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Barnt Green, Alvechurch and Worcestershire

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Welcome Hello and welcome to your March edition of Cornfield Magazine. Spring has arrived! Finally, after what has felt like an endless winter, the sun is in sight, and with it comes some very exciting news. Multi-platinum selling artist Britney Spears recently announced her huge tour for 2018, ‘Britney: Piece of Me’, coming to Birmingham in August. An obvious choice for our covers this month, the Grammy-award winning star will perform at Genting Arena as part of the European leg of her tour. Our ‘Home & Garden’ feature offers advice on the latest decorating trends that will breathe life into your interiors, with seasonal gardening tips to help you to spruce up your garden this spring. Struggling to think of the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? We’ve provided some thoughtful ways to celebrate the special lady in your life this March 11. Discover the fantastic places to wine and dine in our vibrant city in our special ‘Food & Drink’ feature. Birmingham is home to an array of fabulous restaurants and trendy bars, making it an Aladdin’s cave for those with a distinguished palate. For those wishing to improve health and wellbeing, we recommend Sally Bee’s fantastic book ‘Beelicious’ – a wellness journal featuring delicious recipes and inspirational anecdotes. As always, thank you for your continued support for our publication. We’ve had a fantastic month exploring what our wonderful city has to offer, and can’t wait to discover more. Happy reading!


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Richard & Sam

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Tel: 0121 796 6800 Email: Web:


Cornfield Publishing Ltd, Wythall Business Centre, May Lane, Birmingham B47 5PD

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Experiences this Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Thank the special lady in your life this Mother’s Day

Is your mum always rushed off her feet? Does she go above and beyond for everyone she knows, yet expects nothing in return? Booking experience days for you and your mum to enjoy together is a wonderful way to show her how much you care this Mother’s Day. Thank her with these fabulous gift ideas, and celebrate all that she does.

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Spa Experiences Organising a spa experience day is the perfect way to show your mum how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day. Let her put her feet up, relax and be pampered! Why not book a tranquil facial massage, or perhaps a manicure session for you both to enjoy? Spa experience days offer a fantastic opportunity to spend time together, whilst giving you the chance to relieve any stress and tension – leaving you feeling revived and refreshed. Unwind in a Jacuzzi before luxuriating in sauna rooms and celebrate Mother’s Day the right way!

Afternoon Tea or Prossecco Spoil your mum this Mother’s Day Sunday and arrange an afternoon of prosecco-sipping and eating delicious delicacies. Lots of fabulous restaurants across the West Midlands offer afternoons filled with traditional miniature sandwiches complimented with a glass of fizz at a very reasonable price. With a chance to catch up and spend some quality time together, what more could you wish for Mother’s Day Sunday?

Just for Her Book an appointment at your mums favourite hair salon, or organise an hour of beauty treatments at a local salon. It might be the case that your mum never gives herself time to indulge in beauty treatments – so arrange it for her this Mother’s Day. Call her favourite salon and leave her in experts’ hands. Whether she loves having her nails done, fancies having her eyebrows threaded, or has always wanted to have eyelash extensions, there’s plenty of local salons throughout Birmingham offering fantastic Mother’s Day deals this March.

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Birmingham: a multicultural and vibrant city with a unique character, charming architecture and an intriguing history.

Food & Drink It comes as no surprise that Birmingham’s food and drink scene is a reflection of the aforementioned. As the ‘Home of the Balti’, hub for contemporary pop-up bars and with its fair share of Michelin-starred restaurants, Birmingham’s culinary scene is as wonderfully diverse as its population. The city has seen a growing number of speciality cafés selling vegan, cruelty-free and organic products, and a rise in restaurants selling food from around the world, meaning there’s no shortage of options to suit individual tastes. Even if you attempted to work

your way through the many menus found throughout Birmingham for months on end, you would barely scratch the surface of everything it has to offer. From the hundreds of independent coffee shops scattered around the city, to the quirky themed bars found in the centre, Birmingham provides its residents and visitors a surfeit of places to relieve their thirst. Discover where to book your next meal, take a partner for romantic drinks and how to perfect your coffee shop order in our ‘Food & Drink’ special feature.

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Intriguing Cuisine It’s impossible to write a ‘Food & Drink’ feature focusing on what Birmingham has to offer without mentioning the city’s signature dish, the Balti. Referring to the metal bowl the dish is traditionally served in, the Balti began to appear in restaurants and curry houses throughout Birmingham around 40 years ago. The metal dish, as well as keeping the curry hot, is designed to retain the delicious flavours present within the Balti curry. Of course, one of the best areas to try this delicacy is the Balti Triangle, home to an abundance of Asian and Indian restaurants serving exemplary cuisine. A flavoursome and aromatic curry, Balti dishes usually include a base of garlic, onions, turmeric, garam masala and various other spices.

Discover where to book your next meal

20% off A-La Carte menu with this voucher during March Tel: 01564 732750 Loch Fyne Knowle, The Bank House, High Street, Knowle, B93 0JU T&Cs apply. Food only. Excluding Friday & Saturday after 6pm. Not available in conjunction with any other discounts offer or promotion. We reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.

Not only should Birmingham be recognised for its fantastic curry houses, but for its fantastic range of mouth-watering eateries, featuring menus inspired by food found all over the globe. Housing several Michelin-starred restaurants, including Simpsons, Carters of Moseley, Adam’s, and Purnell’s, the city is as well-known for its fine dining experiences as it is for its spice. A complete foodie treasure trove, Birmingham has a perfect mix of high-end service, food from various cultures and tantalising dishes.

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A Quick Guide to Coffee Coffee was imported to England in bulk during the height of the British Empire, and soon became one of the most popular hot beverages consumed throughout the country. In 2018, it’s hard to walk ten paces down the street without finding an independent coffee joint serving mouth-watering carrot cakes and caramel lattes to caffeinated consumers. We’ve selected some of the most popular speciality coffees to help you to perfect your order, so you will (hopefully) no longer be left to puzzle over coffee shop menus for extended periods of time. Espresso: Italian coffee with a kick for the connoisseur with a harder palate. Much like the brewing style, the taste of espressos packs a punch; hot water is forced through finely ground coffee beans under high pressure to capture a condensed shot of liquid. Although espressos can be served as a concentrated cup of coffee, it also serves as the basis for several other popular coffee drinks. Drip coffee: no fuss, no faff - just plain filtered coffee. Made with simplicity in mind, hot water is poured over coffee grounds resting in a filter, collecting the beans’ aromas and essences before accumulating into a mug or pot. Latte: a milky favourite for those wanting a quick hit of caffeine. Café au lait traditionally combines espresso coffee with steamed milk and is popular throughout the world; variants include using soy or almond milk, or replacing the coffee with masala chai or matcha as a base. Iced lattes are also available in many cafés and offer an interesting twist on the Italian beverage. Americano: diluted but by no means weak, this coffee is the choice for those that prefer a larger ‘cup of Joe’. Rumoured to originate in WWII when American soldiers attempted to transform their Italian drinks into something more familiar, the Americano consists of either one or two espresso shot(s) mixed with hot water. Cappuccino: an Italian blend of water, coffee, steam and foam. The frothiest of coffees has developed throughout the centuries, and is now the indulgent masterpiece we know today. Notoriously difficult to create, ordering a cappuccino at your local coffee house will always be more satisfying than trying to make your own at home (unless you’re a trained barista, of course). Flat white: an Australian original adored by Melbournians that has taken the coffee world by storm. If you haven’t already tried a flat white, you should. Again, this espresso-based drink combines coffee with milk, but has little or no foam (hence the name ‘flat’). Flat whites are slightly stronger than cappuccinos and have a higher coffee-to-milk ratio – the perfect beverage to sip in a warm café on a cold day.

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Birmingham’s Bar Scene A Peaky Blinders-inspired pub, hidden 1920sthemed speakeasies and elegant cocktail lounges - and who said one city couldn’t have it all? Whether you’re looking for an intimate, cosy pub with hearty meals and real ale on tap, or want to find the best wine bars for a sophisticated drink with colleagues, Birmingham is the place to be. Try the city centre and Jewellery Quarter for excellent drinking spots; find gin and whisky bars to delight any connoisseur and comfortable lounges serving craft beers and wines on side streets. Moseley is an excellent place for a pub-crawl – with live music at several venues every night of the week, this village is one that isn’t shy of welcoming a few merry drinkers. Digbeth is the ideal location for students or those wanting to partake in fun events such as themed pub quizzes. The graffiti-clad walls of renovated factories now play host to lively crowds enjoying the industrial look of several popup bars and weekly nights, like the famous event, ‘Digbeth Dining Club’. Old public houses with interesting histories are also easy to find in the city. The Boot Inn based in Studley is an excellent gastropub with a low ceiling, exposed beams

and log fires, and only one example of the gorgeous drinking spots Birmingham plays host to. In the summer months, explore the beautiful beer gardens hidden behind Birmingham’s popular bars and pubs – The Flapper on Kingston Row offers punters canal-side views, live gigs and a well-used pool table, whilst the Kitchen Garden Café in Kings Heath hosts regular acoustic music nights in the tranquil, leafy surroundings. If you love tasting ales and ciders sourced from around the country, the award-winning venues, The Pup and Duckling based in Solihull, and Ale Rooms in Knowle, are the ideal drinking spots for you. Carefully selecting ales to satisfy a range of palates, including pale, dark and golden brews, the owners of these fantastic venues thrive on offering their customers a taste of something different. Knowle’s very first microbrewery, Ale Rooms, serves cold ales on tap for punters every day of the week, whilst the popular Pup and Duckling supplies 9 regularly-changing fruity ciders as part of their interesting drinks menu.

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The Midland

Hand Clinic Sports

Upper limb injuries

From Tennis elbow to Golfer’s elbow and Boxer’s fractures to Skier’s thumb, the list of sporting injuries is endless. We want you to play and enjoy your sport but early diagnosis and treatment will enable rapid return.

Put Your Hands

In Our Hands Arthritis, including minimally invasive key hole to knuckles, thumb, wrist and elbow nerve injury including carpal tunnel Sports injury including fractures and ligament injuries Tennis related injuries including tennis elbow Golf related injuries including golfers’ elbow Finger contractures including Dupuytren’s disease Catchment area: Solihull, Central Birmingham, Sutton, Warwick and Worcester

Hand Clinic PA: Alison James Email: Call: 0121 364 1600 or 07830 774 476 All patients welcome whether you have private medical insurance or you are self-paying Midland Hand Clinic lead by Mr G Shyamalan FRCS NHS consultant hand surgeon.

Ask us about our self funding prices for minor hand surgery

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Get 10%quoting rs all orde ELD CORNFI

“All of the good, none of the bad.” Want a younger, more youthful look? Want to regain softer, smoother and more luminous skin, free from wrinkles and fine lines? An entrepreneurial duo is offering you the opportunity to visually turn back the clock and embrace the look of youth! Solihull-born James Neale and Emma Watts have teamed up with award-winning, anti-ageing, skin care and beauty company, Nu Skin, to launch their new business. The couple started their exciting venture less than 6 months ago; their aim being to deliver high quality products and treatments that help people appear younger, feel more confident and look their very best.

Non-Surgical Facial Treatment

Facial Cleansing Treatment

The ageLOC Galvanic Face Spa

The LumiSpa – 1 step, 2 minutes, 7 skin benefits

An incredible device that you can even carry around in your handbag. Treatments are carried out using a specially-designed handheld device that sends a Galvanic current through the skin to refresh and re-energise, helping to improve: The appearance of lines and wrinkles Pore size Skin impurities Puffy eyes Skin hydration

The LumiSpa is Nu Skin’s brand new, state-of-theart facial cleansing device. This device is one-of-a kind. It has a silicone head and is a dual action device that is clinically proven to remove 6x more dirt, oil and make up than regular cleansing. It also has 7 key benefits for the skin.

Non-Surgical Body Treatment The ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa A fantastic device that helps to tone up loose, baggy skin, as well as reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks by using magnetic currents and gel that repel each other to push the gel deeper into the skin. The ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa: Minimises the appearance of body fat and cellulite for a slimmer looking body Provides the body with a smooth, contoured appearance Improves skin firmness and overall condition of skin Helps energise, purify and hydrate the skin Use the Body Shaping Gel to smooth the appearance of cellulite for a firmer, more toned body

More Products Nu Skin has more than 200 products and treatments in their line. These include polishing peels, chemical peels (equivalent to a professional microdermabrasion), marine mud masks, teeth whitening toothpastes, and much more!

Free Pamper Parties James and Emma are offering special ‘one off’ FREE Pamper Parties for groups of 6-12 people. Each Pamper Party ‘host’ receives a free product too! So why not speak to your friends, bring a bottle of bubbly and have a fun girls night in? Contact James and Emma on the details below to arrange your Pamper Party now!

Email or call James (07866 502 102) or Emma (07827 920 511) for more information.

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Piece of Me Tour Comes to Birmingham

Limited Tickets Available for New European Dates of Britney Spears’s Award-Winning and Record-Setting Show Due to Overwhelming Demand Due to overwhelmingly rapid sales of legendary pop icon Britney Spears’ exclusive last time ever, limited tour of her award-winning and record-breaking show, ‘Britney: Piece of Me’, four additional European shows have been added due to demand, including a show at Birmingham’s Genting Arena! Britney has also announced that Grammy-Award winning, multi-platinum selling artist Pitbull will be joining her for the European dates on the exclusive run.

entertainment in Las Vegas in Planet Hollywood’s world-class theater. With over 250 shows, the record-setting residency was sold out on a regular basis, generating over $140 million gross revenue and selling nearly 1 million tickets.

For the first and only time, ‘Britney: Piece of Me’ will visit East Coast US and Europe for a very limited engagement for fans that were not able to see the show in Las Vegas.

‘Britney: Piece of Me’ was voted the ‘Best Resident Performer’, ‘Best Production Show’, ‘Best Bachelorette Party’ and ‘Best Bachelor Party’ by readers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Hollywood’s biggest names, such as; Beyoncé, Jay Z, Lady Gaga, Anna Kendrick, Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Kirsten Dunst, Chloë Grace Moretz, Calvin Harris, Sia, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and Steven Tyler have all attended “Piece of Me.”

This tour follows Britney’s record-breaking, four-year headlining residency, ‘Britney: Piece of Me’ at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, where Britney received rave reviews from both critics and fans alike since opening in Dec. 2013. As the first contemporary superstar resident in the city, Britney and Caesars Entertainment pioneered the groundbreaking paradigm shift and revitalized the modern era of

This exclusive US East Coast and Europe tour is the last time anybody will see the show. Elizabeth Arden, the exclusive global licensee of the award-winning Britney Spears fragrances since 2004, will be one of the sponsors of the ‘Britney: Piece of Me’ tour. Pepsi is a proud partner of the US East Coast ‘Piece of Me’ tour, continuing a relationship with Britney that has lasted for more than 15 years.

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Britney Spears ‘Britney: Piece of Me’ Plus support: Pitbull 31 August 2018, Genting Arena Tickets are on general sale from 10am 13 February 2018 via or by calling 0844 33 88 222 *Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge. Tickets priced at £63.35/£74.65/£97.25/£142.45 (including admin fees and £1.20 facility fee) + £2.55 fulfilment fee per order.

For more information visit:

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34 | Cornfield Magazine

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Spruce Up Your

Home & Garden this Spring! From the latest decorating trends and fashionable furnishings, to seasonal gardening tips, our March ‘Home & Garden’ feature is designed to help you to make the most of your living spaces this spring. Find inspirational content on how to create quirky rooms, reinvent small spaces and prepare your garden for the upcoming months.

Interiors Discover innovative storage techniques, find the ideal kitchen for you, and be inspired by bold colour schemes this spring. This month, we’ve delved into the wonderful world of interior design, offering advice on how to select on-trend home accessories and create unique focal points in any given room.

Your home says a lot about you. Living spaces can be transformed from blank canvases to reflect personalities and be tailored to suit different lifestyles, providing a retreat to relax in away from the stresses of daily life. Whether your style is shaped by history, or you’re a lover of all things modern, read our guide on how to spruce up your home this spring.

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Small Spaces, Big Impact The key to good interiors is maximizing the space you are working with through the use of clever design. Small spaces need not be used merely for storage. When working with a small room, it is important to be as creative as possible. Installing innovate storage systems can completely transform a room from a tiny cupboard-like space to a private reading room or chic home office. Banish clutter with these storage ideas and make the most of your space. For the music lover, create a space to house that huge record collection through mod shelving. For foodies, floating shelves can provide additional spaces for umpteen ingredients to be stored.

Multi-purpose Furniture Select furniture with built-in storage. There’s no better way to hide magazines, newspapers, remotes and general clutter than in covert spaces

tucked inside furniture. Ottomans and pouffes with lifting lids are a well-known design secret for hiding household mess, whilst sofas that double as guest beds can make small spaces flexible.

Novel Storage Floating shelves are a brilliant way to store books or ornaments in contemporary spaces and have the added bonus of not taking up tons of wall space. To disguise built-in units, paint shelves the same colour as the walls they are affixed to, to ensure they blend in and give the illusion of added space – choose a bold colour to make a statement and make a small space pop. Never over-fill shelves; spacing out items gives a room order and creates interesting focal points.

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Rooms that Tell a Story If you’re proud of your trinkets and treasures, why not display items on bespoke shelving units and let your pieces speak for themselves? You might think a vintage photo frame doesn’t fit with a modern sculptural ornament, but placing different items around a room can create an eclectic feel and give your space personality and life.

Patterned Wallpaper & Murals Although some may shy away from patterned wallpaper, we urge you not to. With thousands of designs to choose from, why be bland when it comes to wallpaper? Whilst floral and naturebased wallpapers were on-trend for 2017, this year it’s all about unusual designs, monochrome prints and artistic sketches. Architectural landscape wallpaper designs bring the outdoors in, and can jazz-up any home office space in an instant. Bold prints of your favourite cityscape will enshrine landmark buildings in an interesting home mural and create a talking point for guests. Large quirky printed wallpapers and custom-made children’s murals can bring any youngster’s bedroom to life. Try kooky printed wallpapers to bring energy and fun to a space. For a nostalgic touch, why not experiment with a retro vibe? For the travellers, satisfy your wanderlust with a vintage map mural covering an entire wall.

For Literature Lovers If you love Austen, Orwell and Steinbeck more than the average person, spend hours engrossed in Dickens and get lost in Shakespeare’s poetry, why not devote a space solely designed for you to enjoy your literary passion? Transforming your living space into a room librarians would be jealous of will surround you with your favourite texts and best-loved authors to create a literature sanctuary. Put your books on display with a modern bookstand and create your very own literary feature wall – this will be completely unique and showcase your personal collection!

Simple Kitchen Ideas Funky tiles with geometric shapes add a splash of eccentricity to kitchen spaces without looking garish or too loud. Keep cabinets and units a uniform, subdued colour and paint walls in a lighter shade to keep the space feeling clean, fresh and bright. A tranquil cooking space is essential for those who love cooking, so avoid clutter by investing in decent storage units. Patterned tiles will add a little ‘oomph’ to lack-luster spaces. Checkerboard flooring is a fantastic nod to Parisian style and design, and will instantly add style to drab interiors. A collection of spice jars to replace ugly plastic packets is an excellent way to integrate ingredients into the décor and add a splash of colour to kitchen spaces.

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blocc Interiors | Dream Design Formed in 2009 by Managing Director and industry expert Dawn Kitchener, blocc Interiors are regarded as a highly reputed interior design house, specialising in luxury residential projects. Delivering a personalised, dedicated service, the experienced team strive to meet individual clients’ needs both in the commercial and private sector. blocc Interiors guarantees to combine a creative timeless approach with a signature, elegant and luxurious style to all projects. The in-house library, studio space, consultation lounge and Interiors Store No.37 work on a collaborative basis and provide a bespoke selection of services for all clients. Whether you're looking to design a new marketing suite or communal area for your offices, redesign the rooms in your residential home or simply find interior inspiration, blocc Interiors should be your first port of call. The team will ensure all ideas are heard, and work with clients throughout the whole creative process to develop designs to suit individual tastes, preferences and budgets. Visit blocc Interiors today, and discover your dream design.

No. 37 Interiors Store Opening Times Monday / Tuesday – Closed Wednesday – 9am – 4pm Thursday – 10am – 7pm Friday – 9am – 4pm Saturday – 9am – 4pm Sunday – Closed

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Parkfield Building Services Ltd Parkfield Building Services Ltd is a family run building company formed in March 2008 by husband and wife Ernest and Janet Bick and their two sons Dean and Craig. The family formed Parkfield having all worked across the industry gaining a wealth of experience and knowledge. It was only a matter of time before coming together to offer a comprehensive service based on their family values. At the heart of the company’s ethos is a sincere and honest level of service with a down to earth attitude, complimented by a high-quality finish and a product delivered promptly and precisely. For Parkfield the client is the most important aspect of any project and it is important that all areas run smoothly and within budget and programme. In 2018 Parkfield celebrates its 10 year anniversary. We are proud to have established ourselves as a ‘go-to builder’ for a high-end and trustworthy service. We continue to offer complete refurbishments, renovations, extensions, decorating and maintenance of residential

properties but are increasingly growing our own commercial developments and projects within our portfolio. We wish to thank all of our customers, suppliers, partners, staff and friends whose support, encouragement and faith has helped us achieve this important milestone. With such a bright and exciting future this is surely only the first decade in business with many more to come. Thank you, Dean Bick Sales Director Parkfield Building Services Ltd 0121 241 2959

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Gardens Watching your garden wake up after a long (and very cold) winter is one of life’s little joys. Spring is the busiest time of the year for gardeners, so make sure you control your weeds swiftly before they take over! Hoeing and mulching are must-do chores at this time of year. There are lots of general maintenance tasks to be completed this month – so grab your gardening gloves and trowels and get started!

Small Garden Inspiration Utilising as much wall space as possible for smaller gardens means that what the space lacks horizontally it will make up for vertically. Secure rustic wooden shelves to brick walls to create a lovely balance between two textures. Alternatively green walls or hanging floral installations are an easy way to cover exposed brick walls and introduce greenery and shrubbery – green wall hangers are available to purchase online to help you to start your vertical garden.

Prepping and Cutting March is the time of year for gardeners to jump into action – cut back overgrown winter shrubs to make room for new blooms, protect new spring shoots from slugs and prepare your seed beds. Although garden pests such as slugs are active all year round, spring seedlings are most at risk of being eaten, damaged or killed. Top your flowerbeds and plant pots with fresh compost, and prune bushes and climbing roses to make sure they are ready for spring.

Planting Plant onion and shallot bulbs at this time of year to ensure your crops are ready to harvest mid- to late summer. Sow onions around three inches apart, and shallots around seven inches – only a few inches depth is needed as these essential vegetables will grow in shallow beds. By now, spring-flowering bulbs sown in autumn will be beginning to bloom meaning your garden will be beginning to shake away the frosty winter conditions and breathe life and colour again. Plant summer-flowering bulbs such as gladioli now in the early stages of spring in borders or containers.

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Cornfield Magazine | 35

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Probate Solicitors Update from Caroline Wilden

Are your affairs in order? We are already nearing the end of the first quarter of 2018 and I wonder how your new year resolutions are going? Did you have big plans for this year or do you have a big birthday to celebrate like me? As these milestones pass it makes us realise our own mortality and hopefully, you do not bury your head in the sand. As Benjamin Franklin said, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Here are Probate Solicitors’ top tips to ensure your executors and family are not left wondering… Make a Will If you are married you may assume that your spouse will inherit everything? This is not the case where you have children. The laws of intestacy provide for the spouse to receive the first £250,000 of the deceased spouse’s estate. The balance over £250,000 is then divided into 2 shares with one share going to the surviving spouse and the remaining share being divided between the deceased’s children. The unintended consequences of this could be i) Inheritance Tax becomes payable that would not have been payable if the estate had wholly been left to the other spouse; ii) The surviving spouse may find that the marital home has to be sold to pay children their share; iii) The children that inherit may be children from a previous relationship or children that the deceased was estranged from who may not be so keen to help out the surviving spouse. If you are not married or in a civil partnership the consequences of not having a Will could be even more devastating. The whole estate of the deceased partner will either go to their children or their parents/siblings if they do not have children. Worse still if they never bothered to get divorced from a previous relationship their estate will pass to the estranged spouse as above. Don’t put it off any longer! Whatever your circumstances we can advise you how best to deal with protecting those you love. Plan your funeral Just when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one there are so many other things to think about and do. The last thing you should expect your family to do is second guess what sort of a send off you would have liked. Organising a funeral is like organising a number of different events back to back. With a cremation, a church service and wake afterwards you must organise three events all timed to

36 | Cornfield Magazine

perfection to follow on from each other. These three events combine memories, music and reflect the personality of the deceased. The organiser is constantly asking themselves, “is this what they would have wanted?”, in addition to negotiating with other members of the family. If that is not stressful enough the organiser is trying to please everyone when deciding the running order, the timing and the dates. A thankless and virtually impossible task! Save your family the stress and worry by taking the guess work out of the funeral. Let them know details such as burial or cremation and once you get passed this, decide where to be buried or where to be scattered (please bear in mind that you need permission to scatter ashes in public). Decide what the running order should be, if you are having a church service and a cremation do you have the cremation first or second? What clothes do you want to wear? What music would you like to be played or sung? Do you want any readings? If so what? Do you want people to read a eulogy or a poem? If so which poem and who might read it? Speaking personally from recent experience, please make the funeral planner’s job so much easier by just writing down what you want. It is worth considering the cost of the funeral too. You can plan and pay for a funeral now or you can take out life insurance. The cost of an average funeral these days including wake and service etc is around £5,500. Most local funeral directors can help you plan and pay for a funeral in advance. Don’t leave your loved ones second guessing. Let your executors know what they need to know Put all your important information in one place. Your Will, your Powers of Attorney, details of your bank accounts, investments and other assets along with details of your liabilities, credit cards, loans etc. Don’t forget to include details of any pensions and life insurance even though it might not form part of your estate. You can either write this information down in a book or you can store the information digitally. Probate Solicitors are the only solicitors in the West Midlands to be trialling an exciting new online system for you to record all your important information. We can also upload a copy of your Will and Power of Attorney to the system and give your executors the power to access it

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once you’ve gone. If you would like to find out more about this service please contact us. Lasting Powers of Attorney Enough about death I hear you cry, what about whilst you are still alive? Do you have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)? If not why not would be my question? If you lost your capacity to make decisions, be it temporarily or permanently surely you would want someone of your choosing to be able to help you? You can ‘insure’ for this event, very simply, by making a Lasting Power of Attorney. You can decide who looks after your finances and who looks after your health and welfare if you cannot do it yourself. The alternative is that someone would have to make a court application to apply for a Deputyship Order. This process is very long-winded and costly. When you make Lasting Powers of Attorney register them so they are ready to be used. You can register them later but when you do register them, it generally means that you need to use it and quickly. Unfortunately issues with signatures or problems with the document may come to light making it either impossible to register or taking up further precious time re-signing the document (if that is even possible).

by either the Donor or the Attorney. Please visit to claim your refund. Please note that if we prepared your LPAs we cannot claim the refund for you and you must make the claim yourself. Make it easier for your loved ones to look after you if you are incapacitated and to deal with things after you’ve died, by following the advice above. Caroline Wilden TEP, is an experienced solicitor and director at specialist firm, Probate Solicitors Ltd (PSL), in Knowle. Tel: 01564 758055. Any views expressed are those of the author and not the publisher. DISCLAIMER: the contents of this article are believed to be accurate at the time of writing but do not amount to legal advice and no warranties are given. Please consult a qualified professional before taking any action. Any views expressed are those of the author and not the publisher.

The cost for registration has recently come down and is now £82 per document. If you registered an LPA between April 2013 and March 2017 you may be able to claim a partial refund as the Office of the Public Guardian have reviewed their costs. The refund can be claimed

Cornfield Magazine | 37

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The race is on to get out of the bottom The top is high so your roots are forgotten Giving is good as long as you're getting What's driving you it's ambition and betting

1. To the nearest whole number, how many metres is 20 feet? 2. How many wings does a normal bee have? 3. Who won the mens singles title at Wimbledon in 2000? 4. What type of sweet did Mars and Murrie develop in 1941? 5. What is the name of Snoopy`s little bird friend? 6. Who did actor David Arquette marry in 1999? 7. Which dance`s name is the Spanish word for sauce? 8. What relation is Supergirl to Superman? 9. In Italian, what does the word Pizza mean? 10. Which famous artist painted the `Water Lilies`? Answers on page 45

38 | Cornfield Magazine

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CORNFIELD PUBLISHING have teamed up with Grand Designs Live to give you the chance to claim one of 20 free pairs of tickets, worth up to £34 each, to the UK’s leading contemporary home show – Grand Designs Live at the ExCeL, proudly sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements. This inspiring event, presented by design guru and TV broadcaster, Kevin McCloud, at ExCeL London from 5 –13 May, will see an array of new exhibitors, features and stages alongside established favourites. To claim your free pair of tickets head to and use the code CORN18 before the 31st March. Terms and Conditions: Tickets can only be claimed online and cannot be claimed by any other method. Tickets are available for use on 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th May 2018 only. Tickets cannot be exchanged for cash, are not transferable and cannot be duplicated. There are only 20 pairs of tickets available which will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. Once all 20 tickets have been claimed, the code will no longer work. You must print your own tickets and show them at the entrance to Grand Designs Live on the date you have chosen. Failure to print your tickets could result in refusal of entry. In the event of any dispute, the show’s organisers, Media 10 Ltd have the right to refuse admission. Call the ticket hotline on 0844 854 1348

Cornfield Magazine | 39

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We have teamed up with The Photography Show to offer two lucky readers and their ‘plus one’ the chance to attend 2018’s most exciting photography event, absolutely free!* The Photography Show, the event for everyone passionate about photography and moving image, returns to the NEC Birmingham from 17-20 March 2018 featuring the latest kit from big brands and a jampacked speaker line-up. Get hands-on with new products from Canon, Epson, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, Manfrotto, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma and Sony to name a few, plus tripods, albums and accessories you didn’t even know existed from over 220 exhibitors. The Great Outdoors, a new stage for 2018, will feature live demos and expert advice on image capture outside, including dramatic landscapes, getting close to nature and special occasions whatever the weather. The enhanced Mobile & Social Stage will offer the opportunity to explore mobile imaging technologies and how social media can make (or break) a photographer, and the dedicated Video Stage will showcase cuttingedge products alongside technical and creative help on how to get the best out of moving image production skills. Plus, catch exciting live action tutorials on the Live Stage, find out about intriguing photography projects and techniques in Behind the Lens, discover how drones can enhance your projects in the Drone Zone and hear thrilling insights into the journeys of world-renowned photographers at the Super Stage and more…

Watch this space for further announcements… For more information, please visit:

To be in with a chance of winning, simply email us at: with your name and address details. If you are selected, you will receive a FREE pair of tickets. Tickets are limited to one pair per winner and are valid for one day only. To redeem the prize – you will need a valid email addres. So what are you waiting for? Send your entry today!

GET YOUR TICKET To guarantee that you’ll be at the show in March, you can buy tickets to the show by visiting Tickets to Super Stage sessions, masterclasses and for the VIP package are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. *Free tickets are for entry to the show plus a selection of theatre and stage programmes. Additional tickets must be purchased for the Masterclasses, Super Stage sessions and VIP upgrades.

40 | Cornfield Magazine

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Audi A4 Avant 3.0 TDI Fitted with a 3.0 litre V6 engine, the latest Audi A4 Avant becomes almost too powerful for its own good. Don’t get me wrong; the diesel lump is a real pearl, but there’s no way it returns the claimed 57.6mpg when riding on 19inch wheels. I found the car thirsty, and mid-30s was more realistic for me when driving two-up, with no luggage, on a mix of motorways, A and B-roads. The A4 estate model that Audi sent me came in top S line trim, and starts at £38,895, but with a few thousand pounds of options thrown at it, my test car was waving a £46,395 price-tag. You get a lot of kit for the cash, though and Audi is well-known for its upmarket, understated interiors that are both perfectly finished and intuitive. This A4 doesn’t dissatisfy; it has upscale materials everywhere and a straightforward, intelligible dashboard arrangement. Technology is plentiful, too. It includes: a reversing camera, parking sensors, three-zone climate control, heated electric seats, and a powered, hands-free boot. The A4 Avant is among the best-looking estates on the market in Britain. It’s undeniably classy, and the large 3.0 litre diesel engine is so smooth that it feels more like a hard-hitting petrol unit. What’s more, indiscernible wind and road noise make the A4 the quietest cruiser in its class – by a long chalk. The ride is wonderful, and easily a match for BMW’s 3-series. The same goes for the car’s bob-on handling.

This practical five-up estate comes with Audi’s standard seven-speed S tronic automatic gearbox. It changes slickly, keeping the revs low except when Dynamic mode is selected. A moderate push of your right foot is all that’s required to build momentum hastily; stamp down hard, though and you’ll get to 62mph in just 6.4 seconds.

By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Writer

FAST FACTS • Max speed: 152 mph • 0-62 mph: 6.4 secs • Combined mpg: 57.6 • 2967cc, six-cylinder turbo diesel • Max. power (PS): 218 • CO2: 126 g/km • Price: £38,895

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The King is Back: Ben Portsmouth is Elvis We spoke to award-winning singer and Elvis impersonator Ben Portsmouth ahead of his appearance at Arena Birmingham in ‘The King is Back: Ben Portsmouth is Elvis’. How has your day been? All good, I’m still alive. You’re currently on tour and coming to Birmingham 29 April, how are the gigs going so far? I’m playing at Margate tomorrow night (all the glamorous locations). They’ve been going really well – great audiences and I’ve been getting away with it. [Laughs] When did you first begin performing as Elvis? The real story is my dad was sitting in the car with me as a kid and would listen to Elvis, Buddy Holly and similar artists and that’s how I became aware of him. My dad had a tape in the house so I put that on and listened to Elvis, and he had a guitar so I picked that up and learnt the chords. I’ve always been a musician really, because that’s all I can do. [Laughs] I just picked it up as I went along. I just started imitating him

and tried to sing like him, and I just really loved the music side of it all. I went out and began performing it, singing it, and before I knew it I got a band together and we started in the pubs and the clubs and it just escalated from there really. Your live performances are truly uncanny to the King himself. How did you perfect your impersonation and tribute act? Did you study his mannerisms and vocal inflections from videos? I mean, nobody can truly look or sound exactly like Elvis because he’s quite unique… obviously looks-wise I try to create a mirage on stage and use make up, obviously I have watched all of the DVDs. But you can’t copy it too much, because then it begins to look staged and a bit awkward really. You have to feel it really and hopefully if you’re feeling it then the audience are feeling it.

I have to congratulate you on winning the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and the title of Worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist. You were the first artist to have ever won the award from outside of the U.S – how did it feel being recognised in this way? I felt incredible, to go all the way over there and perform in Elvis’s home city of Memphis - it was great. I never thought I’d win because I never thought they’d give it to a non-American. I got down to the last five, and we had to choose our last song, and I think I chose ‘If I Can Dream’ and then they called my name…and it was fantastic. Do you have a favourite Elvis song? It’s difficult because it varies, but I like the later years. I like ‘American Trilogy’, that’s a good one.

Checkout the Cornfield Website on how to win tickets! The King is Back - Ben Portsmouth is Elvis - 29 April 2018 - Arena Birmingham

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BEELICIOUS Recipes and Wellness Journal

Balance your mind, body, spirit, wellness and nutrition to achieve a stronger, healthier you.


estselling author, TV chef and nationally renowned health and wellness coach, Sally Bee, returns to the literature charts with her new publication ‘Beelicious’. Mixing delicious recipes with lifestyle tips, Bee provides readers with an inspirational handbook on how to live a healthy and happy life. The author, having suffered a threatening illness and five heart attacks, is an extraordinary example of how changing certain habits and finding inner strength can completely change one’s fate.

Bee’s text is a guide on how to develop selfawareness, perseverance and balance the mind. Her personal determination to overcome the struggles life has thrown at her is as awe-inspiring as it is miraculous. Combining gorgeous illustrations, inspirational daily messages and mouth-watering recipes, ‘Beelicious’ is a one-stop guide for those looking to significantly improve their lifestyle. In a very personal and humbling foreword, Bee explains her motivations for writing the book, reflecting upon the devastating life and death experiences she has faced in her lifetime. Bee’s ability to conquer her own insecurities and to survive, recover and function even better than before is shared with her readers in a section entitled ‘My Philosophy’. When filling in the ‘Wellness Journal’, testing out the delicious recipes or reading Bee’s personal reflections, it is

impossible not to feel motivated to make a change – her attitude to life is contagious. The book is designed to be interactive, with spaces for readers to fill out their own personal thoughts and experiences taking each day as it comes. Punchy, memorable taglines mark out individual sections of the ‘Be Lucky, Be Happy’ section, as Bee categorises areas such as ‘Time’, ‘Movement’ and ‘No Excuses’ into clear, coherent paragraphs. Without using superfluous, overtly complicated jargon, Bee explains the science behind her strategy in an easily readable format. Clearly, Bee’s strategies for coping with her illness and her approach to life has saved her life, proving that following her advice can truly work. ‘Beelicious’ is a beautiful little book following one woman’s journey to recovery and the cathartic, emotional process of overcoming difficult episodes and moving on from them. Perhaps, this book can too save your life.

Beelicious is a culmination of the food, thoughts and movements that have kept me going through a most difficult time. Sally Bee

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Local Events

What's On

This area is for local events, what’s on, clubs and societies. These listings are FREE. If you would like to add your info on this page, then please email the details to: If you would like your event in a black box, it’s a minimal charge of £20 per month. Or if you would prefer to sponsor the page with the banner at the bottom, please call our sales team on 0121 796 6800 for more info.

WE NEED YOUR LOCAL EVENTS Send us youer local events (Dances, Clubs and Societies, car boot sales etc) and we will advertise them for FREE Welcome to our local what’s on guide, giving you the latest in event listings local to Barnt Green, Alvechurch and surrounding areas. Whether it is arts, entertainment, fitness or a local community group, we are on hand to help promote your event listing. For further information or to send through your event details email and we will be happy to spread the word on what is happening near you. Saturday Night social Dance FEB Graham & Denise Darby present a Saturday Night social Dance, supporting the Midlands Air Ambulance & Prostate Cancer at Kidderminster Harriers Social Club, Hoo Road, Kidderminster on Saturday 24th February, 2018. Ballroom, Latin & Social Sequence Dancing to live music by Graham Darby - Doors open at 7.30pm Dancing from 8pm - 11pm - pay on the door £5 per person. For further details please call 01543 502722 or visit

Yoga Mavericks Alvechurch based yoga guide. Strala trained. Flow class Sundays 10am Alvechurch Village Hall. £8 per session. A modern approach to a traditional practice, great music, suitable for all. Spots must be reserved due to limited space. Add my facebook page, or message 07960320656. Private sessions available.


(but not limited to): charity concerts, private gigs and performances for dementia sufferers at ‘Memory Cafes’. Keep an eye out for their new album ‘The Circle – It’s Skiffle But Not As We Know It’, out soon. All proceeds go to charity. For more information or booking requests, please contact John Davies on 0121 4450177 or 07904391584. Follow the band on Facebook: @65specials.

KINGFISHER PROBUS CLUB The club provides the opportunity for retired and semi-retired men to meet people in a friendly situation Monthly meetings are held at The Foxlydiate Arms, every second Thursday of the month at 11-30 am. Lunch is followed by an interesting talk given by a visiting speaker. Partners/ friends are welcome at our Walks,Trips,Golf,Skittles and Special Lunches. We are now recruiting, so come along to a meeting or contact Max Sayer on 0121 445 4724

Bromsgrove Speakers Club

For Fitness, Vitality, Stress Relief & a Good Night’s Sleep. Classes, Retreat Days & Workshops in Alvechurch, Blackwell & Burcot, Bromsgrove. 1-21 sessions available. Contact Sally: 0790 366 3085, visit Facebook: MyYogaMind

The club, a member of the national Association of Speakers Clubs, meets fortnightly on Tuesdays at the Bell at Belbroughton. Members learn how to become better speakers, presenters and leaders in a friendly learning atmosphere. For details please visit

Sat Night social Dance MARCH

Learn how to draw and paint or improve your skills. Small friendly groups in home-studio setting in Barnt Green village with plenty of one to one tuition.All abilities welcome. Daytime and evening classes available. Contact Jo Pardoe on 07967 041446

Graham & Denise Darby present a Saturday Night social Dance, supporting the Midlands Air Ambulance & Prostate Cancer at Fairfield Village Hall, Stourbridge Rd, Fairfield, Bromsgrove on Saturday 3rd March, 2018. Ballroom, Latin & Social Sequence Dancing to live music by Graham Darby - Doors open at 7.30pm Dancing from 8pm - 11pm - pay on the door £5 per person (Please being your own refreshments). For further details please call 01543 502722 or

6-5 Specials Skiffle Band The quartet, made up of retired volunteers, is dedicated to raising money for Dementia UK through their music. Based in Alvechurch, the 6-5 Specials Skiffle Band is available for hire, including


The Worcester-Birmingham & Droitwich Canals Society The Worcester-Birmingham & Droitwich Canals Society meets at the Alvechurch Boat Centre on the first Tuesday of every month, except July & August when we have Summer walks. There is usually a guest speaker and raffle. Non members are very welcome to attend. Meetings start at 7.45pm. Please visit our website: for more information.

Due to the popularity of this page, we are now having to limit the amount of words for each post. If the post is too long, it may be edited by us or not included at all. We will also only keep a post for a few months to make space for new events etc. So, please keep it short and to the point! Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the data in this magazine is accurate, the Cornfield Magazine cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or endorse companies, products or services appearing in this magazine. The Cornfield Magazine cannot be held responsible for any breach of copyright arising from any material supplied. Published monthly by Cornfield Publishing Ltd. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the permission from the publisher.

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Quiz Answers. 1. 6

2. 4

3. Pete Sampras

4. M & Ms

5. Woodstock

6. Courtney Cox

7. Salsa

8. Cousin

9. Pie

10. Monet

Cornfield Magazine | 45

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Chasing Deer Chasing Deer, made up of four incredible musicians born-and-raised in the West Midlands, recently chatted to Cornfield Magazine about their upcoming live tour dates, new music and life living in the Big Smoke. The talented quartet was eager to talk about their new material and plans to release one single from their new album every month of 2018. Alongside this innovative campaign of new music, Chasing Deer’s new singles will be accompanied by never-before-seen album artwork featuring British Sign Language words and phrases. Blending melodies reminiscent of The Beatles and taking inspiration from artists such as Bowie, Chasing Deer's new single, ‘Colour My World’ is both upbeat and refreshing. The single fuses elements of light indie and acoustic pop, influences of electronica and has a more traditional, rockier edge - all creating a distinctive and intriguing sound. Now based in London, the band cuts out the milage clocked up for practice to instead focus on creating new sounds in the bustling hub of the capital city. Keen to perform live and play to their fans, Rob, Adam, Patrick and Peter have spent months in the studio perfecting their new sound in order to give themselves more time on the road.

one before. We want our fans to be part of our development and alongside us on our journey throughout our career. Remind us of where we can find you and be part of Chasing Deer's 2018 plans? Head over to Spotify, whether on a Free or Premium account and just search 'Chasing Deer'. Everyone who clicks 'follow' supports the band’s goal to provide regular new music. As a thank you, you can stream everything from past music and new releases as soon as they are released. You can also join us on the road behind-the-scenes on Instagram and Facebook! @ChasingDeerBand

Since you last spoke to Cornfield Mag there’s been a few big changes for the band, hasn’t there? We've been busier than ever with our performances across the UK and Europe and writing new songs with two new members. We have recently been joined by Peter on guitar and Patrick on bass guitar. Your first single for 2018 'Calling for You' was released back in January, and ‘Colour My World’ is the most recent single to have been released. Where do you record your music? Yes, and we've already had so much support for it from long term champions of Chasing Deer like BBC Introducing and Touch FM. We like to push ourselves and learn new tips from each environment we record in, so we work with a variety of producers and studios across the year for different song styles. The first four singles of our campaign were recorded in Bermondsey, London whilst the next couple will be recorded in Stoke with legendary producer Stuart Epps (Led Zeppelin, Elton John, George Harrison, Oasis). We're very excited! Chasing Deer will be releasing a new single on the last Friday of every month in 2018. Can you tell us what to expect from your new material? Bigger and better, with the usual Chasing Deer ‘sing-along’ style and energy! We like to think that every piece of song writing and recording we do is an improvement on the

@chasingdeer @chasingdeerband

Simple Minds ‘Walk Between Worlds’ The release of Simple Minds’ new album, ‘Walk Between Worlds’, was an extremely welcomed surprise for all fans eager to hear their new material. Produced in collaboration with Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg, the new album features an interesting mix of orchestral epics, such as the title track ‘Barrowland Star’, alongside more guitar-heavy, new-wave/post-punkesque songs like the aptly named ‘Summer’. A nostalgic nod to the former double-sided album format, Simple Minds have played with the album’s coherency – creating two notably different sections that are easily categorised into ‘Side One’ and ‘Side Two’. Moving beyond their recognisable, signature sound, Simple Minds explore layers of string sections, voice-overs and powerful guitar solos in their new tracks. With artwork courtesy of artist Heitor Mangno, ‘Walk Between Worlds’ shapes up to be a fantastic collection of songs that push Simple Minds’ musical repertoire in a new direction. As their sound continues to evolve, the band use this album as a way to glance back at their former years and introduce their present sounds. Watch Simple Minds live later this year alongside The Pretenders for the 2018 Grandslam Tour – the first time the two bands have played on the same stage since Live Aid. Shows are scheduled for August and September, for more information visit

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For as little as £30 per month, your advert will feature within the Cornfield Directory, which is delivered to over 10,000 addresses every month, whilst using the latest GPS tracking systems.

If you would like to place an advert call: 0121 796 6800. Please quote Cornfield Magazine when calling, so that our advertisers can locate where the calls have come from.



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Book an advert this size for only


£90 per month

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F £30

Book an ad this size


per month

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Book an advert this size for only

£50 per month

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Cornfield Magazine Barnt Green March 2018  

Spring has arrived! Finally, after what feels like an endless winter, the sun is in sight, and with it comes some very exciting events. Mult...

Cornfield Magazine Barnt Green March 2018  

Spring has arrived! Finally, after what feels like an endless winter, the sun is in sight, and with it comes some very exciting events. Mult...