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Have you ever seen a flying saucer? Well, Peggy, my sister, and I have, so therefore, we are believers. We lived near Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri; a S.A.C. (Strategic Air Command) facility. They manned and operated some two hundred Minute Man Missile sites throughout Missouri. One such site was located in a field next to our house. We were used to the comings and goings of the Air Force personnel. It began one summer day in the mid-1960's. I do not remember the exact year and it really does not matter. I heard what sounded like several airplanes flying overhead. This was not an unusual occurrence so I did not think anything of the noise. My father came running into the house yelling at us to go outside and take a look. He rummaged through a drawer and found his binoculars. Peggy and I ran outside. Hovering overheard were four circular aircraft. They were very noisy. We were so excited. We were sure we were seeing UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects). It was all the rage at that time to spot UFO's and there were many T.V. shows and books being written on the subject. We had proof. For some reason, my mother was never aware of what was going on and remained in the house. Daddy made the big mistake of putting the strap of the binoculars around his neck, as this was his habit. Peggy and I nearly strangled him grabbing the binoculars for our turn to look at the UFO's. I do not remember seeing any markings on the UFOs. But they were at an altitude of about five hundred feet and we really were not looking for any type of lettering. The UFO's stayed for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes and then left in a very strange manner. Hovering in a stacked formation two on top and two on the bottom. Then the two on the bottom separated and rose above the two on top. This process was repeated over and over until we could no longer see them. Then we heard them leave in a southerly direction toward Whiteman Air Force Base. This event was fodder for discussions and swearing on our part that UFO's did exist. But, as the years went by, I began to wonder why the Air Force allowed these aircraft to linger so long over a top-secret military installation. It did not make sense. If these were UFO's why didn't the Air Force come to check them out, run them off, or even more spectacular, shoot them out of the sky? I never knew the answer, so for years I told my UFO story to believers and skeptics alike. Recently, however, I found the answer on the internet. These were not UFO's. They were experimental aircraft used by S.A.C. and they were equipped with jet engines. I found pictures of them residing in hangers. The Air Force ended this program in 1967 and the aircraft were retired.

That shot down my big UFO story. Or did it? You decide. Is there life out there? Maybe someday we will know for sure.

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