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add meaning to media

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Your brand needs to talk to the people. But sometimes it feels quite hard to open the window to the world, is it? Well, this is where we can help.

Now, let’s talk business. The business of public image. You know as well as we do that public image actually happends in your mind. And in every one else’s, one person at a time. It’s made up of emotion, information and imagination.

But before getting there, the public image is being built by professionals.

That’s where we come in: we’ll build a better message together we’ll find ways to deliver it to the public we’ll mobilise the media and the net in support and we’ll connect you with the audience. To the people.

What can we do for you?

Quite a lot.

• • • • • • • •

Brand communication strategy Message creation Marketing support Media Relations Media Training and Personal Branding Events, BTL, PR Blitz Visual Production (Net Virals, TV Spots) Print and electronic media production

Actually, we will stop short of actually selling the product ourselves!

Our mission.

To help our clients reach their every potential customer. To constantly improve our clients public image. To build a strong brand equity through every media channel within our reach. To deliver measurable results, in a cost-effective and transparent way. To safeguard the commercial interests of our clients in a volatile media market.

And now a few words on the strategy.

So what exactly are we trying to get for you?

If you want to buy into people’s minds, you need to know what they expect from Romanian media.

And that’s simple: to be entertained.

You need to know what they are accustomed to (gossip, trivia, visual content). You need to research into what they will listen (what directly and immediately impacts their lives). Your need to figure what they’ll reject (open sales pitches). And also control what makes them go to sleep (corporate talk).

Of course, we can do all that for you. It’s part of the plan.

OK. Let’s cut to the chase… What we’re after is your product, in the news. NEWS. News about you. Editorial coverage, in every shape and form: a lot MORE than you get now; a lot BETTER than you get now GENERAL CONSUMER NEWS: print and online


Product launches • Market analysis • Case studies

Reputable analysis on the market and specific performance of the bank




• Company news • Editorials • Increased presence in commentary and synthesis

• Better presence of bank spokespeople • Dedicated news items • Coverage of consumer news • Feature stories on client experience; business or mass market

• TV and print media – more on this later…

Our PR effort in a nutshell Be a part of daily life. Without intruding. Just blend. We aim to actually create the news that’s missing: news that impact people’s lives and in the same time connect to the client’s products and services. In most cases we produce the news ourselves. In others, we’re trying to ride the current and push stories to reporters and editors. In all cases, mentioning of the client will be visible but not in-your-face. It has to blend in and show that it really is a part of your life. Or it should be.

Our goal is to deliver a positive news item every day.

How we’ll work together (more to follow)... Overview

What we’re proposing is a case-by case effort in disseminating all the information on products, user experience and advantages of use, be it for a professional medium or general public.

Every marketing/commercial message goes through 4 phases:

IDENTIFY key messages

IMAGINE ways to turn the messages into news

TAILOR the message to appeal to all target audiences; deliver over a vast spread of media

REINFORCE the message online: bloggers and user comments

Impact: Where we will place your messages

Financial Media Quality Journals Tabloids Sports Journals

Impact: Where we will place your messages

News Stations:

Entertainment Stations:

Media Relations. How we get you ready.

It’s a good plan if you’re there. In the media. •

Our kind of public relations is the right kind: the one with the right connections.

Not only that we know the journalists, we also understand the priorities of the media.

Based on that knowledge, we adapt the message to the the needs of the journalists, helping them so they can help us in return.

In the same time, we constantly watch over your shoulder, adapt to the competition and manage potential crisis situations

Being interesting. That’s our job. Organization of... ...public events (up to 40.000 people, our record!) conferences ...product launches ...product tests and reviews One priority: being viral and visual.

The brand is me

Personal branding service for managers

identification of strenghts, weaknesses and areas of expertise

generation of an action plan to heighten the public stature of the client (see media training slide)

24/24 media relations expertise at a phone call away.

Your words have power when... ...there’s somebody powerful to deliver them.

• We can take your management team there through media training

• •

writing a good “sound bite” on the spot

going through press conferences simulations, seminars, mock interviews to get you in shape before the actual events

crisis situations: establishing procedures and templates in dealing with bad media

getting better gestures, acting and presentation skills

Aside from all this, we’re used to treat one client at a time. Our business is not industrial production: it’s more like a handicraft: we take time and care and tailor the plan according to specifics of each client. So, maybe we need to talk.

Name: Echipa de PR Business: Public Relations Company. Founder and owner: Lucian Mindruta, journalist, associate professor at the Journalism and Communications Faculty, 18 years of experience in media. Managing Director: Anca Ionescu Headcount: 22 Creative: 6 Account executives: 4 Production (visual, graphic): 5 Administrative and client service: 4

Our clients •

PR: Panasonic, Ferarri Romania, UCB Pharma, Compania Nationala Aeroporturi Bucuresti, ARTmark, KDF Energy, Tymbark Foods Romania

Also, we’ve done communications work over the time for other major Romanian Brands:

B2C Visuals, Videos and Commercials: Romtelecom, Ikea (presentation movie), Real Hypermarket, Macromex, Media Galaxy (B2C Movies, launch events),Volvo, Dacia, Aviva, Alf Company (PR & Media Projects)

Media Training: Germanos, BCR Erste, Vodafone Romania, Romtelecom, IBM Romania, Immorent, White & Case, UPC Romania, Sun Plaza, Apa Nova, Arctic

Branding: Gecad, Axigen, Avangate, Pipera Citylights, Blue Marine Yachts

add meaning to media

Thank you!


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