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Cornell Graduate School

Graduate and Professional Student Photography Contest Winners

Cornell Graduate School

First place: Scott Wehrein, PhD candidate in computer science

“This was taken while collecting data on the roof of Rhodes Hall for a computer vision research project.�

Second place: Tony Leong, MAT candidate in education

“This photo for me summarizes the life lessons I've learned here as both as an undergrad and as a graduate student. Although you may feel overwhelmed, as if you have to choose between different binaries to identify with, the key to thriving is to taking ownership and defining yourself. Instead of thinking in terms of black and white, take the risk of dreaming in color.�

Cornell Graduate School

Third place: Sachi Horibata, PhD candidate in pharmacology

“A beautiful nature scene surrounding Cornell University on my way to campus.�

Finalist: Ashley Campbell, PhD candidate in microbiology

“Miguella and I used to meet outside of Weill Hall for lunch to soak up the sunshine and take a break from the hectic graduate work days.�

Cornell Graduate School

Finalist: Sandeep Chawla, M.Eng. candidate in computer science??

“This is life, a mix of bright cheerful moments and dull melancholy ones. This is determination, as firm as Baker Flag Pole standing tall in the face of extremities. This is memory, as illustrious as the War Memorial. This is elegance, studded in the intricate stonework and gothic arches of “West Campus”. This is spirit. This is dedication. This is heritage. This is beauty. This is Cornell.”

Finalist: Hautahi Kingi, PhD candidate in economics

“In the depths of winter, on a lonely morning by the shores of Cayuga’s frozen waters, we learn that within us lies an invincible summer.”

Cornell Graduate School

Finalist: Chang Liu, MPA candidate in public affairs

“Our first Thanksgiving reveals a lot of, mostly delicious, surprises.�

Finalist: Stephanie Santoso, PhD candidate in information science

“Bailey Hall in all its glory. One of my earlier experiments with HDR images and the sky makes the building look majestic and imposing. Definitely one of the grander buildings in Cornell.�

Cornell Graduate School

Finalist: Flip Tanedo, PhD candidate in physics

As a graduate student in theoretical physics, my “laboratory workbench� is a desk in the office where I spend a large amount of my time. In addition to the usual coffee mugs, writing pads, and textbooks, I enjoy having reminders of my Cornell adventures: posters and name tags from far-off conferences, photos with friends from around the world, my collection of office plants, Christmas lights, and a soccer ball that gets kicked around while my officemates and I discuss our research.

Finalist: Jun Yang, PhD candidate in applied physics

“The beautiful Ithaca, full of natural and cultural attractions. The picture was shot in mid-autumn. The background is the Chapter House, a local bar where students hang out in the evenings.�

Cornell Graduate School

Jessica Coulson, MPS candidate in real estate

“Entering campus from College Ave – the trees seemed to frame the Tower and Ho Plaza. So glad I had my camera with me!”

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