMX display, dog agility as well as plenty of other attractions and stalls to enjoy.

Donkey Derby Shirley Park, B90 3AL - 12.00pm to 4.30pm. Help Shirley Round Table to raise money for charity by supporting the ever-popular Donkey Derby event. This event has it all – donkey races, entertainment for all ages, children’s rides, sideshows and stalls. £2.00 per person (free for children under 10). Come along and join in the fun - for more information, contact:

Solihull Blossomfield Townswomen Guild Our next meeting will be 10th May at the Royal British Legion, Union Road, Solihull at 7:15pm. We are a group of friendly ladies of different ages who like to laugh and talk a lot. We have a full and inviting programme with interesting speakers each month plus outings, theatre trips, social and craft afternoons and a lunch club. Come along and see for yourself you will be made very welcome. For more information call Carol 0121 705 0874.

Fundraising Event Knowle Village Hall Association Fundraising Event.

Free entry - charity donations welcome. For more information, contact

Warwickshire Watercolourists Art Exhibition Warwickshire Watercolourists Art Exhibition. August Bank Holiday Weekend Saturday 25th - 27th August 2018. Open 10am - 5pm Berkswell Reading Room Meriden CV7 7BE. Free Entry with disabled access and easy car parking. Refreshments with home made cakes available, proceeds to charity. Over 200 items of artwork will be on display, most of which will be for sale together with a wide range of prints and notelets. The Warwickshire Watercolorists are recognised as one of the leading leisure painting groups in the area.

The Thursday Club a knitting club based in Henley in Arden, runs every Thursday from 10-12 - open to both men and women. Contact Peter Crathorne on 07974 573582 for more information or to arrange transport. For details about the knitting email Annie Davies at

Robert Wilkinson’s Funfair Meriden Park, B37 5SH: Thursday 17 - Sunday 20 May inclusive; Weekdays 4.00pm to 8.30pm; Sat & Sun 1.00pm to 8.30pm Come and enjoy all the fun of the fair as this popular event returns to Meriden Park for another year. There are thrills, spills and rides suitable for all ages, as well as chances to win prizes and refreshments galore. £1.00 per person admission children’s rides cost £1.00 per ride and adult rides except bumper cars £1.50. For more information, contact Robert Wilkinson on 07956 994199, or via email on

Alcester Male Voice Choir Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at the Royal British Legion, Union Road, Solihull at 7:15pm. We are a group of friendly ladies of different ages who like to laugh and talk a lot. We have a full and inviting programme with interesting speakers each month plus outings, theatre trips, social and craft afternoons and a lunch club. Come along and see for yourself - you will be made very welcome. For more information call Carol 0121 705 0874.

HENLEY FLOWER CLUB We meet at 7.30 each month at Henley Baptist Hall Visitors £6.00. Next Meeting April 10th 'Through The Garden Arch' by Susan Smithson

Baby First Aid YOGA WITH ANNA, SOLIHULL Monday 6-7pm, Wednesday 7:158:15pm and Friday 6-7pm all at Solihull Sixth Form College. Plus Wednesday 9:15 - 10:15am at Oliver Bird Hall. All classes £7. For more info or any questions please email or visit the website

"Would you know what to do in an emergency with your Baby? The NCT have teamed up with the British Red Cross to train family members in Baby First Aid. For more information and to sign up, and also for information on all our other events including our famous Nearly New Sales, please visit solihull-s-birmingham or email FirstAid.SolihullAndSouthBirmingham"

Shirley Carnival Shirley Park, B90 3AL - 12.00pm to 4.30pm This popular annual event returns to Shirley Park, offering a variety of stalls to attract all ages and a full programme of arena entertainment. Come and support the carnival - all proceeds go to good causes. Rides and catering are also available on site. Entrance is £1.00 per person. For more information, visit or ring 0845 833 9547.

GCSE Maths Revision Courses Located in Solihull 9 - 12 during the school holidays cost £60 per session. Small group sizes to ensure individual attention, places are limited to 5 students per course. Focus on core topics, develop good question-answering skills and examination technique, boost students' self-confidence and motivation.see or ring Jackie on 07952 150928

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This area is for local events, what’s on, clubs and societies. These listings are FREE. If you would like to add your info on this page, then please email the details to: If you would like your event in a black box, it’s a minimal charge of £20 per month. Or if you would prefer to sponsor the page with the banner at the bottom, please call our sales team on 0121 796 6800 for more info.

National Trust, Solihull Centre Art Classes Art Classes at the Core Courtyard Gallery, The Core Solihull and Central England Arts in Hampton in Arden. Thursdays 10am-12pm and 12.30-2.30pm. Join our friendly group of artists and watch Artist Vicki Gorman demonstrate drawing and painting techniques then try them out yourself, and develop your own style. Beginners to advanced, all abilities are welcome. To book a place and to get more details please contact the box office on 0121 7046962 or contact Vicki on 07940483320 or email New Art classes are also starting on Tuesdays 10-3pm and 1pm-3pm at

Central England Arts, Hampton in Arden call Vicki on 07940483320.

PILATES WITH HELEN For improved flexibility, better posture and enhanced muscular strength. Mon : 9.30-10.30am. Thurs : 7-8pm. St. John’s Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane, Henley in Arden. £6 per session. No booking required. Please bring a workout mat. Email :

Stirchley Fete Stirchley Fete 2018 Free entry. Lots of fun for all the family. Stalls, hot and cold food, disco, crafts, entertainment, raffle, tombola, bouncy castle. Sublime Science

(winners of Dragons Den), DJ Jason, Stirchley youth theatre. Vintage fashion show. Competitions. Come dressed in your favourite film or book character adult and children's prizes for best costume. 12- 5 p.m.

JDP Leisure Brings You a Day of Inflatable Fun! With over 20 inflatables, a sweet stall to satisfy your sweet tooth, food stalls serving delicious snacks, the latest interactive play system, face-painting and a pop up from Kitch and Kaboodle Arts and Crafts, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. Did we mention a fully licenced bar? For more info check out our Facebook event page ‘JDP Inflatable

Fun Day 2018 - P1’ and find us @bouncycastlehireevesham. Fast Track Prices - Gates Open 9.30am Under 2's - Free Under 14's £7.50/Each Adults - £1.50/Each + Booking Fee Ticket Price On Day - Gates Open 10.30am Under 2's - Free Under 14'S - £10/Each Adults - £2.50 Car Park Charge - £1 Per Car Small Fee For Parking Which Goes Towards The Up Keep Of Badsey Football Clubs Pitches Bouncy Castle Hire Evesham 01386 257760

Due to the popularity of this page, we are now having to limit the amount of words for each post. If the post is too long, it may be edited by us or not included at all. We will also only keep a post for a few months to make space for new events etc. So, please keep it short and to the point!

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Vintage Motor Cycle Club:

Banbury Run Celebrating its milestone 70th year, the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Banbury Run will once again be hosted at the British Motor Museum on Sunday 17 June. Around 500 Veteran and Vintage motorcycles will ride out from the Museum on various circular routes. Regarded as the largest gathering of pre-1931 motorcycles & 3-wheelers in the world, the Banbury Run is geared towards those who enjoy the thrill of riding with other Vintage, Veteran & Pioneer bikes. Camping is available, as well as spectator tickets which include entry to the Museums and Collections Centre. For more information, visit For British Motor Museum enquiries visit or call 01926 641188.

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New DS 7 Crossback 2018 Tim Barnes-Clay, is back from his latest car launch. This time he was invited to Windsor to sample the all-new DS 7 Crossback. At first sight, the DS 7 Crossback shows off conservative, rather than cool, characteristics. Yes, yes, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But this is my opinion, and someone needs to have one.

a vivid picture onto the driver’s display. It picks out pedestrians and animals ahead of you, and, as I found out driving around Berkshire’s unlit backroads, it works! The only drawback is that the clever driver aid is an option costing £1600.

On the move, body lean is kept to a minimum, even though the steering is spongy and dead - and it isn’t perked up by changing the DS into its Sport mode. Don’t let me rain on the DS7 Crossback’s parade too much, though. The French motor is best kept in its Comfort setting, so that you can make the most of its respectable ride quality. This car isn’t all about the zero to 62mph sprint, it’s far happier as a laid-back cruiser. But it can still pull okay, with the 2.0-litre diesel model doing the 0-62mph in just under 10 seconds.

Room in the cabin is good for five-up and it’s a very comfortable car fore and aft. Indeed, the DS 7 Crossback’s flat floor means that a rear seat occupant sitting in the middle will still have space. What’s more, the car’s boot is generously proportioned with 555 litres of cargo capacity.

The DS marque is launching the Crossback with four different trim levels, and the Performance Line DS 7, as driven here, is likely to be the model to please the masses. This car gets 19-inch alloys, a gloss black grille, and LED lights. In the cabin, leather and Alcantara abound, while a 12-inch touchscreen infotainment screen hogs the limelight. Playing second fiddle to the big display is a large analogue clock, perched above the ignition button. The infotainment system itself is intuitive and responsive and is supported by a bunch of touch sensitive switches for the cabin controls. But more remarkable in this car segment is the adding of an infrared night vision camera that projects

The all-new DS’ weak point is its pricetag. At over £30,000, other more established premium brands may seem more attractive. The BMW X3 and Volvo XC40 are examples of the stiff competition the up-to-the-minute French machine is up against. Still, being different is quite appealing, so it’ll be interesting to see what 2018 holds for the DS 7 Crossback. Watch this space!

By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Writer

FAST FACTS • Max speed: 134 mph • 0-62 mph: 9.9 secs • Combined mpg: 57.6 • 1997cc four-cylinder turbo diesel • Max. power (PS): 180 • CO2: 128 g/km • Price: £36,335

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World Cup 2018 By Alex Dudley

The World Cup is now in sight and within touching distance. The spectacle is set to take the world by storm when it kicks off in the middle of June in Russia. Not all England fans share the enthusiasm this year, however, mainly due to the dismal showings from the team in the last two major tournaments. A devastating defeat to Iceland in Euro 2016 was preceded by a toothless group exit in the previous World Cup. Recent positive results against the Dutch and Italian teams has somewhat increased the hopes of the nation, but optimism isn't what it once was among the Three Lions faithful. The young English side, led by Gareth Southgate and Tottenham hotshot, Harry Kane, will be looking to give us something to cheer about in Russia. Here, we look at England's World Cup group-stage opponents and assess whether we can dare to dream once again. Belgium Former Wigan, Everton and FA Cup winning manager, Roberto Martinez, will be leading the much-fancied Belgian side, which features more than a few familiar faces for fans who follow the English top-tier. Most eyes will be fixated on Manchester City's player of the season, Kevin De Bruyne. If the player shows the same form as this seasons Premier League campaign, will be one of the stars of the summer and will give Belgium a very good chance of going from dark horses to World Cup champions. Other familiar faces from Manchester United's team on the Belgium side will be Romelu Lukaku and Chelsea's Eden Hazard. England and Belgium are the clear favourites to progress from Group G. Hopefully England will move safely through into the knockout stages by the time that this game comes around – the English team don’t want to rely on getting a positive result against this tough opposition in the final group game on 30 June. Panama The Three Lions penultimate game of the group stage sees them go up against World Cup debutants, Panama, in Nizhny Novgood on 24 June. Despite being relatively unknown, they should not be taken lightly; just remember Iceland in Euro 2016 and Costa Rica in the 2014 World Cup!

Panama qualified from the CONCAF region of World Cup qualification, beating the United States and Trinidad & Tobago. Their preparation for this summer’s competition has been so far, pretty bumpy. In April, they lost 1-0 in Copenhagen to Denmark and then, even more embarrassingly, 6-0 to Switzerland in Zürich. These results showed the world just how far they still have to improve to cause the big guns in the group any kind of trouble. Fans can expect the Central American side to sit deep and allow the opposition to have the ball before trying to steal a goal later in the game. The player to look out for would be their leader in defence, Roman Torres. Unfortunately for him, it is a little late in his career now for a big move to Europe, but this won't stop him giving his heart and soul to help his national side spring a surprise. Tunisia England will open their group campaign against African outfit Tunisia, which is a repeat of the opening game from the 1998 World Cup for both sides, also in Group G. This will be Tunisia's sixth World Cup but their first in the last 12 years, with the nation never able to get out of the group thus far. Albeit unlikely that the team will get out of the group, they should still be taken seriously the clear evidence of this is the fact they went through a potentially tricky qualifying group unbeaten. England should be aware of their danger-men and how hard they work defensively. Their preparation thus far has included two 1-0 wins over Costa Rica and Iran. Their two main stars are central defenders, Aymen Abdennour - currently playing at French side, Marseille - and Leicester City's Premier League champion, Yohan Benalouane. Hopefully this is the year when England could potentially achieve something to make the country proud, and maybe, just maybe, football will be coming home.

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The largest stockists of landscaping products in the Midlands Bricks Blocks Sands Cement Pavers Decorative Slabs Decorative Gravels Natural Stone Plaster Steel Lintels PVCu Fascia Boards Decking Turf Plumbing Guttering Timber Fencing Joists Roofing

Buildland Coventry Prince William Henry Foleshill Road Coventry CV1 4HW

Buildland Ltd Head Office Oxleasow Road East Moon Moat Redditch B98 0RE

Redditch Timber Alder Drive East Moon Moat Redditch B98 0RE

01527 519 444 0121 747 2700

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Central Birmingham & Warwickshire Edition May issue 2018  

We’ve loved putting together our May issue! This month, we’ve investigated the marvellous music events coming to Brum, chatted to a few love...

Central Birmingham & Warwickshire Edition May issue 2018  

We’ve loved putting together our May issue! This month, we’ve investigated the marvellous music events coming to Brum, chatted to a few love...