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Barnt Green, Alvechurch and Worcestershire

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Welcome Hello and welcome to your April edition of Cornfield Magazine. Welcome to your April edition of Cornfield Magazine. This month, we bring you some exciting news! As of May 2018, Cornfield Magazine will be evolving. Our monthly lifestyle magazines will be distributed exclusively to selected drop off points, allowing us to expand our readership! We’ve even added a subscription service for our publications. For more information, see page 5.



In our April issue, we chat to the sensational Calum Scott in an exclusive and insightful interview as he celebrates the release of his new album, ‘Only Human’, and heads out on tour across the UK. We review the new restaurants and bars coming to Birmingham in 2018, and revisit some of our favourite eateries offering exquisite dishes and enticing atmospheres. The upcoming months will see an excellent line up of bands, musicians, comedians and theatrical performances coming to Brum – see our round up of some of the spectacular events you can look forward to over the next few weeks!


Happy reading!



Our movie section this month is dedicated to the latest familyfriendly films and upcoming releases, including Nick Park’s brand new animation ‘Early Man’ and Will Gluck’s adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s much-loved tales about a crafty, lovable rabbit. As always, thank you for your continued support for our magazine. We’ve had a fantastic month exploring what our wonderful city has to offer, and can’t wait to discover more.




Richard & Sam

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Tel: 0121 796 6800 Email: Web:


Cornfield Publishing Ltd, Wythall Business Centre, May Lane, Birmingham B47 5PD

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WE’RE IMPROVING ADAPTING EVOLVING Cornfield Magazine is dedicated to helping to promote the many local events, businesses, attractions and news stories our wonderful city has to offer.


Following the fantastic support received from our readers and clients, we have decided to increase our reach! As an established regional publishing company, we felt it was time to branch out, revise our distribution areas, and expand. As of May 2018, Cornfield Magazine will be distributed exclusively to selected drop off points, covering a larger proportion of Birmingham, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. This change will allow us to attract new readers, cover additional events, write further lifestyle features and support even more businesses! After over four years delivering our publications to the local community, we wanted to celebrate our growing company by sharing our magazines with a wider audience. In order to achieve this, we will no longer distribute our magazines door-to-door, and instead will drop our publications to thousands of businesses across the Midlands. Our free publications will be available to pick up from hundreds of local businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, hair salons, jewellery shops, shopping centres and independent traders.

Simply fill in the form and send back to us NAME ADDRESS


If you’d like to join us in our new venture and promote your business or event, or register your business as a collection point, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 0121 796 6800. We are now offering subscriptions! If you love Cornfield Magazine and would like to continue receiving our publication directly through your door each month, you can subscribe to our magazine for just £24 per year for 12 issues. Our subscription fees simply cover the cost for postage and packaging, so you can enjoy our magazines in the comfort of your own home. Simply send the completed form below along with a cheque to our office, or visit our website to pay online. Thank you again for continuing to support our magazines! From

The Cornfield Team x Please indicate which edition you would like to receive. Please tick. South Birmingham, Solihull and Warwickshire Barnt Green, Alvechurch and Worcestershire

Please send a cheque for the required amount made payable to Cornfield publishing Ltd to Cornfield Publishing, Wythall Business Centre, May Lane, Wythall B47 5PD

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Cooking Essentials



Available from Harvey Nichols



8. 6. 2. 1. Harvey Nichols Himalayan Pink Salt, £2.95 2. Harvey Nichols Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Mayonnaise, £2.50 3. Harvey Nichols Pesto Alla Genovese, £7.50 4. Harvey Nichols English Ale Mustard, £3.75 5. Harvey Nichols Wild Flower Honey, £4.95 6. Fun Soy, Lemongrass Soy Sauce at Harvey Nichols, £6.50 7. L'Olivier Framboise (Raspberry) Vinegar, £9.95 8. Easy Tasty Magic, Porcini Salt at Harvey Nichols, £5.95

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20% off A-La Carte menu with this voucher during April Tel: 01564 732750 Loch Fyne Knowle, The Bank House, High Street, Knowle, B93 0JU T&Cs apply. Food only. Excluding Friday & Saturday after 6pm. Not available in conjunction with any other discounts offer or promotion. We reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.

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Food &Hotspots Drink

April 2018 sees several exciting new venues opening in Birmingham. Whether you’re a self-confessed foodie, or a cocktail connoisseur, there’s no shortage of delightful dining options available in our fabulous city. We take a look at a few of the fabulous new bars and restaurants coming to Brum, and one of our favourite contemporary eateries.

The Ivy Temple Row 67-71 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5LS

Mowgli Unit 30, Grand Central, Stephenson Place, Birmingham B2 4BF Back in 2014, Mowgli’s founder, Nisha Katona, dreamt of opening a restaurant serving authentic Indian cuisine, reflective of the real food eaten by Indians in their homes and on their streets. Following her creative passion, Nisha made her dream a reality and opened her very own eatery on Bold Street in Liverpool. The tiny restaurant soon became one of the most popular joints in the city centre, leading Nisha to open three more venues in vibrant, buzzing cities (with two more opening this year). Mowgli’s delightful dishes might be simple, but they by no means lack interesting flavours. Aiming to convey the “truth of real Indian food”, Mowgli’s menu features healthy, scrumptious recipes packed with fresh ingredients. Offering a variety of vegan and gluten free options, Mowgli’s hand-trained chefs are experts in creating interesting cuisine to cater for a variety of tastes.

A gorgeous new venue is set to open in the heart of Birmingham this 11 April. The Ivy Temple Row is located the building formerly occupied by Louis Vuitton, and will offer “sophisticated but related all-day dining from dawn until dusk” for visitors and locals alike, seven days a week. The menu, which features a selection of modern British classics and internationally inspired dishes, will be complimented by an extensive selection of classic cocktails. Whether you’re looking for a venue to host a luxurious afternoon tea with friends, or grab a light brunch with colleagues, The Ivy Temple Row can accommodate your wishes. Keeping true to The Ivy Collection’s signature green colour palette, the new venue will boast leather banquettes, stunning marble floors and a 10-seater bar, offering a private dining room for larger parties available from May. To book a table please visit from 10am on Thursday, 22 March.

Cornfield Recommends: The Tiffin Boxes: a food roulette, total pot luck. The Office Worker’s Tiffin includes four tiers of meat, veg and carb jeopardy chosen by the chef as it is in India. Indian School Tiffin offers vegetarian options. The Mowgli Street Food cookbook will be available to buy from April 2018 from Amazon! See for more details.

Dirty Martini Opening April 2018 Set to open this month in the former Viva Brazil restaurant, Dirty Martini will be bringing exceptional quirky cocktails, bespoke glamorous interiors and specialist martinis to Birmingham city centre. To celebrate the launch of the new plush drinking venue, Dirty Martini are offering free martinis to their customers – find out how to claim yours online at:

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There are few things that Accident & Emergency clinicians dread more than seeing a young cocaine user showing up with chest pain, or other symptoms suggestive of cardiovascular disease. Their dread is serious and based on real experience. Aside from the fact that this young, otherwise-healthy person may be suffering from a drug-induced life-threatening or disability-producing medical condition, the doctor knows that making a correct diagnosis is likely to be difficult and expensive (since cocaine can cause so very many cardiovascular problems). Worse, once a diagnosis is made, treatment is likely to be especially challenging, because of the effect of cocaine on the body’s physiology. Furthermore, the young patient’s long-term outcome is likely to be suboptimal, even if a correct diagnosis is made quickly, and treatment instituted immediately. So, how does cocaine actually affect the cardiovascular system? Cocaine inhibits the reuptake of norepinephrine in the neurons, greatly potentiating the effect of this powerful neurotransmitter within the sympathetic nervous system. The exaggerated sympathetic nervous activity induced by cocaine significantly increases the force of heart muscle contraction, and at the same time it raises the heart rate and the blood pressure. These factors all greatly increase the work of the heart, and the demand of the heart for oxygen and nutrients. But at the same time that it is causing the cardiovascular system (heart and circulatory system) to work so much harder, cocaine also causes constriction of the capillaries, reducing blood flow to the heart muscle. Blood flow to the heart muscle is so important, as it ensures oxygen is transported and we remain cardiovascularly stable.

In addition, cocaine promotes blood clotting within blood vessels. So, while creating a greatly increased cardiac demand for oxygen, cocaine simultaneously restricts blood flow to the heart muscle. This can be very dangerous and lead to a huge range of cardiac conditions, including cardiac arrest and death. Cocaine also leads to long-term and permanent heart conditions, which will impact on life as we get older. This combination of effects is very bad for the cardiovascular system. Several important cardiovascular conditions can result from this combination of effects caused by cocaine use. These include: Myocardial infarction (heart attack) - Heart attacks are a well-known complication of cocaine use, and can occur with any dose of cocaine, and even in first time users. Most cocaine-induced heart attacks occur within one hour of using the drug, and they are particularly prevalent younger people. In fact, cocaine use has been implicated in nearly 25% of heart attacks that occur in people under 45. Read about the treatment of myocardial infarction. Aortic dissection - Acute aortic dissection - a sudden tearing of the wall of the aorta - is an extremely painful and life-threatening condition. While there are many causes of aortic dissection, in young people cocaine use is a prevalent cause.

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Coronary artery aneurysm - Coronary artery aneurysms, balloonlike dilations of coronary arteries, are fairly common in cocaine users, occurring in up to 30% of chronic users. Coronary artery aneurysms are a cause of heart attack. Myocarditis and cardiomyopathy - Cocaine causes myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle. Myocarditis can lead to damage of the heart muscle, or cardiomyopathy. As a result, heart failure may occur. Heart rhythm problems - Cocaine use can cause numerous cardiac arrhythmias. In addition to causing sudden death from ventricular fibrillation, cocaine can also produce bundle branch block, heart block, torsades de pointes, and numerous types of supraventricular tachycardias. Stroke - The risk of stroke among cocaine users is estimated to be up to seven times higher that it is for non-users. In general, the treatment of cocaine-induced cardiovascular problems is similar to the treatment of those same cardiac problems when cocaine use is not a factor. However, cocaine use complicates therapy in a few important ways: Beta blockers should not be used in patients taking cocaine. Beta blockers are very important for the treatment of coronary artery disease, heart attacks, angina, and heart failure. However, in patients taking cocaine, beta blockers (which block beta-sympathetic effects of norepinephrine) “uncover” the alpha-sympathetic effects, leading to more constriction of the small arteries, and higher blood pressures. When treating what appears to be an acute heart attack, the use of clot-busting drugs — fibrinolysis — should generally not be employed in a cocaine-user without first doing a cardiac catheterization. This is because the ECG changes that typically indicate an acute heart attack may be seen in cocaine users who are actually not having a heart attack. Bottom line: The use of cocaine can place enormous stress on the cardiovascular system, and can lead to several significant medical conditions. Furthermore, because of the effect of cocaine on human physiology, treatment options are limited in people who have cocaine-induced cardiovascular problems. Sources used for this article; Afonso L, Mohammad T, Thatai D. Crack Whips the Heart: a Review of the Cardiovascular Toxicity of Cocaine. Am J Cardiol 2007; 100:1040. Maraj S, Figueredo VM, Lynn Morris D. Cocaine and the Heart. Clin Cardiol 2010; 33:264. McCord J, Jneid H, Hollander JE, et al. Management of Cocaine-associated Chest Pain and Myocardial Infarction: a Scientific Statement from the American Heart Association Acute Cardiac Care Committee of the Council on Clinical Cardiology. Circulation 2008; 117:1897. Schwartz BG, Rezkalla S, Kloner RA. Cardiovascular Effects of Cocaine. Circulation 2010; 122:2558

Eileen Fegan, Clinical Director of Solihull Health Check Clinic Solihull Health Check Clinic The Lighthouse, 8 Gorcott Lane Dickens Heath B90 1FF 0121 745 7400

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Dentelle Aesthetic Skin Solutions

Putting clients’ care at the heart

of every treatment. Dentelle is a centre of excellence in natural facial rejuvenation and non-surgical, natural aesthetic interventions. The Solihull-based, multi award-winning clinic is one of the select few in the Midlands accredited with Save Face. To guarantee the health and safety of all clients, Dr Clare Quinn, a registered, qualified medical professional, carries out all procedures at Dentelle. With over 20 years of experience working in dental practice, and having refined her gentle injectable techniques over the past 10 years within the field of aesthetics, Medical Director Dr Clare Quinn LDS RCS (Eng) is well known in achieving natural cosmetic injectable results. By attending regular training programmes, Clare continuously keeps up-to-date with the latest nonsurgical techniques, meaning her experience and expertise guarantees clients are in safe hands. Dr Clare Quinn explains, “In the current unregulated aesthetic market, it can be difficult to know which clinics to trust! Numerous so-claimed 'experienced aesthetic practitioners' are offering cut-price non-surgical treatments on a mobile basis. Injectable treatments such as dermal fillers do carry an element of risk, although small, so it is vitally important to have treatments carried out by an experienced professional who is both easily accessible and fully capable of dealing with any complications that may arise. If treatments appear to be cheap, there is a reason! “Dermal fillers have attracted bad press over the years due to some celebrities looking a little 'overdone'. I am a great advocate of the 'less is more' approach to treatments. Small amounts of judiciously placed filler can work wonders to restore lost volume and lift facial features with very natural and long lasting results. A combination of lightly placed muscle relaxing treatment and filler can really keep everyone trying to guess your secret!”

Be the best you.

Spring Forward To Healthier Skin We all have to accept ageing, but we can delay the signs! With safe and effective non-surgical treatments, skin can retain its youthful glow and radiance for longer. Combining expertise with passion, the team at Dentelle take the time to plan an effective course of therapies and treatments to suit the individual requirements of all clients.

What is Save Face? Clinics accredited with Save Face exclusive kite marks ensure that the person treating clients has received the appropriate training, is registered with a statutory body and undertakes regular training updates. The environment of Save Face clinics must comply with Health & Safety Legislation and have the necessary equipment to provide the treatments safely. Similarly, the products used for all treatments must be appropriately licensed, sourced from legitimate suppliers, as well as maintained and stored to a satisfactory standard.

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Dermal Fillers – How Do They Work? With age, skin dries out and becomes fragile following the loss of hyaluronic acid (HA) – a natural powerful moisturising agent. The face often becomes hollow as tissues progressively sag. Dermal fillers injected into the dermis can effectively alleviate hyaluronic acid deficiency, which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The hypo-allergenic gel used is similar to our body’s own natural HA, and biodegrades slowly over time, making dermal fillers one of the most popular natural rejuvenation treatments on the market. Soften fine lines, eradicate wrinkles, enhance thin lips and restore volume loss in cheeks with this miraculous, safe and simple procedure. Placing dermal fillers at strategic points in the cheeks and jaw line will give an immediate volumising and lifting effect, and has been described in the industry as 'a liquid face lift'.

Profhilo Skin Refreshing – What Does It Involve? Profhilo delivers quick and long-lasting results for clients suffering from skin laxity by boosting and hydrating the skin, as well as remodelling ageing and sagging tissue. The treatment uses ultra-pure, natural hyaluronic acid (HA), which is stabilised without adding synthetic chemical cross-linking agents. As one of the safest injection treatments worldwide, Profhilo is known for its unique patented technology and

high biocompatibility. The treatment will effectively combat dehydrated skin and loss of skin volume and elasticity, and can be combined with other aesthetic skin rejuvenation solutions. Profhilo remains in the skin for 28 days, during which time it continues to stimulate collagen and elastin production by slowly releasing HA. Dentelle offers a range of treatments that have been clinically proven to have psychological benefits. HydraFacial Fire and Ice Facial Guinot Hydradermie Environ Vitamin Facial Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Wrinkle Smoothing Injections Lip Treatments IPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation Acne Treatments Manicures and Pedicures Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage Professional Makeup Artist (for glamour and bridal) Dermal Fillers ((For lifting and improving facial contours) Profhilo Skin Refreshing

This clinic is the very best I have been to. Clare is excellent, very gentle and gets the best subtle results

Marion, Dentelle Client

Dermal filler results achieved by Dr Clare Quinn

Results from Profhilo treatment over three stages

Call the clinic now to book a no obligation, confidential consultation or book your treatment now! Call: 01564 770770 - Email:

Exclusive Spring Offers

Refresh Package 2 areas Anti-Wrinkle Injections 1 Fire & Ice Facial OR Hydrafacial FREE Skincare Consultation

Rejuvenate Package 2 areas Anti-Wrinkle Injections 1 ml Filler 1 Hydrafacial 1 LED Phototherapy 1 Fire & Ice Facial FREE Skincare Consultation


Quote ‘Cornfield April’ on booking


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Four Simple Steps to Achieve a

Springtime Glow Step 1: Lighten your load – in spring, your heavy and intense moisturisers and creams are rendered less useful, due to the risk of kickstarting unnecessary oil production in the warmer climate. Switch these for a lighter moisturiser such as the Sensibio Light (£15.00), which provides skin with a breathable layer of moisture and a radiant glow. This light cream will also work to treat any skin sensitivities flared up by hotter temperatures. Step 2: Reinstate an SPF – Keeping our skin protected from the suns rays is vital in the spring and summer months, and in the spring the sun’s strength can be deceptive. Applying a daily SPF such as the new Photoderm Max Tinted Aquafluid (£14.80) will keep skin shielded from the sun, whilst this tinted cream also acts as an alternative to heavy foundation, giving skin a breathable base perfect for warmer weather. Step 3: Introduce an eye cream – As the sun returns to our lives, squinting is more probable and thus, wrinkles and fine lines could appear. Applying a daily eye cream is a great tonic for this, and the Sensibio Eye (£14.80) will also combat puffiness and sensitive skin around the eye, which is great in spring due to the pollen levels in the air rising. Step 4: Sweat SOS – There’s nothing worse for keeping makeup on than a warm weather commute – applying a mattifying primer which simultaneously combats oil production will help keep your face flawless on-the-go. The Sebium Pore Refiner (£15.50) is the ideal companion under makeup, holding foundation in place and keeping blemishes at bay throughout the spring months.

14 | Cornfield Magazine

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A M Y H I C K E Y ’ S M O N T H LY B E A U T Y T I P S


in Apr il

Highlighters and illuminators. It seems like every day another glow-giving palette arrives on the scene, claiming to give our skin the most flattering and radiant glow yet. And while all the choices are exciting, the seemingly endless options can lead to confusion (and very light wallets). How do you pick the best highlighter palette for you?

Cover FX Perfect Highlighting Pallette A six-colour highlighting palette for all skin types. For the face and eyes, Perfect Highlighting Palette contains six powder highlighters that add a radiant, multidimensional glow. To be used alone or together, layer and blend to customise your look and create an intense, eye-catching finish.

Revlon Highlighting Palette Provides natural colour highlights for a soft, healthy and sun-kissed glow. The price is a steal, what’s not to love?

To make sense of it all, we decided to round up some of the Beautylish community’s fan favorites. Whether you’re seeking a supersubtle, natural sheen, or you want to outshine a disco ball, here are the best glow palettes for every taste and style.

Urban Decay Afterglow Palette Give your skin a luminous glow that won’t quit with Afterglow Highlighter Palette. Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter looks great on any skin tone. Use them individually or mix them to create your very own custom highlight.

Smashbox Highlighting Palette An easy-to-use, highlighter palette that spotlights your favorite features, adds dimension and gives you a buildable glow. Available in two shades: pearl and gold.

Huda Beauty 3D Highlight Palette The eagerly-anticipated secret to the ultimate strobed glow, Huda Beauty's 3D Highlight Palettes boast four, beautifully buttery colours to make your best assets stand out. Ideal for exaggerating cheekbones, brow bones, collarbones... anywhere you deem deserving of attention. These must-have quartets are essential for that beautiful finish.

T: 07733 237 767 E: Twitter: @amy_hickey Cornfield Magazine | 15

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Grand Opening of New HelpHarryHelpOthers

Drop In Cancer Support Centre is a Resounding Success Harry’s ambassador and ITV’s Ben Shepard officially opened the centre Thursday 22 February 2018, to mark Harry’s 18th birthday. The event, which celebrated the life of the remarkable young charity creator and his legacy, saw the opening of the new Drop In Cancer Support Centre – a ‘home from home’ for anyone touched by any kind of Cancer. Founded by Harry’s mum, Georgie Moseley, The Birmingham Drop In Cancer Support Centre is part of the HelpHarryHelpOthers Cancer Charity. The Centre has been created based on the Moseley’s own journey with Cancer and aims to offer every type of support required outside of treatment to families in Solihull and Birmingham. Harry, who died on 11 October 2011, was inspired to act following the death of his close friend and fellow patient Robert Harley. He raised over £650,000, with his fundraising bracelets being covered extensively in national and local media. Whilst battling an inoperable brain tumour, Harry was inspired to make a difference, and help change the lives of everyone he met. His fundraising success resulted in the posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 JustGiving Awards. Harry wanted to create his own charity, and his parents have now fulfilled that. The charity will continue Harry’s schools’ initiative and encourage the sale of his fundraising bracelets, and inspire other children to make a difference. “I can no longer help Robert, but I know that he was proud of me and he wore my bracelet too. As Robert was my inspiration I have now decided to dedicate my campaign in memory of him, as this is my way of keeping his memory alive. I live in the hope that one day there will be a cure for brain tumours and with your help we can help others.” – Harry Moseley The HelpHarryHelpOthers campaign has been incredibly successful to date, supporting people that have been affected by Cancer, and where Cancer diagnosis has impacted their lives. “Please support me and my campaign so that we together can make a difference to all people that suffer with brain tumours”. – Harry Moseley - - @helpharryhelpotherscharity - @harry_moseley - #hhho

Cornfield Magazine | 17

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Breast Cancer

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, the annual campaign presented by Breast Cancer Now, returns with brand new, on-trend and exclusive collections launching online and in-stores on Thursday 12 April 2018 during the six week campaign. Since 1996, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer has joined forces with some of the biggest names in fashion to speak up against breast cancer, and so far has raised more than £15 million to make life-saving research happen, and help put a stop to this devastating disease. For 2018, M&S, Debenhams, River Island and Simply Be will all launch exclusive statement piece collections. Each item carries a minimum 30% donation to Breast Cancer Now.

Simply Be Stripe Asymmetric Jumpsuit, £39.

This year’s campaign theme, Make a Statement, gives UK shoppers the opportunity to shop the collection and make their statement against breast cancer. With each statement tee, sundress or summer accessory sold, we will get one step closer to stopping women dying of breast cancer. Shop the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer collection and show your support from 12 April 2018. Fashion isn’t a label, it’s a statement, make yours. #MakeAStatement Simply Be, Alana Silver Block Heel Barely There, £25.

Simply Be Super Female T-Shirt, £14.

Simply Be Emerald Green Jacket, £49.

River Island Black Bracelet, £3 suggested donation.

Debenhams Red Herring Blue Cross Body Bag, £26.

18 | Cornfield Magazine

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Simply Be, Strike through Hoop Earrings, £10.

M&S Unisex Grey T-shirt, £15.

Debenhams Red Herring Girl Power Watch £25.

River Island Fashion is Our Strength T-Shirt, £18.

Simply Be, £35, Chloe Yes Girl Badge Skinny Jean. Simply Be Lou Ribbon White Trainers, £25.

Cornfield Magazine | 19

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Calum Scott on ‘Only Human’: “I really wanted to write songs that reflected me as a person, but I also wanted to encourage other people to be who they want to be.” Interview by Evie Kissack


fter moving millions of viewers to tears following his show-stopping audition for Britain’s Got Talent back in 2015, Calum Scott became a worldwide name. The northern lad is now embarking upon a huge tour to support the release of his exquisite debut studio album, ‘Only Human’. Talking to Cornfield’s Content Editor, Calum disclosed the importance of creating music from the heart. ‘Only Human’ marks a profound moment in Calum’s personal life, not least his musical career. Featuring 11 original songs, alongside a beautiful duet with X Factor winner Leona Lewis and a soulstirring rendition of Bob Dylan’s ‘Not Dark Yet’, the album is full of sublime musical surprises. It’s the idea of shared collective human experiences that drives the musician – he wants people to feel something when they listen to his songs. By no means has fame enlarged Calum’s ego; the Hull-born artist is as down-to-earth as

20 | Cornfield Magazine

he is talented. Sharing details of his life before BGT and coming to terms with his insecurities, Calum explained how he uses his music as a cathartic release, hoping to share messages of self-love and acceptance to the world. Firstly, how are you? Are you enjoying the travelling so far? I’m really good, thank you! Yeah, just a casual trip over to blooming Australia. My manager said, ‘We are just going to pop over to Aus’ and I thought, ‘I don’t think anyone just ‘pops’ over there’. Yeah, I mean, there are very few downsides to this industry, but one of them is that it takes a long time to get to places, especially Australia. I mean, it is a lot less of a burden than it was sat working in an office nine ‘til five every day back in my old job. I would take the travel over my old recruitment job any day.

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One of the questions I was going to ask you, actually, was how you found the transition from your old job to your new lifestyle? Oh perfect! [Laughs] Oh my god it’s been a complete lifestyle change. It’s been so surreal for me to go from a job straight outta’ school, straight into a nine ‘til five…I used to dream sat in my office at a desk, I used to literally dream, of doing what I do now for a living. To be doing it is very surreal; it feels very bizarre. It doesn’t even feel like I had my previous life. Obviously working in the music industry has its ups and downs, but I get to do a job that I love every single day. The transition to go from ‘a regular guy’ with a normal job to then having support from all corners of the world daily on social media…it was quite daunting at first, but I love it! I’m very humbled. When did you realise you wanted to become a musician? I have always loved music, and growing up my dad would always play music in the car. Whether we were driving to my nans or to school, he would always play Whitney Houston, Shirley Bassey, Elton John, Michael Jackson…all of these really big singers [sic]. I’ve always been a fan of music in all genres. At school I was a drummer actually! I took to drums very quickly; maybe it’s because they’re quite cool and you can just bash them and make a load of noise…[Laughs] I thought I would always be a drummer at the back of the stage. I never considered singing a tune. I sang in the shower, but I guess everybody does. It was one of those things that I thought would never come to fruition – it was actually my sister who was the performer of the family. I was so in awe of her! When she got singing equipment for house I would go and sing my little heart out when nobody was home. One day she was in, and she heard me sing and straight away put me in a singing competition. She essentially forced me to sing! [Laughs] She believed in me so much that as soon as I came off that very first stage in a local competition, there was a passion in me I had never felt before. I had found something I knew I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I’ve been lucky enough to hear the phenomenal new song ‘You Are The Reason’, released with Leona Lewis. Can you tell me a little about this collaboration? How did it come about? Thank you darling! It was a really natural meet. Out of the blue I had an email from a writer we have both worked with in America called Diane Warren - she’s written huge, huge songs like ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ with Aerosmith. Diane was like [sic], ‘I’ve done this song with Leona and you’re perfect for it!’ and she put us in touch! The first thing I got from Leona Lewis was an email and I thought, ‘Oh my god I’ve got an email from the actual Leona Lewis…this is crazy!’ From that moment on we bonded. I think, because we share a similar background coming from talent shows we held an unspoken bond. Instantly we got on so well; she sent me some of her music, I sent her some of mine…then Leona asked to be part of ‘You Are The Reason’ and came back to me with a version she had worked on - I was dragging my jaw along the floor. [Laughs] I’ve watched her from the beginning, and watched her bloom into a global superstar. Now she’s sending me my own song with her vocals written on it – it’s just the most surreal, most exciting experience ever. And since we’ve met we’ve become such good friends. In fact, because we get on so well and mess around a lot and make each other laugh on set we were separated the other day! I got told to take a time out.

[Laughs] Made to sit at other ends of the room? Yeah! [Laughs] Like in school. You sound like you’ve made a friend for life! I blooming hope so! The album is fantastic in that it features more upbeat tracks like ‘Rhythm Inside’ alongside heartfelt ballads. How did you come to select the tracks for the album, and what is the meaning behind the album’s title ‘Only Human’? For a start, when I first began songwriting I didn’t really know what to do. I had never written songs before, and was new to the whole thing. The only thing I knew for certain when I was writing was that I had to stay true to myself. I heard songs about going to the club and going to parties, but it just wasn’t me. I knew that I would have to write something emotional and honest and genuine. I started writing songs like ‘Hotel Room’ and ‘You Are The Reason’ sincere, genuine songs about heartbreak and sadness. But I also wrote songs about empowerment and excitement and confidence…even the frustration and desperation that comes with love – but in a good way. I started writing stuff like ‘Give Me Something’ and ‘Good To You’ and ‘Come Back Home’, songs with a bit more power behind them. I wrote seventy-odd songs for the album because I was just writing-Wow… Yeah, because I wasn’t thinking of creating an album, I just wanted to write great songs. I started whittling down the songs until I felt I had a great concept album - showing people that no matter whether you go through the highs or lows, or you feel happy or sad, you’re only human. You’ll get where I’m coming from…if people feel upset or guilty, and they apologise and say, ‘I’m sorry’ often people respond with, ‘Don’t worry, you’re only human’. There’s a beautiful message in that. So the lyric ‘How am I supposed to stop myself from loving you?’ comes from the fact that you can’t. You can’t just stop yourself because you’re only human and we all feel. There’s no two ways around it. Everyone

I knew that I would have to write something emotional and honest and genuine.

can relate to human emotion. I really wanted to write stuff that reflected me as a person, but I also wanted to encourage other people to be who they wanted to be. There are quite a lot of songs on the album that are about my sexuality and the issues that I had with my sexuality. I wrote it [the album] because it brought me a lot of comfort and actually soothed me. I have spent so much time in my life not being able to deal with a lot of things. I wasted a lot of time in my teens and even my twenties being fearful of other people’s judgements. Actually, when you think about it, I should never have been fearful. People should love me for who I am. I’ve

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tried to write about those experiences not only to give myself therapy but to help other people also. I tried to write ‘Only Human’ with the hope that it inspires people to be confident, to love themselves and just to be happy with who they are. I feel like I’ve achieved that. I think that’s such a beautiful message to promote through your music. I absolutely think ‘Only Human’ will have a positive response because it is so genuine. Do you have a favourite song to perform? With this album, every song is like my baby [sic]. I have a huge attachment to every one – that’s why the album was so hard to create because how do you decide which songs to disregard and what to send out to the public to listen to? When I’m performing live I see the effect songs have on people, then and there in the room. I live for performing live – live is my thing. I love that I have my UK and European tour coming up and for me, the songs I love to perform live are the ones that move people. I must admit, ‘You Are The Reason’ is one of my favourite songs to perform live because it has that impact and that power where I actually physically see people moved. Whether they’re in tears, or just stood fixated on what I’m saying – I can see them relating the song to themselves and their own personal lives, which as a songwriter, is such a huge deal. When you see how people feel about your music there in the moment, it’s the most magical thing ever. But then you have the other side of the scale; upbeat songs like ‘You Give Me Something’ that always gets people stood up with their mates all jigging about – people really go to town. I love being able to do both ends of the scale and have moments that get people rocking.

I think you’ve just explained the album perfectly. It has a brilliant balance between catchy songs and reflective ballads. Speaking to you today it’s so clear to see how passionate you are about songwriting. If there’s one thing I can confidently say, it’s that I write from the heart. I just knew from the start I wouldn’t sing about things like going to the club and getting wasted – it’s just not in my nature. I am a sensitive lad, as you can probably tell. [Laughs] I just want to change people’s attitudes and inspire people to be more compassionate and understanding. In the LGBT community it’s about being brave and understanding that there is a lot of love in the world and you shouldn’t spend your life torturing yourself because the only thing to do is to embrace yourself and who you are. That’s what I want to do with my music. It does mean a lot to me. Calum Scott will perform at Birmingham’s O2 Institute on Sunday 22 April 2018. For more information, visit

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Thomas Hearn


The Innovators of Comfort

Stressless® is one of the world’s most famous furniture brands, and here at Thomas Hearn we stock a huge range of products from the top-quality line. Stressless® was introduced in 1971, as the first recliner designed to meet your body’s need for movement and support when seated. The brand specialises in creating signature recliners and sofas with elegant features, offering products with revolutionary comfort and functionality. As innovators in the field of luxury furniture, Stressless® deliver unique and timeless designs with beautiful comfort technology, producing exceptional furniture with inspired engineering.

Providing Quality Service & Premium Brands Located in Kenilworth, Thomas Hearn is a supplier of both modern and traditional furniture that will suit any room within your home. With over 70 years of experience, our family business prides itself on offering a friendly and expert service at competitive prices.

The best prices in the Midlands – we won’t be beaten on price, guaranteed.

Our customers can rest assured the dedicated team at Thomas Hearn are on hand to provide expert advice for any customers seeking assistance in their furniture selection and the styling of their homes. Visit our showroom, have a browse, and take advantage of our wonderful spring offers.

Customers are offered a unique shopping experience at Thomas Hearn. Browse at your leisure, hassle-free.

FREE delivery for all orders to homes within a 40-mile radius. FREE set-up and assembly of all products is also included. Disposal of any existing furniture can be arranged. Cornfield Magazine | 27

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Stylish Outdoor Garden Furniture Repainting and Restoration

Wrought Iron and Wrought Aluminium Garden Furniture is a highly collectable and appreciating asset. The production of this beautiful product commenced in Wrought Iron way back in the late 1800’s and has continued up to the present day, mainly in Wrought Aluminium. Aluminium is much lighter in weight than Iron and therefore considerably easier to move around from one location to another. Aluminium also has the advantage of being completely rust proof.

What we offer. To bring your Garden Furniture up to top condition will involve the total cleansing of the pieces by shot blasting. Shot blasting is the perfect preparation process for recoating corroded and damaged metal surfaces. Following the shot blasting process, we will powder coat your furniture. Powder Coating has become universally popular when compared to traditional paint finishes. Powder coating is more environmentally friendly than traditional paint and provides a completely sealed hard surface that is totally resilient to moisture. When finished it looks spectacular and will last considerably longer than traditional paint and you may select your special colour from a large range. Call or email us and one of our Team will make an appointment with you to view your Garden Furniture and give you a Quotation.

Call us on 07802 475765 or Email us on: Over 30 years experience in professional shot blasting and high quality powder coating services

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Skoda Octavia vRS Estate vRS is the Skoda badge that denotes the Czech firm’s most powerful and capable models. vRS means performance, and the symbol commands a lot more respect than you might realise. Don’t get me wrong; the diesel lump is a real pearl, but there’s no way it returns the claimed 57.6mpg when riding on 19inch wheels. I found the car thirsty, and mid-30s was more realistic for me when driving two-up, with no luggage, on a mix of motorways, A and B-roads. The A4 estate model that Audi sent me came in top S line trim, and starts at £38,895, but with a few thousand pounds of options thrown at it, my test car was waving a £46,395 price-tag. You get a lot of kit for the cash, though and Audi is well-known for its upmarket, understated interiors that are both perfectly finished and intuitive. This A4 doesn’t dissatisfy; it has upscale materials everywhere and a straightforward, intelligible dashboard arrangement. Technology is plentiful, too. It includes: a reversing camera, parking sensors, three-zone climate control, heated electric seats, and a powered, hands-free boot. The A4 Avant is among the best-looking estates on the market in Britain. It’s undeniably classy, and the large 3.0 litre diesel engine is so smooth that it feels more like a hard-hitting petrol unit. What’s more, indiscernible wind and road noise make the A4 the quietest cruiser in its class – by a long chalk. The ride is

wonderful, and easily a match for BMW’s 3-series. The same goes for the car’s bob-on handling. This practical five-up estate comes with Audi’s standard seven-speed S tronic automatic gearbox. It changes slickly, keeping the revs low except when Dynamic mode is selected. A moderate push of your right foot is all that’s required to build momentum hastily; stamp down hard, though and you’ll get to 62mph in just 6.4 seconds.

By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Writer

FAST FACTS • Max speed: 139 mph • 0-62 mph: 7.7 secs • Combined mpg: 55.4 • 1968cc four-cylinder turbo diesel • Max. power (PS): 184 • CO2: 134 g/km • Price: £29,400

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Manic Street Preachers With Support from The Coral Arena Birmingham 27 April

Sam Smith

Genting Arena, Birmingham 3-4 April Sam Smith stops off in Birmingham as part of his 2018 UK Arena Tour – featuring his biggest headline shows to date. The UK leg of his tour will include dates across the country including one at Birmingham’s Genting Arena. Sam gave fans a taste of his new album during a series of intimate shows in London, New York, Los Angeles and Berlin in September 2017. His highly anticipated and critically acclaimed sophomore album, The Thrill Of It All, is now available worldwide via Capitol Records.

The King Is Back Harry Styles

With Support from Mabel Genting Arena, Birmingham 7 April Due to overwhelming demand, Harry Styles has added 56 new show dates in 2018 to his sold-out world tour. The freshly added dates will began early March in Basel, Switzerland and will conclude in Los Angeles, CA in July. Harry Styles' self-titled debut album was released 12 May 2017 and soared to the top of the charts around the world. In the U.S. it topped the Billboard 200 album chart with over 230,000 equivalent album units sold and 193,000 traditional albums sold, making history as the biggest debut sales week for a U.K. male artist's first full-length album since Nielsen Music began tracking sales in 1991. Brit Award nominee Mabel is currently having staggering success with single ‘Fine Line', featuring BBC Sound of 2018 rapper Not3s. Mabel has found her voice as one of British pop’s most refreshing and positive young role models. Read our exclusive interview with Mabel online at www.cornfieldpublishing/interviews!

Ben Portsmouth is Elvis Arena Birmingham 29 April

Internationally renowned as one, if not The Best Elvis Tribute in the world today, Ben Portsmouth will bring his unique style, charisma and 10 piece band and will show audiences why he is regarded as the best in the business. He looks like Elvis, sings like Elvis and has an on stage charisma that has had audiences believing at times they are watching the King himself.

Nadine Coyle

O2 Institute Birmingham 11 May After returning to the music scene late last year with a brand new song 'Go To Work', Nadine Coyle has recently announced the release of a new 4-track EP and UK tour. Nadine will be hitting the road this May for a UK and Ireland tour, performing the greatest hits of Girls Aloud solo, alongside songs from her forthcoming new album. Look out for our exclusive interview with Nadine online at www.cornfieldpublishing/interviews.

Following the announcement of the band’s 13th studio album, 'Resistance Is Futile', due for release 6 April 2018 on Columbia/Sony, Manic Street Preachers will be embarking upon their biggest series of UK live shows in over a decade. Supported by The Coral on all dates, the tour is set to be a fantastic run of performances. Preachers recently received the Inspiration Award at the Q Awards in London (previous winners include U2, David Bowie and Patti Smith).

Tokio Myers

O2 Institute Birmingham 8 April With his debut album charting at Number 4 and after selling out his original run of dates (plus 7 more shows which were recently added), the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2017, multi-talented pianist, composer and producer Tokio Myers will be performing a further 6 UK shows in April 2018 including a show at Birmingham’s O2 Institute. Read our exclusive interview with Tokio online at www.cornfieldpublishing/interviews.

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Dua Lipa

Genting Arena, Birmingham 17 April Dua Lipa’s brand new sold out ‘Self-Titled Tour’UK arena tour heads to Birmingham on 17 April. This year saw Dua Lipa’s incredible single ‘New Rules’ hold the #1 spot for two weeks, spend seven weeks and counting in the top five, become gold certified and break 270,000,000 views with the official music video. ‘New Rules’ is the fifth single to be taken from Dua’s acclaimed debut album and cements her as the first solo female artist to have a UK number one since Adele in 2015. After selling out entirely months in advance, Dua’s own headline tour precedes support tours with Bruno Mars and Coldplay, coming later this year in the US, Australia, New Zealand and South America.


40th Anniversary Arena Birmingham 21 December Featuring UB40’s five founding members Robin Campbell, Brian Travers, Jimmy Brown, Earl Falconer and Norman Hassan, and long-time members Duncan Campbell, Martin Meredith, Lawrence Parry and Tony Mullings, the band return home to Arena Birmingham on December 21st! Robin Campbell said, “UB40 are particularly pleased to be playing such a fantastic venue for our hometown gig in Birmingham.” Fans can expect to hear UB40’s greatest hits, including ‘Food For Thought’, ‘One In Ten’, ‘Kingston Town’, ‘(I Can't Help) Falling in Love With You’ and ‘Red, Red Wine’, amongst many, many others.

UB40’s Latest Campaign With PledgeMusic New Music Coming May 2018 UB40 are without a doubt a highly renowned name in the music industry, known for their exceptional contribution to the reggae music scene and the socio-political commentary present within most, if not all, of their songs. This year, to mark the band’s 40th anniversary, UB40 will release a much-anticipated new album featuring original tracks with the classic ‘UB40 sound’, and will continue to perform live shows around the globe. From the very beginning, UB40 have created music with a cause. After forming in 1978, the members decided to name the band after a well-known unemployment benefits form; something very relatable to many people living in the working class community the band grew up in. Combining their street smarts with a sharp political awareness, the multiracial line up inspired younger generations and initially appealed particularly to 2-Tone ska revivalists.

Tears For Fears

With Special Guest Alison Moyer Arena Birmingham 5 May Tears For Fears will embark upon their first UK and Ireland Tour since 2005 with eight dates in 2018, including an Arena Birmingham show on 5 May 2018. These shows will be the first leg of the "Rule The World Tour 2018". Having sold 30 million albums worldwide, performed to countless sold out audiences, and won various awards, Tears For Fears are one of the most influential bands to have come out of the UK. With a catalogue of classic albums and a string of huge hits, their Birmingham show is not to be missed! Joining Tears For Fears on all UK and Ireland dates is Alison Moyet.

UB40’s new studio album has been recorded through PledgeMusic – a fantastic platform allowing fans to join the band on their creative journey. By pre-ordering UB40’s new album, fans are granted access to exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ information, including recording updates, bonus content, video clips, backstage interviews and much more. New merchandise and content will be revealed along the way up to the album’s release due in May 2018. Visit to sign up, and see our exclusive interview with founding member Robin Campbell at!

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Arena Birmingham 1 May

As well as embarking on a huge ‘Stranded On The Earth World Tour 2018-2019’, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have also been announced for a string of festival appearances to take place this summer across the UK. Last month, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds announced a special collection of remixes of latest single ‘It’s A Beautiful World’, which will be released exclusively for Record Store Day 2018 on Saturday 21 April.

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Commonwealth GAMES By Alex Dudley

It’s that time again, when the battle for medals and records are both up for grabs. It’s one of the more prestigious events of the athletics calendar, beaten only by the Olympics and World Championships. This year’s games take place on the Gold Coast in sunny Australia between 4 - 15 April. Events will also be held in Cairns, Brisbane and Townsville. The competition will see 6,600 athletes from 70 nations and territories battle it out for supremacy in 275 events. This will be the 5th time that Australia have hosted the games, with beach volleyball, Paralympics triathlon and women’s rugby 7’s included for the first time. British hopes will be resting on heptathlete Katarina JohnsonThompson, sprinter and 2017 gold medallist Adam Gemeli, veteran long jumper Greg Rutherford and swimming sensation Adam Peaty. Last time, England finished top of the medal table for the first time since the 1987 Commonwealth Games when they tallied up an incredible 58 gold medals. It will also be the first games in over ten years that will not feature either Mo Farah or Usain Bolt as they have both recently retired, leaving a gap in the market for a new star. Here are some of the possible names that you might see more of over the course of the games and perhaps in the future too.

Andre De Grasse (Canada) It’s widely documented in North America that De Grasse is the obvious heir to the throne that Bolt left behind. The 23 year old Canadian is a former training partner of Bolt’s and last year ran a career best of 9.69 seconds. So, he will have his eyes on perhaps more than just Bolt’s medals. He is the red hot favourite to claim both the 100m and 200m titles in Australia and that could only be the beginning for him.

David Rudisha (Kenya) Rudisha will dominate the middle and long distance events over the spring in the games. The Kenyan has clocked six of the top eight fastest times in 800m events, including the world record than he claimed in the World Championships in 2010. This could be a final swansong for Rudisha with retirement looming so he will be looking at going out with a bang.

Elaine Thompson (Jamaica) The hopes of Jamaica will be resting on Thompson in the postBolt sprint events. She lit up the 2016 Olympics in Rio by becoming the first women since Florence Griffith Joyner in 1988 to win both individual 100m and 200m titles. The Jamaican is still only 25 years old so she could potentially be the star in the women’s events for years to come. The 2022 Commonwealth Games will be a big one for Britain, and more specifically, Birmingham. In December it was decided that Birmingham would host the 2022 games, an incredible honour for our wonderful city. It will include a massive renovation of the Alexander Stadium that will see it able to accommodate 50,000 spectators, making the venue one of the biggest sporting arenas in the UK. The Commonwealth Games are also going to positively impact the local economy; an expected 22, 000 jobs are to be created over the next four years. For the first time in Commonwealth Games’ history there will be as many women’s medals up for grabs as males. You can catch all the action on BBC 1, 2 and online.

The King is Back - Ben Portsmouth is Elvis - 29 April 2018 - Arena Birmingham

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American Crime Story Season One - The People V. O.J. Simpson By Alex Dudley The first instalment of FX’s true crime series kicked off with a ten-episode run recounting the demise of star NFL player, O.J. Simpson. It was initially released in the USA before becoming available on Netflix worldwide in April of the same year. The Series is based on Jeffrey Tobin’s book: ‘The Run of his Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson’ (1997). It follows the case of Simpson following the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson, and her rumoured new lover, Ron Goldman. Although the case is very well documented and most people around the world are already aware of it, the series gives a refreshing take on one of the most famous trials in recent history. The show’s biggest demerit is perhaps the extensive time spent in the courtroom following proceedings. Yet, ten episodes allows the show to get the main point of the plot across - that of uncertainty. There is no shortage of twists and turns throughout the plot, forcing the audience to begin questioning whether the jury reached the correct verdict at the conclusion of the saga. The cast is nothing short of stellar, with former Friends star, David Schwimmer playing Robert Kardashian (former best friend of O.J.), the evergreen John Travolta who plays Simpson’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro. However, the main star of the show is undoubtedly Cuba Gooding JR who plays Simpson himself, he portrays him exactly how he was seen at that point - a national treasure and well-liked star that the public (especially African Americans) could never believe to have committed these atrocities. The show centers on the prosecutor’s case and their attempts to show sustainable evidence to send Simpson to jail. This job is left with Marcia Clark (Sarah Paulson) and Christopher Darden (Sterling K. Brown). The defence, an exceptional group of lawyers famously known for getting people out of sticky situations, are hired by Simpson to plead his ‘not guilty’ stance. Shapiro is joined by lawyer Johnnie Cochran (Courtney B. Vance) and F. Lee Bailey (Nathan Lane). The case of O.J. Simpson had a huge impact across the world for many reasons, but the main reason it became so prominent was arguably due to the defence’s use of racial politics. The defence played on the mistreatment of African Americans by the LAPD in their arguments, using conspiracy cases to shut down hard proof and toy with the jury’s emotions.

In the real life case, the defence always found a loophole in evidence that the prosecution thought was damning and this is demonstrated in the Netflix series. For instance, in one scene, a glove found at the murder scene at Rockhampton is brought into the court room and the defence con the prosecution into asking Simpson to try the glove on. The outcome, (without giving it away), is one of the defining moments of the entire trial. The case is so well-documented the series is gripping until the finale. At the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards, the show received an unprecedented 22 nominations, winning nine awards on the night; more than any other show in the past five years. Simpson was brought into the limelight once again late last year as he was released from prison in Vegas, meaning that the show once again became a big topic for discussion. The second series of FX True Crime entitled ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’ has just begun its second series. The series is nine episodes long and explores the murder of world famous fashion designer, Versace, by serial killer Andrew Cunanan. The new series is based on the book by Maureen Orth, entitled ‘Vulgar favours: Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace and the biggest failed manhunt in US history’. The show has massive shoes to fill following the success of the first instalment, but so far these levels of expectancy and excitement have been reached with another gripping series. The People v. O.J. Simpson is available on Netflix now.

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Help me escape this feelin' of insecurity, I need you so much but I don't really think you need me, But if we all stand up in the name of love And state the case of what we're dreamin' of I got to say I only dream of you But like a thief in the night You took away the love that I knew

1. Which actress played a mermaid in the film `Splash`? 2. How many stars appear on the flag of Australia? 3. Who duetted with Michael Jackson on `The Girl Is Mine`? 4. Who played Luke Skywalker in the film `Star Wars`? 5. Chemically pure gold contains how many carats? 6. What was Robbie Williams first solo top ten single called? 7. What was the name of the cowboy in the film `Toy Story`? 8. What is the name of the Test cricket ground in Birmingham? 9. Which river runs through the Grand Canyon? 10. What was Michaelangelo`s first name? Answers on page 43

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Dir. Wes Anderson CERT: PG


Dir. Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina CERT: PG Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) dreams of following in his idol Ernesto de la Cruz’s (Benjamin Bratt) footsteps, and becoming a successful musician. Overcoming his family’s generations-old ban on music Miguel finds himself in the vibrant Land of the Dead, where he is desperate to showcase his talent. Alongside his newfound friend, a charming scoundrel named Héctor (Gael García Bernal) Miguel sets off on a journey to uncover the truth behind his family history. An uplifting, empowering family film guaranteed to leave audiences smiling and feeling charmed.

After all canine pets of the fanciful Megasaki City are banished to Trash Island, a colossal garbage dump, 12 year old Atari Kobayashi (Koyu Rankin) sets off in search of his bodyguard dog, Spots. Travelling alone in a miniature Junior-Turbo prop, Atari flies across the river, where he is assisted by a pack of newly found mongrel friends. Atari and his gang embark upon a mission that will decide the fate of the entire prefecture in an intense and quirky plotline. Boasting a phenomenal cast (Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston Jeff Goldblum and of course, Bill Murray (to name a few)), Isle of Dogs takes viewers on another whimsical journey showcasing the remarkable imaginative mind of the acclaimed director, Wes Anderson.

Early Man Dir. Nick Park CERT: PG

From the Academy Award™ -winning creator of the much-loved series ‘Wallace and Gromit’ comes Early Man, the highly anticipated new Aardman animation! Set at the dawn of time, when prehistoric creatures and wooly mammoths roamed the earth, Early Man tells the story of the cheerful caveman Dug (Eddie Redmayne) and his sidekick stone-age pet Hognob (Nick Park) as they unite against a common enemy, the mighty (and pompous) Lord Nooth (Tom Hiddleston) and his Bronze Age City. Featuring a strong outspoken young woman, Goona (Maisie Williams), and several hilarious tribe members, Early Man is definitely a feel-good family-friendly flick. With instantly recognisable voice-overs including Rob Brydon, Johnny Vegas, Richard Ayoade, and Mark Williams, the film blends exceptional stop-motion creativity with an elevating story and hilarious vocal talent.

Peter Rabbit Dir. Will Gluck CERT: PG

Follow the adventures of the mischievous Peter Rabbit in this playful contemporary comedy. The film follows Peter’s feud with the infamous Mr McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson), as the pair fight for the affection of McGregor’s lovely neighbour, Bea (Rose Byrne). Voiced by James Corden, Peter Rabbit is playful, cheeky and spritely, causing chaos in the vegetable garden with his three sisters, Flopsy (Margot Robbie), Mopsy (Elizabeth Debiki) and Cottontail (Daisy Ridley). Despite losing the simplicity and sensitivity of Beatrix Potter’s heart-warming tales, the film does manage to reinvent Peter Rabbit as a rather brazen and irreverent character that will undoubtedly encourage a few laughs from younger watchers.

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Tabzone Disney Cars Racetrack Samsonite - £33.00 Funky protective tablet cases for the kids!

Polaroid Play 3D Pen £29.99 - Cass Art Build your own freehand 3D models with environmentally friendly plastic filament material (PLA).

Kurio Watch 2.0 £79.99 - Smyths Toys The Ultimate Smartwatch for kids!

Airglow Disney Star Wars Glow Samsonite - £29.00 The exterior of the Airglow Disney tablet sleeves is neoprene which helps to protect your tablet against dust and scratches

Tabzone Disney Minnie Rocks The Dots Samsonite - £33.00 Funky protective tablet cases for the kids!

Sphero Mini £49.99 - Currys PC World The world's first robotic ball driven by facial expression! LED lights and interchangeable shells let you show your individuality.

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The FIA Formula One World Championship is in full swing! The F1 season kicked off with the F1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, which took place on 22-25 March 2018. The F1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix is set for 6-8 April 2018, followed by the F1 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix on 13-15 April and the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix on 27-29 April. The Spanish Grand Prix has an interesting history. This race is one of the world’s oldest; it celebrated its century back in 2013. After being disrupted by the Second World War, it has been a mainstay in the European calendar and is one of the more popular circuits among fans and drivers alike. Held in the historic city in Catalonia, the Spanish Grand Prix holds a mix of high- and low- speed corners, plus an uneven, abrasive track surface, meaning racers have their work cut out for them. Last year’s winner and British hopeful for the F1 Championship, Lewis Hamilton, will be hoping for a repeat performance in order to claim his third Spanish title. This season’s race will be the 60th within its current Formula 1 format, with the legendary Michael Schumacher, holding the record for most wins with six. Ferrari, the Italian manufacturer, holds the record for most construction wins with an impressive 12 victories. Hamilton’s main rival and ‘dark horse’ to win the overall Championship this year is Max Verstappen. The young Dutchman will be looking to repeat his win in the same race in 2016, where

this has also seen him win an F1 race for the very first time. For spectators, the Spanish Grand Prix holds a few exciting overtaking opportunities, including Turn 1 - less formerly known as Elf corner. Drivers are faced with two difficult turns in this race, known collectively as New Holland; the two final turns demand a fast exit in order for drivers to rapidly gain speed down before moving straight into elf. Strong winds, along with abrasive roads that lead to tyre wear, mean this particular circuit proves difficult for many drivers. You can see the whole Spanish Grand Prix weekend on Sky Sports F1 beginning Friday 11 May. You can now download the Sky Sports F1 schedule to your phone, tablet or computer’s calendar. Simply head to the Schedule & Results section on the Sky Sports F1 homepage, and add the 2018 schedule to your calendar!

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Quiz Answers. 1. Daryl Hannah

2. 6

3. Paul McCartney

4. Mark Hamill

5. 24

6. Freedom

7. Woody

8. Edgbaston

9. The Colorado

10. Michaelangelo


Bill Bailey

Arena Birmingham 2 June

Kevin Hart recently announced he is expanding his widely successful and massively hysterical ‘The Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour,’ adding over 100 new dates including one at Arena Birmingham. Hart’s last multi-city domestic and international WHAT NOW comedy tour sold out large venues all over the world, including being the first comedian to sell out an NFL stadium, selling over 50,000 tickets in one show at Lincoln Financial Field.

‘Larks In Transit’ is a compendium of travellers’ tales and the general shenanigans of twenty years as a travelling comedian. With musical virtuosity, surreal tangents and trademark intelligence, Bill Bailey tackles politics, philosophy and the pursuit of happiness. Plus, he fashions a symphony from a ringtone, tells the real story of Old McDonald and re-imagines the Stars and Stripes. Two decades of touring larks from a comic described by The Telegraph as “the brainiest comic of his generation.” Look out for our exclusive interview with Bill Bailey coming soon!

Jess Robinson

Jeff Dunham

Daliso Chaponda

Record-breaking, global comedy superstar, Jeff Dunham, is bringing his cast of characters to the UK in 2018 for two dates only. America’s favourite ventriloquist has announced the UK leg of his ‘Passively Aggressive’ tour and his only dates in the country this year on 19th May at Birmingham’s Genting Arena and 20th May at London’s The SSE Arena, Wembley.

Having played festivals in Melbourne, Edinburgh, Singapore and Cape Town, to name a few, Daliso now brings his material to audiences throughout the UK tackling subject matter others might shy away from – politics, fake news, and the role of the media in society. In my interview with Daliso, I wanted to figure out how his earlier experiences have affected his comedy, his creative inspirations and what it feels like to have been a finalist on one of the most popular shows on UK television. Read our exclusive interview with Daliso online at

Kevin Hart

Arena Birmingham 30 August

Solihull Arts Centre Artrix, Bromsgrove Glee Club, Birmingham 19, 20, 29 April Join multi-award winner and one of 2017’s Britain’s Got Talent semi finalists and stand out stars - Jess Robinson when she embarks on her debut UK tour in 2018. The show, ‘Here Come The Girls’, features spot on celebrity impressions and stunning vocal gymnastics. Following four highly acclaimed sell-out years at The Edinburgh Festival, the tour takes in 28 dates starting at Glasgow’s Oran Mor on 1st March and culminating on 29th April at Birmingham’s Glee.

Genting Arena, Birmingham 19 May

Town Hall Birmingham 18 May

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TECH GUIDE Tile Mate £18.00 - The Tile App Keep track of your keys, bags or whatever else you can think of with this little Bluetooth tracker.

Prynt Pocket £149.99 - Men Kind Ultra-portable Prynt Pocket attaches directly to your smartphone, turning it into an instant camera!

All-new Amazon Echo £89.99 - Amazon

Leather Tassel Lightening Charging Cable £50.00 - Casetify

Connect to a hands-free speaker using your voice. Play music, make calls, answer questions, receive sports scores, and more.

A low profile lightening to USB cord designed to keep you charged.

ICGlove Indicating Gloves £29.99 - Halfords Cycling in the dark can be very dangerous. Purpose built developed technology allows for the cycling gloves to automatically start flashing so you can be seen and stay safe.

Polaroid Play 3D Pen £29.99 - Cass Art Build your own freehand 3D models with environmentally friendly plastic filament material (PLA).

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CULTURAL EVENTS Birmingham Music Awards Glee Club, Birmingham 2 May

A new search for excellence in music will culminate in the inaugural Birmingham Music Awards on Wednesday 2nd May. The only city-based awards to exclusively celebrate music achievement will reward the best of Birmingham’s musicians and contributors to the music business. The event promises to bring together high-profile artists, labels, managers, publishers, producers and the music media for an evening of live music, networking and recognition. Winners will be chosen from shortlisted nominees in categories including Best Song, Best Male, Best Female, Best Band, Best Live Venue, Best Urban Act, Rising Star, Best Radio Station and Best DJ. Organisers and venue both predict this will be a night to remember. Duran Duran founding member John Taylor confirmed he is to present the Rising Star Award on the night.

RSC Live Macbeth

Live From Stratford-Upon-Avon Broadcast Live to Cinemas on 11 April 2018

Dir: Polly Findlay “Something wicked this way comes…” Returning home from battle, the victorious Macbeth meets three witches on the heath. Driven by their disturbing prophecies, he sets out on the path to murder. The RSC’s contemporary production of Shakespeare’s darkest psychological thriller marks both Christopher Eccleston’s RSC debut and Niamh Cusack’s return to the Company.

Flatpack Film Festival No.12 Various Venues, Birmingham 13-22 April

Flatpack is back for a 10-day festival of cinematic invention and audio-visual delights. Whether you’re looking for family friendly fun, a peek into creative processes, a little audio-visual experimentation or perhaps a trip down Brum’s memory lane, #flatpack12 has something for you. Flatpack is a festival that takes over venues across Birmingham every spring. It draws people from far and wide with a mixture of films, performances, contraptions and surprises, and has been described as “magnificently eclectic” (Time Out), “joyously inventive” (the Guardian) and “the UK’s most creatively curated film festival” (the Independent).

Cornfield Magazine | 45

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Local Events

What's On

This area is for local events, what’s on, clubs and societies. These listings are FREE. If you would like to add your info on this page, then please email the details to: If you would like your event in a black box, it’s a minimal charge of £20 per month. Or if you would prefer to sponsor the page with the banner at the bottom, please call our sales team on 0121 796 6800 for more info.

Welcome to our local what’s on guide, giving you the latest in event listings local to Barnt Green, Alvechurch and surrounding areas. Whether it is arts, entertainment, fitness or a local community group, we are on hand to help promote your event listing. For further information or to send through your event details email and we will be happy to spread the word on what is happening near you. Alvechurch Baptist Church Alvechurch Baptist Church are holding their annual Spring Fayre on Saturday 12th May from 10am to 3pm in the church hall. There will be plants, books, crafts, white elephant, toys, and refreshments etc. Hope that you will come along and support us.

Ravens Rugby League North East Worcestershire Ravens Rugby League Football Club. NEW Ravens are based at Hopwood Park on Ash Lane , Hopwood, Near Alvechurch, Worcestershire. B48 7NN. The club currently plays weekly mixed 'touch' indoors at Bournville College on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm and then outdoors when the evenings become lighter. There are Summer playing squads in the open age, under 9s - under 15s, 'little leaguers' from 3 years old and Masters for over 35s - modified rules. We are planning to offer more playing opportunities for girls and women this year. All are welcome, no experience necessary, to this family orientated community Rugby League Club. Further details available on A new web site is currently being developed.

House, Parkside Hall, from 8.00 pm until 11.30 pm. Free parking. No bar, so please bring your own refreshments. For further details please telephone Mick or Thelma James, 01527 872634

Blackwell & Burcot, Bromsgrove. 1-2-1 sessions available. Contact Sally: 0790 366 3085, visit Facebook: MyYogaMind

Saturday Night social Dance

6-5 Specials Skiffle Band

Graham & Denise Darby present a Saturday Night social Dance, supporting the Midlands Air Ambulance & Prostate Cancer at Fairfield Village Hall, Stourbridge Rd, Fairfield, Bromsgrove on Saturday 21st April. Ballroom, Latin & Social Sequence Dancing to live music by Graham Darby - Doors open at 7.30pm Dancing from 8pm - 11pm - pay on the door £5 per person (Please being your own refreshments). For further details please call 01543 502722 or visit

The quartet, made up of retired volunteers, is dedicated to raising money for Dementia UK through their music. Based in Alvechurch, the 6-5 Specials Skiffle Band is available for hire, including (but not limited to): charity concerts, private gigs and performances for dementia sufferers at ‘Memory Cafes’. Keep an eye out for their new album ‘The Circle – It’s Skiffle But Not As We Know It’, out soon. All proceeds go to charity. For more information or booking requests, please contact John Davies on 0121 4450177 or 07904391584. Follow the band on Facebook: @65specials.

Yoga Mavericks Alvechurch based yoga guide. Strala trained. Flow class Sundays 10am Alvechurch Village Hall. £8 per session. A modern approach to a traditional practice, great music, suitable for all. Spots must be reserved due to limited space. Add my facebook page, or message 07960320656. Private sessions available.

Saturday Night Social Dance


Ballroom, Sequence, Latin etc Presented by the Phoenix Dance Club on March 31st 2018, at Bromsgrove Council

For Fitness, Vitality, Stress Relief & a Good Night’s Sleep. Classes, Retreat Days & Workshops in Alvechurch,

KINGFISHER PROBUS CLUB The club provides the opportunity for retired and semi-retired men to meet people in a friendly situation Monthly meetings are held at The Foxlydiate Arms, every second Thursday of the month at 11-30 am. Lunch is followed by an interesting talk given by a visiting speaker. Partners/ friends are welcome at our Walks,Trips,Golf,Skittles and Special Lunches. We are now recruiting, so come along to a meeting or contact Max Sayer on 0121 445 4724

WE NEED YOUR LOCAL EVENTS Send us youer local events (Dances, Clubs and Societies, car boot sales etc) and we will advertise them for FREE

Bromsgrove Speakers Club The club, a member of the national Association of Speakers Clubs, meets fortnightly on Tuesdays at the Bell at Belbroughton. Members learn how to become better speakers, presenters and leaders in a friendly learning atmosphere. For details please visit

ART IN THE VILLAGE Learn how to draw and paint or improve your skills. Small friendly groups in home-studio setting in Barnt Green village with plenty of one to one tuition.All abilities welcome. Daytime and evening classes available. Contact Jo Pardoe on 07967 041446

The Worcester-Birmingham & Droitwich Canals Society The Worcester-Birmingham & Droitwich Canals Society meets at the Alvechurch Boat Centre on the first Tuesday of every month, except July & August when we have Summer walks. There is usually a guest speaker and raffle. Non members are very welcome to attend. Meetings start at 7.45pm. Please visit our website: for more information.

Due to the popularity of this page, we are now having to limit the amount of words for each post. If the post is too long, it may be edited by us or not included at all. We will also only keep a post for a few months to make space for new events etc. So, please keep it short and to the point! Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the data in this magazine is accurate, the Cornfield Magazine cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or endorse companies, products or services appearing in this magazine. The Cornfield Magazine cannot be held responsible for any breach of copyright arising from any material supplied. Published monthly by Cornfield Publishing Ltd. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the permission from the publisher.

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For as little as £30 per month, your advert will feature within the Cornfield Directory, which is delivered to over 10,000 addresses every month, whilst using the latest GPS tracking systems.

If you would like to place an advert call: 0121 796 6800. Please quote Cornfield Magazine when calling, so that our advertisers can locate where the calls have come from.



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Book an advert this size for only


£90 per month

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Book an advert this size for only

£90 per month

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Wasp Removal We are the local specialist for wasp nest removal and extermination in the Solihull, Knowle and Dorridge, Henley-in-Arden, Barnt Green, Alvechurch Reddich and surrounding regions. We have become a trusted name in the local area. There is no problem that we cannot help with, please call on 01564 330 994 to speak to one of our helpful team today.

How do I know I have a problem with a nest? Large number of wasps going in and out of a hole, usually using at least one entry point High levels of wasps in or around the home The method used in wasp nest removal will either be a direct application using a professional powder or spray. The results are very quick, often all activity will be gone within 24-48 hours, and if the problem persists beyond 7 days we will come back to re-treat the problem free of charge as part of our guarantee.

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Barnt Green April issue 2018  

Welcome to your April edition of Cornfield Magazine. This month, we bring you some exciting news! As of May 2018, Cornfield Magazine will be...

Barnt Green April issue 2018  

Welcome to your April edition of Cornfield Magazine. This month, we bring you some exciting news! As of May 2018, Cornfield Magazine will be...