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Brilliant Smiles From Dr. Francois Burger’s Smile Design Studio

fromthedentist Message from Dr. Francois Burger

Goodbye Pentz Drive Hello Porterfield Road! On the 5th of January 2009 we opened up our doors at 40 Porterfield Road and a new era has arrived! Closer to the beach front, easier access (no busy traffic light intersection) and superior quality Dental Care, you just have to come and see for yourself! February is also Valentine’s month and whiter teeth are what we want for you for Valentine’s Day! Win Our February Valentine’s drawing and get the smile that will have that special person all over you! The new button “Special Offers” on the website will tell you all about what we have installed for you. Dentistry is not what it used to be. A great smile, oodles of confidence and cavity-free teeth are awaiting you!

Brighten Brighten up up her her SMILE SMILE on on

Valentine’s Valentine’s Day! Day! We can help!

14 February is VALENTINE’S DAY again.

You are creative, always know what

to give her, but man, your original ideas are running thin. Women are sensitive, clever individuals. You still don’t understand why she was happier to receive the handwritten card and the little box of chocolates than those expensive earrings you bought her last year. It’s easy! They just like the customized, personal touch more that just the plain boring gift. Your smile is the first thing other people notice about you when they meet you for the first time. As we age our teeth tend to discolour and the once bright, youthful white smile now looks more dull and stained. No matter how much make-up or new hairstyles we try, ‘something’ is just missing!

Call our office today 021-5573427, to schedule your new Valentine’s Smile! Happy Valentine’s Day! Yours in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Francois Burger

turnthepage Create your Dream Smile! Test your DIQ The Radar of Dentistry

Send her to us in FEBRUARY for a “DENTAL-STEAMCLEANING-SESSION” and she will get


Whitening your teeth is the magic procedure that will brighten up your smile again! Give her back that confidence and radiant look! Just see how her eyes will lighten up when she gets this life changing gift from you!

Teeth Whitening is theto ultimate gift you Send her us in FEBRUARY can give your loved one this Valentine’s a Day! for Whitening her teeth will look “DENTAL-STEAM-so good; you’ll CLEANING-SESSION” probably end up and sheit will get getting for yourself!

50% OFF


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February 2009 Thank you for your referrals! We appreciate it! Thank you for your referrals! We appreciateFebruary it! 2009

6 Minutes a day



tells us to

Test Your DIQ! Regular

dental visits and a scrupulous home hygiene program can keep your breath fresh and your smile sweet! How’s your DIQ Dental Intelligence Quotient? Take our quiz and find out… 1) The correct amount of time for brushing your teeth with a manual toothbrush is: A) 40 - 60 seconds B) 1 -2 minutes C) 3 - 5 minutes D) 7 minutes 2) Things I should do to prevent cavities: A) limit the frequency of snacks between meal times B) limit drinking fruit juice or soft drinks between meal times C) visit your dentist every 6 months D) all of the above 3) Getting dental Sealants on your teeth will help: A) prevent decay in children’s teeth B) prevent decay in adult’s teeth C) is the most under rated dental procedure in cavity prevention

D) all of the above No matter what your score, just remember to brush, floss and rinse, and never share your toothbrush! Oral bacteria can be passed to others which can potentially spread periodontal disease!


Brushing one’s teeth PROPERLY is crucial and adding the CORRECT AMOUNT of ommon sense tells us to brush our teeth twice a day to pressure are the main requirements to healthy teeth and gums. ommon sense to brush teeth twice a day to have healthy gumstells andusteeth and our to prevent getting dental Brushing ‘too hard’ and you can actually wear cavities. The truth is that although most people know this have healthy your enamel and dentine away and causegums and teeth and to prevent getting dental general information, very few people know for sure exactly cavities. permanent damage to your gums. OnceThe the truth is that although most people know this what they are supposevery to do. general information, few people know for sure exactly gums recede, they can never grow back!!


they are suppose to do. * Always use a soft small brushwhat when * Brushing one’s teeth PROPERLY is and adding the CORRECT brushing your teeth. Don’t get too attached AMOUNT of the main requirements. Brushing too * Brushing teethis PROPERLY is and adding the CORRECT to your toothbrush either. It takes only 2 - one’s 3pressure

hard andofyou can actually wearrequirements. your enamel and dentine months for the brush to wear out, AMOUNT pressure is the main Brushing too away and cause permanent damage your gums. hard you can actually you wear your to enamel and dentine and become ineffective. If you useand a manual toothbrush should brush between 3Once -5 the gums recede, never growthe back!! away and cause they permanent damage tojob! yourMost gums. Once minutes, twice a day! With a power toothbrush only 2can minutes does people gums recede, they can neverOops. grow back!! spend only 40 - 60 seconds onthe their entire Oral Hygiene routine! Not smart. * Always use a soft small brush when brushing your teeth. Don’t get use too attached your toothbrush either. It teeth. takes Always soft smalltobrush whenyear. brushing * Of course most people also*continue to a get cavities year after Withyour the price only of 2 3 months for the brush to wear out Don’t get attached your toothbrush either. It takes only an average filling costing ± R500-00, nottoo even to speaktoabout more extensive dental work, 2 - canal 3 months for the brush wearcost out you well over R4000-00 such as dental crowns and root treatment (that to could per tooth) that can be easily avoided with the 3mins twice a day that you invest in your Oral Hygiene. The next time you want to ask for a salary increase, give YOURSELF one….

minutes a day is all it takes!


How to Clean your Mouth Properly! 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Place your toothbrush at a 45º angle against your gums. Only use a PEA SIZE drop of toothpaste. (too much causes too much foam) Rotate the brush gently in small circular motions. Brush the outer surfaces of all your teeth in all 4 quadrants. Repeat on the inner & chewing surfaces of all 4 quadrants. Brush quadrant for

quadrant. 6) Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper to remove Start at the back and scrape forward, sweeping the bacteria now with ALCOHOL-FREE mouth wash e.g. DENTYL. 8) Tap yourself on the shoulder for another day of Perfect Oral Hygiene!

Requirements from bacterial penetration

Answers: 1c 2d 3 d - Sealants seal off grooves on back teeth

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Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! you you you you you you you that that that that saves that that saves saves saves that saves saves saves

brush our teeth twice a day to have healthy gums and teeth and to prevent getting dental cavities. The truth is that although most people know this general information, very few people know for sure exactly what they are suppose to do.

Toothbrush Toothpaste Dental Mirror & Probe

5) Repeat on the bad-breath-causing-bacteria. inner & chewing surfaces out of 4your mouth. Brush 7) Rinse of all quadrants. quadrant for quadrant. 6) Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper to remove bad-breathcausing-bacteria. Start at the back and scrape forward, sweeping the bacteria out of your mouth. 7) Rinse now with ALCOHOL-FREE mouth wash e.g. DENTYL mouth rinse. 8) Tap yourself on the shoulder for another day of Perfect Oral Hygiene!

1) Place your toothbrush at a 45º angle against your gums. Thank you for appreciate it! of toothpaste. 2) your referrals! Only useWe a PEA SIZE drop February 2009 3) Rotate the brush gently in small circular motions.

How to Clean your Mouth Properly!


design with DENTAL VENEERS

Cosmetic Dentistry can change your LIFE!

We live in a “Beautiful-Conscious Society” where looks almost mean everything! Whether we like it or not, we are evaluated every day on our looks and smiles through interactions with each other. A beautiful, attractive face and smile says: “Hi, I’m looking well after myself, I’m confident, I know what I want and I love my smile!”. These people tend to have an advantage above the average person and somehow what they say count for more. It is sad, but true. Not all of these beautiful people were born that way, and Cosmetic Dentistry has helped some of them along the way. Dental Veneers (or wafer thin porcelain coverings) can change your smile into almost INSTANT BEAUTY! These magic little carvings not only can change the colour of your teeth, align your teeth and close gaps between your teeth, but with the latest “SMILE DESIGNS”, it can literally change your face’s personality and overall look! *Subscribe to our FREE REPORT on Cosmetic dentistry to see if Dental Veneers might be for you! Click below

Did You Know? O

nce you’ve identified the shape of your face, you need to think about the TYPE OF SMILE you want. There are many different ‘smile types’ which include: carefree smiles, comfy smiles, sexy smiles, healthy smiles, innocent smiles, youthful smiles, mature smiles, evil smiles, anxious smiles and even sad smiles. Cosmetic Dentists can’t create a personality, but they can create a smile that will project what it is that you are feeling inside. “We can however help you shape your image”, says Dr. Bill Dorfman of the T.V hit series, Extreme Make-Over. “For example, if you want attributes such as a young smile, a mature smile, feminine smile or masculine smile, you can have the shape of your teeth contoured to reflect just those attributes! What your smile reveals is up to you!”

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What TYPE of Smile are YOU? Aggressive Style or Masculine Smile

Oval Style or Feminine Smile

Also called a Masculine Smile. The teeth are more angular than a woman’s and the central incisors should appear square, strong and more powerful than the lateral incisors.

Also called a Feminine Smile. Like a feminine-looking body, this smile is all about curves. The teeth’s edges are more rounded and softer looking. It looks radiant, bright and soft.

Mature Smile

Youthful Smile

This is the typical 45+ male’s smile. Looks very similar to the Aggressive style, but the canine teeth are round and softer – looking. It is more handsome than cute. ’Even length of the centrals & laterals.’

If you want to appear younger, then you don’t want an even row of teeth. The teeth don’t look ground down or saved off. The upper central incisors (2 front teeth) should be slightly longer (1mm) than the laterals.

Thank you for your referrals! We appreciate

If you If you want want to appear to appear younger, younger, thenthen youyou don’t want don’t even want roweven of teeth. row of The teeth. teethThe don’t teeth look ground don’tdown look ground or saved down off. or The saved upperoff. central The it! February 2009 incisors upper(2central front teeth) incisors should (2 front be teeth) slightly should longer be slightly than longer the lateral than the incisors. lateral incisors.

The RADAR of DENTISTRY Why x-rays are so important...

How often do we find ourselves saying:


“If I only knew then what I know now...” Well, when it comes to the state of your Oral Health you can know now and never have to look back with frustration. The hero in this case is the X-RAY or Radiograph - one of the most effective tools for safeguarding your dental health by assisting us in detecting minor changes and conditions in your teeth and jaws EARLY BEFORE they become major problems . to navigate their way when flying Think of x-rays as the radar pilots use

aeroplanes. Is it possible to fly without radar? Well, probably yes, but I don’t want to be flying with. Dentists can examine teeth without x-rays, but then we should rather call it “looking at teeth” and not examining teeth and that you can do as well.

> X-rays can show us: bone loss due to Gum Disease (Periodontitis), important teeth trapped below the gums, infections and abscesses at the root tips of the teeth, indication of missing or extra permanent teeth, cysts or tumours in the jaws or sinuses and literally everything that goes on below the surface and what a good dentist ought to know of his patient. > Early detection and treatment can save you time, money and future discomfort for example: Root Canal Treatment that happens in the root of a tooth is 100% dependable upon x-rays for the dentist to “see what is going on”. > Are X-rays save?

Yes, Dental X-rays emit a low level of radiation similar to the type of background radiation we get from the sun, the earth’s crust, various types of food we eat and the air we breathe. The average person gets more radiation by sitting in front of the television than from routine dental radiographs.

> Having said that, we are still committed to ensure that we only take x-rays if it is really necessary. At Blouberg Dental Practice we are also providing DIGITAL XRAYS that emits only 10% of conventional radiation!

> Be assured, that when properly used, dental x-rays are one of your best allies to

offi cei nfo rm ati on

ensure and maintain optimal dental health. So, next time your dentist decide not to take x-rays, make sure he knows what he is doing or he might just be “flying in the dark without radar”!

Public Holidays………………………………closed

Dr. Francois Burger Dr. Ennis Venter Dr. Delia van Vuuren Wendy Du Plessis (Hygienist)

Contact Information: Office………………..……..……..(021)557-3427/39 Fax …………………………………… (021)557-0384 E-mail………………………… Website………………………


Blouberg Dental Practice 40 Porterfield Road, Bloubergrant, 7441

Office Hours: Mon*, Tue*, Thu*, Fri*……..………08:00 - 17:00 Wednesday………………………..08:00 - 19:00 Saturday…………………………………..closed

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*special appointment times between 17:00 - 18:00 by request only

Staff: Wendy……………………………Oral Hygienist Jody, Niekie & Linda…Reception / Accounts Zurena, Ilana…………………Dental Assistants

Thank you for your referrals! We appreciate it!

February 2009

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