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The Breeder and the Behaviorist

Michael Mazourek Ph.D. ’08 and David Just aren’t kidding around when it comes to getting kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. The Calvin Noyes Keeney Assistant Professor of Plant Breeding, Mazourek is serious about creating playful, colorful, tasty “gateway vegetables” that appeal to petite palates and encourage further fresh proMeanwhile, Just, co-director of the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs, makes sure that young eaters mind their peas and cues, working with food service directors to implement low-cost changes in lunchrooms that subtly ing pre-cut fruit or giving veggies creative names such as “power peas” dramatically increase consumption and empower children to make healthy choices on their own, encouraging a lifelong habit of eating well. The pair will soon be partnering on a project to measure the popularity of the new purple pea.

periodiCALS, Fall 2013  
periodiCALS, Fall 2013  

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