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The Umbrella Foundation Nepal Nepal lies in between China and India and is home to the famous Himalayan Mountains. However it is one of the poorest countries in the world and is the poorest country in South Asia. 80% of the population are subsistence farmers, living hand-to-mouth, and 40% are living below the poverty line. During the civil war from 1996-2006 more than 15,000 people were killed and 100,000 displaced. Child Trafficking Human trafficking is the fastest growing illegal activity in the world and is a huge problem in Nepal, especially for women and children. Thousands of women and children are trafficked out of the country every year and thousands more have been trafficked from rural villages into the capital city of Kathmandu. During the civil war children were sent to Kathmandu City to escape the violence but now that the war has ended children are still being trafficked. Child traffickers often prey on illiterate and unaware parents with promises of education and a better life for their children. This is rarely the case and children often end up in terrible conditions such as child labour, domestic servants, begging on the streets or badly run and abusive ‘orphanages’ or children’s homes. These corrupt abusive children’s homes offer sub-standard care and often neglect the children’s basic needs such as food, education, protection and security many engage in illegal foreign adoptions of children who actually have parents, by fooling kind hearted adoptive parents into thinking that they are orphans. The Umbrella Foundation The Umbrella Foundation is an Irish registered charity that has rescued over 380 orphaned, trafficked and vulnerable children since 2005. Through various projects such as our Residential Child care Homes, Family Reintegration and Support, Youth Program and School Support Program, we continue to help these children and families to help themselves. We are a family-first organisation working against the negative effects of child trafficking. Our main work is in caring for these vulnerable children which have been rescued from varying appalling conditions. Umbrella provides a safe, loving and secure environment. We equip the children with a sound education and the tools

necessary to make the right choices for their future. Our child protection service includes health care and counselling. We also have social workers who search for the families or relatives of these trafficked children and through therapeutic work try to reunite them so that the children can grow up where they belong, with their families and communities. We provide means-tested financial assistance as well as social assistance through regular family visits, we also engage in local school projects and anti-trafficking awareness campaigns to tackle the problem at its root cause.

Umbrella Needs Your Help All of Umbrellas work has been made possible by the generosity of individuals, in the form of fundraisers, donors, child sponsors and volunteers. As we are a small organisation with mostly voluntary staff, with very low administration costs, it makes it very difficult to secure any government or corporate funding. Although this means that your donations go directly to where they are needed most, it also means that all donations are badly needed to help us to provide the necessary care and protection for these vulnerable, and often easily forgotten children.

Thank You We would like to thank all of you for attending tonight all monies raised will help all of the services we provide and will dramatically change a child’s life. A big thank you to everyone who made this possible tonight, there are almost too many to mention. A special thank you to all the team at St. Joseph’s Boxing Club in Ballyboden who have now helped us in our fourth year. We couldn’t do this without them. Of course a big thank you to all tonight’s fighters who have given up a lot of their and have been through a gruelling training regime, they’re tonight’s heros.

Talkin Tom Bartlett Height: 6’2” Weight: 94 kg Age: 35 Why I’m fighting in Brawl for Nepal? Initially to get fit. But after having met the people involved I am fighting to raise money for the street kids of Nepal. Favourite Rocky moment: My favourite Rocky moment is the Rocky IIII montage which takes in half the movie. If I were a flower I’d be a....Weed If I were a car I’d be a.... Bicycle If I were a cake I’d be a..... Cobbler Fighting out of East Wall.

Stephen the Mystery Man Mannix Height: Tall as Tom! Weight: Mystery Age: He’s been around Stephen was the only man in Dublin we could find brave enough to fight Tom Favourite Rocky moment: He’s an Apollo Creed fan I’m guessing If he were a flower he’d be self raising Fighting out of Fit to Fight Gym

Alan “ the book” Breheny Height: 5 11 Weight: 85 kg Age: 27 Why I’m fighting in Brawl for Nepal? It’s for a really good cause and an excuse to hit Brophy. Favourite Rocky moment: the steps part. If I were a flower I’d be a....Tulip If I were a car I’d be a....04 burgundy golf that passes the nct. If I were a cake I’d be a....Jaffa UNFORTUNATELY ALAN & DAVID WILL NOT BE FIGHTING TONIGHT AS AL CHEAP SHOTTED BROPHY IN TRAINING AND HE WAS CONCUSS SO HAS TO SIT IT OUT. DO NOT BELIEVE ANY OTHER VERSION OF THE EVENTS. BROPHY’S REPLACEMENT TBC.

David The One and Only Warrick Brophy Height: 5ft 9 inches Weight: 78kg Age: 27 Why I’m fighting in Brawl for Nepal? I’m fighting in the brawl because I agreed to do it locked one night in the Bleeding Horse!! Ah no but really it is for a great cause and when you talk to anybody involved with the organisation and you hear the great work they are doing over there, it is worth taking a few punches to raise some well deserved money for the charity. Favourite Rocky moment: Hmmm there is a few of them…. definitely one of them is in the Rocky 4 where Paulie is losing the plot when Rocky is fighting Drago …. shouting… Rocco gonna knock his head off!! If I were a car I’d be a......Aston Martin DB9 If I were a cake I’d be a.....Pavlova Blur or Oasis……Oasis

Jimmy Showbiz White Height: 5’7” Weight: 76 kilos Age: 27 If I was a flower I would be a Banzai tree I’m small but well trimmed If I was a car I would be a Fiat Punto, I’m everyone’s worst nightmare If I was a cake I would be a carrot cake cause Doyler met a pigeon I prefer Blur My favourite rocky moment is him and apollo have a homoerotic embrace on the beach The reason I’m fighting is that it is for a great cause and I heard it was great craic from people who did it previously. (They lied)

Gavin “Dr Steel Hammer” King Height 5’10” Weight: 75Kg :Age 26 Why I’m fighting in Brawl for Nepal? To beat my mate Jimmy “Showbiz” White and raise money for a good cause Favourite Rocky moment When he is preparing to fight Ivan Drago   If I were a flower I’d be a.... Sunflower, To always follow the sun and stand tall, proud, straight and strong even with my head full of seeds   If I were a car I’d be a.... Toyota well built and won’t let you down   If I were a cake I’d be a.....Blackforest Gateau

Aengus ‘Monaghan Marauder’ Brady Height: 5’11 Weight: 76kg Age: 28   Why I’m fighting in Brawl for Nepal? The Brawl for Senegal was full   Favourite Rocky moment: His general fashion sense is pretty top notch & love his grey trackies! If I were a flower I’d be a.... Chrysanthemum If I were a car I’d be a....DeLorean   If I were a cake I’d be a….wedding cake at a Sean Quinn wedding   Blur or Oasis: Oasis all the way

Chris ‘The Cannon’ Cadden Height: 5.10 Weight: 79kg Age: 27 Why I’m fighting in Brawl for Nepal? Incredible charity that provides some the most vulnerable a future and stability. Favourite Rocky moment? Top of the steps.......pure inspiration If I were a flower I’d be a.... Dandelion.....Ill make my opponent piss the bed If I were a car I’d be a.... Merc G Wagon......classy beast full of grunt   If I were a cake I’d be a....pancake Never heard of Blur or Oasis. I like Jedwards work

Jack the Monk O’Dwyer Height; 1,90 Weight; 78kg Age; 19 Why I’m fighting; after just spending the summer in Nepal with Umbrella I saw the good work they are doing and wanted to raise more money for a good cause. If I was a flower what would I be poppy in a sign of remembrance to all the people I have killed in previous fights. Rocky moment; When Adrian and Rocky embrace and profess their love for each other at the end of the original. It brings me joy when I see two of gods children celebrating and embracing love. We all know Scripture repeatedly emphasizes loving our neighbour. Galatians 5:14: For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, cf. Leviticus 19:18; Matthew 19:19; Romans 13:9; James 2:8. If I was a car; I would be the pope mobile. If I was a cake; angle cake Oasis; I have been meditating on the foothills of the hymalayes to prepare for this fight,  seeking enlightenment, seeking to find my self and fulfill some life purpose that was calling to me. There was the power of the intention in going. On my 9th day there I heard a voice and it say to be knock him out at the end of the second round (ed note, Jack’s grammar is appalling)

Ross the jackhammer Kelly Height 6ft 3 Weight 84kg Age 19 Why I’m fighting in Brawl for Nepal? To put all the rumours to bed and to show that I am the ultimate fighting champion Favourite Rocky moment. Appollo Creed’s entrance to the song living in america If I were a flower I’d be a.... I wouldn’t be a flower, flowers are for girls. If I were a car I’d be an alfa romeo because I’m beautiful but struggle to run for longer than 5 minutes. If I were a cake I’d be a..... I don’t know what cake I’d be but I know Jack’s going to be an upside down cake. Other information: Ross Kelly once punched a horse to death and subsequently ate it, with his fists.

Punchin Judy Lambert Height: 175cm Age: 25 Why I’m fighting in Brawl for Nepal?  For the kids - it’s all about the kids! Favourite Rocky moment: Rocky Racoon? If I were a flower I’d be a Venus Fly Trap as I bide my time and wait for the perfect moment to strike!!! If I were a car I’d be a Ford GT40 as it was beautiful, stylish, fast, and furious - Built to win! If I were a cake I’d be a Rocky Road - you can’t predict what each mouthful will bring.

Louise the fryer O’Dwyer...Ill batter ya! Height: 5.1O Age: 26 Why I’m fighting: I’m doing it for the girls in the Sagarmatha house! I spent 5 months in Umbrella this year and loved every day there! I want to do whatever I can to continue helping Umbrellas work. Fav rocky moment: I don’t have one I haven’t watched them  Oasis or blur: defo oasis  Car: Toyota Prius, gentle on the environment tough on opponents  Cake: marzipan: you either love it or hate it Flower: chrysanthemum, nobody understands me!!

Jamie the Hurricane Ware Height: 5’7” Weight: 85kg Age: 30 Nationality??? I’ve wanted to do this since Brawl for Nepal 1, it’s one of my favourite nights of the year, I just needed someone stupid enough to step in there with me Rocky moment: When paulie smashes the pinball machine with a naggin I’d be in a hanging basket outside chuck Norris’ gaff Car? A red 97 Corina E

Liam ‘ Simba ‘ Kearney Height 6’ 3” Weight 83kg Age 27 Why I’m fighting in Brawl for Nepal? To Ware the face off Jamie with my fists Favourite Rocky moment: The bit where he gets hit in the face! If I were a flower I’d be a.... Amaryllis If I were a car I’d be a.... fast one If I were a cake I’d be a..... Chocolate coconut cake

Joe “the boombastic hit brick house” Norton Height: 5ft 9in Weight: 78kgs Age: 27 Reasons: It was a no-brainer; great night out for the lads, settle the score with Cossie, and best of all hopefully help Umbrella raise cash for the kids. Rocky moment: When Clubber Lang tells Creed he don’t need no has-been stinkin’ up his corner, and he better get that bad look off his face else he’ll knock it off Flower: Rhododendron Car: 96’ Ford Fiesta. Reliable little fella but no pace and not too easy on the eye Cake: Triple chocolate fudge. Well used to hangin’ off a fat ass Comment: No more ridiculous questions please. Let’s get it on

David the Hurricane, Boy Wonder, King Kong, Ding Dong, KO Costelloe : Weight: 76Kg Height : 5,9 Age : 27 Why I’m fighting in Brawl for Nepal? It’s a win-win situation, I get to raise money for a great cause and I get to knock seven shades of Sh!t out of Joe. Rocky 4 training montage is the one for me.   If I were a flower I’d be a....  Hooded Skullcap   If I were a car I’d be a.... A  Red one.     If I were a cake I’d be a..... Delicious.   Oasis.

Authentic Thai Food & Noodle Bar Locations in Ballsbridge & Rathgar. Proudly supporting the work of The Umbrella Foundation


Yogism Frozen Yoghurt are proud to support the amazing work being done by The Umbrella Foundation and wish all involved in Brawl for 2012 the very best of luck.

Truly Scrumptious Coffee Shop Rosemount Shopping Centre Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 Telephone 01 4952567 / Mobile 0863966815 Homemade cakes and pastries Full gluten free menu available Breakfast served all day Private catering for all your needs Truly Scrumptious proudly sponsors the work of The Umbrella Foundation

Devendra’s Story We first heard of Devendra (not his real name, not pictured) from our chairman Megh Ale, who informed us that there was aboy near his village who needed our help. As Umbrella’s funds are extremely tight, since April 2008 Umbrella have only taken in children under exceptional circumstances, and Devendra certainly qualified. Megh explained to us that Devendra’s parents and younger brother had dies of AIDS the previous year, though he had not been infected, and that he was now living with his elderly grandfather, who had taken him out of school in order for him to farm their field and cook and look after him. The grandfather was a labourer on the local roads, like so many of his generation not having the luxury of a pension or social welfare system, and an alcoholic, again something quite common for his generation living in harsh circumstances. As with any rescue, in order for us to be completely sure that we are caring for genuinely needy children, we send in a social worker to do a full assessment of the situation, examining the living conditions, amount of food available, support of extended family, local schooling opportunities etc. On this occasion our family reintegration partners Nest Generation Nepal (NGN) carried out the investigation for us and fully agreed with Megh’s assessment. After all the appropriate documentation was filled in, Devendra was able to join his new family, the 21 boys in Manaslu House, where he is now thriving. Our House Parents will always keep an extra eye on recent arrivals and reports from the beginning have been very positive. Obviously there are huge challenges leaving everything behind in a rural village and coming to city like Kathmandu, but with the help of his new brothers, Devendra has done brilliantly. Both his English and football skills have come on hugely, and while of course he misses his family terribly, like any child would, being around boys in a similar boat is very good for him. Umbrella will see that Devendra completes his schooling, and will then assess what is best for his future. While Devendra faces many more struggles in his life, now he is in our care he stands the best chance of having a brighter future!

This is just one example of 380+ children from all over Nepal that have been rescued in the last few years. Umbrella doesn’t receive any government or corporate funding all of this is made possible with the help of individuals across the world. If you haven’t already, please consider supporting our work by volunteering, sending a donation, sponsoring a child or holding a fundraiser. These days we need all the support we can get. Many thanks!! The Umbrella Foundation Ireland Registered Office - Tallaght Enterprise Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24 Office telephone: +353 86 8051772 or +353 87 368 3738 Irish Office: www. www. The Umbrella Foundation is an Irish registered charity, registration number CHY17247

St. Joseph’s Amateur Boxing Club Ballyboden Edmonstown Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 Founded in 1962, affiliated with the Irish Amateur Boxing Association (IABA) Training: Monday: 7pm - 9pm Wednesday: 7pm - 9pm Friday: 7pm - 9pm

Brawl for Nepal program 2012  
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