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Myron Taylor Hall Ithaca, New York 14853-4901

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Building on Strengths The Year in Philanthropy: 2015

“By supporting scholarships, alumni enhance the Law School’s most important resource and the lifeblood of its future: its students.”

Cornell Law School The Year in Philanthropy — 2015: Building on Strengths “The Year in Philanthropy” is a joint publication of Alumni Affairs & Development and the Communications Department of Cornell Law School.

“I learned to respect and love our legal system walking the corridors of Myron Taylor Hall.”

Alumni Affairs & Development 260 Myron Taylor Hall 524 College Avenue Ithaca, NY 14853 (607) 255-3373

Why I Give to the Law School Annual Fund for Scholarships It’s hard to imagine a better way to foster the continued success of the Law School than by supporting the scholarship fund. Throughout thirty years of practice, I’ve recognized that the best legal minds come from a variety of backgrounds, and know from stints as a teacher of law that any school derives

PETER CRONIN Associate Dean of Alumni Affairs & Development (607) 255-3370 • KRISTINE HOFFMEISTER Director of Alumni Affairs (607) 255-3037 •

Why I Give to Cornell Law School

DEBORAH STILLMAN A.B. ’81 Associate Director of Alumni Affairs (607) 255-3408 •

Our system for the fair and peaceful resolution of disputes remains, fully recognizing its imperfections, the best devised by humankind.

HEATHER SIMKIN Assistant to the Director of Alumni Affairs (607) 255-5251 •

Annual Fund

I have devoted my professional career to our civil trial system.

KRISTEN BURKE Director of Annual Fund (607) 255-5877 • CHRISTIAN SHAFFMASTER Associate Director of Annual Fund (607) 254-4722 •

I have been entrusted by clients with a series of legal challenges in each corner of our country—each of which opportunities I have cherished, to none of which I have any claim of right.

LISA PARROTT Assistant to the Director of Annual Fund (607) 255-5849 •

immeasurable benefits from enabling talented individuals to participate. Many of my most Mark Underberg, Esq., President’s Circle Donor

talented students simply would not have been able to attend

law school without scholarship assistance. Scholarships promote a diverse student body and a more stimulating classroom environment. Moreover, by reducing dependence on student loans, scholarships free students to pursue a wider variety of career paths, thereby enriching the Law School and the communities it serves. By supporting scholarships, alumni enhance the Law

Individual Giving CARL B. TORREY A.B. ’83, M.B.A. ’05 Individual Giving Officer (607) 255-5872 • CLAY JACKSON Individual Giving Officer (607) 255-5890 • JOEL THOMAS Leadership Gifts Officer (607) 254-2839 • SUSAN A. AROTSKY Program Assistant to the Individual Giving Program (607) 255-6077 •

School’s most important resource and the lifeblood of its future: its students.

REBECCA L. JOHNSON Assistant to the Associate Dean of Alumni Affairs & Development (607) 255-3373 •

MARK A. UNDERBERG, A.B. ’77, J.D. ’81

JOHN A. LAURICELLA M.F.A. ’87, PH.D. ’93 Program Officer (607) 255-6201 •


I was equipped to meet those challenges at Cornell. I learned to respect and love our legal system, walking the corridors of Myron Taylor Hall, playing handball with professors on the squash court, and learning contracts, procedure, and torts. I have come to believe that we, blessed with our opportunities, have to nurture and protect our legal system, and that I, myself, have an enormous debt to pay. I try as best I can to do both.

Affiliated Staff PETER KOPP Legal Information Institute Fundraising Director (607) 255-9634 • JUSTINE A. GUARIGLIA Trusts and Estates Officer (607) 254-1548 •

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THO MAS J. HEIDEN, J.D. ’71 Trial Partner, Latham & Watkins Donor, Jane W. and Thomas J. Heiden J.D. ‘71 Endowed Scholarship

A Letter from the Dean

Dear Alumni and Friends, ‘Š—”ȱ¢˜žȱ˜›ȱ¢˜ž›ȱœ›˜—ȱŠ—ȱŒ˜—œ’œŽ—ȱœž™™˜›ȱ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǯȱ‘Žȱ˜ĜŒ’Š•ȱŒ•˜œŽȱ ˜ȱ˜ž›ȱ꜌Š•ȱ¢ŽŠ›ȱ˜—ȱ ž—ŽȱřŖȱŒ˜’—Œ’Žȱ ’‘ȱ‘ŽȱŒ˜–™•Ž’˜—ȱ˜ȱ–¢ȱꛜȱ¢ŽŠ›ȱŠœȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱ Œ‘˜˜•Ȃœȱ••Š—ȱǯȱŽœœ•Ž›ȱŽŠ—ǯȱ—Žȱ˜ȱ–¢ȱ™›’˜›’’Žœȱ˜›ȱ–¢ȱꛜȱ¢ŽŠ›ȱ Šœȱ˜ȱ–ŽŽȱ ’‘ȱ‘Žȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȂœȱŠ•ž–—’ȱŠ—ȱ›’Ž—œȱŠŒ›˜œœȱ‘Žȱ—’ŽȱŠŽœǰȱŠœȱ Ž••ȱŠœȱ’—ȱœ’ŠǰȱŠ’—ȱ–Ž›’ŒŠǰȱ Š—ȱž›˜™Žǯȱž›’—ȱ‘Žȱ™Šœȱ¢ŽŠ›ǰȱ ȱŠĴŽ—Žȱ˜›¢Ȭ ˜ȱŠ•ž–—’ȱŽŸŽ—œȱ’—ȱ Ž—¢Ȭ ˜ȱŒ’’Žœǰȱ ’—Œ•ž’—ȱŠ›’œǰȱ˜—˜—ǰȱ ˜—ȱ ˜—ǰȱ˜”¢˜ǰȱžŽ—˜œȱ’›ŽœǰȱŠ—ȱŠ—’Š˜ȱŽȱ‘’•Žǯȱ —ȱ‘˜œŽȱ Š‘Ž›’—œǰȱ ‘’Œ‘ȱ–Š—¢ȱ˜ȱ¢˜žȱŠĴŽ—Žǰȱ Žȱ’œŒžœœŽȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȂœȱŒž››Ž—ȱœŠžœȱŠ—ȱ ›Š“ŽŒ˜›¢ǯȱ˜ž›ȱšžŽœ’˜—œȱŠ—ȱ’ŽŠœȱ Ž›ŽȱŽ—Ž›’£’—ȱŠ—ȱŽ—Œ˜ž›Š’—ȱ’—ȱ Š¢œȱ‘Šȱ™›˜–’œŽȱ ›ŽŠȱŠ¢œȱŠ‘ŽŠǯȱ‘Šȱ ȱ‘ŽŠ›ȱ›˜–ȱ¢˜žȱ ŠœȱŠȱŒ˜—œ’œŽ—ȱœŽ—œŽȱ˜ȱ›Š’žŽȱ˜ȱŠȱ•Š ȱœŒ‘˜˜•ȱ ‘Šȱ™›’Žœȱ’œŽ•ȱ˜—ȱ’œȱŒ˜––’–Ž—œȱ˜ȱŽ¡ŒŽ••Ž—ŒŽȱŠ—ȱ’—Œ•žœ’ŸŽ—Žœœǯȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱ‘Šœȱ•˜—ȱ ‹ŽŽ—ȱŠȱœŒ‘˜˜•ȱ‘Šȱ Ž•Œ˜–Žœȱ™Ž˜™•Žȱ›˜–ȱŠ••ȱ‹ŠŒ”›˜ž—œȱŠ—ȱ‘Ž•™œȱ‘Ž–ȱŒ•’–‹ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ ‘’‘Žœȱ›ŽŠŒ‘Žœȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ•ŽŠ•ȱ™›˜Žœœ’˜—ǯȱ ȱŠ•œ˜ȱ‘ŽŠ›ȱ’–ŽȱŠ—ȱŠŠ’—ȱŠ‹˜žȱ˜›—Ž••Ȃœȱœ–Š••ȱ œ’£Žǰȱ›’Ž—•’—ŽœœǰȱŠ—ȱŽ¡›Š˜›’—Š›’•¢ȱœ›˜—ȱœŽ—œŽȱ˜ȱŒ˜––ž—’¢ǯȱ••ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽœŽȱŠœ™ŽŒœȱ˜ȱ¢˜ž›ȱ ˜›—Ž••ȱŽ¡™Ž›’Ž—ŒŽȱŒ˜—’—žŽȱ˜ȱ‹ŽȱŒŽ—›Š•ȱ˜ȱ˜ž›ȱ’Ž—’¢ǯ ȱŒŠ–ŽȱŠ Š¢ȱ›˜–ȱ–¢ȱ’œŒžœœ’˜—œȱ ’‘ȱ¢˜žȱ–˜›ŽȱŒŽ›Š’—ȱ‘Š—ȱŽŸŽ›ȱ‘Šȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŠ•ž–—’ȱ •˜ŸŽȱ‘Ž’›ȱœŒ‘˜˜•ȱŠ—ȱŠ›ŽȱŽŠŽ›ȱ˜ȱœž™™˜›ȱ’œȱŽžŒŠ’˜—Š•ȱ–’œœ’˜—ǯȱ˜›Žȱ‘Š—ȱŘǰŗŖŖȱ˜ȱ¢˜žȱ ™›˜ŸŽȱ‘ŠȱœŠŽ–Ž—ȱ›žŽȱž›’—ȱ꜌Š•ȱŘŖŗśȱ‹¢ȱ™›˜Ÿ’’—ȱŠȱ›ŽŒ˜›ȱŠ–˜ž—ȱ˜ȱŒž››Ž—ȬžœŽǰȱ ž—›Žœ›’ŒŽȱ˜••Š›œȱ‘›˜ž‘ȱ¢˜ž›ȱ’œȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•Ȃœȱ——žŠ•ȱž—ǰȱ ‘’Œ‘ȱ‹ŽĴŽ›Žȱ’œȱ œŠŽȱ˜Š•ȱ˜ȱǞŘǯŗȱ‹¢ȱ—ŽŠ›•¢ȱǞřŖŖǰŖŖŖǯȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱ——žŠ•ȱž—ȱ˜›ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™œǰȱ—Ž ȱ’—ȱ꜌Š•ȱ ŘŖŗśǰȱŠĴ›ŠŒŽȱǞŗśŞǰŜŗŜǯŞŖȱ›˜–ȱŗŗśȱ˜—˜›œȱŠ—ȱ‘Ž•™Žȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ’—›˜žŒŽȱ‘Žȱ‘Š›•Žœȱ ŸŠ—œȱ ž‘ŽœȱŒ‘˜•Š›œȱ™›˜›Š–ǯȱ —ȱŠ’’˜—ȱ˜ȱ¢˜ž›ȱ›ŽŒ˜›ȱ’œȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ——žŠ•ȱž—ǰȱ–Š—¢ȱ˜ȱ¢˜žȱ–ŠŽȱ˜‘Ž›ȱ’œȱŠœȱ Ž••ǰȱ ’—Œ•ž’—ȱȃŽ—‘Š—ŒŽ–Ž—Ȅȱ’œȱ˜ȱŽœŠ‹•’œ‘ŽȱŽ—˜ –Ž—œȱŠ—ȱ—Ž ȱ’œȱŽŸ˜Žȱ˜ȱ™ž‹•’Œȱ ’—Ž›Žœȱ•Š ǰȱ‘Žȱ•Š›”Žȱžœ’—ŽœœȱŠ ȱ —œ’žŽǰȱœžŽ—ȱœŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™œǰȱŠŒž•¢ȱŽ¡Œ‘Š—Žœǰȱ Š—ȱ¢›˜—ȱŠ¢•˜›ȱ Š••ǯȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•Ȃœȱ‹Ž—ŽŠŒ˜›œȯ‘Šȱ’œǰȱyouȯŽ—Š‹•Žȱžœȱ˜ȱ–ŽŽȱ˜ž›ȱ ȃ˜›—Ž••ȱȯŘŖŗśȄȱŒŠ–™Š’—ȱ˜Š•ȱ˜ȱǞřśȱ‹¢ȱŽ—ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŘŖŗřȱ꜌Š•ȱ¢ŽŠ›ǯȱ’—ŒŽȱ‘Ž—ǰȱ¢˜žȱ ‘ŠŸŽȱŽ–˜—œ›ŠŽȱ¢˜ž›ȱŽ’ŒŠ’˜—ȱ˜ȱ˜ž›ȱœŒ‘˜˜•ȱ‹¢ȱŒ˜—’—ž’—ȱ˜ȱœž™™˜›ȱ˜ž›ȱœžŽ—œǰȱ ŠŒž•¢ǰȱ‹ž’•’—ǰȱŠ—ȱ™›˜›Š–œȱŠȱŠȱ•ŽŸŽ•ȱ˜ȱŽ—Ž›˜œ’¢ȱ‘Šȱ ’••ȱ‘Ž•™ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ˜ȱ‹ž’•ȱ˜—ȱ’œȱŽ¡’œ’—ȱœ›Ž—‘ȱŠ—ȱ¢—Š–’œ–ǯ ŠŒ‘ȱŽ—Ž›Š’˜—ȱ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱœžŽ—œȱ‘Šœȱ‹Ž—ŽęŽȱ›˜–ȱ‘Žȱ ™‘’•Š—‘›˜™’ŒȱŽ—Ž›˜œ’¢ȱ˜ȱ‘˜œŽȱ ‘˜ȱŒŠ–Žȱ‹Ž˜›Žȱ‘Ž–ǯȱœȱ Žȱ –˜ŸŽȱ’—˜ȱ‘ŽȱŒž››Ž—ȱ꜌Š•ȱ¢ŽŠ›ȱŠ—ȱ‹Ž¢˜—ǰȱ ȱ‘˜™Žȱ¢˜žȱ ’••ȱ Œ˜—’—žŽȱ˜ȱ™Š›’Œ’™ŠŽȱ’—ȱ˜ž›ȱœ‘Š›Žȱ–’œœ’˜—ȱ˜ȱŽžŒŠ’—ȱ‘Žȱ—Ž¡ȱ generation of Cornell lawyers. Your support is crucial if Cornell Law School is to continue to be the kind of place that it has always ‹ŽŽ—ȯŠȱ•Š ȱœŒ‘˜˜•ȱ‘Šȱ’œȱŽ•’Žȱ ’‘˜žȱ‹Ž’—ȱŽ•’’œǯȱ —ȱ›Š’žŽȱ˜›ȱ Š••ȱ‘Šȱ¢˜žȱ‘ŠŸŽȱŠ•›ŽŠ¢ȱ˜—Žǰȱ ȱ‘Š—”ȱ¢˜žȱ˜—ȱ‹Ž‘Š•ȱ˜ȱ˜ž›ȱŽ—’›Žȱ ŠŒŠŽ–’ŒȱŒ˜––ž—’¢ȯ˜ž›ȱœžŽ—œǰȱ˜ž›ȱŠŒž•¢ȱŠ—ȱŽŠ—œǰȱ Š—ȱ–¢œŽ•ǯ


žŠ›˜ȱǯȱŽÛŠ•ŸŽ› Allan R. Tessler Dean and Professor of Law


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Annual Fund National Chairs For the past sixty years the Law School Annual


Law School Annual Fund Betters Goal

Fund has called upon energetic alumni whose dedication to their alma mater makes them leaders in thought and deed. By serving as Annual Fund National Chairs, these volunteers help set the tone and direction of our fundraising initiatives and are instrumental in encouraging both a spirit of philanthropy and its enactment among their peers. With appreciation for their service to Cornell Law School and a grateful understanding of the important role they play, we recognize the Cornell Law School graduates who have lent their time and energy to this office.


Alfred M. Saperston, LL.B. ’19


Franklin S. Wood, A.B. ’23, LL.B. ’25


Lauman Martin, LL.B. ’35


Louis W. Dawson, LL.B. ’19


C. Frank Reavis, LL.B. ’19


Robert J. McDonald, B.S. ’38, J.D. ’41


Frank C. Heath, J.D. ’37


John C. Howes, A.B. ’32, J.D. ’34


Milton S. Gould, A.B. ’30, LL.B. ’33


Albert E. Arent, A.B. ’32, LL.B. ’35


Alfred Appel, A.B. ’26, J.D. ’28


Arnold I. Burns, J.D. ’53


Allan R. Tessler, A.B. ’58, LL.B. ’63


Thomas T. Adams, J.D. ’57


Ward W. Ingalsbe Jr., J.D. ’58


Stanley Komaroff, A.B. ’56, J.D. ’58


Milton G. Strom, J.D. ’67


Arthur M. Siskind, A.B. ’60, J.D. ’62


Jay W. Waks, B.S. ’68, J.D. ’71


Yvette Harmon, J.D. ’69 Anthony Radice, A.B. ’66, J.D. ’69


Joseph Serafini, J.D. ’67


Charles Adelman, A.B. ’70, J.D. ’73


David Furman, J.D. ’86

GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) National Chair, 2014–present

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Jason Beekman, J.D. ’11


‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ——žŠ•ȱž—ȱŽ—“˜¢Žȱ’œȱ–˜œȱœžŒŒŽœœž•ȱ¢ŽŠ›ȱ’—ȱ꜌Š•ȱ ŘŖŗśǯȱ™ž››Žȱ˜—ȱ‹¢ȱ’Ÿ’—ȱ˜ȱŽ¡ŒŽ™’˜—Š•ȱŽ—Ž›˜œ’¢ȱ›˜–ȱ‘Žȱ–Ž–‹Ž›Ȭ œ‘’™ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŽŠ—Ȃœȱ™ŽŒ’Š•ȱŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱ˜––’ĴŽŽȱǻǼȱŠ—ȱŠ•ž–—’ȱ’—ȱ Žž—’˜—Ȭ¢ŽŠ›ȱŒ•ŠœœŽœǰȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ——žŠ•ȱž—ȱ›ŽŠŒ‘ŽȱŠȱ›Š—ȱ˜Š•ȱ ˜ȱǞŘǰřşřǰŗŘşǰȱ‹ŽĴŽ›’—ȱ’œȱ™ž‹•’œ‘Žȱ˜Š•ȱ˜ȱǞŘǯŗǯȱȱ‘’œȱ—Ž ȱ–’•Žœ˜—Žȱ Š–˜ž—ǰȱ‘ŽȱȱŽ—Ž›ŠŽȱ—ŽŠ›•¢ȱǞŜŖŖǰŖŖŖȱ’—ȱŽ’‘Ž›ȱ’›ŽŒȱ’œȱ˜›ȱ’œȱ ŠĴ›ŠŒŽȱ‘›˜ž‘ȱȃ™ŽŽ›Ȭ˜Ȭ™ŽŽ›Ȅȱœ˜•’Œ’Š’˜—œǰȱŠ—ȱ‘Žȱ‹Š•Š—ŒŽȱ˜ȱǞŗǯŝƸȱ  ŠœȱŽ•’ŸŽ›Žȱ‹¢ȱ–˜›Žȱ‘Š—ȱŘǰŗŖŖȱŽŸ˜ŽȱŠ•ž–—’ȱŠ—ȱœŽŠŠœȱ›’Ž—œǰȱ Ž—Ž›˜žœȱ‹Ž—ŽŠŒ˜›œȱŠ••ǯȱž’•’—ȱ˜—ȱ’œȱœžŒŒŽœœȱž›’—ȱ꜌Š•ȱŘŖŗŚǰȱ‘Žȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ——žŠ•ȱž—ȱ˜›ȱ꜌Š•ȱŘŖŗśȱ›ŽŠ•’£ŽȱŠȱŗŖȱ™Ž›ŒŽ—ȱ’—Œ›ŽŠœŽȱ’—ȱ ˜—˜›œȱ™Š›’Œ’™Š’—ȱŠ—ȱŠȱŗŝȱ™Ž›ŒŽ—ȱ’—Œ›ŽŠœŽȱ’—ȱ˜••Š›œȱ›Š’œŽǰȱ‹˜‘ȱ˜ȱ which are gratifying now and encouraging for the future. ›’œŽ—ȱž›”Žǰȱ’›ŽŒ˜›ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•Ȃœȱ——žŠ•ȱž—ǰȱŒ’Žȱ‘Žȱ ž—›Š’œ’—ȱŽě˜›œȱŠ—ȱ™Ž›œ˜—Š•ȱŽ—Ž›˜œ’¢ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱǰȱŠœȱ Ž••ȱŠœȱ‘Žȱ Ž¡›Š˜›’—Š›¢ȱœžŒŒŽœœȱ˜ȱŽž—’˜—Ȭ¢ŽŠ›ȱ’Ÿ’—ǰȱŠœȱ’–™˜›Š—ȱŠŒ˜›œȱ’—ȱ •’’—ȱ‘Žȱ——žŠ•ȱž—ȱ Ž••ȱ™Šœȱ’œȱœŠŽȱ˜Š•ǯȱȃ Ȃ–ȱŽ¡›Ž–Ž•¢ȱ›ŠŽž•ȱ ˜ȱ‘ŠŸŽȱ ˜›”Žȱ ’‘ȱœ˜ȱ–Š—¢ȱŽ—Ž›˜žœȱŠ—ȱ‘Š› ˜›”’—ȱŸ˜•ž—ŽŽ›œȱ ‘’œȱ¢ŽŠ›ǯȱ‘Ž’›ȱŽ—Ž›¢ȱŠ—ȱŒ˜––’–Ž—ȱ˜ȱœž™™˜›’—ȱŽŠ—ȱŽÛŠ•ŸŽ›Ȃœȱ Ÿ’œ’˜—ȱ˜›ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ›˜ŸŽȱ˜ž›ȱœžŒŒŽœœǯȄȱ‘Žȱ™‘’•Š—‘›˜™¢ȱ˜ȱ Žž—’˜—Ȭ¢ŽŠ›ȱŒ•ŠœœŽœȱ ŠœȱŽœ™ŽŒ’Š••¢ȱ™˜ Ž›ž•DZȱ ’‘ȱŘŖŗŖȱŠœȱ‘Žȱ‹ŠœŽ•’—Žǰȱ ’Ÿ’—ȱŠ–˜—ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱŒ•ŠœœŽœȱŽ—’—ȱ’—ȱȃŖȄȱ˜›ȱȃśȄȱ’—Œ›ŽŠœŽȱŚŖŖȱ ™Ž›ŒŽ—ȱ’—ȱ꜌Š•ȱŘŖŗśǰȱ¢’Ž•’—ȱŠȱ›Š—ȱ˜Š•ȱ˜ȱǞŘǰşŗśǰřŖŞǯȱ•‘˜ž‘ȱ ‘’œȱ›Žœž•ȱŽ¡ŒŽŽŽȱŽ¡™ŽŒŠ’˜—œǰȱ’ȱ ŠœȱŒ˜—œ’œŽ—ȱ ’‘ȱ‘ŽȱŠ–‹’’˜—œȱ ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȂœȱĜŒŽȱ˜ȱ•ž–—’ȱ슒›œȱŠ—ȱŽŸŽ•˜™–Ž—ȱŠ—ȱ ™Š›’Œž•Š›•¢ȱ‘Žȱ˜Š•œȱ˜ȱ‘›’œ’Š—ȱ‘Šě–ŠœŽ›ǰȱŠœœ˜Œ’ŠŽȱ’›ŽŒ˜›ȱ˜ȱ ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ——žŠ•ȱž—ȱŠ—ȱŠ›Œ‘’ŽŒȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŽž—’˜—ȬŒ•Šœœȱ’Ÿ’—ȱ Žě˜›ǯȱ‘Šě–ŠœŽ›ȱ‘’–œŽ•ȱ˜ —™•Š¢œȱ‘’œȱ›˜•ŽȱŠ—ȱŒ›Ž’œȱ’•’Ž—ȱŠ—ȱ Ž—‘žœ’Šœ’Œȱž—›Š’œ’—ȱ‹¢ȱŽž—’˜—ȱŠ–™Š’—ȱŠ•ž–—’ȱŸ˜•ž—ŽŽ›œǰȱ ‘˜ȱ  ˜›”ȱŒ•Šœœ–ŠŽȱ‹¢ȱŒ•Šœœ–ŠŽȱ˜ȱœ˜•’Œ’ǰȱ™›˜–™ǰȱŠ—ȱ˜‘Ž› ’œŽȱŽ—Œ˜ž›ŠŽȱ Žž—’˜—Ȭ¢ŽŠ›ȱ’œȱ˜ȱŠ—¢ȱŽœ’—Š’˜—ǯȱȃž›ȱŽž—’˜—ȱŸ˜•ž—ŽŽ›œȱ ˜›”Žȱ ‘Š›ȱŠ—ȱŸŽ›¢ȱŽěŽŒ’ŸŽ•¢ȱ˜ȱ–Š”ŽȱŽž—’˜—Ȭ¢ŽŠ›ȱ’Ÿ’—ȱ‘ŽȱœžŒŒŽœœȱ’ȱ Šœǯȱ Their dedication to Cornell Law School and passion for legal education ’—œ™’›Žȱ‘Ž’›ȱŒ•Šœœ–ŠŽœȱ˜ȱœž™™˜›ȱ˜›—Ž••Ȃœȱ–’œœ’˜—ǯȱ‘Ž¢ȱ’ȱ‘Žȱ‘ŽŠŸ¢ȱ •’’—ȱ˜ȱŽž—’˜—ȱž—›Š’œ’—DZȱŒ˜—ŸŽ—Žȱ–ŽŽ’—œǰȱŒŠ••ŽȱŒ•Šœœ–ŠŽœǰȱ Š—ȱ˜›Š—’£ŽȱŒ•ŠœœȱŽŸŽ—œǰȱŠ••ȱ˜ȱ ‘’Œ‘ȱŠ›ŽȱŽœœŽ—’Š•ȱ˜ȱŠŒ‘’ŽŸ’—ȱœžŒ‘ȱ Ž¡ŒŽ••Ž—ȱ›Žœž•œǯȄ žŠ›˜ȱŽÛŠ•ŸŽ›ǰȱ••Š—ȱǯȱŽœœ•Ž›ȱŽŠ—ȱŠ—ȱ›˜Žœœ˜›ȱ˜ȱŠ ǰȱŒŠ••Žȱ ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ——žŠ•ȱž—Ȃœȱꗊ•ȱŠ••¢ȱȃŠȱ›Ž–Ž—˜žœȱ›Žœž•ȄȱŠ—ȱ —˜Žȱ‘Šȱȃ’ȱŒ˜ž•—ȂȱŒ˜–ŽȱŠȱŠȱ‹ŽĴŽ›ȱ’–ŽȄȱ’—ȱ•’‘ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ’–™˜›Š—ȱ ’—’’Š’ŸŽœǰȱŠ••ȱ ’‘ȱŠ–‹’’˜žœȱ˜Š•œǰȱŒž››Ž—•¢ȱ‹Ž’—ȱ’–™•Ž–Ž—ŽȱŠȱ ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǯȱȱ›ŽŠ•¢ȱ’—Œ›ŽŠœŽȱŒ˜––’–Ž—ȱ˜ȱœžŽ—ȱꗊ—Œ’Š•ȱ Š’ȱ’œȱŒ‘’ŽȱŠ–˜—ȱ‘ŽœŽǰȱ ’‘ȱ˜Š•ȱœŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱœž™™˜›ȱ˜›ȱ꜌Š•ȱŘŖŗŜȱ ›ž——’—ȱŠȱ–˜›Žȱ‘Š—ȱǞŚǯśǯȱœȱ‘ŽȱŠ–˜ž—ȱ˜ȱꗊ—Œ’Š•ȱŠœœ’œŠ—ŒŽȱ‘Žȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ™›˜Ÿ’Žœȱ˜ȱ’œȱœžŽ—œȱ’œȱŽ¡™ŽŒŽȱ˜ȱ’—Œ›ŽŠœŽȱŽŸŽ›¢ȱ¢ŽŠ›ǰȱ ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•Ȃœȱ——žŠ•ȱž—ȱ ’••ȱ‘ŠŸŽȱ˜ȱ™›˜œ™Ž›ȱŠŒŒ˜›’—•¢ǯȱȱQ


Reunion Gifts Build Endowed Funds Š ȹÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â˜Â•ČąÂŠÂ•ÂžÂ–Â—Â’ČąÂŠÄ´ÂŽÂ—Â?’—Â?ČąÂŽÂžÂ—Â’Â˜Â—ČąĹ˜Ĺ–Ĺ—Ĺ›Čą “˜’—ŽÂ?ČąÂ?Â˜Â›ÂŒÂŽÂœČąÂŠÂœČąÂ ÂŽÂ•Â•ČąÂŠÂœČąÂ‘ÂŽÂŠÂ›Â?ÂœČąÂŠÂ—Â?ȹ–’—Â?ÂœČąÂ?Â˜Čą •’Â?Â?ČąÂœÂŽÂ&#x;Ž›Š•ȹ—Ž ȹŽ—Â?˜ ŽÂ?ČąÂ?ž—Â?ÂœČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂ’Â–Â™Â›ÂŽÂœÂœÂ’Â&#x;ÂŽČą •ŽÂ&#x;ÂŽÂ•ÂœÇŻČąŽŠÂ?’—Â?ČąÂ&#x;˜•ž—Â?ÂŽÂŽÂ›ÂœČąÂŠÂ—Â—Â˜ÂžÂ—ÂŒÂŽÂ?ČąÂ?‘ŠÂ?Čą new gifts to the George Washington Fields ÇŻǯȹŗŞĹ&#x;Ĺ–ČąÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™Ç°ČąÂ?‘ŽȹÂ˜Â›Â—ÂŽÂ•Â•ČąŠ ȹÂ•ÂŠÂœÂœČą ˜Â?ȹȂŞśȹÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™Ç°ČąÂŠÂ—Â?ČąÂ?‘Žȹ——Žȹž”’—Â?‹ŽŠ•ȹ Dean’s Discretionary Fund for Student Life ‘ŠÂ&#x;Žȹ–ŠÂ?ÂŽČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽÂœÂŽČąÂ?ž—Â?ÂœČąÂ—Â˜Â?ÂŠÂ‹Â•Â˘ČąÂœÂžÂŒÂŒÂŽÂœÂœÂ?ž•ȹ Â&#x;ÂŽÂ›Â˘ČąÂšÂžÂ’ÂŒÂ”Â•Â˘ÇŻ ‘Žȹ Ž˜›Â?ÂŽČąŠœ‘’—Â?Â?Â˜Â—Čą’Ž•Â?ÂœČąÇŻǯȹŗŞĹ&#x;Ĺ–Čą ÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™ČąÂ‹ÂŽÂŒÂŠÂ–ÂŽČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽČąÂ—ÂŽÂ ÂŽÂœÂ?ČąÂœÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™Čą Â?ž—Â?ȹŠÂ?ČąÂ˜Â›Â—ÂŽÂ•Â•ČąŠ ȹÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â˜Â•ČąÂ‹Â˘ČąÂ&#x;’›Â?ÂžÂŽČąÂ˜Â?Čą ŠĴŠ’—’—Â?ČąÂ?‘ŽȹǞŗŖŖǰŖŖŖȹÂ?‘›Žœ‘˜•Â?Ç°ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŠÂ—Â”ÂœČąÂ’Â—Čą ™Š›Â?ČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂŽÂžÂ—Â’Â˜Â—ČŹÂ˘ÂŽÂŠÂ›ČąÂ?Â’Â?Â?ÂœÇŻČą—Â?›’Š——ŽȹÂŠÂ˘ÂœÂ˜Â—Ç°Čą


Š–™Â?Â˜Â—Ç°Čą’›Â?’—’Šǯȹ‘Žȹ’—’Â?’ŠÂ?Â’Â&#x;ÂŽČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂŽÂœÂ?ÂŠÂ‹Â•Â’ÂœÂ‘Čą Â?‘Žȹ’Ž•Â?ÂœČąÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™ČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂŒÂ˜Â–Â–ÂŽÂ–Â˜Â›ÂŠÂ?ÂŽČąÂ‘Â’ÂœČą ŠŒ‘’ŽÂ&#x;Ž–Ž—Â?ÂœČąÂ ÂŠÂœČąÂ•ÂŠÂžÂ—ÂŒÂ‘ÂŽÂ?ČąÂ“ÂžÂœÂ?ČąÂ•ÂŠÂœÂ?ȹ¢ŽŠ›ȹ‹¢ȹ Â?‘ŽȹÂ?˜ž—Â?ŠÂ?Â’Â˜Â—ÂŠÂ•ČąÂ?Â’Â?Â?ÂœČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂœÇŻČąÂŠÂ˘ÂœÂ˜Â—Ç°ČąŠž›Šȹ Â’Â•Â”Â’Â—ÂœÂ˜Â—Ç°ČąÇŻÇŻǯȹȂŞśȌ ÇŻÇŻČąČ‚ĹžĹœÇ°ČąÂŠÂ—Â?ČąÇŻČąÂ›Â’ÂŒČą Â•Â–Â˜Â›ÂŽÇ°ČąÇŻÇŻČąČ‚ĹžĹœÇ°Čą ÇŻǯȹȂŞĹ&#x;ÇŻ Â•ÂœÂ˜ČąÂ?ž—Â?ÂŽÂ?ȹ‹¢ȹ–ž•Â?’™•ŽȹÂ?Â˜Â—Â˜Â›ÂœÇ°ČąÂ?‘ŽȹÂ˜Â›Â—ÂŽÂ•Â•Čą Š ȹÂ•ÂŠÂœÂœČąÂ˜Â?ȹȂŞśȹÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™ČąÂ ÂŠÂœČąÂŽÂœÂ?Š‹•’œ‘ŽÂ?Čą Â’Â—ČąĹ˜Ĺ–Ĺ—Ĺ—ČąÂŠÂ—Â?ČąÂ‘ÂŠÂœČąÂ‹ÂŽÂŽÂ—ČąÂŠÂžÂ?–Ž—Â?ÂŽÂ?ČąÂœÂ’Â—ÂŒÂŽČąÂ?‘Ž—ȹ Â‹Â˘ČąÂ–ÂŽÂ–Â‹ÂŽÂ›ÂœČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂ?‘Žȹ ÇŻÇŻČąÂ•ÂŠÂœÂœČąÂ˜Â?ȹŗĹ&#x;ŞśǯȹÂ˜ČąÂ–ÂŠÂ›Â”Čą Â?‘Ž’›ȹřŖÂ?‘ȹÂŽÂžÂ—Â’Â˜Â—Ç°ČąÂ–ÂŠÂ—Â˘ČąÂŒÂ•ÂŠÂœÂœČąÂ–ÂŽÂ–Â‹ÂŽÂ›ÂœČą directed new gifts to the scholarship’s Ž—Â?˜ –Ž—Â?ȹŠ—Â?ČąÂ?˜Â?ÂŽÂ?Â‘ÂŽÂ›ČąÂ‹Â›Â˜ÂžÂ?‘Â?ČąÂ?‘ŽȹÂ?ž—Â?Č‚ÂœČą Â™Â›Â’Â—ÂŒÂ’Â™ÂŠÂ•ČąÂ&#x;Š•žŽȹÂ?Â˜ČąÇžĹ›Ĺ–Ĺ–Ç°Ĺ–Ĺ–Ĺ–ÇŻČąÂœČąÂ˜Â—ÂŽČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂ˜Â›Â—ÂŽÂ•Â•Čą Š ȹÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â˜Â•Č‚ÂœČąÂ–Â˜ÂœÂ?ČąÂ›Â˜Â‹ÂžÂœÂ?ČąÂœÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™ČąÂ?ž—Â?ÂœÇ°Čą Â?‘ŽȹÂ˜Â›Â—ÂŽÂ•Â•ČąŠ ȹÂ•ÂŠÂœÂœČąÂ˜Â?ȹȂŞśȹÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™Čą Œ˜—Â?Â’Â—ÂžÂŽÂœČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂŠÄ´Â›ÂŠÂŒÂ?ČąÂ?Â’Â?Â?ÂœČąÂ?˜ Š›Â?ČąÂ›ÂŽÂŠÂŒÂ‘Â’Â—Â?ȹ’Â?ÂœČą —Ž¥Â?ČąÂ?ž—Â?’—Â?ČąÂ?Â˜ÂŠÂ•ÇŻ The Anne Lukingbeal Dean’s Discretionary ž—Â?ČąÂ?Â˜Â›ČąÂ?žÂ?Ž—Â?ȹ’Â?ÂŽÇ°ČąÂŒÂ›ÂŽÂŠÂ?ÂŽÂ?ČąÂ?Â‘Â’ÂœČąÂœÂ™Â›Â’Â—Â?ČąÂ?Â˜Čą Â‘Â˜Â—Â˜Â›Čą——Žȹž”’—Â?‹ŽŠ•ǰȹÂ˜Â›Â—ÂŽÂ•Â•ČąŠ ȹÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â˜Â•Č‚ÂœČą •˜—Â?Â?’–ŽȹÂ?ÂŽÂŠÂ—ČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂœÂ?žÂ?Ž—Â?ÂœÇ°ČąÂŠÂ•ÂœÂ˜ČąÂ›ÂŽÄšÂŽÂŒÂ?ÂœČąÂ?‘Žȹ Â™Â˜Â ÂŽÂ›ČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂŒÂ˜Â–Â‹Â’Â—ÂŽÂ?ČąÂ?Â’Â&#x;’—Â?ÇŻČąž™™˜›Â?ÂŽÂ?ȹ‹¢ȹ

Â?Â’Â?Â?ÂœČąÂ?Â›Â˜Â–ČąÂ–ÂŠÂ—Â˘ČąÂ?Â˜Â—Â˜Â›ÂœÇ°ČąÂ’Â—ÂŒÂ•ÂžÂ?’—Â?ȹŠ•ž–—’ȹ ŒŽ•Ž‹›ŠÂ?’—Â?ČąÂŽÂžÂ—Â’Â˜Â—ČąÂ˘ÂŽÂŠÂ›ÂœÇ°ČąÂ?‘Žȹž”’—Â?‹ŽŠ•ȹ ž—Â?ČąÂ‘ÂŠÂœČąÂ’Â—Â’Â?Â’ÂŠÂ•ČąÂŒÂ˜Â–Â–Â’Â?–Ž—Â?ÂœČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂ–Â˜Â›ÂŽČą Â?Â‘ÂŠÂ—ČąÇžĹ˜Ĺ›Ĺ–Ç°Ĺ–Ĺ–Ĺ–ÇŻČą ÂŠÂŒÂšÂžÂŽÂ•Â’Â—ÂŽČąžÂ&#x;Š•ǰȹ ÇŻǯȹȂĹ&#x;Ĺ˜Ç°Čą •ŽÂ?ČąÂ?Â‘Â’ÂœČąÂ?ž—Â?›Š’œ’—Â?ČąÂŽÄ›Â˜Â›Â?ȹŠ—Â?ČąÂŠÂ—Â—Â˜ÂžÂ—ÂŒÂŽÂ?Čą Â’Â?ÂœČąÂŠÂŒÂŒÂ˜Â–Â™Â•Â’ÂœÂ‘Â–ÂŽÂ—Â?ČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂ?ŠÂ?ŽȹŠÂ?ČąŠÂ?ž›Â?ÂŠÂ˘Č‚ÂœČą ••ȏÂ•ÂŠÂœÂœČą’——Ž›ǯȹÂŽÂ&#x;˜Â?ÂŽÂ?ČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂŽÂ—Â‘ÂŠÂ—ÂŒÂ’Â—Â?Čą Â?‘Žȹ•ŽŠ›—’—Â?ȹŠ—Â?ȹ•’Â&#x;’—Â?ČąÂŽÂĄÂ™ÂŽÂ›Â’ÂŽÂ—ÂŒÂŽÂœČąÂ˜Â?ČąŠ ȹ School students during their course of study ŠÂ?ČąÂ˘Â›Â˜Â—ČąÂŠÂ˘Â•Â˜Â›Čą Š••ǰȹÂ?‘Žȹž”’—Â?‹ŽŠ•ȹž—Â?Čą Â‘Â˜Â—Â˜Â›ÂœČąÂ’Â?ÂœČąÂ—ÂŠÂ–ÂŽÂœÂŠÂ”ÂŽČąÂ?Â˜Â›ČąÂ‘ÂŽÂ›ČąÂ?‘’›Â?Â˘ČŹÂœÂŽÂ&#x;ÂŽÂ—ČąÂ˘ÂŽÂŠÂ›ÂœČą ˜Â?ČąÂœÂŽÂ›Â&#x;Â’ÂŒÂŽČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂ?‘ŽȹŠ ȹÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â˜Â•ČąÂŠÂ—Â?ČąÂ–ÂŠÂ›Â”ÂœČąÂ‘ÂŽÂ›Čą ›ŽÂ?’›Ž–Ž—Â?ČąÂ’Â—ČąĹ˜Ĺ–Ĺ—Ĺ›ÇŻČąČąQ

Reunion Giving Alumni in Reunion-year classes were exceptionally generous in ďŹ scal year 2015 and together established a new record for Reunion Class Campaigns by directing almost $3,000,000 in new gifts and commitments to Cornell Law School. Several classes achieved new heights in donor participation and/or total dollars given, and we are grateful to everyone who devoted time, energy, and treasure to this success. Some highlights:

Class of 2015, Graduating Class Gift One hundred and twenty-seven donors, 71 percent of the class, made gifts and commitments totaling $20,184, setting a new record for number of donors and total dollars given by a graduating class.

Class of 2005, 10th Reunion Seventy-two donors, 29 percent of the class, made gifts and commitments totaling $26,318, setting a new record for number of donors and total dollars given by a 10th Reunion class.

Class of 2000, 15th Reunion Sixty donors, 27 percent of the class, made gifts and commitments totaling $165,150, setting a new record for number of donors and total dollars given by a 15th Reunion class.

Class of 1985, 30th Reunion Seventy donors, 40 percent of the class, made gifts and commitments totaling $1,010,357, setting a new record with eighteen Tower Club ($5,000+) donors in a 30th Reunion class.

Class of 1980, 35th Reunion Forty-nine donors, 34 percent of the class, made gifts and commitments totaling $468,175.

Class of 1975, 40th Reunion Sixty-one donors, 43 percent of the class, made gifts and commitments totaling $477,522, setting a new record for number of donors in a 40th Reunion class.

Class of 1965, 50th Reunion Forty-three donors, 51 percent of the class, made gifts and commitments totaling $279,127.


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Jonathan Zhu J.D. ’92 and Ruby Ye M.S. ’90, Ph.D. ’92 Endow New Professorship Jia “Jonathanâ€? Zhu, J.D. ’92, and Ruyin “Rubyâ€? Ye, M.S. ’90, Ph.D. ’92 formalized a gift commitment to endow a new professorship in Cornell Law School. The Jonathan and Ruby Zhu Professorship is conferred at the discretion of the Allan R. Tessler Dean of Cornell Law School on “an outstanding faculty member who is in the Law School or who will be recruited externally.â€? Any area of research and teaching comprehended by legal academia may be associated with the Zhu Professorship, thus making it adaptable to changes in the scholarly environment. Cornell’s Board of Trustees approved the Zhu Professorship in January of this year and Eduardo M. PeĂąalver promptly announced that the inaugural holder of the Zhu Professorship would be Stewart J. Schwab, his immediate predecessor as Allan R. Tessler Dean. Stewart Schwab’s appointment as

˜—ŠÂ?‘Š—ȹŠ—Â?Čąž‹¢ȹ‘žȹ›˜Â?ÂŽÂœÂœÂ˜Â›ČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂŠÂ ČąÂ‹ÂŽÂŒÂŠÂ–ÂŽČąÂ˜ÄœÂŒÂ’ÂŠÂ•ČąÂ˜Â—Čą ÂžÂ•Â˘ČąĹ—Ç°ČąĹ˜Ĺ–Ĺ—Ĺ›ÇŻ Jonathan Zhu is a managing director of Bain Capital and joined the Ä™Â›Â–Č‚ÂœČą ˜—Â?Čą ˜—Â?ČąÂ˜ÄœÂŒÂŽČąÂ’Â—ČąÂ?‘ŠÂ?ČąÂŒÂŠÂ™ÂŠÂŒÂ’Â?Â˘ČąÂ’Â—ČąĹ˜Ĺ–Ĺ–ĹœČąÂŠÂ?Â?Ž›ȹ‘ŠÂ&#x;’—Â?ȹ‹ŽŽ—ȹŠ—ȹ investment banker at Morgan Stanley. Mr. Zhu led all of Bain Capital’s investments in China and serves on the respective boards of directors of many publicly listed companies. While at Morgan Stanley, Mr. Zhu Â ÂŠÂœČąÂŒÂ‘Â’ÂŽÂ?ČąÂŽÂĄÂŽÂŒÂžÂ?Â’Â&#x;ÂŽČąÂ˜ÄœÂŒÂŽÂ›ČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽČąÄ™Â›Â–Č‚ÂœČąÂ‘Â’Â—ÂŠČąÂ‹ÂžÂœÂ’Â—ÂŽÂœÂœČąÂŠÂ—Â?ȹ‘Š—Â?•ŽÂ?ČąÂ?‘Žȹ listing of China Construction Bank, as well as the IPO for China Unicom.

ÂŽČąÂ“Â˜Â’Â—ÂŽÂ?Čą˜›Â?Š—ȹÂ?Š—•Ž¢ȹ’—ȹŗĹ&#x;Ĺ&#x;śȹŠÂ?Â?Ž›ȹ‘ŠÂ&#x;’—Â?ČąÂ™Â›ÂŠÂŒÂ?’ŒŽÂ?ȹ•Š ȹÂ?Â˜Â›ČąÂœÂŽÂ&#x;Ž›Š•ȹ years as an associate of Shearman & Sterling. Mr. Zhu received his B.A. from Zhengzhou University in China, an M.A. Â?Â›Â˜Â–ČąŠ—“’—Â?Čą—’Â&#x;Ž›œ’Â?¢ǰȹŠ—Â?ČąÂ‘Â’ÂœČą ÇŻÇŻČąÂ?Â›Â˜Â–ČąÂ˜Â›Â—ÂŽÂ•Â•ČąŠ ȹÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â˜Â•ÇŻČą ÂŽČąÂ‘ÂŠÂœČą œŽ›Â&#x;ÂŽÂ?ČąÂŠÂœČąÂŠČąÂ–ÂŽÂ–Â‹ÂŽÂ›ČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂ?‘ŽȹÂ˜Â›Â—ÂŽÂ•Â•Čą—’Â&#x;Ž›œ’Â?¢ȹÂ˜ÂžÂ—ÂŒÂ’Â•ČąÇťĹ˜Ĺ–Ĺ—Ĺ–ČŽĹ˜Ĺ–Ĺ—ĹšÇźČąÂŠÂ—Â?Čą continues as a board member at Nanjing University. Mr. Zhu’s spouse, Ruyin “Rubyâ€? Ye, received an M.S. in organic chemistry and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Cornell and holds a B.A. from the University of Utah. Ruby and Jonathan also have funded the Jia “Jonathanâ€? Zhu and Ruyin “Rubyâ€? Ye Sesquicentennial Faculty ÂŽÂ•Â•Â˜Â ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™ČąÂŠÂ?ČąÂ˜Â›Â—ÂŽÂ•Â•ČąŠ ȹÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â˜Â•ČąÂœÂ’Â—ÂŒÂŽČąĹ˜Ĺ–Ĺ—Ĺ—ÇŻČąČąQ

Anne Evans Estabrook B.S. ’65, M.B.A. ’66 and David Gibbons J.D. ’96 Enrich Scholarship ȹ—Ž ȹÂ?Â’Â?Â?ȹ‹¢ȹ——ŽȹÂ&#x;ÂŠÂ—ÂœČąÂœÂ?ÂŠÂ‹Â›Â˜Â˜Â”Ç°ČąÇŻÇŻČąČ‚ĹœĹ›ČąÇť ǟǰȹÇŻÇŻÇŻČąČ‚ĹœĹœÇ°ČąÂŠÂ—Â?Čą Â‘ÂŽÂ›ČąÂœÂ˜Â—ČąŠÂ&#x;Â’Â?Čą ÇŻČą Â’Â‹Â‹Â˜Â—ÂœČą ›ǯǰȹ ÇŻǯȹȂĹ&#x;ĹœÇ°ČąÂŽÂ—Â‘ÂŠÂ—ÂŒÂŽÂ?ČąÂ?‘ŽȹŽ—Â?˜ –Ž—Â?ČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂ?‘Žȹ Ž——ŽÂ?‘ȹŠ—Â?Čą——ŽȹÂœÂ?ÂŠÂ‹Â›Â˜Â˜Â”ČąÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™ČąÂ˜Â›Â’Â?Â’Â—ÂŠÂ•Â•Â˘ČąÂŽÂœÂ?Š‹•’œ‘ŽÂ?ČąÂ’Â—ČąĹ˜Ĺ–Ĺ–Ĺ—Čą ‹¢ȹÂœÇŻČąÂœÂ?ÂŠÂ‹Â›Â˜Â˜Â”ČąÂŠÂ—Â?ČąÂ‘ÂŽÂ›ČąÂ‘ÂžÂœÂ‹ÂŠÂ—Â?Ç°ČąÂ?‘Žȹ•ŠÂ?ÂŽČą Ž——ŽÂ?‘ȹÇŻČąÂœÂ?ÂŠÂ‹Â›Â˜Â˜Â”Ç°ČąÇŻÇŻČą Č‚ĹšĹ&#x;ǰȹǯǯȹȂśŗǯȹŽ—Š–ŽÂ?ČąÂ?‘ŽȹÂœÂ?ÂŠÂ‹Â›Â˜Â˜Â”Čą Â’Â‹Â‹Â˜Â—ÂœČąÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™Ç°ČąÂ?Â‘Â’ÂœČąÂ?ž—Â?ČąÂ’ÂœČą ÂŽÂĄÂ™ÂŽÂŒÂ?ÂŽÂ?ČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂ™Â›Â˜Â&#x;Â’Â?ÂŽČąÂŠÂ—ČąÂŠÂ—Â—ÂžÂŠÂ•ČąÂœÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™ČąÂ?›Š—Â?ČąÂ–Â˜Â›ÂŽČąÂ?‘Š—ȹĹ&#x;Ĺ—ČąÂ™ÂŽÂ›ÂŒÂŽÂ—Â?Čą greater than the award made in past years by the original Estabrook ÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœÂ‘Â’Â™ÇŻČąÂœÇŻČąÂœÂ?ÂŠÂ‹Â›Â˜Â˜Â”ČąÂŠÂ—Â?Čą›ǯȹ Â’Â‹Â‹Â˜Â—ÂœČąÂ–ÂŠÂ?ÂŽČąÂ?Â‘Â’ÂœČąÂŽÂ—Â‘ÂŠÂ—ÂŒÂŽÂ–ÂŽÂ—Â?Čą Â?Â’Â?Â?ČąÂ’Â—ČąÂœÂžÂ™Â™Â˜Â›Â?ČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂ?‘ŽȹÂ‘ÂŠÂ›Â•ÂŽÂœČąÂ&#x;ÂŠÂ—ÂœČą žÂ?Â‘ÂŽÂœČąÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â•ÂŠÂ›ÂœČąÂ™Â›Â˜Â?›Š–ǰȹŽŠ—ȹ 4 |


žŠ›˜ȱŽÛŠ•ŸŽ›Ȃœȱ–Ž›’Ȭ‹ŠœŽǰȱž••Ȭž’’˜—ȱ œŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ’—’’Š’ŸŽǯȱ¢ȱœ’—’ęŒŠ—•¢ȱ ’—Œ›ŽŠœ’—ȱ‘ŽȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ȱ ’‹‹˜—œȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ǰȱœǯȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ȱŠ—ȱ›ǯȱ Gibbons are helping to underwrite the full Œ˜œȱ˜ȱž’’˜—ȱ˜›ȱŠȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ ǯǯȱŒŠ—’ŠŽȱ œŽ•ŽŒŽȱŠœȱŠȱ‘Š›•ŽœȱŸŠ—œȱ ž‘ŽœȱŒ‘˜•Š›ǯȱ ‘’œȱŽ—›’Œ‘–Ž—ȱ’ȱ‹¢ȱœǯȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ȱŠ—ȱ ›ǯȱ ’‹‹˜—œȱ’œȱŠ—ȱŽ–™‘Š’ŒȱŽ—˜›œŽ–Ž—ȱ˜ȱ œ’–’•Š›ȱ’œȱ‹¢ȱ˜‘Ž›ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱŠ•ž–—’ȱŠ—ȱ ›’Ž—œȱ˜ȱŽ¡’œ’—ȱœŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™œǯȱ¢ȱ‹ž’•’—ȱ ˜—ȱ‘Žȱœ›Ž—‘œȱ˜ȱŽœŠ‹•’œ‘ŽȱŽ—˜ –Ž—œǰȱ ˜—˜›œȱ’—Œ›ŽŠœŽȱ‘ŽȱŸŠ•žŽȱ˜ȱŠ——žŠ•ȱ œŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ›Š—œȯŠ—ȱ’–™˜›Š—ȱ‹Ž—Žęȱ’—ȱ ŠȱŒ•’–ŠŽȱ˜ȱ›’œ’—ȱž’’˜—ȱŠ—ȱ™ŽŽ›ȬœŒ‘˜˜•ȱ Œ˜–™Ž’’˜—ȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ‹ŽœȱœžŽ—œǯȱ•‘˜ž‘ȱ ‘ŽȱŒ˜œȱ˜ȱž’’˜—ȱ˜›ȱŽŸŽ›¢ȱ ž›’œȱ˜Œ˜›ȱ ™›˜›Š–ȱ’œȱ‘’‘ǰȱŠȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ ǯǯȱ’œȱŠ–˜—ȱ‘Žȱ –˜œȱŽ¡™Ž—œ’ŸŽǰȱŠ—ȱ™›˜œ™ŽŒ’ŸŽȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱ School students greatly appreciate scholarship Š Š›œȱ‘Šȱ ’••ȱ•ŽœœŽ—ȱ‘Žȱ˜Š•ȱŠ–˜ž—ȱ‘Ž¢ȱ  ’••ȱ‘ŠŸŽȱ˜ȱŠ”Žȱ’—ȱ•˜Š—œǯȱ ȃž›ȱŠ–’•¢ȱ’œȱŠ••ȱŠ‹˜žȱ’Ÿ’—ȱ‹ŠŒ”ǰȄȱ œŠ’ȱœǯȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ǯȱȃ•‹Ž›˜—ȱ’œȱŠȱŠ–’•¢ȱ Œ˜–™Š—¢ȱ˜ž—Žȱ‹¢ȱ–¢ȱŠ‘Ž›ǰȱŠŸ’ȱǯȱ ŸŠ—œǰȱ—’—Ž¢Ȭ꟎ȱ¢ŽŠ›œȱŠ˜ǰȱŠ—ȱ Žȱ‘ŠŸŽȱ Š• Š¢œȱ‘Ž•ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ™›’—Œ’™•Žȱ‘ŠȱŠȱŠ–’•¢ȱ Œ˜–™Š—¢ȱœ‘˜ž•ȱŽ–‹˜¢ȱŠ–’•¢ȱŸŠ•žŽœǯȱ žŒŠ’˜—ȱ’œȱŒŽ—›Š•ȱ˜ȱ‹žœ’—ŽœœǰȱŠ—ȱŠŒŒŽœœȱ ˜ȱŽžŒŠ’˜—ȱ‘ŠœȱŠ• Š¢œȱ‹ŽŽ—ȱ’–™˜›Š—ȱ˜ȱ ˜ž›ȱŠ–’•¢ǯȱ¢ȱ›Š—Šž‘Ž›œǰȱŠ›Š‘ȱŠ—ȱ ’•¢ȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ǰȱ ‘˜ȱ›ŠžŠŽȱ’—ȱŘŖŗŚȱ›˜–ȱ ‘Žȱ›œȱ˜••ŽŽȱŠ—ȱ‘Žȱ˜••ŽŽȱ˜ȱ ž–Š—ȱ Œ˜•˜¢ǰȱ›Žœ™ŽŒ’ŸŽ•¢ǰȱŠ—ȱ–¢ȱ›Š—œ˜—ǰȱ ›Š‘Š–ȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ǰȱ ‘˜ȱ’œȱŠȱ–Ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ •Šœœȱ˜ȱŘŖŗŜȱ’—ȱ‘Žȱ˜••ŽŽȱ˜ȱ—’—ŽŽ›’—ǰȱ Š›Žȱ‘Žȱꏝ‘ȱŽ—Ž›Š’˜—ȱ˜ȱ–¢ȱŠ–’•¢ȱ˜ȱŠĴŽ—ȱ ˜›—Ž••ǯȱ¢ȱœ˜—ȱŠŸ’ȱ’œȱŠ—ȱŠ•ž–—žœȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǰȱŠ—ȱ–¢ȱœŽ™œ˜—ȱ Žě›Ž¢ȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ȱ Š•œ˜ȱ’œȱŠȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ›ŠžŠŽǰȱŠœȱ Ž••ȱ ŠœȱŠ—ȱŠ•ž–—žœȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ›œȱ˜••ŽŽǯȱ¢ȱ•ŠŽȱ ‘žœ‹Š—ǰȱ Ž——Ž‘ȱǯǰȱ ŠœȱŠȱ˜ž‹•ŽȬŽ›ŽŽȱ ˜›—Ž••’Š—ȱŠ—ȱŠ—ȱŠ•ž–—žœȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǯȱ

’œȱŠ‘Ž›ǰȱ Ž——Ž‘ȱǯǰȱ›ŠžŠŽȱ›˜–ȱ‘Žȱ College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in ŗşŘŖǰȱŠ—ȱ‘’œȱ›Š—Š‘Ž›ǰȱ›‘ž›ȱǯȱŠŒŽ¢ǰȱ ›ŠžŠŽȱ›˜–ȱ‘ŽȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ˜ȱ›Œ‘’ŽŒž›Žȱ’—ȱ ŗŞşŞǯȱ ǰȱ˜ȱŒ˜ž›œŽǰȱŠ–ȱŠȱ˜›—Ž••’Š—ȱ‘›˜ž‘ȱ Š—ȱ‘›˜ž‘ȯœ˜ȱ ‘Šȱ‹ŽĴŽ›ȱ Š¢ȱŒ˜ž•ȱ‘Ž›Žȱ ‹Žȱ˜›ȱ˜ž›ȱŠ–’•¢ȱ˜ȱ’ŸŽȱ‹ŠŒ”ȱ‘Š—ȱ˜ȱ–Š”ŽȱŠȱ ˜›—Ž••ȱŽžŒŠ’˜—ȱ–˜›ŽȱŠŒŒŽœœ’‹•Žǵȱ‘Ž›Žȱ’œȱ

ŸŽ›¢ȱ•’Ĵ•ŽȱŠœœ’œŠ—ŒŽȱŠŸŠ’•Š‹•Žȱ˜›ȱ›ŠžŠŽȱŠ—ȱ professional students. Those with the brains and the willingness to work and learn should ‘ŠŸŽȱŠŒŒŽœœȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŽžŒŠ’˜—ȱ‘Ž¢ȱŽœ’›ŽǯȄ ——ŽȱŸŠ—œȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ȱ’œȱŒ‘Š’›–Š—ȱ˜ȱ•‹Ž›˜—ȱ ŽŸŽ•˜™–Ž—ȱ ›˜ž™ǰȱ‹ŠœŽȱ’—ȱ•’£Š‹Ž‘ǰȱ Ž ȱ Ž›œŽ¢ǰȱŠ—ȱŠŸ’ȱ ’‹‹˜—œȱ’œȱ•‹Ž›˜—Ȃœȱ ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱŠ—ȱŒ‘’ŽȱŽ¡ŽŒž’ŸŽȱ˜ĜŒŽ›ǯȱ›ǯȱ ’‹‹˜—œȱ‘ŠœȱŠ•œ˜ȱ‹ŽŽ—ȱŠ—ȱŽ¡ŽŒž’ŸŽȱŸ’ŒŽȱ ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱ˜ȱ•‹Ž›˜—ȱŠ—ǰȱ‹Ž˜›Žȱ›Ž“˜’—’—ȱ ‘ŽȱŒ˜–™Š—¢ȱ’—ȱŘŖŗŗǰȱ ŠœȱŠȱ™Š›—Ž›ȱŠȱŽŠ’œȱ ›˜™Ž›¢ȱ ›˜ž™ǯȱ•‹Ž›˜—ȱŽŸŽ•˜™–Ž—ȱ ›˜ž™ȱ’œȱŠȱŠ–’•¢Ȭ˜ —Žȱ›ŽŠ•ȬŽœŠŽȱ‘˜•’—ȱ Œ˜–™Š—¢ȱ ’‘ȱ˜ —Ž›œ‘’™ȱ’—Ž›Žœœȱ’—ȱ ’—žœ›’Š•ȱŠ—ȱ–Š—žŠŒž›’—ȱœ™ŠŒŽœȱ’—ȱ–Š—¢ȱ •˜ŒŠ’˜—œȱ’—ȱ—˜›‘Ž›—ȱŠ—ȱŒŽ—›Š•ȱŽ ȱ Ž›œŽ¢ǯȱ œǯȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ȱ˜˜” ˜›–Š•ȱ–Š—ŠŽ–Ž—ȱ˜ȱ •‹Ž›˜—ȱŠŽ›ȱ‘Žȱ™Šœœ’—ȱ˜ȱ‘Ž›ȱŠ‘Ž›ǰȱŠŸ’ȱ ǯȱŸŠ—œǰȱ•‹Ž›˜—Ȃœȱ˜ž—Ž›ǰȱ’—ȱŗşŞřǯȱ œǯȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ȱ’œȱŠȱ›žœŽŽȱŽ–Ž›’Šȱ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ —’ŸŽ›œ’¢ǰȱŠȱ•’Ž’–Žȱ–Ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ —’ŸŽ›œ’¢ȱ˜ž—Œ’•ǰȱŠȱ›Žœ’Ž—’Š•ȱ˜ž—Œ’••˜›ǰȱ Š—ȱŠ—ȱŽ–Ž›’Šȱ–Ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ ˜‘—œ˜—ȱ ›ŠžŠŽȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ˜ȱŠ—ŠŽ–Ž—ȂœȱŸ’œ˜›¢ȱ ˜ž—Œ’•ǯȱ–˜—ȱ–Š—¢ȱŸ˜•ž—ŽŽ›ȱ›˜•ŽœȱŠȱ ˜›—Ž••ǰȱœǯȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ȱ‘ŠœȱœŽ›ŸŽȱŠœȱŒ‘Š’›ȱ ˜ȱ‘Žȱ˜›—Ž••ȱž—DzȱŸ’ŒŽȱŒ‘Š’›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ —’ŸŽ›œ’¢ȱ˜ž—Œ’•DzȱŒ‘Š’›ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ˜ȱ —žœ›’Š•ȱŠ—ȱŠ‹˜›ȱŽ•Š’˜—œȱŸ’œ˜›¢ȱ ˜ž—Œ’•DzȱŒ‘Š’›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱž’•’—œȱŠ—ȱ›˜™Ž›’Žœȱ ˜––’ĴŽŽȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ˜Š›ȱ˜ȱ›žœŽŽœDzȱ Š—ȱŠœȱŠȱ–Ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ˜Š›ȱ˜ȱ›žœŽŽœȱ ¡ŽŒž’ŸŽȱ˜––’ĴŽŽDzȱ‘Žȱ›Žœ’Ž—Ȃœȱ˜ž—Œ’•ȱ ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ˜–Ž—DzȱŠ—ȱ‘ŽȱŠ“˜›ȱ ’œȱ ˜––’ĴŽŽǰȱŠ–˜—ȱ˜‘Ž›œǯȱ‘ŽȱŒ˜—’—žŽœȱ˜ȱ œŽ›ŸŽȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠœȱŠ—ȱ˜ŸŽ›œŽŽ›ȱŠȱŽ’••ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ Ž’ŒŠ•ȱ˜••ŽŽǯȱ œǯȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ȱ‘Šœȱ‹ŽŽ—ȱŠȱ›ŽŒ’™’Ž—ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ —’ŽȱŠ¢ȱ˜ȱ ›ŽŠŽ›ȱ—’˜—ȱ˜ž—¢Ȃœȱ

ž–Š—’Š›’Š—ȱ Š›ȱǻŘŖŗŚǼǰȱ’—ȱ›ŽŒ˜—’’˜—ȱ˜ȱ ȃ˜žœŠ—’—ȱœŽ›Ÿ’ŒŽȱ˜ȱ‘Ž›ȱŒ˜––ž—’¢ȱŠ—ȱ œ’—’ęŒŠ—ȱŒ˜—›’‹ž’˜—œȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ‹ŽĴŽ›–Ž—ȱ ˜ȱœ˜Œ’Ž¢ǰȄȱŠ—ȱ‘ŠœȱœŽ›ŸŽȱŠœȱŸ’ŒŽȱŒ‘Š’›ȱ˜ȱ ‘Žȱ ˜ŸŽ›—˜›Ȃœȱ ’‘Ž›ȱžŒŠ’˜—ȱ˜ž—Œ’•ǰȱ ˜ȱ ‘’Œ‘ȱœ‘Žȱ Šœȱ—Š–Žȱ’—ȱŘŖŗŗȱ‹¢ȱŽ ȱ

Ž›œŽ¢ȱ ˜ŸŽ›—˜›ȱ‘›’œȱ‘›’œ’Žǯȱ›˜–ȱŗşşřȱ ˜ȱŗşşśȱœ‘ŽȱœŽ›ŸŽȱŠœȱ‘Žȱꛜȱ ˜–Š—ȱ ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŽ ȱ Ž›œŽ¢ȱŒ‘Š™Ž›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ ™›Ž–’Ž›ȱ›ŽŠ•ȬŽœŠŽȱ’—žœ›¢ȱ›ŠŽȱ›˜ž™ǰȱ  ǯȱ‘Žȱ Ž—ȱ˜—ȱ˜ȱŒ‘Š’›ȱ‘Žȱ—Š’˜—Š•ȱ


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˜›Š—’£Š’˜—ȱ˜ȱ ȱ’—ȱŘŖŖŗǯȱ‘ŽȱŠ•œ˜ȱ ŠœȱŠ™™˜’—Žȱ‹¢ȱ ˜ŸŽ›—˜›ȱ ‘›’œ’—Žȱ˜ȱ‘’–Š—ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ˜Š›ȱ˜ȱ›žœŽŽœȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŽ ȱ Ž›œŽ¢ȱ Œ˜—˜–’ŒȱŽŸŽ•˜™–Ž—ȱž‘˜›’¢ȱŠ—ȱœŽ›ŸŽȱ›˜–ȱŗşşŚȱ˜ȱŘŖŖŖǯȱ ›˜–ȱŘŖŖřȱ˜ȱŘŖŖśǰȱœ‘Žȱ Šœȱ‘Žȱꛜȱ ˜–Š—ȱ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŽ ȱ

Ž›œŽ¢ȱ‘Š–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ˜––Ž›ŒŽǯȱ‘ŽȱœŽ›ŸŽœȱ˜—ȱ‘Žȱ›Œ‘‹’œ‘˜™Ȃœȱ’—Š—ŒŽȱ ˜ž—Œ’•ȱ’—ȱ‘Žȱ›Œ‘’˜ŒŽœŽȱ˜ȱŽ Š›”ȱŠ—ȱ‘Šœȱ‹ŽŽ—ȱŠȱ–Ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ ‘ŽȱŽžŒ‘Ž—ȱ’˜ŒŽœŽȱ’—Š—ŒŽȱ˜ž—Œ’•ǯȱœȱŠȱ–Ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ˜Š›ȱ˜ȱ ›žœŽŽœȱ˜ȱŠ‘˜•’Œȱ‘Š›’’ŽœǰȱœǯȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ȱ‘ŠœȱœŽ›ŸŽȱŠœȱœŽŒ›ŽŠ›¢ȱ Š—ȱŠœȱŠȱ–Ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ’œȱ¡ŽŒž’ŸŽȱ˜––’ĴŽŽǰȱŠ—ȱ‘ŠœȱŒ‘Š’›Žȱ’œȱ ›Žœ™ŽŒ’ŸŽȱŒ˜––’ĴŽŽœȱ˜›ȱꗊ—ŒŽȱŠ—ȱ˜›ȱ‹ž’•’—ȱŠ—ȱŠŒ’•’’Žœǯ ›ǯȱ ’‹‹˜—œȱŠ•œ˜ȱ‘Šœȱ‹ŽŽ—ȱŠŒ’ŸŽȱ’—ȱŒ˜––ž—’¢ȱŠŒ’Ÿ’’Žœǯȱ Žȱ‘ŠœȱŒ‘Š’›Žȱ ‘Žȱ˜Š›ȱ˜ȱ’›ŽŒ˜›œȱ˜ȱ•’£Š‹Ž‘ȱŽŸŽ•˜™–Ž—ȱ˜–™Š—¢ȱŠ—ȱ‘Žȱ ˜Š›ȱ˜ȱ›žœŽŽœȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ ›ŽŠŽ›ȱ—’˜—ȱ˜ž—¢ȱǯȱ Žȱ’œȱŠȱ–Ž–‹Ž›ȱ ˜ȱ‘Žȱ˜Š›ȱ˜ȱ’›ŽŒ˜›œȱ˜ȱ’›œȱŠ—”ȱ’—ȱ Š–’•˜—ǰȱŽ ȱ Ž›œŽ¢ǰȱŠ—ȱ Œ‘Š’›œȱ’œȱ˜–™Ž—œŠ’˜—ȱ˜––’ĴŽŽǯȱ Žȱ Šœȱ˜›–Ž›•¢ȱŒ‘Š’›–Š—ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ ˜Š›ȱ˜ȱ¢—Ž›¢ȱŠ—”ȱ’—ȱŽ ȱ Ž›œŽ¢ȱŠ—ȱ’—œ›ž–Ž—Š•ȱ’—ȱ—Ž˜’Š’—ȱ ’œȱœŠ•Žȱ˜ȱȱ˜––ž—’¢ȱŠ—”ǯȱ Žȱ’œȱŒž››Ž—•¢ȱŸ’ŒŽȱ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱ˜ȱ™ž‹•’Œȱ ŠěŠ’›œȱ˜›ȱ ȂœȱŽ ȱ Ž›œŽ¢ȱŒ‘Š™Ž›ǯȱ ŽȱŠ›Žȱ›ŠŽž•ȱ˜ȱ——ŽȱŸŠ—œȱœŠ‹›˜˜”ȱŠ—ȱŠŸ’ȱ ’‹‹˜—œȱ˜›ȱ‘Ž’›ȱ generosity to the current and future students of Cornell Law School. Q

Barbara B. Lewis B.S. ’65, M.A.T. ’67 and Jack L. Lewis J.D. ’69 Fund Initiative for Leadership Development ȱ‘›ŽŽȬ¢ŽŠ›ȱŒ˜––’–Ž—ȱ‹¢ȱŠ›‹Š›ŠȱŽ ’œǰȱǯǯȱȂŜśǰȱǯǯǯȱȂŜŝǰȱŠ—ȱ ŠŒ”ȱ Ž ’œǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŜşǰȱ‘Šœȱž—Žȱ‘Žȱ•Šž—Œ‘ȱ˜ȱŠȱ—Ž ȱŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱ›’Ž—Š’˜—ȱ ›˜›Š–ȱŠȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǯȱœǯȱŠ—ȱ›ǯȱŽ ’œȱŽŠ›–Š›”Žȱ‘Ž’›ȱ ’ȱ˜›ȱ•ŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱŽŸŽ•˜™–Ž—ȱ’—ȱ›Žœ™˜—œŽȱ˜ȱŠ—ȱ’—’’Š’ŸŽȱ™›˜™˜œŽȱ ‹¢ȱ••Š—ȱǯȱŽœœ•Ž›ȱŽŠ—ȱžŠ›˜ȱǯȱŽÛŠ•ŸŽ›ǰȱŠ—ȱ–ŠŽȱ’ȱ’—ȱ‘˜—˜›ȱ˜ȱ •‹Ž›ȱǯȱŽ’–Ž‘ǰȱǯǯȱȂśŖǰȱ ǯǯȱȂśŘǰȱŠœœ˜Œ’ŠŽȱŽŠ—ȱ˜›ȱŠ•ž–—’ȱŠěŠ’›œȱ Ž–Ž›’žœǯȱ‘ŽȱŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱ›’Ž—Š’˜—ȱ›˜›Š–ȱ ’••ȱ’—›˜žŒŽȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱœžŽ—œȱ˜ȱŠȱŸŠ›’Ž¢ȱ˜ȱ•ŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱœ¢•ŽœȱŠ—ȱ‘˜ ȱ‘ŽœŽȱŠěŽŒȱ ŽŠ–Ȭ‹ŠœŽȱ ˜›”ȱ™›˜ŒŽœœŽœǯȱžŽ—œȱ ’••ȱ•ŽŠ›—ȱ‘˜ ȱ˜ȱŒž•’ŸŠŽȱœ”’••œȱ ŽœœŽ—’Š•ȱ˜ȱŽěŽŒ’ŸŽȱ™ž‹•’Œȱ™›ŽœŽ—Š’˜—ȱŠ—ȱ™Ž›œžŠœ’˜—Dzȱ‘˜ ȱ˜ȱŽŸŽ•˜™ȱ Š—ȱ˜™’–’£Žȱ’—Ž›™Ž›œ˜—Š•ȱŒ˜––ž—’ŒŠ’˜—ȱœ”’••œȱŠ—ȱœ¢•ŽœDzȱŠ—ȱ ‘Šȱ ’ȱ–ŽŠ—œȱ˜ȱ™›ŠŒ’ŒŽȱŸŠ•žŽȬž’Žǰȱȃ–˜›Š••¢ȱ‹ŠœŽȄȱ•Š ¢Ž›’—ǯȱ‘›˜ž‘ȱ Ž¡™Ž›’Ž—’Š•ȱ›Š’—’—ȱ’—Œ˜›™˜›ŠŽȱ’—˜ȱŽ¡’œ’—ȱŗȱ˜›’Ž—Š’˜—ȱŠŒ’Ÿ’’Žœǰȱ ‘ŽȱŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱ›’Ž—Š’˜—ȱ›˜›Š–ȱ ’••ȱŒ˜–™•Ž–Ž—ȱ‘Žȱ™›˜Žœœ’˜—Š•Ȭ ŽŸŽ•˜™–Ž—ȱŒ˜—Ž—ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•Ȃœȱ›ŽŠŽ›ȱŒž››’Œž•ž–ȱŠ—ȱ‘Ž•™ȱ ˜ȱŽ—œž›Žȱ‘ŠȱŠ••ȱ›ŠžŠŽœȱ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ‘ŠŸŽȱ”—˜ •ŽŽȱŠ—ȱ –ŠœŽ›¢ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ™›˜Žœœ’˜—Š•ȱœ”’••œȱŽœœŽ—’Š•ȱ˜ȱœžŒŒŽœœž•ȱ•ŽŠ•ȱ™›ŠŒ’ŒŽǯ —ȱ‘Ž•™’—ȱ˜ȱŒž•’ŸŠŽȱ•ŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱŽŸŽ•˜™–Ž—ȱŠȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǰȱ Š›‹Š›ŠȱŠ—ȱ ŠŒ”ȱŽ ’œȱŒ˜—’—žŽȱ‘Ž’›ȱ™›ŠŒ’ŒŽȱ˜ȱ‘˜ž‘ž•ȱŠ—ȱ ’ŸŽ›œŽȱŽžŒŠ’˜—Š•ȱ™‘’•Š—‘›˜™¢ǰȱ ‘’Œ‘ȱž›’—ȱ‘Žȱ™Šœȱ˜ž›ȱŽŒŠŽœȱ ‘Šœȱ™•ŠŒŽȱ‘Ž–ȱ’—ȱ‘ŽȱŸŠ—žŠ›ȱ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•Ȃœȱ–˜œȱŽ—ŠŽȱ Š—ȱŽ—Ž›˜žœȱ˜—˜›œǯȱ‘Ž¢ȱŠ›Žȱ‹Ž—ŽŠŒ˜›œȱ˜ȱœŽŸŽ›Š•ȱœŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™œȱ’—ȱ ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱŠ—ȱ‘Žȱ˜ž—Ž›œȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ Ž›–Š—ȱŽ ’œȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ Ž—˜ –Ž—ǰȱŠœȱ Ž••ȱŠœȱ™Ž›Ž——’Š•ȱœž™™˜›Ž›œȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ——žŠ•ȱ

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ž—ǯȱ —ȱ™Šœȱ¢ŽŠ›œǰȱ‘Ž¢ȱ‘ŠŸŽȱ–ŠŽȱ’œȱ’—ȱ œž™™˜›ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŽŠ•ȱ —˜›–Š’˜—ȱ —œ’žŽǰȱ‘Žȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱŽŠ—Ȃœȱž’•’—ȱž—ǰȱ›ŠžŠŽȱ Ž••˜ œ‘’™œǰȱŠ—ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱ’‹›Š›¢ǰȱŠ—ȱ’—ȱ Œ˜—“ž—Œ’˜—ȱ ’‘ȱ˜‘Ž›ȱŽ—Ž›˜žœȱŠ•ž–—’ȱ ‘Ž•™Žȱ˜ȱŽœŠ‹•’œ‘ȱ‘ŽȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱž—ȱ˜ȱ ‘Žȱ¢›˜—ȱǯȱŠ¢•˜›ȱ•ž–—’ȱ›˜Žœœ˜›œ‘’™ȱ ˜ȱžœ’—ŽœœȱŠ ǯȱ‘Ž’›ȱ’ȱ˜ȱ™›˜–˜Žȱ •ŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱŽŸŽ•˜™–Ž—ȱŠȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ Œ˜–™•Ž–Ž—œȱŠȱ’ȱ‘Ž¢ȱ–ŠŽȱ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••Ȃœȱ

˜‘—œ˜—ȱ ›ŠžŠŽȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ˜ȱŠ—ŠŽ–Ž—ȱ’—ȱ œž™™˜›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ ˜‘—œ˜—ȱŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱŽ••˜ œȱ ™›˜›Š–ǯ ȃŠ›‹Š›ŠȱŠ—ȱ ȱŽ—‘žœ’Šœ’ŒŠ••¢ȱœž™™˜›ȱŽŠ—ȱ ŽÛŠ•ŸŽ›Ȃœȱ•ŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱŽŸŽ•˜™–Ž—ȱ’—’’Š’ŸŽǰȄȱ œŠ’ȱ ŠŒ”ȱŽ ’œǯȱȃ‘Žȱ—Ž ȱ›’Ž—Š’˜—ȱ ›˜›Š–ȱ ’••ȱ‘Ž•™ȱ˜ȱ”ŽŽ™ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ Šȱ‘Žȱ˜›Ž›˜—ȱ˜ȱ•ŽŠ•ȱŽžŒŠ’˜—ȱ‹¢ȱ˜ěŽ›’—ȱ ’œȱœžŽ—œȱŠ—ȱ˜Ž—Ȭ—Ž•ŽŒŽȱ‹žȱ—ŽŒŽœœŠ›¢ȱ œ”’••ȬœŽȱ˜ȱœžŒŒŽœœž•ȱ•Š ¢Ž›’—ǯȄȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱ School’s students and faculty are grateful to

ŠŒ”ȱŠ—ȱŠ›‹Š›ŠȱŽ ’œȱ˜›ȱ‘Ž’›ȱ’—ŸŽœ–Ž—ȱ’—ȱ ™›˜Žœœ’˜—Š•ȱŽ¡ŒŽ••Ž—ŒŽǯȱȱQ

Stephen C. Robinson A.B. ’81, J.D. ’84 Endowment Fund Supports Public Interest Law ‘Žȱ ˜—ǯȱŽ™‘Ž—ȱ›Š’ȱ˜‹’—œ˜—ǰȱǯǯȱȁŞŗǰȱ

ǯǯȱȁŞŚǰȱ˜›–Ž›•¢ȱǯǯȱ’œ›’ŒȱŒ˜ž›ȱ“žŽȱ ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ˜ž‘Ž›—ȱ’œ›’Œȱ˜ȱŽ ȱ˜›”ǰȱ ŽœŠ‹•’œ‘ŽȱŠ—ȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱž—ȱ˜ȱ™›˜Ÿ’Žȱ ꗊ—Œ’Š•ȱŠœœ’œŠ—ŒŽȱ˜ȱ›ŠžŠŽœȱ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ Law School who practice law in the public interest. The Stephen C. Robinson Public —Ž›Žœȱ˜ Ȭ —Œ˜–Žȱ›˜ŽŒ’˜—ȱ—˜ –Ž—ȱ ž—ȱœž™™•Ž–Ž—œȱ‘Žȱ–˜ŽœȱœŠ•Š›’Žœȱ˜ȱ ‘ŽœŽȱŠ•ž–—’ȱ ’‘ȱŠ—ȱŠ——žŠ•ȱ›Š—ȱŽœ’—Žȱ ˜ȱŽ—Š‹•Žȱ‘Ž–ȱ˜ȱ›Ž™Š¢ȱ‘Ž’›ȱœžŽ—ȱ•˜Š—œȱ Š—ȱ–ŽŽȱ‘Ž’›ȱŒ˜œœȱ˜ȱ•’Ÿ’—ǯȱ’”ŽȱŠ••ȱ Š Š›œȱ–ŠŽȱ‹¢ȱ‘Žȱž‹•’Œȱ —Ž›Žœȱ˜ Ȭ —Œ˜–Žȱ›˜ŽŒ’˜—ȱ•Š—ȱǻ  Ǽǰȱ˜‹’—œ˜—ȱ —˜ –Ž—ȱ›Š—œȱŠ›ŽȱŒŠ•Œž•ŠŽȱ˜—ȱŠȱ ŒŠœŽȬ‹¢ȬŒŠœŽȱ‹Šœ’œȱŠŒŒ˜›’—ȱ˜ȱŠȱ˜›–ž•Šȱ that takes account of each recipient’s annual œŠ•Š›¢ǰȱŠ¡ȱ˜‹•’Š’˜—ǰȱ–˜—‘•¢ȱŽ¡™Ž—œŽœȱ ǻ›Ž—ǰȱ˜˜ǰȱŽŒǯǼǰȱ—ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱŽ™Ž—Ž—œǰȱŠ—ȱ •ŽŸŽ•ȱ˜ȱ™Ž›œ˜—Š•ȱŽ‹ȱ›Ž•ŠŽȱ˜ȱŽžŒŠ’˜—ǯȱ ¢ȱŒ›ŽŠ’—ȱŠȱ™Ž›–Š—Ž—ȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱ’—ȱ œž™™˜›ȱ˜ȱ  ǰȱŽ™‘Ž—ȱ˜‹’—œ˜—ȱ’œȱ helping Cornell Law graduates balance

‘Ž’›ȱœŽ›Ÿ’ŒŽȱŠœȱ™ž‹•’ŒȬ’—Ž›ŽœȱŠĴ˜›—Ž¢œȱ ’‘ȱ–ŽŽ’—ȱ‘Ž’›ȱꗊ—Œ’Š•ȱ˜‹•’Š’˜—œȱ’—ȱ Šȱ Š¢ȱ‘Šȱ’œȱœžœŠ’—Š‹•ŽȱŠ—ȱ’—’ꮍǯ

žŽȱ˜‹’—œ˜—ȱ™›Žœ’ŽȱŠœȱŠȱŽŽ›Š•ȱ’œ›’Œȱ Œ˜ž›ȱ“žŽȱ›˜–ȱŘŖŖřȱ˜ȱŘŖŗŖǰȱ‘ŠŸ’—ȱ‹ŽŽ—ȱ —˜–’—ŠŽȱ‹¢ȱ‘Ž—Ȭ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱ Ž˜›Žȱǯȱ žœ‘ǯȱ‘’•Žȱ˜—ȱ‘Žȱ‹Ž—Œ‘ǰȱ žŽȱ˜‹’—œ˜—ȱ ‘Š—•ŽȱŠȱž••ȱ›Š—Žȱ˜ȱŒ’Ÿ’•ȱŠ—ȱŒ›’–’—Š•ȱ ŒŠœŽœǯȱ›’˜›ȱ˜ȱ‘’œȱ“žŽœ‘’™ǰȱ‘ŽȱœŽ›ŸŽȱŠœȱ ǯǯȱŠĴ˜›—Ž¢ȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ’œ›’Œȱ˜ȱ˜——ŽŒ’ŒžǰȱŠȱ ™˜œ’’˜—ȱ˜ȱ ‘’Œ‘ȱ‘Žȱ Šœȱ—˜–’—ŠŽȱ‹¢ȱ‘Ž—Ȭ ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱ’••ȱ•’—˜—ǯȱŠ›•’Ž›ȱǻŗşşřȮŗşşŞǼǰȱ he was principal deputy general counsel and special assistant to the director of the Federal ž›ŽŠžȱ˜ȱ —ŸŽœ’Š’˜—ȱŠ—ȱ’—ȱ‘ŠȱŒŠ™ŠŒ’¢ȱ  ˜›”Žȱ˜—ȱ‘Žȱ’—ŸŽœ’Š’˜—ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ”•Š‘˜–Šȱ ’¢ȱ‹˜–‹’—ǯȱœȱŠ—ȱŠœœ’œŠ—ȱǯǯȱŠĴ˜›—Ž¢ȱ ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ˜ž‘Ž›—ȱ’œ›’Œȱ˜ȱŽ ȱ˜›”ȱ›˜–ȱ ŗşŞŝȱ˜ȱŗşşŗǰȱ‘Žȱ™›˜œŽŒžŽȱ ‘’ŽȬŒ˜••Š›ȱ –ŠĴŽ›œǰȱœŽŒž›’’Žœȱ›ŠžǰȱŠ—ȱ—Š›Œ˜’ŒœȱŒŠœŽœǯȱ —ȱŗşşŖǰȱŽ™‘Ž—ȱ˜‹’—œ˜—ȱ ŠœȱŠ Š›Žȱ‘Žȱ Ž™Š›–Ž—ȱ˜ȱ žœ’ŒŽȂœȱ’›ŽŒ˜›Ȃœȱ Š›ȱ ˜›ȱž™Ž›’˜›ȱŽ›Ÿ’ŒŽǯȱ —ȱŘŖŗŖǰȱ‘Žȱ“˜’—Žȱ ”ŠŽ—ǰȱ›™œǰȱ•ŠŽǰȱŽŠ‘Ž›ȱǭȱ•˜–ȱŠœȱŠȱ ™Š›—Ž›ȱ‹ŠœŽȱ’—ȱ‘ŽȱꛖȂœȱŽ ȱ˜›”ȱ’¢ȱ ˜ĜŒŽǯȱ —ȱ‘’œȱ™›’ŸŠŽȱ™›ŠŒ’ŒŽǰȱ žŽȱ˜‹’—œ˜—ȱ ˜ŒžœŽœȱ˜—ȱŠȱŸŠ›’Ž¢ȱ˜ȱ•’’Š’˜—ȱ–ŠĴŽ›œǰȱ ’—Œ•ž’—ȱŒ˜›™˜›ŠŽȱ’—Ž›—Š•ȱ’—ŸŽœ’Š’˜—œǰȱ ˜ŸŽ›—–Ž—ȱŽ—˜›ŒŽ–Ž—ȱ–ŠĴŽ›œǰȱ Œ˜––Ž›Œ’Š•ȱ’œ™žŽœǰȱŠ—ȱ–˜—’˜›œ‘’™œǯȱ

žŽȱ˜‹’—œ˜—ȱ’œȱŠȱ–Ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱ Œ‘˜˜•ȱŽŠ—ȂœȱŸ’œ˜›¢ȱ˜ž—Œ’•ȱŠ—ȱŠȱ™Šœȱ –Ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ—’ŸŽ›œ’¢ȱ˜ž—Œ’•ǯȱȱQ

Jacqueline Duval J.D. ’92 Leads Alumni in Honoring Anne Lukingbeal —œ™’›Žȱ‹¢ȱŠȱ•ŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱ’ȱ›˜–ȱ ŠŒšžŽ•’—Žȱ žŸŠ•ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂşŘǰȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱŠ•ž–—’ȱ Š—ȱ›’Ž—œȱ–ŠŽȱ‘Žȱ——Žȱž”’—‹ŽŠ•ȱ Dean’s Discretionary Fund for Student Life ˜—Žȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ–˜œȱ ’Ž•¢ȱŠ—ȱ Ž••Ȭœž™™˜›Žȱ Ž—˜ –Ž—ȱž—œȱ’—ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱž›’—ȱ ꜌Š•ȱŘŖŗśǯȱœǯȱžŸŠ•ǰȱŠȱ™Š›—Ž›ȱŠȱ’ěȱŽŠ•ȱ ›˜ž™ǰȱ•Šž—Œ‘Žȱ‘Žȱž”’—‹ŽŠ•ȱž—ȱœ‘˜›•¢ȱ ŠŽ›ȱ‘ŽȱŠ——˜ž—ŒŽ–Ž—ȱ’—ȱœ™›’—ȱŘŖŗśȱ‘Šȱ Anne Lukingbeal would drop the curtain ˜—ȱŠȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŒŠ›ŽŽ›ȱ‘Šȱ‹ŽŠ—ȱ’—ȱŗşŝŞȱŠ—ȱ ’—Œ•žŽȱœŽ›Ÿ’ŒŽȱŠœȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȂœȱŠœœ’œŠ—ȱ ŽŠ—ȱŠ—ȱ’›ŽŒ˜›ȱ˜ȱŠ–’œœ’˜—œǰȱŠœœ˜Œ’ŠŽȱ THE YEAR IN PHILANTHROPY

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ŽŠ—ȱ˜›ȱœžŽ—ȱŠěŠ’›œǰȱŠ—ȱŠœœ˜Œ’ŠŽȱŽŠ—ȱ Š—ȱŽŠ—ȱ˜ȱœžŽ—œǯȱœǯȱžŸŠ•ȱŠ’–Žȱ˜ȱ ‘˜—˜›ȱ‘’œȱŽ¡›Š˜›’—Š›¢ȱŽ—ž›Žȱ˜ȱŽ’ŒŠ’˜—ȱ and leadership by creating a resource for the ‹Ž—Žęȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱœžŽ—œȱ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǰȱ ˜—ȱ‹Ž‘Š•ȱŠ—ȱ’—ȱœž™™˜›ȱ˜ȱ ‘˜–ȱŽŠ—ȱ ž”’—‹ŽŠ•ȱ ˜›”Žȱœ˜ȱœŽŠ’•¢ȱŠ—ȱŽěŽŒ’ŸŽ•¢ȱ for so long. The Anne Lukingbeal Dean’s ’œŒ›Ž’˜—Š›¢ȱž—ȱ˜›ȱžŽ—ȱ’Žȱ™›˜Ÿ’Žœȱ ž—œȱ˜ȱœž™™˜›ȱŠŒ’Ÿ’’ŽœǰȱœŽ›Ÿ’ŒŽœǰȱŽŸŽ—œǰȱ Š—ȱ˜‘Ž›ȱ™ž›™˜œŽœȱŠ’–ŽȱŠȱŽ—‘Š—Œ’—ȱ student life at Cornell Law School. “Anne’s connection and dedication to the œžŽ—œȱ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ˜ŸŽ›ȱŠ•–˜œȱ ˜ž›ȱŽŒŠŽœȱ‘ŠŸŽȱ˜žŒ‘ŽȱŠ—ȱŒ‘Š—Žȱ‘Žȱ •’ŸŽœȱ˜ȱ–Š—¢ȱ™Ž˜™•ŽǰȄȱœŠ’ȱœǯȱžŸŠ•ǯȱȃ˜ȱ –Š—¢ȱ™Ž˜™•Žȱ ȱœ™˜”Žȱ ’‘ȱ’—ȱŒ˜——ŽŒ’˜—ȱ ’‘ȱ establishing the fund had a truly personal œ˜›¢ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŽěŽŒȱœ‘Žȱ‘Šȱ˜—ȱ‘Ž’›ȱ’–ŽȱŠȱ ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǯȱ˜›Žȱ‘Š—ȱŠȱŽ ȱ Ž—ȱœ˜ȱ Š›ȱŠœȱ˜ȱœŠ¢ȱ‘Ž¢ȱ ˜ž•ȱ—˜ȱ‘ŠŸŽȱꗒœ‘Žȱ•Š ȱ œŒ‘˜˜•ȱ‘Šȱ’ȱ—˜ȱ‹ŽŽ—ȱ˜›ȱ‘Ž›ǯȄ ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ’œȱ›ŠŽž•ȱ˜ȱ ŠŒšž’Žȱ žŸŠ•ȱŠ—ȱŠ••ȱ‘Žȱ˜—˜›œȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ——Žȱ Lukingbeal Dean’s Discretionary Fund for Student Life. The fund’s dedication to the œžŽ—ȱŽ¡™Ž›’Ž—ŒŽȱŠȱ¢›˜—ȱŠ¢•˜›ȱ Š••ȱ ’œȱŠȱ–˜œȱęĴ’—ȱ–ŽŠ—œȱ˜ȱ›ŽŒ˜—’£’—ȱœ˜ȱ Ž¡Ž–™•Š›¢ȱŠȱ–Ž—˜›ǰȱŒ˜ž—œŽ•˜›ǰȱŠ—ȱ•ŽŠŽ›ǰȱ  ‘˜–ȱŠ••ȱ ’••ȱ–’œœȱŠ—ȱ—˜—ŽȱŒŠ—ȱ›Ž™•ŠŒŽǯȱ —ȱŽŸŽ›¢ȱ˜ĜŒŽȱœ‘Žȱ‘Ž•ǰȱ’—ȱŽŸŽ›¢ȱ›˜•Žȱœ‘Žȱ ™•Š¢Žǰȱ——Žȱž”’—‹ŽŠ•ȱ˜˜”ȱŒŠ›Žȱ‘Šȱ ŽŸŽ›¢ȱœžŽ—ȱŽ•ȱ Ž•Œ˜–Žǰȱœž™™˜›ŽǰȱŠ—ȱ ŸŠ•žŽǯȱŠ››¢’—ȱ˜—ȱ’—ȱ‘Ž›ȱŠ‹œŽ—ŒŽǰȱ‘Žȱ——Žȱ ž”’—‹ŽŠ•ȱž—ȱ™›˜–˜Žœȱ‘’œȱŽœœŽ—’Š•ȱ ˜˜DzȱŠœȱ——Žȱ‘Ž›œŽ•ȱ‘Šœȱ—˜Žǰȱ™Š›Š™‘›Šœ’—ȱ ˜›–Ž›ȱ™˜Žȱ•Šž›ŽŠŽȱŠ¢Šȱ—Ž•˜žǰȱȃ‘Ž¢ȱ will forget what you said and they will forget  ‘Šȱ¢˜žȱ’ȱ‹žȱ‘Ž¢ȱ ’••ȱ—ŽŸŽ›ȱ˜›Žȱ‘˜ ȱ ¢˜žȱ–ŠŽȱ‘Ž–ȱŽŽ•ǯȄȱȱQ

Thomas J. Heiden J.D. ’71 Endows Scholarship ‘›˜ž‘ȱŠȱ’ȱ˜ȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱ™›’—Œ’™Š•ǰȱ

Š—ŽȱŠ—ȱ˜–ȱ Ž’Ž—ȱ‘ŠŸŽȱŽœŠ‹•’œ‘Žȱ‘Žȱ

Š—ŽȱǯȱŠ—ȱ‘˜–Šœȱ ǯȱ Ž’Ž—ȱ ǯǯȱȁŝŗȱŠ ȱ Œ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ’—ȱœž™™˜›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ‘Š›•ŽœȱŸŠ—œȱ

ž‘ŽœȱŒ‘˜•Š›œȱ’—’’Š’ŸŽǯȱœȱŒ˜—ŒŽ’ŸŽȱ Š—ȱŒ‘Š–™’˜—Žȱ‹¢ȱžŠ›˜ȱǯȱŽÛŠ•ŸŽ›ǰȱ

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the Allan R. Tessler Dean of Cornell Law Œ‘˜˜•ǰȱ‘Š›•ŽœȱŸŠ—œȱ ž‘ŽœȱŒ‘˜•Š›œȱ ’••ȱ ›ŽŒŽ’ŸŽȱœŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ›Š—œȱœžĜŒ’Ž—ȱ˜ȱ–ŽŽȱ ‘ŽȱŠ——žŠ•ȱŒ˜œȱ˜ȱž’’˜—ȯǞśşǰşŖŖȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ ŘŖŗśȮŘŖŗŜȱŠŒŠŽ–’Œȱ¢ŽŠ›ǯȱ —ȱŽœŠ‹•’œ‘’—ȱ‘Žȱ Œ‘Š›Ž›ȱŽ—˜ Žȱž—ȱ˜ȱœž™™˜›ȱŠȱ ž‘Žœȱ Œ‘˜•Š›ǰȱ˜–ȱŠ—ȱ Š—Žȱ Ž’Ž—ȱŠ›ŽȱŽ—˜›œ’—ȱŠȱ Œ˜›Žȱ™›’˜›’¢ȱ˜ȱŽŠ—ȱŽÛŠ•ŸŽ›DZȱŒ˜œȬ˜Ȭž’’˜—ȱ ž—Ž› ›’’—ȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ–˜œȱŠŒŠŽ–’ŒŠ••¢ȱ –Ž›’˜›’˜žœȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱœžŽ—œǯ œȱ•˜‹Š•ȱŒ‘Š’›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ›˜žŒȱ’Š‹’•’¢ǰȱ Šœœȱ˜›œȱǭȱ˜—œž–Ž›ȱŒ’˜—œȱ›ŠŒ’ŒŽȱ˜ȱ Š‘Š–ȱǭȱŠ”’—œǰȱ’—ȱ‘’ŒŠ˜ǰȱ˜–ȱ Ž’Ž—ȱ ˜ŒžœŽœȱ˜—ȱ’ĜŒž•ȱŠ—ȱ‘’‘Ȭ™›˜ę•Žȱ•Š œž’œǰȱ ’—Œ•ž’—ȱ˜¡’Œȱ˜›ǰȱ‘’‘ȬœŠ”ŽœȱŽ—Ž›¢ǰȱ ž’•’¢ǰȱ›Žœ˜ž›ŒŽǰȱŠ—ȱ‹žœ’—ŽœœȱŒ˜—›ŠŒȱŠ—ȱ ˜›ȱ’œ™žŽœǯȱ˜–ȱ’œȱŠ•œ˜ȱŠ—ȱ’—œ›žŒ˜›ȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ Š’˜—Š•ȱ —œ’žŽȱ˜›ȱ›’Š•ȱŸ˜ŒŠŒ¢ȱŠ—ȱ•Š ȱ œŒ‘˜˜•ȱ›’Š•ȱŠŸ˜ŒŠŒ¢ȱ™›˜›Š–œǰȱŠ—ȱŠ™™ŽŠ›œȱ ˜Ž—ȱ˜—ȱȂœȱȃ’ȱ›’Š•œȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ¢Ȅȱ œŽ–Ž—ǯȱȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǰȱ‘Žȱ’œȱ˜Ž—ȱ ’œ’—ȱ›˜Žœœ˜›ȱ˜›ȱ —Ž—œ’ŸŽȱŠœ’Œȱ›’Š•ȱ Ÿ˜ŒŠŒ¢ǰȱŠȱȃ•ŽŠ›—’—ȱ‹¢ȱ˜’—Ȅȱœ‘˜›ȱŒ˜ž›œŽȱ for future litigators. Q

Mary Gail Gearns J.D. ’85 and Charles R. Peifer J.D. ’85 Gift to Moot Court —ȱ‘ŽȱŠ••ȱ˜ȱŗşŞŚǰȱŠ›¢ȱ Š’•ȱ ŽŠ›—œȱŠ—ȱ ‘Š›•ŽœȱǯȱŽ’Ž›ȱŽŠ–Žȱž™ȱ˜ȱ ’—ȱ‘ŽȱžŒŒ’Šȱ ž™ȱ˜˜ȱ˜ž›ȱ˜–™Ž’’˜—ǯȱŽ™›ŽœŽ—’—ȱ ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ’—ȱŠȱ—Š’˜—Š•ȱŒ˜–™Ž’’˜—ǰȱ ‘Žȱ ŽŠ›—œȬŽ’Ž›ȱŽŠ–ȱŽ–Ž›ŽȱŠœȱ–˜˜ȱŒ˜ž›ȱ Œ‘Š–™’˜—œȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ—˜›‘ŽŠœȱ›Ž’˜—ǯȱ —ȱ‘˜—˜›ȱ ˜ȱ‘ŽœŽȱ›’ž–™‘œȱŠ—ȱ‘ŽȱřŖ‘ȱŽž—’˜—ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ•Šœœȱ˜ȱŗşŞśǰȱ‘Ž¢ȱ“˜’—Žȱ˜›ŒŽœȱ ŠŠ’—ȱ˜ȱ—Š–Žȱ‘Žȱ–˜˜ȱŒ˜ž›ȱ›˜˜–ȱ™˜’ž–ǯȱ œǯȱ ŽŠ›—œȱŠ—ȱ›ǯȱŽ’Ž›ȱ–ŠŽȱ‘’œȱ’ȱ’—ȱ ›ŽŒ˜—’’˜—ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱž—’šžŽȱ˜™™˜›ž—’¢ȱ–˜˜ȱ Œ˜ž›ȱŒ˜–™Ž’’˜—ȱ˜ěŽ›œȱ•Š ȱœžŽ—œȱ˜ȱ•ŽŠ›—ȱ litigating skills and to test those skills before œ’Ĵ’—ȱ“žŽœǯȱ ȃ ȱ‘ŠŸŽȱ˜—ȱ–Ž–˜›’Žœȱ˜ȱ–¢ȱ–˜˜ȱŒ˜ž›ȱ Ž¡™Ž›’Ž—ŒŽȱŠȱ˜›—Ž••ǰȄȱœŠ’ȱœǯȱ ŽŠ›—œǯȱȃ ȱ ‘Ž•™Žȱ‘˜—Žȱ–¢ȱŠ—Š•¢’ŒŠ•ȱŠ—ȱ˜›Š•ȱŠŸ˜ŒŠŒ¢ȱ œ”’••œȱŠ—ȱ ŠœȱŠȱ›ŽŠȱ‹˜—’—ȱŽ¡™Ž›’Ž—ŒŽȱ ˜˜ǯȱ Ȃ–ȱŽ•’‘Žȱ˜ȱ‘ŠŸŽȱ‘’œȱ˜™™˜›ž—’¢ȱ ˜ȱ“˜’—ȱ–¢ȱ–˜˜ȱŒ˜ž›ȱ™Š›—Ž›ǰȱ‘žŒ”ȱŽ’Ž›ǰȱ ŠŠ’—ȱ‘’›¢ȱ¢ŽŠ›œȱ•ŠŽ›ȱ˜ȱ’ŸŽȱ‹ŠŒ”ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ

Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ’—ȱœžŒ‘ȱŠȱ™Ž›œ˜—Š••¢ȱ–ŽŠ—’—ž•ȱ Š¢ǯȄȱ —ȱŽ—˜›œ’—ȱ‘’œȱ ŽŠ––ŠŽȂœȱ›Ž–Š›”œǰȱ›ǯȱŽ’Ž›ȱœŠ’ǰȱȃ ȱ‘˜›˜ž‘•¢ȱŽ—“˜¢Žȱ‘Žȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ –˜˜ȱŒ˜ž›ȱŽ¡™Ž›’Ž—ŒŽȱŠ—ȱŠ–ȱŸŽ›¢ȱ‘Š™™¢ȱ˜ȱ“˜’—ȱŠ›¢ȱ Š’•ȱ’—ȱ‘Ž•™’—ȱ˜ȱ œž™™˜›ȱ‘Žȱ™›˜›Š–ǯȄ —ȱ™›˜Ÿ’’—ȱŠȱ—Š–’—ȱ’ȱ’—ȱœž™™˜›ȱ˜ȱŠŒ’•’’Žœǰȱœǯȱ ŽŠ›—œȱŠ—ȱ›ǯȱ Ž’Ž›ȱŠ›Žȱ‘Ž•™’—ȱ˜ȱ›Ž’—Ÿ’˜›ŠŽȱ‘Žȱ›Š’’˜—ȱŠȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ ˜ȱ’œ’—ž’œ‘’—ȱœ™ŽŒ’Š•ȱœ™ŠŒŽœȱ’—ȱ‘ŽȱŠŒ˜—Š•ȱ˜˜ȱ˜ž›ȱ˜˜–ǰȱ ‘ŽȱŠ ȱ’‹›Š›¢ǰȱŒ•Šœœ›˜˜–œǰȱŠ—ȱŒ˜––˜—ȱŠ›ŽŠœǯȱžŒ‘ȱ’œȱŽœ’¢ȱ˜ȱ ‘ŽȱœŽ—’–Ž—Š•ȱŠĴŠŒ‘–Ž—ȱ–Š—¢ȱŠ•ž–—’ȱ‘ŠŸŽȱ˜›ȱ¢›˜—ȱŠ¢•˜›ȱ Š••ǯȱ •‘˜ž‘ȱ’ȱ’œȱ—˜ȱ™˜œœ’‹•Žȱ˜ȱ›Ž—Š–Žȱ‘Žȱ‹ž’•’—ǰȱ–Š—¢ȱ›˜˜–œȱŠ—ȱ ž›—’œ‘’—œȱ’—œ’Žȱ’ȱ–Š¢ȱ¢Žȱ‹ŽȱŽ–‹Ž••’œ‘Žȱ ’‘ȱŠ—ȱŽ—›ŠŸŽȱ™•ŠšžŽǯ Š›¢ȱ Š’•ȱ ŽŠ›—œȱ’œȱŠȱ™Š›—Ž›ȱŠȱ˜›Š—ȱŽ ’œȱŠ—ȱŠȱŒ˜Ȭ•ŽŠŽ›ȱ˜ȱ’œȱ •’’Š’˜—ȱ™›ŠŒ’ŒŽȱ’—ȱŽ ȱ˜›”ǯȱ‘Žȱ’œȱ‹ŠœŽȱ’—ȱ‘ŽȱꛖȂœȱŽ ȱ˜›”ȱ ’¢ȱ˜ĜŒŽȱŠ—ȱ™ž›œžŽœȱŠȱ™›ŠŒ’ŒŽȱ‘Šȱ’—Œ•žŽœȱŠ••ȱŠœ™ŽŒœȱ˜ȱŒ˜–™•Ž¡ȱ Œ˜––Ž›Œ’Š•ȱŠ—ȱœŽŒž›’’Žœȱ•’’Š’˜—ǯȱœǯȱ ŽŠ›—œȱ’œȱŠȱ–Ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱŸ’œ˜›¢ȱ˜ž—Œ’•ȱŠ—ȱŠȱŒ˜—œ’œŽ—ȱŠ—ȱ•˜—’–Žȱ‹Ž—ŽŠŒ˜›ȱ ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǯȱ‘Š›•ŽœȱŽ’Ž›ȱ’œȱŠȱ™Š›—Ž›ȱŠȱŽ’Ž›ǰȱ Š—œ˜—ȱǭȱ ž••’—œǰȱ’—ȱ•‹žšžŽ›šžŽǰȱŽ ȱŽ¡’Œ˜ǰȱŠ—ȱ™›ŠŒ’ŒŽœȱ’—ȱ‘ŽȱŠ›ŽŠœȱ˜ȱ’›œȱ –Ž—–Ž—ȱ•Š ǰȱŒ•ŠœœȱŠŒ’˜—ȱ•Š ǰȱŠ—ȱŒ˜––Ž›Œ’Š•ȱŠ—ȱŽ—Ž›Š•ȱŒ’Ÿ’•ȱ •’’Š’˜—ǯȱ›ǯȱŽ’Ž›ȱ Šœȱ™›ŽŸ’˜žœ•¢ȱŒ‘’ŽȱŠœœ’œŠ—ȱŠĴ˜›—Ž¢ȱŽ—Ž›Š•ȱ˜ȱ Ž ȱŽ¡’Œ˜ǰȱŠœȱ Ž••ȱŠœȱŠ—ȱŠĴ˜›—Ž¢ȱ ’‘ȱ˜Ž¢ǰȱ’Œ”Šœ˜—ǰȱ•˜Š—ǰȱ”’—ȱ ǭȱ˜‹‹ǯȱ Žȱ’œȱŠȱŒ˜—œ’œŽ—ȱ‹Ž—ŽŠŒ˜›ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•Ȃœȱ——žŠ•ȱž—ȱ Š—ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱ•Šœœȱ˜ȱȂŞśȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ǯȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ ’œȱ›ŠŽž•ȱ˜ȱ›ǯȱŽ’Ž›ȱŠ—ȱœǯȱ ŽŠ›—œȱ˜›ȱ‘Ž’›ȱ‘˜ž‘ž•—Žœœȱ’—ȱ Ž¡™Š—’—ȱ‘Ž’›ȱ™‘’•Š—‘›˜™¢ȱ˜ȱŠŒ’•’’ŽœȱŠȱ¢›˜—ȱŠ¢•˜›ȱ Š••ǯȱȱQ

New Gifts Bolster Existing Scholarships Š—¢ȱ—Š–ŽȱœŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™œȱ‘ŠŸŽȱ‹Ž—ŽęŽȱ›˜–ȱŒ˜—’—žŽȱ™‘’•Š—‘›˜™¢ǰȱ Ž’‘Ž›ȱ›˜–ȱ‘Žȱ˜›’’—Š˜›ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱ˜›ȱ›˜–ȱ˜‘Ž›ȱ’—Ž›ŽœŽȱ Š•ž–—’ǯȱ•‘˜ž‘ȱ ŽȱŒŠ——˜ȱ—Š–ŽȱŽŸŽ›¢ȱž—ȱŠ—ȱ˜—˜›ǰȱ Žȱ—˜Žȱ‘Šȱ –Ž–‹Ž›œȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ•Šœœȱ˜ȱŗşşŞȱŒ˜—’—žŽȱ˜ȱœž™™˜›ȱ‘Žȱ•Šœœȱ˜ȱ ŗşşŞȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ǰȱŠ—ȱ–Ž–‹Ž›œȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ•Šœœȱ˜ȱŗşŞśȱŒ˜—’—žŽȱ ˜ȱ‹ž’•ȱ‘ŽȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱž—ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ•Šœœȱ˜ȱȂŞśȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ǯȱ ’œȱ›˜–ȱ Š•ž–—’ȱ˜ȱ–Š—¢ȱ’쎛Ž—ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱŒ•ŠœœŽœȱŠ›Žȱ”ŽŽ™’—ȱ‘Žȱ ˜›–ŠȱŠ—ȱŽ Š›ȱ ǯȱŒ‘ Š‹ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱŒ˜—œ’œŽ—•¢ȱ’—ȱ˜ž›ȱ ŽŽ”•¢ȱ ’ȱ›Ž™˜›œǯȱ’–’•Š›•¢ǰȱ’—’Ÿ’žŠ•ȱ˜—˜›œȱ–ŠŽȱŒŠœ‘ȱ’œȱ˜ȱŠž–Ž—ȱ ‘ŽȱŸŠ•žŽȱ˜ȱ—Š–Žȱž—œǰȱ’—Œ•ž’—ȱ‘Žȱ ǯȱŠ›œ‘Š••ȱ‹‹Ž¢ȱŽŠ—Ȃœȱ Œ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻ ǯȱŠ›œ‘Š••ȱ‹‹Ž¢ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂśŝǼDzȱ‘Žȱ›Š—ŒŽœȱŠ—ȱ•‹Ž›ȱǯȱ›Ž—ȱ Œ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻŽ™‘Ž—ȱ›Ž—ǰȱœšǯǼDzȱ‘Žȱ•˜žœŽ’—Ȭ˜œ”¢ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ ǻ‘Žȱ ˜—ǯȱ’Œ˜›ȱ›’Ž–Š—ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂśşǼDzȱ‘ŽȱŠŸ’ȱŠ—ȱŠ—’Ž•ȱ˜Ž‘—Ž—ȱ Œ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻŠŸ’ȱǯȱ˜Ž‘—Ž—ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŝŗǰȱŠ—ȱŠ—’Ž•ȱǯȱ˜Ž‘—Ž—ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŝŜǼDzȱ ‘ŽȱŠ•ŸŠ—’ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱž—ȱǻŽ››¢ȱŠ•ŸŠ—’ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŝŘǼDzȱ‘ŽȱŠĴ‘Ž ȱ ǯȱ  ¢Ž›ȱȂŝŚȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻ ›ŠȱǯȱŠ›Œžœǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŝŚǼDzȱ‘Žȱ›Š—”•¢—ȱ••Ž—‹˜Ž—ȱ

›ǯȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻŠ›“˜›’Žȱ••Ž—‹˜Ž—ǼDzȱ‘ŽȱǯȱŠ››ȱŠ—ȱŠ›’Š—ȱŽ›žœ˜—ȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻǯȱŠ››ȱŽ›žœ˜—ǰȱǯǯȱȂśŘǰȱǯǯȱȂśŚǼDzȱ‘Žȱ Ž˜›Žȱ Šœ‘’—˜—ȱ’Ž•œȱǯǯȱŗŞşŖȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻŽ™‘Ž—ȱǯȱ˜‹’—œ˜—ǰȱǯǯȱ ȂŞŗǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŞŚǼDzȱ‘Žȱ˜œŽȱŠ—ȱ˜•ȱ ›˜œœ–Š—ȱŽ–˜›’Š•ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻŸŽĴŽȱ

Š›–˜—ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŜşǼDzȱ‘Žȱ ’••ȱŠ–’•¢ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻ Š–Žœȱ ǯȱ ’••ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂşŗǼDzȱ ‘Žȱ Š›ŸŽ¢ȱǯȱŠ—ȱŠ›Š›Žȱǯȱ ’—–Š—ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻ Š›ŸŽ¢ȱ ’—–Š—ȱ


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ǰȱǯǯȱȂŜśǼDzȱ‘ŽȱŽ›Œ¢ȱŠ—ȱ Ž•Ž—ȱ —Ž›–Š—ȱ Œ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻŽŸŽ—ȱǯȱ —Ž›–Š—ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŞŗǼDzȱ‘Žȱ Š›Œȱ ˜œŽ™‘ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻŠ›Œȱ ˜œŽ™‘ǰȱ

ǯǯȱȂśŖǼDzȱ‘Žȱ›ǯȱ ¢ž—ȱ ’–ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ ǻ›ǯȱ ¢ž—ȱ ’–ǰȱǯǯȱȂŞŚǼDzȱ‘Žȱ Ž›–Š—ȱ Ž ’œȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻ ŠŒ”ȱŽ ’œǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŜşǼDzȱ‘Žȱ Dean’s Scholarship endowed by Sherry and ‘Š›•ŽœȱŠŠ¢œȱǻ‘Š›•ŽœȱŠŠ¢œǰȱǯǯȱȂŜŞǰȱ

ǯǯȱȂŝŗǼDzȱ‘ŽȱŠ•Ž›ȱǭȱ‘˜—ȱž—ȱŠ–ȱŠ ȱ Œ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻŠ–žŽ•ȱŠ–ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŞŞǼDzȱ‘ŽȱŠ›”ȱ ǯȱ˜£ŽĴŽȱȂŝŚȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻŠ›”ȱ˜£ŽĴŽǰȱ

ǯǯȱȂŝŚǼDzȱ‘Žȱ‘Š›•ŽœȱŽŒ‘•’—ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ ǻ‘Š›•ŽœȱŽŒ‘•’—ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŝŗǼDzȱ‘ŽȱŠ–Ž•Šȱ˜••’—œȱ Š–ŠŒ‘˜ȱŠ—ȱ•Ž“Š—›˜ȱǯȱŠ–ŠŒ‘˜ȱŠ ȱ Œ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻŠ–Ž•Šȱ˜••’—œǰȱǯǯȱȂŝşǰȱ ǯǯȱ ȂŞŘǰȱǯǯǯȱȂŞŚǰȱŠ—ȱ•Ž“Š—›˜ȱŠ–ŠŒ‘˜ǰȱ ǯǯȱ ȂŞŚǼDzȱ‘ŽȱŠŸ’ȱ ǯȱŠ—ȱŠ›’•¢—ȱǯȱŒ˜ĴȱŠ ȱ Œ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻŠ›’•¢—ȱŠ—ȱŠŸ’ȱŒ˜Ĵǰȱ ǯǯȱ ȂŝŞǼDzȱ‘ŽȱŠœ‘•’”ȱŠ–’•¢ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱž—ȱ ǻ‘Ž˜˜›ŽȱŠœ‘•’”ǰȱǯǯȱȂŜŚǼDzȱ‘Žȱ–‹ŠœœŠ˜›ȱ ’••’Š–ȱ ǯȱŸŠ—Ž—ȱ ŽžŸŽ•ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ ǻ’••’Š–ȱ ǯȱŸŠ—Ž—ȱ ŽžŸŽ•ǰȱǯǯȱȂśŖǰȱ ǯǯȱ ȂśŘǼDzȱŠ—ȱ‘Žȱ’Œ‘ŠŽ•ȱŠ—ȱ••Ž—ȱ˜•œ˜—ȱ Œ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱǻ’Œ‘ŠŽ•ȱ ǯȱ˜•œ˜—ǰȱǯ‘ǯǯȱȂŜŚǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŜŝǼǯȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ’œȱ›ŠŽž•ȱ˜ȱ ‘ŽœŽȱ‹Ž—ŽŠŒ˜›œȱŠ—ȱŠ••ȱ‘˜œŽȱ ‘˜ȱ‘ŠŸŽȱ –ŠŽȱ—Ž ȱ’œȱ˜ȱŽ¡’œ’—ȱž—œȱ‹Ž ŽŽ—ȱ‘Žȱ ’–Žȱ˜ȱ‘’œȱ ›’’—ȱŠ—ȱ’œȱ™ž‹•’ŒŠ’˜—ǯȱȱQ

Christopher Todoroff J.D. ’87 Leadership Gift Creates Class of 1987 Scholarship ȱ•ŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱ’ȱŒ˜––’–Ž—ȱ‹¢ȱ‘›’œ˜™‘Ž›ȱ ǯȱ˜˜›˜ěǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŞŝǰȱŠ—ȱ‘’œȱ ’ŽǰȱŽ•Š—’Žǰȱ ‘ŠœȱŽœŠ‹•’œ‘ŽȱŠ—ȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱž—ȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ•Šœœȱ˜ȱŗşŞŝȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ǯȱ —ȱ Œ˜–‹’—Š’˜—ȱ ’‘ȱŠ—ȱŠ’’˜—Š•ȱ꟎Ȭ¢ŽŠ›ȱ pledge to support the Law School’s Annual ž—ǰȱ›ǯȱ˜˜›˜ěȂœȱ’ȱ ’••ȱ™›˜Ÿ’Žȱ ž—›Žœ›’ŒŽȱŒž››Ž—ȬžœŽȱ–˜—’Žœȱ’––Ž’ŠŽ•¢ǰȱ as well as an annual scholarship grant once ‘ŠȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱ‘ŠœȱŠĴŠ’—Žȱ’œȱ—Š–’—ȱ ‘›Žœ‘˜•ǯȱ‘Žȱ•Šœœȱ˜ȱŗşŞŝȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ ’••ȱ be awarded at the discretion of the Allan R. Žœœ•Ž›ȱŽŠ—ȱ˜ȱŠȱ ǯǯȱŒŠ—’ŠŽȱŠȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ Law School. Free of additional awarding Œ›’Ž›’Šǰȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ•Šœœȱ˜ȱŗşŞŝȱ Œ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ ’••ȱ™›˜Ÿ’Žȱž’’˜—ȱŠœœ’œŠ—ŒŽȱ to Cornell Law students of all backgrounds Š—ȱꗊ—Œ’Š•ȱŒ’›Œž–œŠ—ŒŽœǯȱ•Šœœ–ŠŽœȱ˜ȱ

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‘›’œȱ˜˜›˜ěȱ ‘˜ȱ•˜˜”ȱ˜› Š›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ•Šœœȱ ˜ȱŗşŞŝȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™Ȃœȱ’—Šžž›Š•ȱŠ Š›ȱŠ›Žȱ Ž—Œ˜ž›ŠŽȱ˜ȱ–Š”ŽȱŠȱ’ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱœŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™Ȃœȱ Ž—˜ –Ž—ȱž—ǯȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ ’••ȱ confer the scholarship at the beginning of the ŠŒŠŽ–’Œȱ¢ŽŠ›ȱŠŽ›ȱ‘ŽȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱ‘›Žœ‘˜•ȱ is reached. ‘›’œȱ˜˜›˜ěȱ’œȱŠȱœŽ—’˜›ȱŸ’ŒŽȱ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱŠ—ȱ Ž—Ž›Š•ȱŒ˜ž—œŽ•ȱ˜ȱ ž–Š—ŠǰȱŠ—ȱ‘Šœȱ‘Ž•ȱ ‘ŽœŽȱ˜ĜŒŽœȱœ’—ŒŽȱŘŖŖŞǯȱ›ŽŸ’˜žœ•¢ǰȱ‘ŽȱœŽ›ŸŽȱ ŠœȱŸ’ŒŽȱ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱŠ—ȱŒ˜›™˜›ŠŽȱœŽŒ›ŽŠ›¢ȱŠȱ Ž—Šǰȱ‘ŠŸ’—ȱ“˜’—ŽȱŽ—ŠȂœȱ•ŽŠ•ȱŽ™Š›–Ž—ȱ ’—ȱŗşşśǯȱȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǰȱ‘Žȱ ŠœȱŠ—ȱŽ’˜›ȱ˜ȱ Cornell Law Review. Q

Eric B. Fastiff J.D. ’95 Supports Building Project ›’ŒȱŠœ’ěǰȱ ǯǯȱȂşśǰȱ‘Ž•™Žȱ˜ȱ–˜ŸŽȱ‘Žȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•Ȃœȱ•˜—ȬŽ›–ȱŒ˜—œ›žŒ’˜—ȱ™›˜“ŽŒȱ ˜› Š›ȱ‹¢ȱ™›˜Ÿ’’—ȱŠȱ’ȱ˜ȱ—Š–ŽȱŠȱœž¢ȱ carrel in the Law Library. Traditionally a ŠŸ˜›’Žȱ’Ÿ’—ȱ˜™’˜—ȱŠ–˜—ȱŠ•ž–—’ǰȱ—Š–’—ȱ ’œȱ˜›ȱ’—’Ÿ’žŠ•ȱŠ ȱ’‹›Š›¢ȱŒŠ››Ž•œȱŠ—ȱ Œ‘Š’›œȯŠœȱ Ž••ȱŠœȱœ’–’•Š›ȱŽ•Ž–Ž—œȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ ŠŒ˜—Š•ȱ˜˜ȱ˜ž›ȱ˜˜–ǰȱŠ—ȱœŠ—Š›ȱ Œ•Šœœ›˜˜–ȱŒ‘Š’›œȯ’—Œ•žŽȱ‘Žȱ’—œŠ••Š’˜—ȱ ˜ȱŠ—ȱŽ—›ŠŸŽȱ™•ŠšžŽȱ—Š–’—ȱ‘Žȱ˜—˜›ǯȱ ›ǯȱŠœ’ěȱ‘ŠœȱŒ‘˜œŽ—ȱ˜ȱ‘˜—˜›ȱ‘’œȱ›ŽŠȬ ›Š—Š‘Ž›ǰȱŠ›ŒžœȱŠ›–˜—ȱǻŠ ȱŗŞşŞǼǰȱŠ—ȱ ‘’œȱ›ŽŠȬ›ŽŠȱž—Œ•ŽǰȱŠ—’Ž•ȱŽ‹œŽ›ȱŠ›–˜—ȱ ǻŠ ȱŗŞşŚǼǰȱ‹¢ȱ—Š–’—ȱ‘ŽȱŒŠ››Ž•ȱ˜›ȱ‘Ž–ǯȱ ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ’œȱ›ŠŽž•ȱ˜ȱ›ǯȱŠœ’ěȱ ˜›ȱ‘Ž•™’—ȱ˜ȱ™›˜Ÿ’Žȱ‘ŽȱŽœœŽ—’Š•ȱŽšž’™–Ž—ȱ ˜ȱ¢›˜—ȱŠ¢•˜›ȱ Š••ȱ‘ŠȱœŽ›ŸŽœȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱ œžŽ—œȱŽŸŽ›¢ȱŠ¢ǯ ›’ŒȱŠœ’ěȱ’œȱŠȱ™Š›—Ž›ȱŠȱ’ŽěȱŠ‹›ŠœŽ›ȱ

Ž’–Š——ȱǭȱŽ›—œŽ’—ǰȱ’—ȱŠ—ȱ›Š—Œ’œŒ˜ǰȱŠ—ȱ Œ‘Š’›ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱꛖȂœȱ—’›žœȱŠ—ȱ —Ž••ŽŒžŠ•ȱ ›˜™Ž›¢ȱ›ŠŒ’ŒŽȱ ›˜ž™ǯȱ Žȱ‘Šœȱ™›ŠŒ’ŒŽȱ Œ˜––Ž›Œ’Š•ȱ•’’Š’˜—ȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ™Šœȱœ’¡ŽŽ—ȱ ¢ŽŠ›œǰȱ ˜›”’—ȱ˜—ȱ—ž–Ž›˜žœȱŒŠœŽœȱ’—Ÿ˜•Ÿ’—ȱ ‘Žȱ˜˜ǰȱŽŒ‘—˜•˜¢ǰȱꗊ—ŒŽǰȱ‘˜–Žȱ ž›—’œ‘’—ǰȱ—Šž›Š•ȱ›Žœ˜ž›ŒŽœǰȱŠ—ȱ–žœ’Œȱ ’—žœ›’Žœǯȱ ŽȱŠ•œ˜ȱ›Ž™›ŽœŽ—œȱ‹žœ’—ŽœœŽœȱ’—ȱ Œ˜––Ž›Œ’Š•ȱ’œ™žŽœȱ ’‘ȱ‘Ž’›ȱœž™™•’Ž›œȱŠ—ȱ Œ˜–™Ž’˜›œǯȱ ’œȱŒ•’Ž—œȱ’—Œ•žŽȱ˜ŸŽ›—–Ž—œǰȱ ‹žœ’—ŽœœŽœǰȱ’—’Ÿ’žŠ•œǰȱŠ—ȱŒ˜—œž–Ž›ȱ groups. Q

Established Funds Attract New Gifts Endowed funds previously established in the Law School attracted new gifts during the 2015 fiscal year. Notably, Dr. Harold Oaklander, B.S. ’52, made a new gift to the endowment of the Harold Oaklander Public Interest Fellowships to Advance Justice and Public Policy against Persistent Unemployment, which he established in fiscal 2014. The Oaklander PIF endowment is expected to make as many as six annual Public Interest Fellowship grants to Cornell Law students working in unsalaried legal jobs in the public sector. Also augmenting an established fund is a planned gift of Thomas M. Jones, M.B.A. ’71, J.D. ’75, who has designated a future bequest from his estate to the Thomas M. Jones Business Law Institute Fund. An equivalent future bequest to Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management reflects the range of his Cornell training, as well as his professional expertise. The Jones BLI Fund, established during the 2014 fiscal year, supports programming of the Jack G. Clarke Institute for the Study and Practice of Business Law, including costs associated with conferences, guest speakers, the Transactional Lawyering Competition, and other activities. Tom Jones is a partner at McDermott Will & Emery, in the firm’s Chicago office. David L. Boehnen, J.D. ’71, has advised Cornell of a future bequest that will enrich the David and Daniel Boehnen Scholarship, established in concert with his brother Daniel Boehnen, J.D. ’76, in 2001. His advised bequest includes an equal gift to the Robert S. Summers Student Research Assistant Fund, established in 2012 by an anonymous leadership gift. David Boehnen is of counsel to Dorsey & Whitney, in Minneapolis. We are grateful to him and to every benefactor who has used a planned giving instrument to provide for the future flourishing of Cornell Law School. Other funds new in fiscal 2014 that continue to prosper are the Norma and Stewart J. Schwab Scholarship and the Theodore Eisenberg Memorial Fund for Empirical Legal Studies. Both of these funds proved very popular among alumni upon their debut and continue to build on that initial appeal. The Schwab Scholarship honors the decade of service that Norma and Stewart Schwab gave to Cornell Law School during 2004–2014. The Eisenberg Memorial Fund honors the innovative research of the late Theodore Eisenberg in applying “big data” statistical methodologies and insights to legal processes and how scholars understand them. Both funds ensure a lasting legacy at Cornell Law School for Stewart and Norma, and for Ted. ■

Michael Brizel J.D. ’80 Endows Scholarship A gift commitment from Michael A. Brizel, J.D. ’80, established a new scholarship fund at Cornell Law School early in the 2015 fiscal year. The Michael A. Brizel Scholarship will provide a scholarship grant to a student enrolled in the J.D. program. First preference will be given each year to a Cornell Law student who has a stated interest in studying labor and employment law with an intention of representing management.


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’—Š—Œ’Š•ȱŠœœ’œŠ—ŒŽȱ›˜–ȱ‘Žȱ›’£Ž•ȱ Scholarship will help to support the Law Œ‘˜˜•ȂœȱŒ˜––’–Ž—ȱ˜ȱ’—Œ›ŽŠœŽȱ‘ŽȱŠ–˜ž—ȱ ˜ȱꗊ—Œ’Š•ȱŠ’ȱ˜ěŽ›Žȱ˜ȱ™›˜œ™ŽŒ’ŸŽȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ Law students. ’”Žȱ›’£Ž•ȱ’œȱŽ¡ŽŒž’ŸŽȱŸ’ŒŽȱ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱŠ—ȱ Ž—Ž›Š•ȱŒ˜ž—œŽ•ȱ˜ȱ›Žœ‘’›ŽŒǰȱŠ—ȱ˜—•’—Žȱ ›Žœ‘Ȭ˜˜ȱ›˜ŒŽ›ǰȱŠ—ȱ’—ȱ‘˜œŽȱŒŠ™ŠŒ’’Žœȱ •ŽŠœȱ‘ŽȱŒ˜–™Š—¢Ȃœȱ•ŽŠ•ȱŽ™Š›–Ž—ǯȱ Žȱ ’œȱ›Žœ™˜—œ’‹•Žȱ˜›ȱŒ˜›™˜›ŠŽȱ˜ŸŽ›—Š—ŒŽǰȱ Œ˜––ž—’¢ȱŠ—ȱ˜ŸŽ›—–Ž—ȱŠěŠ’›œǰȱ˜˜ȱ œŠŽ¢ǰȱŒ˜—œž–Ž›ȱŠ—ȱŠŠȱ™›˜ŽŒ’˜—ǰȱŠ—ȱ ˜›”™•ŠŒŽȱœŠŽ¢ȱŠ—ȱœŽŒž›’¢ǯȱŽ˜›Žȱ“˜’—’—ȱ ›Žœ‘’›ŽŒȱ’—ȱŘŖŗŚǰȱ‘Žȱ ŠœȱŽ¡ŽŒž’ŸŽȱŸ’ŒŽȱ ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱŠ—ȱŽ—Ž›Š•ȱŒ˜ž—œŽ•ȱ˜ȱŠ”œǰȱŠœȱ Ž••ȱ Šœȱ‘ŠȱŒ˜–™Š—¢ȂœȱŒ‘’ŽȱŽ‘’ŒœȱŠ—ȱŒ˜–™•’Š—ŒŽȱ ˜ĜŒŽ›ǯȱ’”Žȱ’œȱŠȱ–Ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ ŽŠ—Ȃœȱ™ŽŒ’Š•ȱŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱ˜––’ĴŽŽǯȱȱQ

Richard A. Parr II J.D. ’82 Builds Robert S. Summers Student Research Assistant Fund ȱ’ȱ›˜–ȱ’Œ‘Š›ȱǯȱŠ››ȱ ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŞŘǰȱ˜ȱ ‘ŽȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ˜‹Ž›ȱǯȱž––Ž›œȱ Student Research Assistant Fund is helping ˜ȱ™›˜Ÿ’ŽȱŠœœ’œŠ—œ‘’™ȱœ’™Ž—œȱ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ Law School students engaged in scholarly ›ŽœŽŠ›Œ‘ȱ ’‘ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱŠŒž•¢ǯȱ›ǯȱŠ››ȱ –ŠŽȱ‘’œȱ꜌Š•ȱŘŖŗśȱ’ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱž––Ž›œȱ ž—ȱŠœȱ™Š›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ’ȱŒ˜––’–Ž—ȱ‘Žȱ Žę—Žȱ’—ȱŘŖŗŚǯȱœȱŠȱ•ŽŠ’—ȱ˜—˜›ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ ž––Ž›œȱž—ǰȱ›ǯȱŠ››ȱ’œȱ’—œ›ž–Ž—Š•ȱ ’—ȱ™›˜Ÿ’’—ȱŽœœŽ—’Š•ȱœž™™˜›ȱ‘Šȱ–Š”Žœȱ student research assistantships possible. ‘Žȱž––Ž›œȱž—ȱ ŠœȱŽœŠ‹•’œ‘Žȱ’—ȱŘŖŗŘȱ ‹¢ȱŠȱ•ŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱ’ǰȱ–ŠŽȱŠ—˜—¢–˜žœ•¢ǰȱ ›˜–ȱŠȱ˜›–Ž›ȱœžŽ—ȱ˜ȱ˜‹Ž›ȱǯȱž––Ž›œǰȱ •˜—’–Žȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ™›˜Žœœ˜›ȱŠ—ȱ ’••’Š–ȱ ǯȱŒ˜‹Ž›œȱŽœŽŠ›Œ‘ȱ›˜Žœœ˜›ȱ ’—ȱ–’—’œ›Š’˜—ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ǰȱ–Ž›’žœǯȱ —ȱ‘˜—˜›’—ȱ›˜Žœœ˜›ȱž––Ž›œȂœȱ•’Ž’–Žȱ ŠŒ‘’ŽŸŽ–Ž—ȱŠœȱŠȱ•ŽŠ•ȱœŒ‘˜•Š›ȱŠ—ȱŽŠŒ‘Ž›ȱ ˜ȱ•Š ǰȱ‘Žȱž––Ž›œȱžŽ—ȱŽœŽŠ›Œ‘ȱ Assistant Fund enables Cornell Law School to ™›˜Ÿ’ŽȱœžŽ—œȱ ’‘ȱŠ™™›˜™›’ŠŽȱꗊ—Œ’Š•ȱ Œ˜–™Ž—œŠ’˜—ȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ›ŽœŽŠ›Œ‘ȱ ˜›”ȱ‘Ž¢ȱ˜ȱ ˜›ȱ–Ž–‹Ž›œȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱŠŒž•¢ǯȱȱ ‘ŽȱœŠ–Žȱ’–Žǰȱ‘Žȱž––Ž›œȱž—ȱ‘˜—˜›œȱ ˜‹Ž›ȱž––Ž›œǰȱŠ—ȱŽ¡Ž–™•Š›¢ȱœŒ‘˜•Š›ȱ

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Š—ȱ‹Ž•˜ŸŽȱŠ—ȱŒ˜–™Ž••’—ȱŽŠŒ‘Ž›ǰȱ ‘˜ȱ established fruitful working relationships with dozens of student research assistants ž›’—ȱ‘’œȱ˜›¢Ȭ ˜Ȭ¢ŽŠ›ȱŽ—ž›ŽȱŠȱ˜›—Ž••ȱ Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǯȱŽ¢˜—ȱ‘Žȱ›ŽœŽŠ›Œ‘ȱŠ—ȱ‘˜ž‘ȱ Š—ȱ ›’’—ȱŠ›Žȱ‘Žȱ•’ŸŽœȱ‘Žȱ’—ĚžŽ—ŒŽȱŠȱ ŠȱŒ›žŒ’Š•ȱ–˜–Ž—ǰȱ ‘Ž—ȱ‘’œȱœžŽ—œȱ Ž›Žȱ ˜•ȱŽ—˜ž‘ȱ˜ȱ›ŽŒ˜—’£Žȱ ’œ˜–ǰȱ¢Žȱ¢˜ž—ȱ Ž—˜ž‘ȱ˜ȱ’—Œ˜›™˜›ŠŽȱ’œȱŒ˜ž—œŽ•ȱ’—ȱ‘Žȱ•’ŸŽœȱ ‘Ž¢ȱ ˜ž•ȱ•’ŸŽȱ‘Ž›ŽŠŽ›ǯȱœȱŠȱ™Ž›–Š—Ž—ȱ ›’‹žŽȱ˜ȱŠȱŒ˜—œž––ŠŽȱŽŠŒ‘Ž›ȱŠ—ȱœŒ‘˜•Š›ǰȱ ‘Žȱž––Ž›œȱž—ȱ‘Ž•™œȱ˜ȱŽ—œž›Žȱ‘Šȱ ‘Žȱ–Ž—˜›Žȱ•ŽŠ›—’—ȱ’–™Š›Žȱ‹¢ȱ˜‹Ž›ȱ ž––Ž›œȱ˜›ȱœ˜ȱ–Š—¢ȱ¢ŽŠ›œȱ˜ȱœ˜ȱ–Š—¢ȱ œžŽ—œǰȱŠ—ȱ˜ȱœžŒ‘ȱ›ŽŠȱŽěŽŒǰȱ ’••ȱŠ• Š¢œȱ Ž¡’œȱŠȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǯ ’Œ‘Š›ȱŠ››ǰȱŸ’ŒŽȱ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱŠ—ȱŽ—Ž›Š•ȱ Œ˜ž—œŽ•ȱ˜›ȱ ȱŠ—˜›Š›Žǰȱ›Ž–Š›”ŽDZȱ ȃ›˜Žœœ˜›ȱž––Ž›œȱ‘Šœȱ‘ŠȱŠȱ™›˜˜ž—ȱŽěŽŒȱ ˜—ȱ–¢ȱ•’ŽȱŠ—ȱŒŠ›ŽŽ›ǯȱ ’œȱ“˜¢ȱŠ—ȱ™Šœœ’˜—ȱ˜›ȱ teaching and for rigorous intellectual inquiry œ‘˜—Žȱ‘›˜ž‘ȱ’—ȱŽŸŽ›¢ȱŒ•ŠœœǰȱŽŸŽ›¢ȱŽ—Œ˜ž—Ž›ǯȱ ˜›Žȱ‘Š—ȱ‘’›¢ȱ¢ŽŠ›œȱŠŽ›ȱ ȱ•Šœȱ‘Šȱ‘Žȱ ™›’Ÿ’•ŽŽȱ˜ȱ‹Ž’—ȱ‘’œȱœžŽ—ǰȱ—˜ȱŠȱŠ¢ȱ˜Žœȱ ‹¢ȱ ’‘˜žȱœ˜–Ž‘’—ȱ’—ȱ–¢ȱ™›ŠŒ’ŒŽȱ–Š”’—ȱ –Žȱ‘’—”ȱ‹ŠŒ”ȱ˜ȱŠȱ™Š›’Œž•Š›ȱŒŠœŽǰȱ˜›ȱ™›˜‹•Ž–ǰȱ ˜›ȱ ˜—Ž›ž••¢ȱ›Š–Š’Œȱ•Žœœ˜—ȱ›˜–ȱ‘˜œŽȱ outstanding Contracts courses. Professor ž––Ž›œȱŽ–Š—ŽǰȱŠ—ȱ˜ǰȱ‘Žȱ‹Žœȱ ›˜–ȱ‘’œȱœžŽ—œǰȱŠ—ȱ ŽȱŠ›Žȱ›’Œ‘Ž›ȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ Ž¡™Ž›’Ž—ŒŽǯȱ ŽȱŒ‘Š••Ž—ŽǰȱŒŠ“˜•Žǰȱ’—ž›’ŠŽǰȱ Š—ȱŠ• Š¢œȱŽ—Ž›Š’—Žǯȱ‘Ž—ȱ ȱ–ŽŽȱŠȱŽ••˜ ȱ ˜›—Ž••’Š—ȱ˜ȱŠ—¢ȱŽ—Ž›Š’˜—ǰȱ˜ž›ȱȁœŽŒ›Žȱ handshake’ is to nod sagely when one of us œ™ŽŠ”œȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱȁ—˜’œŽȱŠ—ȱœŠŽ¢Ȃȱ˜ȱŠ—ȱ’œœžŽǯȱ Ȃ–ȱ™›˜žȱ˜ȱœž™™˜›ȱ‘Žȱž––Ž›œȱž—ȱŠœȱŠȱ ęĴ’—ȱ›’‹žŽȱ˜ȱ›˜Žœœ˜›ȱž––Ž›œȱŠ—ȱ ‘Šȱ ‘Žȱ‘Šœȱ–ŽŠ—ȱ˜ȱ‘˜žœŠ—œȱ˜ȱŠĴ˜›—Ž¢œǯȄȱ›ǯȱ Š››ȱ“˜’—Žȱ ȱŠ—˜›Š›Žȱ’—ȱŘŖŖŜǰȱ‘ŠŸ’—ȱ œŽ›ŸŽȱ™›ŽŸ’˜žœ•¢ȱŠœȱŽ¡ŽŒž’ŸŽȱŸ’ŒŽȱ™›Žœ’Ž—ǰȱ Ž—Ž›Š•ȱŒ˜ž—œŽ•ǰȱŠ—ȱŒ˜›™˜›ŠŽȱœŽŒ›ŽŠ›¢ȱ˜ȱ ˜—ŒŽ—›ŠDzȱŠ—ȱŠœȱŸ’ŒŽȱ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱŠ—ȱŠœœ’œŠ—ȱ Ž—Ž›Š•ȱŒ˜ž—œŽ•ȱ˜ȱ›Šȱ ŽŠ•‘˜›™ǯȱ›ǯȱ Š››ȱŠ•œ˜ȱŒ•Ž›”Žȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ ˜—ǯȱ’••’Š–ȱ ǯȱ

˜••˜ Š¢ȱ ›ǯǰȱŒ‘’Žȱ“žŽȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱǯǯȱ˜ž›ȱ˜ȱ Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Q

Planned Gifts Provide for the Future •Š——Žȱ’œȱ Ž›Žȱ Ž••ȱ›Ž™›ŽœŽ—ŽȱŠŠ’—ȱ’—ȱ꜌Š•ȱŘŖŗśǰȱŠœȱ›’Ž—œȱ Š—ȱŠ•ž–—’ȱ˜ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱŽę—Žȱ‹ŽšžŽœȱ’—Ž—’˜—œȱ‘Šȱ ’••ȱ Œ˜—œ’žŽȱžž›Žȱ’œǯȱȱ™Š›’Œž•Š›ȱ—˜Žȱ ŠœȱŠȱ‹ŽšžŽœȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ•ŠŽȱ›žŒŽȱ Š›œ Ž••ǰȱǯǯȱȂśŚȱǻǯȱŘŖŗŚǼǰȱŽœ’—ŠŽȱŠœȱŒž››Ž—ȬžœŽȱž—’—ȱ˜›ȱ ꗊ—Œ’Š•ȱŠ’ǯȱ‘’œȱ’ȱ™›˜Ÿ’Žœȱž’’˜—ȱŠœœ’œŠ—ŒŽȱ˜ȱœžŽ—œ at Cornell Š ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǯȱ‘Žȱ•ŠŽȱ›ǯȱŠ›œ Ž••ȱ Šœȱ–˜œȱ›ŽŒŽ—•¢ȱŒ‘’Žȱ˜™Ž›Š’—ȱ ˜ĜŒŽ›ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ‹˜ȱŸ’œ˜›¢ȱ ›˜ž™ǰȱ’—ȱŽ–’—œŽ›ǰȱŽ ȱ Ž›œŽ¢ǰȱŠ—ȱ ™›ŽŸ’˜žœ•¢ȱœŽ›ŸŽȱŠœȱœŽ—’˜›ȱŸ’ŒŽȱ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱ˜ȱ‘ž–Š—ȱ›Žœ˜ž›ŒŽœȱŠ—ȱ Š–’—’œ›Š’˜—ȱ˜›ȱ ǰȱ—˜ ȱŽ›’£˜—ǯȱ•œ˜ȱ’—ȱ‘ŽȱŒŠŽ˜›¢ȱ˜ȱ›ŽŠ•’£Žȱ ‹ŽšžŽœœȱ’œȱŠȱ’ȱ˜ȱ ǯȱ˜‹Ž›ȱ Š‘—ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŚŞȱǻǯȱŘŖŗřǼǰȱ‘ŽȱœŽŒ˜—ȱ’ȱ˜ȱ ‘’œȱ”’—ȱ‘Šȱ›ǯȱ Š‘—ȱŠ››Š—Žȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ‹Ž—Žęȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǯȱ‘’œȱ –˜œȱ›ŽŒŽ—ȱ‹ŽšžŽœȱŠž–Ž—Žȱ‘Žȱ›Žœ™ŽŒ’ŸŽȱŽ—˜ –Ž—œȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ ǯȱ ˜‹Ž›ȱŠ—ȱŠ›¢ȱ Š‘—ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱž—ǰȱŠ—ȱ‘Žȱ ǯȱ˜‹Ž›ȱ Š‘—ȱŠ—ȱ Š›¢ȱǯȱ Š‘—ȱ™ŽŠ”Ž›Ȃœȱž—ǯȱ—ȱ‘Žȱœ›Ž—‘ȱ˜ȱ‘Žȱ›Žœ˜ž›ŒŽœȱ™›˜Ÿ’Žȱ ‹¢ȱ‘’œȱ‹ŽšžŽœǰȱ‘Žȱ Š‘—ȱŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ’œȱŽ¡™ŽŒŽȱ˜ȱ–Š”ŽȱŠȱœŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱ ›Š—ȱŽšžŠ•ȱ˜ȱŠȱž••ȱ¢ŽŠ›Ȃœȱž’’˜—ȱ’—ȱŘŖŗśȮŘŖŗŜȱǻ’—ŸŽœ–Ž—ȱ™Ž›˜›–Š—ŒŽȱ ™Ž›–’Ĵ’—Ǽǯ Š•Ž›’ŽȱŠ—ȱ Ž—›¢ȱǯȱŽ•–Š—ǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŝřǰȱŽœ’—ŠŽȱŠ—ȱŠŸ’œŽȱ ‹ŽšžŽœȱ˜ȱŒ›ŽŠŽȱ‘ŽȱŠ•Ž›’ŽȱŠ—ȱ Ž—›¢ȱǯȱŽ•–Š—ȱž—ǯȱ‘’œȱ’ȱ ˜ȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱ ’••ȱœž™™˜›ȱŠ—ȱŠŒŠŽ–’Œȱ™˜œ’’˜—ȱŠȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ ˜›ȱŠȱŸ’œ’’—ȱȃ›˜Žœœ˜›ȱ˜ȱ›ŠŒ’ŒŽǯȄȱ Ž—›¢ȱŽ•–Š—ȱœŽ›ŸŽȱŠȱ‘Žȱ ŽŽ›Š•ȱ›’Œž•ž›Š•ȱ˜›ŠŽȱ˜›™˜›Š’˜—ȱ˜›ȱ Ž—¢ȱ¢ŽŠ›œǰȱ–˜œ•¢ȱ ›ŽŒŽ—•¢ȱŠœȱ’œȱ™›Žœ’Ž—ȱŠ—ȱŒ‘’ŽȱŽ¡ŽŒž’ŸŽȱ˜ĜŒŽ›ǰȱŠ—ȱ™›ŽŸ’˜žœ•¢ȱ‘Ž•ȱ –Š—ŠŽ–Ž—ȱ™˜œ’’˜—œȱŠȱŠ’—ŽȱŽ‹‹Ž›ȱŠ—ȱ Ž—Ž›Š•ȱ˜˜›œȱ˜›™˜›Š’˜—ǯȱ —ȱŠŸ’œŽȱ‹ŽšžŽœȱ‹¢ȱ‘’•’™ȱǯȱŒŠ›‘¢ǰȱǯǯȱȂŜŖǰȱ ǯǯȱȂŜśǰȱ ’••ȱ ŽŸŽ—žŠ••¢ȱŽœŠ‹•’œ‘ȱŠȱ—Ž ȱœŒ‘˜•Š›œ‘’™ȱŽ—˜ –Ž—ȱ’—ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ǯȱ Ž˜›Žȱ‘’œȱ›Ž’›Ž–Ž—ǰȱ›ǯȱŒŠ›‘¢ȱ ŠœȱŠȱ–Š—Š’—ȱ’›ŽŒ˜›ȱ˜ȱȱ Ž—ž›ŽȱŠ—ŠŽ–Ž—ȱŠ—ȱŠȱ–Š—Š’—ȱ’›ŽŒ˜›ȱŠ—ȱ–Š—Š’—ȱ™Š›—Ž›ȱ˜ȱ œŽŸŽ›Š•ȱŸŽ—ž›ŽȱŒŠ™’Š•ȱž—œȱ ’‘ȱ’—Ž›Žœœȱ’—ȱ–ŽŠ•œȱ–’—’—ȱ˜™Ž›Š’˜—œǯ ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ’œȱ›ŠŽž•ȱ˜ȱ‘ŽœŽȱŠ•ž–—’ȱ˜›ȱ‘Ž’›ȱŽ—Ž›˜œ’¢ȱŠ—ȱ˜›ȱ ‘Ž’›ȱ‘˜ž‘ž•—Žœœȱ’—ȱ™›˜Ÿ’’—ȱ˜›ȱ’œȱžž›ŽȱœžŽ—œǯȱ¢ȱŽœŠ‹•’œ‘’—ȱ ™•Š——Žȱ’œȱ ‘’•ŽȱŒ˜—’—ž’—ȱ‘Ž’›ȱŒž››Ž—ȬžœŽȱ’œȱ˜ȱ‘ŽȱŠ ȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ ——žŠ•ȱž—ȱŠ—ȱ˜‘Ž›ȱŽœ’—Š’˜—œǰȱ‘Ž¢ȱ‘Ž•™ȱ˜ȱ”ŽŽ™ȱ˜›—Ž••ȱŠ ȱ Œ‘˜˜•ȱœ›˜—ȱ˜Š¢ȱŠ—ȱ˜ȱŽ—œž›Žȱ‘Šȱ’ȱ ’••ȱ‘›’ŸŽȱ’—ȱ‘Žȱžž›ŽǯȱȱQ


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Donor Honor Roll — Fiscal Year 2015

Â˜Â—Â˜Â›ÂœČąÂŠÂ›ÂŽČąÂ•Â’ÂœÂ?ÂŽÂ?ȹ ’Â?‘’—ȹ•Š ȹÂ?ÂŽÂ?Â›ÂŽÂŽČąÂ˘ÂŽÂŠÂ›ČąÇťÂŠÂœČąÂ’Â—Â?’ŒŠÂ?ÂŽÂ?ǟȹŠ•™‘Š‹ŽÂ?Â’ÂŒÂŠÂ•Â•Â˘ČąÂ‹Â˘ČąÂœÂžÂ›Â—ÂŠÂ–ÂŽÇ°ČąÄ™Â›ÂœÂ?ȹ—Š–Žȹ ǝ™›’—Â?ÂŽÂ?ČąÄ™Â›ÂœÂ?ČąÂ—ÂŠÂ–ÂŽÇ°ČąÂœÂžÂ›Â—ÂŠÂ–ÂŽÇźÇŻČąÂ&#x;Ž›¢ȹŠĴŽ–™Â?ČąÂ‘ÂŠÂœČąÂ‹ÂŽÂŽÂ—ČąÂ–ÂŠÂ?ÂŽČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂŒÂ˜Â—Ä™Â›Â–ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽČąÂŠÂŒÂŒÂžÂ›ÂŠÂŒÂ˘ČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂ?Â‘Â’ÂœČąÂ•Â’ÂœÂ?Ç°Čą which reports cash gifts onlyČąÂ?ž›’—Â?ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽČąĹ˜Ĺ–Ĺ—Ĺ›ČąÄ™ÂœÂŒÂŠÂ•ČąÂ˘ÂŽÂŠÂ›Ç° i.e.,ČąÂ?Â›Â˜Â–Čą ÂžÂ•Â˘ČąĹ—Ç°ČąĹ˜Ĺ–Ĺ—ĹšČąÂ?Â˜Čą ÂžÂ—ÂŽČąĹ™Ĺ–Ç°ČąĹ˜Ĺ–Ĺ—Ĺ›Ç°Čą ’—Œ•žœ’Â&#x;ŽDzȹŠ—Â?ČąÂ›ÂŽÄšÂŽÂŒÂ?ÂœČągifts to Cornell Law School onlyÇŻČą Â?ČąÂ˘Â˜ÂžÂ›ČąÂ—ÂŠÂ–ÂŽČąÂœÂ‘Â˜ÂžÂ•Â?ȹŠ™™ŽŠ›ȹŠ—Â?ČąÂ?Â˜ÂŽÂœČą —˜Â?Ç°ČąÂ™Â•ÂŽÂŠÂœÂŽČąÂ Â›Â’Â?ÂŽČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂ?‘ŽȹÂ˜Â›Â—ÂŽÂ•Â•ČąŠ ȹÂŒÂ‘Â˜Â˜Â•ČąÂŽÂ&#x;Ž•˜™–Ž—Â?ČąÄœÂŒÂŽČąÂŠÂ?ČąÂ˜Â˜Â–ČąĹ˜ĹœĹ–Ç°ČąÂ˘Â›Â˜Â—ČąÂŠÂ˘Â•Â˜Â›Čą Š••ǰȹ Â˜Â›Â—ÂŽÂ•Â•Čą—’Â&#x;Ž›œ’Â?¢ǰȹ Â?Â‘ÂŠÂŒÂŠÇ°ČąǰȹŗŚŞśřǯȹ

An asterisk indicates membership in the 1865 Society, signifying two or more consecutive years of giving to Cornell University.


George H. Spencer*

Joseph Boochever

Robert S. Toperzer*

Charles A. De Bare*

Neil Underberg*

John C. Dorfman*

William J. vanden Heuvel*

Jean R. Goldman* Russell T. Kerby Jr.*


James M. Kieffer*

J. Arthur Jennings

Sinclair Powell*

1953 Robert W. Avery* Rudolph De Winter* Frank J. Decotis



Willard G. Eldred*

Joseph M. Mandel

Stephen Bermas*

Leo J. Fallon*

Arthur Harold Bernstein

Beatrice S. Frank*

Herbert D. Feinberg*

Gilbert Katz*

Lloyd Frank*

John D. Killian III*


Marc Joseph*

Lyman A. Manser Jr.*

Bernard R. Rapoport*

Robert H. Manley*

Donald J. Mark*

Robert Ovington Wright*

James J. McNamara*

1940 Emanuel Philip Snyder*

1942 John W. Reed*

1946 Doris Banta Pree*

Robert D. Taisey*


Albert W. Henderson*

Bernard S. Berkowitz* Louis P. Contiguglia* Robert A. Contiguglia Michael J. Danbury* John T. DeGraff Jr. Marc A. Franklin* Robert C. Gusman* Frederic T. Henry* James E. Hirsch*

Samuel G. Brundage*

Roger H. Mallery Jr.*

Philip H. Hoff*

Bruce Carswell*

Maurice D. O’Connell*

Helaine Knickerbocker*

R. Clinton Emery*

J. William Reeves*

Roger W. Zaenglein*

M. Carr Ferguson*

Martin Rubashkin*

William M. Gallow Jr.*

E. Terry Warren*


Rex S. Kuwasaki*

Donald L. Bilgore*

F. William Meservey

Henry B. Bobrow*

T. David Mullen*

Lorene J. Bow*

Lewis M. Ress*

Richard M. Buxbaum

Alfred M. Rossum

Burton Citak

Howard J. Thomas*

Jack G. Clarke*

William L. Wright*

1957 G. Marshall Abbey* Thomas Tilley Adams* George K. Bernstein* George H. Cohen* Donald M. Flanagan* Jerome Francis Hanifin*

Wood M. DeYoe*


I. Robert Harris*

Alfred Dorfman*

Richard Armstrong Barnstead*

Paul T. Kalinich*

E. Warren Eisner*

Leland S. Beck*

Robert Graham Kurzman*

Jay M. Friedman*

Robert Adams Boyd*

Joy Levien*

Lawrence Greenapple

Morton S. Bunis*

Richard B. Long*

Alexander Holtzman*

Vito J. Cassan*

Harry P. Messina Jr.*

Norman E. Joslin*

S. Gerald Davidson

Pano Z. Patsalos* Richard C. Reiner*

John F. Kennedy*

Townsend Foster Jr.*


Jerome M. Libenson*

John C. Lankenau*

Rocco Anthony Solimando*

George H. Getman*

Donald M. Mawhinney Jr.*

Joseph M. Perillo*

David A. Trager*

K. Robert Hahn*

Robert I. Miller*

Jay N. Rosenthal

Frederick B. Lacey*

Albert C. Neimeth*

Frederic A. Rubinstein*

Robert E. Lull*

Frederick Smith Jr.*

Donald L. Schoenwald*

Jack F. Sinn*

Mitchell B. Smith*

Gerald O. Williams*

Donald E. Snyder*

14 |

M. Richard Asher*


Donald E. Degling*




1958 Leighton R. Burns* Bruce K. Byers* James A. Cashen* Ellis M. Deull*

David W. Epp*

Walter S. Westfall

George G. Gellert*

Paul R. Callaway*

Stuart G. Laurence*

Elliott W. Gumaer*

Marcia H. Wishengrad*

Terence F. Gilheany*

Howard H. Dana Jr.*

Harry P. Meislahn*

Lawrence T. Isenberg*

Wendell James Wyckoff

Joseph W. Haley

Harold N. Diamond*

Philip Meranus*

George H. Hancher*

William L. Dorr*

Thomas C. Newkirk*

J. Roger Hanlon*

Lewis C. Evans*

Barry L. Radlin*

Alan F. Hilfiker*

Thomas P. Gilhooley*

Gary C. Rawlinson*

J. Bruce Ipe*

Paul Leonard Gioia

Timothy J. Schmitt*

Martin Karl Miller*

Gilbert S. Glotzer*

Barry M. Shulman*

Louis F. Nawrot Jr.*

Richard D. Greenfield

Lewis C. Taishoff*

Charles L. Nickerson*

Jerome Heller

Michele E. Truitt

Duncan W. O’Dwyer*

Harvey D. Hinman*

Edward P. Wendel*

Donald A. Schneider*

William G. Imig*

Alan R. Wolfert*

Jerry L. Smith*

Jerold D. Jacobson*

Michael G. Wolfson*

Lawrence J. Swire*

Stuart R. Johnson*

Bernard Zucker*

Allan R. Tessler*

Edward A. Kwalwasser*

Alfred C. Tisch*

M. Joseph Levin*

Frederick D. Turner*

Sheldon S. Lustigman*

Gerald M. Kleinbaum* Stanley Komaroff* Ronald S. Lockhart* Robert L. Maider Luther W. Miller* Douglas M. Parker* Vincent S. Rospond* David G. Stearns*

1961 Richard N. Aswad* Philip A. Berke* Thomas F. Campion William R. DeLaney* Robert L. Harrison* Donald M. Karp* John M. Keeler*


Robert W. Letendre*

Gabriel A. Avram*

Joseph M. McDonough*

William M. Bellamy Jr.*

Irwin G. Meiselman

Henry Cutler Bjorkman*

E. George Pazianos

Walter Black*

Arnold M. Potash*

Thomas E. Clement*

Charles A. Simmons*

Robert R. Douglass*

Roger G. Strand*


Richard W. Edwards Jr.*

R. Earl Warren Jr.*

J. Walter Corcoran*

Thomas Alfred Fink*

William I. Weisberg*

Charles R. Cuddy

Victor Friedman* John L. Goldman* Herbert J. Heimerl Jr.* Stephen A. Hochman* Saul G. Kramer* Judith Richter Levy John M. Loftus* M. Milo Mandel* John F. Mulcahy Jr.* David J. Palmer* Nathan J. Robfogel* Arthur H. Rosenbloom* Frank Scangarella* Howard Schneider* Martin I. Semel* Alan P. Smith*

1962 Richard S. Fisher* Stuart L. Gastwirth* Richard N. George* Stephen A. Gilbert* Samuel K. Levene* Marshall L. McClung Jr.* J. Stewart McLaughlin* H. Theodore Meyer* Jon C. Minikes*

Peter B. Webster* John H. Williamson* Frank L. Wiswall Jr.*

Arnold Stephen Jacobs*

Paul A. Crotty*

James M. Brooks*

Michael C. Dwyer*

Nestor Michael Nicholas*

James P. Burns III*

Barton D. Graham

David Robert Reilly*

James B. Byrne Jr.*

Jeffrey S. Graham*

Frederick P. Rothman

Robert A. Corash

Carmine A. Greco*

James T. Ryan*

Robert T. Di Giulio*

Alan R. Gruber*

Thomas L. Siegel*

Frank M. Donato*

Henry Gurshman

Richard Vernon Slater*

Lawrence E. Eden*

Sheppard A. Guryan*

Richard N. Tager*

Joel A. Feerst

George C. Harrington*

Theodore W. Tashlik*

Stephen P. Feigin*

Robert B. Haserot*


Roger J. Weiss*

Barry J. Geller*

William A. Hicks III*

Gerald Martin Amero

John A. Winters*

David M. Gouldin*

Barry M. Hoffman*

Samuel A. Halaby Jr.*

John E. Holobinko*

Diantha C. Harrington*

Stephen H. Hutzelman

David L. Henehan*

William A. Kaplin*

Thomas J. Heye*

B. John Kaufman*

Gordon B. Heylin*

James J. Keightley*

Stephen M. Jacobstein*

Stephen R. Lewinstein*

Louis Kahn

Richard E. Lutringer*

Stephen H. Kimatian*

John Jay Mangan*

Joel N. Krane*

Donald J. Myers*

David M. Lascell*

Randall M. Odza*

A. Douglas P. Craig*

Michael T. Tomaino*

Lyell G. Galbraith*

Thomas S. Zilly*

E. MacBurney Storm*

John M. Tifford

Edward W. Bergmann*

David B. Stackpole*

Marvin M. Shapiro*

C. Daniel Shulman*

James C. Moore*

John K. Scales*

Edward S. Cogen*

Christoph H. Schmidt*

Bradley William Schwartz*

Joseph S. Basloe*

Arthur M. Siskind*

Faust Frank Rossi*

Harold Hoffman*

Victor J. Rubino

Jules E. Levy*

Danforth William Rogers*

Lloyd K. Chanin*

Frederick W. Rose*

Donald A. Hamburg

Joseph E. Cresci

Brooke W. Banbury*

Melvin Shulman

Warren S. Radler

Sheila A. Gordon

Bruce A. Coggeshall*

Lawrence T. Kurlander*

Morton L. Bittker*

Roger M. Nelson*

Jerome F. Goldberg*

Stephen A. Ploscowe*

Robert W. Brown

William J. Kupinse Jr.*

Clarence D. Rappleyea*

Eugene David Serpentelli*

Richard H. May*

D. Dyson Gay*

Steven M. Nassau*

John Charles Begley*

William Gerard Asher*

Alice K. Pringle*

Dwight R. Ball*

Myron Marcus*

Philip M. Freedman*

John V. Moore*

R. Franklin Balotti*


Sigmund S. Semon*

Jordan R. Lefko*

Philip M. Eisenberg*

Charles M. McCaghey*

Stanley O. W. Bakke*

James W. Kambas*


Leonard Gubar*

Gerald F. Edelstein

Helen Hillhouse Madsen*

David S. Baime

Klaus H. Jander*

Anthony F. Phillips*

William B. Schreiber*

Robert L. Gottsfield*

John Brabazon Drenning Jr.*

Frederick E. Machmer Jr.


Paul R. Auchter Frederick Beck Jr.* Stephen G. Crane* Katherine Sparks Crowl* Neil M. Day* Jerold William Dorfman* Arthur H. Downey Jr.* Gerard K. Drummond* Lorna Alice Watt Erwin* David W. Feeney*

1965 Francis A. Aloi C. Grant Anderson Paul B. Ascher* Graham E. Barkham* Evalyn Basloe* Jerome Berkman* Warner B. Berry* John S. Brown*


| 15

Paul J. Powers Jr.*

Fred Weinstein*

Leslie Alan Glick

Richard J. Relyea III*

James H. Whitney*

Joel M. Hartstone*

Stuart M. Richel*

Michael F. Woods*

Carl T. Hayden*

Susan S. Robfogel* Ira I. Roxland* Jerold R. Ruderman* Joseph L. Serafini* Paul A. Skrabut* Jeffrey B. Stone* Jonathan M. Weld* Peter M. Wendt* Clifton F. White* Robert F. Wilson* Michael I. Wolfson*

1969 Geoffrey W. Barnard Andrew Berger* William A. Cerillo* Frank T. Crego* Thomas H. DeWitt* James B. Dolan Gerald F. Fisher Daniel M. Glosband* F. William Gray III Scott M. Hand*

Thomas W. Hill* Klaus P. Hotz* Stephen T. Huhn* Rudolph R. Loncke* Robert L. Magielnicki* Paul D. McConville* David S. C. Mulchinock* Jeffrey A. Norris* Louis R. Pepe* Karl Savryn* Anthony J. Sciolino* Robert H. Scott Jr.*


Yvette Harmon*

Donald R. Adair

Robert S. Holmes*

Donald J. Bird*

Arthur W. Hooper Jr.*

David E. Blabey

Richard M. Jackson Jr.*

Clarke W. Brinckerhoff*

Alfred C. Jones III*

Bowman Brown*

Anthony T. Kane*

Don D. Buchwald*

Louis N. Kash*

Thomas Campbell*

Thomas A. Klee*

David F. Clossey

Frank E. Lawatsch Jr.*

Harold T. Commons Jr.*

Jack L. Lewis*

Mark H. Dadd*

Robert E. Madden*

Robert B. Dietz*

Marshall C. Phelps Jr.*

Donald G. Douglass*

Anthony Mark Radice*

Matthew J. Dowd*

William Dwight Robinson*


Richard I. Dreyfus*

Jonathan W. Romeyn*

John R. Alexander*

Arthur Nelson Eisenberg*

R. Keith Salisbury*

John R. Atwood*

Mark L. Evans*

Edward J. Saperstein*

Robert M. Brown*

Joseph D. Garrison Jr.

Michael S. Schnittman*

Richard F. Burns*

David C. Grow*

Stanley Schwartz*

Robert R. Butts*

Robert J. Hunt*

Joseph F. Smith Jr.*

P. Keely Costello*

Kenneth D. Johnson

Thomas L. Stirling Jr.*

George W. Cregg Jr.*

Robert W. Kessler*

Susan Froehly Teich*

Ralph E. Duerre*

Lloyd C. Lee*

Brian F. Toohey*

Jon R. Eggleston*

Bruce Maggin*

Richard E. Wallach*

James C. Gallagher*

Peter A. Marx*

Parker L. Weld*

Richard H. Gilden*

Henry P. Massey Jr.*

Evan S. Williams Jr.*

Robert C. Grossman*

Jeffrey C. Miller*

Allan R. Winn*

Thomas Heiden*

John E. Moye*

Robert K. Wrede

Jeffrey M. Herrmann*

Charles H. Oppenheimer*

Charles R. Zeh*

G. Roger King*

George F. Parker III* Ernest T. Patrikis* Gregory M. Perry* James R. Pickett* Lawrence M. Pohly* Ronald G. Ress James Stuart Reynolds* Paul Maynard Rosen* William B. Rozell* James A. Ruf Jr.* Gary H. Rushmer* Walter J. Sleeth* Philip S. Toohey*

16 |

1970 William H. Berger* Jonathan A. Brod* Teddar S. Brooks* A. Bruce Campbell* George T. Deason Charles P. Eddy III* Lynn W. L. Fahey* Frank J. Franzino Jr. Richard J. Fricke* Alan R. Fridkin Lance Stewart Gad*


Robert F. Semmer* John P. Sindoni* John H. Spellman Joseph B. Swartz* Bradley R. Tabach-Bank* Joseph A. Turri* Jean-Pierre A. Vignaud Walter G. von Schmidt* Lee I. Weintraub*

Steven Andrew Sanders* Joseph M. Sharnoff* Eric Shults* Jack L. Smith* Peter G. Smith* Richard L. Smith* Fred P. Steinmark* Grant Van Sant* Jay Warren Waks* Steven K. Weinberg*

Peter T. Manzo*

Christopher Wiles*

Dominick A. Mazzagetti*

Daniel C. Wilson*


I. Peter Wolff*

Charles Celik Abut*

James F. Young*

Edward W. Ahart*

Jordan I. Kobritz* Kenneth R. Kupchak* Kathleen Managhan* Charles Matays* James M. McHale* Douglas Meiklejohn* David L. Metzler* Joan I. Oppenheimer Richard J. Orloski* Kenneth R. Page* Joseph P. Perretta* William J. Pomeroy* Charley F. Rechlin*

David H. Alexander* Richard W. Arnold David Alan Ast* James Baller* Jerald D. Baranoff* David R. Birk* Omer F. Brown* Terry Calvani* Kenneth M. Cole* Daniel J. Connolly Robert N. Cowen* Stephen W. Cropper Stephen Francis Donahue* Freddy S. Dressen* Henry B. Eastland* K. Wade Eaton Karl J. Ege* Bruce Wayne Felmly* David E. Fritchey* James A. Gabriel* Robert E. Geisler*

Anne H. McNamara* Stewart A. Merkin* David C. Minc Janet Steel Mishkin* Jeffrey A. Mishkin* Steven D. Needle* Bruce Dennis Obenland* Arthur E. Peabody Jr.* Robert S. Perlman* Richard A. Redmond* Thomas S. Richards* James H. Rosenblatt* James A. Schoff Richard V. Sica* Warren L. Simpson Jr.* Gregory James Smith* Stephen M. Snyder* Ira B. Stechel Gary P. van Graafeiland* Craig M. Walker* Francis S. L. Wang* Clifford R. Weidberg* Thomas Edward Willett* Albert J. Zangrilli Jr.*

David R. Hughes*


Paul G. Hughes*

Ralph Frank Abbott Jr.*

Frederick A. Jacob*

Charles Michael Adelman*

Peter Warren Kenny*

Charles A. Beach*

Wm. Lee Kinnally*

Joseph B. Brown*

Peter H. Levine*

Robert H. Cinabro*

John L. Licciardi

Edward Charles Coffey*

David E. Littlefield*

Harvey E. Corn

Donald F. Luke*

Harry D. Day*

Thomas A. Dickerson*

James Q. Grimshaw*

Leslie D. Locke*

David J. Cartano*

Charles S. Donovan

Gary L. Dinner*

Jon Groetzinger*

David J. Lyon*

Barbara E. Cory*

Debra Cohen Frank*

Rodney H. Dow*

Theodore M. Grossman*

Geoffrey P. Lyon*

T. Thomas Cottingham*

Matthew D. Glasser

Donald Arthur Drumright*

Walter G. Johnson Jr.*

Willie T. Massey

Don F. Dagenais*

Frank H. Golay Jr.*

Robert Alan DuPuy*

David Jungman*

Wayne P. Merkelson*

Michael P. Daly*

Peter W. Hall*

Henry D. Edelman*

Barry L. Kohler*

Charles K. Meuse*

William R. Deiss*

Richard Hamburger*

Stewart I. Edelstein*

Lawrence K. Lesnik*

Robert J. Michael*

Bruce A. Douglas*

Elisabeth Susan Harding*

Verlane L. Endorf*

Ronald W. Lupton*

Kenneth J. Miller*

David A. Dubow*

Donald B. Haslett*

George Eng*

Ira B. Marcus*

Stephen R. Miller*

Jay A. Epstien*

Rodney W. Jordan*

Juan C. Esguerra*

Judith P. Meyer

William M. Mills*

Robert E. Glanville*

John J. Kallaugher

Herbert J. Gordon*

Jennifer Moran*

Catherine J. Minuse*

Sanford N. Gold*

Marc E. Kasowitz

Judith F. Harbeck*

Thomas E. Myers*

Thomas R. Moore*

Mark L. Goldstein*

Leonard J. Kennedy*

Stephen Peter Harbeck*

Joseph G. Nemeth Jr.*

Michael Murchison*

Susan L. Gordon*

Dale S. Lazar*

David Hecker*

Mark D. Nozette*

J. David Officer*

William Ivan Greenbaum*

Lynn I. Levine*

Judith A. Hecker*

Stanley R. Ott*

Robert S. Pasley Jr.*

Clifford M. Greene*

James A. Markus*

Susan Jane Hotine*

David Marc Pritzker*

Bradford A. Penney*

Peter R. Hicks

I. Charles Mathews

Eugene Neal Kaplan*

Rosemary Pye*

Michael G. Pfeifer*

Thomas Charles Hutton*

James Randolph Maxeiner*

Ruthanne Kurtyka

Louis J. Rovelli*

Somers S. Price Jr.*

Leslie H. Jacobson*

John R. McQueen*

William A. Lange Jr.*

Jonathan S. Ruskin*

Richard D. Quay*

Marian F. Kadlubowski*

Norma Grace Meacham*

John C. Lapinski*

Michael S. Schenker*

James Montgomery Quinn*

Mitchell H. Kaplan*

Thomas D. Myers*

Richard A. Levao*

Charles P. Schropp*

Donald F. Rieger Jr.*

Anthony Walter Kraus III*

Christopher S. Neagle*

Sally Anne Levine

David R. Snyder*

Malcolm I. Ross*

Harold A. Kurland*

Michael E. Niebruegge*

Andrew H. Lynette*

Lowell A. Stanley

James B. Rouse*

Paul W. Lee*

Jay Rakow*

Robert F. Mancuso

Henry E. Stevenson*

Bradley K. Sabel*

William F. Lee*

Robert Rosenberg*

Bruce M. Meisel*

Barry Strom*

Shira A. Scheindlin*

Andrew M. Low

William A. Ruskin*

Paula J. Mueller*

William C. Tompsett*

William Gary Schur*

John A. Nadas*

John P. Schnitker*

Gerard J. Pisanelli*

Richard C. Wesley*

Michael W. Sculnick

Thomas P. Palmer*

Lewis G. Schwartz

Thomas M. Roche*

Richard C. White*

Daniel G. Synakowski*

Robert C. Platt*

Richard Allen Setterberg*

Allen P. Rubine*

Eric W. Wiechmann*

Swift Tarbell III*

Lawrence P. Postol*

C. Evan Stewart*

William W. Shatzer*

Marc I. Woltag*

Leonard B. Terr*

Edward F. Rodenbach*

John R. Treusdell*

David A. Tyler*

Jeffrey K. Ross*

Ira H. Zaleznik*

Roger R. Valkenburgh*

Arthur J. Rynearson*

Paul M. Whitbeck*

Susan J. Scanlon

Stanley W. Widger Jr.*

Raymond Martin Schlather*

Mark I. Wood*

Joshua I. Schwartz*

Peter E. Zwanzig*

Thomas F. Seligson*

Richard J. Sinnott* James A. Smith Jr.* Robert A. Sperl* John R. Stevens* Eric Stonehill* Christopher S. Tarr* Robert A. Warwick* Allan H. Weitzman* Edwin L. Whitman* Donna Murray Zenor*

1975 Carol Ann Bartlett* Peter G. Beeson David L. Berkey Michael A. Brady* David Lawrence Bressman

Mark G. Spelman*

Rodney A. Brown*

Paul K. Stecker*

Alan Jon Cronheim*

Greta Botka Treadgold*

Lewis U. Davis Jr.

Rodney Earl Walton*

Thomas J. Denitzio Jr.

Allen D. Webster*

1978 Robert B. Adelman* Kevin J. Arquit Patricia Ann Baity* Beverly Gifford Baker* David S. Barrie* Andrew R. Berger* Robin McGee Blackwood Christopher E. Chang*


Douglas H. Evans*

Stephen R. Angel*

Cynthia Williams Fifield

Richard D. Avil Jr.*

Lawrence F. Gardella*


Peter J. Costanza*

James K. Barnett*

Norman H. Geil*

Valerie J. Armento*

Robert P. Davis*

Thomas D. Barton*

George S. Getman*

John Philip Asiello*

David E. Dearing*

George F. Bradlau*

Frank Giso III*

Marion Bachrach*

Thomas F. Dibianca*

Edward D. Cavanagh*

Marcia L. Goldstein*

Franci J. Blassberg*

David Dunn

Stephen G. Cheikes*

Lynn Zuckerman Gray*

Ronald A. Brand*

Sharon L. Dyer*

Arthur L. Cobb*

Alfred Clyde Groff*


Bernard L. Brown*

Margaret J. Finerty*

Peter A. Copeland

George W. Helme

Brock J. Austin*

Jody K. Burnett*

Susan J. Forney

Jay Alan Erstling*

Bryan D. Hetherington*

Gary Michael Bahler*

Richard J. Caples*

Michael Jeffrey Foster*

John M. Gendler*

Edwin S. Hetherington*

F. Gregory Barnhart*

William B. Carr Jr.*

Marianne Furfure*

Janet Schiller Gold*

Thomas Maurice Jones*

Daniel A. Boehnen*

Emanuel S. Cherney*

Michael G. Furlong*

Gail Hill Gordon*

Spencer R. Knapp*

Leonie M. Brinkema*

Mark E. Chopko*

Jeffrey B. Gaynes*

William E. Grauer*

Paula Lapin*

Carl L. Bucki*

Astrid M. E. de Parry*

Neil V. Getnick*

Gary A. Greenfield*

Jane Hoffman Locke*

Robert G. Bullis

David C. Dimuzio*

John E. Greenwood*

Richard A. Williams*

Stuart D. Chessman* Daniel C. Cohn*


| 17

Michael H. Garner*

Janet L. Kleckner

Erin S. Pastuszenski*


William O. Gaylord*

Edward C. LaRose*

Diana P. Stuart

Gary L. Azorsky*

Todd I. Gordon*

Thaddeus J. Lewkowicz*

Kathleen N. Sullivan*

Charles S. Biener*

L. Douglas Harris*

Kerry Blair Long*

Mark Alan Underberg*

Douglas T. Burns*

Thomas J. Hopkins*

Andrew B. Mair*

Joel Weinstein*

Martin R. Byman*

Barbara Heck James*

Stephan J. Mallenbaum*

Michael N. Wilcove*

Joel A. Chernov*

Erik M. Jensen*

James M. McGuire

Charles R. Wunsch*

Charles D. Cramton*

Helen Burgin Jensen*

James M. McLaughlin Jr.*

Stephen Yale-Loehr

Robert F. DeBerardine*

Eric J. Krathwohl*

Eben O. McNair

Thomas A. Little*

Christopher W. Murray*

John S. Guttmann Jr.*

Kevin I. MacKenzie*

John G. Nicolich*

Robert W. Hesslein*

Patrick Matthew Malgieri

Jennifer Miller Paci*

Lemuel W. Hinton

Michael A. Marcionese

Victor J. Paci*

Valerie Ford Jacob*

Michael B. Margolis*

Stuart G. Rifkin*

Debra Ann James*

J. Allen Miller*

Richard A. Samuels*

W. Temple Jorden*

Joan Emery*

John L. Sander*

Kim Kanzaki

Philip W. Mueller*

John D. Sigel*

Robert A. Karin*

James E. Owers*

W. Mark Smith*

Marc J. Lifset*

Ronald R. Papa*

Robert G. Souaid*

Alan S. Lockwood*

Deanna K. Raih

John H. Stuart*

Leslie J. Ludtke*

Sally Carrothers Reid*

Thomas D. Thomas

John A. Malmberg*

Mark A. Roche

Joel Rothstein Wolfson*

Ward J. Mazzucco*

Gary M. Rowen*

Raymond Claude Zemlin*

Jeremiah J. McCarthy*

Katherine J. Rybak*

Deborah McLean*

James N. Seeley*

William F. Murphy*

Andrew Hardy Shaw*

David A. Olson*

Alan R. Taxerman*

Monica Anna Otte*

Jonathan C. Thau*

Michael S. Rosten*

Andrew S. Updegrove*

Hollis F. Russell*

Richard J. Vinegar*

Mark A. Sargent

Andrew N. Wells*

David J. Scott*

Vicki Wittenstein*

1982 Seth Hugh Agata* Mark J. Altschuler* Paget L. Alves David W. Ambrosia* Alan M. Anderson* Robert F. Bakemeier* David Edward Barth* Lawrence J. Burnett Cynthia S. Clark* Patricia L. Cohen* Bruce M. Cormier* L. Christian DeDiana* Robert B. Diener* John D. Draikiwicz*


Irving C. Faber*

Claudia Bowman Berg*

Charles C. Hager*

Eric L. Berg*

Sarah Hewitt*

Jeffery H. Boyd*

David D. Howe*

R. Brian Brodrick*

Linda Marie Iannone*

Joseph A. Calabrese*

Steven L. Kessler*

David O. Cantu*

Bruce Neal Lassman*

Soraya Diase Coffelt*

Anthony L. Leccese*

Denise B. Crockett*

David S. Litman*


Ralph E. Cromwell Jr.*

Lawrence K. Marks

Kaamil Ansar*

David T. Dekker*

Christopher Massaroni*

Janet E. Bostwick*

John R. Dwyer*

John T. McCann*

Michael A. Brizel*

Jeffrey S. Endick*

Thomas J. McCormack*

Kevin R. Brocks*

Steven M. Feldman*

Albert J. Millus Jr.*

Gary F. Brownell*

Robert S. Getman*

Sally Hopkins Mulhern*

Margaret L. Clancy*

Jonathan Scott Green

Carol Bua Ode*

Jeffrey A. Cooper*

Kevin T. Haroff*

Richard A. Parr*


Melinda Gorman Disare*

Hans Rudolf Hegetschweiler*

James E. Patterson*

Jamie Weinberg Andree

Thomas F. Disare*

Thomas N. Heyer*

D. Timothy Pembridge

Barbara H. Bares*

Susan Warshaw Ebner*

Joris Michael Hogan

Rebecca L. Prentice*

Linda Manney Blasi*

David G. Edwards*

Carol L. Hoekje

Gary D. Rawitz*

John B. Cairns*

Susan J. Egloff*

Mark Holland*

Robert J. Regan*

Edward D. Cheney*

Daniel W. Emery*

Steven L. Ingerman*

Julie Dephtereos Rockmore*

David A. Churchill

Katherine A. Fitzgerald

Adrienne Johnson*

Pamela L. Rollins*

Richard M. Cogen*

Peter Friedenberg*

Stephen E. Kesselman

Ernest L. Schmider

John G. Cooney*

Bruce P. Garren*

Steven Terry Kolyer*

Mary A. Walsh*

James Wilson Dabney

Robert E. Gentino

Cheryl H. Kott*

Gary I. Walt*

David L. Dephtereos*

Curtis S. Gimson*

Robert L. Lee*

Deborah Eisen Weinstein*

Marjorie Burnett Dephtereos*

Stephen L. Goodman

Barry Ezra Lichtenberg

Barry A. Weiss*

Mark A. Drexler*

Steven E. Grill

Meri Miller Lowry

Ruth A. Weiss*

Gerald F. Durkin Jr.*

Jody A. Healy*

Howard J. C. Nicols*

Bruce C. Young*

Karl S. Essler*

Jonathan F. Horn

Paul H. Ode Jr.*

Carroll J. Yung*

Donald R. Frederico*

James R. Kane

Brian E. Pastuszenski*

Edward S. Sinick* Brian G. Smith* Jean Seibert Stucky Sally T. True* Lynn Wintriss Andrew A. Wittenstein* Douglas R. Wright* Alan Price Young*

18 |


Edwin W. Dennard M.D.* Jeffrey Scott Feld* Katherine P. Ward Feld* Eileen Dennis GilBride* Kevin S. Gorman Eric F. Greenberg* Denise A. Hauselt* Stuart Jay Hendel* Michael E. High* Leonard A. Hirsch* W. Garth Janes* John L. Kellner* Joseph E. Krakora* Ronald L. Kuby* Leslie G. Landau Aaron A. Lee* Lee E. Lowry III Barbara Jo Lubitz* Craig A. MacDonnell* Myra Malkin Jeanne A. Markey* Charles E. Mattison* Mikel L. Moore David K. Mulhern* Robert Norman Nielsen Jr.* Anne Murray Patterson* Patricia C. Pummill David V. Radack Neil Radey* Margaret E. Samson* Bruce R. Schorr* Michael H. Schubert* June C. Seraydar* Sawanee Amoradhat Sethsathira Mark Y. Shibuya* William M. Shiland Jr.* Deborah A. Skakel* Andrew J. Stamelman Beth Gessner Sullivan Cathleen Cambalik Sullivan* John L. Sullivan* Scott E. Sundby* Jeffrey N. Sunshine* W. Wells Talmadge* Daniel J. Wagner* Dennis P. Walsh* Warren S. Wolfeld*


George Constantine Rockas*

Susan M. Roberts

Sarah K. Abrams*

Paul A. Salvatore*

Robert N. Rothberg

Jeff A. Anderson*

Frank L. Schiff*

Daniel J. Rothstein

Ruth R. Aronson*

Paul S. Simmons*

Robin Rowland

Steven P. Benenson*

Alan Jay Steinberg*

David L. Russo*

James M. Bogin*

Klaus U. Thiedmann*

Eve Klein Samson*

Richard K. Bonness*

H. Robert Tillman*

John M. Schwolsky*

Steven P. Buffone*

Michael G. Wooldridge

Audrey Cohen Sherwyn*

now Cornell Law School’s newest alumni, the 3L

Gena Elaine Cadieux*

David Norman Yellen*

Joel M. Simon*

Campaign achieved success.

Alejandro E. Camacho* Patricia A. Ceruzzi* Steven M. Cherin* Thomas W. Christopher* Jill M. Cicero* Richard I. Cohen* James M. Coombe* Eileen C. DeVries* Peter A. Diana* Michael J. Dick* Richard C. Fipphen*

1985 Michael J. Allen* Charles H. Baker Karen Keiser Beekman Lee E. Berner Lawrence D. Bradley Lawrence S. Brandman* Stuart Bressman* Janet Cook Canary* George W. Carlis Patricia I. Carrington William J. Casazza*

Judith B. Gitterman* Martin S. Goldberg* Richard W. Grice* Scott R. Haber* Karen L. Hagberg Elizabeth Travis High* Nancy F. Janes* Mark W. Jones* Martin R. Joyce* Hyun Kim* Craig B. Klosk* Sumner J. Koch* John C. McFarren* Joseph Mellicker* Maureen Ann Murphy Thomas W. Nelson* Gregory J. Nowak* John D. Paton* Susan Cooper Paton* Lorraine K. Rak* Bonnie A. Redder* Leslie Richards-Yellen* Stephen Craig Robinson*

The following members of the J.D. Class of 2015 stepped forward as leaders by encouraging the practice of philanthropy among their classmates. Thanks to these engaged and committed students,

Colleen Doolin Skinner* Brian R. Smith* Theresa A. Smith*

Nora Yussuf Sultan Ali

Russell Luke Kostelak

Daniel R. Sovocool

Arthur Kutoroff

Andrew J. Starrels

Christopher Michael Andrews

Gail H. Straith

Sasha Fannie Belinkie

Eduardo Tamargo-Motroni

Gabriella Elizabeth Bensur

Jeffrey E. Wacksman*

Stephanie Chaung

Martin Wells*

Yun Chen

Carolyn Nicole Matos Montes

David P. Wohabe

Yoo Jin Chung

Kevin James Quilty

Alexander P. Woollcott

Shayona Jayprakash Dhanak

Damien James Rose

John J. Zak* Robert A. Zinn

Bruce E. Clouser*

Leslie Bichner Fleischer*

3L Gift Committee

Andrew Lacy

Eric Jaquith DiMuzio Sarah Beth Hoefle

Oscar Lopez Caitlin Anne Lucey

Amy Elizabeth Stephenson Jordan Bianca Richards Yellen

Zoe Alexandra Jones

Lynn A. Clouser*


Michael Anthony Defreitas

Martha A. Bassett*

Ruth I. Eisen

Eileen M. Blackwood

Emilio Estela*

David V. Bradley*

Robert Alan Feiner*

Patrick E. Bradley*

Andrew R. McGaan*

Cara Rubinstein Hoxie*

Jonathan B. Fellows*

Victoria J. Brown*

Matthew C. Mirow*

David B. Johnson*

Hildy M. Feuerbach

Caroline R. Debois

Martin William O’Toole*

Deborah Bowers Kenealy*

Stefan P. Ford*

Francis Anthony Demita Jr.

David A. Pasqualini*

Lisa M. King

Nicholas S. Gatto

Steven E. Ducommun*

Donald R. Peck*

Matthew C. Lamstein*

Mary Gail Gearns*

Roy C. Durling*

Andrew C. Pickett*

Ralph V. Lee*

Ross D. Gillman*

John E. Eichhorst*

Karen B. Rabinowitz*

Peter L. Lindseth*

John B. Griffith*

Minna R. Elias*

Barry W. Rashkover*

John T. Loss*

Jonathan C. Guest

Helena Tavares Erickson

Ronald B. Sann

Whitman F. Manley*

Mark J. Haberberger*

David J. Furman*

David Gary Schwartz*

Jonathan I. Mayblum*

Michael S. Haratz

Shawn P. Galey*

Paul G. Sedlack

Michael A. Messina*

Adele Hogan*

Glenn S. Gordon*

Ronald D. Sernau*

Irma K. Nimetz*

Mark H. Jackson

Daniel Grunfeld

Stephanie W. Sernau*

Kelly T. O’Dell

Seth H. Jacobs*

David R. Hermenze*

John G. Snyder

Diane Amado Parson

Julia Craig Kelety

Philip J. Holmes

Edwin W. Stockmeyer*

John Power Reilly*

David T. Kettig*

David B. Howlett*

David R. Toraya*

Candace A. Ridgway*

Frederick L. Kobb*

Amy Meltzer Hughson*

Janet Ambrosi Wertman*

Elizabeth L. Schorr*

Susan J. Leeds

Lauren E. Jorgensen*

Judith M. Whiting

Suzanne M. Horenstein Segal*

Thomas P. Livingston*

Jim L. Kaput

William R. Wildman*

Andrea L. Silver*

Jennifer Theresa Lum

Christopher N. Kilbourne

Laura A. Wilkinson*

David B. Stafford

Jane Martindell Maccione*

Scot L. Kline*

Jonathan Wood*

Elizabeth Tauro*

Blythe Marston*

Brant M. Laue*

Alisa M. Morgenthaler-Lever*

Mela Lew*

Laurence S. Moy*

Daryl A. Libow*

Betty A. Jansen O’Shaughnessy*

Beth Wait Libow*

Charles Robert Peifer* Michael Donato Pinnisi* Daniel L. Porter Michael J. Quinlan* Martha L. Raimon

Martin S. Lipman* Diana C. Liu Hiroshi Maeda Rodney A. Malpert* David S. Mandel


Christopher M. Todoroff* Terry K. Woo*

Anonymous* Eve Newman Balick*


Dwight S. Blackwood*

Samuel J. Angell

Lisa Ann Byrns*

Mulan De Quettevi Ashwin

Elizabeth J. Ford*

Lisa M. Bain*

Anne B. Heldreth

Stephen A. Bain*

Catherine C. Hood*

Todd A. Beck


| 19

John K. Bradley*

Joseph C. Fetterman

Christine L. Richardson*

David L. Renauld*

Dan K. Siegel*

Steven C. Browne*

Neil B. Garfinkel*

Richard G. Rosenblatt*

David Rosenberg

Pamela C. Smith*

Susan M. Burner

Roland N. Goff*

Kristin Carter Rowe

Michael V. Rovere*

Deborah J. Sokol

Liberato Carbone*

Michelle R. Goldstein-Roman*

Richard A. Ruffer Jr.*

Julia B. Salovaara*

Adrienne Spangler*

Cindy Cuba Clements*

Gary A. Greene*

Roberta Tulman Samuels*

Penny E. Serrurier*

Roy W. Tilsley Jr.*

Jeremiah P. Cosgrove*

James Reid Haug Jr.*

David R. Schellhase*

Marjorie Hodges Shaw

Kelly Mahon Tullier*

Jon C. Cowen

Stuart T. Kapp*

Karen W. Sexton*

Charles R. Shedlak*

Amy E. Weissman

David B. Currie*

Marcia Kenny Keegan

Michael J. Sexton

Christoph W. Stanger*

Jia Zhu*

Harry S. Davis*

James A. McBrady*

Zachary J. Shulman*

Kenji Sumino*

Rebecca A. Durden*

Cliona R. O’Callaghan

Karen M. Sorrell

Reed W. Topham*

Doritte Gil*

Marci F. Hand Raab*

Charles T. Spada

Paul D. Tyler

Debra L. Goetz

Randy Samuels*

Thomas J. Spellman III*

Aldoru Uluatam*

Mary B. Griffin*

Elizabeth A. Shaver

Amy J. St. Eve*

Diane M. Wasil-Biagianti*

Laura J. Herse*

Aida S. Tanaka*

Annette C. Stella

Mark A. Weseman*

Jonathan Lee Hochman

Harry Tilis

Walter M. Stella

Lucia J. Wolgast*

Jeff H. Jarkow

James L. Vollbrecht*

Frank L. Strickland

Yingchao Xiao*

Lynette Klawon

Barri Gordon Waltcher*

Leigh C. Taggart

Marianne W. Young*

Joshua C. Krumholz*

Daniel Russell Waltcher*

Jerome Tarver

Patricia Lawrence Krumholz*

Jun Chul Whang

Charles Robert Taylor*

Konrad J. Liegel* Nancy Lynn Manzer* David P. Mason Stuart J. McDermott* Risa M. Mish* Jessica Rose Murray* Allan G. Mutchnik* John M. Mutkoski* Samuel S. Nam* Nicholas J. Nesgos* Richard G. Price* Benjamin A. Pushner* David S. Raab* Chuck Rosenzweig* Filiz A. Serbes* Brian B. Shaw

1990 Richard David Batchelder Jr.* John E. Beltz Jay Carson Bombara* David B. Booker* Michael J. Borik*

Debra H. Taylor Stephen A. Urban* David E. Vann Jr.* Paul D. Warren Kara D. Wertheimer Neil Q. Whoriskey Sandra C. Yeyati

James M. Broderick*

S. Wade Angus* Richard A. Bales* Michael A. Barnhill Timothy E. Bixler* N. Catherine Claypoole Monte E. Frank David A. Goldstein Cynthia Gordon*


Joel C. Haims*

Ahmednasir Maalim Abdullahi*

Christopher Hart-Zafra*

Allison M. Alcasabas*

Peter W. Lee

Mary Ferrara Anderson*

David M. Ludwick

Paige S. Anderson*

Christian E. Mammen

Kathryn Cameron Atkinson*

Richard P. McCaffrey*

William A. Barrett*

John Pak

David G. Bray*

Pilar S. Parducci*

Hannah L. Buxbaum

Neal N. Peterson*

Philip J. Carino


Jacquie Duval*

Anthony B. Radin*

David A. Castle*

Michael K. Atkinson*

Maria E. Fernandez-Williams*

David C. Robinson*

Gerald P. Cleary

Daniel Bekele*

David F. Foster-Koth*

Jeffrey Lee Roelofs

Karen Coney Coplin

Jaime A. Bianchi

Tracey Lynn Fox

C. Randolph Ross*

Deborah G. Corlett*

Laura L. Bozek*

David M. Godosky

Wladek M. Rzycki

John P. Feldman*

Alan L. Bushlow*

Peter C. Godwin

Daniel A. Shacknai*

Jerry G. Fong

Mitsuru C. Chino*

Gwendolyn J. Gray*

Thomas Edward Skilton*

Sarah B. Gelb*

Arthur C. Edersheim*

Christina Pak Hanratty*

Linda J. Slamon

Todd A. Feinsmith*

William L. Hoffman*

Thomas A. Sparno

Steven Arthur Flyer

Karen D. Kemble*

Barbara A. Sutton

Christina Mesires Fournaris*

Stephen Klar

John T. Sutton

Dean T. Fournaris*

Nancy J. Koppe

Todd D. Thibodo*

Barbara Doyle Frantz*

Rebecca Karen Kramnick*

Scott E. Wiegand*

Erika L. Hadlock

Winston K. C. Lam*

Wendy Samuelson Winick*

Jeff Harris*

Gene W. Lee*

Sujata Yalamanchili*

William J. Haubert*

Mark Loevy-Reyes

Erwandi Hendarta*

Benjamin G. Lombard*

James J. Hill*

Stephen J. MacGillivray

Keith David Shugarman* Charles G. Stinner* William M. Thomas* Carol A. Vizzier Donald E. Watnick* Valerie J. Watnick* Scott E. Willoughby* Alan S. Wilmit

1989 Bernice May Blair*

Margaret S. Hickey-Marco*

Andrew J. Hollander*

Patrick R. McCabe*

David B. Blair*

Jay J. Holtmeier*

Amy K. Hollman*

Jeffrey S. Miller*

Jennifer C. Boal*

Karen A. Johnson*

Allan D. Hymes*

W. Timothy Miller*

Joseph B. Buonanno*

Paula F. Jones

Theodore Charles Jonas*

Steven Michael Nadel*

Daniel E. Butcher*

Walter M. Kolligs*

Michael I. Kim*

David P. O’Brien*

Katherine M. Clark*

Frank A. Marco*

Gary L. Koenigsberg*

Jason Michael Patlis*

Michael R. Clarke*

Michiaki Nakano

Frank Edward Kulbaski III*

Clark M. Peters

Ben T. Clements*

Terrance James O’Malley

Mark J. Lenz*

David A. Pierce*

Kenneth Lewinn Doroshow*

Steven R. Paradise*

David K. Moody*

Philana W. Y. Poon*

Rodney S. Dowell*

Sheryl Pardo

Joane R. Mueller-London*

Bradley Thomas Rinzler*

E. Eric Elmore*

Stacey L. Prange

Fumiji Okubo

Matthew John Rita*

Jack E. Fernandez Jr.*

J. Brett Pritchard*

Toni S. Pritchard*

Stephanie L. Sharron*

20 |



1994 Corinne L. Alyanakian-Whitaker Ahmad F. Assegaf* Phoebe Bennett* Jessica W. Berg* Todd A. Bowers Douglas J. Crisman* Roberto E. Cuca* Darrel R. Davison* Beth D. Diamond* Lori Baker Douglas* Haseena J. Enu* Benjamin J. Ferron Roberto Finzi*

Riccardo A. Leofanti

Jerry Marti

Elisa J. Erlenbach Maas*

Larry N. McGill*

Farah Mollo*

Kate Mitchell

Robert A. Riva

Carter Anne McGowan

Stephen A. Mutkoski Jr.

Ann B. Mulcahy*

Shamoil T. Shipchandler*

Tracy Beth Mitrano

Christian O. Nagler

Jason E. Murtagh*

Gabriel J. Steffens

Amy Ralph Mudge

Stephen B. Reynolds*

Eric L. Palmquist

Elizabeth Koenig Stern

William E. Reynolds

Julie F. Rosefsky*

James A. Roberts

J. Andrew P. Stone

Clara H. Rho

Sigmund David Schutz*

Shaun M. Simmons*

Robin R. Stone

Igor Roitburg*

Sonya Olds Som

Karen Pawlick Swan*

Alex F. Sutter

Riva B. Roloff

Kristin D. Thompson*

Ryoichi Tsukakoshi

Paul E. Torchia

Gary Rozenshteyn

Carol A. Timm*

David L. Wiener*

Stacy Smith Walsh

Patrick James Shea*

Eric D. Yordy*

Scott N. Shorr Gabriel Garcia-Angeli Deborah B. Goldman H. Matthew Horlacher* Bradley J. Johnston* Michael I. Kanovitz* Mark B. Langdon*

Andrew L. Spring* Hoyt Y. Sze Glenn S. Walter* David Jay Wermuth* John L. Whittle* Shari H. Wolkon*

Leslie A. Leary

Daniel L. Rashbaum

Ryan B. Whitacre


Christy Criswell Wiegand*


Heather S. Adivari

Diana C. Corbin

Sara A. Berg*

Audrey W. Ellis*

Carl F. Berglind*

Georg Greitemann

Meghan Frei Berglind*

Nancy Ellen Hay*

Jeffrey M. Berman

Jason Makar Hill*

Daniel Matthew Boglioli*


Monica Lewis Johnson*

Paul E. Bonanno

Asya S. Alexandrovich*

Sara D. Wiener* Audrey Hui Woon Connie Chin Wu M. Brent Yarborough*

Roy M. Lee*


Tamara H. Kassabian

Patryk J. Chudy*

Forrest G. Alogna*

Brian J. Lucey*

William Burlingham Bain*

Ruth Ann Keene*

Collette B. Cunningham*

Jeffrey M. Beyer*

Sandra Theresa Parga*

Frederick R. Ball*

David H. Kimelberg*

Heather L. Daly*

Erin E. Buzuvis*

Carol E. Didget Pomfret

Jonathan M. Brand

Donald J. Kochan*

Joshua S. Eisenberg*

Erin K. Chrislock

Patrick J. Rao*

Douglas L. Burton*

Denise A. Lazar*

Tushna Gamadia

Christopher C. Dumper*

R. Kent Roberts*

Christopher K. Dalrymple*

Anita J. Lee*

Thomas Stephen Gellert*

Shana A. Elberg*

Lee E. Samuelson*

David Gibbons Jr.

Eugene Y. Lee*

Samuel P. Go

Lee M. Holland

Matthew Peter Schaefer*

Joel R. Grosberg

Joanne M. Lee*

D. Justin Griffith*

Ingrid K. Houghton*

David E. Schwartz*

Teri L. Menke Guarnaccia

Scott D. Litman

Jung S. Hahm*

Jack E. Jackson*

Ingrid Sorensen

Stephanie E. Holland

Katherine J. Ma*

John F. Hammond*

David Ross Koeppel

Michael H. Whitaker

Ariane M. Horn*

Ayanna J. McKay*

William D. Hawkins

Francis K. Lackington

Julie Myers Wood*

J. Joseph Jacobson*

Christine M. Murphy

Marissa J. Holob

Sonya H. Lee*

Susan A. Woolf*

Alan V. Kartashkin*

Elaine B. Murphy*

Fu-Shan Hsiao*

Robert James Mincemoyer*

Akiko Nakatani Yoong*

Stacey Tobin Kern*

Mark E. Papadopoulos*

John Joseph William Inkeles*

Rain L. Minns*

Dominic K. L. Yoong*

Peggy P. Lee

Angela R. Rehm*

Ryan C. Jackson

Matthew E. Morningstar*

James D. Young*

Douglas S. Pelley*

Paramjeet Tony Sammi

Christine Watts Johnston

Tony K. Mou*

Iska R. Ziver*

Kurt M. Rogers

Daniel C. Savitt*

Timothy D. Johnston

Daniel F. Mulvihill

Steven M. Rosefsky*

Jason A. Schroder*

Brendan R. Kalb

John L. Paik*

Robert A. Shapiro*

James H. Steigerwald*

Sheila M. Kiernan*

Steven D. Park

Daisuke Taga

Michael R. Weissmann*

Eduardo Kim

Christal A. Sheppard*

Kevin C. Klein

Adam J. Siegel*

Erin K. Koeppel

Joseph E. Simpson*

Kenneth Kwok

Alison M. Spada*

Brian N. Lasky

Karina Yasmine York Sturman

Mark T. Lembke*

Ivana Vujic*

Anne M. Liddy

Erik B. Weinick*

Keith Lipscomb*

Robin M. Wolpert*

Elizabeth M. McCarroll

Guohua Wu*

1995 Pascal Bine* Meredith A. Burns* Christine Cahill Cubias* Susan D. Duffy* David W. Engstrom Eric B. Fastiff* Jackson B. R. Galloway*

Henry P. Ting* Edward F. Ughetta David C. Wang Patricia J. Warth* Sarah Hinman Whittle* Karen E. Yates*

1999 David I. Becker* Sarah L. Beuning* Rachel S. Black* Andrew W. Bonekemper* M. Concetta Burton*

Les D. Gorman* William Gottlieb*


Yoon Y. Choo*

Caroline Hahn*

Thomas William Colomb*

Adam M. Chud*

Ted W. Harrison

Suzette W. Derrevere*

Shelley Detwiller DiGiacomo

Peter R. Hayden

Sara Dressler-Fiks*

Robert A. Fisher*

Matthew Sawyer Hirshfield*

Lisl J. Dunlop*

Bernard Gehlhar*

Matthew J. Klaben*

Jared T. Greisman

Nicholas Stoloff Goldin*

Carl P. Kustell

Jeffrey M. Jakubiak*

Charlotte Thebaud Hemr*

Emily R. Mathes Kuvin*

Gretchen A. Johanns*

Thomas D. Horan*

Eric Steven Lambert

Daniel T. Kiely*

James Kim*

Thomas J. Lang*

Roman J. Lee

Jasung Koo

Richard Fernan Ledee Jr.*

Robert T. Liimatainen

Carolyn S. Lee*

Zoe Sackett McKelvey Francisco J. Mirkow Nahalel A. Nellis Joselyn Cruz Oestreich* Eric B. Offei-Addo* Andrianne Payson* Heather J. Pellegrino Shannon Lee Peris Colette M. Pollitt

2002 Angelique Crain* Kerri Marie Deruyter J. Michael Diaz* Karolena Johnson Diaz* Daniel M. Duval* Malaika Marie Eaton Jesse R. Eisenberg* Earl T. Hall*


| 21

Allison Marie Harlow-Fumai*

Scott P. Bridge*

Allison P. Jordan

Amelia R. Lister-Sobotkin*


Bryan R. Le Blanc*

Rosanna Orfield Cavanagh*

Michael Keegan

Yi Liu

Tyler Barnett*

Lauren H. Lezak*

Navoneel Dayanand*

Lara M. Kroop*

Ralph H. Mamiya

Brian J. Boyle Jr.*

John M. Magliery*

Laura M. Elliott

William C. Lavery

Karina J. Martin*

Mirna R. Cardona

Gabriel S. Meyer*

David Q. Gacioch*

Curtis J. LeGeyt

David J. Miller

Lily H. Chu

Kimberly G. Miller*

Anne L. Geiger*

Jonathan L. Manders*

Jacqueline M. Moessner*

Michael Kevin Cross

Ryan N. Norwood*

Amy Barcelo Gray

Margaux Eleonore Matter

Andowah Newton

Peter N. Cunningham*

Aimee N. Soucie*

D. Robert Holcomb

Jessica Budoff McCaffrey

Matthew Alain Peller*

Kow Abaka Essuman

Elizabeth Mazzagetti Waggoner*

Juno Hwang

Ryan David McNaughton

Abigail Lauer Roughton*

Daniel W. Hendrick

Sonosuke Kamiya*

Francesca L. Miceli*

Kandice Stetson Thorn*

Michael Tyler Ispass

Sarah B. Lamperski*

Jonathan R. Miller

Tyler W. Thorn*

Joseph H. Jolly*

Wen-Hsin Lin

Stacey D. Neumann

Bradford P. Maxwell*

Caroline Hong Ngo*


Adam L. Rosen*

Aileen D. Ocon

Michael Thomas Adams

Kelann B. Stirling

Donna A. Pagano-Delaney*

Joseph V. Cavanagh III*

Paul T. Suh

Steven N. Papera

Katherine S. Cheng*

Davis B. Tyner*

Karen M. Phillips*

Andrew M. Dornbusch*

Bradley R. Wilson

Deanna N. Pihos

T. Negbalee Warner Craig Neal Yankwitt* Karen Apollo Ziman*

Ellen Eagen* Andrew G. Fiorella Sara N. Gray Christopher Blake Harwood* Robert Gordon Knaier* Kathie Lee Audra M. Lewton*

2005 Samantha G. Amdursky Edmund Samuel Aronowitz Jordan Andrew Ast* Olaf N. Berner Carl T. Berry Rebecka Biejo Joshua R. Buhler* James Sollee Buino Thomas A. Carnrike* Kenny C. Chao Stuart A. Cherry Stephanie H. Chow Christopher G. Clark Joseph B. Crace James A. Daire Carrie E. Davenport*

Amy C. Purcell Jonathan E. Rebold Adam S. Reuben Douglas K. Schnell* Edward Shen

2007 Ke Cheng Heidi L. Craig Alfred Louis Fatale III* Jed F. Feldman* Adam B. Gasthalter* Sathya S. Gosselin Jared B. Grauer Santosh K. Gujadhur* Wei Han* Julie So Won Kim*

Quinton D. Lucas* Douglas W. Mishkin* Derrick F. Moore Steven P. Nonkes* Christopher B. Ortiz Miriam Ana-Esther Otero Renee Margaux Pristas* Joshua Lawrence Ray* Matthew J. Savoie* Pakakrong Sritongsook* Michael Alan Zuckerman*

Sheila Lavu


Grace Hui-Ying Leung

Zachry Galen Brown*

Amy Christine McDonald

Jeremy Waters Cline

Kimberly L. Taylor

Micaela Rosann Hurley McMurrough*

Sharice L. Davids*

Jason P. Tufo

Katherine A. McRobie*

Jason D. Vendel

Dan T. Moss*

Shari L. Verschell

Miles D. Norton*

Brad S. Weinstein

Justin D. Pfeiffer*

Mark J. Wuellner*

Nancy K. Picknally*

Dorman Tong Yale

Kathryn F. Russo*

Nathanael B. Yale

Adam M. Smith*

Cindy Yang

Mor Wetzler*

Brandon B. Smith* Bryan P. Stevens Rena M. Strand

Rachel A. Yuen

Cheryl M. David*

Melissa Cristina del Aguila* Gregory Leo Demers Kristen Marie Dicarmine* Chizoba Joi Ekemam* Eleanor R. Farrell* Anna Elizabeth Friedberg* Cyrus Ali Ghavi* Yigal Mordechai Gross Marina Cristine Gruber*


Natalya Johnson*

Benjamin Davidson


Nomi Barst Berenson*

Dave Andrew Koch-Weser*

Terence Hayden McGuire*

Sean M. Davis*

Kelly Pellicci Bachman*

Damien Catoir*

Thomas Philip Kurland*

Rodrigo F. Nascimento*

Abigail L. Deering

Timothy R. Bachman*

Daniel L. Clausen*

Ashley Vincent LeBlanc*

Keith Palumbo*

Harrison L. Denman*

Michael J. Baker*

Kelly A. Cooke

Lori P. Lewis

Alethea K. Rebman

Yana Dobkin

Jeffrey Bank*

Lucia Cucu*

Mark Andrew Lotito*

Peter A. Riesen*

Imri Eisner

Benjamin David Bleiberg*

Dongmei Geng

Guilherme Brenner Lucchesi

Michelle L. Rosen*

Amie N. Ely*

Jillian L. Bosmann*

Jonathan Dekoven Grossberg*

Marc J. Scheiner

Jesse E. Gary

Sara Coelho*

Yosef Ibrahimi

Cedrick Juan Francesco Mendoza-Tolentino

Jennifer Schultz

Fredric D. Glassman

Waldemar Colon*

Margaret J. Jantzen

Jeffrey S. Siegel*

Emily Lauren Gold*

William Feldman*

Joshua M. Kalish*

Stephanie L. Sweitzer*

Christopher M. Golden*

David James Fisher*

Amanda J. Klopf

Emanuel Tsourounis*

Elizabeth Molly Banzuly Golden*

Harris S. Freier*

Byung-Chang Lee*

John Vukelj*

Parveet S. Gandoak

Steven Grimes*

Alison Rose Levine*

Stacey Leece Vukelj*

Susannah Geltman*

Christopher S. Ha

Miguel Loza

Cassidy D. Waskowicz*

Kimberly Cowannava Grauer

Philip I. Haspel*

Colin Campbell Macdonald*

Atsushi Yamada*


Simon P. Izaret

Stacey M. Mayer*

Jason Carey Beekman*

Takayuki Kihira

Kenneth Benjamin Meyer*

David Carlson

Yongsang Kim

Philippe Pradal*

Daniel Francis Forester

Young J. Lee

Diana Lynn Quarry*

Christian Alfred Fundo*

Marc A. Lewinstein*

Alex Radetsky

Mervin Ashley Alexander Garry*

Dana Edward Hill*

2004 Julie B. Adams* I. Kristine Bergstrom*

22 |

Casey L. Hinkle Nina C. Hoening Abby Schwartz Johnston*


Raja Shankar Mishra* Meghan Lynn Phillips* Julie Bendix Rubenstein* Naushin Fatema Shibli Allison Michele Wilson* Michelle Elizabeth Yetter

Christopher Lesser Jackson*

Courtney E. Finerty*

Rabia Claire Muqaddam*

Andrew Scott Kaplan*

Brantley Austin Hawkins*

Malissa A. Osei

Alexandra Cory Knapp*

Sarah Jane Heim*

Elizabeth Carlisle Overbey*

Kacie Alina Lally*

Cody Herche

Julia Pascuzzo*

Andrea Rose Milano

Valerie Thanh May Ho Minh Triet*

Gregory Alan Renick*

James Robert Nault* Leslie C. Schulze* Laura Ellen Sedlak* Sonali Shahi* Jeremy Sokol Smith* Francis Sohn Marc Aaron Stepper Jacob A. Vredenburgh* Zachary David Wellbrock

Tamara Yael Hoflejzer* David Brooks Kaufman* Jun Li* Hahn L. Liu* Victor Lopez Jr.* Suzy Price Marinkovich* David W. McBride* Lucas Colin McNamara Joshua E. Peary*

Benjamin Louis Rudofsky* Adam F. Sleeper* Maneepailin Sriuthenchai Adrienne M. Steiner* Nathan E. Taylor* Stefanie Lee Williams* Mia Woo* Yangming Xiao Zachary Edward Zemlin*

Alexander Jack Hendricks

Minkyu Park

Guang-Yu Zhu*

Katherine Mary Lund Hinderlie*

Jane Shijing Peng

Jeffrey Scott Hobday*

Rose Nimkiins Petoskey

Sarah Beth Hoefle

Kevin James Quilty

Brian Jeffrey McConnell Hurd

Arjun Ravi

Hyesoo Jang

John Zhong Ren

Huiju Jeon

Joshua M. Robinson*

Melisande Hadley Johnson

Paul Rodriguez

Zoe Alexandra Jones*

Daniel Michael Rosales

Fatmata Saidua Kabia

Damien James Rose

Paul Kang Jr.

Emily Alice Rossi

Brian Michael Kent

Sarah Ryu

Anna Jane Kieburtz

Christopher Michael Sanchez

Brian Yoon Kim

Christopher Michael Sarma

Christine Kim

Melanie Britt Senosiain

Jordan Alexander Kobb

Kathy Yan Shao

Russell Luke Kostelak

Emily Ann Shaw

James Leland Kraemer

Drew Singer

Arthur Kutoroff

Elizabeth Combs Stainton

Michaela Rose Laird

Caitlin Elise Stephen

Jonathan Andrew LaPlante

Amy Elizabeth Stephenson*

Chun Ip Lau

Jennifer R. Stepp

Alexander Stephen Lee

Steven Ames Suozzi

Jimin Lee

Lauren Regan Swihart

Young Wook Lee

Holly Tao*

Julia Rossi Livingston

Sheena Renee Thomas

Oscar Lopez

Chihiro Tomioka

Caitlin Lucey

Eric Diego Torres

Kira Norine Lum

Benjamin Daniel van Horn

Jordan Calazan Manalastas

Lea Verdy

Shaun Michael Martinez

Sofia Anna Vitiello

Christopher Jeffrey Martini

Madeline Eileen Weiss

Carolyn Nicole Matos

Jonathan David White

Michael John McCarthy

Michelle Hannah Wilensky

Trudy Cecile McLeary

Chase Harrell Woodley

Jean Francois Meraz-Debraine

Larissa Natalia Cespedes Yaffar

Amanda Lynn Minikus

Jordan Bianca Yellen

Sean Paul Mooney

Gary Lung-Fung Yeung

Jessica Mae Lynn Moyeda

Martin Deng Zhou


Kate Powers*

Erin Beth Bright Angel Agee*

James Pyo*


Michael J. C. Bierce

Dunia Rkein*

Nora Yussuf Sultan Ali

James Gambell Bishop*

Brittany Danielle Ruiz*

Emmanuel Alvarez

Anne Marie Bossart*

Lisa A. Schmidt*

Christopher Michael Andrews

Rachel Serenity Sparks Bradley*

Eliad Shapiro*

Nathan Feuer Baum

Sara Brady Tomezsko*

David Mark Becker

Shu Wei*

Emily Anna Beer

Olesia A. Zakon*

Robert Mackenzie Belden*

Brendan Harris Burns* Thania Charmani Bingfu Chen Julia Dobtsis Louis Henry Guard* Monica S. Harris Antonio Mortez Haynes Barbie Paiyin Hsu Omair Muzaffar Khan

Sasha Fannie Belinkie

2014 Camille Kaleigh Bacon-Schulte* Lauren Alana Bowman* Dean Anthony Caruvana* Jonathan David Castellanos* Steven Jonathan Colby*

Matthew Francis Lukacs*

Ari John Diaconis*

Nicholas Frank Menillo*

Katherine Janna Drooyan*

Joelle Ashley Mervin

Daniel A. DuBois*

Christopher Francis Nenno* Andrew Courtney Orr* Emily B. Pickering* Drew Godfrey Rolle* James L. Rumpf

Casey Scott Duffy* Alfonso Jose Dulcey* Brooke Larkin Fischer* Aleesha Janelle Fowler* Ross Adam Fox*

Michael Murray Shaw*

Antoinette Marie Fuoto*

Sara Elizabeth Stinson

Jonathan Peter Goddard*

Paul D. Swanson*

Stephen Robert Gruendel*

Benjamin William Tettlebaum*

2013 Hiram Marcos Arnaud Brenda Beauchamp* Amanda Kay Bradley Sarah Breslow* Scott T. Burnett* Melissa Cabrera* Marihug Paloma Cedeno* Manisha Chaudhary Tyler Clarke* Zachary Leon Coffelt* Chris Engler* Russell Jason Feldman*

Minsuk Han Alex David Harris* Daniel Walter Hartman* Dillon Wesley Horne* Daniel Marc Horowitz* Andrew Tseng Kao* Mark C. Kehoe* Hanna Ko* Andrea D. Lawrence* Matthew Harris Leighton* Chuan Liu* John Strathern MacGregor* Michael Andres Magdelinskas* Major C. McCargo* Gabriel Jonas Lash Monroe*

Brittany Nicole Benavidez Gabriella Elizabeth Bensur* Zachary Russell Bergman Jennifer Fallon Brokamp Joshua David Brooks Catherine Nicole Burns Christopher Trane Burwell Briana L. Cartwright Christine Centola Abigail Lynn Cessna Keertan Dinesh Chauhan Stephanie Chaung Li-tsung Alyssa Chen Hang Chu Yujin Chun Yoo Jin Chung Anne J. Collins Dave Coriell Mark Laurence Daniels Bria Danielle Delaney Shayona Dhanak Eric Jaquith DiMuzio Yongo Ding Zachary Daniel Dugan Halimah Ifedayo Famuyide Jessica Nicole Flores Andrew Goldberg Michael John Gorman Carl W. Gregory William Joseph Grigg Russell Heller

Rosina Elyse Mummolo Yuliya Neverova Marc Geoffrey Nevins Danielle Cara Newman Johanna Theresa Obermeyer


| 23


Donor Honor Roll — Fiscal Year 2015


Š••ǰȹÂ˜Â›Â—ÂŽÂ•Â•Čą—’Â&#x;Ž›œ’Â?¢ǰȹ Â?Â‘ÂŠÂŒÂŠÇ°ČąȹŗŚŞśřǯ

An asterisk indicates membership in the 1865 Society, signifying two or more consecutive years of giving to Cornell University.


Mark D. Nozette* J.D. ’74

The Rainier Law Firm

Stephen W. Arent*

Harold Oaklander* B.S. ’52

Bernard S. Berkowitz* A.B. ’52, J.D. ’56

Victor J. Paci* J.D. ’80 & Jennifer Miller Paci* J.D. ’80

Robert & Michelle Diener Foundation

Franci J. Blassberg* A.B. ’75, J.D. ’77 & Joseph L. Rice III*

Marshall C. Phelps Jr.* J.D. ’69

The Shoff Foundation, Inc.

Michael A. Brizel* B.S. ’77, J.D. ’80

Thomas S. Richards* J.D. ’72

Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation, Inc.

$100,000 and above

John S. Brown* LL.B. ’65

Stephen Craig Robinson* A.B. ’81, J.D. ’84

Verizon Foundation

Joseph A. Calabrese* J.D. ’’81 & Margot Rogers Calabrese*

Gary F. Brownell* J.D. ’80 & Mary Ann Brownell*

Anne Evans Estabrook B.S. ’65, M.B.A. ’66

Martin R. Byman* J.D. ’83 & Margaret E. Samson* J.D. ’83

Mary Gail Gearns* J.D. ’85 & David L. Russo* A.B. ’82, J.D. ’85

Bruce Carswell* LL.B. ’54

K. Robert Hahn* J.D. ’48 Thomas Heiden* J.D. ’71 & Jane W. Heiden* Stuart Jay Hendel* J.D. ’83 & Leslie Hendel* Alfred M. Rossum J.D. ’53 Martin F. Scheinman* B.S. ’75, M.S. ’76 & Laurie Ann Scheinman* David J. Scott* J.D. ’78 & Marilyn A. Scott*

Jack G. Clarke* LL.B. ’52 Robert B. Diener* J.D. ’82 & Michelle Sainer Diener*

Frederic A. Rubinstein* A.B. ’53, LL.B. ’55 Paul A. Salvatore* B.S. ’81, J.D. ’84 & Pamela F. Salvatore* David R. Schellhase* J.D. ’90 John M. Schwolsky* J.D. ’85 Arthur M. Siskind* A.B. ’60, J.D. ’62 & Mary Ann Siskind*

$10,000–$24,999 Thomas Tilley Adams* J.D. ’57 Charles M. Adelman* A.B. ’70, J.D. ’73 & Deborah G. Adelman* B.S. ’71, M.S. ’74

Robert Alan DuPuy* J.D. ’73 & Edith DuPuy*

Allan R. Tessler* A.B. ’58, LL.B. ’63 & Frances Goudsmit Tessler* A.B. ’59

Kevin J. Arquit J.D. ’78 & Margi Arquit

Christopher M. Todoroff* J.D. ’87

Paul R. Auchter B.S. ’60, J.D. ’64 & Florence Finegan Auchter

Eric B. Fastiff* J.D. ’95 David J. Furman* J.D. ’86 & Gail H. Furman*

Mark Alan Underberg* A.B. ’77, J.D. ’81 & Diane Englander* Neil Underberg* J.D. ’52

Scott M. Hand* J.D. ’69

William J. vanden Heuvel* A.B. ’50, J.D. ’52

Elberon Development Company

Yvette Harmon* J.D. ’69

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Denise A. Hauselt* B.S. ’79, J.D. ’83 James J. Hill* J.D. ’91 Valerie Ford Jacob* J.D. ’78 & Charles R. Jacob III* Arnold S. Jacobs* B.M.E. ’61, M.B.A. ’63, LL.B. ’64 & Ellen K. Jacobs* A.B. ’63, M.S. Ed. ’64

LII Various Donors* Francis S. L. Wang* J.D. ’72 & Laura Young* David Jay Wermuth* J.D. ’95 Michael I. Wolfson* B.Ch.E. ’64, LL.B. ’67 & Dr. Ellen N. Wolfson* Arent Charitable Foundation Ayco Charitable Foundation

Anonymous Alumni *

Marion Bachrach* J.D. ’77 & Jonathan D. Siegfried* Charles A. Beach* J.D. ’73 & Jane L. Beach* M.A.T. ’68 Lawrence S. Brandman* J.D. ’85 & Deborah Madigan Brandman* Charlotte A. Bruce* Thomas W. Christopher* J.D. ’84 James M. Coombe* J.D. ’84, M.S. ’85 Jacquie Duval* J.D. ’92 Charles P. Eddy III* J.D. ’70 & Brenda Eddy*

Thomas Maurice Jones* M.B.A. ’71, J.D. ’75

Cornell University Foundation (UK) Ltd.

Mary Alyce Kirschner

Dallas Foundation

Philip M. Eisenberg* J.D. ’64 & Betsy S. Eisenberg*

Craig B. Klosk* B.S. ’81, J.D. ’84 & Patricia Kallett* B.S. ’82

ExxonMobil Foundation

Marjorie Ellenbogen*

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund

Lewis C. Evans* A.B. ’63, LL.B. ’65

ICE Clear Credit LLC

Herbert D. Feinberg* J.D. ’50 & Ruth Feinberg* B.S. ’50

William F. Lee* J.D. ’76, M.B.A. ’76 Jack L. Lewis* J.D. ’69 & Barbara B. Lewis* B.S. ’65, M.A.T. ’67 Daryl A. Libow* J.D. ’86 & Beth Wait Libow* J.D. ’86 David S. Litman* A.B. ’79, J.D. ’82 Norma Grace Meacham* B.S. ’74, J.D. ’77


William C. & Joyce C. O’Neil Charitable Trust

Robert D. Taisey* J.D. ’53

Jia Zhu* J.D. ’92 & Ruyin R. Ye* M.S. ’90, Ph.D. ’92

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

The Wang Family Foundation

John Brabazon Drenning Jr.* LL.B. ’64

Neil V. Getnick* A.B. ’75, J.D. ’78 & Margaret J. Finerty* J.D. ’78

National Philanthropic Trust

24 |

Drew Ranier, Esq.

Ryder Systems Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Jewish Communal Fund of NY Kasowitz 2011 Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Mori, Hamada and Matsumoto Nozette Foundation Proskauer Rose LLP

Henry D. Edelman* J.D. ’73

Jeffrey Scott Feld* J.D. ’83 & Katherine P. Ward Feld* M.B.A. ’82, J.D. ’83 Michael J. Foster* B.S. ’75, J.D. ’78 & Elizabeth K. Foster* B.S. ’76

Steven C. Browne* J.D. ’88 & Barbara J. Browne*

Frank L. Schiff* J.D. ’84 David E. Schwartz* J.D. ’94

Dean’s Special Leadership Committee

Joel M. Simon* B.S. ’82, J.D. ’85 John G. Snyder J.D. ’87 The Dean’s Special Leadership Committee is essential to the fundraising initiatives of Cornell Law School. With respect and gratitude for the time, energy, and work they have devoted to helping us achieve our goals, we

Felice B. Burns B.S. ’53

Robert A. Sperl* J.D. ’73

Paul R. Callaway* J.D. ’65

Christoph W. Stanger* LL.M. ’91 John R. Stevens* J.D. ’73

recognize them here.

C. Evan Stewart* A.B. ’74, J.D. ’77 & Patricia M. Stewart* Julie Boden Adams, B.S. ’01, J.D. ’04

Eric F. Greenberg, J.D. ’83

Frank L. Schiff, J.D. ’84— Chair

Charles M. Adelman, A.B. ’70, J.D. ’73

Sheppard Guryan, J.D. ’67

Howard Schneider, A.B. ’56, J.D. ’59

Jason C. Beekman, A.B. ’08, J.D. ’11

Karen Hagberg, J.D. ’84

Joseph L. Serefini, J.D. ’67

Yvette Harmon, J.D. ’69

Don D. Buchwald* A.B. ’65, J.D. ’68

Kelly Mahon Tullier* J.D. ’92 Jay Warren Waks* B.S. ’68, J.D. ’71 & Harriet S. Waks*

Terry Calvani* J.D. ’72 Alejandro E. Camacho* J.D. ’84 & Pamela L. Rollins* A.B. ’79, J.D. ’82, M.B.A. ’84 Emanuel S. Cherney* J.D. ’77 & Meryl Cherney* Mitsuru C. Chino* J.D. ’91

Richard E. Wallach* J.D. ’69 & Carolyn M. Wallach*

David A. Churchill J.D. ’79 & Barbara S. Churchill M.A.T. ’77

C. Evan Stewart, A.B. ’74, J.D. ’77

Charles W. Wolfram* & Nancy Wolfram*

Edward B. Cohen* & Charlene Barshefsky, Esq.*

Milton G. Strom, J.D. ’67

Audrey Hui Woon A.B. ’97, J.D. ’00 & Kenneth Kwok J.D. ’00

Karen Coney Coplin J.D. ’90

Lawrence S. Brandman, J.D. ’85

Stuart J. Hendel, J.D. ’83

Michael A. Brizel, B.S. ’77, J.D. ’80

James J. Hill, J.D. ’91— Chair

Thomas A. Brown II, J.D. ’94

Gerald M. Kleinbaum, A.B. ’56, J.D. ’58

Theodore W. Tashlik, LL.B. ’64

Emanuel S. Cherney, J.D. ’77

Craig B. Klosk, B.S. ’81, J.D. ’84

Kandice Stetson Thorn, J.D. ’06

The Amy Klette Newman Foundation

Thomas W. Christopher, J.D. ’84

Michael B. Margolis, J.D. ’79

Emanuel Tsourounis II, A.B. ’00, J.D. ’03

Edward L. Hutton Foundation

Robert F. DeBerardine* J.D. ’83

Andrew R. McGaan, A.B. ’83, J.D. ’86

Neil Underberg, J.D. ’52

FARASH Foundation

James B. Dolan J.D. ’69

Cecelia L. Fanelli, J.D. ’79

Pedro Urdaneta-Benitez, LL.M. ’94

Franklyn Ellenbogen Jr. Memorial Foundation

David Dunn B.S. ’74, J.D. ’78 & Catherine C. Dunn

Jay W. Waks, B.S. ’68, J.D. ’71

Goldman Sachs Gives

Karl J. Ege* J.D. ’72

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Daniel W. Emery* J.D. ’80

The H. & R. Feinberg Family Foundation

M. Carr Ferguson* A.B. ’52, LL.B. ’54 & Marian N. Ferguson* M.A. ’54

Eric B. Fastiff, J.D. ’95 David W. Feeney, B.S. ’60, LL.B. ’63 Jeffrey S. Feld, J.D. ’83

Deborah McLean, J.D. ’78 Jeffrey A. Mishkin, J.D. ’72

Robert D. Taisey, J.D. ’53

Richard E. Wallach, J.D. ’69

Jack E. Fernandez Jr., J.D. ’89

Heather J. Pellegrino, J.D. ’00

Steven A. Flyer, J.D. ’91

Anthony M. Radice, J.D. ’69

Scott E. Wiegand, J.D. ’93

Jay Rakow, J.D. ’77

Michael I. Wolfson, B.Chem.E. ’64, LL.B. ’67

David J. Furman, J.D. ’86 Mary Gail Gearns, J.D. ’85 Marcia L. Goldstein, A.B. ’74, J.D. ’75

Steven Weinberg, B.S. ’68, M.B.A. ’70, J.D. ’71

Jeffrey E. Ross, J.D. ’99 Malcolm Ross, A.B. ’68, J.D. ’75

Adirondack Community Trust

Robert P. Davis* J.D. ’78 & Jamie Pundyk Davis* B.S. ’80

Amgen Foundation

Harry D. Day* J.D. ’73

Humana Inc. Jephson Educational Trusts

Maria E. Fernandez-Williams* J.D. ’92

Judith & Marshall Meyer Foundation, Inc.

Roberto Finzi* J.D. ’94 Stefan P. Ford* J.D. ’85 & Elizabeth J. Ford* M.B.A. ’86, J.D. ’87

Keuka Trust Stevens Family Trust Urban American Partners, LLC

Bruce P. Garren* J.D. ’80 & Katherine L. Garren*

John Jay Mangan* B.C.E. ’64, J.D. ’67

Scott R. Haber* A.B. ’80, M.B.A. ’83, J.D. ’84

Richard L. Mason*

Karen L. Hagberg J.D. ’84 & Mark H. Jackson A.B. ’81, J.D. ’85

Charles Matays* A.B. ’68, J.D. ’71 & Sherry G. Matays* A.B. ’68

Mark Holland* J.D. ’81

Andrew R. McGaan* A.B. ’83, J.D. ’86 & Pamela O. McGaan* B.S. ’87

Thomas Charles Hutton* M.P.A. ’75, J.D. ’76 & Elisabeth Susan Harding* J.D. ’77

Wayne P. Merkelson* A.B. ’73, J.D. ’75 & Nancy Roistacher* B.S. ’72

Marc Joseph* J.D. ’50 & Judith Joseph* A.B. ’49

Judith P. Meyer J.D. ’74 Jeffrey A. Mishkin* J.D. ’72

Stanley Komaroff* A.B. ’56, J.D. ’58 & Rosalyn Komaroff*

John E. Moye* J.D. ’68

Eugene Y. Lee* LL.M. ’98

Paula J. Mueller* A.B. ’68, J.D. ’73

Stephen R. Lewinstein* LL.B. ’67 Scott D. Litman J.D. ’98 David M. Ludwick J.D. ’93

David S. C. Mulchinock* J.D. ’70 J. David Officer* M.B.A. ’74, J.D. ’75 & Marcia J. Wade* A.B. ’74

Robert F. Mancuso J.D. ’73

Richard A. Parr* J.D. ’82

Joseph M. Mandel A.B. ’37, J.D. ’39

Erin S. Pastuszenski* J.D. ’81 & Brian E. Pastuszenski* J.D. ’81

John D. Paton* LL.M. ’84 & Susan Cooper Paton* B.S. ’81, J.D. ’84 Charles Robert Peifer* J.D. ’85 Louis R. Pepe* J.D. ’70 & Carole A. Pepe* Philana W.Y. Poon* J.D. ’92 Doris Banta Pree* J.D. ’46 Rebecca L. Prentice* J.D. ’82 Neil Radey* A.B. ’76, J.D. ’83, M.B.A. ’83 & Bridget Goodbody* Anthony Mark Radice* A.B. ’66, J.D. ’69 & Patricia Crown* Charley F. Rechlin* A.B. ’68, J.D. ’71 Nathan J. Robfogel* J.D. ’59 & Susan S. Robfogel* J.D. ’67 Thomas M. Roche* J.D. ’73 & Carol A. Roche* Malcolm I. Ross* A.B. ’68, J.D. ’75 & Phyllis Richter*

Stephen G. Crane* B.S. ’60, J.D. ’63 & Elaine F. Crane* A.B. ’61

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Lance Stewart Gad* J.D. ’70, M.B.A. ’71 George G. Gellert* B.S. ’60, M.B.A. ’62, J.D. ’63 & Barbara R. Gellert*

$5,000–$9,999 G. Marshall Abbey* J.D. ’57 & Sue Abbey* Ahmednasir Maalim Abdullahi* LL.M. ’92 John R. Alexander* J.D. ’71 Ahmad F. Assegaf* LL.M. ’94

Richard H. Gilden* J.D. ’71 & Lorraine E. Gilden* Jerome F. Goldberg* M.B.A. ’63, J.D. ’64 Marcia L. Goldstein* A.B. ’74, J.D. ’75 & Mark L. Goldstein* B.S. ’72, M.B.A. ’75, J.D. ’76 Eric F. Greenberg* J.D. ’83

Richard N. Aswad* J.D. ’61 F. Gregory Barnhart* J.D. ’76 & Susan L. Gordon* J.D. ’76 Jason Carey Beekman* A.B. ’08, J.D. ’11 John E. Beltz J.D. ’90 & Katherine C. Beltz B.S. ’89 Eric L. Berg* J.D. ’81 & Claudia Bowman Berg* J.D. ’81

Richard D. Greenfield J.D. ’65 D. Justin Griffith* J.D. ’00 & Sara A. Berg* J.D. ’00 Theodore M. Grossman* A.B. ’71, J.D. ’74 Kevin T. Haroff* A.B. ’77, J.D. ’81, M.B.A. ’81 Harvey D. Hinman* LL.B. ’65

Timothy E. Bixler* J.D. ’93 & Kimberly Jean Bixler* A.B. ’91

Andrew J. Hollander* J.D. ’91 & Dorothy A. Frank* A.B. ’84

Jeffery H. Boyd* J.D. ’81

Catherine C. Hood* J.D. ’87


| 25

Susan Jane Hotine* J.D. ’73 & John B. Dubeck* B.S. ’71 Steven L. Ingerman* J.D. ’81 & Ellen R. Ingerman* John J. Kallaugher J.D. ’77 Michael I. Kanovitz* J.D. ’94 & Dana M. Kanovitz* Alan V. Kartashkin* J.D. ’96 Hyun Kim* LL.M. ’84 Saul G. Kramer* B.S. ’54, LL.B. ’59 Lawrence T. Kurlander* J.D. ’64 & Carol Kurlander Winston K. C. Lam* J.D. ’92 Paul W. Lee* J.D. ’76 & Mary Y. Lee* Michael B. Margolis* J.D. ’79 & Claudia Margolis*

Jerold R. Ruderman* A.B. ’64, J.D. ’67 & Terry Jane Ruderman* M.A.T. ’67

Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation Eric F. Greenberg, P.C. Florence Gould Foundation

Richard David Batchelder Jr.* J.D. ’90

Howard Schneider* A.B. ’56, J.D. ’59 & Anne Schneider*

Lorillard Tobacco Company

Daniel Bekele* J.D. ’91

Brian R. Smith* J.D. ’85

Melinda and William J. vanden Heuvel Foundation, Inc.

Andrew R. Berger* J.D. ’78

Ernest L. Schmider J.D. ’82

John L. Sullivan* J.D. ’83 & Cathleen Cambalik Sullivan* J.D. ’83 Theodore W. Tashlik* LL.B. ’64 Brian F. Toohey* J.D. ’69 Aldoru Uluatam* J.D. ’91 & Amy K. Hollman* J.D. ’91 Daniel Russell Waltcher* A.B. ’84, J.D. ’89 & Barri Gordon Waltcher* J.D. ’89

Mulhern & Scott, PLLC

Andrew Berger* A.B. ’66, J.D. ’69 & Emily Berger* A.B. ’68

Richard & Peggy Greenfield Foundation

Meghan Frei Berglind* J.D. ’00 & Carl F. Berglind* J.D. ’00

Roger Weiss Family Foundation

Edward W. Bergmann* J.D. ’66

Schulte Roth & Zabel

Stephen Bermas* B.S. ’49, J.D. ’50

Shearman & Sterling Simpson Thacher & Bartlett The Lance & Janiece Gad Foundation Inc.

Henry P. Massey Jr.* A.B. ’61, J.D. ’68 & Amie Chang*

Steven K. Weinberg* B.S. ’68, M.B.A. ’70, J.D. ’71 & Sharon Lawner Weinberg* A.B. ’68, M.A. ’70, Ph.D. ’71

Stuart J. McDermott* J.D. ’88

Fred Weinstein* J.D. ’68

Wahl Clipper Corporation

Joseph Mellicker* J.D. ’84

Roger J. Weiss* A.B. ’61, J.D. ’64 & Caren Weiss*

Zuckerman Family Foundation

David K. Moody* J.D. ’91 David K. Mulhern* J.D. ’83 & Sally Hopkins Mulhern* J.D. ’82 Allan G. Mutchnik* J.D. ’88 & Nicole Mutchnik* Samuel S. Nam* A.B. ’85, J.D. ’88 Monica Anna Otte* J.D. ’78 Andrianne Payson* J.D. ’00 & Anderson Randolph Livingston* M.B.A. ’99 Douglas S. Pelley* J.D. ’96 Rosemary Pye* J.D. ’74 Jay Rakow* J.D. ’77 & Beth Rakow* Bernard R. Rapoport* A.B. ’39, J.D. ’41 John Power Reilly* A.B. ’84, J.D. ’87 Arthur H. Rosenbloom* LL.B. ’59 & Evelyn B. Kenvin* Chuck Rosenzweig* B.S. ’85, J.D. ’88 & Stacy Oratz Rosenzweig* B.S. ’86 Vincent S. Rospond* A.B. ’54, LL.B. ’58

Michael H. Whitaker J.D. ’94 & Corinne L. Alyanakian-Whitaker J.D. ’94 Neil Q. Whoriskey A.B. ’85, J.D. ’90 Christy Criswell Wiegand* J.D. ’00 & John F. Hammond* J.D. ’00 Scott E. Wiegand* J.D. ’93

The Leon Lowenstein Foundation, Inc. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

$1,000–$4,999 Sarah K. Abrams* J.D. ’84

Allison M. Alcasabas* J.D. ’92

Paget L. Alves B.S. ’78, J.D. ’82

Julie Myers Wood* J.D. ’94

Lynn Vacca Ambrosia* B.S. ’79, M.B.A. ’81 & David W. Ambrosia* B.S. ’78, J.D. ’82, M.B.A. ’82

Anna Moldrup Foundation, Inc. Anti-Defamation League Foundation Attorney’s Liability Assurance Society, Inc. Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Alan M. Anderson* M.B.A. ’81, J.D. ’82 Stephen R. Angel* A.B. ’70, J.D. ’74 & Marcie Angel* B.S. ’74 S. Wade Angus* J.D. ’93 Anonymous Alumnus * Anonymous Alumnus— Class of 1987* Anonymous Friend

Michael K. Atkinson* J.D. ’91 & Kathryn Cameron Atkinson* J.D. ’92 Gary L. Azorsky* J.D. ’83 & Jeanne A. Markey* J.D. ’83

Donald J. Bird* B.C.E. ’65, J.D. ’68 & Alpine D. Chandler Bird* David B. Blair* J.D. ’89 & Bernice May Blair* J.D. ’89 John H. Blume* & Drucy Ann Glass*

Jay Carson Bombara* J.D. ’90 Richard K. Bonness* J.D. ’84 & Dr. Shannon M. Bonness* M.N.S. ’86 Joseph Boochever J.D. ’49 Janet E. Bostwick* J.D. ’80 Robert Adams Boyd* LL.B. ’55

Joel A. Chernov* J.D. ’83 & Deborah A. Skakel* J.D. ’83 Mark E. Chopko* J.D. ’77 Erin K. Chrislock J.D. ’01 Adam M. Chud* M.P.S. ’97, J.D. ’99 & Audrey W. Ellis* J.D. ’98 Jill M. Cicero* J.D. ’84 Christopher G. Clark J.D. ’05 Gerald P. Cleary J.D. ’90 Thomas E. Clement* LL.B. ’59 Ben T. Clements* J.D. ’89 & Cindy Cuba Clements* J.D. ’88 Kevin M. Clermont* David F. Clossey J.D. ’68 Bruce E. Clouser* J.D. ’85 & Lynn A. Clouser* J.D. ’85 Soraya Diase Coffelt* J.D. ’81 Edward Charles Coffey* J.D. ’73 Edward S. Cogen* A.B. ’56, J.D. ’60 George H. Cohen* A.B. ’55, LL.B. ’57 & Phyllis G. Cohen* A.B. ’57 Daniel C. Cohn* J.D. ’78 J. Walter Corcoran* LL.B. ’64 Bruce M. Cormier* J.D. ’82 T. Thomas Cottingham* J.D. ’76 Angelique Crain* J.D. ’02, LL.M. ’02 & Craig Neal Yankwitt* B.S. ’97, J.D. ’02 Ralph E. Cromwell Jr.* J.D. ’81 Paul A. Crotty* LL.B. ’67 Charles R. Cuddy LL.B. ’64 James Wilson Dabney J.D. ’79 Sean M. Davis* J.D. ’05

David Lawrence Bressman A.B. ’71, J.D. ’75 & Susan Berliner Bressman

Suzette W. Derrevere* J.D. ’97

Kevin R. Brocks* J.D. ’80

Thomas H. DeWitt* J.D. ’69

James M. Broderick* J.D. ’90 & Karen A. Johnson* J.D. ’90

Thomas A. Dickerson* J.D. ’73, M.B.A. ’73

R. Brian Brodrick* J.D. ’81

Charles S. Donovan J.D. ’77

David T. Dekker* J.D. ’81

Omer F. Brown* J.D. ’72

Andrew M. Dornbusch* J.D. ’03

Robert M. Brown* J.D. ’71

William L. Dorr* LL.B. ’65

Joshua R. Buhler* J.D. ’05

Matthew J. Dowd* J.D. ’68

Morton S. Bunis* A.B. ’53, J.D. ’55 & Anita B. Bunis*

Carol F. Ducommun* B.S. ’79, M.B.A. ’85 & Steven E. Ducommun* J.D. ’86

Lawrence J. Burnett J.D. ’82 Leighton R. Burns* A.B. ’53, LL.B. ’58 Richard F. Burns* J.D. ’71

Christopher C. Dumper* J.D. ’01 Lisl J. Dunlop* LL.M. ’97 Gerald F. Durkin Jr.* J.D. ’79 & Eileen Durkin*

Gary Michael Bahler* J.D. ’76 & Amy S. Cooper* M.A. ’78

M. Concetta Burton* M. I&LR ’96, J.D. ’99 & Douglas L. Burton* J.D. ’96

Frederick R. Ball* J.D. ’96

Gena Elaine Cadieux* J.D. ’84

Daniel M. Duval* B.S. ’99, J.D. ’02

James Baller* J.D. ’72 & Marlene G. Berlin* B.S. ’73

A. Bruce Campbell* J.D. ’70

Barbara Sheldon Dwyer*

Thomas Campbell* J.D. ’68

John R. Dwyer* J.D. ’81 & Susan Buckingham*

R. Franklin Balotti* LL.B. ’67 William A. Barrett* J.D. ’92 & Tracey Goodson Barrett* A.B. ’91


Pascal Bine* LL.M. ’95

Daniel A. Boehnen* J.D. ’76

Bradley R. Wilson J.D. ’04

Michael Alan Zuckerman* B.S. ’06, J.D. ’09 & Megan Belkin Zuckerman* B.S. ’06

Donald L. Bilgore* LL.B. ’52

William B. Adams* B.S. ’01 & Julie B. Adams* B.S. ’01, J.D. ’04

Forrest G. Alogna* J.D. ’01 & Sandrine Poisson Alogna* MA ’02

John J. Zak* J.D. ’85

Jaime A. Bianchi J.D. ’91

Anurag Acharya*

Laura A. Wilkinson* M.B.A. ’85, J.D. ’86

Yingchao Xiao* J.D. ’91

George K. Bernstein* A.B. ’55, LL.B. ’57 & Caryl S. Bernstein* A.B. ’55

Jennifer C. Boal* J.D. ’89 & Roland N. Goff* J.D. ’89

Valerie J. Armento* J.D. ’77, M.R.P. ’78

26 |

David S. Barrie* J.D. ’78 Carol Ann Bartlett* J.D. ’75

Philip J. Carino J.D. ’90 & Elizabeth A. Shaver J.D. ’89 George W. Carlis J.D. ’85

Roy C. Durling* J.D. ’86

Susan Warshaw Ebner* A.B. ’77, J.D. ’80 & Eugene Mark Ebner*

Joane R. Mueller-London* J.D. ’91

Jon R. Eggleston* J.D. ’71

Marianne Furfure* J.D. ’78

Jonathan Lee Hochman J.D. ’88

Ronald L. Kuby* J.D. ’83

Arthur Nelson Eisenberg* J.D. ’68 & Susan Ellen Engel* B.S. ’68

Shawn P. Galey* M.B.A. ’85, J.D. ’86

William L. Hoffman* J.D. ’92

Harold A. Kurland* J.D. ’76

John E. Holobinko* J.D. ’67

Joshua S. Eisenberg* B.S. ’96, J.D. ’00 & Megan Clark Eisenberg* B.S. ’97

Joseph D. Garrison Jr. J.D. ’68

Ruthanne Kurtyka A.B. ’70, J.D. ’73 & Harvey E. Corn J.D. ’73

Shana A. Elberg* B.S. ’98, J.D. ’01 & Erik B. Weinick* B.S. ’98, J.D. ’01

Robert S. Getman* J.D. ’81 Terence F. Gilheany* LL.B. ’63 & Juliana F. Gilheany* Paul Leonard Gioia LL.B. ’65

E. Eric Elmore* A.B. ’86, J.D. ’89

Frank Giso III* J.D. ’75

Haseena J. Enu* J.D. ’94

Daniel M. Glosband* J.D. ’69 & Merrily Glosband

Jay A. Epstien* J.D. ’76 Elisa J. Erlenbach Maas* J.D. ’99 Juan C. Esguerra* LL.M. ’73 Karl S. Essler* J.D. ’79 Mark L. Evans* J.D. ’68 & Janet R. Evans* Lynn W. L. Fahey* J.D. ’70

Frank H. Golay Jr.* A.B. ’70, M.A.T. ’71, J.D. ’77 & Inga M. Golay* Elizabeth Molly Banzuly Golden* B.S. ’02, J.D. ’05 & Christopher M. Golden* J.D. ’05 Nicholas Stoloff Goldin* A.B. ’96, J.D. ’99 & Carrie Susser Goldin* A.B. ’96 Gail Hill Gordon* J.D. ’74 Les D. Gorman* B.S. ’94, M.B.A. ’96, J.D. ’97 & Stephanie Gorman* William Ivan Greenbaum* J.D. ’76 & Elyse Gellman Greenbaum* A.B. ’78

Robert Alan Feiner* J.D. ’85

Alfred Clyde Groff* J.D. ’75 & Lynne H. Groff*

Todd A. Feinsmith* J.D. ’91

Mary Beth Guard*

Jonathan B. Fellows* J.D. ’85 & Maureen O’Neill Fellows* M.S. ’85

Sheppard A. Guryan* J.D. ’67 & Joan P. Guryan*

Donald M. Flanagan* LL.B. ’57 Steven Arthur Flyer J.D. ’91 & Beth Flyer Christina Mesires Fournaris* J.D. ’91 & Dean T. Fournaris* J.D. ’91 Debra Cohen Frank* J.D. ’77 & Barry Frank* Lloyd Frank* J.D. ’50 & Beatrice S. Frank* J.D. ’53 Marc A. Franklin* A.B. ’53, LL.B. ’56 Frank J. Franzino Jr. A.B. ’67, J.D. ’70

William G. Imig* A.B. ’63, LL.B. ’65 John Joseph William Inkeles* J.D. ’00 J. Bruce Ipe* LL.B. ’63 & Ruth A. Ipe* Richard M. Jackson Jr.* J.D. ’69 J. Joseph Jacobson* J.D. ’96 Jerold D. Jacobson* J.D. ’65 Leslie H. Jacobson* J.D. ’76 Debra Ann James* A.B. ’75, J.D. ’78 W. Garth Janes* J.D. ’83 & Nancy F. Janes* J.D. ’84 Betty A. Jansen O’Shaughnessy* J.D. ’85 & James J. O’Shaughnessy* Jeff H. Jarkow J.D. ’88

Thomas W. Jones* A.B. ’69, M.R.P. ’72 & Adelaide Knox Jones*

John B. Griffith* J.D. ’85

Thomas Alfred Fink* A.B. ’57, J.D. ’59 & Janet Katz Fink* A.B. ’59

Linda Marie Iannone* J.D. ’82

Gary A. Greenfield* J.D. ’74 Mary B. Griffin* J.D. ’88

Cynthia Williams Fifield A.B. ’73, J.D. ’75

Robert J. Hunt* J.D. ’68

Theodore Charles Jonas* A.B. ’84, J.D. ’91

David W. Feeney* B.S. ’60, LL.B. ’63 & Elizabeth Shamel*

Joseph C. Fetterman J.D. ’89

David R. Hughes* J.D. ’72

Gary A. Greene* J.D. ’89 & Carolyn Greene*

Henry S. Farber M.S. ’74

Jack E. Fernandez Jr.* J.D. ’89 & Terry Christovich Gay*

Ingrid K. Houghton* J.D. ’01

Martin R. Joyce* J.D. ’84 & Patricia A. Ceruzzi* J.D. ’84 Louis Kahn LL.B. ’66 Paul T. Kalinich* A.B. ’55, LL.B. ’57

Maureen Ann Murphy J.D. ’84

Rex S. Kuwasaki* J.D. ’54

William F. Murphy* J.D. ’78

Frederick B. Lacey* J.D. ’48

John A. Nadas* J.D. ’76

William K. Langfan John C. Lankenau* B.E.E. ’52, LL.B. ’55 John C. Lapinski* J.D. ’73

Frank E. Lawatsch Jr.* J.D. ’69 & Deanna Conover Lawatsch* B.S. ’69 Dale S. Lazar* B.S. ’74, J.D. ’77 Carolyn S. Lee* J.D. ’99 & Stephen P. Garvey* Robert L. Lee* J.D. ’81

Riccardo A. Leofanti J.D. ’95 Richard A. Levao* J.D. ’73

Thaddeus J. Lewkowicz* J.D. ’80 Jack Linville

Yi Liu J.D. ’06

James E. Patterson* J.D. ’82 & Anne Murray Patterson* J.D. ’83

Andrew H. Lynette* J.D. ’73 & Ellen H. Lynette*

Donald R. Peck* J.D. ’86 & Laurie S. Peck*

Jonathan Rosenfield Macey*

Matthew Alain Peller* B.S. ’03, J.D. ’06

Lawrence K. Marks J.D. ’82 Peter A. Marx* A.B. ’65, M.B.A. ’68, J.D. ’68 & Barbara K. Marx* Jonathan I. Mayblum* J.D. ’87

Peter W. Hall* J.D. ’77

Jim L. Kaput J.D. ’86 & Susan M. Burner J.D. ’88

Paul D. McConville* J.D. ’70 & Mary McConville* B.S. ’70

Charlotte Thebaud Hemr* J.D. ’99 Jean B. Hesby Peter R. Hicks J.D. ’76, M. I&LR ’77

Patrick R. McCabe* J.D. ’92

Gilbert Katz* B.S. ’51, J.D. ’53

J. Stewart McLaughlin* LL.B. ’62

Marcia Kenny Keegan J.D. ’89

Deborah McLean* J.D. ’78

Ruth Ann Keene* A.B. ’91, J.D. ’98

Bruce M. Meisel* J.D. ’73 & Michelle T. Meisel*

Leonard J. Kennedy* A.B. ’74, J.D. ’77

David L. Metzler* J.D. ’71

Stephen Klar LL.M. ’92 Gerald M. Kleinbaum* A.B. ’56, J.D. ’58

Donald R. Frederico* J.D. ’79

Michael E. High* J.D. ’83 & Elizabeth Travis High* A.B. ’80, J.D. ’84

Alan R. Fridkin A.B. ’65, J.D. ’70

James E. Hirsch* J.D. ’56

Richard Kopf

Jay M. Friedman* J.D. ’52

Matthew Sawyer Hirshfield* J.D. ’95

Henry Herbert Korn* A.B. ’68 & Ellen S. Korn* B.S. ’68

Walter M. Kolligs* J.D. ’90 Steven Terry Kolyer* J.D. ’81

David A. Pierce* J.D. ’92

Daniel L. Porter J.D. ’85 & Kelly T. O’Dell J.D. ’87

Richard D. Quay* J.D. ’75

Stephen R. Miller* J.D. ’75

David S. Raab* J.D. ’88 & Marci F. Hand Raab* J.D. ’89 David V. Radack J.D. ’83

Albert J. Millus Jr.* B.S. ’79, J.D. ’82 & Mary A. Walsh* J.D. ’82

Patrick J. Rao* J.D. ’94 Clarence D. Rappleyea* J.D. ’62

David C. Minc J.D. ’72, M.P.A. ’72

Daniel L. Rashbaum J.D. ’00

Robert James Mincemoyer* B.S. ’98, J.D. ’01 & Ivana Vujic* J.D. ’01, LL.M. ’01 Janet Steel Mishkin* J.D. ’72

Tony K. Mou* J.D. ’01

James R. Pickett* J.D. ’68

J. Brett Pritchard* J.D. ’90 & Toni S. Pritchard* J.D. ’91

H. Theodore Meyer* J.D. ’62

Thomas R. Moore* J.D. ’75

Joseph M. Perillo* A.B. ’53, J.D. ’55

Stephen A. Ploscowe* B.S. ’62, LL.B. ’65 & Wendie M. Ploscowe* A.B. ’65

Martin T. McCue* James M. McGuire J.D. ’80

Steven L. Kessler* A.B. ’78, J.D. ’82

Eduardo Moises Peñalver* A.B. ’94 & Sital Kalantry* A.B. ’94

Anthony F. Phillips* LL.B. ’62

Robert A. Karin* J.D. ’78

Robert W. Kessler* J.D. ’68

Steven R. Paradise* J.D. ’90

Ernest T. Patrikis* J.D. ’68

Diana C. Liu J.D. ’86

Eugene Neal Kaplan* J.D. ’73

Stacey Tobin Kern* J.D. ’96

Martin William O’Toole* J.D. ’86

Pilar S. Parducci* J.D. ’93

Thomas A. Little* J.D. ’79

Samuel A. Halaby Jr.* LL.B. ’66

David Hecker* J.D. ’73 & Judith A. Hecker* J.D. ’73

Catheryn Cree Obern* M.S. ’81, Ph.D. ’87 & Richard F. Robinson*

Ronald R. Papa* J.D. ’79

Charles M. McCaghey* LL.B. ’65

William J. Haubert* J.D. ’91

Charles L. Nickerson* J.D. ’63

John L. Paik* B.S. ’94, J.D. ’01

M. Joseph Levin* LL.B. ’65

Kim Kanzaki J.D. ’78

James Reid Haug Jr.* J.D. ’89

Joseph G. Nemeth Jr.* J.D. ’74

Joselyn Cruz Oestreich* A.B. ’97, J.D. ’00

Roman J. Lee LL.M. ’97

Joel C. Haims* J.D. ’93

Allison Marie Harlow-Fumai* A.B. ’99, J.D. ’02 & Kevin M. Fumai*

Steven D. Needle* J.D. ’72, M.B.A. ’72

Cliona R. O’Callaghan J.D. ’89 & Joseph C. Lombard

Caroline Hahn* J.D. ’95

Stephen Peter Harbeck* J.D. ’73 & Judith F. Harbeck* J.D. ’73

Christian O. Nagler J.D. ’97

Albert C. Neimeth* A.B. ’50, J.D. ’52 & Doris L. Neimeth*

Brant M. Laue* J.D. ’86

James W. Kambas* LL.B. ’64 & Sylvia G. Kambas*

Valerie Hans*

S. Jane Muqaddam* A.B. ’76 & M. Saleem Muqaddam*

Barry W. Rashkover* J.D. ’86 John W. Reed* LL.B. ’42 Robert J. Regan* J.D. ’82 & Cynthia S. Clark* J.D. ’82 Lewis M. Ress* A.B. ’52, J.D. ’54 & Esta B. Ress* Clara H. Rho J.D. ’95


| 27

Michael T. Tomaino* LL.B. ’62 David R. Toraya* J.D. ’86 Roger R. Valkenburgh* J.D. ’75 & Virginia Valkenburgh* M.B.A. ’76, M.P.S. ’76 Grant Van Sant* J.D. ’71 David E. Vann Jr.* J.D. ’90 & Marie Rossi John Vukelj* J.D. ’03 & Stacey Leece Vukelj* J.D. ’03 Jeffrey E. Wacksman* J.D. ’85 Daniel J. Wagner* J.D. ’83 Glenn S. Walter* J.D. ’95 E. Terry Warren* A.B. ’52, J.D. ’56 & D. C. Warren* A.B. ’52

Christine L. Richardson* J.D. ’90 Candace A. Ridgway* J.D. ’87 R. Kent Roberts* J.D. ’94 & Sujata Yalamanchili* J.D. ’93

Charles A. Simmons* LL.B. ’61 & Faith Simmons* Richard J. Sinnott* J.D. ’73 Paul A. Skrabut* J.D. ’67

David C. Robinson* J.D. ’93

Walter J. Sleeth* J.D. ’68

George Constantine Rockas* J.D. ’84, M.B.A. ’84 & Evelyn Limberakis Rockas*

Jerry L. Smith* LL.B. ’63

Frederick W. Rose* A.B. ’55, J.D. ’60 & Judith A. Rose*

Pamela C. Smith* J.D. ’92 Richard L. Smith* J.D. ’71 Theresa A. Smith* J.D. ’85

Richard G. Rosenblatt* J.D. ’90

W. Mark Smith* J.D. ’80

Jeffrey K. Ross* B.S. ’73, J.D. ’76 & Nancy Ross*

David R. Snyder* J.D. ’74

Faust Frank Rossi* J.D. ’60 Michael V. Rovere* J.D. ’91 & Diane M. Wasil-Biagianti* J.D. ’91 Richard A. Ruffer Jr.* J.D. ’90 & Maria L. Ruffer* B.A.R. ’89

Stephen M. Snyder* M.P.A. ’71, J.D. ’72 Aimee N. Soucie* J.D. ’02 Charles T. Spada J.D. ’90 Thomas J. Spellman III* J.D. ’90

Robert A. Warwick* M.B.A. ’72, J.D. ’73 Peter B. Webster* LL.B. ’65 Brad S. Weinstein A.B. ’01, J.D. ’05 Joel Weinstein* J.D. ’81 & Deborah Eisen Weinstein* J.D. ’82 Lee I. Weintraub* J.D. ’70 & Teresa V-F Weintraub* Allan H. Weitzman* B.S. ’70, J.D. ’73 Jonathan M. Weld* J.D. ’67 Andrew N. Wells* J.D. ’79 Richard C. Wesley* J.D. ’74 & Kathryn R. Wesley* Jun Chul Whang J.D. ’89 John L. Whittle* J.D. ’95 & Sarah Hinman Whittle* J.D. ’96

Amy J. St. Eve* A.B. ’87, J.D. ’90 & Howard Brett Chrisman* B.S. ’87

Scott E. Willoughby* J.D. ’88

David B. Stafford J.D. ’87

Daniel C. Wilson* J.D. ’70

John P. Schnitker* J.D. ’77

Andrew J. Starrels J.D. ’85, M.R.P. ’86

Andrew A. Wittenstein* J.D. ’78 & Vicki Wittenstein* J.D. ’79

Lewis G. Schwartz J.D. ’77

James H. Steigerwald* J.D. ’98

Mia Woo* M.B.A. ’14, J.D. ’14

Stanley Schwartz* J.D. ’69

Susan Cobb Stewart* M.D. ’66

Guohua Wu* J.D. ’01

Paul G. Sedlack J.D. ’86 & Nancy E. Herse Sedlack Ph.D. ’89

John H. Stuart* J.D. ’80

Charles R. Wunsch* J.D. ’81

John T. Sutton J.D. ’93 & Barbara A. Sutton J.D. ’93

Dominic K. L. Yoong* J.D. ’94 & Akiko Nakatani Yoong* J.D. ’94

Lawrence J. Swire* J.D. ’63

James D. Young* J.D. ’94 & Marianne W. Young* J.D. ’91

Bradley K. Sabel* J.D. ’75 John L. Sander* A.B. ’76, J.D. ’80 Steven Andrew Sanders* J.D. ’71

Sigmund S. Semon* J.D. ’62 & Bonnie L. Semon* B.S. ’62 Joseph L. Serafini* J.D. ’67 Ronald D. Sernau* J.D. ’86 & Stephanie W. Sernau* J.D. ’86 Sawanee Amoradhat Sethsathira LL.M. ’83 Daniel A. Shacknai* J.D. ’93 Robert A. Shapiro* J.D. ’96, LL.M. ’96

Leigh C. Taggart J.D. ’90 Lewis C. Taishoff* LL.B. ’66 Susan M. Tarr* A.B. ’72 & Christopher S. Tarr* J.D. ’73 Stephen L. Tatum* Alan R. Taxerman* J.D. ’79

Alan S. Wilmit J.D. ’88

Albert J. Zangrilli Jr.* J.D. ’72 Charles R. Zeh* J.D. ’69 Raymond Claude Zemlin* J.D. ’80 & Nancy E. Zemlin* Aetna, Inc. Bank of America Corporation

David and Margery Inkeles Charitable Foundation Davis Polk & Wardwell, LLP

Ralph Frank Abbott Jr.* J.D. ’73 & Anne Marie Abbott*

Debevoise & Plimpton

Francis A. Aloi LL.B. ’65

Deloitte Foundation

Mary Ferrara Anderson* J.D. ’92 & Jeffrey D. Anderson*

Dentons US LLP Ernst & Young Foundation The Foundation for the Jewish Federation

G. W. Cadbury Charitable Trust

David Alan Ast* J.D. ’72 & Paula Ast*

Gartner Group General Electric Company Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore Jill M. Cicero & Associates Johnson & Johnson Kirkland & Ellis Foundation Latham & Watkins Linklaters Law Firm, LLP The Linville Family Foundation Lockheed Martin Manor Care Inc. Max Zankel Foundation Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, LLP Morrison & Foerster Foundation New York Community Trust The Northern Trust Company Occidental Petroleum Charitable Foundation Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, LLP

Richard D. Avil Jr.* J.D. ’74 & Karen M. Mudry* Ph.D. ’78 Patricia Ann Baity* J.D. ’78 & John Cooley Baity* Robert F. Bakemeier* J.D. ’82 Brooke W. Banbury* M.B.A. ’65, J.D. ’66 Jeffrey Bank* B.S. ’03, J.D. ’06 Michael Barclay Michael A. Barnhill J.D. ’93 Evalyn Basloe* J.D. ’65 & Joseph S. Basloe* A.B. ’64, J.D. ’66 Leland S. Beck* A.B. ’53, J.D. ’55 & Phyllis Beck* A.B. ’52 David I. Becker* J.D. ’99 & Jamie Susan Roth* A.B. ’99 John Charles Begley* LL.B. ’67 William M. Bellamy Jr.* A.B. ’53, M.B.A. ’58, J.D. ’59 & Nancy Bellamy* David L. Berkey J.D. ’75 Lee E. Berner J.D. ’85 David R. Birk* J.D. ’72 James Gambell Bishop* J.D. ’12 Rachel S. Black* J.D. ’99

Perkins Coie, LLP

Daniel Matthew Boglioli* B.S. ’97, J.D. ’00 & Emily K. Boglioli* B.S. ’97

PJM Interconnection The Prentice Trust PriceWaterhouseCoopers Princeton Area Community Found Raphael D. & Francine Friedlander Foundation Sidley Austin, LLP Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom, LLP Sullivan & Cromwell, LLP

Benevity Boston Foundation Incorporated

Thompson & Knight, LLP

Stephanie L. Sharron* J.D. ’92

Thomas D. Thomas J.D. ’80

Bucknell University

Weil Gotshal & Manges, LLP

Audrey Cohen Sherwyn* J.D. ’85 & Steven M. Sherwyn*

Kandice Stetson Thorn* J.D. ’06 & Tyler W. Thorn* J.D. ’06

ChevronTexaco Corporation

White & Case, LLP

John D. Sigel* J.D. ’80 & Sally Carrothers Reid* J.D. ’79

Henry P. Ting* J.D. ’96 & Meredith A. Burns* J.D. ’95

Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, LLP

Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr, LLP


Brock J. Austin* J.D. ’76

The PepsiCo Foundation, Inc.

Jonathan C. Thau* A.B. ’77, J.D. ’79

28 |

William Y. Arms* & Caroline R. Arms William Gerard Asher* LL.B. ’66

Joseph M. Sharnoff* M.S. ’69, J.D. ’71

Clifford Chance US, LLP

Jamie Weinberg Andree A.B. ’76, J.D. ’79

Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson, LLP

Tashlik Family Charitable Foundation

Leonard B. Terr* J.D. ’75


David B. Booker* J.D. ’90 & Lisa Yu Wang* Lorene J. Bow* A.B. ’50, J.D. ’52 James Boyd Laura L. Bozek* J.D. ’91 John K. Bradley* J.D. ’88 Stuart Bressman* A.B. ’82, J.D. ’85 & Patrice M. Bressman* Clarke W. Brinckerhoff* J.D. ’68 Steven P. Buffone* J.D. ’84 Joseph B. Buonanno* M.B.A. ’88, J.D. ’89 Thomas F. Campion LL.B. ’61 David Carlson J.D. ’11 William J. Casazza* J.D. ’85 Edward D. Cavanagh* J.D. ’74 & Janet G. Cavanagh* B.S. ’74

Kenny C. Chao J.D. ’05 & Rachel A. Yuen J.D. ’05

Willard G. Eldred* A.B. ’50, LL.B. ’53 & Margaret Eldred* B.S. ’50

Yoon Y. Choo* J.D. ’99

Jeffrey S. Endick* J.D. ’81 & Bonnie A. Endick*

N. Catherine Claypoole J.D. ’93, M.R.P. ’93 Sara Coelho* J.D. ’06 Richard I. Cohen* J.D. ’84 Thomas William Colomb* J.D. ’97 Waldemar Colon* J.D. ’06 Jeffrey A. Cooper* J.D. ’80 Robert N. Cowen* A.B. ’69, J.D. ’72

Reunion Volunteers

Douglas H. Evans* J.D. ’75 & Sarah E. Cogan*

Every year, Cornell Law School relies on alumni volunteers to lead

Leo J. Fallon* LL.B. ’53

among their respective classmates, and help arrange Friday night class

Alfred Louis Fatale III* J.D. ’07

dinners. The following alumni gave their time and attention to these

Marjorie Feder Jonathan William Feldman* B.S. ’78 & Jill Feldman*

fundraising campaigns for Reunion-year classes, encourage attendance

purposes in 2015, thereby ensuring that Reunion 2015 was a pleasant and memorable event for all. Cornell Law School Alumni Affairs & Development is grateful to these generous and thoughtful volunteers.

Bruce Wayne Felmly* J.D. ’72 Margaret Felts

Class of 1960

Robert Alan Feiner

Frederick William Rose

Mary Gail Gearns

John Joseph William Inkeles

Roger C. Cramton* & Harriet H. Cramton*

Courtney E. Finerty* A.B. ’09, J.D. ’13

Peter Cronin* & Amy D. Cronin*

Susan J. Forney J.D. ’78

Stephen W. Cropper J.D. ’72

David F. Foster-Koth* J.D. ’92

Class of 1965

Christine Cahill Cubias* J.D. ’95

Peter Friedenberg* J.D. ’80

Paul R. Alter

David Lochirco Russo

Collette B. Cunningham* J.D. ’00

David Q. Gacioch* J.D. ’04 & Anne L. Geiger* J.D. ’04

Paul R. Callaway

John Jeffrey Zak

Christopher K. Dalrymple* J.D. ’96 Heather L. Daly* J.D. ’00 Carrie E. Davenport* J.D. ’05 Ellen Davidowitz Harry S. Davis* J.D. ’88 & Shelley Boland*

Daniel Joseph Rothstein

Kevin C. Klein Viktor V. Pregel Stacy L. Smith Gabriel J. Steffens

David B. Gersh

Glenn S. Galbreath* & Sandy Galbreath*

Harvey D. Hinman II

Class of 1990

Jerold D. Jacobson

John Edward Beltz

Lawrence F. Gardella* A.B. ’71, J.D. ’75

M. Joseph Levin

David Boyd Booker

Stephen A. Ploscowe

Karen Coney Coplin

Peter B. Webster

Amy J. St. Eve

Adam B. Gasthalter* J.D. ’07

Brendan R. Kalb

Ross Daniel Gillman

Christine B. Watts

Class of 2005 Elizabeth Molly Banzuly Rebecka Biejo Joshua R. Buhler

William O. Gaylord* B.S. ’76, J.D. ’79 & Jennifer M. Gaylord*

Class of 1970

Sarah B. Gelb* A.B. ’87, J.D. ’90

Lance Stewart Gad

Douglas MacDonald Lankler

Barry J. Geller* J.D. ’66

Leslie Alan Glick

Sheryl Pardo

Joseph B. Crace

Thomas Stephen Gellert* B.S. ’94, M.B.A. ’99, J.D. ’00

Louis Robert Pepe

Richard Alvah Ruffer Jr.

Carrie E. Davenport

Michael Anthony Defreitas J.D. ’85 & Jane E. Fisher Ph.D. ’89

Roberta Naomi Samuels

Harrison L. Denman

Richard N. George* J.D. ’62

Class of 1975

David Richard Schellhase

Christopher M. Golden

Thomas J. Denitzio Jr. J.D. ’75

George H. Getman* A.B. ’44, J.D. ’48

Somers Steelman Price Jr.

Debra Helen Taylor

Steven Grimes

James Montgomery Quinn

Kara Dawn Wertheimer

Christopher A. Ha

Lewis U. Davis Jr. J.D. ’75 Neil M. Day* LL.B. ’63 Charles A. De Bare* A.B. ’44, J.D. ’49

Marjorie Burnett Dephtereos* J.D. ’79 & David L. Dephtereos* A.B. ’76, J.D. ’79 Peter A. Diana* J.D. ’84 & Brenda S. Diana* A.B. ’84 Thomas F. Dibianca* J.D. ’78 Shelley Detwiller DiGiacomo J.D. ’99 Jerold William Dorfman* B.S. ’60, LL.B. ’63 & Karen Dorfman*

George S. Getman* J.D. ’75 Cyrus Ali Ghavi* J.D. ’10 Thomas P. Gilhooley* LL.B. ’65

Sarah B. Gelb

Class of 1980 Janet E. Bostwick

Thomas W. Gittins* A.B. ’61

Michael Alan Brizel

Fredric D. Glassman J.D. ’05

Susan Warshaw Ebner

John L. Goldman* J.D. ’59 & Roslyn Bakst Goldman* B.S. ’59

Daniel Washburn Emery

Kevin S. Gorman J.D. ’83

Shepard Ames Federgreen Katherine Anne Fitzgerald

Lara M. Kroop

David Wesley Engstrom Eric Barmon Fastiff

Brandon B. Smith

Scott Alan Miller

Kimberly L. Taylor

Amy R. Mudge

Brad Scott Weinstein

Glenn S. Walter

Matthew W. Wessler

William Harold Hinman

Class of 2000

Jennifer Miller Paci

Sara A. Berg

Gerald F. Edelstein LL.B. ’64

Jonathan Scott Green J.D. ’81

W. Mark Smith

Meghan Frei Berglind

Lawrence Scott Brandman Stuart Bressman Audrey Gayle Cohen

Deanna N. Pihos Edward Shen

Thomas John Lang

Ralph E. Duerre* J.D. ’71

Class of 1985

Christopher G. Clark

Michael J. Keegan

Class of 1995

Jared B. Grauer LL.M. ’07, J.D. ’07 & Kimberly Cowannava Grauer J.D. ’06

John C. Dorfman* J.D. ’49

Karen S. Chen

Class of 2010 Cyrus Ali Ghavi

Katherine E. Bierma

Jesse Tyler Horn Thomas Philip Kurland

Joshua Sevin Eisenberg

Allison Michele Wilson

D. Justin Griffith Marissa J. Holob


| 29

Clifford M. Greene* J.D. ’76 & Karyn M. Greene* A.B. ’75

Barbara Heck James* J.D. ’79 & Michael L. James*

Bruce Neal Lassman* J.D. ’82 & Maria Lassman*

Jared T. Greisman J.D. ’97

Gretchen A. Johanns* J.D. ’97 & Daniel T. Kiely* J.D. ’97

Denise A. Lazar* J.D. ’98

Georg Greitemann LL.M. ’98 Steven E. Grill J.D. ’80 Steven Grimes* J.D. ’05 James Q. Grimshaw* A.B. ’71, J.D. ’74 & Patricia S. Grimshaw* Elliott W. Gumaer* J.D. ’58

Christine Watts Johnston J.D. ’00 & Timothy D. Johnston J.D. ’00 Alfred C. Jones III* J.D. ’69 Brian Eneoreuwu Jones, Cornell Law Class of 2016

Byung-Chang Lee* LL.M. ’08 Gene W. Lee* J.D. ’92 Timothy B. Lee Catherine Lemann* Judith Richter Levy A.B. ’57, LL.B. ’59

Benjamin T. Hambright

Rodney W. Jordan* A.B. ’74, J.D. ’77

Julia A. Hanft

Norman E. Joslin* LL.B. ’52

Elizabeth H. Lewis*

Jody A. Healy* J.D. ’80

Marian F. Kadlubowski* A.B. ’73, J.D. ’76

Keith Lipscomb* J.D. ’00

Erwandi Hendarta* LL.M. ’91 Edwin S. Hetherington* M.B.A. ’75, J.D. ’75 Thomas N. Heyer* J.D. ’81 Jason Makar Hill* A.B. ’93, J.D. ’98 Lemuel W. Hinton J.D. ’78 Leonard A. Hirsch* J.D. ’83

Mela Lew* J.D. ’86

James R. Kane J.D. ’80

Alan S. Lockwood* A.B. ’75, J.D. ’78

William A. Kaplin* J.D. ’67

John M. Loftus* J.D. ’59

Stuart T. Kapp* J.D. ’89 & Jennifer Lynn Kapp*

Melinda Lopez

B. John Kaufman* B.S. ’64, J.D. ’67 John M. Keeler* LL.B. ’61 Julia Craig Kelety J.D. ’85

Barbara Jo Lubitz* A.B. ’78, J.D. ’83 Jennifer Theresa Lum J.D. ’85 Sheldon S. Lustigman* J.D. ’65

David H. Kimelberg* J.D. ’98

Jane Martindell Maccione* J.D. ’85

Philip J. Holmes J.D. ’86

G. Roger King* J.D. ’71

Craig A. MacDonnell* J.D. ’83

Robert S. Holmes* J.D. ’69

Thomas A. Klee* B.S. ’66, J.D. ’69

Helen Hillhouse Madsen* J.D. ’65

Stephen A. Hochman* A.B. ’57, J.D. ’59

Jay J. Holtmeier* J.D. ’90 & Karen W. Sexton* J.D. ’90 Arthur W. Hooper Jr.* J.D. ’69 Suzanne M. Horenstein Segal* J.D. ’87 H. Matthew Horlacher* J.D. ’94 Jonathan F. Horn J.D. ’80 Erica Horton, Esq. Cara Rubinstein Hoxie* J.D. ’87

Helaine Knickerbocker* J.D. ’51 Sumner J. Koch* J.D. ’84 Erin K. Koeppel J.D. ’00 & David Ross Koeppel B.S. ’98, J.D. ’01 Joshua C. Krumholz* J.D. ’88 & Patricia Lawrence Krumholz* J.D. ’88 Thomas Philip Kurland* J.D. ’10 & Kacie Alina Lally* J.D. ’11

Amy Meltzer Hughson* J.D. ’86

Robert Graham Kurzman* J.D. ’57 & Carol Kurzman* B.S. ’57

Yosef Ibrahimi J.D. ’08

David M. Lascell* LL.B. ’66

Ryan C. Jackson J.D. ’00

Brian N. Lasky J.D. ’00 & Marissa J. Holob J.D. ’00

Frederick A. Jacob* J.D. ’72

Robert L. Magielnicki* J.D. ’70 Myra Malkin J.D. ’83 Rodney A. Malpert* J.D. ’86, M.A. ’93 Christian E. Mammen J.D. ’93 Kathleen Managhan* J.D. ’71 Lyman A. Manser Jr.* LL.B. ’53 & Dorothy R. Manser* A.B. ’49, M.A. ’53 Ira B. Marcus* J.D. ’74 James A. Markus* J.D. ’77 & Ellen Karp Markus* A.B. ’75 Blythe Marston* J.D. ’85

Thomas J. McCormack* J.D. ’82

Andrew C. Pickett* J.D. ’86

Ayanna J. McKay* J.D. ’98 & Jerome Swindell*

Lawrence M. Pohly* M.B.A. ’68, J.D. ’68 & Sheila Rimland Pohly* B.S. ’67, M.S. ’68

James M. McLaughlin Jr.* J.D. ’80

Paul J. Powers Jr.* J.D. ’67

Katherine A. McRobie* J.D. ’07

Somers S. Price Jr.* J.D. ’75 & Dana M. Price*

Douglas Meiklejohn* J.D. ’71 & Harriet Thompson Meiklejohn* Stewart A. Merkin* M.B.A. ’71, J.D. ’72 Harry P. Messina Jr.* LL.B. ’57 & Linda R. Messina* J. Allen Miller* J.D. ’79 W. Timothy Miller* J.D. ’92 Catherine J. Minuse* J.D. ’75 & Henry E. Stevenson* J.D. ’74 Alexandra Hankin Mishkin* B.S. ’05 & Douglas W. Mishkin* J.D. ’09 Jacqueline M. Moessner* J.D. ’06 Jennifer Moran* J.D. ’74 Amy Ralph Mudge J.D. ’95 & Wilson Mudge

Renee Margaux Pristas* J.D. ’09 Robert J. Pristas* Benjamin A. Pushner* M.B.A. ’87, J.D. ’88 Anthony B. Radin* J.D. ’93 Jennifer M. Railing Andrea S. Rattner* A.B. ’83 Alethea K. Rebman J.D. ’03 Richard A. Redmond* J.D. ’72 Ronald G. Ress J.D. ’68 Rebecca Luna Robinson* B.S. ’07, M.B.A. ’15 Julie Dephtereos Rockmore* J.D. ’82 & Joseph H. Rockmore* Kurt M. Rogers B.S. ’93, J.D. ’96

Christopher W. Murray* J.D. ’80

Adam L. Rosen* A.B. ’01, J.D. ’04 & Jennifer Block Rosen* B.S. ’02

Jason E. Murtagh* J.D. ’99

Phyllis L. Rosen

Stephen A. Mutkoski Jr. A.B. ’91, J.D. ’97

Robert Rosenberg* J.D. ’77

Rodrigo F. Nascimento* LL.M. ’03

Martin Rubashkin* A.B. ’54, J.D. ’56 & Charlotte S. Rubashkin* B.S. ’55

Louis F. Nawrot Jr.* J.D. ’63

James T. Ryan* J.D. ’64

Christopher Francis Nenno* J.D. ’12

R. Keith Salisbury* J.D. ’69

Nicholas J. Nesgos* J.D. ’88 Thomas C. Newkirk* A.B. ’64, LL.B. ’66 Ryan N. Norwood* J.D. ’02 & I. Kristine Bergstrom* J.D. ’04

Terrance James O’Malley J.D. ’90 Charles H. Oppenheimer* J.D. ’68 Kenneth R. Page* J.D. ’71 Eric L. Palmquist J.D. ’99 Keith Palumbo* J.D. ’03 Douglas M. Parker* A.B. ’56, LL.B. ’58 & Angela Parker*

Paramjeet Tony Sammi J.D. ’98 Roberta Tulman Samuels* A.B. ’87, J.D. ’90 & Randy Samuels* J.D. ’89 Lee E. Samuelson* J.D. ’94 Charlotte May Savino Karl Savryn* A.B. ’67, J.D. ’70 Frank Scangarella* LL.B. ’59 & Edith Scangarella* Norma Hirshon Schatz* A.B. ’43 Shira A. Scheindlin* J.D. ’75 Timothy J. Schmitt* LL.B. ’66 Donald A. Schneider* A.B. ’58, LL.B. ’63

Nancy L. Pasley*

Douglas K. Schnell* M.B.A. ’05, J.D. ’05

David A. Pasqualini* J.D. ’86

Michael S. Schnittman* J.D. ’69

Jason Michael Patlis* J.D. ’92

Donald L. Schoenwald* LL.B. ’55

E. George Pazianos A.B. ’56, LL.B. ’61

Michael H. Schubert* J.D. ’83

Arthur E. Peabody Jr.* J.D. ’72

William Gary Schur* J.D. ’75 & Donna Elizabeth Fletcher*

Tavan L. R. Pechet*

Michael W. Sculnick J.D. ’75

D. Timothy Pembridge J.D. ’82

Martin I. Semel* A.B. ’56, J.D. ’59

Henry Perritt* Neal N. Peterson* J.D. ’93


Sinclair Powell* J.D. ’49

Anne H. McNamara* J.D. ’72

Gregory J. Nowak* J.D. ’84

30 |

Michael G. Pfeifer* J.D. ’75

Amy Christine McDonald J.D. ’07

Richard Allen Setterberg* A.B. ’74, J.D. ’77

Patrick James Shea* J.D. ’95

Stanley W. Widger Jr.* J.D. ’75

Up to $499

Robert W. Avery* J.D. ’53

Christal A. Sheppard* J.D. ’01

Robert Wiegand II

Richard A. Abeles*

Gabriel A. Avram* LL.B. ’59

Steve Shiffrin & Neesa M. Levine

Thomas Edward Willett* J.D. ’72

Charles Celik Abut* J.D. ’72

Thomas J. Azar

William M. Shiland Jr.* J.D. ’83

Allison Michele Wilson* J.D. ’10

Donald R. Adair J.D. ’68

Don Baarstad

Scott N. Shorr J.D. ’95

I. Peter Wolff* J.D. ’70

Shirley Baccus-Lobel*

Jeffrey S. Siegel* J.D. ’03

Lucia J. Wolgast* J.D. ’91

Michael Thomas Adams B.S. ’93, J.D. ’03

Paul S. Simmons* J.D. ’84 Shaun M. Simmons* J.D. ’99 Warren L. Simpson Jr.* J.D. ’72 Edward S. Sinick* A.B. ’75, J.D. ’78

Shari H. Wolkon* M.B.A. ’94, J.D. ’95 Alexander P. Woollcott J.D. ’85 Douglas R. Wright* J.D. ’78 M. Brent Yarborough* J.D. ’00

Jack F. Sinn* LL.B. ’48

Karen E. Yates* J.D. ’96

Richard Vernon Slater* LL.B. ’64

David Norman Yellen* J.D. ’84 & Leslie Richards-Yellen* J.D. ’84

Alan P. Smith* J.D. ’59 Brandon B. Smith* J.D. ’05 Gregory James Smith* J.D. ’72 James A. Smith Jr.* J.D. ’73 Donald E. Snyder* A.B. ’50, J.D. ’52 Sonya Olds Som J.D. ’97 Daniel R. Sovocool B.S. ’82, J.D. ’85

Donna Murray Zenor* J.D. ’73 Karen Apollo Ziman* A.B. ’96, J.D. ’02 American International Group, Inc. Anne Claire Lester Foundation, Inc. Biogen Research Corporation

John H. Spellman J.D. ’70

BlackRock Financial Management

Gabriel J. Steffens J.D. ’00

Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC

Alan Jay Steinberg* J.D. ’84

Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, LLP

Adrienne M. Steiner* J.D. ’14 Rena M. Strand J.D. ’05 Frank L. Strickland J.D. ’90 Beth Gessner Sullivan J.D. ’83

Community Foundation of New Jersey Debevoise & Plimpton, LLP

Robert B. Adelman* LL.B. ’78 & Merril Orenstein Adelman* B.S. ’80 Heather S. Adivari A.B. ’97, J.D. ’00 & Robert A. Riva J.D. ’00 Seth Hugh Agata* B.S. ’79, J.D. ’82 & Gail Agata* Erin Beth Bright Angel Agee* J.D. ’12

Sasha Fannie Belinkie J.D. ’15 Hubert J. Bell

Phoebe Bennett* J.D. ’94

Michael J. Allen* B.S. ’82, J.D. ’85

Gabriella Elizabeth Bensur* A.B. ’12, J.D. ’15

Mitchell W. Allen Mark J. Altschuler* J.D. ’82 Emmanuel Alvarez J.D. ’15

Beverly Gifford Baker* J.D. ’77

Samantha G. Amdursky J.D. ’05

Charles H. Baker J.D. ’85

Jessica W. Berg* A.B. ’91, J.D. ’94 & John K. Niederer* A.B. ’90, MA ’96, Ph.D. ’97

Gerald Martin Amero LL.B. ’63

Michael J. Baker* J.D. ’06

William H. Berger* J.D. ’70

George Theodore Anagnost* A.B. ’70, M.B.A. ’76

Stanley O. W. Bakke* M.B.A. ’66, J.D. ’67 & Jeannette Sharon Bakke* M.S. ’67

Dwain Berggren

FM Global Foundation

Christopher Michael Andrews J.D. ’15

Richard N. Tager* LL.B. ’64

Foundation for the Carolinas

Samuel J. Angell J.D. ’88

Debra H. Taylor J.D. ’90

Hogan Lovells, LLP

Jason P. Tufo J.D. ’05 & Cindy Yang J.D. ’05 Edward F. Ughetta M.B.A. ’96, J.D. ’96 & Heather A. Paltz B.S. ’94 Jason D. Vendel J.D. ’05 Jean-Pierre A. Vignaud LL.M. ’70 James L. Vollbrecht* J.D. ’89 & Nancy Lynn Manzer* J.D. ’88 Walter G. Von Schmidt* J.D. ’72 Jeffrey S. Walden* Stacy Smith Walsh J.D. ’00 Allen D. Webster* J.D. ’76 Ryan B. Whitacre J.D. ’00

Nomi Barst Berenson* B.S. ’03, J.D. ’08

William Burlingham Bain* J.D. ’96

Bradley R. Tabach-Bank* J.D. ’70

Ryoichi Tsukakoshi LL.M. ’99

Steven P. Benenson* J.D. ’84

Nora Yussuf Sultan Ali J.D. ’15

Hoyt Y. Sze J.D. ’95

Greta Botka Treadgold* J.D. ’76

Brittany Nicole Benavidez J.D. ’15

Asya S. Alexandrovich* J.D. ’01 & Maxim Georgievich Vavilov M.S. ’00, Ph.D. ’01

Eaton Corporation

Paul E. Torchia J.D. ’00

Thomas S. Bain*

David H. Alexander* J.D. ’72 & Joan B. Alexander* B.S. ’72


Reed W. Topham* J.D. ’91

Stephen A. Bain* J.D. ’88 & Lisa M. Bain* J.D. ’88

Wendy H. Al-Eyd

Stephanie L. Sweitzer* J.D. ’03

Philip S. Toohey* J.D. ’68

David S. Baime J.D. ’67

Robert Mackenzie Belden* B.S. ’12, J.D. ’15

Alex F. Sutter J.D. ’00

IBM Corporation

Camille Kaleigh Bacon-Schulte* J.D. ’14

Edward W. Ahart* J.D. ’72

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

Todd D. Thibodo* J.D. ’93 & Susan D. Ofsie* D.V.M. ’93

Kelly Pellicci Bachman* J.D. ’06 & Timothy R. Bachman* J.D. ’06

C. Grant Anderson LL.B. ’65 Jeff A. Anderson* J.D. ’84

Anonymous Friend (3) Anonymous Friend*

Richard A. Bales* J.D. ’93

Philip A. Berke* J.D. ’61

Eve Newman Balick* J.D. ’87 & Kenneth D. Balick* B.S. ’83 Dwight R. Ball* LL.B. ’60

Olaf N. Berner LL.M. ’05

Jerald D. Baranoff* J.D. ’72

Carl T. Berry J.D. ’05

Barbara H. Bares* J.D. ’79

Warner B. Berry* A.B. ’62, LL.B. ’65

Kaamil Ansar* LL.M. ’80

Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Cassandra Genevieve Aquart A.B. ’00

Graham E. Barkham* LL.B. ’65, M.P.A. ’67 & Elizabeth Barkham* B.S. ’66

Hiram Marcos Arnaud J.D. ’13

Geoffrey W. Barnard J.D. ’69

Richard W. Arnold J.D. ’72

James K. Barnett* J.D. ’74

Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, LLP

Edmund Samuel Aronowitz A.B. ’02, J.D. ’05

Tyler Barnett* J.D. ’09

Protect Our Defenders Foundation

Ruth R. Aronson* B.S. ’77, J.D. ’84

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP

S. C. Johnson Fund Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Paul B. Ascher* LL.B. ’65 & Andrea P. Ascher* B.S. ’74

Sarah L. Beuning* J.D. ’99

Charles S. Biener* J.D. ’83

Richard Armstrong Barnstead* LL.B. ’55 & Jane Barnstead* David Edward Barth* J.D. ’82 Thomas D. Barton* J.D. ’74

State Street Bank & Trust Company

Mulan De Quettevi Ashwin LL.M. ’88

Nathan Feuer Baum J.D. ’15

United Technologies Corporation

John Philip Asiello* J.D. ’77 & Carol Ford Asiello*

Frederick Beck Jr.* LL.B. ’63

United Way of Orange County Visa International Wells Fargo Foundation Whitehall Foundation, Inc.

Michael J. C. Bierce J.D. ’12 Leslie Bitman Morton L. Bittker* J.D. ’60 & Maxine Bittker* B.S. ’59 Henry Cutler Bjorkman* LL.B. ’59

Martha A. Bassett* J.D. ’86

Jordan Andrew Ast* B.S. ’02, J.D. ’05

Jeffrey M. Beyer* J.D. ’01 Rebecka Biejo J.D. ’05

M. Richard Asher* J.D. ’56

United Way of Greater Rochester

Jerome Berkman* A.B. ’63, J.D. ’65 Jeffrey M. Berman J.D. ’00

Robert D. Banzuly


O’Melveny & Myers, LLP

Zachary Russell Bergman B.S. ’10, J.D. ’15

Brenda Beauchamp* J.D. ’13

Todd A. Beck J.D. ’88

David E. Blabey J.D. ’68 Walter Black* J.D. ’59 Dwight S. Blackwood* J.D. ’87 Eileen M. Blackwood J.D. ’86

David Mark Becker J.D. ’15

James A. Atchison

Karen Keiser Beekman J.D. ’85

Robin McGee Blackwood J.D. ’78

John R. Atwood* J.D. ’71 & Margaret Rigg Atwood*

Emily Anna Beer J.D. ’15

Linda Manney Blasi* J.D. ’79

Peter G. Beeson J.D. ’75


| 31

Benjamin David Bleiberg* A.B. ’02, J.D. ’06 H. Paul Block Elisabeth Kaplan Boas* A.B. ’71 & Arthur B. Spitzer* B.S. ’71 Henry B. Bobrow* J.D. ’52 & Phyllis F. Bobrow* Lawrence W. Boes James M. Bogin* J.D. ’84

Charles P. Brissman* Jonathan A. Brod* J.D. ’70 Jennifer Fallon Brokamp J.D. ’15 Alyssa Rae Brooks James M. Brooks* LL.B. ’66 Joshua David Brooks J.D. ’15 & Teddar S. Brooks* J.D. ’73 Bernard L. Brown* J.D. ’77

Paul E. Bonanno J.D. ’00

Bowman Brown* M.B.A. ’68, J.D. ’68

Andrew W. Bonekemper* J.D. ’99

Jay Brown

Jillian L. Bosmann* J.D. ’06

Joseph B. Brown* J.D. ’73 & Alison P. Brown* M.A. ’73, Ph.D. ’78

Anne Marie Bossart* J.D. ’12

Robert W. Brown J.D. ’67

Todd A. Bowers J.D. ’94

Rodney A. Brown* J.D. ’75

Lauren Alana Bowman* J.D. ’14

Zachry Galen Brown* M.B.A. ’10, J.D. ’10

Michael J. Borik* J.D. ’90

Brian J. Boyle Jr.* J.D. ’09 & Matthew J. Savoie* J.D. ’09

Samuel G. Brundage* LL.B. ’51

George F. Bradlau* J.D. ’74

Martha T. Buck*

Amanda Kay Bradley M.B.A. ’13, J.D. ’13

Carl L. Bucki* A.B. ’74, J.D. ’76

David V. Bradley* J.D. ’86 & Katherine S. Bradley* Lawrence D. Bradley J.D. ’85 & Elizabeth F. Scott A.B. ’84 Patrick E. Bradley* J.D. ’86 Michael A. Brady* J.D. ’75 Jonathan M. Brand J.D. ’96 Ronald A. Brand* J.D. ’77 & Mary M. Brand* Steven A. Brav* David G. Bray* J.D. ’92 Rebecca L. Breitmaier* & Todd R. Breitmaier

James Sollee Buino J.D. ’05 Robert G. Bullis J.D. ’76 Kristen A. Burke* & Jody K. Burnett* J.D. ’77 Sean Burke Brendan Harris Burns* B.S. ’09, M.B.A. ’12, J.D. ’12 Catherine Nicole Burns J.D. ’15, M.B.A. ’15 Douglas T. Burns* J.D. ’83 James P. Burns III* LL.B. ’66 Christopher Trane Burwell J.D. ’15, M.B.A. ’15

Richard M. Buxbaum A.B. ’50, LL.B. ’52 & Catherine B. Hartshorn Erin E. Buzuvis* J.D. ’01 Bruce K. Byers* J.D. ’58 James B. Byrne Jr.* J.D. ’66 Lisa Ann Byrns* J.D. ’87 Melissa Cabrera* J.D. ’13 Gina Caceci* John B. Cairns* J.D. ’79 & Laurie L. Cairns*

Sarah Breslow* J.D. ’13 Scott P. Bridge* J.D. ’04 Leonie M. Brinkema* J.D. ’76 Janet Brinkman* B.S. ’47

Alan L. Bushlow* J.D. ’91 Daniel E. Butcher* J.D. ’89 Robert R. Butts* J.D. ’71, M.R.P. ’76 Hannah L. Buxbaum A.B. ’87, J.D. ’92 & Edward W. Herrmann B.S. ’87


Bingfu Chen LL.M. ’12 Li-tsung Alyssa Chen J.D. ’15 Robert Chen* A.B. ’02 Edward D. Cheney* J.D. ’79 Katherine S. Cheng* J.D. ’03 Ke Cheng LL.M. ’07 Steven M. Cherin* J.D. ’84 Robert C. Copeland*

Gregory J. Campbell*

Stuart D. Chessman* J.D. ’78

Robert A. Corash J.D. ’66

Michael A. Campbell

Muzaffar A. Chishti*

Diana C. Corbin J.D. ’98

Janet Cook Canary* J.D. ’85

Anna M. Chisman

Bradley C. Canon

Stephanie H. Chow J.D. ’05

Dave Coriell J.D. ’15 & Grace K. Coriell

David O. Cantu* J.D. ’81 & Jean B. Cantu* M.B.A. ’81

Brenda Christie

Richard J. Caples* J.D. ’77 Liberato Carbone* B.S. ’85, J.D. ’88 Mirna R. Cardona A.B. ’03, J.D. ’09 Thomas A. Carnrike* J.D. ’05

Deborah G. Corlett* J.D. ’90

Hang Chu LL.M. ’15

Jeremiah P. Cosgrove* B.S. ’81, J.D. ’88

Lily H. Chu A.B. ’80, M.B.A. ’82, J.D. ’09

Peter J. Costanza* J.D. ’78

Patryk J. Chudy* J.D. ’00 Yujin Chun J.D. ’15 Yoo Jin Chung J.D. ’15 Robert H. Cinabro* J.D. ’73

P. Keely Costello* J.D. ’71 Jon C. Cowen J.D. ’88 Joseph B. Crace J.D. ’05 A. Douglas P. Craig* LL.B. ’60

Dr. Robert J. Carpenter Jr.* & Addie F. Carpenter*

Burton Citak J.D. ’52

William B. Carr Jr.* J.D. ’77

Margaret L. Clancy* J.D. ’80

Patricia I. Carrington J.D. ’85

Michael R. Clarke* J.D. ’89 & Pamela D. Davis-Clarke* B.S. ’84

Charles D. Cramton* A.B. ’78, J.D. ’83 & Deborah Gwynne Cramton*

Tyler Clarke* J.D. ’13

George W. Cregg Jr.* J.D. ’71

David J. Cartano* J.D. ’76

Daniel L. Clausen* J.D. ’08 & Sucheta Soundarajan M.S. ’09, Ph.D. ’13

Frank T. Crego* M.B.A. ’68, J.D. ’69 & Susan V. Crego*

Briana L. Cartwright J.D. ’15

Maria T. Clavell

Dean Anthony Caruvana* J.D. ’14

Jeremy Waters Cline J.D. ’10 & Michelle Elizabeth Yetter J.D. ’10

James A. Cashen* LL.B. ’58

Robert G. Coats*

Vito J. Cassan* J.D. ’55

Arthur L. Cobb* A.B. ’71, J.D. ’74 & Sandra D. Cobb* M.S. ’74

Allen Carroll* Gerald T. Carroll Maureen Carroll

Nicholas H. Cobbs*

David A. Castle* J.D. ’90

Zachary Leon Coffelt* J.D. ’13

Damien Catoir* J.D. ’08

Richard M. Cogen* J.D. ’79

Joseph V. Cavanagh III* J.D. ’03 & Rosanna Orfield Cavanagh* M.B.A. ’04, J.D. ’04

Bruce A. Coggeshall* LL.B. ’67 Patricia L. Cohen* J.D. ’82 Steven Jonathan Colby* J.D. ’14 Kenneth M. Cole* J.D. ’72

Heidi L. Craig J.D. ’07 Mike Cramer

Joseph E. Cresci LL.B. ’67 Douglas J. Crisman* J.D. ’94 & Vivian Crisman* M.P.S. ’94 Denise B. Crockett* J.D. ’81 Alan Jon Cronheim* J.D. ’75 Michael Kevin Cross B.S. ’06, J.D. ’09 Katherine Sparks Crowl* J.D. ’63 Roberto E. Cuca* J.D. ’94 Lucia Cucu* J.D. ’08 Peter N. Cunningham* J.D. ’09 David B. Currie* J.D. ’88 Mark H. Dadd* J.D. ’68 Don F. Dagenais* J.D. ’76

Christine Centola J.D. ’15

Anne J. Collins J.D. ’15

William A. Cerillo* J.D. ’69

Harold T. Commons Jr.* J.D. ’68

Larissa Natalia Cespedes Yaffar J.D. ’15

Daniel J. Connolly J.D. ’72 & Jennifer C. Connolly

Abigail Lynn Cessna J.D. ’15

Diane Conrad

Howard H. Dana Jr.* M.P.A. ’66, LL.B. ’66 & Susan B. Dana* B.S. ’65

Christopher E. Chang* J.D. ’78 & Genevieve M. Chu Chang* B.S. ’78

Louis P. Contiguglia* J.D. ’56

Michael J. Danbury* LL.B. ’56

Robert A. Contiguglia J.D. ’56

Mark Laurence Daniels J.D. ’15

Lloyd K. Chanin* J.D. ’60 Thania Charmani LL.M. ’12, J.D. ’15 Ann P. Charney Manisha Chaudhary LL.M. ’13

32 |

Stephen G. Cheikes* J.D. ’74

Stuart A. Cherry J.D. ’05

Marihug Paloma Cedeno* B.S. ’07, J.D. ’13

Guilherme Brenner Lucchesi LL.M. ’10

Stephanie Chaung J.D. ’15

Ian A. Calvert*

Jonathan David Castellanos* B.S. ’11, J.D. ’14

Beth Brennan

Keertan Dinesh Chauhan J.D. ’15

James A. Daire J.D. ’05 Michael P. Daly* J.D. ’76

Kelly A. Cooke J.D. ’08

Cheryl M. David* J.D. ’05

John G. Cooney* A.B. ’75, M.B.A. ’79, J.D. ’79

Sharice L. Davids* J.D. ’10

Martha R. Cooper Peter A. Copeland J.D. ’74

Benjamin Davidson J.D. ’05 S. Gerald Davidson LL.B. ’55

Cayuga Society Founded in 1993, the Cayuga Society honors alumni and friends who have established planned gifts to Cornell University or have provided for Cornell in their estate plans. There is no minimum gift level, and membership is lifetime and complimentary. The Society was named to recognize the enduring benefit planned gifts provide: just as successive generations have enjoyed the enduring qualities of Cayuga Lake, members of the Cayuga Society know their gifts will make a lasting difference to future generations of Cornellians. The Cornell Law School alumni listed below are members of the Cayuga Society based on planned gift commitments made as of June 30, 2015.

Alan Adler, J.D. ’71 Paige Anderson, J.D. ’92 Christine Andrew, J.D. ’84 John Atwood, J.D. ’71 Mary Bailey F. Gregory Barnhart, J.D. ’76 William Bellamy, A.B. ’53, M.B.A. ’58, J.D. ’59 & Nancy Bellamy James Bennett, A.B. ’60, J.D. ’63 Bernard Berkowitz, A.B. ’52, J.D. ’56 & Rita Sobel Henry Bobrow, J.D. ’52 & Phyllis Bobrow, A.B. ’51 David Boehnen, J.D. ’71 & Shari Boehnen Mary Braza, A.B. ’78, J.D. ’81 Lisa Bronson, A.B. ’79, J.D. ’82 Morton Bunis, A.B. ’53, J.D. ’55 & Anita Bunis Robert Butts, J.D. ’71, M.R.P. ’76 Patricia Carrington, J.D. ’85 Robert Cartwright, J.D. ’67

Stephen Crane, B.S. ’60, J.D. ’63 & Elaine Crane, A.B. ’61 John De Wolfe, J.D. ’68 Lawrence Eden, J.D. ’66 Karl Ege, J.D. ’72 Eric Fastiff, J.D. ’95 M. Carr Ferguson, A.B. ’52, LL.B. ’54 Joel Finkelstein, LL.B. ’64 & Barbara Finkelstein Robert Fish, B.S. ’68, M.B.A. ’70, J.D. ’71 & Marian C. Fish, B.S. ’69 Samuel Frankenheim, A.B. ’54, LL.B. ’59 Alan Fridkin, A.B. ’65, J.D. ’70 Mark Frisbie, J.D. ’78

J. Bruce Ipe, LL.B. ’63 & Ruth Ipe Mark Jones, J.D. ’85 Thomas Jones, M.B.A. ’71, J.D. ’75 Stanley Kanter, J.D. ’68 & Madeline Kanter, B.S. ’66 Deborah Kenealy, J.D. ’87 Edward Kim, J.D. ’95 Stanley Komaroff, A.B. ’56, J.D. ’58 & Rosalyn Komaroff Henry Kramer, B.S. ’63, J.D. ’66 & Judith Kramer, B.S. ’64, M.Ed. ’65 John Lankenau, B.E.E. ’52, LL.B. ’55

Jason Pearl, A.B. ’54, J.D. ’56 & Helen Pearl Pamela Pearson, J.D. ’82 Peter Perretti, J.D. ’56 & Ruth Perretti Mark Pfeiffer, J.D. ’75

Elizabeth Lewis

Eileen GilBride, J.D. ’83

Jack Lewis, J.D. ’69 & Barbara Lewis, B.S. ’65, M.A.T. ’67

Stephen Ploscowe, B.S. ’62, LL.B. ’65

B. Dale Goodfriend, B.S. ’59, LL.B. ’63 Susan Gordon, J.D. ’76 Margaret Graf, J.D. ’73 Jeffrey Graham, J.D. ’67

Thomas Little, J.D. ’79 Alan Lockwood, A.B. ’75, J.D. ’78 Richard Lublin, J.D. ’64 & Jane Lublin

Robert Madden, B.S. ’66, J.D. ’69 & Barbara Madden

Norman Gross, LL.B. ’53 & Barbara Gross, B.S. ’53

Philip McCarthy, B.S. ’59, J.D. ’65

Scott Hand, J.D. ’69 & Ellen Hand Diana Hastings, J.D. ’86

Edward Coffey, J.D. ’73

Sarah Hewitt, J.D. ’82

Edward Cogen, A.B. ’56, J.D. ’60 & Ruth Cogen

James Hill, J.D. ’91 John Holobinko, J.D. ’67 & Betty Holobinko

Seth Siegel, B.S. ’74, J.D. ’78 Gilbert Simpkins, LL.B. ’53

Angela Tafur de Barco, LL.M. ’93 Robert Taisey, J.D. ’53 Allan Tessler, A.B. ’58, LL.B. ’63 Paul Trause, B.S. ’70, J.D. ’74 & Maryanne Trause, Ph.D. ’75 M. Anthony Vaida, J.D. ’64 Fredrick Van Riper, J.D. ’52 William vanden Heuvel, A.B. ’50, J.D. ’52

Sinclair Powell, J.D. ’49 Robert Rader, J.D. ’71 Anthony M. Radice, A.B. ’66, J.D. ’69

Daniel Wagner, J.D. ’83 Richard Wallach, J.D. ’69

William Recht, A.B. ’52, LL.B. ’54

E. Terry Warren, A.B. ’52, J.D. ’56 & Dorothea Warren, A.B. ’52

Walter Relihan, A.B. ’52, J.D. ’59

Robert Warwick, M.B.A. ’72, J.D. ’73

Lewis Ress, A.B. ’52, J.D. ’54 & Esta Ress

Roger Weiss, A.B. ’61, J.D. ’64

William D. Robinson, J.D. ’69

Michael White, J.D. ’70

Ira Roxland, J.D. ’67

Benjamin Meier, A.B. ’98, J.D. ’01, LL.M. ’01

John Rupert, A.B. ’49, J.D. ’51

Marcia Metzger, A.B. ’57, J.D. ’60 & Robert Metzger

David Saracino, J.D. ’74 & Mary Saracino

Robert Miller, A.B. ’62, LL.B. ’65

Henry Siegel, A.B. ’57, J.D. ’59

Peter Smith, B.S. ’68, J.D. ’71 & Deborah Smith, M.A. ’71

Douglas Parker, A.B. ’56, LL.B. ’58 & Angela Parker

Norman Geil, J.D. ’75 Jerome Goldberg, M.B.A. ’63, J.D. ’64

Audrey Cohen Sherwyn, J.D. ’85

Gregory Smith, J.D. ’72

Joan Oppenheimer, J.D. ’71

Robert Platt, A.B. ’73, J.D. ’76

Dorothy Gregory, A.B. ’49, LL.B. ’51 & Dr. James Gregory

Peter Cooper, A.B. ’53, J.D. ’57

Mark Nozette, J.D. ’74

Sally Levine, A.B. ’70, J.D. ’73

Thomas Cayten, A.B. ’64, LL.B. ’67

Thomas Clement, LL.B. ’59

John Newman, J.D. ’59

Steven Gaylor, J.D. ’83

Lynda Grant, J.D. ’82

Jack G. Clarke, LL.B. ’52

Sally Mulhern, J.D. ’82

Michael Pinnisi, A.B. ’82, J.D. ’85

Alvin Lurie, A.B. ’43, LL.B. ’44

Jill Cicero, J.D. ’84

James Moore, B.S. ’61, LL.B. ’64

Robert Lenhardt, J.D. ’87

Lance Gad, J.D. ’70, M.B.A. ’71

William Casazza, J.D. ’85

Eleanor Charwat, A.B. ’61

Jon Minikes, A.B. ’60, J.D. ’62 & Susan Backstrom

Paul Ruszczyk, J.D. ’86

James Seeley, B.S. ’76, J.D. ’79

Clara Yager, A.B. ’47, LL.B. ’49 Karen Yates, J.D. ’96 Joseph Zanetta, B.S. ’75, J.D. ’78 22 members wish to remain anonymous.

Robert Sharpe, J.D. ’80


| 33

Lorraine C. Davis A.B. ’76

Michael J. Dick* J.D. ’84

K. Wade Eaton J.D. ’72

Norman S. Davis*

Carol E. Didget Pomfret J.D. ’94

Darrel R. Davison* J.D. ’94

Robert B. Dietz* J.D. ’68

Malaika Marie Eaton J.D. ’02, M.P.A. ’02

Navoneel Dayanand* LL.M. ’04

David C. Dimuzio* J.D. ’77

Astrid M. E. de Parry* J.D. ’77

Eric Jaquith DiMuzio J.D. ’15

Rudolph De Winter* LL.B. ’53

Yongo Ding J.D. ’15

David E. Dearing* J.D. ’78, M.A. ’79 George T. Deason J.D. ’70 Caroline R. Debois J.D. ’86 Frank J. Decotis J.D. ’53

Gary L. Dinner* J.D. ’73 Thomas F. Disare* A.B. ’77, J.D. ’80 & Melinda Gorman Disare* J.D. ’80 Robert Dizak* Yana Dobkin J.D. ’05 Julia Dobtsis J.D. ’12 Stephen Francis Donahue* J.D. ’72 Frank M. Donato* J.D. ’66 Kirkwood Donavin Alfred Dorfman* LL.B. ’52

Abigail L. Deering J.D. ’05 Donald E. Degling* B.M.E. ’49, J.D. ’52 John T. DeGraff Jr. LL.B. ’56 William R. Deiss* J.D. ’76 Melissa Cristina Del Aguila* J.D. ’10, LL.M. ’10 Bria Danielle Delaney J.D. ’15 William R. DeLaney* LL.B. ’61 Gregory Leo Demers J.D. ’10 Alma DeMetropolis* B.S. ’91 Francis Anthony Demita Jr. J.D. ’86 Thomas Cyril Deneuville Jon D. Denison* Harrison L. Denman* J.D. ’05 Dr. Edwin W. Dennard* J.D. ’83 Kerri Marie Deruyter J.D. ’02 Ellis M. Deull* A.B. ’54, J.D. ’58 Eileen C. DeVries* J.D. ’84 Wood M. DeYoe* J.D. ’52 Shayona Dhanak J.D. ’15 Robert T. Di Giulio* J.D. ’66 Ari John Diaconis* J.D. ’14

Robert R. Douglass* LL.B. ’59 Rodney H. Dow* J.D. ’73

John E. Eichhorst* J.D. ’86 Craig M. Eichstadt Ruth I. Eisen J.D. ’85 Jesse R. Eisenberg* M.B.A. ’02, J.D. ’02 & James S. Eisenberg* B.S. ’96, M.P.S. ’02 Lisa W. Eisenberg E. Warren Eisner* J.D. ’52

Minna R. Elias* J.D. ’86 Laura M. Elliott J.D. ’04 Deborah Elvins Amie N. Ely* J.D. ’05 Joan Emery* J.D. ’79

Arthur H. Downey Jr.* LL.B. ’63

R. Clinton Emery* J.D. ’54 & Barbara Emery*

John D. Draikiwicz* J.D. ’82 & Ellyn Athanasiou Draikiwicz*

Verlane L. Endorf* J.D. ’73

Edward W. Drake

George Eng* J.D. ’73 & Glenna M. Collett*

Sara Dressler-Fiks* J.D. ’97 Mark A. Drexler* J.D. ’79 & Joanne V. Drexler* Richard I. Dreyfus* J.D. ’68 & Cheryl Dreyfus* M.S. ’69, Ph.D. ’76 Katherine Janna Drooyan* J.D. ’14 Gerard K. Drummond* B.S. ’59, LL.B. ’63 Donald Arthur Drumright* A.B. ’70, J.D. ’73 Daniel A. DuBois* J.D. ’14 David A. Dubow* J.D. ’76 Casey Scott Duffy* A.B. ’08, J.D. ’14 Susan D. Duffy* J.D. ’95 Zachary Daniel Dugan J.D. ’15 Alfonso Jose Dulcey* J.D. ’14

Viki Duncan Rebecca A. Durden* J.D. ’88 Michael C. Dwyer* LL.B. ’67

James C. Gallagher* J.D. ’71 William M. Gallow Jr.* J.D. ’54 Jackson B. R. Galloway* J.D. ’95

Steven M. Feldman* J.D. ’81

Tushna Gamadia J.D. ’00

William Feldman* B.S. ’03, J.D. ’06

Parveet S. Gandoak LL.M. ’06

B. R. Fernandez Mary B. Ferrand Benjamin J. Ferron J.D. ’94

Gabriel Garcia-Angeli J.D. ’94 Neil B. Garfinkel* J.D. ’89 Michael H. Garner* J.D. ’79

Hildy M. Feuerbach J.D. ’85

Mervin Ashley Alexander Garry* J.D. ’11

Steven Fike

Jesse E. Gary J.D. ’05

Donna E. Finlay*

Stuart L. Gastwirth* J.D. ’62

Andrew G. Fiorella J.D. ’03

Nicholas S. Gatto J.D. ’85

Richard C. Fipphen* J.D. ’84

D. Dyson Gay* LL.B. ’64

Brooke Larkin Fischer* J.D. ’14

Jeffrey B. Gaynes* J.D. ’78

Gerald F. Fisher J.D. ’69

Bernard Gehlhar* J.D. ’99

Richard S. Fisher* J.D. ’62

Norman H. Geil* J.D. ’75

Robert A. Fisher* LL.M. ’99, J.D. ’99

Robert E. Geisler* J.D. ’72

Susan Birnbaum Fisher* A.B. ’03 & David James Fisher* B.S. ’03, J.D. ’06 Katherine A. Fitzgerald J.D. ’80 Leslie Bichner Fleischer* J.D. ’84 Jessica Nicole Flores J.D. ’15 Jerry G. Fong J.D. ’90 Daniel Francis Forester A.B. ’06, A.B. ’06, J.D. ’11 Brian Fornuto David Forsh

Susannah Geltman* A.B. ’03, J.D. ’06 John M. Gendler* J.D. ’74 Dongmei Geng LL.M. ’08 Robert E. Gentino J.D. ’80 David Gibbons Jr. J.D. ’96 Doritte Gil* J.D. ’88 Stephen A. Gilbert* A.B. ’60, J.D. ’62 Eileen Dennis GilBride* J.D. ’83 Sharon Gillett Ross D. Gillman* J.D. ’85

Townsend Foster Jr.* LL.B. ’55 & Dorothy Foster*

David W. Engstrom J.D. ’95

Aleesha Janelle Fowler* J.D. ’14

Curtis S. Gimson* J.D. ’80

David W. Epp* J.D. ’58

Ross Adam Fox* J.D. ’14

Judith B. Gitterman* J.D. ’84

Helena Tavares Erickson J.D. ’86

Tracey Lynn Fox J.D. ’92

Thomas M. Gittins

Michael S. Erickson*

Valerie J. Franch

Robert E. Glanville* J.D. ’76

Jay Alan Erstling* B.S. ’71, J.D. ’74

Monte E. Frank A.B. ’90, J.D. ’93 & Leah M. Fogelman A.B. ’90

Matthew D. Glasser J.D. ’77

James E. Esposto*

Barbara Doyle Frantz* J.D. ’91 & David Matthew Frantz* D.V.M. ’95

Kow Abaka Essuman LL.M. ’09 Emilio Estela* J.D. ’85 Suzanne F. Evans* Malia L. Eversole Irving C. Faber* J.D. ’82 Halimah Ifedayo Famuyide J.D. ’15 William L. Fanning Eleanor R. Farrell* A.B. ’05, J.D. ’10 & Colin Michael Farrell* A.B. ’05 Joel A. Feerst A.B. ’64, J.D. ’66 Stephen P. Feigin* LL.B. ’66

Sharon L. Dyer* A.B. ’75, J.D. ’78 Ellen Eagen* J.D. ’03

Jed F. Feldman* J.D. ’07


Russell Jason Feldman* M.B.A. ’13, J.D. ’13

Lyell G. Galbraith* LL.B. ’60

Chris Engler* B.S. ’06, J.D. ’13 & Kate Engler* B.S. ’08, Ph.D. ’13

William M. Feinberg* A.B. ’49 & Joan Feinberg*

Henry B. Eastland* J.D. ’72

34 |

Susan J. Egloff* A.B. ’68, J.D. ’80

Rodney S. Dowell* J.D. ’89 & Katherine M. Clark* J.D. ’89

Harold N. Diamond* J.D. ’65

Kristen Marie Dicarmine* B.S. ’07, J.D. ’10

Richard W. Edwards Jr.* A.B. ’57, J.D. ’59 & Alice Edwards*

Chizoba Joi Ekemam* A.B. ’07, J.D. ’10

Beth D. Diamond* J.D. ’94

J. Michael Diaz* J.D. ’02 & Karolena Johnson Diaz* J.D. ’02

David G. Edwards* J.D. ’80 & Carol P. Edwards*

Bruce A. Douglas* J.D. ’76

Henrik N. Dullea* A.B. ’61 & Sally G. Dullea* A.B. ’63

Christie Diaz

Arthur C. Edersheim* J.D. ’91

Imri Eisner J.D. ’05

Donald G. Douglass* J.D. ’68 L. Christian DeDiana* J.D. ’82

Lawrence E. Eden* J.D. ’66

Kenneth Lewinn Doroshow* J.D. ’89

Lori Baker Douglas* J.D. ’94 Dara A. DeCourcy

Stewart I. Edelstein* J.D. ’73

John P. Feldman* J.D. ’90 & Liz Olfe Feldman* A.B. ’86, M.B.A. ’90

Nicholas Frederick B.S. ’05 Philip M. Freedman* J.D. ’64 Harris S. Freier* J.D. ’06 Richard J. Fricke* A.B. ’67, J.D. ’70

Marc R. Gilmore

Leslie Alan Glick B.S. ’67, J.D. ’70 Gilbert S. Glotzer* J.D. ’65 Samuel P. Go J.D. ’00 Jonathan Peter Goddard* J.D. ’14 David M. Godosky J.D. ’92 Peter C. Godwin J.D. ’92 Debra L. Goetz J.D. ’88

Anna Elizabeth Friedberg* J.D. ’10

Emily Lauren Gold* B.S. ’02, J.D. ’05

Victor Friedman* J.D. ’59

Sanford N. Gold* J.D. ’76 & Janet Schiller Gold* J.D. ’74

David E. Fritchey* J.D. ’72 & C. Denise Fritchey*

Andrew Goldberg J.D. ’15

Christian Alfred Fundo* J.D. ’11

Martin S. Goldberg* J.D. ’84

Antoinette Marie Fuoto* J.D. ’14

Deborah B. Goldman J.D. ’94

Michael G. Furlong* J.D. ’78

Jean R. Goldman* A.B. ’47, J.D. ’49

Eileen Fusco James A. Gabriel* J.D. ’72

David A. Goldstein J.D. ’93

Michelle R. Goldstein-Roman* J.D. ’89

Carl W. Gregory J.D. ’15 & Caitlin Elizabeth Gregory

Earl T. Hall* B.S. ’80, J.D. ’02 & Pamela J. Hall*

Albert W. Henderson* A.B. ’42, LL.B. ’47

Stephen L. Goodman J.D. ’80

Richard W. Grice* J.D. ’84

Douglas C. Halvorsen

Daniel W. Hendrick J.D. ’09

Cynthia Gordon* J.D. ’93

Mark P. Griffin M.P.A. ’98

Glenn S. Gordon* J.D. ’86

William Joseph Grigg J.D. ’15

Donald A. Hamburg A.B. ’62, LL.B. ’64

Alexander Jack Hendricks J.D. ’15

Herbert J. Gordon* J.D. ’73

Jon Groetzinger* J.D. ’74 & Carol O. Groetzinger*

Harvey M. Hammer* A.B. ’56

David L. Henehan* LL.B. ’66

Sheila A. Gordon LL.B. ’64 Todd I. Gordon* J.D. ’79 & Susan Feder* Michael John Gorman J.D. ’15, M.B.A. ’15 Sathya S. Gosselin J.D. ’07 William Gottlieb* J.D. ’95 & Emily B. Mindel* Robert L. Gottsfield* J.D. ’60 David M. Gouldin* J.D. ’66 Susan Graf Barton D. Graham J.D. ’67 Jeffrey S. Graham* J.D. ’67

Minsuk Han J.D. ’14

Frederic T. Henry* LL.B. ’56

Frances L. Gros*

Wei Han* J.D. ’07

Cody Herche J.D. ’13

Joel R. Grosberg J.D. ’96

George H. Hancher* A.B. ’60, J.D. ’63

David R. Hermenze* J.D. ’86

Yigal Mordechai Gross J.D. ’10 Jonathan Dekoven Grossberg* A.B. ’05, J.D. ’08 Joel B. Grossman* Robert C. Grossman* J.D. ’71 Stephen P. Groves David C. Grow* J.D. ’68 Alan R. Gruber* J.D. ’67 Marina Cristine Gruber* J.D. ’10

Andrew P. Grant

Stephen Robert Gruendel* M.B.A. ’14, J.D. ’14

Rita A. Grant*

Daniel Grunfeld J.D. ’86

Robert J. Grant*

Louis Henry Guard* J.D. ’12

William E. Grauer* A.B. ’71, J.D. ’74

Teri L. Menke Guarnaccia J.D. ’96

Amy Barcelo Gray A.B. ’00, J.D. ’04

Leonard Gubar* A.B. ’58, LL.B. ’60

F. William Gray III J.D. ’69

Mary Clare Gubbins*

Gwendolyn J. Gray* LL.M. ’92

Paula Gubbins

John M. Gray

Jonathan C. Guest J.D. ’85

Jerome Francis Hanifin* LL.B. ’57 Harriet Hanlon* J. Roger Hanlon* LL.B. ’63 Christina Pak Hanratty* J.D. ’92 Michael S. Haratz J.D. ’85 Dorothy Harley-Sistrunk George C. Harrington* LL.B. ’67 & Diantha C. Harrington* LL.B. ’66

Klaus P. Hotz* LL.M. ’70

Thomas J. Heye* LL.B. ’66

Claudia Howe

Gordon B. Heylin* J.D. ’66

David D. Howe* J.D. ’82

William A. Hicks III* LL.B. ’67

David B. Howlett* J.D. ’86 & Michelle Howlett*

Alan F. Hilfiker* LL.B. ’63 Dana Edward Hill* A.B. ’95, J.D. ’05 Thomas W. Hill* J.D. ’70 Katherine Mary Lund Hinderlie* J.D. ’15

I. Robert Harris* A.B. ’53, LL.B. ’57 Jeff Harris* J.D. ’91 L. Douglas Harris* J.D. ’79 Monica S. Harris J.D. ’12 Robert L. Harrison* A.B. ’58, LL.B. ’61

Casey L. Hinkle J.D. ’05 Valerie Thanh May Ho Minh Triet* LL.M. ’13

Margaret S. Hrezo Philip H. F. Hsia* B.S. ’92, M.B.A. ’99 & Anita J. Lee* A.B. ’92, J.D. ’98 Fu-Shan Hsiao* LL.M. ’00 Barbie Paiyin Hsu A.B. ’08, J.D. ’12 Paul G. Hughes* J.D. ’72

Jeffrey Scott Hobday* J.D. ’15

Stephen T. Huhn* J.D. ’74

Sarah Beth Hoefle J.D. ’15

Brian Jeffrey McConnell Hurd J.D. ’15

Carol L. Hoekje A.B. ’73, J.D. ’81

Stephen H. Hutzelman J.D. ’67

Ted W. Harrison J.D. ’95

Nina C. Hoening LL.M. ’05

Christopher Hart-Zafra* J.D. ’93

Philip H. Hoff* LL.B. ’51

Juno Hwang LL.M. ’04, M.P.S. ’05

Daniel Walter Hartman* J.D. ’14

Barry M. Hoffman* A.B. ’64, LL.B. ’67

Allan D. Hymes* J.D. ’91

Robert B. Haserot* J.D. ’67 Donald B. Haslett* J.D. ’77 Philip I. Haspel* J.D. ’05 Brantley Austin Hawkins* J.D. ’13 William D. Hawkins J.D. ’00 Nancy Ellen Hay* J.D. ’98 Carl T. Hayden* J.D. ’70 Peter R. Hayden J.D. ’95 Lynn Zuckerman Gray* J.D. ’75

Santosh K. Gujadhur* J.D. ’07

Antonio Mortez Haynes J.D. ’12

Sara N. Gray J.D. ’03

Chelsea Dawn Gunter

Jared Haynes

Carmine A. Greco* J.D. ’67, M.B.A. ’67

Henry Gurshman LL.B. ’67 & Sandra Gurshman M.A.T. ’66

Patt Hays

Evita Mercedes Green

Robert C. Gusman* J.D. ’56

Lawrence Greenapple A.B. ’50, J.D. ’52

John S. Guttmann Jr.* J.D. ’78

Hans Rudolf Hegetschweiler* LL.M. ’81

Christopher S. Ha J.D. ’05

Sarah Jane Heim* J.D. ’13

Mark J. Haberberger* J.D. ’85

Herbert J. Heimerl Jr.* J.D. ’59

Erika L. Hadlock J.D. ’91

John E. Greenwood* J.D. ’78

Mary A. Hotchkiss*

Sarah Hewitt* J.D. ’82

Alex David Harris* J.D. ’14

Christopher Blake Harwood* A.B. ’00, J.D. ’03 & Allison S. Harwood* B.S. ’03

Lori Greenstein & Mark Greenstein

Robert W. Hesslein* J.D. ’78 Bryan D. Hetherington* J.D. ’75

James E. Harrington*

Joel M. Hartstone* J.D. ’70

Lisa Greene* B.S. ’75 & Richard Hamburger* J.D. ’77

Jeffrey M. Herrmann* J.D. ’71

Ellen Heffernan

Harold Hoffman* A.B. ’62, J.D. ’64 & Anne G. Hoffman* A.B. ’63, MA ’64

Lawrence T. Isenberg* LL.B. ’58 Michael Tyler Ispass B.S. ’06, J.D. ’09

Kristine S. Hoffmeister*

Hirotaka Iwami

Robert Carl Hoffmeister* A.B. ’82

Simon P. Izaret LL.M. ’06

Tamara Yael Hoflejzer* J.D. ’13 & Scott T. Burnett* J.D. ’13 Adele Hogan* A.B. ’82, J.D. ’85 & Bill P. Scott* Joris Michael Hogan M.B.A. ’80, J.D. ’81 Deborah Hogate & Chris Grant

Christopher Lesser Jackson* A.B. ’03, J.D. ’11 Clay Jackson* & Terri L. Jackson* Jack E. Jackson* J.D. ’01 Joni S. Jacobs Seth H. Jacobs* J.D. ’85 Stephen M. Jacobstein* J.D. ’66

D. Robert Holcomb J.D. ’04

Jeffrey M. Jakubiak* J.D. ’97

Lee M. Holland J.D. ’01 Stephanie E. Holland J.D. ’96 & Ronald J. Holland B.S. ’87 Alexander Holtzman* J.D. ’52 Thomas J. Hopkins* A.B. ’76, J.D. ’79

Klaus H. Jander* J.D. ’64 & Deborah I. Jander* Hyesoo Jang J.D. ’15 Margaret J. Jantzen J.D. ’08 Dan Jenkins

Thomas D. Horan* J.D. ’99

J. Arthur Jennings LL.B. 1919

Anne B. Heldreth J.D. ’87

Ariane M. Horn* A.B. ’91, J.D. ’96

Erik M. Jensen* J.D. ’79 & Helen Burgin Jensen* J.D. ’79

Charles C. Hager* J.D. ’82

Jerome Heller LL.B. ’65

Dillon Wesley Horne* J.D. ’14

Huiju Jeon J.D. ’15

Jung S. Hahm* A.B. ’89, J.D. ’00

Russell Heller J.D. ’15

Daniel Marc Horowitz* J.D. ’14

Adrienne Johnson* J.D. ’81

George W. Helme J.D. ’75

Joshua S. Horowitz

Alfred R. Johnson Jr.* A.B. ’76

Joseph W. Haley LL.B. ’63


| 35

David B. Johnson* J.D. ’87 Kenneth D. Johnson J.D. ’68 Melisande Hadley Johnson J.D. ’15

Russell T. Kerby Jr.* A.B. ’44, LL.B. ’49 Stephen E. Kesselman B.S. ’78, J.D. ’81

Monica Lewis Johnson* J.D. ’98

David T. Kettig* J.D. ’85 & Susan Young Kettig* M.S. ’85

Natalya Johnson* A.B. ’07, J.D. ’10

Omair Muzaffar Khan J.D. ’12

Rebecca Louann Johnson

Anna Jane Kieburtz B.S. ’10, J.D. ’15

Stuart R. Johnson* J.D. ’65 Thomas G. Johnson* Walter G. Johnson Jr.* J.D. ’74 Abby Schwartz Johnston* J.D. ’05 Bradley J. Johnston* J.D. ’94 Joseph H. Jolly* J.D. ’09 & Susan E. Rivers* Haley Concetta Jones* B.S. ’15 Mark W. Jones* J.D. ’85 Paula F. Jones J.D. ’90 Steven Jones Zoe Alexandra Jones* J.D. ’15 Allison P. Jordan J.D. ’05 W. Temple Jorden* J.D. ’78 Lauren E. Jorgensen* J.D. ’86 Bomopregha Asonboye Julius* A.B. ’09 Barbara Jungman* A.B. ’71 & David Jungman* J.D. ’74 Fatmata Saidua Kabia J.D. ’15 Lily Kahng Brendan R. Kalb J.D. ’00 Joshua M. Kalish* J.D. ’08

James M. Kieffer* LL.B. ’49

Eric J. Krathwohl* J.D. ’79 & Kathleen Ruch Krathwohl* B.S. ’78

Peter W. Lee J.D. ’93

Martin S. Lipman* J.D. ’86

Ralph V. Lee* J.D. ’87

Amelia R. Lister-Sobotkin* J.D. ’06

Roy M. Lee* J.D. ’94

Young Wook Lee J.D. ’15

John D. Killian III* J.D. ’53, LL.M. ’54 & Sally Killian* A.B. ’54 Brian Yoon Kim J.D. ’15 Christine Kim J.D. ’15 Eduardo Kim A.B. ’96, J.D. ’00 & Jessica Kim B.S. ’98, M.P.A. ’99 James Kim* J.D. ’99

Kenneth R. Kupchak* A.B. ’64, J.D. ’71 & Patricia G. Kupchak* A.B. ’67 William J. Kupinse Jr.* LL.B. ’64 Carl P. Kustell J.D. ’95 & Melissa A. Van Nortwick Kustell B.S. ’96

David E. Littlefield* J.D. ’72

Susan J. Leeds J.D. ’85 Jordan R. Lefko* J.D. ’60 & Jane G. Lefko* Curtis J. LeGeyt J.D. ’05 Matthew Harris Leighton* A.B. ’08, M.B.A. ’14, J.D. ’14

Arthur Kutoroff J.D. ’15 Edward A. Kwalwasser* J.D. ’65 Mary A. LaBounty*

Chuan Liu* J.D. ’14

Francis K. Lackington LL.M. ’01

Hahn L. Liu* J.D. ’13

Peter V. Lacouture

Julia Rossi Livingston J.D. ’15

Michael I. Kim* J.D. ’91

Andrew Lai

Thomas P. Livingston* J.D. ’85

Yongsang Kim J.D. ’06

Michaela Rose Laird J.D. ’15

Stephen H. Kimatian* J.D. ’66

Alison Lam

Leslie D. Locke* J.D. ’75 & Jane Hoffman Locke* J.D. ’75

Lisa M. King J.D. ’87

Eric Steven Lambert J.D. ’95

Wm. Lee Kinnally* J.D. ’72

Sarah B. Lamperski* J.D. ’04

Matthew J. Klaben* J.D. ’95

Matthew C. Lamstein* J.D. ’87 & Lisa K. Silfen*

Mark T. Lembke* LL.M. ’00

Mark Loevy-Reyes J.D. ’92

Leslie G. Landau J.D. ’83

Mark J. Lenz* J.D. ’91 & Virginia B. Lenz*

Benjamin G. Lombard* J.D. ’92

Thomas J. Lang* J.D. ’95 & Laura L. Delia* D.V.M. ’98

Lawrence K. Lesnik* J.D. ’74

Julie So Won Kim* A.B. ’02, J.D. ’07 & James A. Young-Anglim* A.B. ’01

Lynette Klawon J.D. ’88

Timothy Kline Amanda J. Klopf J.D. ’08

Jonathan C. Kaplan B.S. ’86

Robert Gordon Knaier* J.D. ’03

Mitchell H. Kaplan* J.D. ’76

Alexandra Cory Knapp* J.D. ’11

Donald M. Karp* J.D. ’61

Kristin Knudsen

Louis N. Kash* J.D. ’69

Hanna Ko* J.D. ’14

Tamara H. Kassabian J.D. ’98

Frederick L. Kobb* B.S. ’78, J.D. ’85 Jordan Alexander Kobb J.D. ’15

Michael Keegan J.D. ’05

Jordan I. Kobritz* J.D. ’71

Mark C. Kehoe* J.D. ’14

Dave Andrew Koch-Weser* J.D. ’10 & Meghan Lynn Phillips* J.D. ’10, LL.M. ’10 Donald J. Kochan* J.D. ’98 Gary L. Koenigsberg* J.D. ’91

Deborah Bowers Kenealy* J.D. ’87 & Edmund Campion Kenealy*

Jasung Koo LL.M. ’99

John F. Kennedy* LL.B. ’52

Nancy J. Koppe J.D. ’92

Peter Warren Kenny* J.D. ’72

Nathan K. Koskella

Brian Michael Kent J.D. ’15

Russell Luke Kostelak J.D. ’15

Barry L. Kohler* J.D. ’74

Cheryl H. Kott* J.D. ’81

36 |

Peter L. Lindseth* A.B. ’84, J.D. ’87 & Lise Martina*

Young J. Lee J.D. ’06

Christopher N. Kilbourne J.D. ’86

Wen-Hsin Lin J.D. ’04

Peggy P. Lee J.D. ’96

Frank Edward Kulbaski III* J.D. ’91

Takayuki Kihira LL.M. ’06

Ming-yi Lin

Joel N. Krane* LL.B. ’66

Lara M. Kroop* J.D. ’05

Scot L. Kline* J.D. ’86 & Victoria J. Brown* J.D. ’86

Karen D. Kemble* J.D. ’92

Lloyd C. Lee* J.D. ’68

Sheila M. Kiernan* J.D. ’00

Paul Kang Jr. J.D. ’15

John L. Kellner* J.D. ’83

Rebecca Karen Kramnick* J.D. ’92 & Philip H. Cohen*

Kathie Lee J.D. ’03

Josephine A. Kiernan* M.S. ’66

Kevin C. Klein J.D. ’00

James J. Keightley* LL.B. ’67

Robert T. Liimatainen J.D. ’97

Joseph E. Krakora* J.D. ’83

Sonya H. Lee* A.B. ’96, J.D. ’01

Anthony T. Kane* J.D. ’69

David Brooks Kaufman* M.B.A. ’13, J.D. ’13

Marc J. Lifset* J.D. ’78

Joanne M. Lee* J.D. ’98 & Brian Kang Lee* M.B.A. ’99

Anthony Walter Kraus III* J.D. ’76

Sonosuke Kamiya* LL.M. ’04

Andrew Scott Kaplan* J.D. ’11

Jimin Lee J.D. ’15

James Leland Kraemer J.D. ’15

James Patrick Kiernan*

Janet L. Kleckner J.D. ’80 & Eben O. McNair J.D. ’80

Andrew Tseng Kao* A.B. ’11, J.D. ’14

Michael D. Kovalik*


Ronald S. Lockhart* B.S. ’53, J.D. ’58 Robert W. Loeffler

Robert W. Letendre* J.D. ’61

Rudolph R. Loncke* J.D. ’70 Kerry Blair Long* J.D. ’80

Grace Hui-Ying Leung LL.M. ’07

Richard B. Long* A.B. ’53, J.D. ’57

William A. Lange Jr.* J.D. ’73

Samuel K. Levene* J.D. ’62

Oscar Lopez J.D. ’15

Mark B. Langdon* A.B. ’91, J.D. ’94

Paula Lapin* J.D. ’75

Joy Levien* A.B. ’54, J.D. ’57

Victor Lopez Jr.* J.D. ’13

Jonathan Andrew LaPlante J.D. ’15

Alison Rose Levine* A.B. ’04, J.D. ’08

John T. Loss* J.D. ’87

Edward C. LaRose* J.D. ’80

Lynn I. Levine* J.D. ’77

Mark Andrew Lotito* J.D. ’10, LL.M. ’10

Chun Ip Lau J.D. ’15

Peter H. Levine* J.D. ’72

Andrew M. Low J.D. ’76

Stuart G. Laurence* J.D. ’66 & Patricia O. Laurence*

Sally Anne Levine A.B. ’70, J.D. ’73

Lee E. Lowry III J.D. ’83 & Meri Miller Lowry J.D. ’81

William C. Lavery J.D. ’05

Jules E. Levy* J.D. ’64

Tom Lowry

Sheila Lavu J.D. ’07

Marc A. Lewinstein* J.D. ’06

Miguel Loza J.D. ’08

Andrea Dee Lawrence* M.B.A. ’14, J.D. ’14

Lori P. Lewis J.D. ’10

Quinton D. Lucas* J.D. ’09

Audra M. Lewton* J.D. ’03

Brian J. Lucey* J.D. ’94

Lauren H. Lezak* J.D. ’02

Caitlin Lucey A.B. ’09, J.D. ’15

Jun Li* J.D. ’13

Matthew Francis Lukacs* J.D. ’12

H. Douglas Laycock* Leslie A. Leary J.D. ’94 Bryan R. Le Blanc* J.D. ’02 Ashley Vincent LeBlanc* J.D. ’10 Anthony L. Leccese* J.D. ’82

Jerome M. Libenson* LL.B. ’52 John L. Licciardi J.D. ’72 Barry Ezra Lichtenberg J.D. ’81

Richard Fernan Ledee Jr.* J.D. ’95

Anne M. Liddy J.D. ’00

Aaron A. Lee* J.D. ’83

Russell M. Lidman* B.S. ’66 & Candida Raven Lidman* A.B. ’67

Alexander Stephen Lee J.D. ’15

Konrad J. Liegel* J.D. ’88

Donald F. Luke* J.D. ’72 Robert E. Lull* B.S. ’39, J.D. ’48 Kira Norine Lum J.D. ’15 Ronald W. Lupton* J.D. ’74 Jonathan Lurie* Richard E. Lutringer* J.D. ’67

David J. Lyon* J.D. ’75 & Donna K. Lyon* M.S. ’76 Geoffrey P. Lyon* J.D. ’75 Joseph Jeffrey Lyons* B.S. ’98 & Anu Lyons* Katherine J. Ma* B.S. ’94, J.D. ’98 Cindy MacDonald Colin Campbell Macdonald* B.S. ’00, J.D. ’08 Stephen J. MacGillivray J.D. ’92 John Strathern MacGregor* A.B. ’10, J.D. ’14 Frederick E. Machmer Jr. J.D. ’65 Kevin I. MacKenzie* J.D. ’79 Robert E. Madden* B.S. ’66, J.D. ’69 Erin Madory & Douglas C. Madory

Nina M. Manzi* Peter T. Manzo* J.D. ’72 Michael A. Marcionese J.D. ’79 Frank A. Marco* J.D. ’90 & Margaret S. Hickey-Marco* J.D. ’90 Myron Marcus* J.D. ’60 & Anlee Marcus* Suzy Price Marinkovich* J.D. ’13 Donald J. Mark* LL.B. ’53 Bruce Markell* Jerry Marti J.D. ’97 Jeanne Martin Karina J. Martin* J.D. ’06 Shaun Michael Martinez J.D. ’15

Patrick Matthew Malgieri J.D. ’79 Stephan J. Mallenbaum* J.D. ’80 & Suanne G. Mallenbaum* Roger H. Mallery Jr.* J.D. ’56 John A. Malmberg* J.D. ’78 Christine M. Maly* Ralph H. Mamiya J.D. ’06

Jeremiah J. McCarthy* J.D. ’78 Michael John McCarthy J.D. ’15 Marshall L. McClung Jr.* A.B. ’59, LL.B. ’62

Emily R. Mathes Kuvin* A.B. ’86, J.D. ’95 I. Charles Mathews J.D. ’77 Carolyn Nicole Matos J.D. ’15 Charles E. Mattison* J.D. ’83 Stanley J. Matusz* B.S. ’93 Diane Maurer* Donald M. Mawhinney Jr.* J.D. ’52 James Randolph Maxeiner* J.D. ’77 Bradford P. Maxwell* J.D. ’04 Richard H. May* LL.B. ’60 Judith E. Mayer

Yuliya Neverova A.B. ’10, J.D. ’15

Risa M. Mish* B.S. ’85, J.D. ’88 & John A. Lauricella* M.F.A. ’87, M.A. ’91, Ph.D. ’93

Marc Geoffrey Nevins J.D. ’15

James M. McHale* J.D. ’71 & Carol R. McHale* Ph.D. ’73 James F. McHugh Zoe Sackett McKelvey J.D. ’00 Michael E. McLachlan Trudy Cecile McLeary J.D. ’15 James P. McLinden Micaela Rosann Hurley McMurrough* J.D. ’07 James J. McNamara* LL.B. ’53 Lucas Colin McNamara J.D. ’13 Ryan David McNaughton J.D. ’05 John R. McQueen* J.D. ’77 Rebecca R. Medrano Irwin G. Meiselman J.D. ’61

Gabriel S. Meyer* J.D. ’02 Kenneth Benjamin Meyer* A.B. ’02, J.D. ’08 Francesca L. Miceli* J.D. ’05 Robert J. Michael* J.D. ’75 Andrea Rose Milano B.S. ’08, J.D. ’11

Ward J. Mazzucco* J.D. ’78

David J. Miller J.D. ’06

James A. McBrady* J.D. ’89

Jeffrey C. Miller* J.D. ’68 & Susanne Miller*

David W. McBride* J.D. ’13 Jessica Budoff McCaffrey J.D. ’05

Christopher S. Neagle* J.D. ’77

Stacey D. Neumann J.D. ’05

Charles K. Meuse* J.D. ’75

Whitman F. Manley* J.D. ’87 & Debra L. Gonella*

William M. Mills* J.D. ’75

Matthew C. Mirow* J.D. ’86

Larry N. McGill* J.D. ’95

Michael A. Messina* J.D. ’87

Robert H. Manley* J.D. ’50

Kim Nayyer

Thomas W. Nelson* J.D. ’84

F. William Meservey LL.B. ’54

Jonathan L. Manders* J.D. ’05

James Robert Nault* J.D. ’11

Robert I. Miller* LL.B. ’52

Francisco J. Mirkow J.D. ’00

Joelle Ashley Mervin J.D. ’12

Dominick A. Mazzagetti* J.D. ’72

Steven M. Nassau* LL.B. ’65

Rain L. Minns* J.D. ’01

John C. McFarren* J.D. ’84

Jean Francois Meraz-Debraine J.D. ’15

M. Milo Mandel* A.B. ’57, J.D. ’59

Michiaki Nakano LL.M. ’90

Martin Karl Miller* LL.B. ’63 & Edith Y. Miller*

Roger M. Nelson* LL.B. ’60

Philip Meranus* J.D. ’66 & Dianne T. Meranus* B.S. ’65

James A. Mazza* B.S. ’88 & Nancy Osborn*

Steven Michael Nadel* J.D. ’92

Luther W. Miller* A.B. ’54, LL.B. ’58

A. Minikus J.D. ’15

Nicholas Frank Menillo* B.S. ’09, J.D. ’12

David S. Mandel J.D. ’86

Kimberly G. Miller* J.D. ’02

Thomas D. Myers* J.D. ’77 Thomas E. Myers* J.D. ’74 & Christine W. Myers*

Joseph M. McDonough* LL.B. ’61

Cedrick Juan Francesco Mendoza-Tolentino J.D. ’10

Stacey M. Mayer* B.S. ’05, J.D. ’08

Kenneth J. Miller* A.B. ’72, J.D. ’75 & Toby Mark Miller* B.S. ’74

Jon C. Minikes* A.B. ’60, J.D. ’62 & Susan E. Backstrom*

Harry P. Meislahn* LL.B. ’66

Jordan Calazan Manalastas J.D. ’15

Lynne Davis Myers* B.S. ’67

Jonathan R. Miller J.D. ’05

Robert C. McDiarmid* M.S. A&EP ’60

Terence Hayden McGuire* B.S. ’00, J.D. ’03

Willie T. Massey J.D. ’75

Andrew B. Mair* J.D. ’80

Elizabeth M. McCarroll J.D. ’00

David P. Mason J.D. ’88

Michael Andres Magdelinskas* J.D. ’14

Robert L. Maider LL.B. ’58

Major C. McCargo* J.D. ’14

Carter Anne McGowan J.D. ’95

Christopher Massaroni* J.D. ’82

John M. Magliery* J.D. ’02

John T. McCann* B.S. ’76, J.D. ’82

Christopher Jeffrey Martini J.D. ’15

Hiroshi Maeda LL.M. ’86

Bruce Maggin* J.D. ’68, M.B.A. ’70

Richard P. McCaffrey* J.D. ’93 & Marcia A. McCaffrey*

Jeffrey S. Miller* J.D. ’92

Raja Shankar Mishra* J.D. ’10 Kate Mitchell J.D. ’99

Nahalel A. Nellis J.D. ’00

Danielle Cara Newman B.S. ’12, J.D. ’15 Andowah Newton J.D. ’06 Caroline Hong Ngo* J.D. ’05

Tracy Beth Mitrano J.D. ’95

Stefanie A. Nguyen*

Farah Mollo* J.D. ’97 & Domenic J. Sposato* B.S. ’98, M.S. ’00 Gabriel Jonas Lash Monroe* A.B. ’04, J.D. ’14 Sean Paul Mooney J.D. ’15

Nestor Michael Nicholas* LL.B. ’64 John G. Nicolich* A.B. ’74, J.D. ’80 & Alice P. Henkin* Howard J. C. Nicols* J.D. ’81

Derrick F. Moore J.D. ’09

Michael E. Niebruegge* J.D. ’77

James C. Moore* B.S. ’61, LL.B. ’64

Robert Norman Nielsen Jr.* J.D. ’83

John V. Moore* LL.B. ’65

John P. Niemi

Mikel L. Moore J.D. ’83

Irma K. Nimetz* J.D. ’87

Alisa M. Morgenthaler-Lever* J.D. ’85

Jane Nixon* Steven P. Nonkes* J.D. ’09

Matthew E. Morningstar* J.D. ’01

Jeffrey A. Norris* J.D. ’70

Dan T. Moss* J.D. ’07

Miles D. Norton* J.D. ’07

Laurence S. Moy* B.S. ’82, J.D. ’85

William Novotny Bruce Dennis Obenland* J.D. ’72

Jessica Mae Lynn Moyeda J.D. ’15

Johanna Theresa Obermeyer J.D. ’15

David J. Muchow*

David P. O’Brien* J.D. ’92

Philip W. Mueller* J.D. ’79

Aileen D. Ocon J.D. ’05

Ann B. Mulcahy* J.D. ’99

Maurice D. O’Connell* LL.B. ’56

John F. Mulcahy Jr.* J.D. ’59 T. David Mullen* LL.B. ’54

Paul H. Ode Jr.* J.D. ’81 & Carol Bua Ode* J.D. ’82

Daniel F. Mulvihill J.D. ’01

Patricia A. O’Donnell*

Rosina Elyse Mummolo J.D. ’15

Duncan W. O’Dwyer* J.D. ’63

Rabia Claire Muqaddam* A.B. ’10, J.D. ’14

Randall M. Odza* B.S. ’64, LL.B. ’67

Michael Murchison* J.D. ’75

Eric B. Offei-Addo* J.D. ’00

C. Murfitt-Eller

Fumiji Okubo LL.M. ’91

Christine M. Murphy J.D. ’98

David A. Olson* J.D. ’78

Elaine B. Murphy* J.D. ’98, LL.M. ’98

Joan I. Oppenheimer J.D. ’71

Jessica Rose Murray* J.D. ’88

Richard J. Orloski* J.D. ’71 & Kathleen Law Orloski* B.S. ’70

John M. Mutkoski* J.D. ’88

Andrew Courtney Orr* J.D. ’12

Donald J. Myers* J.D. ’67 &

Christopher B. Ortiz J.D. ’09


| 37

Malissa A. Osei J.D. ’14

Rose Nimkiins Petoskey J.D. ’15

Bonnie A. Redder* J.D. ’84

Jay N. Rosenthal J.D. ’55

Daniel C. Savitt* J.D. ’98

Patricia Oster

Mary J. Peyton*

C. Randolph Ross* J.D. ’93

John K. Scales* LL.B. ’62

Miriam Ana-Esther Otero A.B. ’06, J.D. ’09

Justin D. Pfeiffer* J.D. ’07

J. William Reeves* LL.B. ’56 & Gail M. Reeves* B.S. ’56

Emily Alice Rossi J.D. ’15

Susan J. Scanlon J.D. ’76, M.B.A. ’76 & Croft Hangartner

Stanley R. Ott* J.D. ’74 Elizabeth Carlisle Overbey* J.D. ’14 James E. Owers* J.D. ’79 & Leslie J. Ludtke* J.D. ’78 David J. Padilla & Kathryn E. Padilla Evan Padilla Leo Padilla* Donna A. Pagano-Delaney* J.D. ’05

Gloria C. Phares* Karen M. Phillips* J.D. ’05 Emily B. Pickering* J.D. ’12 Nancy K. Picknally* J.D. ’07 Deanna N. Pihos J.D. ’05 Michael Donato Pinnisi* A.B. ’82, J.D. ’85 & Paige S. Anderson* J.D. ’92 Gerard J. Pisanelli* J.D. ’73 Robert C. Platt* A.B. ’73, J.D. ’76

David Robert Reilly* J.D. ’64 Richard C. Reiner* J.D. ’57 Richard J. Relyea III* LL.B. ’67 John Zhong Ren J.D. ’15 David L. Renauld* J.D. ’91 Gregory Alan Renick* J.D. ’14 Adam S. Reuben J.D. ’05 James Stuart Reynolds* J.D. ’68 Stephen B. Reynolds* J.D. ’97

Michael S. Rosten* J.D. ’78 Michael Roth* Robert N. Rothberg J.D. ’85 Frederick P. Rothman A.B. ’62, J.D. ’64 Daniel J. Rothstein A.B. ’78, J.D. ’85 Abigail Lauer Roughton* J.D. ’06 James B. Rouse* J.D. ’75 Louis J. Rovelli* J.D. ’74

Colette M. Pollitt J.D. ’00

William E. Reynolds J.D. ’95 & Ingrid Sorensen J.D. ’94

John Pak J.D. ’93

William J. Pomeroy* J.D. ’71

Stuart M. Richel* J.D. ’67

Gary M. Rowen* J.D. ’79

Eric Paley

Lawrence P. Postol* B.S. ’73, J.D. ’76 & Ellen M. Russell* A.B. ’74, M.B.A. ’76

Laura Riedinger

Robin Rowland J.D. ’85

Donald F. Rieger Jr.* J.D. ’75

Ira I. Roxland* J.D. ’67

Peter A. Riesen* J.D. ’03

William B. Rozell* J.D. ’68

Stuart G. Rifkin* J.D. ’80

Gary Rozenshteyn J.D. ’95

Bradley Thomas Rinzler* J.D. ’92

Julie Bendix Rubenstein* J.D. ’10

Matthew John Rita* J.D. ’92

Allen P. Rubine* J.D. ’73

Dunia Rkein* J.D. ’13

Victor J. Rubino A.B. ’62, LL.B. ’65

David J. Palmer* B.S. ’54, LL.B. ’59 & Anne K. Palmer*

Arnold M. Potash* A.B. ’58, J.D. ’61 & Madeline R. Potash* A.B. ’61 Kate Powers* A.B. ’08, J.D. ’13 Philippe Pradal* LL.M. ’08 Stacey L. Prange J.D. ’90 Richard G. Price* J.D. ’88 Alice K. Pringle* J.D. ’62 David Marc Pritzker* J.D. ’74 Vanessa Pronovost Patricia C. Pummill J.D. ’83 Amy C. Purcell J.D. ’05 James Pyo* J.D. ’13 Thomas P. Palmer* J.D. ’76 Mark E. Papadopoulos* J.D. ’98 Steven N. Papera J.D. ’05 Sheryl Pardo J.D. ’90 Sandra Theresa Parga* J.D. ’94 Minkyu Park J.D. ’15 Steven D. Park J.D. ’01 George F. Parker III* A.B. ’65, J.D. ’68 Virginia Parks Lisa M. Parrott* Diane Amado Parson J.D. ’87 Julia Pascuzzo* J.D. ’14 Robert S. Pasley Jr.* J.D. ’75 Pano Z. Patsalos* J.D. ’57 Joshua E. Peary* J.D. ’13

Diana Lynn Quarry* B.S. ’05, J.D. ’08 & Sean Michael Quarry* B.S. ’05 Kevin James Quilty J.D. ’15 Michael J. Quinlan* J.D. ’85 James Montgomery Quinn* J.D. ’75 Karen B. Rabinowitz* J.D. ’86 & Larry Howard Rabinowitz* Jeffrey John Rachlinski* & Melissa K. Rachlinski* Alex Radetsky J.D. ’08 Warren S. Radler A.B. ’57, LL.B. ’60 & Leontine Vanlent Radler Barry L. Radlin* LL.B. ’66 Steven Raga Deanna K. Raih A.B. ’76, J.D. ’79

Heather J. Pellegrino J.D. ’00

Martha L. Raimon A.B. ’80, J.D. ’85

Jane Shijing Peng J.D. ’15

Lorraine K. Rak* J.D. ’84

Bradford A. Penney* J.D. ’75

Barbara E. Ransom

Shannon Lee Peris A.B. ’97, J.D. ’00

Arjun Ravi J.D. ’15

Robert S. Perlman* J.D. ’72 Joseph P. Perretta* J.D. ’71 Gregory M. Perry* J.D. ’68 Clark M. Peters J.D. ’92

38 |

Gary D. Rawitz* J.D. ’82 Gary C. Rawlinson* J.D. ’66 Joshua Lawrence Ray* A.B. ’04, J.D. ’09 Jonathan E. Rebold J.D. ’05


Ernest F. Roberts Jr.* James A. Roberts J.D. ’99 Susan M. Roberts J.D. ’85 Dean M. Robinson Jill Robinson Joshua M. Robinson* A.B. ’11, J.D. ’15, M.B.A. ’15 William Dwight Robinson* J.D. ’69 Mark A. Roche J.D. ’79 Edward F. Rodenbach* J.D. ’76

Kristin Carter Rowe J.D. ’90

Benjamin Louis Rudofsky* J.D. ’14 James A. Ruf Jr.* J.D. ’68 Brittany Danielle Ruiz* J.D. ’13 James L. Rumpf M.B.A. ’13, J.D. ’13, LL.M. ’13 Gary H. Rushmer* A.B. ’64, M.B.A. ’65, J.D. ’68 & Vera A. Rushmer* A.B. ’65 Jonathan S. Ruskin* A.B. ’71, J.D. ’74 & Ruth Ruskin* A.B. ’75

Paul Rodriguez J.D. ’15

William A. Ruskin* A.B. ’74, J.D. ’77

Jeffrey Lee Roelofs J.D. ’93 & Paola L. Roelofs M.B.A. ’94

Kathryn F. Russo* J.D. ’07

Michael H. Roffer Charles Rogers Danforth William Rogers* J.D. ’62 Christopher Richard Rohstedt* A.B. ’02 & Kimberly L. Taylor J.D. ’05 Igor Roitburg* A.B. ’92, J.D. ’95 Drew Godfrey Rolle* J.D. ’12 Riva B. Roloff J.D. ’95 Jonathan W. Romeyn* J.D. ’69

Katherine J. Rybak* J.D. ’79 Arthur J. Rynearson* J.D. ’76 Sarah Ryu J.D. ’15 Wladek M. Rzycki LL.M. ’93 & Janice R. Woodcock Rzycki Julia B. Salovaara* J.D. ’91 Eve Klein Samson* B.S. ’82, J.D. ’85 Richard A. Samuels* J.D. ’80 & Anne Marie Knudsen Samuels* B.S. ’78

Matthew Peter Schaefer* J.D. ’94 Marc J. Scheiner J.D. ’03 & Jonathan Hamm A.B. ’03 Michael S. Schenker* B.C.E. ’69, J.D. ’74 & Susan N. Schenker* Raymond Martin Schlather* J.D. ’76 & M. Kathleen Schlather* B.S. ’95 Dan W. Schlitt* Christoph H. Schmidt* LL.B. ’60 David Schmidt Lisa A. Schmidt* J.D. ’13 Jean Glenn Schmucker* Albert C. Schneider Charles R. Schneider M.E. ’90 James A. Schoff J.D. ’72 Bruce R. Schorr* J.D. ’83 Elizabeth L. Schorr* J.D. ’87 William B. Schreiber* J.D. ’62 & Louise Mohr Schreiber* B.S. ’60 Jason A. Schroder* J.D. ’98 & Angela R. Rehm* J.D. ’98 Charles P. Schropp* J.D. ’74 Jennifer Schultz J.D. ’03 Peter D. Schultz Leslie C. Schulze* J.D. ’11 Sigmund David Schutz* J.D. ’97 Bradley William Schwartz* J.D. ’65 David Gary Schwartz* J.D. ’86 Joshua I. Schwartz* J.D. ’76, M.R.P. ’77 & Eileen J. Solomon* B.S. ’74 Anthony J. Sciolino* J.D. ’70 Robert H. Scott Jr.* J.D. ’70 Laura Ellen Sedlak* J.D. ’11 James N. Seeley* B.S. ’76, J.D. ’79 & Elizabeth J. WrightSeeley* B.S. ’76 Laurie Segel-Moss Thomas F. Seligson* J.D. ’76 Robert F. Semmer* J.D. ’70 Melanie Britt Senosiain J.D. ’15

Cesar Sanchez

June C. Seraydar* J.D. ’83 Filiz A. Serbes* J.D. ’88

Damien James Rose J.D. ’15

Christopher Michael Sanchez J.D. ’15

Elihu Rose & Susan W. Rose

Ronald B. Sann J.D. ’86

Steven M. Rosefsky* J.D. ’96 & Julie F. Rosefsky* J.D. ’97

Edward J. Saperstein* J.D. ’69

Penny E. Serrurier* J.D. ’91

Mark A. Sargent M.A. ’75, J.D. ’78

Michael J. Sexton J.D. ’90

Daniel Michael Rosales J.D. ’15

Michelle L. Rosen* J.D. ’03 Paul Maynard Rosen* J.D. ’68 David Rosenberg J.D. ’91 James H. Rosenblatt* J.D. ’72

Christopher Michael Sarma J.D. ’15 David J. Saunders

Eugene David Serpentelli* LL.B. ’62

Christian Shaffmaster* Vijay Shahi Kathy Yan Shao J.D. ’15 Eliad Shapiro* J.D. ’13

Marvin M. Shapiro* A.B. ’58, J.D. ’60 William W. Shatzer* J.D. ’73

Adam M. Smith* J.D. ’07 Brian G. Smith* J.D. ’78

Alexandra Thaler

Stephanie Wahba B.S. ’08

Klaus U. Thiedmann* LL.M. ’84

Craig M. Walker* J.D. ’72 James R. Walker

Sara Elizabeth Stinson J.D. ’12

Howard J. Thomas* A.B. ’50, J.D. ’54

Deborah Stillman* A.B. ’81 & Michael Stillman* Charles G. Stinner* J.D. ’88

Andrew Hardy Shaw* J.D. ’79

Deborah K. Smith* M.A. ’71 & Peter G. Smith* B.S. ’68, J.D. ’71

Emily Ann Shaw J.D. ’15

Frederick Smith Jr.* LL.B. ’52

Kelann B. Stirling J.D. ’04

Joel A. Thomas

Marjorie Hodges Shaw J.D. ’91 & Brian B. Shaw J.D. ’88

Jack L. Smith* J.D. ’71

Thomas L. Stirling Jr.* A.B. ’64, J.D. ’69

Sheena Renee Thomas J.D. ’15

Michael Murray Shaw* J.D. ’12 Charles R. Shedlak* J.D. ’91

Jeremy Sokol Smith* J.D. ’11 Joseph F. Smith Jr.* J.D. ’69 & Alice Smith*

Edward Shen J.D. ’05

Mitchell B. Smith* LL.B. ’52

Naushin Fatema Shibli J.D. ’10

Emanuel Philip Snyder* J.D. ’40

Mark Y. Shibuya* J.D. ’83

Francis Sohn J.D. ’11

Shamoil T. Shipchandler* J.D. ’00 Keith David Shugarman* J.D. ’88 Barry M. Shulman* J.D. ’66 & Debrah A. Shulman* A.B. ’64 C. Daniel Shulman* LL.B. ’65 Melvin Shulman J.D. ’62 & Gae Shulman B.S. ’61 Zachary J. Shulman* B.S. ’87, J.D. ’90 & Angela C. Rudert* M.A. ’04 Eric Shults* J.D. ’71 Richard V. Sica* J.D. ’72

Edwin W. Stockmeyer* A.B. ’77, M.S. ’79, J.D. ’86 J. Andrew P. Stone J.D. ’00 & Robin R. Stone J.D. ’00

Deborah J. Sokol J.D. ’92 Rocco Anthony Solimando* LL.B. ’57

E. MacBurney Storm* A.B. ’53, J.D. ’60

Susanne Nina Solomon* A.B. ’78 & Jack Mansfield Thompson Jr.* B.S. ’73, M.E. ’74

Gail H. Straith J.D. ’85

Craig Soon

Roger G. Strand* LL.B. ’61 & Joan W. Strand* B.S. ’58, M.S. ’60

Karen M. Sorrell A.B. ’87, J.D. ’90

Peter L. Strauss*

Robert G. Souaid* J.D. ’80

Barry Strom* J.D. ’74 & Ellen Strom*

Alison M. Spada* J.D. ’01 Adrienne Spangler* A.B. ’88, J.D. ’92

Diana P. Stuart J.D. ’81 Jean Seibert Stucky J.D. ’78

Drew Singer A.B. ’12, J.D. ’15

Roy W. Tilsley Jr.* J.D. ’92 Michael G. Tilson Carol A. Timm* J.D. ’97 Alfred C. Tisch* J.D. ’63 Rachel B. Tiven* Sara Brady Tomezsko* J.D. ’13 Chihiro Tomioka J.D. ’15 William C. Tompsett* J.D. ’74 Robert S. Toperzer* LL.B. ’52 Charles Torres

Patricia J. Warth* J.D. ’96

David A. Trager* J.D. ’57

Cassidy D. Waskowicz* J.D. ’03

Mark G. Spelman* J.D. ’76

Frederick S. Suhler Jr.*

John R. Treusdell* J.D. ’77

George H. Spencer* J.D. ’52

Kathleen N. Sullivan* J.D. ’81

Donald E. Watnick* J.D. ’88 & Valerie J. Watnick* J.D. ’88

Andrew L. Spring* J.D. ’95

Kenji Sumino* LL.M. ’91

Sally T. True* J.D. ’78 & Anthony F. Parise, Esq.*

Marcus Squarrell*

Scott E. Sundby* J.D. ’83

Pakakrong Sritongsook* LL.M. ’09

Jeffrey N. Sunshine* J.D. ’83

Maneepailin Sriuthenchai LL.M. ’14 David B. Stackpole* LL.B. ’62

Andrew J. Stamelman J.D. ’83 Lowell A. Stanley J.D. ’74 David G. Stearns* A.B. ’52, J.D. ’58 & Phyllis Stearns* B.S. ’54 Ira B. Stechel J.D. ’72 Paul K. Stecker* J.D. ’76 & Nancy A. Stecker* Fred P. Steinmark* J.D. ’71 Walter M. Stella J.D. ’90 Annette C. Stella A.B. ’84, J.D. ’90 & Mely Brianna Stellpflug

Steven Ames Suozzi J.D. ’15 Karen Pawlick Swan* J.D. ’99 & Kenneth G. Swan Jr.* B.S. ’93, M.D. ’00 Paul D. Swanson* J.D. ’12 Joseph B. Swartz* J.D. ’70 Lauren Regan Swihart J.D. ’15

Linda J. Slamon J.D. ’93

Bryan P. Stevens J.D. ’05

Adam F. Sleeper* J.D. ’14

Zachary Stewart

Emanuel Tsourounis* A.B. ’00, J.D. ’03

Lorna Alice Watt Erwin* A.B. ’61, J.D. ’63

Steven M. Tullberg*

Shu Wei* J.D. ’13

Frederick D. Turner* J.D. ’63

Clifford R. Weidberg* J.D. ’72

Joseph A. Turri* J.D. ’70

Jonathan L. Weil* A.B. ’80

David A. Tyler* J.D. ’75 & Lucia D. Tyler* Ph.D. ’79

William I. Weisberg* A.B. ’54, LL.B. ’61

Paul D. Tyler J.D. ’91

Barry A. Weiss* B.S. ’78, J.D. ’82 & Ruth A. Weiss* J.D. ’82

Andrew S. Updegrove* J.D. ’79

W. Wells Talmadge* J.D. ’83

Stephen A. Urban* B.S. ’86, J.D. ’90

Eduardo Tamargo-Motroni J.D. ’85 Aida S. Tanaka* J.D. ’89 Joshua Tanzer Holly Tao* J.D. ’15

Jerome Tarver J.D. ’90

Elizabeth Koenig Stern A.B. ’97, J.D. ’00

Emily Watt

Daisuke Taga LL.M. ’96

Amy Elizabeth Stephenson* J.D. ’15

Colleen Doolin Skinner* J.D. ’85

Michele E. Truitt J.D. ’66

Daniel G. Synakowski* J.D. ’75

Ellen D. Swyler*

Swift Tarbell III* J.D. ’75

Marc Aaron Stepper J.D. ’11

James Watson

Davis B. Tyner* M.B.A. ’04, J.D. ’04 & Katherine Marie Tyner* M.S. ’02, Ph.D. ’04

Caitlin Elise Stephen J.D. ’15

Jennifer R. Stepp J.D. ’15 Thomas Edward Skilton* J.D. ’93

Paul D. Warren J.D. ’90

Paul T. Suh J.D. ’04

Elizabeth Combs Stainton B.S. ’12, J.D. ’15

John Skakun

T. Negbalee Warner LL.M. ’02

R. Earl Warren Jr.* J.D. ’61

Ilene C. Siegler* & Charles D. Edelman*

John P. Sindoni* J.D. ’70

Rodney Earl Walton* J.D. ’76

John R. Towler*

Thomas L. Siegel* LL.B. ’64

Joseph E. Simpson* J.D. ’01

Edward J. Walters

Eric Diego Torres J.D. ’15

Dan K. Siegel* J.D. ’92

Kenneth Simons*

Gary I. Walt* J.D. ’82

David C. Wang J.D. ’96

John M. Tifford LL.B. ’65

H. Robert Tillman* J.D. ’84

Thomas A. Sparno J.D. ’93

Andrea L. Silver* J.D. ’87

Michael W. Thrall

Eric Stonehill* J.D. ’73, M.B.A. ’81

Karina Yasmine York Sturman J.D. ’01

Burton M. Siegel* A.B. ’56 & Naomi S. Siegel*

Kristin D. Thompson* J.D. ’97

Harry Tilis J.D. ’89

Rachel Serenity Sparks Bradley* J.D. ’12

Adam J. Siegel* J.D. ’01

William M. Thomas* J.D. ’88

Jeffrey B. Stone* LL.B. ’67

Christopher K. Wallach* A.B. ’92 Dennis P. Walsh* J.D. ’83

Gary P. Van Graafeiland* J.D. ’72 & Marie Van Graafeiland* Benjamin Daniel Van Horn J.D. ’15

Zachary David Wellbrock J.D. ’11

Edward P. Wendel* J.D. ’66 W. Bradley Wendel

Shari L. Verschell J.D. ’05

Elizabeth Tauro* J.D. ’87 Charles Robert Taylor* J.D. ’90

Sofia Anna Vitiello J.D. ’15

Nathan E. Taylor* J.D. ’14

Carol A. Vizzier J.D. ’88

Susan Froehly Teich* J.D. ’69 & Leonard M. Teich*

Jacob A. Vredenburgh* J.D. ’11

Frank D. Wagner* A.B. ’67

Parker L. Weld* J.D. ’69 & Annette Forker Weld*

Martin Wells* J.D. ’85

Lea Verdy J.D. ’15

Elizabeth Mazzagetti Waggoner* J.D. ’02

Amy E. Weissman A.B. ’86, J.D. ’92 Michael R. Weissmann* J.D. ’98

Richard J. Vinegar* J.D. ’79 & Sherrie E. Zweig* B.S. ’79

Benjamin William Tettlebaum* J.D. ’12

Madeline Eileen Weiss J.D. ’15

Peter M. Wendt* A.B. ’64, J.D. ’67 Mack Wenzel Kara D. Wertheimer J.D. ’90 Frederick J. Wertlieb* Janet Ambrosi Wertman* J.D. ’86 Mark A. Weseman* J.D. ’91


| 39

Joel Rothstein Wolfson* J.D. ’80 & Evelyn S. Wolfson*

Bernard Zucker* M.B.A. ’66, LL.B. ’66

Michael G. Wolfson* J.D. ’66

Leonard B. Zucker* A.B. ’54

Robin M. Wolpert* J.D. ’01

Peter E. Zwanzig* M.B.A. ’75, J.D. ’75

Marc I. Woltag* J.D. ’74 Terry K. Woo* J.D. ’87, M.B.A. ’87 & Laura J. Herse* A.B. ’82, M.B.A. ’88, J.D. ’88

AbbVie Foundation The Abeles Foundation

Jonathan Wood* J.D. ’86

Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP

Mark I. Wood* J.D. ’75

Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.

Chase Harrell Woodley J.D. ’15

Al & Peggy Dematteis Family Foundation

Walter S. Westfall LL.B. ’60

Michael F. Woods* J.D. ’68

Mor Wetzler* J.D. ’07

David R. Woodward

Paul M. Whitbeck* J.D. ’75

Michael G. Wooldridge J.D. ’84

Clifton F. White* J.D. ’67

Susan A. Woolf* J.D. ’94

Jonathan David White B.S. ’12, J.D. ’15

Robert K. Wrede A.B. ’66, J.D. ’69

Richard C. White* J.D. ’74

Robert Ovington Wright* J.D. ’50

Scott A. White

William L. Wright* J.D. ’54

Judith M. Whiting J.D. ’86

Connie Chin Wu B.S. ’96, J.D. ’00

Edwin L. Whitman* J.D. ’73

Mark J. Wuellner* J.D. ’05

James H. Whitney* J.D. ’68

Wendell James Wyckoff LL.B. ’60

James J. Widland

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Michael N. Wilcove* J.D. ’81 & Susan A. Weinmann* M.B.A. ’84

Stephen Yale-Loehr A.B. ’77, J.D. ’81

William R. Wildman* B.S. ’83, J.D. ’86

Atsushi Yamada* LL.M. ’03

Michelle Hannah Wilensky J.D. ’15

Jordan Bianca Yellen J.D. ’15, M.B.A. ’15 Gary Lung-Fung Yeung J.D. ’15

Christopher Wiles* J.D. ’71 & Renee A. Wiles*

Sandra C. Yeyati J.D. ’90

Evan S. Williams Jr.* A.B. ’66, J.D. ’69 & Linda Miller Williams* B.S. ’66

George Peter Yost*

Gerald O. Williams* J.D. ’55 & Florence Williams*

Bruce C. Young* J.D. ’82, M.B.A. ’82

Richard A. Williams* J.D. ’76 Stefanie Lee Williams* J.D. ’14

James F. Young* J.D. ’70 & Connie M. Young*

John H. Williamson* LL.B. ’65

Madonna Young

Eric D. Yordy* J.D. ’97

Alan Price Young* J.D. ’78

Lauren E. Willis*

Carroll J. Yung* J.D. ’82

Robert F. Wilson* LL.B. ’67

Stephen G. Yusem* A.B. ’58 & Anita W. Yusem* B.S. ’60

Wendy Samuelson Winick* J.D. ’93 & Jeffrey Winick* John W. Winkle Allan R. Winn* J.D. ’69 John A. Winters* J.D. ’64

Roger W. Zaenglein* LL.B. ’51, M.B.A. ’56 Olesia A. Zakon* J.D. ’13 Ira H. Zaleznik* J.D. ’77

Lynn Wintriss J.D. ’78

Zachary Edward Zemlin* A.B. ’11, J.D. ’14

Lynn Wise

Martin Deng Zhou J.D. ’15

Marcia H. Wishengrad* A.B. ’57, J.D. ’60 & Robert J. Metzger*

Guang-Yu Zhu* J.D. ’14 & Changchang Zhang*

Frank L. Wiswall Jr.* J.D. ’65

Thomas S. Zilly* J.D. ’62

David P. Wohabe J.D. ’85

Craig Zimmerman*

Warren S. Wolfeld* J.D. ’83

Robert A. Zinn J.D. ’85

Alan R. Wolfert* J.D. ’66 & Barbara R. Wolfert* B.S. ’65, M.A.T. ’66

Iska R. Ziver* J.D. ’94

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Clear Creek County CNA Foundation CNY Community Foundation Inc. The Community Foundation for Nat’l Capital Region

Kentucky Benefit Plans, LLC

Law Offices of Mark A. Drexler Lesink, Karp Foundation Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz, LLP

Polycom Incorporated Procter & Gamble Company PSEG QUALCOMM Incorporated Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Rochester Area Community Foundation Schwartz, Lichtenberg, LLP Sucherman Consulting Group Inc. Taco John’s The TAXSMITH Themis Bar Review, LLC Thomson Reuters Unilever United States, Inc. Wilcox Partners, LLC Willkie Farr & Gallagher, LLP Xerox Corporation Zimmer Kunz, PLLC

“By supporting scholarships, alumni enhance the Law School’s most important resource and the lifeblood of its future: its students.”

Cornell Law School The Year in Philanthropy — 2015: Building on Strengths “The Year in Philanthropy” is a joint publication of Alumni Affairs & Development and the Communications Department of Cornell Law School.

“I learned to respect and love our legal system walking the corridors of Myron Taylor Hall.”

Alumni Affairs & Development 260 Myron Taylor Hall 524 College Avenue Ithaca, NY 14853 (607) 255-3373

Why I Give to the Law School Annual Fund for Scholarships It’s hard to imagine a better way to foster the continued success of the Law School than by supporting the scholarship fund. Throughout thirty years of practice, I’ve recognized that the best legal minds come from a variety of backgrounds, and know from stints as a teacher of law that any school derives

PETER CRONIN Associate Dean of Alumni Affairs & Development (607) 255-3370 • KRISTINE HOFFMEISTER Director of Alumni Affairs (607) 255-3037 •

Why I Give to Cornell Law School

DEBORAH STILLMAN A.B. ’81 Associate Director of Alumni Affairs (607) 255-3408 •

Our system for the fair and peaceful resolution of disputes remains, fully recognizing its imperfections, the best devised by humankind.

HEATHER SIMKIN Assistant to the Director of Alumni Affairs (607) 255-5251 •

Annual Fund

I have devoted my professional career to our civil trial system.

KRISTEN BURKE Director of Annual Fund (607) 255-5877 • CHRISTIAN SHAFFMASTER Associate Director of Annual Fund (607) 254-4722 •

I have been entrusted by clients with a series of legal challenges in each corner of our country—each of which opportunities I have cherished, to none of which I have any claim of right.

LISA PARROTT Assistant to the Director of Annual Fund (607) 255-5849 •

immeasurable benefits from enabling talented individuals to participate. Many of my most Mark Underberg, Esq., President’s Circle Donor

talented students simply would not have been able to attend

law school without scholarship assistance. Scholarships promote a diverse student body and a more stimulating classroom environment. Moreover, by reducing dependence on student loans, scholarships free students to pursue a wider variety of career paths, thereby enriching the Law School and the communities it serves. By supporting scholarships, alumni enhance the Law

Individual Giving CARL B. TORREY A.B. ’83, M.B.A. ’05 Individual Giving Officer (607) 255-5872 • CLAY JACKSON Individual Giving Officer (607) 255-5890 • JOEL THOMAS Leadership Gifts Officer (607) 254-2839 • SUSAN A. AROTSKY Program Assistant to the Individual Giving Program (607) 255-6077 •

School’s most important resource and the lifeblood of its future: its students.

REBECCA L. JOHNSON Assistant to the Associate Dean of Alumni Affairs & Development (607) 255-3373 •

MARK A. UNDERBERG, A.B. ’77, J.D. ’81

JOHN A. LAURICELLA M.F.A. ’87, PH.D. ’93 Program Officer (607) 255-6201 •


I was equipped to meet those challenges at Cornell. I learned to respect and love our legal system, walking the corridors of Myron Taylor Hall, playing handball with professors on the squash court, and learning contracts, procedure, and torts. I have come to believe that we, blessed with our opportunities, have to nurture and protect our legal system, and that I, myself, have an enormous debt to pay. I try as best I can to do both.

Affiliated Staff PETER KOPP Legal Information Institute Fundraising Director (607) 255-9634 • JUSTINE A. GUARIGLIA Trusts and Estates Officer (607) 254-1548 •

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THO MAS J. HEIDEN, J.D. ’71 Trial Partner, Latham & Watkins Donor, Jane W. and Thomas J. Heiden J.D. ‘71 Endowed Scholarship

Myron Taylor Hall Ithaca, New York 14853-4901

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Building on Strengths The Year in Philanthropy: 2015

Building on Strengths: The Year in Philanthropy, 2105  

Building on Strengths: The Year in Philanthropy, 2105

Building on Strengths: The Year in Philanthropy, 2105  

Building on Strengths: The Year in Philanthropy, 2105