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travellers to meet Simon and hear of his most recent adventure to the Caribbean. The series took him to stunning beaches and coral seas. He also saw exotic wildlife and went off the beaten track to meet indigenous people and learn of their culture. As ever, it was a ‘warts and all’ series so he and his three crew members also visited some of the poorest and most violent spots in the world and met inmates at a notorious prison. “I generally like it when exciting things happen,” said Simon. “That’s one of the things that I love about these journeys we do.” Simon has some top tips for making the most of your overseas trip, even if you’re a slightly nervous traveller: “There are two conflicting human emotions and desires going on in some ways,” he said. “There’s a natural fear of the unknown but then there’s also that desire that so many of us have to see what’s over the other side of the hill. “One of the great surprises to me on doing these journeys, right from the beginning really, has been just how relatively safe and welcoming Planet Earth is. So get away from the resort and have memorable experiences and encounters with local people. See a little bit of their world. Be friendly. It’s about building up a richer picture of life for our brothers and sisters on this planet and that just makes for a more rewarding travel experience.” So where can these great experiences be found? “Every part of the planet has amazing things to offer, but I would

SImon Reeve shares his experiences with the audience at the National Marine Aquarium

say Mozambique, The Maldives, Haiti, Jamaica, Australia – to name but a few. I’m also a massive fan of Greece and so is my wife, Anya. It’s more exotic than people realise. It has great little islands, amazing harbours, warm seas and beautiful food. I love it there.” Simon added: “What I love about travel is coming across a completely different landscape which makes you go ‘wow, what a beautiful world it is’. I get that when I drive across the moor in Devon. I love mountains and I can’t wait to take my four-year-old son Jake on his first climb, which will be on one of the tors on Dartmoor!” www.cornerstonevision.com


The Plymouth Magazine May 2015


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The Plymouth Magazine issue 131 - May 2015  

Popular "lifestyle" magazine delivered to 44,000 homes every month.

The Plymouth Magazine issue 131 - May 2015  

Popular "lifestyle" magazine delivered to 44,000 homes every month.