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skin-care routine

SoSomany many decisions to make make... Let us simplify a very important one for you

Facts to consider that may affect your family’s future health: • There are approximately 70 diseases that can be treated with cord blood.

• Your baby’s cord blood is a perfect match for him or her and could be a match for their brother or sister. • According to the National Marrow Donor Program, there are thousands of patients searching for a cord blood or bone marrow match every day. • According to the study by Nietfeld et al., in the journal Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation, the probability that an individual in the US will undergo a stem cell transplant is 1 in 217. • You can store your baby’s cord blood here in Orlando at one of the world’s leading cord blood banks.

ive a Rece ial se spec f the o f f o s. ount vice r e disc s rtant n impo entio ine.


m Just f Magaz el s our Baby

Payment plans are available as low as $49 per month. Take advantage of this special limited time offer!

Call to learn more and enroll today.


babyourself spring 2014

Designer Birthday Parties on a Budget


Pinterest and DIY projects help create an ultimate birthday party for only $150!


Special Features 10 – The Daily Mom – Mompreneur creates app to help organize the internet for busy moms

12 – DIY Garage Organization – Tips on a budget 14 – Organizing the Playroom – Purging, sorting, giving, and organizing

15 – Cover Story – Out with the old, in with the new (to you!)

20 – Designer Birthday Parties on a Budget –

Using Pinterest and her love of design, Natasha shares her secrets to an expensive-looking party!



The Moms Give Back Guide

25 – Diaper Bank of Central Florida and the Central Florida YMCA – A guide to giving back to our community

Expert Advice


THE DAILY MOM APP Organizing the internet for busy moms

18 – Spring Clean your Skin Care Routine –

Helpful expiration guide for cosmetics

24 – Ask the Pediatrician –

When do I introduce milk to my baby?

28 – Move of the Month – Organizing your workout, with baby




MOVE OF THE MONTH How to organize your workouts to include baby

Out with the old, in with the new (to you!). What items should you keep and what needs to go? Plus, a local consignment store opens, making the purging process easier than ever! Now you can sell your gently-used clothes and restock your closet with current trends.




babyourself Volume 5, Issue 2 ~

Spring 2014

Getting Organized

EDITOR IN CHIEF kristi corley

EDITOR shirley neff

I am not a naturally organized person. I’m not type A. I don’t do spreadsheets. My bed rarely gets made and my linen closet is stuffed with unfolded sheets. I’m not messy or dirty, just disorganized. When I was a child, my room was usually always in disarray. It drove my dad crazy. I remember him saying the proverbial “dad quote” ... “When you have your own children some day ...” He was right of course. My youngest daughter is just like me. Her idea of a clean room isn’t quite my idea of a clean room. But I can’t judge. My desk. Cluttered. My car. Needs vacuumed. My garage. Well, you can still park one car in it, so it’s not as bad as it could be. My closet. Let’s not go there. I’m pretty excited about the articles in this issue. There’s everything from Spring cleaning your makeup bag (p. 18), to organizing your garage (p. 12), to purging the kids’ toy room (p. 14). I know I will personally take up the challenge to clean out my closet (pp. 15-17) and visit a new consignment store in town.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR elisabeth nixon

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS mindy black kristen burden natasha flores greg gordon, m.d. megan johns, jacksonville moms blog kim rosas, tampa moms blog kristen scruggs eryn vargo

PHOTOGRAPHY elisabeth nixon photography lizvette wreath photography

WEB AND DESIGN andy corley

Maybe there’s still time to change some of my disorganized ways. Maybe there’s still a chance to teach my 10 year old the joy of a tidy closet. Maybe. So how about you? What needs a little TLC in your life? Maybe together we can be encouraged by the helpful tips in this Spring cleaning issue. Join me?

Kristi Corley

editor in chief

p.s. This issue is dedicated to my friend Paul – whose cubicle I hope will benefit much from this issue.

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6 • Spring 2014

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Meet us & check us out! Register to attend on our website or call to register

210 Lookout Place, Maitland FL 32751 p. 407-215-0400 f. 407-215-0402 • Board Certified Pediatrician • Board Certified Lactation Consultant in Office • Newborn to Adolescent Care

Dr. Richard Rodriguez

• Lab in House • Sports Physicals • Vaccines • Flu Shots

“The doctor kids love and parents trust.” • Spring 2014


organizing the

Mompreneur Kristen Burden:

If there’s one word to describe motherhood, it’s busy. And noisy. And demanding. Who’s to blame? If you ask local mompreneur Kristen Burden, she’ll tell you it’s not the kids making all the racket. In her opinion, it’s technology that can bring unmerited tension to our lives – and she’s invented a tool to help alleviate some of that stress for women all over the US.

Kristen launched The Daily Mom mobile app last December, and it quickly found the top of the App Store’s charts. After catching up with her and learning more about The Daily Mom, we can easily see why the app has become such a huge success.

Q: Tell us about yourself. A: My husband and I have four kids age nine and younger, and we live in Orlando. I love to be outside – riding bikes with the kids, paddleboarding, playing golf, tossing a baseball – and I also really enjoy photography. I attended Northwestern University, where I played on their women’s golf team and graduated with a degree in psychology. Q: So you have a degree in psychology – but you launched an app? How did this all begin? A: I had a problem. I was overwhelmed by the vastness of technology. You and I live in an era of information overload – a time where news is updated every single second of the day. With such a huge amount of rapidly changing information – as well as an enormous amount of “must know” parenting advice and lifestyle news – I found it impossible to stay up to speed. I wanted to stay current, but I didn’t want my kids to look back on their childhood and remember a mom who was hunched over her laptop

internet for busy moms in an effort to stay “in touch.” I wanted to be informed and well read; but with limited time and a growing family, I found myself resorting to a daily scan of my social media accounts and calling it “good enough.” What I really wanted, though, was to fuel my mind with more than Facebook status updates. I wanted to be informed. I needed someone – or something – to scour the web all day, then brief me on the things I needed (and wanted) to know, whenever I had a few minutes to check in. In the tech world, they call this kind of tool a “news aggregator” – but nobody had made one yet with mom-centric content. Because I didn’t just want headlines; I wanted parenting tips, fashion advice, healthy recipes, and calendar reminders. And I wanted it all in one place so I could catch up in a snap. I saw a need – and I filled it. The Daily Mom app is the first news aggregator for moms. It collects reliable, quality content from reputable sites, and organizes it into 12 helpful categories. With this app, busy

moms can stay up to speed on everything from breaking headlines to lunchbox jokes faster than they can make a PB&J.

Q: Which sites fuel the app? A: We get our content from dozens of sites, including NBC, Apartment Therapy, Cool Mom Picks, PopSugar, and Design Mom. Content is updated hourly and the process is entirely automated. Q: Did you do this alone? How long did it take you to develop The Daily Mom? A: I have a very talented business partner who was instrumental in constructing the app’s user interface and functionality. We compliment each other very well, and our synergy allowed us to go from concept to launch in about four months. Q: How did you juggle your role as a mom during that development phase? A: My mom always said, "We make time for the things we want to make time for.”

And that’s just what happened here. I was really excited about this project and I saw the potential that it had, so it was pretty easy for me to stay up late into the night writing website copy and playing with RGB code options! Basically, I became a night owl. Thank goodness for under-eye concealer and caffeine!

Q: What advice do you have for moms who are thinking of starting a business? A: Be unemotional. Set aside your feelings of giddy enthusiasm about what “could be," and examine your business idea through an analytical lens. Seek wise counsel. Read, research, and read some more. Is there a need for your product? Is there room for you in the marketplace? Is your idea unique, and is this something you can afford? If you answer “yes”, then go for it! Read more about The Daily Mom (and download the app) on their website at

DIY Garage Organization Tips on a Budget BY

Take advantage of the milder temperatures before the hot Florida weather arrives, and get your garage in order on the cheap. No one enjoys the task, but the outcome is well worth the time and money investment to keep yourself sane. After all, your garage is meant to at least hold one car in case of inclement weather!

Storage Cabinets: If you use your

garage as a work area and store your tools there, try adding a second-hand set of cabinets! These are easy to find, if you know where to look. I always frequent the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in Tampa, which is where I found a set. Each cabinet can run as low as $10 and up to $50 a box, but if you sign up for their newsletter, they occasionally send 20% off coupons. Our set of cabinets was only $180 after using a coupon. For counter tops, a solid butcher block can be found at Ikea for less than $150.

Plastic Bins: Don’t keep your moving boxes full and in your garage. The precious contents inside may not be in good shape by the time you unpack, and boxes are a good place for palmetto bugs to hide and eat. Go to a Big Lots or big box store and pick up several plastic bins to hold your overflow stored items and send the cardboard packing. Wire Shelving: Super cheap and

practical, wire shelving units come in many shapes, colors, sizes and strengths. They are also all over the map in price. Home improvement stores, big box stores, and Ikea have units for sale. Ikea also makes a line of wooden units that are cheaper. These work well to store tools, gardening supplies, and lawn care items that you need to be accessible.

12 • Spring 2014


Specialty Garage Solutions:

If you are lucky enough to have a tall garage, you have PRIME storage space just begging to be utilized. By buying two heavy duty brackets and a large and sturdy wooden board, you can mount these above the garage door to make a great over-the-garage-door shelf. Get the plastic bins off the floor, or store your Christmas tree and decor. Keep in mind that this storage is not for things you need regularly, but it will clear out a lot of space. You can also find these units pre-made for about $100 at home improvement stores. Our DIY version was about $25 since we had a board already.

Wall Mounted Tool Storage:

Specialty garage storage solutions can be very, very pricey. You could buy a $1,000 slat wall system or simply hang cut PVC pipes on a board from which to hang your rakes, shovels, hoes and brooms. Our garage had storage already, but you can check out this link to see the PVC pipe system in action: www. 2012/05/organizing-toolswith-pvc.html

Second Hand Peg Boards or Slat Walls: If you are up for a hunt, there

are ways to find second-hand slat walls or peg boards, such as Craigslist or a resale home store. I found our peg board for $10 at the ReStore, and some of our friends outfitted their new shop with slat walls from Craigslist. Slat walls are an amazing way to organize a garage too, just expensive to buy brand new.

the garage – especially if they are hitching a ride with you. Older homes can have scary garages, with their own unique set of wildlife (spiders...) so to brighten your garage up for visitors. Here are some tips:

Clean It: Get the broom and a ladder and

sweep out the cobwebs once in a while. Use a shop vac to suck up any dead bugs that might accumulate (we get them next to the window in piles). A light cleaning – some Windex on the window and some floor sweeping – can make a big impact. We clean our homes, but often forget about the garage.

Paint It: Dingy white paint can darken a

room and make it dreary and sad. A quick roll of white paint will do wonders. If your paint only has a few scuffs or dirt marks, try a Magic Eraser. Same for the mouldings around your entry door and the door itself; they get dirty fast since they are high-traffic. Our own garage had stairs, and we re-stained, re-painted, and re-carpeted them to make the entryway cleaner and brighter.

Pimp It: If you have an old fridge in the garage, try painting it with chalkboard paint! It goes from eyesore to eye-catching! And if your electrical box is in the garage, you can paint that too! I chose to DIY a stencil of the electrical danger lightening bolt onto mine for fun. Hang signs over any eyesores and patch the holes.

Similar to the over-the-garage-door shelf, a bike rack can save lots of floor space in your garage. is a great place to look for these.

Once the garage is organized and clean, it can become a hub for projects or hanging out. Or you may just get to park your car inside once again. With some creativity, you can save big bucks on expensive specialty garage-organization items and still get the desired effect, too.

Make it Inviting: Strangers come into the home through the front door, but good friends and family will often go in through

Be sure to follow for more articles like this one!

Orlando’s Largest Indoor Playground!


Explore more than 100 different tunnels, slides, bridges, tubes, ramps and mazes... INDOOR PLAYGROUND



Galaxy Fun Orlando | 7500 Canada Avenue, Orlando FL 32819 | 407-247-0881

Ah, yes. Spring cleaning. It’s that time of year for me to go to work on eliminating playdoughencrusted matchbox cars, acorns, and McDonalds Happy Meal toys from our toy room. There are many different areas in the house that need a good Spring cleaning, but the toy area is like that neverending pile of laundry. Purge, sort, clean, repeat.


Give-away box Store box Trash bag Re-locate basket A timer


Now for the fun! You can do this with or without your kids. My kids are two and four years old, so my preference is to complete this process without them. It’s just easier that way. But if you’re the super mom that I’m not and want to help your kids learn about organizing and giving, by all means, include them!


Trash – Anything that is actually trash, or broken, or just really cheap junk. Give – If it’s in good shape and your child has outgrown it or doesn’t use it often – or if you find duplicates – then give it away. Store – These are usually things that I think they will ask me about someday. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?!

14 • Spring 2014

Re-locate – This is a temporary basket for anything that needs to go to another room. Okay! Pick one small space, set a timer, and work quickly! Then move on to another space. I like a timer of 15 min. – but with kids involved, you might want to set the timer for 15 hours.


When you have a meaningful reason to give away your toys, it makes the process much easier and more rewarding. As crazy as it may sound, your kids probably have some emotional attachment to every single one of their things. Dealing with the challenge of making tough choices will come more easily when they know they are making someone else very happy. Here are some places to consider giving your gently loved toys: • A family in need • Relatives with kids, or the grandparents • Your school – or a school in need • Do you know a teacher who could use little things to reward their students? • Or you can donate to Goodwill, the humane society, or another thrift store. (Don’t forget to grab a tax receipt!)

If you want to enable your kids to do a great job of cleaning up (again, in theory), add labels to your containers with photos of the contents. I like to take photos of a few of the toys in each container, add text, then print them out and tape them on! (It’s OCD. I know. I still love it.) Be sure to follow to keep up with more articles like this one!


I love to put as many of our toys as will fit into small containers with lids. I try to keep toys sorted by type to avoid needless dumping of every single box (at least in theory) to find one little thing. I like plastic shoe boxes for many of our toys. The dollar store has containers like this but you can find better quality options for about the same price at Target and Wal-Mart.





If your closet looks anything like mine, you’ll agree a little Spring cleaning is in order. 1. Apply the one year rule. This rule is an oldie but a goodie. If it looks good on a hanger but doesn’t hug you in all the right places, it’s time to let it go. There’s a reason you haven’t worn it in a year. The only exception is if it’s a “goal-setting piece.” If you bought a skirt or pair of jeans that you hope to one day fit into, keep it on the hanger where you will see it often. But if it turns into a source of discouragement, get rid of it. 2. Keep the classics. Even if it’s been a while since you’ve worn that simple dress or the khaki blazer, hold onto the classics. Fads come and go, but the classics will always carry you from one year to the next. The straight-leg jeans and white button-down shirt will always be your go-to foundation. The current fad of the infinity scarf or the rider boot will bring your classic fashion preferences into today’s fashion statement. 3. Consign. New consignment shops are becoming a huge trend. As you clean out your closet, consider reselling items. If they’re name-brand, still a current trend, or just an item you HAD to buy but it’s not your favorite, take it to a consignment shop and get a little cash to use on a fresh new outfit!

organizing your closet

Out with the old . . .

. . . in with the new

! u o y o t w ne

I must confess. I am a consignment store nut! I’m a bargain hunter of quality items. About two years ago, my teenage daughter and I discovered a consignment store in town, but they catered more toward junior sizes. So when I learned about Style Encore, a new consignment store in town, I sang songs of hallelujah! Style Encore’s

fashions are clothing sizes 0-3X, plus shoes, handbags and accessories – with savings up to 50-70% off regular retail! Style Encore just celebrated its grand opening in March. They are located in downtown Orlando on E. Colonial, right next to Once Upon A Child.

While you’re there, be sure to ask about their in-store stylist, Sandi! She is your personal assistant to find clothes that will fit and help you accessorize! She assisted our models, Julie and Kamil. She’s a gem! So who’s with me? Let’s clean out our closets and head to Style Encore!

Dress $20 Shoes $17


ire o



pso8n m i S a c i ss e J andbag, $1 H

J. Crew dress $25

Coach Handbag! Only $80!

Photos courtesy Elisabeth Nixon Photography

Unlike consignment stores, Style Encore pays cash on the spot for items purchased. There are no appointments to make, and you don’t have to wait days or weeks to get paid for your items. They buy all day, every day, so you get to decide when you are going to sell, based on your schedule!


Bring in your gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry and handbags.


While you check out the latest styles in the store, the buyer will review your items.


The buyer will select and make an offer on items they would like to purchase based on style, condition, brand and the store’s current stock levels.

Their stores buy and sell women’s casual and business clothing sizes 0-3X. Typically, they buy items that have been in retail stores within the past couple of years, are a current style, and are in great condition.


Once you accept the offer, you’ll be on your way with some extra cash or a new outfit (or two)!

At Style Encore you’ll find a huge selection of trendy and designer styles, all at up to 70% off mall retail prices!

11 $ ss e r D

Striped top $9 Shorts $12 Sandles $5 Accessories $7 Entire outfit $33

organizing your closet

Cleaning out your closet is as easy as...

SPRING CLEAN YOUR Spring puts a big emphasis on sprucing up your home, but "spring cleaning" your skin care routine is just as important! To ensure your skin is healthy as you head into a fresh season, Mindy Black, licensed esthetician and CEO of Inner Beauty Skin Care has put together a simple guide to get you glowing!

Toss your old products

Be honest, when was the last time you had a good clean-out of your makeup bag? Beauty products breed bacteria and expire faster than you might think, causing skin and eye irritation. Holding onto old products is a reaction or rash

Makeup Expiration Guide

Mascara: Three months Lipstick: Two years Powder & blush:

Up to two years, but wash your brush regularly


By: Mindy Black Licensed esthetician and CEO of Inner Beauty Skin Care

waiting to happen. If the label’s worn off, it’s a telltale sign that it needs to be replaced.

Freshen up your makeup

Spring and summer calls for a more natural look. Switch your heavy foundations and concealers out for a sheer foundation or BB crème. If you’re comfortable with even less coverage, ditch foundation altogether and simply apply a mineral powder after moisturizing. We recommend Glo Minerals, Inner Beauty Skin Care’s exclusive makeup line, because it’s full of antioxidants and SPF. Spring is also the perfect time to experiment with those brighter lipstick and blush colors you’ve been dying to try!

Transition into lighter products Seasons change, and so

does your skin. As the temperature increases, your skin’s oil production will most likely increase as well. Even if your skin tends to be on the dry side, it will appreciate a lighter moisturizer during the warmer months.

Don’t skimp on the SPF

Sunscreen is important all year, especially in spring and summer. Make sure your lotion of choice contains zinc and/or titanium dioxide and that it has broad UVA/UVB coverage. If you’re going to be exposed to the sun for a long period of time, always reapply. Remember, skin cancer doesn’t discriminate!

Get a facial

Your skin concerns aren’t going to disappear if you ignore them. If you’ve been holding off, the start of a new season is the perfect time to invest in yourself. Not only can your esthetician go deeper and do more than what you can do at home, but they can also educate you and adjust your routine so you can achieve your skin care goals. We’re all busy and often quick to put ourselves last. But it’s important to follow these simple steps at the start of a new season. Consider it an investment in your complexion!

Foundation: 6-12 months Eye and lip pencils: Up to two years (sharpen regularly)


Wash every week

For daily skin tips, like Inner Beauty Skin Care on Facebook and follow Inner Beauty Skin Care on Twitter. Also, stay up-to-date with weekly blog posts at Contact the Skin Gym for your complimentary consultation at (407)-878-7680. “We can’t wait to get you glowing!”

18 • Spring 2014

! e d i u G t n u H g g E r e t s a E

Central Florida’s

For details – cities, dates and times – visit!

Designer Parties

Birthday on a Budget As moms, we celebrate every milestone in our children’s lives. For me, birthdays are the megamilestones. With the help of Pinterest and my passion for event design, I look forward every year to my daughter Sophia’s next birthday. by NATASHA FLORES photography by LIZVETTE WREATH PHOTOGRAPHY


ow do you achieve the “designer look” without breaking the bank? Simple! Some crafty skills and a lot of imagination are all you need!

Let’s start by saying I achieved all this by staying under my budget of $150. Yes, it is possible. Just start by taking a look around your house and finding things that can be used in your chosen theme. If you have a toddler, I’m sure you know about Disney’s newest princess, Sofia the First. Let’s just say my daughter is slightly obsessed with Sofia. So it was a no-brainer for me to choose this as the theme for my daughter Sophia’s third birthday party. When designing a party, the key to achieving the “designer look” is to concentrate, not on the

chosen character, but on the elements that make the character. For example, with this “Sofia the First” inspired birthday I wanted to focus on the colors of the character, which in this case is purple, the color of her dress. I used different tones of purple and added textures and patterns that would make the overall “designer” look. I also decided on three key elements that helped keep me focused while decorating:

• Cake table • Crafty, fun table • DIY elements So here’s a listing of the details for how each of these elements came together for a spectacular and fun birthday party!

Custom Sofia the First cupcake toppers added the personalized touch every birthday should have with child’s name and age. Toppers from Etsy, 12 for $5.99. Baking cups from, 25 for $8.99. Favor bags from thetomkatstudio. com, $3.99 for 12pk. Large glitter stickers from Michael’s markdown section, $1.99 for 25pk. Rice Krispies glazed with cookie frosting to tie in the color scheme. Family-pack Rice Krispies from Sam’s Club, $10.99. Frosting, $3.99.

Cake Table Lace tablecloth creates a vintage feel and ties all elements together. Lace vinyl tablecloth from Ross, $6.99. Tissue pom-poms bring the focus to the cake table by adding height and dimension. Pendant banner is made of scrapbook paper, and the top is outlined with lace ribbon to soften the look. Pom-poms, 3-pack from Hobby Lobby, $3.99. Scrapbook paper, 10 sheets, $0.59 cents each. Centerpieces are large Mason jars, with four small doilies glued on, to add a shabby chic feel and wrapped around lavender bakers twine to complete the look. Artificial purple hydrangeas complete the look. Mason jars (already owned because I use them for everything around the house). Baker’s twine from eBay, $9.99 a spool. Doilies from Etsy, $5.00 (20 pack). Flowers from Dollar Tree, $1 each bouquet. For the favor bags, I chose bold purple rugby stripes to add a pop to the table.

22 • Spring 2014

Cake is from my friends at cupcakehearts. net. Ruffles add a girly feel. Ombre effect adds a modern touch, and you cannot have a princess birthday without a fondant crown topper!

Crafty, Fun Table Lets not forget the “fun” element of a birthday – it is in fact the most important as it allows all guests to interact and enjoy each other. I’m all about crafty things, and trust me, kids love them too! Create a craft table just for kids. This will concentrate all energy and excitement to one designated area. I had crayons and markers in several bins along the table. If you are planning any Disney-themed birthdays, make sure to check out the Disney Jr. website as they have many free printables for them to color.

Photos courtesy Lizvette WreathPhotography –

French square plastic bottles and striped straws were a fun way for the kids to drink their juice, both from Bottles, 6 for $11.99. Straws, 24 for $4.50.

I also purchased princess and pirate masks. The kids had so much fun coloring them in. Masks are from Dollar Tree, $1.00 each (bought 17). Also, no princess party is complete without a fairy godmother. She read them stories and interacted with all the princesses. Godmother was my beautiful cousin Paulina, and books were Sophia’s favorite bedtime stories.

DIY Element To add to the element of DIY, Sophia’s Grandpa created this awesome castle made out of boxes from our local storage place. He topped it with banners made from scrapbook paper and foam letters spelling her name. The little ones sure enjoyed this spot! Boxes, $14. Letters from Wal-Mart, 69 cents each. Purple spray paint, $3.99 (used 2 cans). Banners (left over scrapbook paper), free.



at 12 months old By Dr. Gregory Gordon

was particularly grumpy and fought the children’s hospital staff. After presenting the case to our attending physician (who had not met our patient yet), she asked, “How was his behavior?” In her words, these milk-dependent, iron-deficient children “are mean.” After he was stabilized, he was discharged home. A month later, he returned to our clinic for follow-up. His iron levels were improving and his parents happily reported a massive improvement in his personality. When children drink too much milk, the easiest way to restrict their intake is to change how they drink their milk. Meaning, switch bottle drinkers to sippy cups and sippy cup drinkers to open cups.

Dr. Gregory Gordon grew up in Gainesville, Florida. He attended the University of Florida for both his undergraduate and medical degrees. After he completed his pediatric residency at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, he joined Pediatric Associates of Orlando. Dr. Gordon is the proud father of eight children. He is the Vice President of “The Gift of Swimming” (a local charity that provides swim lessons to Orlando’s needy children). In early 2010 Dr. Gordon started to share his pediatric and parenting experience.

24 • Spring 2014

After a year, milk should only be a small portion of a child’s diet. While the average nine-month-old needs about 30 ounces of infant formula or breast milk each day, the average one-year-old needs only 10 to 12 ounces of cow’s milk a day. After 12 to 15 months, children should drink mostly water, 10 to 12 ounces of milk, and a small amount of juice (if desired). No individual should be heavily dependent on any single food item. Breast milk and infant formula offer complete nutrition, cow’s milk does not. Occasionally, I will find a toddler who drinks in excess of 40 ounces each day. Most of these children “love milk” and quit eating solid foods as they do not need the calories. But children who exclusively drink cow’s milk will eventually become iron deficient. During my residency, I admitted a “cow’s milk loving,” seriously iron deficient toddler. This two-year-old drank more than 50 ounces a day in bottles. His iron levels had fallen to such a critical level that we had to put him in the hospital. He

While some children drink excessive amounts of milk, others refuse milk. Milk refusal should be addressed like refusal of any other healthy food – by setting a good example, persistence and time. Children who refuse milk should be served milk as their only beverage option at lunch and dinner. Parents should set a good example by drinking milk, too. One of my daughters refused to drink milk at 12 months. We persistently served her milk at meals and drank milk in front of her. Finally, after six months, she began to drink milk well. There are many types of milk available for toddlers: cow’s milk, soy milk, goat’s milk, almond milk, rice milk and even toddler formulas. It is impossible to say which milk is “best,” as each type has its own advocates and nutrient benefits. In our home, toddlers drink whole cow’s milk. It is not that I believe cow’s milk is superior to other types of milk, but it is certainly not worse. In the United States cow’s milk is clearly the standard by which all other milks are measured. A toddler’s milk should be a good source of fat, calcium and vitamin D. by

PHOTO COURTESY / imagerymajestic

By 12 to 15 months, children should be off formula and transitioned to a whole cow’s milk.

babyourself ’s


a busy mom’s guide to incorporating

volunteerism, healthy living, & quality time Live a more meaningful life!

Did you know there are hundreds of non-profit organizations right here in Central Florida? Each one impacts our community in their own unique way. The Moms Give Back Guide is your resource to learn more about these non-profit organizations and discover information on how you can get involved with your children and live a more meaningful life! “Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~Gandhi

Guide What is a Diaper Bank?

Diaper banks work to supply families who struggle to afford diapers with free diapers. They distribute the diapers through service agencies who serve our communities such as: homeless shelters, crisis centers, planned parenthood, food pantries, faith-based groups, etc. Diapers are essential for the health of newborns, infants and toddlers, but too many parents do not have the resources to provide the basic need.

Their Mission

To ensure every newborn, infant and toddlers in our communities are supplied with the basic need such as diapers, and to keep raising diaper awareness in our communities so all can understand that diapers are a basic human need.

How can you volunteer?

The Moms Give Back Guide is thrilled to highlight the Diaper Bank of Central Florida! Do you want to volunteer your time to help local babies in need? Join in the Diaper Drive that is going on now! Kiwanis Club of Avalon Park is partnering with the Diaper Bank in an effort to collect 100,000 diapers by Mother’s Day!


YMCA logo and HEALTHY KIDS DAY are registered trademarks of YMCA of the USA. These materials do not imply endorsement or recommendation of any particular product or service by the YMCA

HEALTHY KIDS DAY® is Y's APRIL 26, 2013 With today’s families leading such stressful, hectic lives, it’s nearly impossible to make sure kids are largest national initiative, bringing 10:00am TO 1:00pm getting enough time for exercise, reading and simple, old-fashioned outdoor fun. children and families together and J. DOUGLAS WILLIAMS YMCA providing the education, activities In fact, according to the YMCA’s Family Health Snapshot, fewer than 20% of the nation’s children read and experiences that teach good 665 Longwood Lake Mary Rd. books for fun, get enough exercise or eat adequate amounts of healthy foods. And with summertime health and foster connections through HEALTHY KIDS DAY® Lake Mary, FLthat32746 just around the corner, it turns out the challenges and consequences are even higher. fitness, sports, fun and healthy is youth Y's largest national habits. As a result, and families 407-321-8944 Far from fun and games, summer has become a time of weight gain and learning loss for too many achieve greater health and well-being initiative, bringing • atHealthy Food kids, including those who are already greater risk for obesity and school failure. for their spirit, mind and body. • Local Vendors/Providers children and families • Hands On Fun With some kids losing up to one month of learning and achievement, teachers have long • Action-packed Activities Admission is together FREE! and providing characterized the problem as “summer slide.” Sadly, research shows the decline is even steeper – and the education, activities often irreversible – for low-income kids who can wind up two to three grade levels behind their peers by fifth grade. and experiences that teach good health and As part of the Y’s focus on prevention – and addressing critical gaps in health and education – they foster connections are celebrating Healthy Kids Day on Saturday, April 26. That’s when the YMCA of Central Florida, along with Ys across the nation, will invite 1.2 million kids and families to “Take On Summer” through fitness, sports, through fun activities that challenge kids both physically and mentally. fun and healthy habits. This will also be an opportunity for families to learn more about the Y’s quality summer camps, As a result, youth and all of which – in addition to a lot of fun – emphasize reading, physical activity, healthy eating and families achieve greater values. Parents can also ask about Y summer camp scholarships, awarded on the basis of need, health and well-being for which enable even more Central Florida kids to get up, get active and Take on Summer. their spirit, mind and After all, playing and learning shouldn’t take a break just because school does. body.

JOIN US FOR HEALTHY KIDS DAY APRIL 26, 2014 10:00am TO 1:00pm J. DOUGLAS WILLIAMS YMCA 665 Longwood Lake Mary Rd. Lake Mary, FL 32746 407-321-8944

healthy living



with baby

By Kristen Scruggs

After having a baby, it’s sometimes hard to get back into your fitness routine – especially now that there’s another little person to care for who’s always around. If you don’t have a gym membership where you can drop off your child in the nursery, you’ll have to be creative in finding ways to squeeze in your workout with your child, no matter their age. Below are some ideas that you can try – no extra equipment needed, and most of them are from your own home or neighborhood.

same room. Your three 10-minute segments might take you all day – one in the morning, one in afternoon and one in the evening – but that still adds up!


Quick HITT routines (or three 10-minute segments) of burpees, mountain climbers, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, pushups, planks, and sit-ups in your living room on the floor, while your child crawls/plays in the

Running strollers are a great way to take your child with you on a run or walk outside. They are built sturdily for outdoor terrain and can have a fixed or swivel front wheel. You can find a good used one on Craig’s List or in one of the many Facebook buy/sell/ trade groups in your area. The best jogging stroller out there is the BOB Revolution, and comes highly recommended from moms.

preschool age and beyond

Squats, lunges and step-ups using your house stairs, with your infant in a baby carrier strapped to your chest, is a fairly simple option. Also, they can sit on your hips while you do bridges for glutes/hamstrings, “piggyback” on you while doing push-ups and squats, and sit on your feet while you do sit-ups.

squats, jumping jacks, etc. They can also be your “coach” for running repeat sprints by saying, “Ready, set, go!” in your backyard.

They can ride their scooters or bicycles while you run, participate when you’re using a workout video or even complete their own workout video (Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube is a good one) while you’re in the same room doing a strength workout. Baby Bootcamp classes are great when your baby is really little. It's good for your muscles to use them as "weights," and it's good for them to get the movement, exposure and time with you.

mama/baby yoga classes If your child is in the “counting stage,” they can help you count out loud while you do lunges,

And for yourself, remember that it took nine months for your body to make a baby, and your body needs some time to recover and bounce back. Don’t get discouraged if you miss a few days of working out here and there on a baby issue such as teething or even just general fatigue. You can always get back to it! by

Kristen E. Scruggs is the Chapter Leader for the East Orlando chapter of Moms RUN This Town, a free running club for Moms with close to 400 members. She recently ran her first full marathon, the Space Coast Marathon! She is married with a one year old daughter and wants 2-3 more children in the near future. You can see what her busy group of moms is up to at

28 • Spring 2014

YMCA logo and HEALTHY KIDS DAY are registered trademarks of YMCA of the USA. These materials do not imply endorsement or recommendation of any particular product or service by the YMCA

APRIL 26, 2013 10:00am TO 1:00pm J. DOUGLAS WILLIAMS YMCA 665 Longwood Lake Mary Rd. Lake Mary, FL 32746 407-321-8944 • • • •

Healthy Food Local Vendors/Providers Hands On Fun Action-packed Activities


largest national initiative, bringing children and families together and providing the education, activities and experiences that teach good health and foster connections through fitness, sports, fun and healthy habits. As a result, youth and families achieve greater health and well-being for their spirit, mind and body.

Admission is FREE!

June 9th—13th ADC Rep Camp {Ages 9 & up} This camp is taught at an intermediate/advance level This camp is designed for the serious of serious dancers. Spend a week perfecting your art form. Learn the history of balled & jazz, as well as new conditioning and flexibility technique.

June 16th—20th Princess Dance Camp {Ages 4 to 7} Our most popular camp!

Leap into a week of learning & dancing the roles of famous classical ballet princesses. Such as Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora & Cinderella. Snacks & art supplies are included.

June 23rd—27th So U Think U Can Dance?! Camp {Ages 6 & up} This camp is taught at an beginner/intermediate level SO U THINK U CAN DANCE?! This camp will include the many styles of dance as seen on the TV show. From jazz, to hip-hop, ballroom & so much more! These master classes will include various choreographers.

28 L 328 do, F n a l r t O oK| nDan Studi o , l e a v v i r A 44 | ake D 80-34 eek lon L 3 a ) v 7 A 0 ach w # (4 e o i r 12001 0 d o 0 u f St .

5 is $15 : 8am to 2pm p m a a re er C ours H Summ p Cam

July 7th—11th B-Boy/B-Girl BreakDANCE Camp {Ages 7 & up} This camp is taught at an beginner/intermediate level

Join us for a week as we explore the boogie down, body popping, breakdancing world of the rad 80’s! Learn how to strengthen your arms & prep for cool moves like the 6-step & the Indian Step…Just to name a few!!

July 14th—25th Musical Theater Camp {Ages 7 & up} Glide & jazz hands into this fun filled week as performers learn theater games to build acting skills & build stage confidence!! A special performance will be held at the main park stage on Friday the 25th!

July 28th—August 1st Princess Dance Camp {Ages 4 to 7} Please see the description above • Spring 2014


Order online, or inquire by email,

Benefiting Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida


VIP Hour: 2 PM | Event: 3-6 PM | Ports of Call at SeaWorld Wine tasting • Food bites • Shopping • Auctions • Fashion show


30 • Spring 2014

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BABYOURSELF Magazine is Central Florida's magazine for pregnant and new mommies. It's distributed by several of Orlando's OB/GYN’s in their...

Babyourself Spring 2014  

BABYOURSELF Magazine is Central Florida's magazine for pregnant and new mommies. It's distributed by several of Orlando's OB/GYN’s in their...

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