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Not everyone is thrilled about being counted. To inspire all and sundry to be part of Census 2010, our team decided to bring the message home with local celebrities. We also focused some of our energy on the young ones - as they do sometimes manage to positively influence their parents. For this we created an educational colouring book that was delivered to primary schools.

As ‘economic downturn’ became one of the latest buzz words, public education campaign funds inevitably dwindled to less than a trickle. What to do when you still have to get the message out? Become an expert of anything free: Talk shows, internal messaging networks, community calendars, Facebook, twitter & letters to the editor.

On Facebook

Campaigns on a Shoestring

Using internal message networks

Web banners on government websites

A big focus over the past year, was to get publications, ministries and departments online so people can start connecting with their government.

First to roll out was the Ministry of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture’s website. Visitors to the site will learn more about the ministry’s responsibilities and will be updated on important developments such as new legislation and current government programmes. Complying with Freedom of Information legislation, the website will also serve as the ministry’s epublication tool, offering users access to laws, regulations, budget information and more.

The new Cayman Islands Gazette website simplifies access to this official government publication.

With a new constitution launched in 2009, the Constitutional Commission asked us to develop a website to raise awareness and keep people in touch with their constitution.

The Cayman Islands is celebrating 25 years of marine parks this year (2011). This is a big national event and we are planning a campaign that matches the historic significance of this important milestone.

She has assisted us with just about everything, including our publications and the development of a communications strategy. I have found her to be an out-of-the-box thinker and her contributions have certainly helped to give our unit the success it has enjoyed to date.-FOI Unit Coordinator Carole Excel

Cornelia is exceptionally helpful, intelligent, efficient and supportive. She is one of the few persons who really seems to understand the immediacy of the modern media and the need to get information promptly. Wendy Ledger, CNS

What makes her standout is her overall approach; she demonstrates enthusiasm and commitment to getting the job done to the client’s satisfaction. And going the extra mile is what she does as a matter of course. GIS Managing Editor Wosila Rochester

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My personal portolio of GIS work: 2009-2011

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