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Friday 14 March 2013

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9 Year old drowned coming from school A 9 year old boy drowned when he tried to cross a water control system. The boy was accompanied by two friends coming from school on

Tuesday 4 March around 14:30. Eyewitnesses said that the three boys came from Njinga Sindane Primary School in Tambo Village when the incident happened. They were crossing the overflowing storm water control system going to their homes in Elandsdoorn. The water was moving fast and the boys started to scream for rescue. Community members responded quickly and managed to save two of the boys. But 9 year old Manqoba Nkosi slipped and was swept away by the fast running water. Some community members started to search for him in the water. The Paramedics attending to Manqoba Nkosi but they were too police were informed later after he was certified dead. and promised that they were on the way. When busy with the search, a police van was spotted passing and community members managed to stop them demanding help. The deceased was found after about 30 minutes of search a few meters away from where he drowned. By the time the deceased was found floating in the water, Community members, police officials and emergency perthe emergency personnel were already sonnel at the scene after Manqoba Nkosi’s drowned.

alerted but they didn’t arrive in time. One of the community members Mr. Buti Sibanyoni volunteered to look whether the boy was still alive but the police stopped him saying it is not a procedure for a community member to get involved in police business. “I am qualified in level 1 and 2 first aid, perhaps I could have saved the boy if he was alive but I was denied access to the boy by the police as I was told that the emergency personnel were on the way from

“I am qualified in level 1 and 2 first aid, perhaps I could have saved the boy if he was alive but I was denied access to the boy by the police" Polokwane. I knew that it will take hours before they arrive he said. He added that the emergency personnel arrived after 3 hours and that’s when the boy was certified dead. “This water is too dangerous not only to children, but they can also harm a full grown adult after a heavy rain. The ward councilor must do something to make sure that people are safe when crossing between Elandsdoorn and Tambo,” he said. Elias Motsoaledi Ward 9 Councilor Shadrack Marapi told the Dispatch that he went to visit the family of the deceased on the day of the incident. “During my visit I was told by the boy’s parents that they don’t have money to bury their child as they are both unemployed. I then approached the Mayor’s office and as the municipality we

managed to buy groceries for the funeral. We also assisted the family with a tent, tables and chairs. I’ve also sent social workers the following day on Wednesday to the family and also to Njinga Sindane Primary School for counseling,” he said. According to Manqoba’s Mother Ms Duduzile Nkosi on Tuesday afternoon, she was shocked when receiving the news that her son has drowned. She immediately rushed to the scene to find out that her son is no more. “I did not believe my eyes. He left for school in the morning in a happy mood. I only heard that his shoe was left behind when he crossed the overflowing storm water control system. He tried to pick up his shoe and that’s when he was swept away by the water. My husband and I are unemployed and do not have any means of income. The funeral scheme I joined in the village didn’t managed to help me as I am in arrears. With the assistance from Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality and Ward Councilor Marapi I managed to bury my son and I thank them a lot,” she said. Marapi concluded: “We met with the Director of Infrastructure and also with the Provincial Department of Roads and Transport to make sure that this kind of incident will never happen again. We resolved that Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality will start with a master plan to revive all storm water controls in the municipality.” The police confirmed that an inquest docket was opened after a 9 year old boy drowned. “We have received reports that the boy fell in the water control system and drowned while coning from school at Njinga Sindane Primary. We have opened an inquest docket and we are now busy with investigations,” said Constable Mmapitso Aphane from Dennilton SAPS.



P&L Tafelkop Hardware donates to schools and small businesses Recently, P&L Tafelkop Hardware has been giving back to the community of Tafelkop . To date, P&L Tafelkop Hardware has donated

sports balls, gear and school bags to various schools and also assisted small businesses in donating branded sign-boards to Nkefi Trading, Malatsi Tafelkop Brick Yard, Nokeng Brick Yard and Solly’s Pillars. During a ceremony with Kgoshi HB Rammupudu II at Tafelkop Mokababasection, he praised P&L Tafelkop Hardware for their contribution to the community.

Top: P&L Tafelkop staff with Kgoshi Boleu Rammupudu II

Right: P&L's Mr Edwin donates signboard to Nokeng Brick Yard, Nkefi Trading, Solly’s Pillars and Malatsi Tafelkop Brickyard

Merit Certificates for Nkadimeng Primary Nkadimeng Primary School managed to scoop three merit certificates in the Moutse Central Circuit Awards. Every year all Moutse Central Circuit pupils from 20 different schools write common tests during the four quarters of schooling. At the end of the year the circuit accumulates the pass percentage for all grades per school. Winners are announced in the beginning of the year and awarded merit certificates to encourage them. Last year Nkadimeng Primary in Moteti, did well in grade 3, grade 4, and grade 6 beating all Moutse Central Circuit primary schools. Best performers are taken from all 20 primary schools in the circuit. “We achieved the best results because we start preparing our learners from the first quarter in the beginning of the year. “We also make use of programmes such as room-to-read that we have introduced in the past few years and they are very helpful,” said the deputy principal Mr. Eric Matlala. He added that the room-to-read programme plays a role in improving reading skills to learners. It also helps them to understand question papers during the examinations. “This was also

achieved through the effort from our educators who work tirelessly to make sure that our learners become the best in the circuit. We are dedicated to work hard and achieve even more this year. We started equipping our learners from day one and hope that we will make a lot of improvement at the end of the year,” he said.

Nkadimeng Primary School learners managed to achieve three merit certificates at Moutse Central Circuit. With them is a grade 3 educator Ms Madisa, Mr. Mtshali a grade 4 educator and Ms Moloto for grade 6.



No bridge, No school Hundreds of learners fail to attend school after heavy rains. Years ago the government already promised to build a bridge for these learners who cross the Koto River at Ntwane Lenkwaneng Village, Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality. The situation affects learners

Learners crossing the overflowing Koto River.

No go to Nkadimeng Primary School There is a no go to Nkadimeng Primary School at Moteti Village. This is caused by the dongas that were left after the recent heavy rains. The school staff has to leave behind their vehicles due to the bad state of the school entrance. Little by little, the rain keeps on washing the road away and cause dongas that could also cause injuries to school children if they mistakably fell in. The school caters for learners as young as five years doing grade R. Educators and parents are worried about the safety of the children. “When it rains, we experience a heavy flow of water passing through the school yard from the school’s entrance. Now, the gravel road that links the Philadelphia Moteti road to the school premises is totally damaged. We are urged to leave our cars at home and depend on public transport.” said the school’s deputy Principal Mr Eric Matlala. He added that sometimes they experience an overflow of water that makes the dongas invisible and this can lead to children to falling in the dongas. “We used to fix the road ourselves but it doesn’t help as the rain keeps on washing it away because we don’t have proper resources to make it last longer. We are unable to consult the Department of Education as the road is out of school premises,” he said. Matlala further said: “These dongas are so deep that even if you are an adult, you can injure yourself. The situation is now making the environment of teaching and learning difficult,” he said. Ward 2 Councillor Alfred Phatlane told the Dispatch that they have noticed that the road is damaged and they are still waiting for the rain to cool down before they can start with maintenance. He added that most roads are damaged due to the heavy rain that was experienced by the whole country recently and they will make sure that all roads are maintained.

Nkadimeng Primary educators are urged to leave their vehicle behind as the road is totally damaged.

who attend the Mothibedi Combined School and Nala Secondary School. A concerned resident, Mr. Terry Moepya, said that the situation affects learners for many years but nothing has been done about it. A lot of people have drowned trying to cross that river and the community has been promised by the municipality to get rid of the increasing death toll. "We were promised a bridge many years ago but nothing is happening. Now learners have to turn back home after heavy rains as they are unable to cross the river. Some have to walk for about several kilometers in order to find a better spot to cross. This affects their studies as they arrive late at school with wet study material. Young ones who attend at the primary school have to turn back until the water volume decreases," he said. "Our government must not wait for bad things to happen before they act. They must keep their promises and deliver to the people before it is too late. Everybody knows that the bridge is needed in that area and is going to benefit many

residents that cross the river everyday. I just wish they can stop making empty promises telling the community about the bridge only during rainy seasons and become silent when rainy days are over," he concluded. Elias Motsoaledi Ward 10 Councilor Seun Mogotji said that the area is in the IDP and the municipality will soon build a bridge. He added that he made an effort and informed Sekhukhune District Municipality that the area must be declared as disaster area but the district has done nothing up to so far. “I raised the mat-

ter to the Deputy Minister of CoGHSTA Mr. Andries Nel and also to the office of Limpopo Premier Stanley Mathabatha,” he said.



Suspects arrested in Five Morgan A 27 year old male suspect was arrested after he was found in possession of an unlicensed firearm, ammunition and dagga the Dennilton Police said. According to the police report the suspect was arrested by the police who were patrolling on Wednesday 5 March around 02:40 in the morning at Five Morgan in Dennilton. It is alleged that the police patrol vehicle noticed the Constable Sparks Mahlangu pointing at a Golf that was white Golf 1 and be- impounded after the suspects travelling with it were found came suspicious. in possession of an illegal firearm, ammunition and dagga.v They initiated a chase and demanded the driver to stop. After stopping the driver pulled out a firearm and pointed it at two police officials. One of the officers managed to kick the suspect’s hand and the firearm dropped. While the drama between the police and the driver unfolds, a suspects fled the scene. The driver of the vehicle named Joel Mathunyane (27) was arrested and taken into custody at the Dennilton Police Station. He was found in possession of a 9mm firearm pistol, eight rounds of ammunition and a match box full of dagga. He was charged with pointing of firearm, possession of illegal firearm and ammunition and possession of illegal drugs. He will appear at the Moutse Magistrate’s Court soon. Investigation continues.

Vehicle found abandoned in Dennilton The community of Dennilton woke up to find an Opel Monza abandoned in the middle of the road. The community then informed the police about the discovery. The matter was attended by patrolling police officials from Dennilton SAPS. The grey Opel Monza was found abandoned near the R25 Road. The police managed to circulate the vehicle and it was found that it was stolen in Vosman, Witbank. According to the police it is not known that the vehicle was used as a getaway vehicle or to commit any crimes before it was

abandoned. The police appeal to the community members to come forward if they have any information regarding the vehicle. The police appeal to community members not to touch anything if they find a vehicle abandoned. "Community members must immediately call the police when suspecting that a vehicle may be abandoned because criminals steal cars and just leave them after they commit crimes," said Constable Mmapitso Apane from Dennilton SAPS.


Suspects walk free after man found dead Four suspects walk free after the murder of the 31 year old male Sinky Motau, at the tavern in Vezinyawo Village. According to the deceased’s brother Isaac Motau, the fight broke out between him and the suspects after one of them said he stepped on his shoe. “I then went inside the tavern and the four guys followed me. They started to kick me and beating me up. I managed to flee. A person who was busy drinking in the tavern showed the suspects my brother and they also attacked him. He then beat one of them with a beer bottle and tried to flee. They started a chase and managed to catch him a few meters out of the tavern,” he said. He added that more and more people started attacking his brother and no body managed to rescue him. “After a few moments, our neighbor went to look for him at the spot where they were assaulting him but he didn’t find him. When I went back to the tavern I was told the news and I went to look for him too but he was nowhere to be found,” added Isaac. He further said that his brother’s lifeless body was found by a passerby in the morning of Sunday 1 March at Mpheleng Village near the dam. A murder case was opened by the family and the suspects names were given to the police as the deceased’s brother knows them. “On Monday Morning the police came to my home and asked me to show them where the suspects stay. I took them to two suspects’ homes and we were taken to the Dennilton police station. One of the suspects said that he was involved in my brother’s murder. He then took the police to some of his friends who were involved in the killing. I was surprised when the police arrived without the suspects and when I asked, they told me that they instructed the suspects to come to the police station tomorrow and no one was arrested,” he said. Isaac concluded: “I am now living in fear knowing that my brother’s murderers are walking free. These people started by attacking me and what if they come to finish me off just like my brother,” he said. A case of murder is under investigation at the Dennilton SAPS.

The lifeless body of Sinky Motau was spotted by a passerby at Mpheleng Village in the morning after he was involved in a fight at the tavern in Vezinyawo.

PAC councilor removed from the Ephraim Mogale Council

The Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality Pan African Congress Councilor has been removed from the council. According to the PAC, their candidate was replaced by another candidate without notifying the party’s officials. Deputy Chairperson of PAC in Sekhukhune Mr. July Mamogobo said that when they received the news that their representative in the municipality has been removed, they immediately wrote a letter demanding the speaker to reinstate Frank Maibelo in his position. The Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality Speaker Mr. KN Kekana responded by saying that Maibelo has to be replaced by Fanyana Mlotjwa and he will

Frank Maibelo who was replaced by Fanyana Mlotjwa as a PAC PR councilor in the Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality.


never be taken back into the council. "We’ve then taken the matter to our lawyers and a letter was written to the municipality stating that it is against the law to appoint Mlotjwa to fill in Maibelo's position. Still the speaker in the municipality refused to take the decision back. The matter was then taken to the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on 17 January this year said Mamogobo. He added that the court ordered the council to put Maibelo back into his position but the speaker also refused even after a court order was issued. After seeing the court order, Mlotjwa immediately did an urgent application that the court must grant him the position and was turned down as the court demanded that Maibelo be brought back in the council. "We also have evidence that the previous acting Municipal Manager Mr. Phahlamohlaka already declared Maebelo's position vacant before the council meeting that was held on 20 November last year. The matter was not even on the agenda of the day and our representative was just removed from the council without any reasons.” He said. Speaking to the Dispatch, Communications Manager in Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality Mr. Jan Phasha said that the council received the letter from PAC stating that Maibelo must be removed from his duties. He added that the Council Speaker cannot just take a decision without following the law. “The municipality therefore called a council meeting and Frank Maibelo was replaced by Fanyana Mlotjwa. About the court matters, the council knows nothing about that as it is a PAC matter and does not affect the municipality,” he said.



NTT Groblersdal launches new Corolla

The sales team from NTT Toyota Groblersdal. Moses Madipa, Kobus Boshoff, Reynier Cronje, Tienie Schoeman en Berrent Mafa.

On Wednesday 5 March the offices of NTT Toyota Groblersdal were filled with anticipation for the launch of the new Toyota Corolla. NTT invited the who’s who of Groblersdal to come and have a glimpse of the new Corolla and all its extended features. Manager Neil Faber welcomed everybody and introduced the new Corolla to its fans. Now in its 11th generation, the all-new 2014 Toyota Corolla boasts cutting-edge design. Apart from aesthetic considerations, the design team also accepted the challenge to create an even more spacious interior and they achieved it. Moving indoors Corolla has received a completely refurbished interior featuring a stylishly re-designed cockpit, superior trim materials and enhanced ergonomics. At the heart of every new Corolla is a fuel-efficient and reliable engine that delivers pure driving enjoyment.

Choose from the super-frugal 1.3-, solid-performing 1.6- or hyper-energetic all-new 1.8-litre petrol engine all underpinned by Toyota’s hightech VVT-I (Variable Valve Timing – Intelligent) system. All versions come standard with a crisp-shifting six-speed manual transmission. The innovative Multidrive S automatic transmission (with seven ‘simulated’ gears) is available on the 1.6 and 1.8 variants. Another new addition to the range is the awardwinning 1.4 turbodiesel engine, returning a class-best combined cycle fuel consumption of just 4,5 l/100 km and generating CO2 emissions of just 119 g/km while offering super-refined, long-distance cruising. When you throw in Toyota’s legendary reliability, vast dealer network and standard fiveyear/90 000km service plan as well as competitive pricing (from R214 900 to R283 900), the new Corolla is a no-brainer, a true ‘best buy.

The new Toyota Corolla making its appearance into the lives of future buyers.

The Toyota Corolla boasts with a new slick interior design.

Suspect arrested after fleeing with police pistol Two suspects named Timothy Msimang (24) and Joel Mathunyane were arrested by the Motetema police in connection with a common robbery. According to the police report, it is alleged that on Saturday 1 March the suspects robbed an off duty police officer of his service pistol and fled the scene. The incident took place in Tafelkop while the officer was involved in a accident with another vehicle. While busy looking at the damages of

his vehicle, the suspects arrived at the scene and grabbed the police officer’s service pistol before they fled. The matter was reported at the Motetema SAPS and the police followed the lead. The suspects were arrested in Dennilton in possession of the stolen pistol. They appeared at the Nebo Magistrate’s Court on Friday 7 March. They will appear again on Tuesday 18 March for a formal bail application.



Morake equips youth with sport skills

Some of the young people playing volley ball at Sibisi Primary School where Morake trains them on a daily basis.

Volley ball skills were shown by some of the children during their training session.

After serving seven years in prison, Morake Matseke from Dennilton Malaeneng says he realized that there were no sport activities in his area and started calling young people together to participate in various sport activities. He first introduced volley ball to children after approaching his former school, Sibisi Primary. Since then, he spends most of his time equipping young people with different sports activities in his area. "At the moment I train with more than 50 young people ranging from the age of 13 to 19. We started focusing mostly on volley ball and played matches against other teams. This encouraged us the most and that’s when we enrolled for the national championships," he said. Earlier last year, Morake says as a team

and were crowned the Limpopo Volley Ball Champions. It was a great achievement to us because we are from the rural area with no resources but we have managed to beat schools that have everything" he added. He added that the national tournament was held in Bloemfontein and all South Africa's nine provinces took part. "We started well but the tournament had to be stopped by officials after the passing of Dr Nelson Mandela on 5 December last year. We were told that the tournament will resume soon," he said. In conclusion Morake said that their main challenge is that they do not have sports facilities and only rely on Sibisi

coach, he enrolled Sibisi Primary to compete with other schools in the Moutse Central Circuit at the Ndlovu Sports Fields in Elandsdoorn. "We managed to defeat all schools in volley ball and went through to compete in the Sekhukhune District Championships where we were representing the Moutse Central Circuit. We also managed to win and became Sekhukhune volley ball champions after defeating all circuits. Thats when the name Sekhukhune Volley Ball Team came up," he said. Morake said his team was a bit nervous when knowing that they were going to compete with giant teams from all district municipalities in the province. "With determination and excellent teamwork we have defeated the districts

Bareki Mall competition winner The winner of the R11 500 trailer was announced on Saturday 1 March 2014. Martha Tau from Tafelkop was the winner and was very existed to receive her prize. Nico from Pick n Pay also handed her a R5000 voucher. “I cannot believe I won something” she said very excited.

Primary School for volley ball court. "At the moment I am coaching various sports including base ball, soccer, net ball and cricket but we do not have a proper place to do our practices, training and matches. We also introduced swimming but with no pools our swimmers are participating in other sport activities where they are not good in. In the afternoons we do weight lifting for others to become body builders. We are now preparing for the big tournament that is going to be held in Johannesburg but we do not have any sponsors. We have been to government offices so many times but they didn’t help," he said.



Elshadai Combined School Learners go big Two Elshadai Combined School Learners are participating professionally in sport. Ndabenhle Mahlangu a learner at Elshadai Combined School in Tooitskraal near Marble Hall has been selected to attend at the Mamelodi Sundowns Mbibane Academy. Ndabenhle will feature in the under 13 of the Sundowns team and will train with the team every Wednesdays and Fridays afternoons. Another Elshadai Combined School learner Banele Mahlangu a gymnast at Elshadai, was invited to participate at an elite top ten competition. The competition was held in Pretoria last month. Banele represented the Mpumalanga Province and successfully received a bronze medal on the mini trampoline. This landed her to the third place in overall achievers in South Africa for that event. The school congratulated both learners after their great and fantastic achievements.

Banele Mahlanu from Elshadai Combined School received a bronze medal after she obtained position 3 at the elite top ten competition in Pretoria.

Ndabenhle Mahlangu from Elshadai Combined School has been selected to attend the Mamelodi Sundowns Mbibane Academy.

Fitness match ended with a draw On Wednesday 12 March a fitness match was organised between Sekhukhune District Municipality FC and Pick n Pay Groblersdal FC. The teams clashed at 14:30 at the Groblersdal Chris Wiid Stadium. Sekhukhune started playing well in the first half and managed to get a goal just before the 15th minute by Kabelo who scored in close range. The municipality continued the pressure until the end of the first half and the score was 1-0 when the two teams went for a break. In the second half Pick n Pay dominated from the beginning, attacking but being denied by the defenders. Pick n Pay dominated the match playing good passed in the entire field but the strikers failed their attempts in the box to score an equalizer. Towards the end of the match, Pick n Pay scored their equalizer by Tshepo, a close range in the box beating the goalie. The final score of the match was 1-1.

Sekhukhune Dispatch 14 March 2014  

Bi Weekly Community News for Groblersdal and Sekhukhune District

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