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Year 5

124th Edition

Friday 28 March 2014

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No food No Surgeries at Philadelphia Hospital Patients at Philadelphia Hospital in Dennilton get no surgeries because the theatre is not functioning. According to some of the patients, who await operations, they have been turned away several times when visiting the hospital. The hospital also experiences food shortages and now patient’s relatives started to supply food to their family members who are admitted in the hospital. Even nurses and doctors have reached into their pockets to feed some of the patients in the hospital. A community member, who wishes not to be named, informed the Dispatch that the problems started last year. He added that some of the patients are admitted since December last year and are still waiting for operations. “The hospital refers patients to other hospitals in the province but most of the patients are told to wait as the hospitals out there perform many surgeries daily,” he said. An employee, who also wished to remain anonymous, said that their working condition in the hospital is also not safe. She added that they sometimes refuse to perform their duties because the Health Department is not taking their issues seriously. “The equipment we use in the theatre is very old and we find it difficult to do our daily duties. Air conditioners in the theatre have not been functioning, making the theatre too hot or too cold and this resulted in its closure. Laundry machines were also not working and this also led to the laundry to be outsourced. The unavailability of essential drugs, basic equipment, cancellation of surgeries, lack of basic supplies such as food products and cleaning and antiseptic materials as well as poor infrastructure has caused the rights of patients to basic health to be

violated,” she said. It was also confirmed that the hospital is also facing food shortages as patients were given bread for three consecutive days. Patients are now relying on relatives for daily supplies because of the apparent failure by the government to pay service providers. Hospital staff now fears for patients whose relatives are poor and cannot provide food. A nurse at Philadelphia Hospital, who did not want to be named, said: "There has to be an urgent intervention, otherwise we might start talking about patients dying because of this neglect". Adele van der Linde, Media Liaison Officer of the Department of Health and Social Development responded as follows: The Philadelphia Hospital’s operating theatre is currently only equipped to handle emergency operations due to outdated medical technical equipment. Other surgeries are referred. However, the Department is currently assessing the costs of upgrading the theatres to ensure that it is 100% functional again. The contracted service provider that is contracted to deliver groceries to the hospital in-

The locked door of the main surgury room at Philladelpia hospital. No services are delivered from this room. deed let the hospital down in delivering much-needed fresh produces and this resulted in a backlog over the past weekend. This situation has since been rectified but the Department has been informed of the nondelivery of service by the company in question and urgent interventions are being made. We simply cannot allow service providers to render poor quality services that, in turn, lead to poor service delivery in our hospitals. Healthy, nutritious meals for patients is one of the nonnegotiable issues.



Ephriam Mogale get's disclaimer

The Auditor general of Polokwane awarded a disclaimer to the Ephraim Mogale Municipality

for financial year 2012/2013 that sent officials scattering in all directions to avoid the scathing

report some ten pages in all. The Auditor General laid out a host of infringements by the Municipality, in terms of the S.A. Standards of Generally Recognised accounting practice, “beside other regulations pertaining to the sound management of Municipal finances. When asked to comment on the report, the chairman of the Marble Hall Sakekamer Mr Paissopoulos said.” The awarding of a dis-

claimer by the Auditor General against this Municipality in layman’s terms, would indicate that the Auditor General was “unable to verify that the public’s money was spent and accounted for correctly” so now we have the worst service delivery report and the worst audit report. It’s the same old story of the obvious serious decline in the management of the Municipality by incompetent officials, and something we had warned the Provincial Government, of which it appears, they chose to ignore. Added to this, this Municipality only used 8% of their budget for this last quarter, which leaves the option open for the National Treasury to retrieve the balance and use it elsewhere in the country. It would seem that the Provincial Government is reluctant to correct the situation, in allowing this mismanagement to continue unchecked and as a result, we are calling on all members of the public to use the power of their vote to force the beginning of a change in the upcoming elections he concluded.

Inaccessible roads fixed by DA members in Ga-Matlala Because of the failure of Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality to upgrade the roads, DA members took a stand and volunteered to fix the internal roads at Ga-Matlala Lehwelere in ward 14. The roads were in a poor condition and the situation became worse when the recent rains washed away parts of the roads and caused dongas, making it difficult for residents to use the roads. Many roads were damaged after the heavy rains and Limpopo authorities recorded 180mm of torrential rain in about an hour. According to the community members, municipalities failed to visit most affected areas where houses and roads were severely affected. DA Councillor at Elias Motsoaledi Municipality, David Matsepe told the Dispatch that he reported the condition to the municipality but with no success as the municipality failed to assist. He then gathered some of the DA activists to fix the roads and make them accessible for motorists. “There has been heavy rains which led to some of our roads been washed away. This resulted in those roads been partly and/or completely closed, leaving the community struggling to perform some of their day to day duties. This also affected learners and their school transportation as taxis were not able to pick them up in the village,” Matsepe added. “Residents in the ward decided to mend the roads as local businesses and the municipality failed to give a hand. We then voluntarily fixed the roads to make them accessible for community members,” he said. He added that it took about 35 volunteers to do the job and now the roads are in a better condition as they managed to fill dongas that were a threat to the community. Matsepe continued by saying that the road fixing is part of a relief effort to ensure that all residents who are affected by floods are assisted.





Councillor’s failure to address issues left Dinah with no house After countless applications for a new house, Mrs Dinah Shabangu has still not received a RDP house from the Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality. The pensioner from Sterkfontein Village in Elias Motsoaledi ward 24, has been living in a mud house for many years. Last year October, the DA Councillor in Elias Motsoaledi Mokhine Pitje intervened in the matter and tried

to convince the municipality by raising Mrs Shabangu’s challenges, but the municipality did not act on the matter until today. The old woman stays alone in the collapsing house and only survives by begging for food and other household needs from some of the community members. Her house was blown away by heavy winds in December 2012. Since then the woman’s life has never been the same as the shelter that she was relying on was damaged. According to Mrs Shabangu, the house

is now collapsing and she has nowhere to go. She added that during the rain, she experiences electrical failures and this is also threatening her safety. “I was told that the power transformer was weak when I report the matter. I also confronted the ward councillor requesting a RDP house but with no success. Soon I will be homeless and don’t know where to go, I have no one to turn to except some of the good Samaritans who give me food,” she said. According to DA Councillor Mokhine Pitje, he tried to address the old woman’s issues to the ward councillor but he was turned down. “He is the one mandated by the municipality to make

the final decision and if he fails to act, I don’t have full powers to give assistance to the old woman,” he said. Communications Manager at Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality Shakes Mokganyetji said the woman is welcome to contact the municipality if the councillor fails her. “As the municipality we first check with Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGHSTA) to see if the person qualifies for A RDP house. In terms of emergency we refer them to our district municipality. We will be visiting the woman to look at the situation and we promise to take a step very soon,” he said.

The community of Moteti Liberty is concerned about poor service delivery in the area. According to the community of Elias Motsoaledi ward 7, the area has never had services from the municipality. People are struggling to get clean water and the roads are also damaged. The residents are currently living on a flood line extremely close to the river. Every time there are severe rains, the community of Moteti Liberty is

affected but no storm water control has ever been built there to get rectify the situation. Pontsho Morudi, a resident, told the Dispatch that they raised their concerns to ward 7 councillor Lucas Phala but he has done nothing to change the situation. “We tried to call him for meetings to resolve service delivery backlog but he didn’t pitch up. During these recent rains, our roads were damaged in such an extent that our vehicles have no access to the village. The councillor’s wife always responds on his behalf every time the community confronts the councillor for answers,” she said. Pontsho added that the village needs storm water control as their houses are also damaged by rain water during summer. “If the municipality fails to act quickly on the matter, some of the houses will collapse as water is now coming up from the floor. This will affect many poor families and we do not believe that the municipality will act accordingly on the situation,” she said. Another concerned community member, Mr Mahlangu, said that they invited the councillor to a meeting on Saturday 23 March to resolve service delivery backlog but he did not pitch up. “The ward councillor failed us in many ways. He does not come to the meetings and does not care about the people of ward 7. Failure to attend meetings, we then decided to submit a memorandum to the Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality Mayor Cllr Wendy Matemane. In the memorandum we stated clearly that we do not have basic services in the ward and the councillor neglects the community who voted for him. We do not have clean water; our roads are in bad condition. We gave the councillor 14 working days to come to give us clarity about the poor service delivery we experience in ward 7. If the councillor fails to come and give answers, we will soon march to Elias Motsoaledi Municipal offices against poor service delivery,” he said. Mahlangu added: “At our neighbouring ward, ward 2, roads are tarred and some services are implemented to prove that the councillor is delivering. As the community we all ask the same question: why is our councillor doing nothing at all. We also witnessed that he sends ward committee members to register RDP houses to family members who were identified by him only. The RDP registration is only done at night when everyone is sleeping. The councillor wants to benefit a few individuals who are his favourites.” Mahlangu concluded: “We demand the councillor to do the job he’s entitled for in the ward. How can he be able to raise our concerns in the municipality if he does not attend any meetings? We will act against the councillor as long as he does not cooperate with the community.” Speaking to the Dispatch Shakes Mokganyetji, Communications Manager at Elias Motsoaledi, said the municipality will investigate the matter. He added that they will check with the community for roll calls to prove that indeed the councillor does not attend meetings. “Our councillors are urged to call community meetings every quarter to address challenges faced by the community,” he said.

Moteti Liberty service delivery backlog





Ndlovu Care Group Elandsdoorn Update The brand new Ndlovu Research Center building has been put into immidiate use for the comprehensive research project. The center aims to reflect the Ndlovu Care Group vision to create hope and opportunities through innovative health care, child care and community development. The Ndlovu Research Consortium will explore research opportunity for Masters Degree and PhD students with the Utrecht University (UU) and the University of Pretoria (UP). Ndlovu Care Group will utilize the Ndlovu Research Consortium outputs to develop itself and professionalize the care of Ndlovu Care Group. This year also the Ndlovu Wits Audiology (NWA) became a reality when funding was granted for the implementation of an Audiology project. The Ndlovu Wits Audiology uses its comrehensive resources and expertise to reduce the negative impact of hearing impairment on the health, lifestyle and the communicative abilities of hearing impaired individuals and their families through different measures that will be considered by the clinic. This includes the prevention of the onset of the ear and hearing problems with regular community education programmes on ear and hearing health. Early identification and management of ear and hearing problems by offering neonatal hearing screening services at five clinics in the Elandsdoorn area. This will also include school screening, ototoxity monitoring of HIV/AIDS and TB patients of the Ndlovu Care Group Clinic as well as diagnostic assessments.

Man drowned while fishing

An inquest docket was opened at the Motetema Regional Court after a 50 year old male drowned. The incident took place on Sunday 16 March near Flag Boshielo Dam. According to Constable Boitumelo Matlala of the Motetema SAPS, the deceased was fishing with a friend at the Olifants River. It is alleged that he slipped and fell into the river. He was then swept away by the overflowing river. His accomplice informed the police and a search was started immediately. After the search, the deceased was not found until it was dark

and the police postponed the matter to the next day. On Monday the police continued the search but also failed to discover the body of the deceased. He was then found on Tuesday around 19:00. His body was taken to the Groblersdal State Mortuary for post-mortem. An inquest docket was opened and the police appeal to community members to be cautious when they are at the river banks. “The rivers are now full after recent rains and we urge people to stay away from the water,� said Matlala.

Stripped off Avanza found The community of Dennilton woke up to find a vehicle abandoned in the bushes. The silver Toyota Avanza was found abandoned at Ten Morgan in Dennilton by unknown people. The vehicle was noticed by community members early in the morning. A few hours later, community members started to be suspicious and

informed the police. The vehicle was found stripped off its four wheels and its radio was also missing. At the stage it is not known where the vehicle was stolen before the criminals abandoned it in Dennilton. An inquest docket was opened at Dennilton SAPS and investigations are underway.


Hosia Aphane leaner gets 2013 curriculum awards

The eight year old Michelle Molheica showing off her awards. A grade 3 learner at Hosia Aphane Combined School received awards for the 2013 curriculum. The eight year old Michelle Molheica was awarded 2 merit certificates, 3 medals and a trophy. The learner has been awarded after she became the best in English reading in three levels. Michelle competed in the Kgobokwane Cluster Schools Reading competition. She was awarded 3 medals. She then entered the reading competition at circuit level where she was competing with learners from within the boundaries of Moutse Central Circuit. The outstanding reading skills from the learner rewarded her when she became the best and was awarded 2 merit certificates. After her excellent performance on circuit level, Michelle qualified to compete in the Sekhukhune District level where she was representing Moutse Central Circuit. She excelled and was awarded a trophy. Her dreams of competing on national level for English reading were shattered after the Limpopo Department of Education failed to pay for her fees. Hosia Aphane School Principal Mrs. M Nkgudi told the Dispatch that the school has a special programme scheduled every Friday for Maths and Language. "We have special programmes every Fridays at the school where we practice Maths and Sepedi in the foundation phase. We also do Maths and English in the intermediate and senior phases to perfect our learners in the fields," she said. She added: "We teach our learners how to write poems, letters and essays. We also do public speaking and debates amongst learners of different age groups per grade. We equip them with reading skills by doing ordinary reading. We also check their language fluency and also teach them book handling. Educators offer listening skills by reading articles and ask questions later to learners when doing oral listening skills," she said. The school principal further said they also discover talents amongst learners through girls talk and boys talk where they mentor and guide learners for good behavior and self-respect. "We acquire learners to encourage other young people out there and we also nurture other talents in the learners; not only for the curriculum, but talents that they will use even out of the school premises," She concluded.

VUKO launched in Moutse

Vulamehlo Kusile Organization (VUKO) has been launched in Moutse on Friday 21 March in OR Tambo Stadium. VUKO is a civic organization with its headquarters in Kwa-Mhlanga that seeks to address social challenges amongst the community. The organization aims to deal with challenges such as women abuse, child abuse, drugs and substance abuse within the communities. According to the chairperson of the Organization Mr EP Mahlangu the organization also aims to strengthen community development through the formation of co-operatives that will eradicate poverty. On National Human Rights Day, the organization was launched through a soccer and netball tournament at OR Tambo Stadium in Dennilton. The tournament was also made possible in partnership with Moutse Sports Forum (MSF). Four soccer teams and four netball teams from Moutse took part. The tournament also formed part of the Human Rights Day celebration with young people. Soccer and netball participants were specifically under the age of 14 where Mission FC and Young Killers FC reached the soccer finals. Mission managed to lift the tournament trophy after penalty shootouts after both teams played 0-0 in regulation and extra time. Mission FC won 4-2 during the penalties. While the boys were kicking and passing the ball on the pitch, young girls were also playing netball. Moutse teams faced invited teams from Kwa-Mhlanga. In the netball finals, Mondli Netball Team from Tambo Village faced Bankview Stars Netball Team from KwaMhlanga. Mondli was crowned champions after beating Bankview Stars in a closely contested match. After the proceedings, VUKO Chairperson Mr EP Mahlangu thanked everyone who made the launch possible including Moutse Sports Forum, participants and spectators who came in large numbers to render support to the teams while celebrating Human Rights Day. VUKO will also host another sport event


that will take place on 27 April. The management requests interested cultural groups, performers, soccer and netball teams to come and participate on Freedom Day. Interested participants in soccer and netball must be under the age of 21. Interested community members are welcome to contact Mr Simon Mahlangu on 083 333 0005. Alternatively people can call Mr CC Masilela on 083 633 3108.

Champions of the tournament Mission FC before they face their opponents in the finals.

Young Killers FC ready to face Mission during the launching of VUKO at OR Tambo Stadium.

Spectators watched as ladies are playing netball during the launch.



Dennilton SAPS humiliates Philadelphia On Wednesday 19 March Philadelphia Hospital FC hosted Dennilton SAPS FC for a Groblersdal Cluster League match. SAPS started with early attacks just after the match started when Sdumo and Promise’s combination was outstanding. Philadelphia made a comeback towards the 15th minute and started attacking but were denied by the defenders. The hosts started to play long passes but they were also unable to beat the SAPS goalie. The visitors scored their opening goal by Phondo, a close range in the box beating the goalie to make it 1-0 to Dennilton SAPS. After the goal Philadelphia attacked trying to equalize but the Dennilton SAPS goalie, Magagula, made good saves and denied the opposition goals. This led to many corners given to Philadelphia but it didn’t work out. Dennilton SAPS scored their second goal in the 30th minute when a Philadelphia defender conceded a hand ball in the box. Free kick and penalty Dennilton SAPS specialist DJ, managed to send the goalie to the wrong way and 2-0 it was to Dennilton SAPS. Towards the end of the first half, SAPS was dominating the match but failed to extend the lead when missing many attempts. In the second half SAPS made a substitution fielding Manamela who managed to score an early goal in the 48th minute, a close range in the box to make it 3-0 to Dennilton SAPS. The visitors continued pressure and they started to shoot out of the box and shots went wide. In the 51st minute, Manamela scored a fourth goal for Dennilton SAPS after receiving a ball from Sdumo who managed to counter and penetrate defenders passing the ball to Manamela and he made no mistake and scored a fourth goal for SAPS. After the beautiful goal by Manamela, the hosts attacked and managed to score their first goal by Lunga, a counter by mid-fielders entering the box. 4-1 in the 74th minute. Two minutes later, SAPS retaliated by scoring a fifth goal by Jomo, after

The host attacking when trying to equalize after Phondo scored an opening goal for Dennilton SAPS. receiving a ball in the box and beating the goalie. In the 81st minute, Jomo scored a 6th goal after he countered from the middle and easily beat the goalie. Towards the end of the match, Dennilton SAPS player Phondo scored a 7th goal after Philadelphia defenders tried to play an off side trap and he managed to make a run and beat the goalie 7-1 it was to Dennilton SAPS. The match ended 7-1 to Dennilton SAPS FC defeating Philadelphia Hospital FC and pocketed three league points.

Philadelphia Hospital FC and Dennilton SAPS FC mid-fielders battling for a ball.

Sekhukhune Dispatch 28 March 2014  

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