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How Travel Affects Your Skin

Florida Theme Park Survival Guide

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ORLANDO’S TASTE OF THE NATION Join us August 8, 2015 for Orlando’s Taste of the Nation® for No Kid Hungry. Sip and sample gourmet creations from Orlando’s premier culinary talent and participate in unique food, travel and lifestyle auctions – all while raising funds to end childhood hunger in America. Sixteen million kids need our help, and together, we can make No Kid Hungry a reality.

SATURDAY AUGUST 8, 2015 VIP Admission 6:45 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. | $150

ORLANDO WORLD CENTER MARRIOTT 8701 WORLD CENTER DR. ORLANDO, FLORIDA For tickets and information, visit or call 407.808.7508.

LOCAL BENEFICIARIES Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida REGIONAL BENEFICIARY Florida Impact








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Special Features

7 – Stroller Strategies – Keep your little one cool in the summer heat

motion sickness bag

11 – After-Beach Bathing Kit – Eliminate sticky, sandy car rides home from the beach


13 – 5 Beach Tips to Keep your Kids Safe this Summer – Safety tips to ease your worries at the beach

15 – Discover Your Bourbon Side –

Mouth-watering Bourbon recipes

16 – Theme Park Survival Guide – Tips, tricks and advice to make your theme park experience better

18 – Florida Kids and Family Expo –


can’t-miss expo of the year

Stroller accessories to keep your kiddo cool


22 – Cruisin with the Kiddos – Advice

from a veteran cruisin momma

Expert Advice


26 – Ask the Pediatrician – Motion sickness in pediatrics

28 – How Travel Affects your Skin –

Summer travel beauty essentials

Cruisin with the kiddos

After-beach bathing kit

ON THE COVER Meet Kirsten Evans, mommy, wife, fitness instructor and the small business owner of Baby Boot Camp Orlando. Learn why she decided to leave the corporate world to follow her passion for fitness, her community and now, for motherhood.


STROLLER STRATEGIES to beat summertime heat Photography by Sarah Barry Photography By Kristi Corley and Kristen Scruggs

ON THE COVER Kirsten Evans is a mommy, a wife, a fitness instructor and the small business owner of Baby Boot Camp Orlando. She is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, SPIN Instructor, and certified in both First Aid and CPR. Her son Ripken will be two this July, and her baby girl Kyler is due July 8th! As the eldest of four to a single mother, Kirsten knows and understands the challenges of balancing family, work and fitness. She has always striven to motivate others in recognizing and working to reach their goals. Kirsten’s “aha!” moment happened while running the 2011 Disney Marathon with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She realized that she wanted something different in her career and pursued Baby Boot Camp. She decided to leave the corporate world to follow her passion for fitness, for her community and now, for motherhood. Since launching in January of 2014, Kirsten enjoys sharing her passion for health, fitness, family and friends with the Orlando mom community.

Stroller accessories provided by Maison Baby. Little Boys Bowties by Sweet Summer Baby. - various colors and patterns - $16 SweetSummerBaby

No matter if you are going out for a walk around the block or visiting a theme park, strollers are a MUST HAVE for all moms. They’re an investment, but worth every penny! Here are two of our favorites, plus some accessories to keep your little one cool in the summer heat! BOB Revolution SE

Car seat adapter Glides like a dream Plenty of storage underneath Extra large sunshade 5-point safety harness Pushes through all terrains, including sand and snow Wheel can swivel for walking or remain fixed for running Maintains resale value

Diono Organizer & Cooler Waterproof and insulated, works well as a cooler with ice. Two insulated drink holders keep drinks cool, with easy access. Eight versatile storage compartments organize toys, books and smaller items. Folds flat for easy storage. Tuck-in flap helps to secure position on a normal car seat. $36 on Amazon.

Baby Trend Expedition

Two cup holders for mama and two cup holders for baby Storage box with lid for keys and sunglasses Snack tray for baby Front wheel swivels for walking Canopy to protect baby from the sun Baby seat reclines, allowing for a nice nap Smooth ride for both running and walking pace Very lightweight Easy to fold up and travel

Dreambaby Stroller Fan Great for hot or sunny days. Battery operated. Flexible neck allows for many positions. $13 on Amazon.

Geleeo Baby Stroller Cooling Gel Pad Liner

Unique cooling gel pad made just for kids, to help them avoid getting overheated in their strollers. A proprietary hydrogel keeps the pad a few degrees cooler than the surrounding environment without the need of refrigeration, fan, ice or other traditional techniques. $49.95 at

Imagine Baby Car Seat Canopy Shade

The perfect way to protect your little one from sun, wind, rain, snow and even bugs. It is simple to use, with an easy three-step attachment system and has a flexible fit that works with most car seats. $39.95, The MOMS Magazine • Summer 2015 • Subscribe for FREE at



Moving to a different house ... and roadtrips ... it’s become our summertime ritual. I have moved three times in the past four years. And, we are gearing up for another move this summer. Seriously?! WHY, oh why do I put myself and my family through this craziness??? You’d think we were a military family, or we move for job reasons. But no. That’s not the reason. We also travel a lot in the summertime, usually to visit family, and occasionally it’s pure vacation. Sometimes we fly, but this summer’s trip we plan to travel by car to visit my sister-in-law for the birth of her first baby. 18 hours in tight quarters with adolescent children. Plenty of napping from my eldest. Eye rolls from my tweenage daughter, and the smell of Axe permeating from the pores of my confident teenage son. Again, WHY, oh why do I put myself and my family through this craziness? Moving and traveling energizes us. It keeps us connected with what’s important. Granted, when we are 3/4 of the way to our destination – or when we are tired to the bone from unloading a moving truck – we kinda feel like giving up. But then we ask ourselves, what is the next thing we aim to do? What are our family goals? How are we working together to make the most of every opportunity?


moms Volume 6, Issue 3 ~

Summer 2015

EDITOR IN CHIEF kristi corley

EDITOR shirley neff

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS victoria armijo mindy black mary church kirsten evans gregory gordon, m.d. heather murphy sarah piguet kristen scruggs elizabeth warren brandi zrallack

PHOTOGRAPHY sarah barry photography

WEB AND DESIGN andy corley

Moving and traveling is like our “restart” button. It highlights what’s important in our lives. It prioritizes things like education and relationships with friends. It causes us to look at what to keep and what to invest in. This craziness is sometimes exhausting ... but when the boxes and bags are unpacked, we are definitely a stronger family.

Kristi Corley

editor in chief

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Summer Essentials:

After-Beach Bathing Kit

By Heather Murphy

Sweaty. Sticky. Sandy. Those are NOT characteristics of summer fun that I tend to enjoy, but beach trips with babes has definitely brought this on in full force. Since my family loves to spend our summer afternoons soaking up the gorgeous rays on the beach, I found myself thinking of how I could make the clean-up less messy for all. The thought of actually arriving home from a day of ocean fun without feeling like our little one had ten pounds

of sand stuck to him almost seemed too good to be true. No one likes putting their kiddo in the clean car seat all wet and full of sand. Not to mention, it is not comfy and soothing for them either! Some beaches we visit have showers to rinse off in, but let’s be honest, the concept is nice but they are covered in sand again by the time you get back to the car – or in many cases, the shower area looks suspect and you skip it altogether.

I needed something that could hold everything we need to clean up our little guy at the car, after our day of fun. My solution – the After Beach Bathing Kit. For my project, I picked up a Rubbermaid tote that could hold everything for the beach, and double as a bath for my little guy. I decided to go with a 12-gallon size because it would fit well in the back of my SUV, as well as in the trunk of our car. You can find these totes at any local retail store for less than $10.

him in the tote (but never unsupervised!). Use your bottled water and bodywash to rinse the salty, sticky ocean water off. If your child is small enough, they can even use the tote with water to bathe in – it’s the perfect size! Then, towel dry and change them into fresh, clean clothes! To me, there is nothing better than being able to put a happy, clean, sun-kissed babe in the car for a calm drive home after a beautiful day at the beach!

Once you’ve enjoyed your day of fun in the sun, bring your babe back to the car and place

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12-gallon Rubbermaid tote 1-2 gallons water 1-2 towels per child Extra set of clothes per child Sunscreen Wipes and Kid Bodywash The MOMS Magazine • Summer 2015


where are you traveling this summer? Minneapolis

Quad City


Oklahoma City Rio Grande Valley


Madison New Orleans




Tampa Bay





Iowa City


Baton Rouge

Alamo City

Kansas City Burlington

Take the guesswork out of planning. Visit City Moms Blog Network to ďŹ nd family-friendly destinations featuring travel guides from each of our Sister Sites across the country. These guides are unique in that they are written BY moms FOR moms!


When driving is allowed at the beach: • Don’t allow your child to return to the car without an adult.

• Look both ways when crossing; drivers are easily distracted at the beach. • Do not visit during college party times, like spring break. • Consider finding a no-driving zone to completely eliminate the danger of vehicles on the beach.


Sun Protection: • Bring SPF 50 sunscreen for the kids, and reapply every hour to make sure it hasn’t washed away. • Bring a UV umbrella or tent if you have smaller children. Sunscreen is great, but it won’t completely protect you from the sun all day long. • Have your child wear a hat to protect their face and head from getting sunburned. Yes, you read that right – protect their head! I can tell you from experience that a child’s sunburned top of the head is not fun! • Put your child in a rash guard shirt if you they burn easily.

Sand Protection: • When looking for a beach spot, make sure to look out for holes and fill them immediately. They may not seem dangerous, but there are many stories of holes turning into quick sand, collapsing, and burying children and adults within seconds. So take precaution. If you dig a hole to play in, please make sure to fill the hole before leaving. • Bring something for your child to sit on so they can rinse off after playing in the sand. There are many harmful bacteria in beach sand – and if your child has an exposed cut, make sure to add some antibacterial lotion and cover with a band-aid. • Have your child wear sunglasses. Even cheap ones will do the trick of keeping the sun and sand out of your child’s eyes.

Rip Tides Protection: • Know what a rip tide looks like. • Talk to the lifeguard before heading into the water, and ask if there have been any rip tides recently. • Teach your child how to swim diagonally toward shore if caught in a rip current. • Know your child’s swimming strengths. If you know they are not a strong swimmers, have them stay close to the shore where both feet touch the sand.

Sanity Protection: • Bring beach toys to entertain the kids. The beach is great, but sometimes kids just need to be able to sit and play. • Know when your child is done for the day. You don’t want to keep them out in the sun longer than is good for them. Believe me, it’s NOT worth it. • Bring extra snacks and drinks. You never know when that wave will come in and wash away your little one’s snack. • Bring extra towels and a change of clothes, just in case.

The more prepared you are when visiting the beach with your children, the more fun you and your family will have! by Victoria Armijo

This summer discover your Bourbon Side! It’s not rush hour on a city highway. It’s a stroll on a country road. Don’t worry about the destination. Celebrate the journey. Each month, WinnDixie is featuring a different bourbon at Winn-Dixie Wine & Spirits and select Winn-Dixie stores. Sample each one to carve your own path through The Bourbon Trail. And, join us in September as we wrap up the journey during Bourbon Heritage Month.

Florida Theme Park Surviv By Kristi Corley, Elizabeth Warren Victoria Armijo Sarah Piguet, and Mary Church

If you live in Florida then you know that between the heat, visitors, and crying children, theme park adventures can easily go awry. Annual passes, albeit an investment, is definitely the best way to experience Orlando’s most popular tourist destination; the theme park. Stay Away from Peak Seasons. The best time to go to a park is when school is in session – and definitely avoid major holidays! Annual passes give you the freedom to enjoy your visit and not worry about rushing from ride to ride. You won’t have to spend 12 hours straight in the park, feverishly trying to ride every single ride.

If you want to keep your sanity, stay away from theme parks from June to August. Seriously! You have annual passes, why even take the chance of having a miserable day with over 2-hour ride lines? Not worth it!

Must-Bring Items: Stroller – If you can rent a

stroller at the parks, they are so easy to push and turn on a dime. Bring a colorful ribbon to tie onto the handle. This way you can spot it in the sea of strollers outside a


ride. Also, when the kids want to walk for a while, the stroller can be a great place to stash stuff.

Snacks – Visiting theme parks

with kids can become very costly, especially if you visit on a weekly basis. Bringing snacks for the kids and yourself is a must. You can easily pack sandwiches and potato chips in your backpack or lunch box. Leave the eating at restaurants for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Believe me, it's so worth it when you see your child's face on their birthday, and Mickey is singing to them.

Stay Hydrated – Living in

Florida, we are a little bit more used to the heat and humidity, but it really will hit you quicker than you realize. Make sure to always bring extra water bottles for you and the kids. Plus, some annual passes – like the Universal Studios Premier Annual Pass – include free water bottles.

Backpacks – Take a backpack

to help split up the things to carry. When you park your stroller and get in line for a ride, a backpack is an easy bag to hold and free up your hands.

Other Essentials to Remember – Sunscreen,

Tylenol, hats, sunglasses, wipes,

The MOMS Magazine • Summer 2015 • Subscribe for FREE at

band-aids, rain ponchos, snacks that won’t melt and Ziploc bags. Ziploc bags make things easy to find and will keep your belongings safe in case of rain.

dinnert a show the fire won’t b

Getting Through the Park Quickly, While Still Riding the Rides:

will be it’s a go souven the par shops w offer a from th ahead o you wil to save

Theme parks generally put their souvenir shops in the front, and you can get stuck in these areas. Bypass the shops and note the direction people tend to gravitate. Then head the opposite way. Most tourists want to experience a ride with someone they know, but instead, try the single-rider line or the baby swap line. You can still stand in the line with your family and friends, but the wait time is shorter. You’ll be off the ride within a few minutes of each other to share the thrills!

What’s Worth Your Time and Money? Parades – Parades can be a lot

of fun, but people start staking out good spots really early. Once you have seen the parade once or twice, take advantage of this time by going on the popular rides while the big crowds are waiting for and watching the parade.

Disney Fireworks are amazing – but it can make for a long day! Consider a separate trip to see the fireworks, arriving around



you are to visit occasio dining Contem good an are ther Goofy, favorite restaur at Epco five pri went ev birthda


The Lio the An amazin to relax Beauty Jones E Lights, Studios

val Guide

snacks c ings your rain.

dinnertime to do a few rides or see a show or two, and then stay for the fireworks. This way the kids won’t be worn out from a long day.

Souvenirs – Merchandise

he le des:

will be everywhere you look, so it’s a good idea to decide about souvenirs before you step foot off the parking lot tram. Browsing in shops will be tempting since they offer a nice, air-conditioned break from the heat. Establishing rules ahead of time about when and if you will purchase items will help to save your sanity.

ience a ow, but line or still family me ide h other

Character Dining – Since you are annual pass holders, plan to visit a restaurant for a special occasion. Our favorite character dining is Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Hotel. The food is good and the “main” characters are there – Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto. Our favorite “princess” dining is the restaurant in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. Each time we’ve been there, five princesses visit each table. We went every year for my daughters’ birthdays.

their and reas. he avitate. y.


e a lot ing Once nce or s time es waiting e.

azing day! see nd

Don’t Overlook the Shows.

The Lion King and Nemo at the Animal Kingdom are truly amazing and offer a nice, cool spot to relax, sit and be entertained. Beauty and the Beast, the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and Lights, Motors, Action at the Studios are fantastic.

Sea World Made Simple with Small Children SeaWorld, like other theme parks, is filled with roller-coasters and rides and LOTS of great adventures for older kids. But what about the younger kiddos? Here is a guide especially for the tiny tots. You will be able to see everything on this map in 3 hours or less (depending on diaper changes and eating time). After you’ve made your way around the park, you can call it quits for the day, or enjoy one of the many shows. Stop 1: Manta

Yes, Manta is a big scary rollercoaster. But there is a hidden gem that is so easy to just skip right over. Just after the ride entrance is the Aquarium Entrance. You DO NOT want to miss this! It is spectacular inside. Stop 6:


This is a ride that small children can go on. I suggest going on the “easy” part. This was the first ride my little one ever went on, and she did great. Not one tear. And there is a SPECTACULAR (freezing cold!) surprise at the end.

Stop 2: Stingrays

This is an interactive spot, where you can touch and feed the stingrays! Just be careful to not get splashed. I remember this station from when I was a kid. Where else can you pet a stingray without worrying about getting stung? Stop 7: Sea


Sea Lions are so adorable! There is never a dull moment when we visit this spot. They are always playing and barking. Depending on the time of day, you are even allowed to feed them.

Stop 3: Dolphins

Stop 4: Turtle

This is another interactive spot, where you can feed and pet the dolphins. This is a popular spot that is usually crowded. If it is too crowded, there is a great air-conditioned underwater viewing station just around the corner.


Stop 8: Sharks

Stop 9: Happy Harbor

Warning, this stop may be intense for your little one. You are in a tube/ tunnel under a huge aquarium so you can see sharks at every angle. My little one was completely fine as long as we talked her through it and held onto her.

This is a 3-D movie that is TOO scary for little ones. However, if you tell the attendant that you want to skip the movie, they’ll let you go to the turtle viewing area. The friendly turtles love to come to the glass and follow you around.

This is where you will spend most of the day. There is a unique carousel, train rides, splash pad, small rollercoaster, and a MASSIVE play area. Your kids will be exhausted after playing here.

Stop 5: Journey to Atlantis

Obviously, small children can’t ride the ride. However, there is another hidden gem here. Enter through the exit of the ride, through the airconditioned store, to find a small aquarium that you can even walk on! Stop 10: Wild


This is another ride that may be too intense for the kiddos. But skip the ride, and inside you’ll find playful Beluga whales, lounging polar bears, and a hilarious walrus. Each exhibit offers an above view AND underwater view.

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Why is the

Florida Kids and Family Expo can’t–miss event of the year? By Brandi Zrallack

SuperMom in your knowledge of new experiences and opportunities for the family to enjoy every day of the year. Are you a stay-at-home and/or working mom with little or no time to search out fun activities for your family? Well, the Florida Kids and Family Expo was created by three Central Florida mothers just like you! They have worked hard to pull together more than 150 family-friendly services, ideas, businesses and organizations to help you create memories and opportunities right in the community where you live. How have they turned this expo into the “can’t-miss event of the year?” They’ve left no stone unturned in discovering a vast array of attractions, entertainment, education, healthcare, sports and personal businesses for you to discover. The 150+ interactive exhibits will be available for parents to get informed and for kids to have fun and become enriched. It’s not all about information either. From a zip line across the convention floor, to a carnival ride, bounce houses, rock climbing walls, bumper cars and more, the expo will make sure your kids have a blast while you become a

Your family will also enjoy a main stage with live performances from acts like Mr. Richard, Ronald McDonald, magicians, ventriloquists, puppet shows, the Girl Scout choir, karate demonstration teams, dance troupes, and even Medieval knights who will show up for a duel! Gatorland will produce four shows each day where kids get to see live gators, snakes, lizards, spiders and more. Your family will see and interact with exotic and not-so-exotic animals. Expert Talks will take place where families can learn everything from saving money, to taking better family photographs, to health topics and more. A huge consignment sale will be on hand for you to peruse items for your kids at a huge discount. Interactive stations will be set up throughout the room for some kid-size fun, too! There’s simply too much to list it all, so be sure to check out their website at The expo starts just after school gets started in Central Florida, making it a perfect opportunity to return from summer activities with local ideas to carry your family through the school

year. Beat the heat and get into the air conditioning and allow your family to build memories, collect information, win prizes, have fun, and walk away with a better understanding of the businesses that serve you in our community. Supported by Seminole County Public Schools and Orange County Public Schools, WFTV, XL 106.7, Magic 107.7, Z88.3, Mix 105.1, The Moms Magazine, Orlando Weekly, Orlando Magazine, Orlando Kid’s Directory, Lakeside Publishing, the Education Guide of Central Florida and more, this event has the support of our media outlets and education systems. Anticipating approximately 15,000 attendees over the 2-day event, tickets are already selling through their website,, for $8 (adults), $5 (ages 3-17) and free for those under 3. Tickets will also be on sale at Walgreen’s – where adults save $2 – starting August 1st. With tickets purchased online, those attendees coming on Saturday will receive a FREE children’s meal (with the purchase of an adult meal) at Chick-fil-A on Sand Lake Road, which is on the way to (or home from) the expo. These three moms who have taken on this endeavor are doing so to help families like theirs and yours to find great services and products that otherwise may be difficult to find. Bringing companies together for two days so you can become the SuperMom or SuperDad your kids know you are, while they have fun and create memories at this event, is the goal of these dedicated women. For the sake of your kids, get out to this event – and don’t forget to bring dad! He’s a big kid too, after all!

It’s Central Florida’s Largest

“PLAY-date!” presents

August 29-30, 2015 Orange County Convention Center 9800 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 Parking fees will be charged.

Sat: 10 AM – 5 PM Sun: 11 AM – 5 PM

Search My Central Florida Family

From pre-natal to empty nest… and everything in between! It’s Central Florida’s “CAN’T MISS FAMILY EVENT!” Go online and purchase your tickets in advance and save! $5 (3-17) $8 (18+) Free (0-2)

A portion of the proceeds will go to:

“Where Your Child Is a STAR!”

“Extraordinary Summer Camp Programs!”





DCF LIC. #C18SE0196



DCF LIC. #C09OR0170



DCF LIC. #C18SE0161







DCF LIC. #C09OR0005

DCF LIC. #C09OR0546




DCF Lic. #C09OR1120




DCF LIC. #C09OR0777

Excellence in Academic Preschool, After After-School, After-School, School Break, and Private Elementary School Programs

Visit for More Info!

LEARN TO W.A.S.H when jogging with a stroller


Place your hands on the handle bar, with your wrists straight.


Imagine pulling your belly button toward your spine.


Relax your shoulders. Lengthen your spine, and create more space between your ears and shoulders.


Keep your hips close to your stroller, especially when pushing up hill.

Remember W.A.S.H when pushing your stroller, to make your workout safe AND effective.

Cruising with Kiddos

By Sarah Piguet

The idea of a cruise – while alluring at first – can easily lose its luster when your mind has time to wander. After all, a mom’s first thought is usually that, you know, the kids are going overboard! OK, well, that was this mom’s first thought. Then you factor in all of the logistics, possible sea sickness, excursions, and SO many unknowns ... maybe a cruise isn’t such a good idea. Hold the boat! A cruise is exactly what you need! All that’s lacking is some advice from a veteran cruisin’ momma.


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The thought of taking a family cruise used to paralyze me. I mean seriously, how would I eat, sleep or enjoy the world around me if I was constantly gripping the back of my kids’ collars to keep them away from the rails? What no one told me is that once your kids discover the children’s program, that fear will subside since you’ll only see them at mealtime. Energetic, young crew members will keep your kids safe and occupied from breakfast to dinner and on into the wee hours of the morning. With activities and areas specifically designed for each age group, your tots through teens really will have fun without you, and – I kid you not – you will have fun without them! It’s marvelous. So let’s dive in (pun intended).

Kid Club

One of your favorite features on your cruise will definitely be the kid club. However, there is something you must face – oh, horror of horrors – the self-checkout. Starting around age nine, cruise lines give parents the choice to let the kids check themselves out of the “kid club.”

We waited 10 years to take our first family cruise; but since then, we’ve sailed four times in the last 18 months. Our kids are pros at this point. But before getting the all-clear to self-checkout on any ship, they have to pass the 3-step navigation test: proving they can get themselves from A to B anywhere on the ship unsupervised: Step 1) Stick together while getting the lay of the ... land? ... as a family. Step 2) Parents follow kids to the kid club and back to the room without giving any hints. Step 3) Poolside scavenger hunt: hand the kids the camera, send them to various locations, and require picture proof of their successful adventures (and an ice cream cone ... for mom). Once we know they have their bearings, they are free to come and go as they please from the kid club, so long as we have a planned time and place for reunion. This whole self-checkout thing really pays off when the kid club closes (or starts

charging fees) at 10 PM, but you really want to see the adult comedy show. They can check out and get themselves in bed before you’ve finished your last giggle. If they are antsy at dinner, send them to the kid club on their own while you have a leisurely dessert. It really is divine. If you still aren’t convinced, or your munchkin is too young to qualify, take heart. Our Disney ship had two “wave phones” per room that allow you to keep in touch anywhere on the ship. They will also text you when your kids leave the kid club or want to be picked up. You can get similar phones on the other cruise lines if you have a special needs child (which we do) or a toddler. This gives you the freedom to move freely around the ship, knowing you can always be reached. An additional bit of Disney magic comes in the form of their wristbands. Upon boarding, children get a band to wear the entire cruise. It’s a tracking device. No joke. Their kid club is so enormous (and fantastic) that you can pick your kid up at a number of entrances, and the staff can

the kids aren’t going overboard

tell you exactly which area your kiddo is exploring at that moment. Big or small, it’s important to every mom that we know where are children are, and – most importantly – that the answer is not, “Overboard.”

When to eat – and with whom

Eating is everything on a cruise. You will eat every hour on the hour. OK, not really, sometimes it’s only like 45 minutes between cheeseburgers (thank you, Guy Fiery!). There is access to food 24/7 on any ship. I’m talking shameful amounts of endless everything. Ice cream before breakfast? Sure. Pizza at 2 am? Why not? Wash down that filet mignon with a lobster tail? Absolutely. Keep in mind that my family has the extra challenge of dealing with food allergies.

Naturally, the kids will whine for it. Some might ask, “Why not? Where are they going to go?” My reply was always “OVERBOARD!” Our decision was infinitely easier given that we have two kids, and they are sworn to stick together. If you have an only child, don’t be discouraged. Little people make friends very fast on board and may have a new best friend to run around with in no time at all. No wandering around the ship alone! The MOMS Magazine • Summer 2015 • Subscribe for FREE at


food and fun on board

Based on our experience we have ranked Carnival as the best quality food, Royal Caribbean as the easiest allergy accommodation, and Disney as having the best overall atmosphere. There are usually two “main seatings” for dinner – one around 6:00 and another around 8:30. Picking a time is all about your family’s bedtimes and preferences for evening entertainment and activities. If you book your cruise at the last minute – like we often do – you just take whatever you get. But if possible, I highly recommend you try something new and exciting on your cruise. Carnival has a whole menu section called “Didja Ever?” My son has literally ordered PB&J and escargot, while my daughter ordered plain chicken breast, baked potato and frog legs. Be adventurous! You may even discover something new that you love but would have never ordered if it weren’t free.

The Beverage Card

Purchase a pre-paid, endless soda & juice package for the kids during your trip. It’s worth the investment. On Carnival it’s simply added to the plastic sailing card/badge that serves as their room key, kid club ID and drink pass. Take a lanyard for the kids 24

to wear around their neck so they can flash their badge and order soda or juice at any bar. This means no cups to carry around, and a clean glass every time. As for adult beverages, most cruise lines allow you to take one bottle of wine per passenger in your carry-on luggage. Get a twist-off, or at the very least, remember to pack a corkscrew! This makes for a cheap pre-dinner vino

or pool-side refresher when you aren’t up for another full-priced frozen concoction. There are some very creative people who try to sneak the hard stuff on board (liquor in empty toiletry bottles, little plastic pouches that fold into clothes to go undetected by security scans, etc). I can neither confirm nor deny if I am one of those people ...

watch your kids, so there’s really no reason to ever miss a curtain call!

Formal Night

the whole area for yours. It does take stamina, but when you find the perfect shot it’s worth it.

There is always at least one formal night, when everyone is required to dress fancy for dinner. Can you say family photo? Every night (not just the fancy ones), there are professional photographers with creative backdrops set up around the ship to capture your memories – and occasionally your silly sunburn and island braids, too.

Seasoned sailer tip:

Each night the photos will be made available for purchase. Disney has cracked the code and managed to put all of your photos magically in your own personal album for your viewing pleasure. Other cruise ships just plaster everyone’s photos on countless display walls, and you have to search

Generally speaking, the cruise is more about the ship than about the ports of call. Where you stop won’t be nearly as memorable as how you get there. When visiting a private island, don’t bother booking an excursion. There will be plenty of fun ashore without the need to shell out additional funds. When visiting other, more public ports of call, I recommend booking your excursions through your cruise line. While booking privately, through another source may be cheaper, security can become a concern especially in foreign locales.


Entertainment is a notable part of any cruise experience. Each night you can see Broadway-style productions. Naturally, they are amazing on a Disney cruise. Other cruise lines can occasionally be somewhat suggestive, so you may want to consult your cruise staff to gauge which nights are most kid-friendly. Admission to entertainment is included in the price of your cruise, and we’ve already decided you’re letting the crew

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Look for a “Wall of Fame” in the photo area. If you are in a featured photo that day, you get a free copy! Even if we aren’t there, I like looking at all the faces and then trying to find those passengers throughout the day to be sure they don’t miss their freebie! It’s like a giant game of “Where’s Waldo?” at sea!

I challenge you to consider staying onboard for at least one port of call. When everyone disembarks to get their hair braided, there’s no line at the waterslide! Sometimes we go ashore just long enough to buy a “we were here” trinket and get our passports stamped.

• Over the counter medication – While most think of Dramamine and Bonine, our pediatrician told us to just use Benadryl.


• On our last cruise I used ginger essential oil. I rubbed it on our feet and behind our ears, and also diffused it in the room while we slept. I never took any other medicine the whole time and never got seasick.

Speaking of passports, don’t put off cruising just because the kiddos don’t have one. They are not required for many closed-circuit cruises. (It goes without saying that you need to verify this for your specific sailing; don’t take my word for it!) Having said that, I do recommend having one for all passengers. This is of primary importance in the unlikely event that you ever need to fly home from another country in an emergency. Go ahead and order passports for the family today, even if you don’t see a trip in your immediate future. It never hurts to have them available; and it’s one less thing to worry about when the travel bug bites!


Once the sail date is set, it’s time to start thinking ahead to the realities of life at sea. Seasickness can be a serious problem on a cruise. It will ruin your fun so fast, your head – and the whole room – will spin. Children are less likely to be affected than adults, but it’s miserable for all when it hits. You want to attack BEFORE it does. Common options include: • Sea Bands – elastic wrist bands that leverage pressure points)

• Prescription patches – They make you very thirsty but, hello! You are going to have a fruity umbrella drink in your hand the whole time, so bottoms up!

To each his own, but please don’t get onboard thinking you can just tough it out. Be prepared, or it’s going to be a lousy vacation.

Getting outside your comfort zone

The wonder of cruising is that this tiny world, the length of three football fields, is going to contain the whole of your experience. You can’t use your time paying bills or making phone calls. You are going to eat, sleep and play on this floating microcosm for several days. There is nothing but time to spend, and a hundred ways to spend it – without any advanced planning or commute.

bingo in the big theater at 4:00. I’d easily win 80’s trivia in the piano bar at 4:15. And my attire has to pass as ‘formal’ for dinner by 5! Can I manage all of that in under 2 hours?” Heck yeah, you can. GO! You can probably pull all that off before the kids are out of the pool and your other half is done with the ping pong tournament on the lido deck. That’s the cruise ship time warp.

free tips, from one momma to another

instead of that last one – or maybe a mani-pedi (or both!).

There really is something for everyone on a cruise. If you love art, shuffleboard, blackjack or chess, they’ve got that! Sit in the library with a nice read. Toss back tequila shots in a hot tub. Sit up front where the wind is strong late at night and stare at the stars. Work out, ehem – because you always do, or maybe because you never do! Learn a new dance, sing karaoke, hit the casino, get your teeth whitened, or enter the hairy chest competition.

The most important cruising tip of all is to try something new. Eat termites (I did it in the jungle of Belize ... they taste minty). Swear off Spanx (I promised myself I wouldn’t suck my tummy in even once all week). Go braless (for one cruise, I literally didn’t pack one). Whatever your comfort zone is, GET THE HECK OUT OF IT! You are never going to see these people again in your whole life! So do the Wobble, sing karaoke, rock that two-piece, and do it all without a care in the world. What happens on the waves, stays on the waves.

Wait ... this is a moms magazine. Get a massage

Now why are you still reading? Go book a cruise already!

The beauty of a cruise is that the commute is never more than a 3 minute walk and an elevator ride. You look at your watch at 3:10 and think to yourself, “Self, I want learn the moves to ‘All the Single Ladies’ at 3:15 in the lounge. I’d like to play The MOMS Magazine • Summer 2015 • Subscribe for FREE at




Motion Sickness in Pediatrics By Dr. Gregory Gordon Pediatric Associates of Orlando

Motion sickness is a common problem in pediatric medicine. Children, like adults, suffer from car-sickness or become sea-sick while boating. Experts estimate that one-third to twothirds of people suffer from motion sickness at one time or another. Motion sickness is almost twice as common in females as compared to males. Typical symptoms include: nausea, sweating, vomiting and dizziness. Prior to giving your child medication, try these simple steps to avoid motion sickness: • Let them eat prior to travel and even while traveling, but avoid heavy greasy or strong smelling foods. • Place them in a seat that allows the child to see out of a window. • Continue to keep the “air moving” in the vehicle. You may even give them their own fan. • Minimize the use of books and iPad/ tablet use during trips. • Encourage them to sit in an area of less motion (the middle of the boat or car) and to face forward. • Encourage them to focus on the horizon or fixed point. • Do not allow them to use binoculars or cameras.

Motion sickness medications There are four main motion sickness medications: dimenhydrinate, meclizine, transdermal scopolamine and ginger. These are the “generic” names for the various medications and are sold in a huge variety

of brand names. To add to the confusion, all four medications are available by the brand name “Dramamine.” Dimenhydrinate is know as “Classic Dramamine.” It is over the counter and safe for use in children 2 years old and up. It needs to be re-dosed every 6 to 8 hours. Side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, impaired coordination, headache, stomachache and dry mouth. Meclizine is often referred to by the brand name Bonine or called “Less Drowsy Dramamine.” It too is over the counter, but is only dosed once a day. While it has similar side effects as dimenhydrinate, these side effects (especially the drowsiness) occurs less often. Unfortunately, meclizine is only approved for children 12 years old and up. Transdermal scopolamine is a prescription patch. These patches are then worn behind an individual’s ear, and the medication is released transdermally (across the skin). A single patch can be worn for three days. Transdermal scopolamine is approved for children 12 years old and up. The side effect

profile is identical to dimenhydrinate, but like meclizine thought to occur less often. Ginger can also help with motion sickness. While there are numerous alternative medicine approaches to motion sickness, ginger has the best research to support its use. Most of the studies used 1 to 2 grams of ginger. Ginger does not seem to have as many side effects as the “traditional” medications.

My motion sickness recommendations Most car or boat rides can be addressed without need for medications. Certainly, short car rides around town are not “worthy” of medications. In practice, we find few if any children get sea sick on large cruise ships. For long road trips or off-shore fishing, some children will need medications. Ginger is a reasonable alternative to other medications, but often only available in capsules. For children 2 to 12 years old, dimenhydrinate is really their only choice. For people 12 years old and older, meclizine or transdermal scopolamine offer similar motion sickness protection with relatively less side effects.

Dr. Gordon is the proud father of eight children. He is the Vice President of “The Gift of Swimming” (a local charity that provides swim lessons to Orlando’s needy children). In early 2010 Dr. Gordon started to share his pediatric and parenting experience.


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Summer Travel Beauty Essentials Sunscreen

Coming off of Skin Cancer Awareness Month (May), we’re hyped about education and on a mission to spread awareness. 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year, making skin cancer the most common type of cancer in the United States. Just because you’ve had a mole removed does not mean you’re safe – skin cancer does not discriminate; it can happen to anyone, at any age, at any time. With that being said, rain or shine and no matter the destination, protecting your skin is imperative!

Lip Gloss

Glosses are a great alternative to lipsticks, especially in the summer, because you don’t have to worry about them melting in your bag. Go bold with your color choice. It’s a gloss; have fun with it! To avoid chapped lips while on vacation, pack a lip gloss that contains nourishing antioxidants and vitamins such as A, C and E to protect your pout.

Hydrating Mist

Air travel can cause unbalanced, dehydrated skin. Fight back with a hydrating mist. The blend of water-binding nutrients boosts hydration, calms irritation and soothes the skin. Keep your spray on hand especially after you land for all-day misting.

Hand Sanitizer

It’s no secret that airports and rest stops are covered in germs, so it’s essential to bring your own hand sanitizer. Keeping your hands and electronic devices clean minimizes breakouts and, of course, sickness. Well-Kept Wipes, one of our favorites, is a must for keeping all your electronics germ-free. One of our other go-to’s is the Honest Company Spray Hand Sanitizer. It’s fragrance-free and contains aloe, which prevents dry hands and cracking (unlike other unconventional hand sanitizers).

How Travel Affects Your Skin

By Mindy Black Licensed Esthetician and CEO of Inner Beauty Skin Care

Whether you’re visiting family, relaxing poolside on a sunny retreat or backpacking through a new city, many of you will be packing your bags to travel this summer. From environmental changes to stressful layovers, you can expect unfortunate changes to your skin. No matter what the destination is, follow these simple steps to maintain healthy skin while on vacation.

Hydrate before your flight – To avoid dark

circles and puffiness, stop drinking alcohol and eating salty foods a few days prior to your trip. Next, nourish your skin by applying a hydrating serum the morning of your flight. Keep a travel size bottle of serum in your carry-on bag, and reapply often. This will keep your skin from becoming overly dehydrated and unbalanced. The recirculated air in the cabin is actually free of moisture (not our friend), which is why you feel your skin, hands and lips drying out so fast. Staying hydrated is the best thing you can do while in flight and on vacation.

handmade boutique-quality clothing & accessories

Pack your own products – Steer clear of hotel

soaps and beauty products; this is a non-negotiable! Avoid irritation by packing travel-size bottles of the products you use daily. Introducing new ingredients and heavy perfumes to your skin during travel is asking for trouble. Ask your esthetician for samples so you can vacation worry free. Here’s a skin gym tip: keep samples and travel-size products in your carry-on. In the event of your biggest nightmare coming true – lost luggage – you’ll have one less thing to worry about (and at least you’ll look good, too). Stay away from face wipes during your travels as well. They may fit conveniently in your suitcase, but can wreck havoc on your skin due to the high alcohol content and fragrances. The key to balanced skin while traveling: keep it simple, clean and consistent.

Protect your skin – You may be shielded from direct

sunlight during a flight, however you are also a lot closer to the sun. As you increase in elevation, the intensity of the ultraviolet rays also increases, which means free radicals are at an all-time high. To avoid unwanted environmental damage to your skin, wear an SPF of at least 30 when flying, and reapply when you land.

Post traveling

– Visit your esthetician! Get your facial when you return home from your trip to correct and soothe any issues that you may have encountered during your adventures. Some opt to go in prior to a trip, which of course won’t hurt you – but if you have to choose, do it when you return; it’s definitely more beneficial.




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