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Our Aim is to enable the people we support to enjoy a valued life


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Patrons: Richie Ramsay, Most Rev. Mario Joseph Conti, K.C.H.S, Ph.L, FRSE Board of Directors: Elaine M. Thomson (Chair), Malcolm D. Laing (Vice Chair), Pamela J Corray, James C. Douglas, Patricia Foster, Susan Moult, Helen Munro, Elizabeth Murray (resigned 14 October 2011), David Nicholson, Peter D. Nicholson, Craig Pollock (appointed 18 April 2012), Dr Christopher J Scott.



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Cornerstone Annual Review 11/12

.01 Our Chair & Chief Executive As we reflect on a busy 12 months it is important to remember our aim – to enable the people we support to enjoy a valued life. We have faced many challenges this year, particularly uncertainty about funding in a difficult economic climate. However, in the true spirit of Cornerstone we have met these challenges head on, seeing potential opportunities in this fast changing world which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the lives of the people we support.

Welcome to Cornerstone’s 2011/2012 Annual Review

At Cornerstone we firmly believe that each of us has the right to enjoy a valued life. A valued life where we have friends, where we go to work if we can, where we are accepted in the communities we live in and our voices are heard on the issues that concern us. In this review you will hear from people whose lives have been changed with support from Cornerstone, those who have been involved with our services and from staff who work so hard to make things happen. I would like to take this opportunity to say farewell to Pat Foster, our longest serving Board member, who retires this year. Our thanks go to Pat for all she has done to support Cornerstone over the years and we wish her well in her retirement.

Sponsored by:


My time as Chair of Cornerstone ends with this Annual Review. During the last seven years I have seen many changes, however one thing that has remained constant is the quality of the services provided by Cornerstone and the commitment of all involved to our charitable activities. I would like to thank the CEO and the wider staff team for all their hard work. I know that Cornerstone will continue to enhance the lives of those we support and their families through the delivery of high quality services by remaining financially robust; consistently performing well against quality standards and being forward thinking and innovative in the development of new services. I hand the baton over to my successor who I know will steer Cornerstone in the right direction over the coming years. For the people we support and all of us at Cornerstone, it is time for fresh opportunities and exciting new challenges. I wish you all the very best.

Elaine Thomson Chair

CEO Edel Harris, Sandra McIntosh from TOTAL, Steve Harris from Shell and our Chair, Elaine Thomson at our Annual Fundraising Dinner

Thank you for taking the time to read our annual review. This year we have asked many of the people involved in the work of Cornerstone and most importantly the people we support to tell their stories of the last 12 months which will hopefully give you an insight into the amazing work our staff and volunteers do every day as they enable the people we support to enjoy a valued life. It has been an incredibly busy year but one in which we have thrived; collectively seeking new opportunities and ways of working to ensure we remain committed to our charitable aim irrespective of the challenging financial situation. Cornerstone’s annual accounts for 2011/12 show significant business growth alongside significant funds raised to support our charitable work; with over £1.5m of fundraising income already secured for the next three years. Thank you to everyone who has raised funds for us this year, we appreciate every penny.

Cornerstone in all they do and to thank our Board of Directors and Patrons for their continued hard work and support. Archbishop Mario Conti is retiring as Patron this year, we would like to thank him for all the support he has given to Cornerstone. I would like to say a huge thank you to Elaine Thomson for all she has done over the last seven years as Chair. Elaine has given countless hours of her time to Cornerstone; steering the organisation through a period of rapid change and acting as an ambassador for Cornerstone’s work across Scotland. Elaine has decided to step down from the hot seat, although we are delighted that she is to remain on the Board.

Enjoy reading our annual review

Enjoy reading our annual review and thank you for your continued interest in the work of Cornerstone.

Edel Harris Chief Executive

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues and volunteers who continue to uphold the values of


Cornerstone Annual Review 11/12

.02 Regional Review

Now working in 21 of the 32 local authority areas in Scotland, Cornersto provides care and support to over 1,70 children, adults and their families.


one 00


Cornerstone Annual Review 11/12

.03 North Region Review supporting

759 people

The last 12 months have been incredibly busy as we are currently providing care and support to 759 adults, children and families through the provision of a wide range of services including residential care, Direct Payment Support Service, Employment Service, Day Opportunities and the provision of respite care.

some of the people we currently support in an environment much better able to meet their needs. Our aim is to provide these individuals with their own home where they can enjoy maximum independence, comfort and safety through the use of telecare and other health and safety related equipment.

This year we launched our Moray Children and Young People’s service which creates a fun environment for children with disabilities through the provision of clubs and playschemes. This allows the children to socialise and build friendships with their peers through a series of activities, games and outings. We support 40 children and families in Moray and are delighted with the response we have had locally, helping us to develop the service to ensure it meets everyone’s needs.

Cornerstone’s day opportunties service in Aberdeen continues to develop with over 25 individuals currently being supported. Using their individual budgets the people we support choose from a range of activities on offer including art, drama, horse riding and football.

We are in the late stages of planning a new project in Portlethen, Aberdeenshire, which will see six supported living flats built to house

In June 2012, over 100 people associated with Cornerstone took part in the Celebrate Aberdeen parade which highlights the contribution of the third sector in Aberdeen. With sponsorship from BP we enjoyed a fantastic day and are grateful to all those who turned out to support us.

Sponsored by:

Davene McDonald and her support worker Vicki Stenhouse at Celebrate Aberdeen


Margaret Smith on a day trip to the local park with the Day Opportunities group

Day OPPORTUNITIES “Since meeting Margaret at Day Opportunities she has made amazing progress in her confidence and conversational skills. She is now able to speak to everyone and we have worked individually on techniques so she can express her feelings clearly. She will now not only dance at the front of the line, but she will help others around her who are struggling. She tries anything that is thrown at her and takes on all challenges enthusiastically. I really hope Margaret does choose to volunteer with Cornerstone; that would be another fantastic step on her journey.” Hannah McGinlay Performing Arts Co-ordinator Cornerstone Day Opportunities


“Before I joined Cornerstone Day Opportunities I was nervous and scared of meeting and speaking to new people. I was just at home, bored. Now I go out and I get to try new things. I have lots of friends here. I like Rubislaw Community Centre. It’s nice. When I have problems, I can speak to people here. I like doing drama it makes me confident, helps me learn. I like the staff Hugh and Hannah. I like taking photographs – I’ve never done that before.

Now I go out and I get to try new things

I never danced at the Cornerstone disco before, I always sat down. Now dancing at Day Opportunities means I dance at the disco and I am not embarrassed.” Margaret Smith Aberdeen

Cornerstone Annual Review 11/12

.04 East Region Review


342 people

It has been a busy and productive year in the East region. We have developed a number of new services that have consolidated Cornerstone’s presence in Dundee, Perth & Kinross, Fife and East Lothian as well as extended our service provision into the Scottish Borders, providing care and support to 342 people. This year Cornerstone has set up Community Support services in Fife and the Scottish Borders, a Children’s service in East Lothian and also developed Supported Living services for adults with complex needs in Dundee and Perth & Kinross . This year also saw the opening of a new residential service in Dundee which supports nine individuals and we continue to work in partnership with

NHS Tayside to support young people with Autism in Perth. Our Transitions service, which is now in its second year of operation, is working with 15 young adults and their families by facilitating the preparation of transition plans which outline their preferred employment, educational and recreational options. This has been supported by funding from several trusts including the Garfield Weston Foundation. Our Dundee based Children’s service was awarded funding by Shared Care Scotland, to work in conjunction with Capability Scotland, facilitate activity clubs and provide short breaks for the children and young adults whom we support in Dundee.

Liam MacGregor taking part in arts and crafts at the activity club


Cornerstone’s official registered tartan was launched at our Burns Supper in Dundee

In February 2012 following an investment from the Scottish Government, John Swinney MSP visited Cornerstone’s Perth office to officially launch a new Direct Payment Support Service. The new service assists local people with disabilities and other support needs to arrange some or all of their own care and manage their individual Direct Payment. “Cornerstone’s Direct Payment Support Service will support many people here in Perth who receive social care services, to have a real say in how they manage their care in the future. The Scottish Government funding in support of self-directed support has the potential to transform the lives of people by giving them more choice and control over every day things that many people take for granted.”


0 7 people through ou r Short Brea ks Bureau in Perth

John Swinney MSP


Cornerstone Annual Review 11/12

.05 West Region Review Cornerstone services in the west of Scotland continue to develop and evolve in response to the changing environment of social care, through both the introduction of personalisation agenda and the current financial climate.


We recently relaunched our Adult Placement service, now called Shared Lives. This model of support provides an attractive and sustainable alternative to traditional housing support services, allowing individuals to enjoy all the advantages of residing within a supportive family environment whilst still living as independently as possible.

626 people

Our Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse project, funded by Survivor Scotland, has uncovered a need for specialist support for a significant number of adults with learning disabilities. We are committed to carrying out some research into this issue which will help us to define the service going forward.

Our alternative day services are well established in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire and are now also operating in West Dunbartonshire. Other areas in the west of Scotland are also exploring how to develop similar services to meet local need. Staff and some of the people we support from our North Lanarkshire services performed Cornerstone’s first Christmas pantomime this year. ‘The Guardians of Christmas’ was written by a young man we support, Kirk Johnstone, and was performed in Airdrie to a sell out crowd. Despite the financial challenges we continue to provide high quality services throughout the west region and this is evident through our internal quality appraisal process and Care Inspectorate gradings.

Anne Fraser attending the day opportunities group in Glasgow


Cornerstone has provided foster care support for 70 children during this year

“Helen and I first applied to become Cornerstsone Short Breaks foster carers in 2010. We heard about Cornerstone through a friend and after some research and contact with the organisation, we felt that short break fostering would be the best option for us - initially to see how we managed, but with the possibility of longer term if it was successful. This seemed the perfect opportunity for us as we love being around children. The assessment took approximately four months and involved a lot of reflection and discussion about the past; looking at how we were brought up and how we parented our own children. The whole experience was quite a journey and although at times difficult it was mainly a positive experience with a good outcome for us as we were successfully approved as short break foster carers.


This is Robert’s full time job as we now care for children five nights every week. We care for the children in our own home and are fully supported by Cornerstone staff at all times. Over the last 18 months we have provided short break foster care to 25 children aged from 1-16 years of age, including several sibling groups. Some children have only been supported for one-off periods but most are supported regularly for one or two nights on a weekly or monthly basis. It is great to see their wee faces light up and for us to have the house full of noise again. Fostering is demanding and challenging, but the rewards are definitely worth it.”

Robert and Helen Downie Short Break Foster Carers

It is great to see their wee faces light up

Cornerstone Annual Review 11/12


1,733 Cornerstone employees


131 Corporate Volunteers


Foster Carers


we ran


training courses for staff

rt o p p u

We s


9 2 1,7

160 operational services


le p o e p


Included in those are




Employment & Training


community justice


4 6

community social justice firms

the remainder are residential

ANNUAL TURNOVER 29.9 million Fundraising oveR


Social Medi a 2011-2012


500 Facebook followers

450 Twitter followers






Committed to

“Committed to Quality is one of Cornerstone’s five Strategic Pillars. It remains a key objective that we will not compromise on quality and that we will continue to provide services that fulfil our charitable aim”

Quality Appraisal Tool Our comprehensive internal quality appraisal process is now in it’s sixth year and well-embedded across the organisation. Our 2011-12 results are encouraging showing that 125 operational appraisals were undertaken:

2% Needing Improvement 11% Satisfactory

37% Good

50% Excellent

“My daughter’s world has opened up through the care she receives and the dedication of the staff.” Alice Smith Parent 16

Quality Care Inspectorate We currently have 48 registered services with the Care Inspectorate:

Care Inspectorate results from April 2011-March 2012. 21 of the 48 registered services were inspected receiving marks of:

1 x Shared Lives

4.1% - satisfactory 3

3 x Children & Young People 1 x Fostering & Family Placement 24 x Housing Support & Care at Home

52.1% - good 4

1 x Support Service 18 x Care Home

“The staff team demonstrated in interviews and through their writing the strong value base which informed their working practices” Care Inspectorate report 17

43.8% - good plus 5

“We were impressed by the amount of time staff spent identifying and organising activities which matched the interests of the people being supported. Activities were challenging and stimulating, catering for a wide variety of needs.”

Cornerstone Annual Review 11/12

.08 Our People

Our 2012 staff survey SHOWS

84% of staff enjoy their job

“We recognise that our people, both staff and volunteers, are our most valuable resource.”

Cornerstone’s commitment to being a good and fair employer has provided a clear focus to ensure that the people at the forefront of our service delivery are properly supported and appreciated by:

• Recognising the great work of our staff and volunteers through our bi-annual Star Awards

• Paying, as a minimum, the Scottish Living Wage

• Working closely with the Employee Consultation Forum and Unison

• Offering Cornerstone Perks for discounted shopping and travel

• Undertaking an annual Staff Satisfaction Survey

• Investing in learning and development

Cornerstone’s 2012 Star Awards were sponsored by CNR International and recognise the great work our staff and volunteers do every day.

• Developing new e-learning courses

• Offering a free and impartial Employee Assistance Programme

Edel Harris CEO

Sponsored by:

Kirk Johnstone winner of the Supporter of the Year award, with Bryan Wilson from Maersk Oil


Over the last year, we have seen an increase in the number of people volunteering across all Cornerstone regions. The reasons why people give their time to volunteer with Cornerstone vary. For some it can be a personal connection to someone with a disability, for others it may be a way to gain experience as they consider a career change or to gain practical experience to increase their chances of employment in a competitive market.


The largest number of requests for volunteer involvement continue to come from the people we support who would like the additional support of a Befriender to enable them to take part in leisure and social activities. Joe and Bob visit Dalmuir station, where they like to go and watch the trains passing through.

My Befriender “I’m studying primary teaching and thought volunteering for the children’s service would give me more experience for my CV. I’ve been a Befriender to Bob for the past nine months but when I first met him it took two months of getting to know each other before he would go out of the house. The difference I see in him since then has been amazing. He now makes his own suggestions for things to do, like a recent visit to the Glasgow Science Centre. I get a lot from it as well; I enjoy planning the days out and the reaction from Bob makes it all worth it.” Joe McConnell Befriender, West Dunbartonshire

“I have a Befriender called Joe. He is a great man. I call him ‘Hero’ because he reminds me of ‘Hero of the Tracks’ from Thomas the Tank Engine. I have been friends with him since I first met him. We go out every Friday. Sometimes we go swimming together and I have been teaching him because he does not like going underwater. This summer we went to the train station which I liked. I like being friends with Joe.”


114% 300


Bob McGinley

West Dunbartonshire




Cornerstone Annual Review 11/12

.09 Moment to Shine Olympic Torch Relay The highlight for many of us this year was of course the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and two of the people we support were lucky enough to take part in the Olympic Torch Relay as it passed through Scotland. A young man, Didi Sutherland whom we support in our Dundee Children’s service had the privilege of being a Torch Bearer as the torch travelled through Coupar Angus.

His wheelchair was adapted to hold the Torch and he was pushed by his brother while his family and friends from Cornerstone cheered him on. Ewen Ross was nominated to carry the torch as it travelled through Aberdeenshire by Adele Mackie, the Team Leader of the service where he lives in Inverbervie. With the support of BP, Ewen had his moment to shine.

Ewen's Olympic Story “I nominated Ewen to be a torchbearer as part of the Olympic relay team as I felt his story embraced the essence of the Olympics. Ewen prides himself in being as independent as possible. He is kind and considerate to others, always willing to help out, whether it is cutting the grass, opening a door, lending a hand to staff or a fellow resident. Leading up to the June event, Ewen met Olympian James Cracknell and Ewen’s support team showed him pictures of past Olympic news items and photographs of other torchbearers. However the hype really began to build when his Olympic tracksuit arrived!

Thank You to BP for giving Ewen the opportunity to be a part of London 2012 Olympic History

The ultimate moment was receiving the Olympic Torch and running his section of the relay. He posed with spectators at the side of the road as he waited for his turn and his ‘moment to shine’ was indeed just that. Ewen was brimming with excitement as he ran his stretch of the route with family, friends and other spectators waving and cheering as he passed by.”

Sponsored by:

Adele Mackie Team Leader


Ewen Ross with his Olympic Torch

Cornerstone Annual Review 11/12

.10 Highlights of the Year Jigsaw handover

Mission to Lars

In April 2012 we were delighted that Jigsaw, a small parent-led charity in Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, formally became part of Cornerstone. Jigsaw provides services to children with disabilities including one-to-one support and holiday play schemes.

Cornerstone sponsored the Aberdeen and Dundee screenings of ‘A Mission to Lars’, a film that documents the journey of two siblings as they take their brother Tom, who has Fragile X Syndrome, on a journey to meet his hero, Lars Ulrich, the drummer in the heavy metal band Metallica.

Positive Tracks Our Community Justice services have expanded following funding from Comic Relief. In addition Cornerstone has secured funding from the Big Lottery Fund for a new Community Justice ‘Positive Tracks’ project in partnership with the Scottish Prison Service. Positive Tracks provides employment and housing support to former offenders with learning support needs. Our ‘Partnership Project’ also launched at the same time. Funded by the Scottish Government it aims to develop working relationships with the police, courts and other criminal justice agencies and to provide specialist support and advice to individuals with learning disabilities who are at risk of offending.

Sponsored by:

“Fragile X Syndrome is unknown to most people, I refer to it as ‘Autism with bells on’, and it wasn’t until we embarked upon this journey that we really got to understand the condition. Making this film also gave us the opportunity to get to know our brother better and give him something he’s always wanted.” Kate Spicer Producer, Mission to Lars “One of the aims of the Fragile X Society is to raise awareness of the syndrome. The amount of publicity generated by this film in Scotland and across the UK, is due in no small part to Cornerstone’s involvement, and for their assistance we say a big thank you.” Tim Potter The Fragile X Society


Architects impression of the Bourtree Project in Portlethen

HOME IS WHERE THE HEaRT IS This year we launched Cornerstone’s ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ appeal, which aims to raise funds to support a residential development in Portlethen, Aberdeenshire. The development of six new flats will allow local people with disabilities and other support needs to have a home of their own. Each flat is designed to meet the needs of the new residents and will be equipped with the latest technology to ensure Cornerstone can provide the highest quality of care while promoting independent living.

“Not one to shy away from challenges throughout my life, I waited several years to get a place in the Marathon Des Sables, finally taking part in 2012. The event, dubbed ‘the toughest footrace on earth’, is a six day/155 mile endurance race where I had to carry my full survival kit with me in temperatures reaching 120°F. I work as part of the legal team within Maersk Oil and Cornerstone has been my employer’s charity of the year since 2011. When I discovered that the charity was planning to raise funds for a new residential development creating homes for people with disabilities it was clear to me that I wanted my challenge to support their efforts. I took part in the ‘Run for Home’ part of the campaign which aims to raise £50,000 for a flat in the new development; the £16,000 I raised will really kick-start the fundraising appeal and will make a difference in my local community.” Bryan Wilson Maersk Oil


Cornerstone Annual Review 11/12


Finance & Fundraising Finance


Gain on Investment £1,810

Financial stability is a key theme of Cornerstone’s strategic plan, and against the backdrop of continued financial challenges facing the care sector we are pleased to report that 2011/12 saw an increase in income from charitable activities to £29.2 million (2010/11: £28.4 million). This increase of 2.73% reflects the underlying growth in new contracts and the generation of alternative sources of income.

operational services and central functions operate as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Our 2011/12 accounts show a surplus of £365,591 which reflects the significant effort made to ensure that all

A full copy of the accounts for the year ended 31 March 2012 is available on request.

INCOME Net movement in funds £365,591

Sponsored by:


Ongoing review of operational activity has ensured that services remain financially viable to operate. This has enabled Cornerstone to maintain a strong financial position in the face of the many funding pressures in recent years.


Voluntary Income £695,707

Generating Voluntary Income £192,139

Investment Income £17,394

Charitable Activities £29,283,164

Charitable Activities £29,165,495

Governance £39,512

Total Income £29,878,596

Total Expenditure £29,514,815

Sophie Mulhere and Jess Quantrill at one of our local fundraising events.

Fundraising Fundraising continues to be an essential element of Cornerstone’s income. During the year we were delighted to be successful in securing funding from the Scottish Government Innovation Fund to facilitate the development of specialist homes for people we support in Portlethen, Aberdeenshire. We also received funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) to continue the work of Cornerstone’s Employment and Training service and Big Lottery funding for our Transitions service in West Dunbartonshire which supports young people with disabilities as they move into adulthood. We continue to enjoy support from the business community and our annual fundraising dinner sponsored by BP, Optima Solutions and Technip raised £55,000 for our “Home Is Where The Heart Is” campaign.


2012 also saw the inaugural Cornerstone Burns Supper held in Dundee, in partnership with local charity Help for Kids, and the launch of the new Cornerstone tartan. The fundraising team were delighted to welcome a new fundraising intern funded by the Rank Foundation through their Time to Shine programme



We would like to thank all supporters, including our staff, who have given their time and effort to raise funds for Cornerstone throughout the year. Your commitment, enthusiasm and generosity help us to make a real difference to the lives of the people we support.

Cornerstone Annual Review 11/12

.12 Be a Part of our “We will continue to achieve our Aim to enable the people we support to enjoy a valued life. There are many ways that you can get involved with Cornerstone and make a real difference to the children, adult and families whom we support.” We Can Support You If you are thinking of changing your care provider or are looking to purchase care for the first time then we are happy to meet with you to answer any questions you may have about the service we can provide. Please contact a Cornerstone regional office; you’ll find our contact details on the back of this review.



Fostering Our short break fostering service enables children and young people aged 0 -15 years to enjoy regular short breaks. These breaks offer stability to a family by lending additional support and offering a break from their caring responsibilities The support is tailored to meet the individual needs of the child or young person and their family. If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer please request a pack from

Sponsored by:


Events At Cornerstone we are always looking for ways to be active participants in the community and throughout the year we have stalls at a number of local events across the country. Our staff and supporters also hold their own fundraising events which help raise awareness of the services we provide. If you want to find out about a Cornerstone event near you, or hold your own, please visit the events section on our website to view the calendar or use the fundraising toolkit for some handy hints and tips at

Bright Future Volunteers

Work with us

We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities available on our website including befriending and activity enabling. We can also work with you to create a bespoke opportunity that makes the most of your skills and experiences.

All Cornerstone employees play a critical role in making a difference to the lives of the people we support, enabling them to lead full and happy lives. If you want to work for one of the leading social care charities in Scotland, our recruitment website is updated regularly with new vacancies, please visit

Fundraising Your fundraising efforts make a real difference to the lives of the people we support. Please visit the fundraising section of our website or contact to find out how you can get involved.

Support one of our Social Firms We have a number of social firms across the country that provide employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities. Consider using our upholstery service Bennachie when rejuvenating old furniture, or have lunch at one of our cafe’s; Orchard View in Gowkthrapple, Chapelside Cafe in Airdrie and Coffee Corner in Irvine. Visit Gift Corner in Stonehaven for gifts and embroidered goods where the products sold are produced in the nearby Woodview embroidery and T-shirt printing workshop. For more information visit:


Corporate Volunteering Increase staff motivation, promote team building and link your company to worthwhile projects in the local community. We have a wide range of opportunities available for your business and will work with you to accommodate your skillset, fundraising targets and timescales to create an opportunity that benefits both you and the people we support. For more information contact: volunteer@

Cornerstone Annual Review 11/12

Thanks to everyone who made 2011/2012 a great year for Conerstone and the people we support. For more information, or if you would like this Annual Review in an alternative language or format, such as audio or Braille, then please contact us at your nearest regional office: Aberdeen - 01224 256000 Dundee - 01382 220238/248 Glasgow - 0141 550 7580 Email - @CornerstoneScot CornerstoneCharity



Scottish Charity No. SC004780. Company No. SC070762. The company is registered in Scotland as Cornerstone Community Care operating as Cornerstone, with registered office 39 Huntly Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1TJ.

Cornerstone Annual Report 2011 - 2012  
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