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South Birmingham, Solihull and Warwickshire

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October 2016

Hello and welcome to your NEW LOOK October edition of the Cornfield Magazine.


WOW! What a month we have had here at Cornfield Publishing. As you can see we’ve gone through some changes. Bringing you even more pages and even more great articles to read such as the latest trends, car reviews, beauty tips and much, much more, therefore resulting in a better magazine for our readers and advertisers, while still being delivered right through your door every month by our dedicated distribution team. We popped down and had an exclusive interview with former World Boxing Champion Wayne ‘Mad Dog’ Elcock at his new Premier Boxing Store ‘Ringside’ in Sutton. We casually bumped into Dillian White ‘the Heavyweight Boxer’ on Knowle High Street, (he’s actually a big fella as you can see on the right), and we are still getting over from the buzz of the Solihull Summer Fest. We were lucky enough to get VIP tickets for us and the wives and had a great time watching UB40, Five, Heather Small and Scouting for Girls. We cannot wait till next years line up. PS. if there anything you feel is missing or you would like to see more of in your Cornfield Magazine, please get in touch. What ever you do, have a great month. Thank’s again for continuing to support this great magazine. Enjoy the 'now' and most of all, keep it local. There's a lot of great stuff around you! ;-).... Until next month folks....

Richard & Sam

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Servicing, Diagnostic repairs, MOT’s Class 4/7, Air Suspension problems, Performance issues

Online Service History Records


Collection & Delivery or Drop & Shop in Touchwood MOT TESTING STATION

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A M Y H I C K E Y ’ S M O N T H LY B E A U T Y T I P S

Coconut Oil isn’t just for Cooking All hail this incredible oil, coconut oil isn’t just for cooking, it’s a must have product for every household; if it had an IQ it would be up there with most intelligent. Fabulously formed all round beauty product. If it’s good enough for the Hollywood stars it’s good enough for us!!!! Below I’ve listed 10 different uses that you maybe surprised to learn about.


Cleanser and Make Up Remover Why is it a great cleanser? Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and hydrating product. It’s grips on to the toughest of makeup and can break down even waterproof mascara.


Warming a small amount between the palm of your hands apply all over the skin massaging gently in circular motions all over your face and neck, giving yourself a little massage as you go along. Splash a little warm water and remove with a damp flannel or for more intense removal muslin cloths are fantastic. I would avoid this on acne prone skin.


Deep Hair Conditioning Treatment or Conditioner Whether applied at room temperature or heated up, letting your hair soak in coconut oil for a few hours will be a great treatment. Rich in vitamin E and K and a generous helping of iron your hair will feel and look incredibly healthier.

Anti Ageing, Hydrating Face Moisturiser (Men & women)


The all natural ingredients help replenish the skins own natural oils. Filled with antioxidants that ward off free radicals and help combat the signs of ageing.


Body Scrub

DIY body scrub. This little pot of excellence is absent of any nasty chemicals, easy to make and the results are going to leave your body feeling silky smooth. So very simple, yet so very effective. Pop the gas on a low heat, warm half a cup of coconut oil in a pan, add half a cup of sugar or salt and a few drops of your favourite essential oil.... bingo your scrub has been made. Enjoy.


Shaving Balm

Most shaving balms are a cocktail of chemicals with strong fragrance which can irritate the skin. Coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial and smells divine.


Lip Balm

October brings the cooler weather, the heating goes on and the first place to suffer are your precious lips. Pop on coconut oil as a balm throughout the day or use it at bedtime as a treatment.


Foot Cream and Cuticle Oil

Oil will strengthen your nails and soften the dry skin and cuticles. its a great foot cream, smother over feet and pop on some warm socks for a night time treat, with its antifungal and hydrating properties you’ll wake with a spring in your step.

Body Moisturiser

A recent study found that when applied topically, virgin coconut oil for skin can speed up wound healing, along with reducing water loss in dry skin. Whats not to like, your skin will feel nourished, smooth and smell gorgeous.

6 | Cornfield Magazine


Massage Oil

Many store bought oils have coconut oil as their base, cut out the middleman and go straight to the bottle. With all the benefits above you won’t only be reaping the benefits from the massage.


Cheekbone Highlighter

Perk up your skin with a natural glow. Apply slightly above the cheekbone to give radiance to your skin or pop over make up for a cheap but perfectly formed highlighter.

T: 07733 237 767

Twitter: @amy_hickey


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Mineral Requirements

in Humans

“The root of all disease is directly related to a lack of minerals” – Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Winner)

“Millions of years ago the soil near the earth’s surface, where our plants are grown, was saturated with dozens of minerals. At least 84 minerals were available nearly everywhere and some areas of the planet did contain 100 minerals. The plants ofprehistoric times were rich in minerals because there was an abundant supply for them to feed upon from the soil. When a plant grows it draws available minerals from the soil. We now know the mineral content of plants has been severely altered throughout the last several million years and drastically altered during the last 100 years. “When man began to till the soil, wind and rain erosion began to take its toll along with continuous cropping which gradually caused the soils to lack minerals. In fact, this can result in ‘dead fields’ where NOTHING will grow, farmers then need to scatter fertilizer (minerals) on the soil. Mineral depletion also compromises a plant’s immune system so it has weakened defenses. This results in the need for carcinogenic pesticides. “What a sad state of affairs we have gotten ourselves into”. “According to research in the animal husbandry field and The National Science Foundation, animals require at least 45 minerals, 12 essential amino acids, 16 vitamins, and 3 essential fatty acids. According to Gary Price Todd, M.D., the human body requires at least 60 minerals for optimal health and basically the same other essentials as animals. Only 8 minerals are available in any kind of quantity in most of the food we eat today. We know plants can make vitamins, amino acids and

8 | Cornfield Magazine

varying amounts of fatty acids, if they are healthy from being grown in soils containing abundant minerals. If the soil lacks minerals, the plant is stunted because a plant cannot make minerals.” All over the world now, our soils are mineral deficient because of the extended use of fertilizers and “maximum yield” mass farming methods. You must give your body all the raw materials it requires to maintain and renew itself in order to achieve a healthy life. The raw materials so vital to your health can be challenging to find. Centuries of mining, farming, irrigation and acid rain have eroded life giving minerals from our soil. Mineral deficient soils are then used to grow and cultivate our food. Because of this, our food is lacking in the essential plant minerals necessary to live a long and healthy life. It’s not surprising that when your body is robbed of essential plant minerals it is unable to repair, rebuild and protect itself against illness and disease. The shocking fact that millions are suffering around the world because of mineral depletion in the soils, has been confirmed by The World Health Organisation, The UK Ministry of Agriculture, UNICEF and The Royal Society of Chemistry. Even

tests on USA soil show a massive 85% depletion. This is devastating to health. “The human body needs at least 60 (plant) minerals to maintain a disease and ailment free state” and “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals” – Dr. Gary Price-Todd The quickest and easiest way to get those vital minerals into your system, is to consume them. We all know how it feels to be tired from commuting to and from work, stressed with everyday life, eating “on the go”, choosing the wrong foods, drinking too much alcohol and so on. We sleep badly because we are depleted of the essential nutrients our bodies need to repair itself. Then out of no-where, diseases like arthritis, cancer, heart disease and depression strike. Our bodies are defenseless because we are not getting the essential plant minerals needed to feed our systems and ward off illness. We are in a subclinical state because of a plant mineral deficiency. What most people don’t realize is that subclinical disease can progress undetected for years, then emerge with painful and clinical symptoms, later in life. There are 16 essential vitamins; vitamin A, vitaminB1 (Thiamine), vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), vitamin B3 (Niacin), vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), vitamin B12 (Cobalamine), vitamin C,

CORNFIELD 68pg OCT_Layout 1 22/09/2016 15:02 Page 9

vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, Biotin, Choline, Flavonoids and Bioflavonoids, Folic Acid and Inositol. Even if all 16 vitamins were in your diet, they would be virtually useless without minerals. That is why taking minerals in the form of a drink every day, can help.


If you know anyone who has arthritis, aching joints, psoriasis, skin complaints, diabetes, heart and/or digestive issues, feeling lethargic, have poor nails or hair or feeling just tired – plant minerals will certainly help. Contact the team at the Clinic to find out more, on 0121 745 7400.

Here’s how it’s supposed to work… 1. The plant digests the metallic minerals from the soil. 2. The plant adds a hydrogen atom and completely changes the molecular structure of the metallic minerals. (The metallic minerals are transformed into ‘food state’ minerals). 3. The human or animal eats the plants containing ‘Plant Derived Minerals’. 4. The human or animal absorbs nearly 100% of the plant derived minerals that all the cells in the body need for them to work correctly. …and here are 4 simple reasons why there is so much unexplained bad health around the world:

2. Modern food processing is stripping out minerals. 3. Minerals you buy in shops are cheap but ineffective with minimal absorption. 4. The vitamins you are actually getting from food are basically useless in the absence of minerals. So if you have been inspired by anything you have read today, research plant based minerals and the benefits to be derived from taking them. The team at Solihull Health Check Clinic, who will be happy to talk to you further.

Eileen Fegan, Clinical Director of Solihull Health Check Clinic Solihull Health Check Clinic The Lighthouse, 8 Gorcott Lane Dickens Heath B90 1FF 0121 745 7400

1. Soils globally are dramatically depleted of minerals, up to 85% loss.

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My Favourite Part of October: Halloween

The season of the scarves! Welcome to our NEW fashion article by local girl Ivy Rouge. Each month she will bring you the best fashion from the designer gear to the High Street retailer. Studies fashion business and promotion BA Hons at Birmingham City University. Currently working full time at H&M and aspire to one day work as a buyer in the fashion industry. Hobbies; I like to keep up to date with fashion trends by following fashion pages on social media!

Instagram: @ivy.rouge Twitter: @ivyyrouge

I just can’t believe how quick this year is going! October already? Halloween already? Next step is Christmas and that’s a whole new story. So October? The fall. Autumn Leaves - Orange tones and introducing for the first time in late 2016 SCARVES. Now, I don’t know about you, but I love a nice thick warm scarf wrapped around my neck. Especially the extra large ones that make me feel all snug and warm. Nothing beats a wrap around scarf and a hot chocolate from Starbucks on a colds morning in autumn. Another item of fashion that is perfect for this season is knee high boots!

Right Scarves? The best print by far every year that never fails to go off trend and out of style is the tartan scarf. Everyones favourite? Do you not agree? These must have statement piece is essential for every women’s wardrobe. Also this statement piece is a unisex garment, ideal for men and women! So not just for us women, why not treat your hubby to one this season? My all time favourite scarf is a CASHMERE scarf. They are so soft and luxurious and perfect for any occasion, any outfit and every mood! Especially from Johnstons of Elgin. CASHMERE TARTAN SCARF ONLY £99.99 SKU : 00438\58 COLOUR: Autumn Buchanan SHOP ONLINE TODAY:

Why not try the same scarf but in a different colour this season? SKU : 004387573 COLOUR: Balbeg Check

Sweaters. Boots. Bonfires. Fall Leaves. Scarves. Hot Chocolate. Cuddling. Jeans. Pumpkins. Tea. Hoodies. Crisp Air. Late Nights. Why not browse the web? is a perfect place to start to find exactly what you’re looking for. All shapes, styles, colours and materials! If tartan is not for you and not your style? Do not panic, there are so many prints that are suitable for everybody. With the season fast approaching, scarves have already made an appearance in all the high street retailers. Grab your faves today!

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Women’s Style


01 02

goes with

anything Here’s Proof That Converse All-Stars Go With Everything in Your Closet

03 01 Michael Kors Double Spin Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings £89.00 02 Links of London Silver Mini Dream Catcher Pendant £75.00 03 Jamarina Raglan Blouse £140.00


04 Fitted Leather Jacket with topstitching: by BOSS £350.00 05 Armani Jeans High Rise Slim Jean £100.00 Armani 06 Victoria Beckham Iconic Square sunglasses £275.00


07 Womens Converse White All Star £45.00



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Mens Style




With a new job or internship on the horizon (or even as you attend career fairs and networking events) it's important to put some thought into what you wear.


01 Daniel Wellington Watch Classic St. Mawes £179.00 02 Hugo Boss Ridley Oxford Shirt £95.00 houseoffraser


03 Hugo Boss Hutsons Melange Blazer £380.00 houseoffraser


04 Armani Jeans Slim Fit Dark Denim Jeans £117.00 Armani 05 Geo Floral Print Pocket Square £29.00 06 Wingtip Brogue Leather Ankle Boots £160.00


07 Tilton Leather Belt Tan WAS £60.00 NOW £30.00 thebritishbeltcompany



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Oliver Stanley "Olly" Murs is an English singer-songwriter, television presenter and actor. He rose to fame after finishing as the runner up in the sixth series of The X Factor in 2009.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Oliver Stanley Murs was born on 14th May 1984. He has a twin brother called Ben Murs, but they haven’t spoke since Olly was forced to miss Ben’s wedding because of the X Factor. In 2007, Olly appeared on gameshow Deal Or No Deal, winning only £10. He reappeared on the celebrity version of Deal Or No Deal after becoming successful. Olly’s favourite football team is Manchester United. He auditioned for The X Factor in 2009 with Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. Olly was mentored by Simon Cowell during his time on The X Factor and eventually finished in second place. Olly’s friendship with Robbie Williams started on the show’s final when they duetted on “Angels”. Robbie later chose Olly as his support act on his 2013 “Take The Crown” stadium tour.


Shortly after finishing in second place on the X Factor, Olly signed a record deal and released debut album “Olly Murs” in November 2010.

11 12 13 14

Olly was instantly successful, with his debut single “Please Don’t Let Me Go” going straight to number one in the UK Singles Chart. He next got to number one in 2011, when he released Rizzle Kicks collaboration “Heart Skips A Beat”. His second album “In Case You Didn’t Know” also got to number one. Next single “Dance With Me Tonight” also got to number one – he performed it alongside The Muppets on the X Factor.


“Right Place Right Time” was Olly’s next album, getting to number one in the UK and also entering the US charts at number 19.


In 2011, Olly returned to the X Factor to present spin-off show Xtra Factor alongside Caroline Flack.


He left Xtra Factor after two series, but returned to X Factor again in 2013 as Gary Barlow’s guest mentor for the Judges’ Houses stage.

18 19

In 2012, Olly released autobiography “Happy Days”.

In 2012, Olly went on tour with One Direction, performing as the “Up All Night Tour” opening act on the North American dates. He was also their opening act for two 2013 tour dates in Japan.

20 21 22 23

Olly appears on friend Robbie William’s swing album, duetting on a cover of Jungle Book song “I Wanna Be Like You”

Before auditioning for the X Factor, Olly worked in a call centre. Olly previously played football for Witham Town, but had to give it up due to an injury. For the Comic Relief charity, he spent five days in North Kenya’s Kaisut desert.

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 t  t   t  t  D 












18 | Cornfield Magazine

per 1000





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 ŵ     ŵ        



Leaflets Delivered from only


With this great magazine

call 0121 796 6800

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30% off A-La Carte menu with this voucher during October Tel: 01564 732750 Loch Fyne Knowle, The Bank House, High Street, Knowle, B93 0JU T&Cs apply. Food only. Excluding Friday & Saturday after 6pm. Not available in conjunction with any other discounts offer or promotion.

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Back in 2013 the website Mums in the Know Solihull was launched; it’s target being to become a valued resource not only to mums, but to dads, grandmas, big sisters and all members of the family. The aim was for readers to use the site as their first port of call to find local things to do with the kids, as well as find great tips & ideas to make family life easier and kid’s lives fun! The site was recently rebranded to Families which made for a more fully inclusive and relevant site which reaches every family member. Mums in the Know is at the heart of Families and by moving the conversation on from only mum to all involved in raising children, this presents a huge opportunity to our followers and advertisers. Families Solihull is the go-to source for people with kids ages 0 to 12 looking for things to do in Solihull and surrounding areas and the person that is “in the know” in Solihull, is Rachael McGillion-Fee who has managed site content, advertising, social media marketing and content since May 2015. A fantastic feature of the Families Solihull website is that businesses and events can enjoy listing for FREE!! With categories such as Places to go, Childcare, Educations, Clubs and Classes, Parties, Eating Out and Local Services local businesses can become part of the Families “Family” by adding their business or event information to be shared with the thousands of Families Solihull’s followers. By also offering competitions, offers and reviews along with sponsorship high visibility packages Families online

Solihull offers marketing and advertising packages to suit every budget, all of which will have social media coverage factored in. By offering, reviews, sponsored articles, competitions, data collection and high visibility packages; they ensure that your business becomes part of the “Family”. At Families we embrace all families whatever shape they take. We have become a friend and trusted resource through our locally relevant content. Our families love to hear about great products and how to spend time with the kids. Our campaigns have great reach and our smart use of social media instantly takes your brand or event to the heart of our Families. For more information on how to get your business or events listed on the Families Solihull website take a look at, you can also contact Rachael on follow the daily updates, ideas and conversationby liking the Facebook page @familiessolihull, following on Twitter @FamiliesSolihll and Instagram FamiliesSolihull. Facebook page @familiessolihull Twitter @FamiliesSolihll Instagram FamiliesSolihull 20 | Cornfield Magazine

Mums in the Know was a fabulous resource that I used when I had my children; from finding clubs and classes to getting tips on how to create fancy dress costumes it definitely kept me sane! I leapt at the chance to becoming the Manager of the site in 2015 and I love every minute, from working with local businesses to keeping the Families of Solihull abreast of where to go a what to do I enjoy being part of the fantastic community that is Solihull.

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Halloween Treats As Autumn sets in... Halloween is just around the corner, have a go at making these tasty scary Halloween snacks to scare your little ones or even the big ones!

Mummy Pizza What you will need English Muffins Marinara Sauce Mozzarella cut into thin strips Sliced Black Olives Green Peppers cut into small pieces Split the English muffins spread with marinara (toast if desired). Arrange strips of mozzarella across the sauce in a criss-cross pattern like mummy bandages. Nestle in two lives for eyes. Add green pepper pieces for pupils. Bake in a 400 degree F oven until cheese is melted and golden in one or two spots.

Blood-Red Cherry Punch What you will need 64 ounce bottle of Cherry or Cranberry Cherry Juice 1 litre of Ginger Ale Âź cup of Lemon Juice 1 tablespoon Grenadine 2 cups of Frozen Cherries 1 Orange (cut into chunks) To Spike (optional|) 2 cups of Bourbon or Rye 3 dashes of Orange Bitters Stir together in a large punch bowl cherry or cranberry cherry juice, ginger ale, lemon juice and grenadine. Add in the frozen cherries and the orange which have been cut into chunks. To spike add 2 cups of bourbon or rye and 3 dashes of orange bitters. Welcome your guests with a cup of 'blood'! Enjoy....

Next month... In our next issue look out for Autumnal Treats! 22 | Cornfield Magazine

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imagine comfort

Available in:

3 colours & sizes

immediate delivery Consul Recliners now from

£899 Save £300*

*Terms and Conditions apply: Available only in Batick cream leather with oak wood finish, Batick mole leather with walnut wood finish and Batick brown leather with brown wood finish. Stressless® Consul Small RRP £1199. Stressless® Consul Medium RRP £1299. Stressless® Consul Large RRP £1499. Immediate delivery available while stocks last. Offer valid while stocks last Main image features the Stressless® Windsor Mayfair.

24 | Cornfield Magazine

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UNIQUE & GIFTED Decorate your home with stunning liquid art pictures Welcome to our collection of liquid art prints and original pieces. Liquid resin is a fantastic medium to use and can transform a room and an image in seconds. The resin dries to give a 3d effect to the image or piece, the beauty of this product is that no two pieces are ever finished the same making your picture truly unique. All our products are made here in Britain and are truly hand finished and not machine moulded, all pieces come with a certificate and packaged for safety. We are also able to create bespoke one off pieces for our customers so if you have an idea feel free to email us.

Our idea of the perfect art store

to Coming ood Touchw re g Cent in p p o h S on Very So

Unique and Gifted is the idea of Sarah Clayton a local artist from Sutton Coldfield who saw a niche in the market for creating and supplying high quality artworks for affordable prices. Starting out with a shop in Sutton Coldfield selling furniture & liquid art Sarah then opened up in the Bullring and is soon coming to Touchwood Solihull. Sarah mainly works in original resin to truly make each piece unique for her customers but can also create pieces in oils, acrylics and watercolours. Framed in the latest high quality frames Sarah can make any artwork for her customers and can make bespoke pieces to match interiors and décor. Our price point means we can offer high quality artworks in most cases at trade prices.

Taking any image and turning it into liquid art If you simply want pieces readily available on the high street we can also source these pictures also. Sarah’s philosophy is that art should be affordable for all and you don’t need to have the same as everyone else, art is a great platform for expressing your personality and style and you can achieve this without the price ticket to match.

Lovely art for your home To compliment all our artworks we also stock a huge range of beautiful home accessories, gifts and furniture feel free to browse our site and place an order lead times are generally 7-10 days for delivery. We also offer a picture and mirror fitting service also covering the West Midlands areas.

For further information or to book a personalised peice of artwork contact Sarah Clayton on: Tel: 0121 448 1900 Web: Email: Unit 10 The Lanes, Wylde Green, Birmingham B72 1YG

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26 | Cornfield Magazine

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October 3rd 1995 OJ Simpson Acquitted of Murder OJ Simpson has been found not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her companion Ronald Goldman. The jury took just a few hours to reach a unanimous decision in the trial that gripped America.

October 9th 1871 Killer Fire Sweeps Through Chicago Fire devastated the mecca of the Mid-West, Chicago. The inferno began in the south-western part of the city and quickly spread northwards. The flames were so immense that they licked across the Chicago River and only died out when they reached Lake Michigan.

October 13th 1988 The Turin Shroud a Forgery The Turin Shroud, for centuries regarded as the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, is believed to be a fake. The results of exhaustive carbon dating tests, carried out on the shroud at laboratories in Oxford, Zurich and Arizona were revealed.

October 16th 1793 Marie-Antoinette Loses Her Head The execution of Marie-Antoinette, queen-consort of the late King Louis XV1, and the prospect of further details by guillotine of both counter-revolutionaries and revolutionaries suggest that France is slipping even deeper into anarchy. The Queen, who was 38, had been held in prison for more than a year in solitary confinement.

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28 | Cornfield Magazine

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Author: Alan Jones

Each month, we will be printing a short story for our readers to enjoy. This month’s story is in two parts and is written by one of our readers, Alan Jones from Dickens Heath. We hope this new feature will leave you eagerly awaiting next month’s issue. So sit back, relax and enjoy...

Youthood ( T H E F I N A L BAT TLE) Below the surface, Cyclops almost ejected the bait, but the warning signals were a second too late; the hook bit home. The great fish turned and headed back to his sanctuary. As he did so, he felt the strength of his adversary. This was not like the battles of bygone days; there was a new steel and resolve at the end of the line. Nathan held the rod facing away from the reedbed. He knew his arch-nemesis would seek the snag-ridden haven of his home. He watched the rod do its work. The curve extended and the line sang as the first run of the battle played out. He felt Cyclops slow. Was the fish tiring or was this a clever ruse to fool him into a false sense of security? He waited for Round 2 of the fight. After forty minutes of watery combat, the fish realised with a sunken heart that he would not make it to his home territory. He hung midstream neither making ground nor giving it. The youth felt the first dull ache of tiredness. The first adrenaline-pumping excitement of hooking his childhood tormentor had worn off. No line had been retrieved or lost in the past 5 minutes - the war would be won or lost at the next engagement. This was it! He set his feet against a tree stump, took a deep breath and lent back straining every sinew in his body. The line twanged and hissed as he slowly turned the reel handle. The rod looked as though it would snap at any moment. Then he felt it. Just a slight give at the end of the line. He felt the tiredness ooze from his body and a new mature strength and resolve wash over him. The great fish turned his weary head and sensed the battle was in the balance. Cyclops searched the pond for an escape route as his instincts recognised his adversary's new maturity. A renewed strength and pressure bore down on him - he knew he could not resist. With that, he decided on a change of tactics; instead of swimming away, he turned and swam full speed towards his foe. Nathan was not expecting this manoeuvre. The reel hummed as he retrieved line. A bowline arrowed across the blackening surface of the pond. Gareth's voice echoed in his mind, “You must keep in contact with the fish.” His heart sank as he realised too late that Cyclops was headed for the tree stump he was using as a brace for his feet. The line shuddered to a stop right underneath him and it looked as though his old adversary had won yet again. The great fish arrowed at the sunken tree roots, hoping that his opponent had not realised his intention. He dove into the submerged tree roots and then lay exhausted on the pond bed. Nathan sat, head in hands, and stared at the fouled fishing line. He looked at the starstrewn sky and contemplated all that had passed that evening. Suddenly, his jaw set. He removed his trainers and socks and stepped into the blood-warm millpond. He carefully moved his hands along the snagged fishing line, cautiously feeling for the great fish. Finally, his right hand rested on Cyclops' tail. With his other hand, he

removed his penknife from his back pocket and gingerly guided it toward the fish's great head, only too aware of the razor-sharp teeth lining the fish's jaw. He cut the line and, in one huge effort, lifted the great fish to the surface. Cyclops had been awoken by a large splash to the side of him as his old adversary stepped into the pond. He was unable to move as the tree roots that had once been his saviour were now his prison and the fishing line his shackles. He felt warm hands along his flank. Suddenly, he was being lifted towards the surface just as the moon burst from behind the clouds. The moonlight flooded the pond just as fish and fisherman came face to face. The combatants stared at each other, Cyclops' one eye taking in the boy who had become man and Nathan smiled at the great fish who represented his fading childhood. Slowly the youth lowered the fish back into the watery world where he was king. As he strolled back to his Uncle's home, Nathan dreamed of the exaggerated stories he would tell his own children of the monster Pike with one eye that would live on in the watery kingdom of the Old Mill Pond.

Are you a budding journalist? We have got a fantastic opportunity for any budding journalists. The Cornfield Magazine a looking for a person to cover some local stories to be published in our great Magazine. If you think you have what it takes please call 0121 796 6800 or email Cornfield Magazine | 29

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MY LIFE HAS GONE A BIT CRAZY Pop star Olly Murs on how life is treating him as a single man after his splitting from his long-term girlfriend last year. The former ‘X Factor’ presenter also talks about what we can expect from his upcoming new album, how he’s channelled some of his heartache into his new songs plus how excited he is to be releasing new music... YOU’RE LOOKING GREAT OLLY? Thank you very much. WE’VE BEEN HEARING YOU’VE BEEN FEELING VERY LONELY [OLLY SPLIT WITH LONG-TERM GIRLFRIEND FRANCESCA THOMAS LAST YEAR]? [Laughs] That’s been written out of context. I think they were asking me what it’s been like since. Like any break-up, you know? HAVE YOU BEEN GOING ON ANY DATES? Erm maybe one or two. But, you know..

30 | Cornfield Magazine

ARE YOU ON ANY DATING APPS OR ANYTHING? [laughs] No. Move on.. [laughs] YOU’VE HAD SOME TIME OUT, YOU’VE BEEN BUSY RECORDING. TELL US WHAT’S GOING ON? I’m excited. Literally in the next month or so it’s all going to kick off. So I’ve got loads of exciting things coming up. I’ve had my break. I’ve had my time off. It’s full steam ahead with the album and the music really. So I’m super excited about the rest of the year.

HAVE YOU BEEN LOVING BEING BACK IN THE STUDIO AND WRITING? Yeah it’s been really cool. It’s been nice to kind of yeah, enjoy that. Enjoy seeing my friends and family, see my nephew, just kind of like enjoying a bit of free time but at the same time knowing that it’s a very important year for me. It’s an important year for my music and I really want to come back with a bit of a bang and I think this album is fantastic. SINGLE COMING SOON? Yeah very, very soon.

CORNFIELD 68pg OCT_Layout 1 22/09/2016 15:03 Page 31

AND THE SOUND? I can’t tell you too much but it’s going to be cool. It’s going to be really fun. YOUR WRITING PAL WAYNE HECTOR WON THE INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD AT THE IVOR NOVELLO AWARDS RECENTLY? I was so chuffed for him. He’s an amazing writer. It’s funny Wayne’s had so many huge hits. We’ve been writing together for the last six years and I always wanted to have a big hit with him and hopefully on this album, it looks like he’s got my first two singles, which is amazing. SO WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM THE ALBUM? I think the album is different for me from what you would probably expect. It’s sort of a follow on from ‘Kiss Me’. So it’s a little bit more from ‘Kiss Me’ onwards. That’s got a very sort of sexiness to it but I think, for me, the lyrics, I’ve gone through so much in the last 12 months. My life has gone a bit crazy. So it’s been nice to kind of put that into my album for the first time. The last four or five years I’ve just sort of been going along with the ride, enjoying it, got a girlfriend, and then obviously the last year it’s been quite different, a lot of things have changed. So I think the album sort of emphasises that change.

WAS IT THERAPEUTIC TO CHANNEL YOUR FEELINGS THAT WAY OR WAS IT UPSETTING? I kind of felt like going into the song writing process for the album, I thought it was just going to be like normal, you know, we just go in there and write some songs. But then as the weeks went on and the months went on, because I was doing ‘X Factor’ whilst I had the break-up I didn’t really have that time to kind of get over it. So when I started writing that was where all the emotions came out and things like that.

ANY SONGS WITH NIALL HORAN ON THE ALBUM? Nah Niall’s got to be doing anything on my album no, but I was trying to get him on stage tonight to sing a few songs.

YOU LOVE YOUR SPORT AND YOU HAD TO BE AT THIS EVENT [HORAN & ROSE GALA IN AID OF CANCER RESEARCH] FOR YOUR PAL NIALL HORAN? Oh of course. Me and Niall go back a long way. We’re good mates and it’s amazing to be a part of this Foundation. It’s the first event that they’ve done together – Justin Rose and Niall. So it’s a huge event and obviously raising amazing money for cancer research for teens and families. So it’s going to be an amazing night. I’m looking forward to it. When they asked me to do it I was like 100 per cent. So it’s going to be good.

SO YOU’VE CHANNELLED ALL THAT INTO YOUR MUSIC? Yeah I think I’ve channelled that a lot more and, as I said, the lyrics have got a lot more substance to it and I think it’s going to surprise a few of my fans but I’m really excited about the songs. IS IT A BIT OF A TEAR JERKER? There might be a few songs like that. I think this album is more open for the fans. I think they’re going to get to see a different side to me. I think in the past I’ve always been this sort of cheeky chappy running around singing happy-go-lucky songs. So I think this album is going to be slightly different. It still has that element to it. But I think this album I wanted to kind of show people a different side and I think you’re going to hear that with the first single.

Cornfield Magazine | 31

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Martin LEWIS

Overdrafts Debit cards can be debt cards too. The competition watchdog's set out plans to cap fees for busting your overdraft limit. This should help, but don't wait. Overdrafts are a debt like any other, and the key is to cut the rate, repay faster and avoid any penalties. Most people's overdrafts aren't huge. My snap Twitter poll found 46% are under £250. Yet even then fees can be horrid. With some accounts, a constant £200 overdraft would cost you £365/yr. So even if you only dip in, you need to sort them. Here are my top ten things you need to know.

If that’s enough to clear your overdraft so you needn’t touch it again, it’s an easy win - especially as you can also get up to £5.50/mth on its Everyday Rewards scheme (you need to fulfil some criteria). If not, its authorised overdraft is 18.9% EAR, not bad for small amounts, but the bigger it gets, the costlier.

1. Get PAID £100 to get a 0% overdraft. Best for overdrafts under c. £500

Do you qualify? You'll need to pay in at least £800/mth (equivalent to £9,850 salary) and switch at least four direct debits to get the £150 bonus. has won every customer service poll I've ever done, and 89% of its overdrawn customers rate it 'great'. It offers accepted new switchers £100 (paid within around 28 days) – that'll clear some of your overdraft to start with. Then for the remainder it gives a standard £250 interest-free overdraft (above £250, but within your limit, it's 15.9% EAR, still relatively cheap). It's a clear winner for those with overdrafts that never go over £350, and still likely best even if you owe a little more but intend to clear it. Do you qualify? You need to pay in at least £1,000/mth (equivalent to £13,100 salary) to get the bonus and ensure there's no fee. Like all banks, First Direct does a credit check when you apply. 2. Free £150 bank switch bonus. Best for those who just dip into their overdraft If at the end of the month you occasionally slip into overdraft, (70% rate it 'great') is a decent alternative. It currently gives an £150 switching bonus.

32 | Cornfield Magazine

3. Switch to 12 month 0% bank. Good for those with Bigger overdrafts. New customers with’s FlexDirect (77% rate it 'great') get a year's fee-free overdraft. There's no set limit – it depends on credit score – but anecdotally its limits are decent (if you pass the credit score), as mattboliver tweeted me: "@martinslewis Matched my old one - £1,200. Implied I could have asked for more, but the point was I wanted to pay off." After a year, it's 50p/day, less than other accounts charging daily fees, but even so, use that time to budget to clear the overdraft debt. Nationwide doesn't require a min pay-in for its 0% overdraft, but you need pay in £1,000/mth if you want its 5% in-credit interest (equivalent to £13,100 salary). 4. You can SHIFT overdrafts to special 32mth 0% credit cards too A few specialist money-transfer cards let you pay cash into your bank to pay off your

overdraft, then you owe them instead. This is useful for big overdrafts. My top pick is, which gives accepted customers 32mths 0% for a one-off 1.69% fee (min £3) of the amount shifted. Need longer? is 40mths 0%, but with a higher 3.94% fee. Always follow the Money Transfer Golden Rules: a) These are special cards. Most don't allow this, so be careful. There’s step-bystep help in my full money transfers guide at /moneytransfers. b) Always repay the monthly minimum or you'll lose the 0% deal. c) Plan to clear by the end of the 0% period or they jump to the full rate, 20.9% and 20.6% rep APR. 5. Bank-charge reclaiming isn't dead 'I got £865 in unfair bank charges back' Overdraft charges for busting your credit limit are the only thing that give payday loans competition for cost. With fees of up to £6/day or £15/transaction, they can mount up to £100s or £1,000s a year. Reports of the death of bank-charge reclaiming have been exaggerated. It can still be done, though now you need to be in financial hardship to claim. Full step-bystep help and template letters at

CORNFIELD 68pg OCT_Layout 1 22/09/2016 15:03 Page 33

Claire emailed: "I'll get 6 years of charges back and a goodwill £70 on top... total £865. Thanks Martin." 6. Shift your direct debits to minimise fees. Ask companies you pay to shift your direct debits to just before you're paid. So if you’re paid on the 25th, aim for the 20th. This artificially boosts your balance, so you're in the red for less time, meaning fewer charges – but budget carefully and don't forget those bills are coming. 7. Manage your way back into credit. Do a money makeover, checking everything you spend money on to see if you’re overspending such as energy, insurance, phone, broadband and more. Many can save £1,000s. Then do a detailed budget and stick to it. Full help to do this at over 8. Compare overdraft debt rate to the other debt, repay highest interest first. If you've multiple debts, write a list of what you owe, then see which costs most, adding up interest and fees for true costs.

If your overdraft's the most expensive, make minimum payments on all other debts, and focus on using incoming cash to clear that. If it's not the costliest, stay in your overdraft (but never bust your limit) and use spare cash to pay as much off the costliest as you can. Once the most expensive debt is cleared, you're ready to tackle the next, and so on. 9. Savings usually pay you less than an overdraft costs. A £1,000 overdraft costing £20/mth equals £240/yr, but the same in easy-access savings earns a paltry £15 at best. So repay debt with savings and you're £225 per £1,000 up each year. You may think: "But I'll have no savings if the boiler packs up or the roof falls in." True, but if an emergency strikes, you can go back into overdraft and you'll be no worse off.

service. So clear your current overdraft and you could move to one. They used to charge fees if you spent more than you had, eg, for unpaid direct debits, but since January those have stopped. If you spend when you've not got money, it'll still be rejected, but now there's no charge. Options include Cash Card and Cashminder account. Martin Lewis is the Founder of Money Saving Expert. To join the 11.5 million people who read his Martin’s Money Tips weekly email, go to

10. Struggle to control spending? Shift to a nooverdraft account. Basic bank accounts provide a no-frills, nooverdraft current account

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34 | Cornfield Magazine

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CORNFIELD 68pg OCT_Layout 1 22/09/2016 15:03 Page 36

36 | Cornfield Magazine

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D M & C O . H O M E S - Y O U R L O C A L , P R O A C T I V E E S TAT E A G E N C Y


Urgently Required In


Call to arrange your free valuation now on 0121 775 0101

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Flexible HotDesk Hire



Hotdesk Suite




Room to Rent Salon room to rent in the heart of Knolwe village.

Set rent, no additional bills Come and go as you please, no set hours Free mention in the Cornfield Advertiser Suitable for a hairdresser, beautician, nail technician or any other therapist

For more info please call: 07917 541 117 38 | Cornfield Magazine

First Floor Office To Rent

ϮϬϬ^Ƌ&ƚƉƌŝǀĂƚĞŽĸĐĞǁŝƚŚƉĂƌŬŝŶŐ͘      &ůĞdžŝďůLJŵŽŶƚŚůLJůŝĐĞŶĐĞ͘&ƵƌƚŚĞƌĚĞƚĂŝůƐŽŶƌĞƋƵĞƐƚ͘       

01676 533 585 gingerǁŽƌŬƐƉĂĐĞ gingerHQͮůĂĐŬƐŵŝƚŚƐŽƌŶĞƌͮϲϴĂůƐĂůů^ƚƌĞĞƚͮĂůƐĂůůŽŵŵŽŶͮsϳϳW            

CORNFIELD 68pg OCT_Layout 1 22/09/2016 15:03 Page 39

Guaranteed Rent Northwood are one of the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading providers of Guaranteed Rent with over 85 offices nationwide and 20,000 satisfied landlords. We have over 20 years experience providing landlords with this hassle and risk-free letting service. We are proud of our Guaranteed Rent service, which offers the certainty of a fixed rental income without the stresses that normally come with being a Landlord.

How does it work? We effectively become your tenant, guaranteeing you a fixed rental income. We then sub-let the property, taking great care to select the right tenants and then manage the property throughout the full duration of the tenancy - leaving you to get on with your busy life. If the property is vacant or the tenant fails to pay the rent, you still get paid. You will know exactly what will arrive in your bank account each month for the duration of the contract. Occasionally there is a need for court action to evict a tenant or recover unpaid rent which can be both time-consuming and costly. With Guaranteed Rent we will cover the cost of all court action and manage the process whilst you continue to receive your rental payments. We pay even when

the property is empty so there are no void periods on the property for you. We pay your rent on the same day each month, giving you the peace of mind when working out budgets or cashflow for the payment of bills. There is no uncertainty, as we are your professional tenants. You wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be bothered at any time by the tenant residing in the property. No requests in the middle of the night to deal with a burst pipe or broken boiler! We organise this all for you. We guarantee you a contract start date so you will know exactly when you can expect to receive your first payment.

Guaranteed Rent: No Void Periods No Rent Arrears No Commission No Set-Up Fees No Renewal Fees No Hidden Extras No Need To Deal With Tenants

Offered in the following areas: B90 B91 B92 B93 B94 B95 B26

B27 B28 CV31 CV32 CV34 CV35

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Great fun was had by all at the Solihull Summer Fest which took place in Tudor Grange Park across August bank holiday weekend

therrss rry Help OOthe Harr tinngg Help Ha orti Supppor Sup

The team have been overwhelmed by all of the lovely messages and feedback.

40 | Cornfield Magazine

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Former British & W.B.U World Middleweight Champion Wayne ‘Mad Dog’ Elcock has opened his premier boxing equipment store ‘RINGSIDE’ on the Boldmere Road in Sutton Coldfield. The store which opened in August is great and and stocked with boxing equipment for newcomers to the serious professional with some of the top names in boxing, from Ringside, Top Ten, Pro Box, Adidas, Nike and of course Reyes, the Ringside store has got the lot. The Brummie boxer, who has over 25 years experience in the boxing industry, was first inspired to take up the sport whist watching his idol, Sugar Ray Leonard fight Marvin Hagler with his father. “I was amazed at what he could do” and he still remains one of his heroes today. With 23 professional fights, Wayne won British, Commonwealth and World titles. Since retiring from the sport, the father of three has continued to excel in the boxing world, dedicating his time and experience in mentoring youngsters through his multi-award winning boxing club, Box Clever. In July Box Clever was awarded the ‘Outstanding Community Project at the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Awards. We have met up with Wayne a few times, at the 2015 Birmingham Sports Awards and a couple of times at his shop, and we love listening to him talk about his old boxing days. If you are passing by his shop, do pop in, you’ll be greeted with a very warm welcome.

42 |

Ringside, 390 Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield B73 5EZ Store open Mon - Fri 10 - 4.30 | Saturday 10 - 7pm Cornfield Magazine

CORNFIELD 68pg OCT_Layout 1 22/09/2016 15:04 Page 43

We popped down to Wayneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shop and were given the chance to get an exclusive interview with him. We also have the chance for one lucky person to win a signed boxing glove from the local champ.

Q. A. Q. A.

How were you introduced to boxing? I went along to a local boxing gym with a friend I grew up with who had been boxing for a few years.

What's more important to you, the money or glory?

To be honest, for me neither really played a big part in my success, money comes and goes and never craved the limelight just felt blessed I was good at what I did, so believe my success was built on passion and trying to do more than anyone else would ever expect, that has always been my biggest motivator to succeed.

Q. A.

What do you think of current world champions compared to that of the past?

I try to never make big comparisons with todays champions and champions of the past, as the sport has changed dramatically. The argument you could have is there we're far less titles to win in the past, so the number one in each division was never really drawn in to question, which sadly is not the case today, as undisputed champions are few and far between, and though fights we're avoided in the past without doubt it was not as easy to do this as I believe it is today.

Q. A.

Were you ever starstruck?

I have met nearly all of boxings legends and past greats, but the two that made me starstruck perhaps because I was brand new to professional boxing was Lennox Lewis and Sugar Ray Leonard, though Leonard was more understandable as he was one of the main reasons I wanted to lace up a pair of gloves.

Q. A. Q. A.

Who was your favourite boxer? I have many, but Sugar Ray Leonard was my first before I really took up the sport and Roy Jones Jnr was a massive inspiration during.

What was your hardest fight? My hardest fight was without doubt going 12 rounds and beating Howard Eastman who was then the British and Commonwealth Champion and had never been beaten by any British fighter in over a decade. Cornfield Magazine | 43

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WIN a £10

Voucher from GAME To be in with a chance of winning the £10 voucher, simply go to our website and enter your details along with the ‘Scramble Extra Letter Answer’. Winner will be announced in next month’s magazine.

Go to: Last Month’s Winner: Mark Gilder - Solihull

1. What is the only animal that cannot jump? 2. Who played the leading role in the 1986 film `The Fly`? 3. Which famous artist also invented the scissors? 4. In the Die Hard films what is the name of Bruce Willis` character? 5. What sport has 4 letters and begins with a `T`? 6. In which North American city is there a neighbourhood known as Hell`s Kitchen? 7. Which is the only dwarf that never speaks in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs? 8. What name did Tom Hanks give to his volleyball companion in the film `Cast Away`? 9. What is the name of the Orang-utan King in the 1967 film `The Jungle Book`? 10. Which boxer had the nickname `The Dark Destroyer`? Answers on page 49

44 | Cornfield Magazine

I don't know where my baby is But I'll find him, somewhere, somehow I've got to let him know how much I care I'll never give up looking for my baby

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Each month we take a look at the newest albums that are charting now. Barbra Streisand

Movie Partners Sing Broadway The thirty-fifth studio album by songwriter Barbra Streisand.

Glory Britney Spears Glory is the ninth studio album recorded by American singer Britney Spears.

Dolly Parton Pure & Simple Pure & Simple is the 43rd solo studio album by American singersongwriter Dolly Parton.

Blond Frank Ocean Blonde is the second studio album by American recording artist Frank Ocean.

Ellipsis Biffy Clyro Ellipsis is the seventh studio album by Scottish alternative rock band Biffy Clyro.

We will also pick a golden oldie thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worth a listen. Westlife Westlife Westlife is the self-titled debut studio album by Irish boy band Westlife. released on Nov 1999 46 | Cornfield Magazine

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Check out our new releases for all the info on the latest video games. It's 1968 and the rules have changed. After years in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: Family isn't who you're born with, it's who you die for. Now back home, in a re imagined New Orleans, Lincoln is set on rebuilding his life, but old ties keep him from leaving the city. Intense gun fights, visceral hand-to-hand combat, white knuckle driving and street smarts will all be needed. But with the right crew, tough decisions and some dirty hands, it's possible to make it to the top of the city's underworld.

LEAFLET DELIVERY SERVICE With this great magazine from only

ÂŁ30.00 per 1000

call 0121 796 6800

A new saga begins for one of the most acclaimed video game franchises in history. After narrowly escaping an attack on their village, JD Fenix and his friends, Kait and Del, must rescue the ones they love and discover the source of a monstrous new enemy. Generations ago, the realm of Alefgard was plunged into darkness by the terrible and treacherous Dragonlord, ruler of all monsters. Mankind was robbed of the power to build and forced to wander the ruins of their former home, scrounging and scavenging in the dust to survive. Now itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s up to you, a Legendary Builder chosen by the Goddess herself, to return the power of creation to the people and rebuild Alefgard. Cornfield Magazine | 47

CORNFIELD 68pg OCT_Layout 1 22/09/2016 15:04 Page 48

A Smart Home the Basics We live in a world where almost every new piece of technology we purchase is crying out to be connected to the internet. From the latest OLED 4K UHD TV’s to fitness trackers. One way or another practically every powered device is able to connect to the internet. All these devices come under the umbrella of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). But why is the requirement for the internet so crucial to these devices? The obvious answers are the popular ‘video on demand’ (VOD) or ‘Catch Up’ TV services which allow you to download missed TV programs or box office movies to view in your own time. For radio fans there’s an infinite number of internet radio stations and for music lovers, music streaming services such as Spotify or Apple music where for a small monthly fee claim to offer you “all of the music in the world“. Important to the manufacturer is the ability to send updates, bug fixes and improvements to the devices on a regular basis. This is part of the manufacturers continued support and responsibility to ensure smooth operation of their hardware and hopefully deliver great customer satisfaction, although there are some who are not so good at this! By this point you may be asking what has all this got to do with a Smart Home? Well, a truly smart home is an environment where all of these devices connect together and work seamlessly hand in hand. Cutting out the multitude of different app’s or remote controls and instead providing operation via simple, single interfaces. Whether this is a dedicated app, tactile remote control or smart light switch, once the “brain” of your smart home is installed and programmed scenes and events can happen automatically or from the press of a single button. The possibilities are endless; Pull up on the drive, the CCTV cameras detect your number plate and by the time you open the door your favourite radio station is playing in the house. Having a party? A single button press can start the playlist and set the lights to “party” mode.

A smart home should work for you, it will become part of your everyday life and as such it will become normality. In order for this to be achieved, the vital ingredient in any Smart Home is a correctly designed, reliable and robust home network consisting of both wired and wireless connectivity. In a poor network with under specified hardware, bad coverage and limited connectivity there will undoubtedly be problems. Multiple devices will fight to connect, constant drop outs will occur and when devices begin to “fall over” the outcome will result in a lack of communication across the network and ultimately impacting on the user experience. All of this leaving you thinking “why did I bother?” At Avicci the infrastructure is a core feature of our projects which is never overlooked. From the Design to the Installation and right through to maintenance, we tailor all aspects to suit your project now and for years to come. This is just a small insight in to the world of the smart home and over the coming months I will continue to offer advice on all things “Tech” from TV’s to lighting control. Jon Knight is a director at Avicci with over 20 years in the Audio Visual and Smart Home industry and are members of Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA). If you are looking to incorporate multiple devices into your home or perhaps your existing amount of tech has got out of hand and requires a little stream lining, you may consider services such as ours. You may even be building or renovating; if so it’s the ideal time to speak to us, your local Technology Integrator about the installation of the correct Smart Home infrastructure to ensure a “Future Ready” home.

AVICCI Ltd Integrating Technology - 0800 5593788

CHECK IN ON 750,000 incidents Y YOUR OUR HOME of domes domestic tic burglary burglary in England FROM ANYWHERE Wales lastt year** and Wal W ales al es las year** There Ther ew were ere er e an es estimated timated

IP CCTV Benefits • Clear live images • High quality recorded images • Large storage solutions • Smart detection including ANPR & face detection

Int Integrating egrating Technol T Technology echnology into into Your Your Home

Record in storage g

DOUBL for F ED REE* www • • 0800 559 3788 *T&C’ *T&C’ss appl applyy **Sourc **Sour **Source: ce: CSEW

Smart Homes • Certified Netw Networks orks • Multi-Room AV AV • Cinema Rooms • IP CC CCTV TV • Wireless Wireless Solutions Wirel 48 | Cornfield Magazine

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Quiz Answers. 1. Elephant

2. Jeff Goldblum

3. Leonardo Da Vinci

4. John McClane

5. Golf

6. New York

7. Dopey

8. Wilson

9. King Louis

10. Nigel Benn


Ford Kuga The Kuga came on to the scene in 2008. Built in two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive it was Ford’s response to SUVs, such as the Nissan Qashqai. It was also built to challenge more established 4x4s, such as the Honda CR-V. While it is no rocket ship, the Kuga 1.5T Ecoboost, on test here, does pick up pace fairly well (0-62mph in 9.7s) and feels particularly nippy around town. Its manual six-speed gearbox has a positive, smooth, action and the Ford delivers a relaxing, yet well-ordered ride at low speeds. The steering is light and direct – and this makes city driving and parking a breeze. Alas, there is far too much din in the road and wind noise department for the Kuga to be a serious motorway vessel. Safety is first-rate, though, with side and curtain airbags helping it achieve a fivestar Euro NCAP crash-test result. Inside, the Kuga is quite spacious in the front, but its plunging roofline intrudes on headroom for taller passengers in the rear. Legroom for anyone approaching six-feet tall is also limited, however it’s a fine area for kids to sit comfortably. The 406-litre boot is bigger than the Ford Focus’ 316-litre offering – making the loading of a bulky pushchair and the weekly supermarket shopping even less of a hassle.

size for families looking for a school-runmobile. It is also front-wheel-drive - and this variant is really what you should try and get, unless you are desperate for 4x4 traction and off-road ability. Frontwheel-drive Kugas are a little bit cheaper to run than the four-wheel-drive versions and, if buying used, may well have been better cared for.

By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Writer

FAST FACTS Max speed: 121 mph 0-62 mph: 9.7 secs Combined mpg: 45.6 Engine layout: 1498cc 4-cylinder 16v turbo Max. power (ps): 150 CO2: 143 g/km Price: £20,995

The current Kuga is smart enough and has a generally reliable history, although it is starting to come over as a tad dated – but at least it’s a safe car. Fortunately, we won’t have too long to wait for a fresh Kuga. The Blue Oval hopes to fight the BMW X3 with a chicer, more elegant version of the SUV at the end of this year.

As alluded to earlier, the Kuga’s key rival is the Nissan Qashqai, with other opponents including the Kia Sportage and Volkswagen Tiguan. All of their boots are even bigger than the Ford’s by some margin. In fairness, though, the Ford Kuga Zetec 1.5T EcoBoost makes a good buy. It offers a decent mix of performance and Cornfield Magazine | 49

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Fantastic, fabulous and festive... Christmas shopping made fun and easy! You'll be spoilt for choice from our regular popular exhibitors and the 100 NEW stallholders this year. There's so much variety.... and such a fun and easy shopping day out!

The BIGGEST & BEST indoor Christmas Fair in the Midlands is located in one huge hall with a courtesy shuttle service to and from Birmingham International station and even a present creche in the hall so you can shop & drop!

The famous FESTIVE GIFT FAIR is where Hall 12 at the NEC is transformed into a colourful Aladdin's cave, bursting at the seams with an eclectic mix of unusual presents as well as popular traditional favourites...come along and you'll find something for everyone!

For our 21st anniversary this year, we have a whole NEW LINE-UP of LIVE MUSIC to entertain you throughout the day along with the ever popular Santa & The Dame! 1000's upon 1000's of Christmas presents, Decorations and Food & Drink to browse and shop with some stalls holders even personalising gifts while you wait.


To be in with a chance of winning some tickets to the Festive Gift Fair, simply email your details (Name, Address, Contact Number and date you received the magazine) to: with the subject heading â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Festiveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.











  ' ( )*+ " )$ ,+! -



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Call now ffor or your free quote

0121 327 8531 460 Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull B90 4AQ 4AQ

S2759 v1

QUOTE REF: 05/CA082016

Anglian Home Improvements is a trading name of Anglian Windows Limited. Registered Office: Liberator Road Norwich NR6 6EU. Registered in England No. 2540020. Off Offers ers valid on all orders placed from the 22nd April 2016 for a limited period. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer er.. *Minimum order values appl applyy. Discount only applicable to product â&#x20AC;&#x201C; excludes building works. Door offer catt flaps). **Dependent upon mat material type. Discount (excludes Garage Doors), includes standard door furniture and standard glazing (excludes additional extras eg sculptured panels, decorative glass, ca only applicable to product â&#x20AC;&#x201C; excludes building works.

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Mr Windows



(The Best way to Clean Windows)

Friendly/Reliable/Professional Windows and Conservatory Driveway Cleaning Cleaning Service

Marc T: 07932 371 784

Cornfield Magazine | 57

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Local Events KNOWLE FLOWER CLUB we meet at 1.30 pm on the 1st and 3 rd Thursday of the month, at the Knowle Village Hall, St. John's Close, Knowle. If you enjoy flowers, we have a demonstrator on the 1st Thursday, when you can sit and watch and a practice class on the 3 rd Thursday, when you can learn how to flower arrange. Visitors are very welcome. Further information please contact 01564 777588 or 0121 704 2211.

Arden PTFA Family Fireworks Saturday, 5th November 2016 Venue - Arden Academy, Station Road, Knowle B93 0PT. Gates open - 5pm Junior Display - 6pm / Main Display 7.15pm. Advance Entry Tickets - Family (2A+2C) £15/ Students (3-18yrs) £3/ Adults £5 At the Door - Family (2A+2C) £20 / Students (3-18yrs) £5 / Adults £7 Join us for - DJ and Music, Real Ale, Mulled Wine, Pig Roast, Burger, Hotdogs, Jacket Potatoes, Novelty Stalls , Candy Floss, Crepes, Slushy....and more! For more information and tickets or contact Sharon at 01564 732610

ARDEN ACADEMY PTFA are holding another one of their very popular Table Top Sales on Sunday 16th October 2016 10.30 –12.30 at Arden Academy, Station Rd, Knowle B93 0PT Stallholders—£8 for a table/£5 for a clothes rail. Entry—Adults 70p Children FREE. Website for booking or contact Sharon at 01564 732610

Flicks in the Sticks 'Flicks in the Sticks' is our community cinema, our October (14th) film is the lady in the van, entrance £4 members, £5 non members; pay on door. Earlswood Village Hall 'Flicks in the Sticks' meets the 3rd Friday of the month (2nd Friday October). Doors/ Bar from 7. More info:

Knowle & Dorridge Lions Knowle & Dorridge Lions invite you to visit our website and consider whether you would like to join our active & thriving club and help put something back and organise some of the most popular fundraising events in the area – Knowle Fun Run, Lions Festive Walk and Heart of England Bike Ride. Call President Richard Buckley on 0845 33 58 94

Tots and Tales Tots and Tales is a new group for babies and preschool children with a parent and carer. Thursdays, term time, 10-

This area is for local events, clubs and societies. These listings are FREE. If you would like to add your group’s information on this page, then please email the details to:

11.30am at Solihull United Reformed Church, 741 Warwick Road, Solihull. Opposite House of Fraser. Push chair access and limited parking via Union Road. Twenty minutes organised time of nursery rhymes and stories followed by craft, refreshments and free play. All welcome. No charge.

season is Thursday 8th Sept, and new members will be very welcome. For further info please visit our website: or contact the society secretary on 07870 234913 email:

Craft Fair at Earlswood

A powerful drama by Terence Frisby Knowle Village Hall Oct 13th-15th Thurs, Fri & Sat evening performances 7.30pm Doors open 45 minutes before performances start. James Highwood is on trial for murder. This powerful courtroom drama raises many ethical questions. Be prepared to be enthralled. Tickets on sale from September 5th (Adults £8.00, OAP/Child £7.00, Members £6.00) Call 01564 779801 to book tickets

Craft Fair at Earlswood Methodist Church on Saturday 5th November from 10.30am till 3.00pm. There will be lots of stalls selling lovely items many suitable for Christmas presents, bargains galore. There will be refreshments available, many homemade as well as homemade cakes and preserves for sale. Free car parking. Admission £1 at the door.

Pauline Quirke Academy Spaces now available at Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts, Solihull. PQA is a weekend performing arts Academy, based at Lighthall School, Shirley. We provide tuition for children and young people from 4-18 years. Students spend three hours with us, rotating through sessions in Comedy & Drama, Musical Theatre and Film & Television. We are currently enrolling for all our age groups, to come for a FREE taster session please call Helen on 07772 897655.

Royal British Legion Club Knowle In aid of Cancer research UK Solihull Vision Team is holding an evening of live music from the 60s and 70s featuring Prime Numbers. This will be held on Saturday 8 October at 7.30pm in the Royal British Legion Club Knowle. The tickets are £15.00 each including fish'n'chip supper. For tickets call 01564 779281.

Chef Required Required for a Prestige Golf Club in Warwickshire. Good Rates of Pay, Straight Shifts, Using Fresh Ingredients. Own Transport Essential. Interested please Contact Jim (Head Chef). 01564 796862 for Interview

Shirley Photographic Society Interested in Photography as a hobby then why not come at Shirley Photographic Society. We meet on Thursday evenings each week between Sept and April, and have a lively programme of visiting speakers and competitions, as well as regular social/ photographic activities and outings. Shirley Methodist Church, Stratford Road, Shirley (Opposite Aldi Supermarket) 8pm start, doors open 7.30 pm. Our first meeting for the new

Revels Drama Group presents Rough Justice

Solihull Local Group RSPB Meetings are held the second Tuesday in every month, from September until March 2017. They take place in the Oliver Bird Hall, Church Hill, Solihull at 7-30. Talks are varied and interesting. The first talk is 'Wild life of the Cloud Forest and Galapagos Islands'. There are monthly walks led by an expert throughout the Autumn and Winter. The first walk is from Snitterfield, 14th Sept, a donation of a £1 for walks, would be much appreciated. Admission charge for talks is £3-50 members, £4 non members. For further information please contact 0121 707 3101.

HOCKLEY HEATH WOMEN'S INSTITUTE AUTUMN BAZAAR SATURDAY 8th OCTOBER 11am-1pm MEMORIAL HALL STRATFORD ROAD HOCKLEY HEATH Special Attractions: Christmas gifts, children's games, toys, and puzzles, children's tombola, jigsaws, books including fiction and some foreign language dictionaries, CD's/DVD's, homemade cakes and crafts, browsers & buyers stall. Why not come along for a little leisurely pre Christmas shopping before the pressure is on. Tea and cakes available in a friendly village atmosphere.

Solihull Ramblers We are the local group of the Ramblers' Association, which is a registered charity caring for the countryside. We provide led walks of various distances between 3 and 15 miles. Our walks take place 3 times a week throughout the year, on Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays. Also weekly evening walks during the summer months. Other activities include social events and weekends away. Newcomers are very welcome to join us on 3 "taster" walks. Further details at or call the

group secretary on 0121 705 5753.

BARSTON U3A Small. friendly branch, meeting on the second Tuesday of the month at 2.30, welcomes new members. Further details from the Membership Secretary 01564 777262 or at

Friendly Folk Folk Dance Club Friendly Folk meet at 7.45 every Monday evening from September. We meet a t Elmdon Heath Community Centre, Cornyx Lane, B91 2SF Folk dancing is probably the simplest form of dancing with no fancy footwork to learn. If you have ever been to a barn dance and enjoyed it, why not give it a go? Newcomers are always welcome, with or without a partner. For further information contact Neil on 0121 444 1492 or Jim 01564 773929

Join us, TANWORTH-inARDEN Village Hall Our Film Club meets at 7.15pm 2nd Thursday of the month October to April. Watch great films in good company.We have a bar.Contact Mike on 01564742106 or Jo on 01564742374.

SOLIHULL PHILATELIC SOCIETY Stamp Fair Saturday 29th October 2016 at Arden School, Station Road, Knowle B93 0PT. 10.00am - 4.30m. Free Admission, refreshments available. or for further details on stamp and postcard collecting, phone Paul 01564 776 879.

Local Yoga Classes Monday 7.45pm- 9.15pm Mixed Ability: Highfield Hall (beginners welcome) Tuesday 10.30am - 11.45am Ladies Only (all abilities) Highfield Hall. Thursday 11am - 12.30 Intermediates Hockley Heath Pavillion. Friday 10.30 12am Beginners Hockley Heath Baptist Centre. For availability or for more info contact Jane (experienced qualified Yoga Teacher) on 07734284144 or

ST PHILIP’S CENTRE BUILDING APPEAL is holding a Dinner Dance on Friday 18th November 2016 at Hogarths Hotel, Dorridge. Tickets are £50 per person and include a welcome drink, 3 course meal, raffle, auction and entertainment and music by “Morganisation”. If you would like tickets please contact Sally on 01564 779109 or St Philip’s Parish Office on 01564 775652

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KNOWLE BADMINTON CLUB Knowle badminton club play at Arden school sports hall every Tuesday evening from 7.30 - 10pm. We are currently looking for new members to join our club. We are a friendly, welcoming club and have a mixed and mens team in the Coventry league. We use feather shuttles and are looking for good social/ league standard players. Please contact me if you are interested in coming along or just turn up and join in. Pauline - 07770140249.

HENLEY FLOWER CLUB Enjoy learning about flowers at Henley Baptist Church Hall at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday each month when there is a demonstration followed by refreshments. Visitors welcome £5.00. Telephone 01564 792837.

Cottage Garden Society We are a friendly group and meet on the first Saturday afternoon of each month from September-April, 2.30pm at Bentley Heath Community Centre, Widney Road, Bentley Heath, Solihull B93 9BQ. We have a talk every month on a variety of garden related topics. All welcome. Contact Margaret on 01564 783475 for further info.

WANTED Evil genius seeks minions to sacrifice their lives in world domination attempt. Must be prepared to work 24-7 for fascist psychopath for close to no pay. Messy death inevitable but costumes and laser death rays provided. NO Weirdos. Call: 0-800-mwah-haha

QUIZ Earlswood Village Hall, Friday 21st October 2016, Doors open at 7.30pm Tickets are £7.50 each and include a fish and chip supper. What a bargain and right on your doorstep! Veggie Burger also available. Family ticket – 2 adults and 2 young people £25.00

Solihull Job Seekers Advice Group Do you need help finding a job? Come to 'the Meeting Place' in Union Road, which is opposite House of Fraser on Warwick Road, on Monday Mornings. We meet between 10.30 and 12.30. Join us for free tea,biscuits, advice on CVs, interviews and Networking etc. For more information contact. Jenny on 0121 711 1244 or email: Tim. on 07929786893. or

Solihull Photographic Society All meetings start at 7.30pm and are held at the WI Hall, Warwick Road, Solihull. Visitors will be made welcome.

£3 at the door please. Further info visit

BRIDGE From Beginner to Grandmaster – new members welcome. West Midlands Bridge Club is situated in our own licensed premises in the centre of Solihull. Bridge is available every day with duplicate sessions to suit every level of player. Lessons and practice play with qualified English Bridge Union tutors for beginners, improvers and beyond. Visit our website at 909 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 3EP (on the corner of Hampton Lane and Warwick Road). Or, email or call Christine on 07747 115320

Calling all current and past Slimming World members. Vacancy at Henley-in-Arden Slimming World group for a consultant! Full Training provided Call Tina Bishop for further details 07983 398859

Rotary Club Knowle and Dorridge The Rotary club of Knowle and Dorridge are a long established club who support local and international charities, community events and meet for fellowship and speaker evenings most weeks at The Greswolde on Mondays 6:30pm. If your interested in finding out more about the club and our activities then please call Barry Allaway on 01564 739126

Solihull Blossomfield Townswomen Guild

Hall Green Probus Club meets second Friday of every month 12.30 pm at The Bridge Club corner of Hampton Lane and Warwick Road in Solihull. This is a luncheon club for retired business and professional men, where for a couple of hours one can indulge in a pleasant lunch and conversation. Guest speakers on variety of topics. New members very welcome. Just call Secretary Brian Parry on 0121 704 3999

SOLIHULL CHILDREN'S SPECIAL NEEDS ASSOCIATION Do you have some time to spare, and would you like a rewarding volunteer opportunity? Or maybe you are the parent or carer of a child with special needs. SCSNA's playgroup in Green Lane, Shirley caters for pre-school children with a range of disabilities in warm, friendly and well-equipped premises and is currently extending its services by enrolling additional children and new volunteers. Open on Mon, Tues and Thurs during school term times. There is more info on SCSNA's website, or phone Lois on 0121 430 3811 or Beryl on 01564 779635

HOARDING SUPPORT GROUP If you struggle with hoarding issues please join us at Solihull Community Fire Station, Streetsbrook Road, Solihull, B91 1QY. Every last Tuesday of the month 7-9pm. Contact Heather 07939 059470

FREE WEDNESDAY LUNCHTIME RECITALS ST ALPHEGE CHURCH St Alphege Church hosts free lunchtime recitals every Wednesday featuring professional players, students and members of the church music staff. The recitals last around 45 minutes, starting at 1.10pm, with home-made refreshments available from 12.30, an ideal way to have a relaxing break in the middle of the week. Admission is free, with a retiring collection at the end of the recital. All are very welcome to attend.

Friends in Recreation Group

Friends in Retirement

If you are 50+ come and meet us at the Bentley Heath community centre Widney Road, Bentley Heath, Solihull, West Midlands B93 9BQ. Every Wednesday afternoon from 1.00pm to 4.00pm. (But you can come when it’s most convenient). To paint for pleasure. For further details, please call 0121 704 4136

FIRS is the biggest and finest local recreational club aimed at the retired.Lots of activities for all agers. Every day, every week. Bowling, singing, dancing Tai-chi, rambling and keep fit. For more info call 07398 533 751 or

The group for women of all ages meet monthly at the Royal British Legion, Union Road. There is a full and varied programme on offer with first class speakers, outings, theatre trips, social/craft afternoons plus a Lunch club. Newcomers made very welcome. For more info phone Carol 0121 705 0874.

Knowle Scottish Country Dance

Friday Coffee Morning


Knowle Village Hall for the past 28 years and with the help of volunteers, baking home-made cakes and serving tea and coffee for the elderly and people who are lonely or living on their own who would like a drink and a chat in a friendly environment affiliated to the Knowle Village Hall which in itself is a registered charityall proceeds go back into the funds to provide annual Easter and Christmas parties with gifts and monthly raffles for all who attend. 10am till 12noon every Fri morning. Call June & Keith - Tel: 01564 779445.

a Lunch Club. Come along and try us for a couple of months before you decide whether to join or not. For lots more info phone Carol 0121 705 0874 and I will arrange for a hostess to meet you at the door so you will not be alone on your first evening.

Knowle Scottish Country Dance Club meets on a Thursday evening in the hall of The United Reformed Church, Knowle, B93 0HN. Phone 01564 779 853 for more details. We are a small friendly club dedicated to Scottish dancing. We welcome anyone willing.

KNOWLE BRIDGE CLUB Meets every Wednesday at 7.00pm for friendly duplicate bridge at Knowle Village Hall. New lessons planned for September. Visitors welcome. For more information contact 01564 776498 or 01564 205363.

Solihull Blossomfield Townswomen Guild Welcomes ladies of all ages. We meet at Royal British Legion, Union Road on the first Thursday of the month at 7:15pm. We have a full and varied programme to offer with outings, theatre trips, social afternoons including

DORRIDGE FLOWER CLUB 7.30pm and are held on the 3rd Tues of each month at St George and St Theresa Parish Centre, Station Road, Dorridge. If you like flower arranging and are interested in learning more (through practice sessions) or just enjoy watching flower demonstrations come along and join us. Visitors are welcome. More info contact 01564 774608 or 01564 772886

Dickens and Forshaw Heath WI We meet on the second Monday of the month with a combination of afternoon and evenings. Activities include speakers, craft, visits, with a time to chat and meet new friends over tea and cakes. What more could you ask for? Meetings are held at Earlswood Methodist Church,Wood lane Earlswood. For more details contact Lynn on (01564) 702321

Due to the popularity of this page, we are now having to limit the amount of words for each post. If the post is too long, it may be edited by us or not included at all. We will also only keep a post for a few months to make space for new events etc. So please keep it short and to the point! Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the data in this magazine is accurate, the Cornfield Magazine cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or endorse companies, products or services appearing in this magazine. The Cornfield Magazine cannot be held responsible for any breach of copyright arising from any material supplied. Published monthly by Cornfield Publishing Ltd. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the permission from the publisher.

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For as little as £40 per month, your advert will feature in our great Cornfield Directory and be delivered to over 20,000 addresses every month while using the latest GPRS tracking systems. If you would like to place an advert call Richard on: 0121 796 6800. Please quote Cornfield Advertiser when calling so our advertisers know where calls have come from.





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£70 per month





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per month

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£160 per month


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£40 per month Book this space for

£70 per month


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Ne w


100% of patients said they were treated with respect and dignity* Spire Parkway private hospital provides expert healthcare for all – whether you are insured or not. But make sure you tell your GP if you have private medical insurance.  Orthopaedics  Cancer services  Men’s health  Women’s health  Physiotherapy and sports injuries  Cosmetic surgery  Imaging (MRI scans, CT scans, X-ray) Plus much more including Dermatology, ENT, Ophthalmology

0121 704 5530

No waiting. At Spire Parkway you will have fast access to diagnostic services and receive consultant care throughout your stay. *Based on all patient satisfaction questionnaires received during May and June 2016. Data analysed by Howard Warwick Associates August 2016.

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Bricks Blocks Sands Cement Pavers Decorative Slabs Decorative Gravels Natural Stone Plaster Steel Lintels PVCu Fascia Boards Decking Turf Plumbing Guttering Timber Fencing Joists Roofing

Prince William Henry Foleshill Road Coventry CV1 4HW

Oxleasow Road East Moon Moat Redditch B98 0RE

Alder Drive East Moon Moat Redditch B98 0RE

01527 519 444 0121 747 2700

Cornfield Magazine October 2016  

The Cornfield Magazine is a monthly publication bringing you the perfect platform to place your business before a highly affluent audience,...

Cornfield Magazine October 2016  

The Cornfield Magazine is a monthly publication bringing you the perfect platform to place your business before a highly affluent audience,...