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At this point I submit my report on the Law Library for the academic year, 1967-1968* A.

ORGANIZATION OF THE COLLECTION The important project of classifying the United States legal

materials in the Cornell Law Library was begun in July, 1967.


new Library of Congress "K" classification for law was applied first to the Anglo-American legal periodicals.

In order to carry out this

project in the most efficient manner, a classification team of two clerical personnel to handle numerous details under the guidance of the professional staff was formed.

This team has performed in a very

capable manner with excellent results. It should be noted that in the process of classifying and re­ cataloging, that a little over 3,200 volumes had not been accessioned or officially added to the total holdings of the Law Library. In September, 1967, the cataloging section began classifying the more recent publications of legal treatises and monographs which had been organized by broad subjects and originally shelved in the stacks on the Reading Room level.

This material, when finally processed,

was shelved in the stacks on level 2M.

At the same time, other recent

publications of a non-legal nature were also classified according to the Library of Congress general classification schedules.

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1968