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CORNERSTONE News Vol. 1 * Issue 1 * Spring 2011

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From The Lead Pastor

“Where there is no vision, the people perish� Proverbs 29:18

On Friday, February 18th 2011, Cornerstone Church purchased 46 beautiful acres located at I-85 and Hwys 29 & 52 in China Grove, N.C. (Approximately 2 miles from our current campus). The property is strategically located between Salisbury and Concord/Kannapolis and includes 3,000 square feet of road frontage on the west side of I-85. On the east side of I-85, we have 3 acres with 1,000 square feet of road frontage. The property is completely surrounded by four lane highways making it one of the most desired pieces of property in Rowan County. Several commercial companies have already shown interest in the property including McDonalds and Hilton Hotels. Time magazine recently published an article stating that the I-85 corridor stretching from Greenville/Spartanburg, S.C. to Raleigh/Durham, N.C. is the hottest stretch of interstate for commercial growth in America. The Charlotte Observer reported that Hwy 152 (exit 68) would be the next Hwy 73 (exit 55) and will explode with commercial growth. I think everyone agrees that when the economy begins to turn around, the value of this property is going to be unbelievable. The fact that Cornerstone was able to purchase this property is nothing short of a miracle and because of this, we give God all the praise. From our humble beginnings in 1986 until the present, God has been so faithful. Only He knows what the future holds. Tina, the staff and I are honored to serve such a wonderful church family. God Bless! Bill Godair, Founder & Lead Pastor


Cornerstone Magazine

Cornerstone Magazine


The Truth about Easter The room was filled with excitement about the purchase of 46 acres of land. Everyone was dreaming with the master dreamer about how God has favored us with such an incredible piece of property. After all the applause died down, a lady in the back sheepishly asked “but what if the economy doesn’t turn around and all these plans go bad?” Pastor Godair with his sense of humor laughed as he said, “If it doesn’t work out, we will all wished that it had!” That’s the reason that Cornerstone is so blessed. I can imagine someone asking God when He made the perfect Garden of Eden, “what if the plan doesn’t work”? He might have said “We’d all wish that it had!” The truth is, God did have a plan for when man fell into sin. God knew that sending imperfect men to do the job would ultimately fail. So, God Himself became the perfect sacrifice. “And He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor: therefore His arm brought salvation unto Him; and His righteousness, it sustained Him.” Isaiah 59:16 Since man couldn’t come to God, God came to man in his sinful state. Even though God became man, He never sinned and no guile was found in His life. As a man He slept, but as God, He walked on water. Easter shows us how the plan played out. Jesus became obedient to the death


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of the cross. The only way the plan would work was for Jesus to endure death on a tree. He went through days of torture, was left alone by His disciples, and mocked by the soldiers. Ultimately, He won victory over death and the grave. “So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 15:54-57 Today, we celebrate Easter, not because of the Easter bunny, but because the mighty God became man that He could bring us back into direct fellowship with Him. This reminds me of an old Easter song my grandmother used to sing: Up from the grave He arose, with a mighty triumph o’er His foes, He arose a Victor from the dark domain, and He lives forever, with His saints to reign. He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

Tony Hall Family/Singles Pastor

Music & Creative Arts

A Change of Atmosphere One definition of atmosphere is the surrounding or pervading mood or environment. ( Atmo means air and sphere in geometry means round. Thus, I propose that when speaking in spiritual terms, atmosphere would mean the “air” or “mood” that surrounds you. People sometimes say, “There’s something in the air or I feel it in the air.” These statements are descriptive of a person’s feeling about their surroundings; their atmosphere. Some people live in an atmosphere that exudes joy and some where there is pain regardless of circumstances. People allow their circumstances to dictate their mood and speech which dictates their future. A circumstance is no more than the circle of conditions where you stand. There is a way that any believer can have joy in their circle in spite of their current conditions. The way to constant joy in life is praise. Praise is a weapon that caused the sun to stand still for a day in battle. Praise is why the walls fell down when it was time to possess the land. Praise is the frontline on the battlefield when it is time to engage the enemy in warfare. Praise will lift evil spirits that are assigned to weigh you down. Praise is what starts earthquakes that will loose chains and open prison doors. Praise calls God into your sphere and gives Him permission to move on your behalf. God does not desire praise only to receive glory for Himself. Praise is designed to cause God to be pleasured so much so that He visits those who do it. This visitation causes your world to change even in the midst of unfavorable

circumstances. Praise evokes God’s presence and cultivates your personal relationship with Him causing a bond of trust to develop and mature. What’s in your circle? Do you need a change? May I suggest a daily dose of praise? You can set your atmosphere through praise. God’s presence, as a result of your praise to Him, will bless you and will cause your speech to reflect His will for your life. God has the best track-record of showing up when He is the Guest of Honor. So get to praising Him. “Praise ye the Lord” in the beginning and ending verses from Psalms chapters 146 through 150. In other words, “You, everyone who has breath, praise the Lord, with ten thousand praises unto God with singing, with a new song and from your soul!” If God desires our praises, then why would it not take all of that?

Joslyn E. Blackburn, Worship Pastor

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We Are The Memories Matter

Planet Kidz at Norvell Theater

We all have memories that have shaped us into the people that we are now. Our memories shape our feelings that we have about our childhood, our early images of God, our feelings toward the church, and feelings toward the community that we live in. Our children will ask: “Did I like going to church?” “Did I have a good childhood?” “Did I feel included at school or in my neighborhood?” With internet, TV, video games, clubs, sports, and camps, this generation of children are vastly different than any generation before. They use media to experience community in new ways. They are fluent in the language of technology. With all of this that bombards them, we must interact with them in a way that they can relate and that is relevant to them, or they will move on without us.

Planet Kidz at Norvell Theater 6

Cornerstone Magazine

That is why Planet Kidz, our Children’s Ministry at Cornerstone Church, has a team of dedicated volunteers that has created a safe environment. A place of action where our kids can interact, and create long lasting positive memories that will impact and empower their lives. We have facilities designed to let children know that they belong in our church. Our

nurseries provide quality care for birth through 23 months during our Sunday & Wednesday night classes. Planet Kidz provides activities during all services for children 2 years through 5th grade. During our class time, we teach using bible stories, video clips, object lessons, games, and interactive teaching methods that let the kids actually be involved with the lesson. Planet Kidz is also dedicated to teaching children the value of helping others. Our kids have given stockings of gifts to a nursing home at Christmas, toys to needy families at Christmas, book bags and school supplies to give to local schools, raised money to help children in Guatemala receive medical care, and volunteered at Salisbury’s own Norvell Children’s Theater to usher the guests. Every child should have the opportunity to create memories that will last & that will impact their lives positively. At Planet Kidz, we help to facilitate those. We have learned that it is easier to train a child than to repair an adult. What is your child being trained? Calvin Willis, Children’s Pastor

Children’s Ministry Schedule: Sunday @ 9a.m. & 11a.m. Wednesday @ 7p.m. in The Education Center.

Community Making a difference Everyone wants to make a difference in this world. Everyone wants to make a contribution to something. The reason for this is simple. We were created with a longing to make a difference. The problem many times is that we do not have a place where our talents can be used and appreciated to do this, leaving us with an empty longing to feel important. One of the main reasons for this is because helping, serving, and giving are all connected to the highest level of living which in my opinion is fulfillment. When we give of ourselves, we are actually releasing an invisible force into our lives that makes us feel happy and fulfilled. This can be seen in the teen community. Yes, everybody already thinks teens are lazy and full of selfishness. But that’s not what we have seen at Cornerstone. We have seen teenagers pull together and work together to give back to our community. Our teens have given coats to the needy during winter and have made a tremendous impact in and around our church cooperating and giving back. Another interesting point about this is that they all are from different backgrounds, race and even nations. But it seems that when it comes to helping, serving and giving, teens will pull together for a great cause.

The Mix (Middle & High School), Doing Community Work

The key is opening opportunities for them. Give them the chance to feel important and to feel like they are making a significant contribution to our community. Imagine the types of citizens that we are developing when we do this. Imagine the generation that we are creating. A generation of community leaders who will want to be involved in the betterment of their community. The result of all this, is happy and fulfilled young people. Teens want to make a difference and all they need is the opportunity to do so. The Mix (Middle & High School Students) meet every Wednesday @ 7p.m. @ Cornerstone Campus. They meet in “The Warehouse” where they are taught on their level. The Warehouse includes game consoles such as Wii’s, playstations, computers with internet access and much more. If you don’t have a home church, I would like to invite you to come and visit us. If you need more information or have any questions, you may visit us at or call @ 704.855.1218. We believe our teens can make a difference; let’s give them that chance!

The Mix Cleaning Webb Rd.

Orlando Zapata, Student Pastor

The Mix (Middle & High School) Schedule: Wednesday @ 7p.m. 1st Sunday of each month @ 9a.m. in The Education Center The Mix Cleaning Cornerstone Campus

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Cornerstone’s Pastoral Team (left to right): Jason Honeycutt (Adult Education Pastor), Denis Zuniga (Spanish Pastor), Tony Hall (Family Pastor/Singles), Tina & Bill Godair (Lead Pastors), Calvin Willis (Children’s Pastor), Orlando Zapata (Student Pastor) & Joslyn Blackburn (Worship Pastor)


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Calendar of Events (April & May)

One Month to Live

What: Join us on Wednesdays as we study “One Month to Live” When: March 30th, April 6, 13 & 20th @ 7p.m. Where: The Event Center

American Red Cross Blood Drive

Canton Jones–LIVE in Concert

What: Concert $5 per ticket/$10 after April 10th When: Sunday, April 17th @ 6p.m. Where: The Event Center

Discover Freedom

When: April 9th/ 9a.m. - 2:30p.m. Where: Cornerstone Campus

What: Easter Celebration When: Saturday, April 23rd @ 7p.m. & Sunday, April 24th @ 9 & 11a.m. Where: The Event Center

FX (Family Experience)

I am free!

What: Kids (ages 2-11 yrs.) and parents learn together about God. It is a fun, interactive, service that allows parents and children to worship together. When: Sunday, April 10th @ 6p.m. Where: The Event Center

What: Special Middle & High School Easter Service (1 hr Service * Live Music * Illustrated Sermon * Rappers) When: Saturday, April 23rd @ 7p.m. Where: Suite 100 in The Education Center

Baptism Teaching

When: Learn about baptism on Wed. April 27th, Baptism Service Wed. May 4th Where: Suite 100 in The Education Center

Unplugged Youth Service

What: Worship Service for middle & high school students When: Sunday, May 1st @ 9a.m. Where: Suite 100 in The Education Center

Membership Opportunity

What: Attendance at our membership class offers you an opportunity to interact with and ask questions of staff members. The class will cover topics that you will not hear in any other setting at Cornerstone. When: Sunday, May 1st @ 6p.m. Where: Suite 101 in The Education Center

Chick-fil-a Leadercast

What: The Chick-fil-A Leadercast is a one-day leadership event broadcasted LIVE from Atlanta, GA, to hundreds of host sites throughout North America and the world. When: Friday, May 6th/ 9a.m. - 4:30p.m. Where: The Event Center

Friday Night Live What: (Singles Worship Service) When: Sunday, May 13th @ 7p.m. Where: Suite 100 in The Education Center Spanish Revival When: Sunday, May 28th @ 7p.m. Where: Suite 100 in The Education Center Memorial Day Picnic When: Sunday, May 29th * 9a.m. service only Where: Dan Nicolas Park

For more event details visit 315 Webb Rd. Salisbury, NC 28147 704-855-1218

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Noticias Cornerstone En Español

Pastor Denis y Yudy Zuniga Pastores Latinos de Cornerstone El Horario de Servicios Domingos 9a.m. Servicio Bilingüe con interpretación. 11a.m. Servicio en español Miércoles 7p.m. Servicio Bilingüe con interpretación La Iglesia Cornerstone esta localizada en el 315 Webb Rd. (I-85 y Salida 70) Salisbury, NC 28147 Para mas información, llame al 704.855.1218 x. 120


Cornerstone Magazine

“Donde No Hay Visión” – Pg. 2 Este artículo viene de nuestro Pastor Líder, y nos deja saber de una reciente compra que Cornerstone ha hecho. Cornerstone pudo comprar una propiedad de 46 acres en el Condado Rowan. Este es un milagro de acuerdo al Pastor Bill Godair, y le damos toda la gloria a Dios. De nuestro humilde comienzo en 1986 al presente, Dios ha sido fiel. Solamente El sabe lo que nos espera en el futuro. La Realidad De La Pascua – Pg. 4 Este artículo brevemente habla acerca de la razón por la cual el día de hoy celebramos la Pascua. No por el conejito de la Pascua, sino porque el poderoso Dios se manifestó en la Carne para que pudiera traer al hombre de nuevo a una comunión con el. Las Damas Tienen Que Creer En Ellas Mismas – Pg. 11 Este artículo les recuerda a todas las damas, que ella es una mujer increíble de Dios, y que ella puede alcanzar cualquier cosa que usted ellas decidan hacer. Les recuerda que ¡Tienen que creer en ellas mismas!

Las Memorias Si Importan - Pg. 6

Todo niño debe tener la oportunidad de crear memorias que duraran y que impactaran sus vidas de una manera positiva. En el Ministerio de para Niños de Cornerstone; Planeta Niños, nosotros ayudamos a facilitar esas memorias. Hemos aprendido que es más fácil enseñarle a un niño que reparar a un adulto. Haciendo La Diferencia - Pg. 7 Todos hemos sido llamados a hacer una diferencia en el mundo. En Cornerstone nosotros hemos visto que a nuestros jóvenes les encanta trabajar en actividades que causan una gran diferencia en nuestra comunidad. Si a un joven se le da la oportunidad ellos no solo trabajaran con todas sus fuerzas, pero también serán jóvenes que serán lideres en su comunidad. Un Cambio De Atmosfera – Pg. 5 Una circunstancia nos es mas que un circulo de condiciones donde usted esta. Hay una manera en la cual el creyente puede tener gozo no importando su circunstancian; esa manera es la alabando a Dios.

Hey ladies, At Cornerstone, our ladies ministry is Girlfriends. We believe that every lady should be able to share life experiences with each other- whether it is laughing, crying or just having a bad hair day! Girlfriends is where women can feel safe to connect to other women. I believe the women of today are stretched far more than we could have inmagined. We have become super moms, super wives, super employees, super… tadada Superwomen! We leap buildings in a single bound. We can lead an office, work on a child’s school project, make dinner, clean house, kiss boo boos, and pay bills. Not to mention any extra school activities, committees and of course, church is just a given. And, ladies let’s not forget, we have to fit sex in that schedule, too! Is 5 minutes really that big of a sacrifice? Just kidding (sorry men)! Where do we get time for gardening or whatever activity is your escape? Who kisses your boo boos? How do you deal with your fears, your hurts? That is where Girlfriends comes into play. We have events that include

conferences, bible studies, Happy Hours, pool parties and much more. It is your hour to let your hair down, laugh, play, learn, grow, & get your batteries recharged! We may dance, perform skits, play games, sing songs or have mini lessons that you will love because you can grow and become the lady, the mother, the auntie, the grandmother… that God has destined you to be! My hat is off to you whether you are a single, married, raising a family, or praying your adult children through their life. We have a hard job but we can do it! I would like to personally invite you to share service with us to celebrate women on Sunday, May 8, 2011 @ 9&11a.m. I will have a special gift for you. Our next Happy Hour is called Hats off to Extraordinary Women…that’s each of you! This event will be on Sunday, May 15th @ 6p.m. at The Event Center, 315 Webb Rd., Salisbury, NC 28147. Just remember…you are an incredible woman with great value. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to! I believe in you. Tina Godair, Lead Pastor 704.855.1218 x. 104

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Cornerstone News (May-June)  

Cornerstone News (May-June)

Cornerstone News (May-June)  

Cornerstone News (May-June)