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Every now and then I run across someone who believes in aliens, and I honestly admit that sometimes I wonder about them as well. With a recent rise in "evidence" and eye witness testimony from films like the "The Disclosure", you can't help but wonder that maybe there really is something to all the hype. Sure, people can always debate about the authenticity of the evidence. They can always argue about whether or not someone lied. You cannot argue away someones faith, however. Whether that faith is in God or little green men, we all believe what we want to believe. When speaking about extra terrestrials, however, I find that there are two different areas that are commonly skipped over in reference to God and Christianity. First, I've noticed that those who believe in aliens also tend to believe that it automatically discounts any religion and ancient story. To a degree I have to say that it is a tempting theory, if it is all true then it could certainly answer many different questions. It could also explain away miracles, stories of ancient wonders, and the early advancement of civilization. There are many areas it does not explain though. For one, it cannot provide ANY answers to the arguments for Gods existence. It fails to explain how the universe came from nothing. It fails to explain why we have objective morality. It fails to explain why all the cosmological constants are so finely tuned for life. It fails to explain why abstract concepts like truth and justice exist. In short, even if aliens do exist, we still need a presence of a God to explain why things are the way they are. Secondly, I find that many will say something along the lines of "Jesus was an alien. All his miracles were really just technology that humans didn't recognize." In order to take this objection head on, first realize that if someone uses this argument, they are acknowledging the fact that Jesus was real, which is a huge milestone in your favor! Also realize that this objection is based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever, just speculation. After taking a close look at the self-understanding of Jesus in the Scriptures, we find that He really thought he was God. All textual scholars agree that He arrived on the scene with an unprecedented sense of authority. He claimed to be able to do things like forgive sins and correct the Jewish law. He said outright that He was God several times. Do they honestly think that an alien got on a ship, traveled for several thousand years, landed on earth all so that he could start a religion and be killed for it? As C. S. Lewis said, "either He was a lunatic, a liar, or He really was Lord." In our specific case he would be an alien lunatic. If someone ever brings up an objection along these lines, ask them these questions: why do you think that and what evidence do you have to support your view? Often you'll find that the only "evidence" they have is hearing about people who think they saw alien spacecraft or claim to have been abducted, and that isn't evidence at all. You might get the response that the government is hiding all the evidence, which is possible but not plausible. Think about it, if the government were really keeping the entire world in the dark and suppressing evidence, then they are doing a far better job at that then they have ever done at anything else in our history. It is a curious enigma that if Christianity was defended using such "evidence" it would truly be the laughing stock of the world, yet if it is used to defend the existence of aliens it suddenly becomes an intriguing conspiracy theory.

There are also some other holes in the theory of extra terrestrials. For one, the distance between our home worlds would be enormous. The closest star to our sun is Alpha Centauri, which is 4.3 light years away. Now that might not sound too far, but it's really 25 trillion miles. Even if the alien ship could travel at 1 million miles an hour (which is almost impossible), it would take at least 2,500 years to reach us. This means that if an alien ship left their planet around the time of Jesus, they would still not be here for another 500 years, which is absurd. Another hole in the theory is that we have never received any signals or transmissions from outer space. Programs like SETI have been running for over 50 years and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Don't you find that at least a little bit odd? Also curious to note is the fact that although video and picture capable media has become more commonplace, the number of reported sightings, pictures and videos of space ships/aliens has actually decreased. This reveals the well-known fact that America has a current fixation on the subject of aliens, while the rest of the world is much more skeptical of the idea. If you want to read an honest scientific view point on the subject of alien life there is a book, called Rare Earth, that I highly recommend. You can find it here. Then again, I obviously don't know everything. I could very well be wrong or perhaps am missing some information. Maybe "aliens" do exist and have been visiting earth all along, which brings me to my last point. What I'm going to say may sound somewhat strange, but when talking about this subject, what isn't? The point I want to make is this: perhaps aliens are not really aliens at all, maybe they are the demons of the Bible. Surprisingly, this theory of aliens beings demons is very consistent with what we are taught about demons. We know that they are extremely intelligent minds. We know that they have the power to deceive the masses very easily. Most importantly, we know that they do not possess physical bodies like we do. As such, they would not be subject to the laws of physics like we are, which could explain a lot. I think this is an important clue. If you ever hear testimony from those who truly believe they came into contact with aliens, you will find that their stories are surprisingly consistent. For one, the ships that people claim to see seem to be able to move in ways that defy physics. We're told that they can move vast distances almost instantly. Often moving from a position of motion to a complete stop with no lag or inertia. We are told that abductions feel like an out of body experience, where personal contact with aliens is a very mental trauma often associated with intense fear. Abduction in particular sounds a lot like possession to me, although I have done very limited research on it. Would it really be so hard to imagine that demons are orchestrating this lie? Perhaps this is the "Great Deception" spoken of in Revelation. Perhaps this is what causes the church to fall away from Christ in the end times. How do you think the world would react if aliens suddenly appeared in our society, claiming to be the source of all mistaken religion? I can only imagine the chaos that would transpire should we be tricked into thinking that Christianity is based on mistaken alien visitation, not a personal God. Of course this is all just my speculation. Just Google "aliens are demons" and you will find plenty of conspiracy theories, most of which are laughable, but are thought provoking none-the-less. Anyway, that pretty much sums up my thoughts on aliens. A lot of it is nothing more than the result of day dreaming and boredom at work. It is always interesting to wonder, though.

More important than believing is knowing why you believe.

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